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Carol's Blog for 2010

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1/1/10:  Yesterday was a day of pleasure.  Today is catch up time.  Got the living room floor mopped.  Still the kitchen to do, though.  Took time out to brush Bear and Chipi.  Chipi really does not need brushing, but she wants to feel important too.  Sissy really needs it, but she hides.  Being a short haired dog, she has the thickest coat and sheds more then all the others combined.  Plan to head to the shop as soon as I finish here.  I want to get the shelves made so I can start putting things in order for the store.  Right now it's just a jumble.  Tiya will be delighted we will be down there with her.
       Only had to go get Annie 3 times last night.  Zelda took up the door position twice.  Sissy, once.  Hardest was at 3:30 am.  I got the door clear but Zelda wanted petted and Parker found a yellow colored ball and wanted to play.  Considering the only light was 2 small night lights and the 40 watt deck light, the ball was hard to find on the white blank covering the rug.  I played with him awhile.  Could not resist.  He is usually just an 'old man' in the house.  He sure was being silly.  Finally convinced him it was enough and got him on his mattress.  Had to lasso Annie.   She does not feel comfortable coming through doorways, especially when she can see one that might snap at her.  Once I got her in,  all had been outside so I figured they had all had plenty of potty opportunity so I closed the doggie door and they had to stay in.  A few growls but mostly they slept.  Sahara did start her 'conversation' with me about dawn, but it was getting time to get up anyway.    
1/2/10:  Freezing today.  No one wanted to go too far from the house so I had 5 shovel's full to poop scoop.  Usually I only have one because they all go way up on the hill.  Linda came over as did not get my email saying "too cold to walk dogs".  So we sat and brushed them for 2 hours.   Some got way more then others.  Annie was in her glory!!  Ashlee and Irene loved the fact we were on the floor at their level.  Goofy would get tired and go off and then come back.  I think he kept hoping he would get a walk.  I had broken the ice on the water this morning and within 2 hours, it was froze over again.  They can all come inside if they get thirsty.  A waste of time to do it again. 
      Have an adopter for Irene.  They are coming from Cabot.  Cabot is where Irene came from!  They were 8 miles apart.  Irene got a lot of miles on her just to turn around and go back.  Glad I had her spayed Tuesday.  I'm going to miss her.  She is a great girl, especially not even a year old.  I'm glad she was not here long enough to pick up bad habits from some of the others.   They are bringing their min pin along.   The lady that got her from the field said she did not get along with her min pin.  Anyway, we will see how it goes.  I really can't imagine Irene being aggressive towards anything.  She just has such a sweet disposition.
1/3/10: Woke up to snow and it has not stopped.  Don't know what the official amount is, but I have a good 4" and some small drifts in corners up to 8".   Worn out.  I dry them off and then they go back outside.  The snow freezes to them.  It's not like it will brush off.  All are fed and put to bed, even though it's only 5:00 pm.  I'll let them out into the small area just before I'm ready to go to sleep.  Hopefully Annie will come back in.  Doubt I will get much sleep. She is afraid to walk through doorways or past other dogs.  The dog house on the deck had snow blow into it last night so I had to dry the bedding and turn it as much as I could.  It is her refuge when she is afraid to come in.  I just worry so much about her.  She is old.  I collared Jason and took him to the back kennel.  He gets in a frenzy when the other dogs are all fence fighting and when he is confined, he takes it out on Irene.  She is so sweet and does not fight back; just yelps.  (sounds weird since she wanted to eat the min pin.)  Zelda is limping worse today. She won't even put the foot on the ground.  Guess it's off to the vet tomorrow. 
      I worked in the store today for about 4 hours.  Loren made some more shelves the other day and I have things pretty well organized.  Plenty of empty space now for more donations.  Tiya is not real fond of the maze even though there is 4' between each table and shelf.  I left her 2 cubby holes with blankets besides the crate so she has choices.  She really hated to see me leave.  If she would just get along with at least one other dog.  Just afraid to try her with anyone after all the other attempts.  Hope I'm not out of miracles because I sure need one to find her a home. 
     Thought a lot about Ashlee.  I keep thinking of things I forgot to tell them, like not to walk to close to her or you'll step on her feet.  Not to tell her to 'sit' because it is hard for her.  Take it easy on the stairs.  I didn't realize their house had an upstairs.  She may be handling them, but it's not good for her knees.  I hate to be a pain, but I worry.  I was way more attached to her then I had realized.  

1/4/10 @ 1:43 a.m.:  Had to get up and check the email.  Had not heard on Ashlee before going to bed.  An email is here now and maybe I can go back to sleep.  Darn, I miss her.  I'll feel better when I know all have settled in.  It sounds like all is going well.  I just know she is confused but is getting a lot of attention.  Just realized I had not said on Saturdays post that They adopted Ashlee and not Irene.  Maybe I was just in denial.  Back to bed before the rest notice I'm missing and Sahara decides to get vocal about my absence from where she wants me. 
      Zelda has a vet app. at 2:00.  She has been limping and holding the back foot up since Thursday.  With the holiday, had to wait.  Checked the foot.  Nothing apparent, but if it were just a stone bruise, it would be getting better by now, not worse.     My video attempt.  Loren edited it.  He just couldn't take the wiggle out!!  Shaking comes with old age and trying to walk in snow in tennis shoes.

