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This is where my Blog began.  Reads from top to bottom.
6/12/07:  I'm at my wits end.  Picasso aka Token just can't stay. He is just going to have to go back to the shelter and surely be put to death immediately. He just wants to be loved and feel special to someone.  He is such a good dog as long as he can be in the house. He has until Thursday to get adopted.  I'll get posters up today.  Mikey is so sweet but needs so much more then being here. 
6/13/07:   There is a Doggie God.  Token got adopted.  It's a 'trial'.  Geeze, I hope he's good.  Mikey got adopted too.  I never thought it possible to get 3 male Arkansas Black Dogs adopted!  Now for the Hounds.  Got to get back to saving just Pyrs.  They get homes quickly and it keeps my momentum going.  Of course, the feeling of accomplishment with 'mutts' is far greater.
6/14/07:  Busy day.  Winston went in for shave down, health tests and neuter.  The later was already done.  Just couldn't tell it for all the mats.  Bill $319.25  Ouch!   Went to Harrison to meet Stacy and pick up Niko.  He was at the shelter for 3 weeks.  I think they forgot to feed him.  God, he is just skin on bones.  But what a love.
6/15/07: Work at the shelter today. It was really busy and several dogs got adopted.
6/16/07: Token got brought back today.  I didn't think it would work.  He's such a great dog, but no one wants a big lap dog.  I don't even want to think about Monday if he doesn't find a home.
6/18/07: Maybe Winston will have a home by next weekend.  If one is in the process, maybe Token can stay a little longer.  I'm just going to pretend it is Sunday from here forward.
6/20/07: Took Zelda to the nursing home visit.  She was great as always.  Between her fluffiness and Sonny's size, they were the delight of everyone.  I miss Sonny.  Maybe someday soon I will bring him back.
6/21/07: Took Token in today.  Amanda said she might have a home for him.  I told her to tell me they wanted him rather it is true or not.  The HS would have taken him back and taken him in, but I didn't want Token to think he had been bad in his last moments on earth.  I wanted to be with him.  I felt so bad leaving him at the vets, but Amanda will keep trying to reach the people tomorrow.  This is so hard.  He is such a good dog.  He can't help he looks like a Pit in the face and no one wants an 80 pound lap dog that just wants to be with his people all the time.  I just can't do this anymore.  When these are adopted, I'm done.  No more come in.  I just can't handle the heartbreak of all those millions of wonderful animals being euthanized every year because of stupid people who breed instead of spay and neuter.
6/23/07: I don't know, but I only want to know if it will make me happy.  I'll never forget nor forgive myself.  I know I tried, but failure, or the possibility of failure..... I just don't get over my shortcomings.........  I let others influence my decisions.  A trait I've never been able to overcome......... bitterness at myself and at others........ but never the dogs....never the fur kids.
6/27/07:  Julia got adopted.  The older gentleman will pick her up tomorrow.  I know she will have a great home once she gets over the change.  She sure was reluctant to leave my side.  It's so hard when they have been here 3 months and think this is 'forever'.  That's the tough part about non-Pyrs.  Pyrs usually are adopted quickly....... with the exception, of course, of Faith and other ones who come here so very sick.
7/04/07:  I think a few of my adopters have actually been reading this blog.  Wonderful people emailing encouragement and "thank yous " to me for initially saving the wonderful dogs they got from me.  It's these wonderful people who are so good to these wonderful fur kids that keep me somewhat sane on the really tough days.  I love them all.
7/06/07:  Company just left this morning.   Their 2 dogs are great but mine were jealous, of course.  Shuffling dogs was not too hard, but every time they changed places, someone had to 'mark' territory.  Hopefully DH will steam clean the rugs while I'm at the shelter today.  Seems I just did them 3 days ago and 6 days ago.  Good thing I have a good machine.  Will almost be a relief to deal with people for a half day.  
7/12/07: Winston must be doing ok in his new home.  He did fine the first night (7/10).  Didn't eat any chickens.  Cathy said he just ignored them.  Was a bit unsure of the goats and sheep.  I suspect he was with cattle before.  Anyway, down to 9!!!  Lowest I've been in a long time and boy it seems nice.  Actually took 3 of mine for a walk yesterday.  Five in the front part of the house and four in the back part of the house.  However the 2 pups sleep in the kennel at night.  I'm just so exhausted washing dog bedding and mopping floors every morning with poor Faith and her bladder problems.  At least I have until evening to attack these things.
7/24/07: Two days ago I thought Trevor (the St. Bernard) was getting aggressive with Georgia (the hound).  He was growling and barking and chased her.  She let out blood curling howls and dodged in and out between the other dogs.  I called Trevor in and put him down in the kennel.  I didn't scold as was just not sure what was going on.  Next morning I brought him back up.  After breakfast, the growling and howling stated again.  I walked half way across the property to watch.  For 20 minutes I stood fixated at the goings on.  Trevor and Georgia were playing!!!  I don't believe Trevor had played in many years, if ever, and he simply was unsure how.  I got tears as I watched this big old 105 pound goof ball  try to catch this young and energetic 35 pound hound who could out run him 3 to1. 

Bear has wanted out there to play with them so bad, but I am afraid.  I could never pull two 100 pound dogs apart if it did not go well.   Bear has changed so much lately since reaching maturity.  He needs a chance again but I need more confidence and physical help before I attempt an introduction.  I wish I could read their minds.