1/5/10:  One of those days when I just should have stayed in bed, covered up my head and let the world go on without me.  After 8 weeks of keeping Ashlee pretty much confined, now I have 6 weeks of 'Zelda control' ahead of me.  She pulled the tendons in her knee.  If she is not careful, it could pull worse requiring surgery.  We had that with Sahara about 2 years ago.  It was not fun and not cheap.  Since Zelda loves to patrol and is the first one to run up the hill, it is more then just difficult.  I have to keep all the dogs confined or separate Zelda, close the gate and then watch for when they want back in.  If it were summer and not freezing and not snow on the ground and Annie was not here, it would be considerably less stressful.  Right now, being morning number 1, it is taking it's toll on both me and all the dogs.  Dogs like consistency and this is anything but consistent with the way things normally are.   I love Annie but having her here is not easy.  The other dogs intimidate her.  They are not mean to her, she is just unsure.  Always has been.  I have to put the leash on her to get her through the doorway.  Then I have to sit on the floor with her to get her to eat.  This morning she ran out after I set her food on the floor and Sahara ate her pain pill.  I got the bowl up before she ate everything, but took several minutes to get Annie back in.  Then having to keep the gate closed to be sure Zelda did not go running up the hill, they all had to potty right by the back deck.  I normally only have one shovel full to poop scoop because all but Sweetness run up on the hill to go.  Being restricted, I had 10 dogs to poop scoop.  Trying to get through the gate with each shovel full and keep Zelda from getting out or Jason getting in, was very nerve wracking.  I've got to come up with a plan or the next 6 weeks are going to be my undoing.  Ashlee was easy.  Zelda will not be.  This also means Bear and Chipi will not get in with us.  I can't let Zelda over on his side because it's an acre.  I can't close Zelda in a kennel because she would just not understand.  She has not been in a kennel since I rescued her 4 years ago.  She would think she did something wrong.  It's too cold to take Bear and Chipi out to give them attention and the shop is out because that is where Tiya is.  The choir has begun.  Got to get it on tape one of these days.  It only lasts 15 to 20 seconds and I never know when it's going to happen.  
1/6/10:  If we were in Antarctica, it would be a heat wave, but we're not.  Seventeen degrees anywhere is cold!  Still dark but Sahara was determined I get up.  I let all of them into the upper yard except Zelda.  She is very confused.  Anyway, I have them all corralled back in the house right now.  Don't want to go chasing Annie to come in and eat when I'm ready to feed.  Charlie is not doing well.  Hasn't been for a long time.  He's the cockapoo that Loren's had for about 13 years.  He's coughing again.  It's usually less in the winter but has really gotten bad the past few weeks.  And he has trouble walking.  His legs just go out from under him even on the rugs.  And he has so many warts and abscesses that he stinks all the time.  Have him bathed and within 2 days he smells terrible again.  Poor guy.  Can't see more then a few inches in front of him.  Can't hear at all.  Even his sense of smell has dwindled.  I have to put a strong smelling treat right in front of his nose to get him to follow me to find the door.  He kept finding his way outside last night but couldn't find his way back in.  He's fallen off the deck several times since the snow.  At least it's a soft landing and only about a foot drop.  But then he doesn't know where he is.  Since this went on a number of times by midnight, I finally just closed him in the other bed room and turned on lights so he could find his water.  This is going to be a very long winter. 
1/07/10: Minus 17 with the wind chill.  Susan is coming down to rescue the cat as I can't let it in.  I've got everybody locked in.  Annie gets nervous and leaves and goes up on the hill so I don't have a choice other then closing her in a bedroom and that would really upset her.  Keeping Zelda from going up the hill has been near impossible.  I've poop scooped more poop in the past 3 days then in the past year.  I knew I appreciated the land and the Pyrenees trait of going as far from the house as possible.  Annie, however is use to going on leash on her walks.  So guess who was up with flash light in hand at 1:00 a.m.!  We walked about the length of 4 football fields before she finally went.  I think because she has had less access to the big yard, she has not been going, thus not eating.  She will take her pill in the hot dog and leave the rest.  Three days it's been this way.  I have even been hand feeding her to no avail.  Obviously her tummy is off balance.  Anyway, when we got back, she could not settle down.  She kept pacing.  I got everybody situated to where she did not feel threatened, but she still would not lay down.  I ended up laying on the floor for about an hour hoping she would lay with me.  She got a lot of petting but just stood there.  I finally gave up, having locked everyone in and moved Sahara and Zelda into my bedroom, and went back to bed.  Annie had the kitchen to share only with Parker.  I got up every 10 minutes to see if she laid down.  I just kept thinking "don't you die on me".  She was just acting so strange.... well, more strange then usual.  It was after 3 before I finally saw she was laying down so I could go back to sleep. 
      Everyone is napping right now.  You'd think they had been doing all the days chores.  I boiled up 6 pounds of chicken, 3 cups (=6) rice and added 4 cans green beans and 3 cups oatmeal.  That will last a few weeks as their kibble 'topping' and pill disguise.  Now I'm simmering spaghetti sauce for our lunch.  Yesterday I made oatmeal coconut cookies for me and added raisins to Loren's half.  Something about freezing weather puts me in the mood to be in the kitchen.  Putting stew fixings in the crock pot later for tomorrow.  No one wants to go out in this cold, not even the dogs.   
1/08/10: 3:30 a.m.  I've been back from walking Annie for about half an hour.  They have all settled down again.  The walk was not 'successful' only in making me freeze.  Minus 2 degrees with the wind at about 5mph. with gusts of a lot more.  This is so Keeton all over again.  Emotionally it is harder then physically.  I know what the poor girl is going through.  Her life gets all disrupted and so does her routine.  Well, I just heard the doggie door.  Better go check on who went out and did not come back in.  I'm sure it's either Charlie or Annie and neither will come back in on their own.  Annie frightened and Charlie lost not being able to find his way.  Then back to bed. 
    9:30 a.m. It is colder then it was at 3:00.  The ice in the big chest was frozen 6" thick.  It is setting in the kitchen thawing so I can clean and fill it.  Annie just will not stay in so I've for the gate closed.  At least this way she won't go up on the hill.  She has to stay close.  Everybody's in so have to keep close tabs on Jason.  He is great until he gets bored and decided to chew on stuff that is not appropriate.  He tore up another mattress bed yesterday.  I don't know what they did with his red Kong bone.  You'd think it would be easy to spot in the snow.  I've chased down Annie enough that I've pretty much covered the property and no sightings. 
     I posted a video clip of Jason.  It was concise, short and did not need edited.  I'll spend time working on learning the editing process today, barring any interruptions.  I may stick Zelda somewhere and  switch sides for the dogs.  That way I don't have to monitor Jason.  I just put Bear's mattresses up on the crate and so far he has not pulled them down.
    6 pm:  Aside from Jason eating another mattress and thinking Annie had die on me, the day went reasonably well.  I gave up on the video editing after about 3 minutes.  Don't need added frustration.  Why can't programmers use common sense?  If it shows scissors, you should be able to click on them cut the sequence and then click them again and cut again and then smush it together with the piece you cut, gone.  Doesn't work that way.   It only lets me cut the beginning and the end.  I want the beginning and the end.  I don't want the middle.  Geeze! Anyway, back to the dogs.  Bear, Chipi, Sis and Sweetness were on this side most of the day.  Picked up Bears mattresses (one a day is enough) and the rest went over on his side.  Zelda is being careful so I let her be.  She is very smart and I think she realizes what is going on and to be careful.  Switched them back after a late lunch.  Jason had to blow it around 3:30 so I just fed early and put him in his kennel.  I let everyone all the way out after they ate.  Left the doggie door open so some opted to stay in.  Just before dark I realized Annie was missing.  She was way up on the hill under a tree.  The only place that does not have snow.  I called and called and no response.  It is 480 feet from the house to the top of the hill.  That is a long way (1) going up hill and (2) in the freezing snow.  Anyway, she did not respond to all my calling as I walked.  All I could think was "don't die on me" over and over.  Finally when I was about 6 feet from her, she moved.  I leashed her (so she would not double back) and we went slipping and sliding back down.  It's not steep but with snow turned ice from freezing and all the dog travel, it is careful stepping.  I could ice skate on the deck.  So now they are all locked in for the night...these anyway.  Bear is letting the world know he is on patrol.  I wish he would just be quiet one night when it is not torrential rain.  That is the only thing keeping him from out on patrol.  However often times he will bark from his room which is right next to my bed.  Not sure which is worse: several loud barks every half hour or so, or one continuous monologue from sun down to sun up 200 feet away.  Glad I don't have close neighbors.
      One final antidote.  When Parker came in just before dark, he had icicles hanging from his jowls.  His drool had froze! Now THAT is cold!