7/26/07: An old male Pyr in really bad shape is coming from KC this weekend.  Gretel, an old Komondor/Pyr is coming from Rockford, IL. on Aug. 6th. This is becoming a retirement home.
8/02/07:  The people who 'own' Gretel changed their mind.  They are keeping her..... tied to a tree for the rest of her life.  Makes no sense.  I just keep looking at that face and crying. She looks so happy in a situation that should make her so sad.  She knows nothing different and that is what is so sad. 
8/03/07:  Last day volunteering at the HS.  Politics overshadows the good of the animals.  Maybe it's the same everywhere, but money corrupts....especially when it's OPM  (other peoples money) one in power gets to spend.  I get 'Leo' aka Keeton tomorrow.  Everyone is still trying for Gretel.  Even putting in money to try to 'buy' her if that's what it takes.  Anyway, I need to concentrate on who I have and not who I don't.  Keeton needs TLC just as badly.
8/04/07:  We got skunked!  About 1:30 a.m. they went to barking and by 3:00 a.m. Katey and the house stunk to high heaven.  Considered canceling the trip to pick up Keeton, then decided we'd be much better off OUT OF THE HOUSE for 8 hours rather then in with that smell.  Keeton made the trip fine and is a sweety.
8/05/07:  A friend came over and spent the day helping me deodorize.  It helped considerably, but right between Katey's eyes where she got the direct hit is still pretty potent.  Her and the house got a thorough scrubbing, but was just afraid to get close to Katey's eyes with the de-skunking solution.
8/09/07:  Keeton saw the vet and his heartworm is treatable. What a relief.  He is such a sweet boy.  He's staying in the shop out of the heat.  Loren spends the day with him.  At night I get up around midnight to check on him and let him out to potty.  Loren gets up at 5:00 and puts him in the kennel until it gets too warm,  then back to the shop for the day.  He seems very content.  We've put Sissy in the kennel with him in the mornings because he looks so sad and although they could care less about one another, it is company.

Faith has a home.  I talked to the lady today and she is well aware of the responsibility she is taking on.  I am so happy for Faith.  She will get to be special with her own family of a human and several cats.  She will also get to experience the ocean.  I would love to see her the first time she sees the waves.  I will miss her.  She leaves on Labor Day.

8/16/07: My daily schedule  completed 8/29/07 !!!
8/27/07: Keeton must be feeling pretty good.  I may have a heart attack, but he's doing just fine.....  Normally when he is off leash, he just trots to the shop or to his food bowl.  Not today.  He decided to take a walk on his own.  Of course he headed into the woods through heavy undergrowth.  When I had followed half an hour and totally lost sight of him, I called Loren off the lake to come home.  We searched and I'm panicking that he got hung up on a tree branch or old fencing and will lay out in the middle of nowhere and die because we can't find him.  Finally after and hour and a half, he came trotting back outside the fence line.  A little thirsty and tired, but was barely panting...less then I was, anyway.  From now on he gets longer walks and he does NOT get to take them on his own.
8/28/07:  We picked up Auneli a week ago.  Sent out a number of email asking for help getting her from Joplin to Springfield.  Had one response from Shannon of Ship to Safe Haven Canine Rescue.  She was great and I look forward to turning it into a friendship and mutual assistance.  Auneli has already had 6 applications.  Two were good.  One felt 'right'.  After lengthy conversations,  I accepted them for Auneli.  She will leave for her new home in Maryland Sept. 17.  She was spayed and vetted today.
9/02/07:  Well, Winston is coming back.  Ugh!  Just when I thought I'd have some free space.  Reasons are on his adoption page. I'm hoping the other lady who wanted Winston is still interested.   On the bright side: Trevor may have a home locally.  When I was walking him this morning the paper lady passed and fell in love with him.  She will talk to her husband tonight and they will come visit him.  Also, I have a good sounding applicant for Monkey.  I've had several applicants who were good, but just not what I feel is best for Monkey.  This one may be exactly the type of family I have in mind and they are only a few hours away.  I'm dreading the trip to Little Rock with Faith tomorrow.  Dreading the 3 1/2 hours one way, getting up at 3:30 a.m., stressing over finding the meeting place and hardest of all....saying good bye.  I will really miss her....oh and BTW, she has taken to accepting wearing a Depends (diaper).
9/04/07: How quickly things can change.  Winston's family wants to keep trying to make it work.  I sent back their adoption fee to help pay for a fence.  Faith made it just fine to Maryland.  Kristen called and loves her already.  She said she is so sweet and so beautiful.  And Monkey went to his new home.  That really happened fast.  They had been approved by another rescue and the pup had not worked out so after talking to the other rescue, I approved the family.  When I called to tell him, he said "I'm on my way".  Made a 6 hour drive just to get here and then 6 hours back.  He was so excited.  There was an obvious connect and Monkey seemed content.  I will miss him even more then Faith.  He has been my bed partner for the past 3 months.  He will now be the bed partner to a 7 year old autistic child.  I feel really happy that Monkey will have such a loving and important job to do.  Keeton is having some pretty bad moments.  I just don't know how long he will have a good quality of life.  He had diarrhea all over the house this afternoon.  He tried to make it to the door.  I put him and Auneli down in the shop for the night.  He is fine down there and has the AC on and the whole place to roam.  I even turned on the stereo for them.  Loren said I needed to play Bach (bak, bak, bak) but I said no Wolfgang Mozart (woof, woof woof).  I'll be doing the 'midnight walk'  again. 
9/05/07:  Got an email from Monkey's new family.  I sure did miss him last night!  I woke up about 2:00 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep.  Sweetness was curled up on the foot of the bed and came up for some petting, but she doesn't nuzzle and snore in my ear like Monkey did.  He will be the most wonderful companion to their children for many years and I hope to be in touch to hear all the wonderful moments Monkey contributes to his new family.
9/08/07:  Monkey did not fit into their family so he is now with another family where I am completely confident he will have a wonderful home.  No children, but he will be the child, sharing their lives and their bed just like he did here.  There is a doggie angel watching over all my furry rescues.  Man is coming tomorrow to meet Trevor.  I hope he is a good match.  Trevor is so funny and really needs a special person to bend over and rub his belly.  Auneli's people wrote the greatest email.  I am as excited about them getting her as they are.  One of those 'make you happy' dogs and I know she will give them as many smiles as Zelda gives us.
9/12/07:  Monkey is doing great. They sent photos and several emails.  He is fitting right in and they love him as much as I do.  Auneli's soon to be family are so excited.  I know she will have lots of love and great care.  I don't know what she got into this morning, digging, but she is filthy.  Her face is black and she looks so funny.  I'll have to keep a close eye on her between her bath Friday and the time she leaves Sunday.  I will never do a courtesy listing for Pomeranians again.  Foofoo dog people are nuts!  And the dogs were obnoxious feral beasts.  I could say I pity the people who took them but the people were just as obnoxious.  Can you imagine a 2 year old dog hiking it's leg on YOUR leg! If it don't weigh atleast 45 pounds (adult size) don't ask.
9/13/07:  Charlie is not doing well.  His heart is failing fast. He has coughed almost continually for 2 days. He can't see for the cataracts.  He is old and worn out.  This will be the hardest experience Loren has gone through since losing his first wife.  Charlie was her last dog and will be the last living thing they shared. 
   And on the rescue side:  just when the numbers go down, desperate cries are heard (or in this case emailed).  Auneli is leaving for her new home and 3 are coming.  One is just temporary.  Annie is in a foster home and I dog sit when her mommy goes out of town.  Thor (Loren's idea for a name) and Kanyon are coming from West Plains animal control.  They are just too pretty to allow to be put down.  It'll be plenty of 'doggie shuffle' for the next few days.  Hopefully I can get the 2 into other rescues or placed quickly.  They are good looking young dogs.
9/17/07: Auneli is on her way to her new home.  Keeton is sure missing her. He has looked all over for her.  Every time I take him for a walk, he wants to go to the shop and look for her.  He has looked in all the rooms.  He just looks up at me with such a sad expression.  He wants to bond with the German Shepherd and the feeling is mutual but until I am sure the shepherd is healthy, I don't want him sharing space with the others.  We can not seem to settle on names for the 2 new guys.  Loren still wants Thor for the GSD.  I do not like it at all.  This is a sweet boy and Thor is so warrior sounding.  Kanyon for the Pyr is not working for me either.  That was Janice's idea before she met him.  I've thrown around dozens of names.  I like Dakota for the GSD and Ocean for the Pyr.  Tomorrow I may change my mind.  Right now they are both "good boy".
9/20/07: It's been about 24 hours since I have seen Thor the GSD.  I am just sick he got out and has not come back.  We were beginning to bond and I know if he had been at the house he would not have wanted to get out and definitely would not have left.  I just couldn't bring him to the house and chance exposing the others to either Giardia or Coccidia.  A few more days and he would have been able to be a part of the family.  Now I have no idea where he is and my heart is breaking.  Lost ad will be in the paper and on the radio today.  Animal control and the HS are also aware.  I'll put up posters today.  He could be anywhere in any direction by now.  I know I worry more then I normally would because he is so frightened of traffic and people, particularly men.   To compound my anxieties, one of my grandson's is battling to see his baby.  James has had a rough life since he almost died at birth.  It has been one thing after another his whole 21 years of life and it only seems to get worse through no fault of his.  He just gets sucked in.  His only fault is gullibility.   There are positives...even at 2:25 a.m.  Ocean got through his neuter just fine and was laying next to my side of the bed, sleeping.  He is such a sweet dog.  I hear Keeton up and know he is waiting for his 2:00 a.m. walk (he's late), so guess I better get my shoes on and take him....God forbid if he should use the doggie door!  He's old.  It's ok.
9/20/07 update: Got a call at 7:00 a.m..  Thor was a mile down the road so he is home now.  Getting him into the vet today before re-starting the meds.