1/09/10: It is suppose to warm up into the 30's and 40's in the next few days.  That will make my life so much easier.  Breaking ice off the water and lugging those things inside to fill is taking it's toll on my body.  Keeping the gate closed so I don't have to go track down Annie in the middle of the night creates shovels full of poop to scoop and traipsing through the snow to dump it next morning.   With any luck I'll hang onto my sanity (what's left, anyway) until Annie goes home, Jason gets adopted and Spring arrives. 
     Trying to catch up some of my dog's pages.  I take so many pix, but I only edit and size what I plan to use that day and the rest get dumped into a 'temp' folder which has been overflowing for several years.  It is time to make some more progress.  In a way life was simpler before digital.  We made each shot count.  A roll of 24 exposures would last through a special occasion or through several weeks.  Now I go out and shoot 50, 60, 100 pix in a few minutes, spend a half hour dumping what is useless and then sticking the rest in that very over used folder.  I need to re-think my method.  I need to determine what is really worth saving rather then what is not junk.  I'm already doing the same with the video.  There are seconds of good here and there in a 2 minute run.  It's making me anxious because I can't figure out how to edit out the junk.  I suppose someday (soon, I hope) I'll get the hang of the camera and most of the sequences won't seem worth editing.  But I do need to learn.  My daughter can do it, so I certainly should be able to.  She is deaf and self teaches herself on almost everything.  Who ever coined the phrase "deaf and dumb" sure didn't know deaf people.  What they lack in hearing, they make up for in all the other senses, including intelligence.
     Anyway, since I forgot it was Bears 5th birthday on the first, I went out and took pix, in the snow, chasing him.  He thought it was a great game!  Most of the pix were of his butt.  I did get several good ones.  Some of Chipi and Sweetness, too.  Sissy was off on her own.  The rest are over on Bears side.  Irene is sure a people dog.  She wants to be with me all the time so is not real happy being a glass door away.  Jason promptly hauled the blankets out into the snow.  He is just a puppy.  I'm just to old for puppies, in the winter time, anyway. 
   Loren's down in the shop giving Tiya attention.  Then in about an hour we'll do a town run, put up flyers for AC and my own and have Arby's for lunch. 

1/10/10:  I'm sick to my stomach worried about Annie.  She slept in the computer room most of the night and got a bit too warm.  She went into the kitchen and finished out the night, but this morning her wheezing and coughing were way accelerated over how she had been.  She sounded the same as Charlie with his bad heart, only way worse.  By noon I decided I had to take her in to the vet.  I have no way of reaching Sue.  I don't even know what state she is in or if they flew or drove.  Nothing.  Anyway, Annie's temp was 106+.  Wendy put her on fluids and antibiotics.  She will spend the night and hopefully someone at Sues work will know how to reach her tomorrow.  It may end up being a mute point.  Annie may not make it.  I don't want her to die alone in a strange place, but I just felt she had a better chance staying there so she could get fluids.  She has not eaten anything since Thursday dinner.  She never was much of an eater, but over 60 hours with nothing is way too long.  The past few days I have had to retriever her from up on the hill under the tree.  It was just too cold and she'd wander up there and then I'd have to go bring her back and close everyone in so she couldn't leave again.  Maybe it all would have been easier for her had she just .....  This is not a good day.
       I am also agonizing over turning a potential adopter down for one of the dogs.  I have a hard time adopting to anyone who won't let a dog have indoor privileges.  If the dog prefers outside and other dogs over people, then I'm flexible, but a dog that loves being inside and hangs out right next to me would not be happy being sent out to stay.  It would think it did something wrong and was being banished.  OK, maybe I'm overly concerned that a dog outside is not going to have near the amount of human contact as a dog that can come in, but it sure seems logical to me.  I'm not going to sit outside in freezing weather or sweltering summer heat for several hours a day so the dog feels loved. ( I just walk old ones in a blizzard at midnight because they want to go potty and don't like the back yard). They live inside and are truly a part of the family.   That's why we that rescue call them "fur kids".
      End of day:  A roller coaster ride.  Wendy called that Annie was much worse.  Was she suffering? Yes.  OK, we will let her go but I don't want her to be alone so we headed to the vet.  She perked up when I walked into the kennel.  Wendy was surprised.  Still some labored breathing but less then 10 minutes earlier when we headed that way.  Will she last the night?  50/50.  We brought her home.  I will sleep on the floor with her if need be.  I've already put a blanket on the sofa and her favorite mattress beside it.  So what does she do?  She goes out and potties, comes in (with coaxing, of course) and lays down on the pile of blankets in the kitchen.  She is content.  Her breathing has slowed to almost normal.  She is not coughing.  Of course, the medication is kicking in.  It will be a long night, but she will not be alone.  Even if she doesn't make it, I made the right decision.

1/11/10:  Annie is among the living and actually doing pretty good compared to yesterday.  High doses of meds are making her comfortable and relieving most of the symptoms.  Hopefully I can reach her mom today and know what she is willing to have done.  With Annie's age, it's a tough call if one wants to spend hundreds on x-rays and diagnostics.  I'm only willing to make those decisions that make Annie comfortable.  

1/13/10:  Annie ate the chicken and rice mix really well for 2 days but did not eat this morning.  That lasix is making her drink a lot, which makes her pee a lot, which she is sleeping right through, which is making me wash an extra 2 loads of blankets a day.  I did find the old 'quality made' plastic table cloth my grandma had. It's a good 35 years old because she has been gone for 27 years.  I covered the bedroom rug with it and it worked great containing the 2 huge pools.  They just don't make stuff like they use to.  Hated using it as grandma was my most special of humans, but I just could not steam clean the rug every day.  I worked too hard making it.  It is a tad warmer today so I let Annie go up on the hill.  The others are on Bears side.  Annie just didn't come when I made the switch. I hope Jason does not tear things up again.  I've mended tarps this morning.  Put them up 2 days ago to curb the fence fighting.  Put them on Bears side as knew he would not tear them up.  Never gave it a thought when I switched them yesterday.  Wasn't long before I looked out and one was pretty well torn up.  He'd had a great time having a tug of war with it.  I'm too old for puppies!!!  I'm also too old for taking care of sick dogs. I've poop scooped 6 shovels full this morning.  Maybe I missed some yesterday because that was 2 more then usual since I've kept them in the yard.  Given the choice, they always go on the hill, except Charlie (right on the deck in front of the door so I'm sure not to miss it) and Sweetness because she is a lab who doesn't want to go on the hill. 
     Wanted to get out to the 'shelter' in Flippen yesterday to see the male Pyr but the boys were not there to 'help' with the dogs.  Won't be there today either.  Guess it will just have to wait.  They are wanting me help them post on petfinder so do want to get pictures and get them listed.  They've not had adoptions in a long time because they just don't get the word out.  Had an email on Tiya, but then they vanished.  Darn.  Problem is there are so many sites gleaning all the listings off Petfinder, that when a dogs personality changes and I make the change on the listing, it does not carry over to the other sites that took it in the beginning.  I suspect the wording was from the very beginning before she decided she wanted to be an only dog and the others had better move out.  I also got an email asking if I knew of a breeder for Bernewfies.  I'm assuming it's the latest 'designer dog;  Bernice Mountain Dog and Newfoundland mix.  Anyway, I make it a rule never to post on a site the lists breeders.  OK, I know there are reputable ones, but none that are going to do these "designer dogs" for the betterment of the breed.  I know, they all came from wolves, it was selective breeding that developed the dog breeds we recognize today and there is no such thing as a purebred anything, but that's a discussion for another time.
    Sun is out bright and looks like it will warm up a little more today.  Going to hook the hose up to the hot water and melt off the deck before I slip and break something.  The front gets sun to melt but not the back.  I won't use ice melt products because afraid the dogs would get it on their paws and then lick it off.  We do things the hard way around here because it's safer.   
    11:52 pm:  Haven't been to sleep yet.  Annie decided to sleep in the kitchen on the rug that does not have plastic covering it.  I watched a movie and then woke her up for a walk.  Easier then steam cleaning, but then with my luck, I may end up doing both.  Anyway, she really had to go.  When we got back to the house and she loaded up with water!  She lapped it up for a good 3 minutes.  So much for a plan.  It was the most beautiful sky.  So reminiscent of my walks with Keeton that I got tears.  The walk also woke the dogs up and they ruined the quiet of the moment with barks of intruder alert. 
      It just turned midnight and the choir erupted in howls.  Glad I decided to take a moment to write here, because if I had went to bed and dozed off, I'd never get to sleep.  Got to get the choir on audio.  There is just no way to describe or imagine what I hear.  It is not pretty! 