9/22/07: Re: Thor: Lousy luck of the draw at the vets.  Got one who is not real good so hope she could read the test results correctly.  Only positive for whips.  Everything else negative.  Annie is here for 10 days. She looks great.  Getting a bit fat but her coat has grown out.  She even has a fluffy tail!!!  Since Zelda is not very fond of her, it is real dog shuffle time.  It's also 2:00 a.m. as I write this.  Annie has the dog room and back yard to herself.  Tonight this will change!  Charlie, Sweetness and Sissy are inside with the doggie door locked.  Keeton was too until he had to go potty and had to wake me up since he could not get out. He wanted to go to the shop, so he'll spend the rest of the night there, meaning I will be up in a few hours to let him out.  Zelda, Thor and Ocean are in the side yard locked out of the house, but it is a beautiful evening, full moon arising when I walked Keeton.  Bear and Katey are in the big kennel and Georgia and Ajax are in the other one.  Did I miss anyone???  Nope. Guess that makes 12.  Well sounds like the chorus has went back to sleep so maybe I can too.  They had to announce to the neighborhood that I was out walking.
9/23/07:  I've been totally neglectful of the dogs today..... atleast after feeding everyone and walking 4 of them.  It' is almost their dinner time and I have been on this computer trying to get at least a few of the adopted dog pages updated.  All my wonderful adopters send me photos and I just get behind if I do not put them up on the day they arrive.  So anyway, my apologies to all of you who check into your dogs page and might think I don't care.  I really do and I feel absolutely terrible that I get so far behind.  You guys are great for keeping me updated with emails and photos.
9/26/07:  I hired a cleaning service...... HA... oh well, guess I'll just find someone to help with the dogs and I'll clean the house.
9/27/07:  Busy day and time for bed.... but Keeton keeps barking.  Totally out of character for him.  He will just not be quiet.... because he sees his reflection in the glass front doors!!!!!  And that darn dog won't go away.  Had a training session for Bear and Zelda.  Marcia quickly took Bear down a few notches and the 2 dogs were actually (on lead) a few feet apart and not ready to kill one another.  Bear was actually hiding behind me and would not even look at Zelda.  Of course when I took Bear and Katey down to the kennel to feed them, Bear immediately went over, put his paw in Katey's dish and turned it over.  Then stood there growling and barking.  Katey got to come back up to the house to eat Bears food and Bear stayed down in the kennel with an upside down bowl of food.  Oh do we have work to do!!!
9/30/07: Hopefully today will not have yesterdays incidents.  I hate it when I 'lose it' with any dog, but I do lose it more with the 'hounds' then with the others.  I'm just not a 'hyper dog person'.  Ajax tries so hard to please but he is just a puppy and I need to spend more time with him.  Yesterday he peed in the house.  OK, no big deal.  I grabbed a rag to mop it up and within a split second he was counter surfing.  Normally that would not be a big deal.....but I was making a pie.  The gram cracker crust went flying in a million crumbs.  We ended up with pudding instead of a pie.  Today I plan to devote some quality one on one time with him.  Guilty conscience for screaming at him and taking him to the kennel (for all of 20 minutes while I cleaned up both messes).  I have to remind myself if he had peed just 5 minutes later, there would not have been edible pudding either.
10/02/07:  Not a good 2 days.  I didn't realize how much I'd miss Georgia.  I have tried to stay busy.  Cleaning the rugs where she lost control as she was fighting so hard to stay alive.  I almost wanted to leave the stains just as a reminder of her.  Sure, she drove me crazy at times, but she was still a sweet girl and so loving.  Those big brown eyes were so penetrating and she lost that look yesterday.  She never really did come to recognition.  Brief glimpses of love in her eyes were gone into another world where I did not have privy to.  She died in my arms.  What more could I do but hold her for that final good bye.  Gods speed Georgia, run free and happy at the rainbow bridge.  I love you. 
10/06/07:  Took a pill and slept like a log.  I sure needed it.  Staying busy.  Have to.  Babysitting a Corgi for a homeless lady.  Feel sorry for the little guy.  My guys overwhelm him so he is stuck in the shop.  He has dug under and torn apart the kennel so has to be inside.  He gets neutered Monday and then maybe I will call on my neighbor to baby sit him a day or 2 after he recovers a bit.  He needs more attention then I can give since he is scared at the house with the 'big guys'.
10/07/07:  I was walking Bear this morning and a neighbor was kicking her dog repeatedly.  I yelled at her to stop it and was told to mind my own business.  Well, cruelty to animals IS MY business.  It should be EVERYONE'S business. The people hurled a tirade of obscenities right in front of their 2 young children.  Of course, kicking the dog in front of them was more destructive.  I called the sheriff and will file a complaint, not that it will amount to much.  I wish I had called child protective services on her several years ago when I had witnessed her abusive actions against her kids.  The woman is sick and the husband is an enabler.  I don't think they shot Georgia because I don't think Georgia got that far, but he is the kind who carries a loaded rifle in his truck.  We are looking at land to buy.  Civilization is just not civil anymore.  The world has gone to crap.  The majority of people are self centered hypocrites.  The rest of us are just tired of trying to make a positive difference.
10/08/07:  Nothing makes sense.  My dog was the victim and the neighborhood is mad at ME!  I never accused anyone. 
10/13/07:  It really sucks to live in fear.  We found several really good acreages but I've found myself feeling like I'd be trading one fear for another.  "What if" is important, but it can also become a phobia which keeps one from living beyond mere existence. 
10/15/07:  Walked Keeton and 'Little Bear' at 1:30 a.m.  When I came back up to the house, Thor was inside!!  This was so great because he rarely comes in on his own.   I spent the next 2 hours sitting on the floor petting him.  He is back in this morning and even ate in the kitchen.  He is getting brave enough to come into the living room but the computer room and bedroom still scare him.  I've really been noticing a positive change in him the past few days so I hope nothing happens to set him back.