1/14/10:  Annie just goes up and down.  No breakfast again and barely any dinner.  Not even attempting the kibble as she chokes.  Just chicken and rice mix with the pills mashed up and mixed in.  They are to be taken with food and if I force them down her first, she may not eat.  Mixing and getting a bit is better then either nothing or on an empty stomach.  She even got a walk today as Nancy came over.  Annie's limping again but it is because she is not getting the pain pills in her either.  I'm at a loss.  She is almost non-responsive this evening.  I just don't know if she will last the night.  There is just that look.  Don't know how to describe it, but I'm sure others have seen it in their dogs at the end.  It is the same look I saw in Georgia's eyes before she died in my arms.  This is just too hard.  Even though she is not my dog, she was once and that makes her part of my heart forever.  Guess I'll go take a bath, call it a day even though it's only 5:30.  I'm sure I'll be up most of the night so maybe I can take a nap before Loren is ready to go to sleep.  Then I'll take over. 

1/15/10:  I realized last night that Annie is grieving to death.  Dogs don't understand when their people leave.  They don't know if they will be back or not.   Think about it.  You see stories of a person who dies and the dog stays with the body even to the point of starvation.  Or the dog was dumped and every time a red pick-up or a white car or what ever looks familiar, the dog will run down the road to catch it.  And think about people. Especially a couple who has been married 50, 60 years.  When one dies, the other usually follows within a year... unless the family is strong and the remaining person/parent feels wanted and needed.   Dogs grieve.  I believe they grieve a loss much more then most humans.  They certainly forgive us more then a human does.  I rarely adopt to a person who answers "boarded" on the application question: "Where will the dog stay when you go on vacation?"   They are taking a vacation while their best friend is sent off to a scary unfamiliar little cage with strangers.  More later.  Time to check on Annie and start fixing dog breakfasts.
 Evening:    Some days the emotional rollercoaster is just too much.  I can handle old and sick dogs, dogs with 'issues' and I even survive puppies.  I wish they would all 'go' on the hill so I wouldn't have to slosh in the mud poop scooping.  I wish they wouldn't fence fight even though they are friends when together.  A game that wears me out.  I wish Bear would not bark all night but if he didn't I would probably worry that something was wrong with him.  I wish the dogs would learn to wipe their feet before coming in.  I wish Charlie would not 'fluff' my slippers way under the bed.  I wish Sissy would not chew her dew claw.  I wish Sweetness would not fart the minute she gets on the bed and lays with her butt in my face.  I wish I didn't have 4 loads of laundry a day.  A lot of wishes, but I survive them all because they are my dogs.  They are my life.  I forgive them the little inconveniences.  I would become too complacent if they were perfect.   
      But it is people that give me grief.  People I have a hard time forgiving.  People who do not put themselves in others shoes.  People who use others, apologizing with hollow words.  Words empty of action and full of excuses. 
     So now it is time to try to relax in a hot bath and have a good cry.  Annie is asleep a few feet from me.  She will be waking up soon.  She still has not eaten.  I've coaxed her all day.  I even made up fresh cooked chicken hoping to entice her with it fresh from the pot.   She is drinking water.  Tomorrow I will call the vet in the morning and see if there is a nutrient I can add to water so she will get some nutrition.  I have lots of dehydrated holistic dog foods I can make soupy, but she won't drink them.   She is limping badly because the pain meds have to be with food.  She hasn't peed on the rugs because she's not getting the lasix into her.  I'd rather be cleaning up then watch her struggle to breath.  For updates on Annie, please email.

1/16/10:  I'm on the laptop in the shop with Tiya.  Someone down the road is having a 'mom & me' open house so figured I'd take advantage of their ad.  A waste of time, but it gives Tiya some much needed attention.  She really wants out to explore and run.  Maybe I'll try to close Bear and Chipi in their room later and close the others in the house and let her have the property for awhile.  She is so fast at getting through the inner fences that they will all need put up.  Wish I was up to seeing if her and Bear would get along.  I think he'd be willing if she didn't try to cross him.  The weekend is not a good time to experiment.  Need to be sure the vet is open if I do it. 
     The weather is great, finally.  I need the sunshine, but it only peeks out occasionally.  I tried Similac with Annie.  She had not eaten any significant amount in about 10 days.  The vet said it was ok.  It didn't work.  I gave her 20cc's, 2cc's at a time.  She threw it up within a few minutes.  This is so unfair to her. 
    Afternoon:  Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We chose to make it easy for her.  It is a decision we struggled with for over a week.  I just could not let her starve herself to death.  The end result was inevitable, but I do feel grief hastened it.  Just my opinion.

1/17/10:  I keep counting heads and coming up short.  I know I only have 12 but I keep looking for that 8th white head.  Sometimes I'm even looking for a 9th, Ashlee.  It's been a very tough month.  Next year I'll try to hibernate like the bears and skip everything from Dec. 10 to Jan 31.  Of course the dogs will need to hibernate too.  
     I slept hard for 4 straight hours.  If they barked or the choir serenaded the night, I didn't hear it. Between exhaustion and keeping the 'easy listening' channel on TV, it worked.  Of course I've been awake since 4 a.m. and ready for a nap, but still need to do several more laundry loads of dog blankets and mop the floors.  Living room and kitchen are a muddy mess.  Loren will dust.  I already vacuumed.  Bear, Chipi, Sweetness and Sissy are asleep throughout the house.  I'll just mop around them like usual.  The rest are on Bears side.   I did pick up the mattresses before I let them over.  Jason does think it is just for his jaw exercises.  Two days ago he again removed a tarp I had put up on the fence to cut down the fence fighting.  Remove the fence and no fighting...  except Bear, so the fence stays up. Not sure what they are doing, but it's too quiet.  Well, I spoke too soon.  The choir just geared up.  Everyone is howling or barking or whining or squeaking.  All the instruments and all the vocal ranges are included.  They must have heard a siren or something.  Too far off or high pitched for my ears.  Rest time is over.  Back to cleaning.  
Evening:  I didn't get the mopping done, but some of the dogs got walked and Tiya got some attention.  I have got to figure out who I can put her with.  She is so lonesome and she wants to play with them but she has burned her bridges.  I'm tempted to try one of the dogs at AC and if she gets along, adopt it for her.  Last time I did that was about 4 years ago for a hound that could not get along with any others.  Got Sweetness for him.  They did great.  He moved on and she stayed.  It is risky!!!  Chipi is in with all the others right now.  Has been for several hours.  If there is a fence between them it's all out war but not so much as a growl together.  I may leave her in with me all night.  See how it goes.  If I had muzzles, I'd put Bear and Tiya together.  It would be so great if they could be friends.  I'm dreaming.

1/18/10:  Another long 4 hour sleep.  Boy, 2 in a row!  Dentist this morning.  Had x-rays back in Oct. when they were cleaned, but this tooth is so sensitive.  Maybe they need to take a closer look.  At least they are still all mine! 
     Looks like I may be fostering the Beagle from AC for a rescue in ME.  They will take him but want a HW test.  Once I know they will commit irregardless of the result, then I'll hold him here for a month.  Looks like I'll probably be paying for the HW test unless the rescue will.  I have mixed feelings on stuff like this.  Yes, I want to know so I can take proper care of a dog, but I've not made it a condition of rescue.  But that's just me.  He's a cute fella.  I'm still in debate on what I believe to be a Bearded Collie mix.  I'm just not familiar with the breed so could be totally wrong.  Anyway, she is out at that 'rescue' that needs a rescue.  She tried so hard to impress me and she did a good job. She'd run up the fence and do a back flip!  I don't want to see that spirit dampened by being in that 10 x 10 24/7.   My big concern is another freeze, but she has no real shelter where she is so certainly better off here even if my 'emergency' space is not perfect for winter.  Biggest problem is time.  Having 2 friends help walk dogs 3 days a week is wonderful, but just not enough.  I need to post a 'volunteer needed' poster up at the stores and at the Sr. center.  I could take more, but I can't stand it if they don't get enough attention.  Breaks my heart as they all just want to be with people. 
    Can't get Annie off my mind.  Always second guessing myself.  Always full of "what if's.   It is the final decision one makes for a dog and can't be undone, but it still hangs on to me... forever.  Geeze, I still grieve over the cocker I lost to rattler bite when I was 10 years old.  Back then you just didn't drive 'off the mountain' 150 miles to the nearest vet.  I suppose the local doctor took care of animals too, but I was just 10 and grandpa had to do what he had to do.  I know it was probably even harder for him then for me. 
    In 1966 we had to put a healthy Springer down.  I was babysitting a friends toddler.  I had 2 toddlers of my own.  I turned my back a moment and the dog mauled the arm of the 18 month old.  A nip or bite would have been one thing, but the dog went beyond.  The boy recovered with just a few stitches and no lasting scars, emotional of physical, but it was once I gave no second thoughts to what had to be.  Sad, most definitely.  Plagued with "what if's; no.  But all the rest, be it hit by a car, cancer, shot by a neighbor, old age, poisoned, lost and not found.  Always wondering "What if".  Always feeling such loss and so much anger at myself.  What if.....

1/19/10:  Stress level is down, finally, this evening.  Nancy came over and we walked the dogs this morning.  Zelda was not satisfied with one walk and when we took the second bunch out the door, she barged past and took off.  Goofy almost got out, but Nancy got a hold of him.  It is a wonder she didn't go sailing down the road.  She is not a very big lady and in her late 70's.  Hanging on to 3 dogs, total weight 300 pounds, not counting pull strength, she could have been lifted right off her feet and dragged down the road.  Took awhile for Zelda to get the adventure out of her system.  I was a basket case.  Luckily only a few cars were on the road today.  She was darting in and out of the forest for 20 minutes. 
   Miracle of miracles.  When we were done walking the dogs, we went to the shop to visit Tiya.  I usually walk her in the afternoon as she has to be walked alone.  Well, we walked in the door and she went right to Nancy.  Now this is a dog terrified of strangers.  Even strangers who she has seen several times.  For some reason she took to Nancy.  Not only did she go to her, she practically ignored me!  It was quite amazing.  When Nancy would stop petting, she would nuzzle into her tummy begging for more petting.  Too bad Nancy has Mitsy the miniature Doxie.  Tiya would love to go home with Nancy, but Mitsy would not fare well.  Sure don't understand what happened, but I'm in awe.
    Went to a dog food seminar for an hour this afternoon.  I was afraid they were going to tout brands, but they didn't.  Lectured pretty much same as I tell everyone: read the ingredient label, stay away from wheat, corn, soy, gluten and all by-products.  I did learn a few things (No form of potato)  and better understanding of protein and fat numbers.  They gave away lottery tickets for correct answers to various questions.  I was the first to get one.  I had to come home and read on the internet what to do with it.  I didn't win anything.  We did all get as 25% off coupon for a bag of dog food.  Any brand.  I may try some of an expensive brand that is grain free.  With the coupon, it would be reasonable.  Probably mix it in with either Parker or Zelda's food.  They have trouble gaining weight. 
     Jason and Irene were sure happy to get in this evening.  It was past feeding time when we got home, so they only got in for an hour.  Too hard to put them out in the garage kennel in the dark.  I felt really bad.  They are both so good in the house and Jason is not getting into any trouble lately.  I just can't trust to let him stay in when I'm not watching.  Irene could stay in as I trust her completely, but if I change the routine, I'm sure Jason will digress. 
  A little paranoia upon returning.  I found a bag of dog food and a collar on the porch.  A brief note from Carol, mom to Spirit aka Shadow.  Just said check my phone messages.  First thing that came to mind "Shadow got killed".  Thank God, she is fine.  Just got a new collar and returning the one I gave her as got too small.  The food was Diamond that I feed and she buys different.  It was some given to her when her house burned down back in the fall.  Anyway, quite a relief because I was in a terrible state before I listened to the messages. 
    Dog time tomorrow.  They didn't get adequate attention today.  30% chance of rain may mess up my rotation process, but will just have to see.     