10/17/07:  Had a nice lunch with 2 other 'dog' people.  One I had only met online, so it was nice to meet face to face.  We are just tired of looking at property and houses.  The thought of moving all this accumulation really sucks.  Plus we would not know if we were going from bad to worse.  You can be pretty isolated on a hundred acres but it does not keep the hunters, poachers and just mean people from trespassing or to keep the dogs from wandering past our boundaries.  Got a sweet Thank You card from Little Bear's momma for me watching him.  He is a really sweet little guy.  Know she misses him.  I've approved someone to adopt Thor.  He'll get neutered Monday and they will pick him up the following Monday.  Just not sure on Ocean.  Have it narrowed to 2.  Both seem like great people but neither situation is perfect.   I need to go pick up the new girls in Rogers next week.  Hope everybody (meaning Zelda) gets along.   I'm going to try to put them with Bear or just switch sides of the yard.  Heck, I don't know.
10/18/07:  Larry (the deputy sheriff who was trying to find out who shot Georgia) came by yesterday while Janice was here. Case close because he can't prove his suspicions.  One of the 2 suspected neighbors stopped by later in the day when I was walking Keeton.  If he did do it, he certainly didn't know she was mine. And if he did do it, he has got to be feeling REALLY bad because I laid it on really thick about what a good neighbor he was, etc. and how he should have called when he needed help these past few months.  That I was hurt that he had not called on me to help out.  The other suspected neighbor should  keep their dog out of my yard.  (Georgia was not in their yard, but they still got a restraining order against me. Guilt?)  Oh well, as my ex-mother-in-law always said "what goes around, comes around".   Anyway, after lunch with Brenda and some of her wise perspectives (which I needed reminded of) that we could move and go from bad to worse, we decided to just put up the fence and not move.  Fence guy will be out Sat. to see what we have in mind.  500' of wood privacy on the busy side, 1000' of vinyl rail backed by cattle panels one the other 2 road sides and 800' horse wire down the power easement. My dogs and my rescues have no clue how much they are loved. 
10/20/07:  Interesting day.  "That" neighbors dog followed me, Keeton and little Bear on our walk way beyond 'her' boundaries.  She was ferociously barking and growling at us the whole way.  Even came up into our yard and almost to my front door.  All this while the owner stood leaning against her car in her driveway.  Makes no sense.  She made not one bit of effort to call the dog or get it home.  All I want is peace of mind.  If it takes me getting a photo of the dog in the middle of my yard and taking it to the sheriff and saying "See, I'm not the irresponsible person here", then I will do it.  I certainly wish no harm to their dog.  Obviously they didn't feel the same about mine.  Aside from dog walking, I cleaned house most of the day.   Also committed to take another dog into rescue (which I promised Loren I was not going to do).  Anyway, I was taking 2 for Janice, so we agreed I'd just take one of hers so I could save 'Scarlett'. (Two is two, right?) The toughest balance in rescue is knowing you are playing God in the fate of so many dogs. It's knowing when to say yes AND when to say sorry, there is just no room, knowing that dog will most likely die the next day because no one has room.
10/25/07:  Where does the time go?  The older  and busier I get the faster it slips by. Janice and I went to West Plains and got 3 dogs. They are her rescue.  I'll baby sit one. Most times pictures do not do the dogs justice..... this is NOT one of those times.  Lord, they are not much to look at.  Mine, Banjo, is the least attractive but definitely the easiest. He is very affectionate.   
The neighbors dog came onto our property barking and growling at old Charlie when he went out to go potty.  It was about 100 yards away but still plenty in my yard.  I took pix and will keep them on my camera.  I'll take more next time and the next then take them into their lawyer and very politely say "Tell them to call a truce.  They seem to have this dog trespass thing all backwards."  I don't want trouble, I just want them to stop being asses. 
10/26/07:  Ocean left for his new home.  They are fantastic people.  I'm very happy for him. He was no trouble.  Just a little pushy nose.  He sure loved me.  I will miss him following me around and sleeping by the bed.  He's a natural guardian angel.  Sweetness is a bit confused.  Zelda is getting 'clingy'.  Charlie is rejoicing.  Keeton is relieved but lonesome.  Thor is more relaxed.  I don't think the rest realize he is gone, nor care.
10/27/07:  Picked Banjo up from being neutered.  Ann told Janice he had major scar tissue.  She had to make an extra large incision.  She had never seen anything like it.  He had obviously suffered a terrible accident.  He was bright and happy and ready to go.  Poor baby must not have peed in 24 hours because when we got home, he hiked and I swear it was 60 to 90 seconds of constant stream.  I asked for and they gave me pain meds and antibiotics for him.  He seems fine but rather error on the side of caution.  I put Sweetness in the kennel with him for the day. She was not a happy camper, but she had stolen Keeton's breakfast right out from under his nose.  Didn't really put her there for punishment but Banjo needed company until I can bring him up after Thor leaves Monday.  Bear, Katey and Sissy spent the day by me.  Sissy always does, but the others need more 'turns' on this side of the house.  Bear is much nicer when he is not jealous.  Of course, then Zelda starts the door fighting because she is more jealous because he's on "her side" of the door.  They will never get along.