1/20/10:  Ivermectin day.  I forgot this morning, so need to stick it on the counter so I don't forget tonight.  Cleaning day, too.  I never finished a few days ago or was it last week?   Not that it matters as it is always 'start from scratch' every day no matter how many in between.  Don't expect to get it all done.  Just too pretty of a day to be inside.  Need to be out entertaining the dogs.  Irene and Jason are entertaining themselves.  Switched everybody this morning.  Bear and Chipi are the only ones under foot while I clean.  I picked everything up on the other side, but didn't get one crate blanket high enough.  Jason and Irene are laying down at opposite ends of the blanket having a tug of war..... Loren just accidentally let Charlie out and Bear attacked him... My hand hurts from pulling Bear off.  He is so strong.  Poor Charlie.....  Anyway, crisis over.   Back to Jason and Irene.  They were having so much fun, I didn't have the heart to take it away.  It's not like it's something they can't have, just something they should lay on, not play with.  I'm not up to explaining that to them right now. 
     Two dogs at AC are going to die this afternoon and I have done all I can.  Cathy has likewise worked really hard to find them a rescue.  We can't save them all, but even losing one or two, still hurts.  Just not a good time to take in any, especially not some that may not move on quickly.  Hardest part is not being able to predict.  I thought Jason and I thought Irene would both have numerous applications within days.  If this had been 2 years ago before the economy went completely south, I would have.  Well, actually I have had applications, but nothing suitable for the particular dog.  Being picky is a real draw back but I do not handle less then ideal for these guys.  And I do not handle it well when I make a mistake about them.  Too emotional.  Back to cleaning.

1/21/10:  12:40 a.m.  It's going to be a long night.  Parker is terrified of the lightening.  Not hearing too much thunder, but the sky was really flashing and it's raining pretty good.  This 'adventure' started about an hour ago.  Parker began pacing so I got up with him.  I put his mattress right beside my bed.  He laid down and then up and down.  Next thing I knew he was on the bed standing on my boob!  Ladies, think mammogram X 10. It's already starting to turn a little blue.  Anyway, he proceeded to step over me and then back again.  He laid down several times forcing me to push Sweetness over a bit.  Then he'd change sides and I'd have to move back the other way.  After about 20 minutes and soaked pillows (he drools like a Saint), he jumped down.  I heard the doggie door one way but not the other.  After a few minutes, I got up, thinking he had run off in the night in fear.  The gate to the upper property was open, so I'm out there in the pouring rain, flash light in hand looking and calling him.  Panic is setting in and then he the kitchen...completely dry.  I think he was hiding in the bathroom which never occurred to me to look before getting soaked.  Anyway, I have moved the mattresses into the bedroom as Zelda and Sahara are upset about the storm also.  Everyone wants mommy to comfort them.  The thunder subsided as did the lightening, but not the rain.  They have all settled down.  I'll be going back to bed as soon as the Advil takes effect and the headache goes away and the boob ache lessens.  I think I'm going to keep Parker.  After all we really bonded tonight :-) 
    3 p.m. : Went to Springfield to pick up some stuff we can't get here and had lunch.  Just got back.  Jason and Irene were overjoyed to get in the house.  Something was splattered and dried in a large area on the kitchen floor.  Could have been one of them shaking off mud earlier, but it really didn't look like that.  I'm going to pretend it was!  My boob still hurts.  It has a nasty claw gouge along with a paw size imprint.  But I love him anyway.  I just hope he does not make a habit of getting on the bed.  Three hundred pounds of dogs will just be more then I can handle and get any rest at all. 
     I wish Loren would let Charlie "go".  I won't suggest it as he is the last thing left of his first wife.  He is deaf, almost completely blind and so full of warts and sores that within hours of a bath, he stinks again.  Literally a whole room will become unbearable with him in it.  I'm up and down with him all night too.  He can't find the door to go out and potty so I am either up leading him out and leading him back in 3 or 4 times a night or cleaning up after him.  I keep a row of night lights and the deck light on so he can head for the light, but he still gets confused.  I missed hearing him once last night and he was lost outside the door, soaking wet.  I feel so bad but I just can't be awake 24/7 to take care of him.  I did close the doggie door after my Parker incident, but within a few minutes of going back to bed,  Goofy needed out and he let me know with the strangest noise.  I didn't even recognize it was coming from a dog!  Anyway, he sure took off on the run.  It must have been urgent.  Well, Irene is insisting on attention and Jason is asleep.  They are so good inside, but not ready to trust Jason at night.

1/22/10:  Got an email last night that really upset me.  One of the AC dogs did have a rescue follow through, however 3 additional dogs are 'missing' from the list. I was not called as promised.  One, the puppy, may have been adopted.  I hope so!!!  These 3 were just there 2 days past their hold time, which means they were only available for adoption for 2 days.  I barely got the flyer up and they were not considered 'urgent' when I put them up.  I had been told Wednesday that the one of the original 2 would not be put down since they wouldn't call the vet out for one dog. (other being rescued).  So what;  they go add to the list so they don't have to keep that dog??  This is out of control.  Cathy and I are livid.  I'll be trying to find out what the hell is going on.  I'm just glad it's Friday today and not Saturday as I'd not learn anything over the weekend.  I don't know who is top official on these matters, but as many times as I have told Cindy to call me first, she did not, and has not.  Cathy has worked so hard and been so successful in getting them all placed.  This is a total slap in the face to a very dedicated volunteer.   I know we can't save them all, but we should be allowed the opportunity to try for those we can.  Look at those faces on the home page!  Even if you're not a hound fan, they were certainly beautiful, adoptable dogs.
     I had such a restless sleep over this.  The dogs were even quiet until a few minutes ago.  There is another Pyr in Fayetteville AC.  Don't know if it is in danger.  Sometimes there is no compromise in me.  If I do not follow my heart, I can't live with myself.  I'm in a catch 22 situation.  Is losing who I am worth it?  It's now 5 am.  They noticed I was missing and are slowly wandering in to check on me.  Going back to bed and snuggle with Sissy and Sweetness while hanging over the edge to pet Sahara who is carefully avoiding stepping on Charlie.  It's the morning ritual and my fur kids do need consistency.
   10:30 am:  Well, I have done some real bitching over those AC dogs.  I chewed out both Cindy and the jerk who is her boss who doesn't know jack who's a 'good ol' boy' whose wife also works for the county and  is an ass.   Together with Cathy, we will organize a protest and take it to the county judge.  This is just so wrong!!  I printed up new flyers and am headed out to post them as soon as I get a hold of the judge.  Don't want to burn a bridge until I have to.  Also my vet is still on the board of directors. 
    7 pm: busy day.  Monday will get busier.  Unable to make all the contacts I need to make, but did get important people on board.   I calmed down, not that I'm any less mad, just in control.   Monday will be really busy as I will go to the county offices for research.  I plan to do this right.  All the facts organized, everything in writing and all possible questions thought out and ready to answer.  Anyway it gets even more interesting.  Cathy pulled a Beagle going into rescue, left it at the vet for HW test, called for results and the dog is gone!! AC picked it up.  She had already paid the vet to board it for the night.  A foster home was ready for tomorrow.  Transport was being arranged and there had been a slim possibility of it heading north to rescue Monday.  Slim, but still possible.  But no dog.  They supposedly euthanize to make room and then take a dog back that isn't even theirs anymore?  DUH!   This whole thing has become so bizarre.