10/31/07:  Banjo escaped last night and came around to the front door.  Ended up moving Bear and Katey into the shop.  Bear was barking constantly anyway.  Atleast it was quieter then.  Poor Banjo didn't take advantage of the big pillows in the dog's room.  He understands the dog door, but for some reason slept right outside it.  Got an email of a GSD that needs rescuing in Independence.  So hard not to jump in.  I cried.  Maybe someone else will step forward.  I have to get past this weekend with babysitting Shimmer for Janice and not knowing for sure if Scarlett is coming.  Pat has got to pick up little Bear.  Two weeks has turned into 5. He is a good little guy but having to walk him in the dark and cold is not high on my list of things to do right now.  I do NOT need to come down sick or get run over.  And heating 4000 square feet of shop (no way to close any off ) to keep him warm if it gets to freezing is going to be really costly.  If he would just get along with my guys but he won't.  Know he is intimidated by their size and won't give them a chance, except Keeton.  Keeton likes spending time with him.  Take Keeton outside and he heads for the shop to check on him.
11/02/07:  Got Tommy (Sonic) from the HS.  Thought I had an adopter for him, but just don't think it will work since their male dog is 2 years old and not neutered.  The ordeal at the HS was an 'ordeal'!  No one wanted to do the micro-chip.  Liz stuck it in his neck (geeze!!!), it got lost and he bled like crazy.  Took half a roll of paper towels and a wash cloth to finally clean up the blood and get it to stop bleeding.  Judy did it the second time and went a little deep, but it took.  Poor Tommy was pretty good about the whole thing.  Debating on making a formal report.  I'm already the 'trouble maker', but darn it, they need training.  Keeton was so funny this evening.  Zelda has started putting her paw up for attention and Keeton did the same thing.  This was the first time.  He was also dancing around like a pup.  Almost had tears watching him act so silly.  It was wonderful!!
11/03/07: Tommy is getting along good with the 'regulars'.  Meeting Banjo did not go well.  Banjo has issues.  Tommy defended himself but Banjo would just not leave it.  Took Banjo for a long walk after I let Tommy in to play with the others.  Banjo went back in the kennel.  I feel really bad but have no choice since he is being a total poop.  My neighbor is going to take little Bear for a few days.  That will help.  Maybe Pat will have a place for him by then.  Katey and Bear are enjoying their time in with me.  I'm trying to give them 3 days a week and the others have to stay in the back part of the house & yard.  Sissy & Sweetness get along where ever so they are easy.  Don't know when Scarlett is coming.
11:04/07:  Banjo went to Janice's.  I feel terrible about it, but he kept getting on to Tommy and Tommy was so submissive.  Not even a muzzle helped.  Anyway, he is getting along with his brother out there, so all is working out.  I'll take him in Tuesday to get his stitches out. He is just too rambunctious for Janice to do it.  Adopters came from Searcy.  They like Shimmer.  Will come back next weekend to pick her up.
11/05/07:  What a nice day!  I got to sleep in.  No little Bear to walk at dawn since my neighbor is watching him for 4 days.  Any little bit helps.  Eight dogs is a breeze.
11/08/07:  I got little Bear back last night and took him back to Pat.  She informed me they would not let him inside and he had to sleep outside in 27 degree weather with no shelter.  How did I ever get myself into this.  I feel so guilty yet it is not my responsibility, yet I feel like every suffering dog I can help that it is my responsibility to help.  No one else is coming forward. 
11/09/07:  I gave in. Little Bear spent the night in the freezing cold because Gamma House would not let him stay inside.  Then last night she boarded him at Snod's.  When I found out that, well, that did it.  There are few people I have ever totally detested and Snod is one of them.  He is just plain evil.  Anyway, I picked up Pat to retrieve little Bear and the collar I had put on him was destroyed.  It made no sense how 2 "D" rings could have come off while the stitching was still intact.  The only "D" ring that has ever separated was when Thor lunged for a squirrel.  And he was 3 times the weight of little Bear.  I can only imagine the horror that caused those "D" rings to come apart.
11/10/07: Picked up Pride and Shimmer from Janice's as they are filming for the Ellen show tomorrow.  So far so good.  Tommy and Shimmer hit it right off.  Pride was so scared.
11/11/07:  Put Bear in the kennel and let Shimmer, Pride and Tommy up with Katey.  She has been wanting to meet Tommy and she was very friendly toward the other 2.  It went well all day.  Fed them and put them back down in the kennel about 4:00.  Shimmer jumped Pride and I had to break it up.  I no more then started up the stairs when she went after her again.  I put Pride in the shop for the night, plenty of toys and the stereo on.  Don't think she will tear anything up.  Too bad little Bear growled at her as she could have used some loving company.
11/13/07:  Shimmer went to her new home.  Pride went home.  She was so lost without Janice I couldn't stand to see her sad and confused another night.  Tommy is delighted to be back in the house and is being perfect!  I guess a little alienation did some good.  While we were in town, he did however help himself to a few items on a chair.  One pair of my glasses are missing.  Sure they are out in the yard but too dark to look tonight.  He is such a good dog for his age.   Finally heard from Faith's mommy. I was getting very worried.  Still a bit uncomfortable after the conversation.  Not sure why. 
11/17/07: I'm a basket case.  First I walked Keeton up to Old Military Rd.  The neighbors dog followed me all the way barking, snapping, growling.  When I came back and put Keeton in the house, the dog came almost to the door following us. After putting Keeton in the house, I went down and walked little Bear. It was about 7:30 pm.  Of course it's dark so I walked him on the dirt road.  The 19 year old neighbor who may have shot Georgia came out onto the road asking me "what the F--- I was doing".  I said "walking on a public road".  I tried to keep walking but his dog was nipping at my ankles and little Bear was freaking out.  The kid kept following me with his buddies standing in the background.  They had a good size fire going in the trees.  Idiots!  He kept yelling at me, cussing and calling me names. I don't know what he was on, but he was sure trying to play big shot. I told him I would appreciate it if he would keep his dog at home.  He said there was no leash law so it could go where it wanted and there was nothing I could do about it.  I said that if it came on my property again, it would be turned over to animal control and the deputy would be out. I have been taking photos.  I finally got away and back to the shop and put little Bear up.  Their dog barking and growling all the way right up into the driveway.  It didn't really hit me what danger I had been in until I got back in the house. I had Loren unload the gun and I carried it down to lock up.  I could never shoot anyone, but I could sure scare the hell out of 'em.  So here I sit at 10:30.  No hope of sleep.  Their fire still raging over there.  Can't see the house from mine, but can see the glow of the fire.  It's terrible to say, but if the house burned down, they'd have to move.. 
11/19/07: Spent the better part of the day looking at property near Salem.  I don't want to move, but I don't want to stay.  Wish I could wave a magic wand and just put my house and shop in the middle of 100 acres.  No remodeling, no packing. Yesterday we looked in Big Flat.  I decided to make a minimum/maximum list of what we can and can't live with.  Will save a lot of wasted time looking at things that are totally unsuitable.
11/21/07: Dogs have been great the last few nights.  Really helps when I can get 4 straight uninterrupted hours of sleep. Tommy is becoming the best dog.  May just keep him if no one comes along soon. He makes everyone play and they need that.  Just not sure what to do about little Bear.  He is not getting much attention and I don't believe Pat is ever going to be able to take him back.  I just feel like she has been on a 'pity party' for herself too long.  I should not be judgmental but I have been in her shoes and I did not sit around for handouts.  I am going to take some pix of him today and get him on petfinder.  If someone comes along who wants him and would be good to him, then Pat can either sign a release for me to adopt him out or she can come get him.  Builder came by yesterday so he could see what I want in a house.  The building estimate will help determine what we decide to buy.  Going out to some place overlooking Bull Shoals Lake today.  Was a resort.  I've seen the floor plan and other photos.   If it's not falling down, could make a fantastic house with some wall removal and TLC.  I thrive on projects as long as they are not too overwhelming or costly. 
11/23/07:  The bedroom escapade:  coming soon... ok, coming sometime....OK, it's 14 months later and I forgot!
11/28/07:  A lot of negatives have been going on so it's time to quit dwelling on the problems and concentrate on the good stuff.  Keeton is so funny.  He does not think he can go potty in the back yard.  He does not realize that when it is dark and the chill factor is 27 degrees that I get cold walking a snails pace down the road for him to find the "right" place.  But one look at that expression on his face, standing at the door, looking at me as it to say "Please.  I love you" is impossible to resist.  Even in the rain.  Sissy's arthritis is sure getting bad in this weather.  I let her stay in as much as she wants.  She takes up a fourth of the bed.  Sweetness takes up another 4th.  Trouble is my 4th is usually in 2 separate locations.  It's 2:00 a.m. as I write this because I got up to check Keeton (having a little dream tremor) and I lost my bed space.  I like to think Sweetness just thinks she is keeping it warm for me.  Getting her to move would wake Loren up and he needs a lot more sleep then I do.  Bear has begun to mellow. I got to get some muzzles ordered so I can try to put them all together.  I think once they have to tolerate each other, it will work. Worth a try as the sad eyes on the 'other side of the glass' always breaks my heart, whether it is Bear and Katey looking in or Zelda and Keeton.  Strange thing is Bear never shows any signs of aggression towards Keeton or Tommy.  Just afraid to take the chance without a muzzle.  Zelda and Tommy had a bath yesterday.  They look and smell so nice.  Tommy is as soft as a puppy.  He is such a good dog..... well except for the bedroom escapade.  I need to backtrack and add the in below.
12/04/07:  Finally out of my 'slump'.  Thanks to all of you who have called and sent emails telling me how good 'our' fur kids are doing.  Little Bear is in another foster home until his 'mommy' finds a place to live.  We will miss the little guy...but we sure won't miss the walks in the dark and freezing cold.  Golly, we can sleep in a bit in the morning.... Let me re-phrase that... we can stay in bed a little longer in the morning.  Our 4 legged alarm clocks aren't going to let us get past 4:30 a.m. when the newspaper gets delivered.  The bulldozer is suppose to be here Thursday morning.  I have been marking off the 3 acres with 'caution' tape so they leave the trees I want and knock out the trees I don't.  And we have a creek!  I knew we had water run off on that piece of land, but I am sure there is a spring.  It has a flow and there has not been rain in several days.  Anyway, it will be so fun to have another place for the dogs to explore.  Keeton is doing so great.  He still insists on a walk but has been going outside some.  He seems to like the cooler weather.  He did sleep right by my side of the bed last night.  It was so sweet.