1/23/10:  midnight:  Well, I'm pissed again.  We don't take the newspaper and haven't for a year.  In my efforts to get something done about the AC situation, I was told about an article in the paper from some months ago.  Well, I did a search and found it. Someone else got credit for grooming, posting, finding a home and transporting Tanner!  I don't care about getting credit for what I do, but I do care when someone else gets it that had nothing to do with it.   I don't think it was the 'namees' fault.  Reporters are notorious for screwing things up.  I am pretty sure where the blame lies.  Such an appropriate word.. lies.  And I don't look anything like the namee.  Hopefully I'll get some sleep now that I've aired my frustration.  Can morning be any more unsettling then yesterday and today?    4:30 pm  Just found out that Cindy (AC) wrote "ADOPTED" on the flyer I put up last week on the 2 dogs that were euthanized.  The third dog never even got posted.  Was not there long enough as came in later in the day after I had printed them up.  I had not put up the new flyers where I had put "EUTHANIZED"   Well, This is just not going to be.  I'm going to be at All Creatures at 8:00 am Monday and talk to Rob.  He is on the advisory board.  He was the instrumental person in getting it built.  I'm sure even though his office euthanized the dogs, he had no idea they had only been available for 2 days.  This just keeps snowballing.  When you start a cover-up, it just grows and grows and you end up burying yourself.  AC is digging really fast.

1/25/10:  was fine until I got up.  I do not need this sick today.  too much to do.  not dizzy, just brain does not seem to be communicating with my legs.  also nauseous. maybe just stress. Loren checked my blood sugar. it's fine. he fed. Zelda didn't eat again. wind is cold.  went by the door to call parker. he wants to be on the hill, but for now everybody is just going to have to hang out with me.  I hope I'm not getting one of those flues.  I rarely get sick.  don't really want to go back to bed, but may not have a choice. Noon:  Feeling better physically.  Emotionally shot.  Missed a call back from the judge.  Waiting on one from Rob, but it will probably be after 5.  Talked to another rescue and AC reneged on a promise.  I know I am going to get the bureaucratic run around.  No one in government entities ever admits to making a mistake or lying to cover it up.   I do have the flyer Cindy marked with all the "adopted."   Loren picked it up this morning.  I just wish I had more inside info, but it's not something anyone will get from public records.
     Jason, Irene and the rest have been in all morning.  Under Irene's eye it is swollen.  She has this habit of growling and trying to play big shot when she isn't.  She ends up on the bottom crying for help.  Not sure which altercation caused it.  So there's $$ for antibiotics for 7 days.  I used my stash on Annie so had to get some more.   It's Bear and Chipi's turn in the house now.  They are eating up the attention.  About 3 I will shuffle dogs again and bring Tiya up and she will get an hour and a half of special time.  With her it's constant petting, sitting on the floor type attention since I can't trust her with any of the others.  She just needs a home so bad.  I feel so sorry for her.  A few minutes at meal time twice a day and an hour and a half with us is just way not enough time.  She is so affectionate to people and such a sweet girl.  She is so totally appreciative of even the dab of attention she gets.  Wish I had a magic wand or 3 wishes.  I'd have her get along with the others.  At least Bear gets along with 4 others. 
  Evening:  Got the call from Rob.  Things went well.  He definitely wants me to show the judge the flyer Cindy wrote "Adopted" on the euthanized dogs.  We have the same outlook on things.  Keeping a positive image with honesty and hard work. I feel positive.  Maybe I will sleep better tonight.  Try the judge again tomorrow.

1/26/10: Went to the doctor.  Guess it was a good decision.  I'm not good with medical things, but anyway, the balance is an inner ear thing.  I'm wondering now if it could possibly have had something to do with the tooth filling I just had re-done and they had to numb me 3 times!!  It's on the same side.  The other issues have to do with both an ulcer and some other stomach thing.  The stomach issue is what has been causing the severe back aches.  I knew when I'd eat, the back pain was less so I eat for that reason.  Not because I'm hungry.  Now if I can get that under control, maybe I actually can loose some weight without the back pain that has always accompanied it. Loren's off getting the prescriptions and the OTC stuff.  The Benadryl is going to knock me out.  It always does so I rarely take it.  Guess I'll get caught up on sleep!  I feel so bad for Jason and Irene as Loren don't want to mess with them.  They won't get in the house much with me not functioning to full capacity.  No walks today.  Just feel bad for all these guys.  Darn!  I do not handle sick!

1/27/10: Now that I have a diagnosis, I did some googling.  I'm not at all encouraged by the doctors 'cure'.  Seems the past few years have proven it useless.  Guess I'll call back today and have him call me.  I'm not up to sitting in a waiting room for an hour when I can do just as well with a phone call.
    To solve the AC problem, looks like I am going to have to call a friend to get me to the judge.  Long story and I don't like to name names here when it is in a negative context,  but both Cathy and I have hit a brick wall.  Also, several more dogs are 'missing' from the list.  They could have been claimed, but it was too soon for them to be adopted and way too soon for them to be euthanized.  I just get this really bad feeling.  Once you start a cover-up, it just keeps growing.   Got an email from a great rescue person in Beebe that is also running into new problems and brick walls.  She is an amazing person, getting hundreds of dogs into rescue safety over the past 3 years.  All of a sudden the door seems to be slammed in her face.  Do AC's just want to start killing animals rather then letting us find them homes?  Know of any others?  email.  Already suspect West Plains is since the old guy retired.  The new (over a year now) person has never listed a dog on the site or petfinder.  I've gotten several great dogs from there, so makes me sick I have no way of knowing what has been picked up. 
    Too dizzy to stay up.

1/28/10:  Feeling better.  Still a little off balance but I am done with bed!  Watched almost all the movies I had recorded.  I'm movies out, too. 
     Have a great adopter for Irene.  When I was talking to her on the phone yesterday,  Irene was right by the bed.  I was telling the lady that Irene knows 'leave it' and 'sit'.  As soon as I said 'sit', even though I was not talking to Irene, she sat!  It was funny that it was so spontaneous.  They will come and bring their Saint puppy.  Hopefully all will go well between the two dogs.   Hope I will be so lucky with Tiya and Jason.  I can wait till the right people come along. 
    Doing a full scale dog shuffling today since Tiya has been neglected for the past few days.  Bear and Chipi have been in here with Sis and Sweetness since breakfast.  I'll switch at 11:00 and bring Tiya up until 1:00.  Go to lunch and then switch everybody back.   I need out of the house even though it's freezing outside. 
     Linda called last night to tell me their was an blurp in the newspaper about AC and the board was going to revise the handbook.  I know Rob, my vet, will be taking into consideration our conversation.  I suspect that is why this is coming about.  I am so thankful.  He is just such a great person and the community is very lucky to have him.  Maybe now my stomach will settle down, too. 
    I swear Bear is still growing.  He's 5 so know he isn't.  I miss seeing Sonny, his brother.  Time just goes by so fast.  Aside from Charlie at 13, Sissy is the oldest.  She will be 9 in April.  With a life expectancy of 10 to 12, she's a senior.  All the rest fall into the 5 year range except Sahara, and I just don't know on her. Probably 4.  In 5 years it will be the Geriatric Center, dogs and humans alike.  Five years from now seems like an eternity, but time passes faster the older one gets.  I'll be 65 in a few months, yet I could critique my life to read in less then an hour.  Weird.