12/13/07:  I hate making decisions and the older I get, the more complex the process.  I guess I am taking a momma Pyr and her 8 puppies!!!  Two other rescues will take some of them once they are old enough, in about 4 weeks.  With any luck, I will have homes for atleast half by then.  Somebody's gonna have to take momma for sure......  Some people!!!  They frustrate me with their incompetence and "It's all about ME" attitude, be it dogs or business.  I want new flooring.  No, I need new flooring.  The only 'dog proof' products are hundreds of miles away.  Locally, they all think the consumer is an idiot. I am not paying for 10% overage and definitely not paying install on what's left in the box (plus the guy needed a course in basic 4th grade math). Another business added $790 for "incidentals".  Say what??? Home Depot wanted over $5700 for my kitchen floor (did NOT include taking up the old vinyl) and over $3700 for the bedroom BEFORE I even decided on the product.  That was just labor and 'hidden costs' and did not include moving the furniture.  I am not kidding.  $107 to remove base boards, $107 to put them back, $107 to remove carpet and pad, $107 to remove tack strips, $107 to remove staples, etc.  You get the idea.  Had them figure it twice and give me a copy.  I did NOT use foul language:-)  Neither did I order.  The dozer guy is a week late to clear the land for a dog park.  Guess I try again with someone else.  Three contractors approached me when they found out we were wanting a garage built.  I had already called 3, but figured if they wanted to bid it, why not.  That was 2 weeks ago.  Only one made a formal bid.  One other gave a 'ball park' figure (that was more then new house construction) and nothing in writing (he's the guy who didn't show up to doze either).  Not a word from the other 4.  If anyone wants to argue with me about hiring green card workers, I'd like to put them in my shoes for a day and they'd have a change of heart.  The "good ol' boys" of Arkansas just don't want to work.  (The guy with the formal bid was a northern transplant.)  Do I dare try to find someone to build a giant dog house for momma and her 8 pups?  Guess what I'm doing today.  afternoon: PS, just took in a male Pyr.  So much for 'taking a break'.
12/18/07:  3:00 a.m.: Tommy went with some people yesterday.  I can't sleep.  After talking to others in rescue I found out their story to me was different and I fell for it. I guess honesty was not getting them a dog so they decided to make their answers meet the requirements.  Atleast they are local.  It is killing me I will not have time to go check on him today.  Too many commitments.  I don't save dogs to let them just go to any situation.  It has to be just right for them and this is not right.  Wayha is the name of the new Pyr we got a few days ago.  Pronounced "Y-ya". It's hard to remember, so Loren  calls him "YoYo"  (oh yah, and the people who have Tommy are changing his name after I told them he will only answer to Tommy or I would have changed it). He is really sweet but no Keeton.  He is so starved for attention.  Loren spends a lot of time in the shop with him. He is so appreciative of any human contact.  It is just hard to believe he is 11 years old.  He looks and acts 6 at most.  He is a gorgeous dog.  I hope someone will adopt him because he needs re-housetrained.  Poops outside, but hikes inside.  Had Katey and Bear in the kennel yesterday as contractor was in and out.  When I took Keeton for his walk and passed by the kennel, Bear was fine!  Just pretty much ignored him.  It would be so wonderful if I could put them together when we are home.  Reason I don't put Bear in the house as much as I'd like is because Keeton struggles so much with the back stairs to the dog room.  The new garage will have a 10x10 dog room with doggie door so if we are gone and weather turns bad, they will have shelter without leaving the house open to get muddied up.  I didn't have much enthusiasm for all the construction until Loren made the suggestion to include a dog room.  Now I am eager to get it going.  Darn, I worry about Tommy....  If it were not the middle of the night and they did not live in the middle of no-where, I'd probably be going out there to check on him.   Letting go is getting too hard, especially with such a good dog.
12/20/07, Just barely......  Can't sleep again.  Lady is happy with Tommy. Well, the conversion/construction project is getting more and more complicated.  I am ready to say forget it.  Now the garage will be 50 feet from the back door instead of 5 feet.  I do not want to be making a dozen trips back and forth in rain or even good weather to bring in groceries.  Plus I'd be tramping through mud and tracking it all over the family room to get to the kitchen.  I ok'd the change last night, but the impact had not fully sunk in.  Also, the planned dog room inside it would now be out because the garage would not be in a safe fence line and the room would be so far from the house, they would never use it.  Afraid this sweet agreeable old lady the contractor has been dealing with is about to show her 'other side'.  He screwed up so he can eat the additional cost to put it where we first agreed.
12/31/07:  4:00 a.m. Picked up puppies and mom yesterday.  Gave all 8 pups a bath and wormed them. Susan and Howard, my faithful neighbors came down to help. Put the pups in the dogs room intending for them to be there all night. Mom got out of the kennel looking for them.  Doorbell woke us up at 10:30. She was out of the kennel looking for her babies.  Toted them down for her.  Then was up until 1:30 'discouraging her' from getting out again.   I'm hoping they are all there.  She is still nursing them although she should have weaned them weeks ago.  I just feel so sorry for her.  She is so confused.  Know the kennel is only 40 x 40 and not her 100 acres.

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