1/29/10:  Snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  The dogs have had a great time.  I had them closed in during the night so when I let them out after breakfast they were really wired.  I wish I had gotten the camera out before I turned them loose.  Knew if I went back in and got it, they'd all congregate around me and I'd not catch the fun.  Of course the way the snow has continued to fall, the lens would have gotten crusted over in no time.  Jason and Irene really played hard.  He is going to miss her.  He is passing quickly through stages and becoming mature quickly.  Not being bossy and getting very trustworthy in the house.   He is so ready for a home too.  They were all in and out repeatedly.  Everyone likes being dried off except Goofy.  Pick up the towel and he is gone.  Don't know what the deal is.  He got really weird during the last snow a few weeks ago, or when ever it was.  He just stands on the deck and lets it encrust him like a snowman.  It's a powdery snow but it freezes to the dogs.  It's a steady sheet of white coming down.  I'm so glad I have inside space for everyone.  The big kennel with the carport cover is all snow too.  It is blowing and even under the shelter, it is solid white.  I know they are all delighted with this weather, but I'm such a worrier.  I'm afraid when they 'melt' that the moisture will penetrate the undercoat and they will get cold against their skin the next trip outside.  I've went through half the towels in the cabinet and I have a bunch.  Sure wish we had brought in firewood.  Just didn't think of it.  It's pretty well covered and frozen now.  As long as we don't have some idiot slide off the road and knock out our power, we will be fine.  Looks more like Idaho then Arkansas outside.

1/30/10: Computer crashed last night.  Loren is getting it up and running but had to change operating systems to windows 7.  The email systems are not compatible with XP and outlook express.  He is not sure if he can find all my mail files to upload into the new system.   I'm on the laptop with Vista and it is not easy for me so this will be short.  Had about a foot of snow.  I measured yesterday and it was 8" and it just keeps coming down.  Hard to get gates open and useless trying to clean.  Dogs are loving it.  Goofy does not want to come in. Irene does not want to go out.  They are all showing their silly side and acting like puppies.  
Ah!  My computer is up and running.  Now to get use to Windows 7. UGH.  I do not like change!  It will still take time to get everything set the way I like it.  The email got mostly restored although about half the recent messages are missing and half my 'application' file.  The program is so different and I can't figure out how to save attached photos all at once.  Saving one at a time is frustrating. And I hate that little spinning thing like on Vista.  I liked the hour glass.  Just one more stress ulcer.
    Bear and Chipi were in until noon.  Ran them out at lunch and the others in when we were finished eating.  Bear always look so sad, but he would terrorize the boys and Zelda.  Irene did not make a good impression on him either, and he's not one to forgive.  So things just stay as they are, daily dog shuffle.  With this 10" of snow we got yesterday and last night, there was no way to let Tiya have her turn up here.  I feel so bad.  I did have someone enquire about her, but they don't have a fence and she would be tethered when outside.  Not going to happen.  Anyway, the dogs are still loving the snow.  Sun has been out almost all day but nothing is melting.  I had to melt ice off Goofy's feet.  Don't know what it is about his coat that just collects the ice.  He has such a Komondor coat and it is trying to cord.  He is going to have to be brushed every few days as it gets longer.  What a combination: Komondor, Irish Wolfhound and Pyrenees. When it comes to personality and temperament, he is the greatest.  When it comes to maintenance, he is a challenge. 
    Irene's adopters were unable to come today because of the snow.  No hurry on this end.  She is such a jewel.  Aside from being a follower and having to learn "because they do it does not make it acceptable", she is totally easy.  I just know they are going to fall in love with her. 

1/31/10: 5:00 a.m.  Totally un-dog. There is nothing more unsettling then a computer crash.  To again be reminded that we, as a society have become so dependent on technology really sucks.   A convenience, that when broke, makes us want to bang our head against a wall and cry.   The time spent trying to recover data, contacts, photos... What happened to paper and real address books and real photos?  What happened to real mail, the kind you actually sat down and wrote with pen or pencil?  The kind of letters your family would cherish.   What happened to photographs you put in an album and set out on the coffee table, or frame and hang on the wall.  Now we save them in "folders" and share them with the world, but rarely appreciate them in our homes.  They are tucked away neatly in our computers or on disc.  A disc that holds hundreds, maybe thousands of our memories.  A disc that can become 'corrupt'.  A computer that can 'crash'. Reminders of our life gone forever, just like in a fire.  I wish I could turn back the calendar to 1955.  The years of innocence and hard work.  Hard work that made you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.  When you actually had to learn to add and subtract in your head, and anything less then a B on your report card was devastating.  I just would not want to be 10 again!  I remember living on a farm in a little company provided house.  It had no hot water, so I would boil water on the gas stove in big buckets, pour it into the bath tub and heat the next to boiling.  By the time the next one boiled, the first would have cooled down.  By the third or fourth, there was enough water to take a bath and enough warmth to be comfortable.  Baby went first, then me.  Then the process would start all over for my then husband when he came in from the field.  Then more boiling for the supper dishes.   And of course, I was boiling water all day to do laundry.  No such thing as disposable diapers.  If I ran out, it was use the hand towels until the diapers dried outside on the line or over the stove, depending on the time of year.   The washer pump didn't work either so the drain hose had to be dropped to let the water drain.  Then the rinse water went in.  The agitator did work! Well, sometimes.  The 'wringer' was on a hand crank.  Times were hard, but I survived.  They were easy compared to when my grandma grew up.   She thought we had it made.  All the 'modern' conveniences.  We even had a TV and electricity and indoor plumbing and a job. 
    Has society built a house of cards?  When you got thrown from a horse, you usually got up, brushed yourself off and got back on.  If you get thrown from a car, you are lucky to survive.  If we all worked hard, you were tired and would fall asleep and sleep through the night.   If we respected the fact we have a job, it might still be there... but somewhere complacency and apathy set in.  Easy is never fulfilling.  Easy does not build character.  Easy does not nurture longevity.  I'll be shoveling snow today, the old fashion way.  And when every muscle in my body hurts, it will just be a reminder, I spend too much time using technology.

1/31/10: Evening:  And the dogs:  Irene is off to her new home.  Wonderful people and their Saint Bernard puppy is adorable.  Irene will need to have some 'time out's' to get the idea she needs to share their people, but she will settle in.  The pup is already as big if not bigger then her, so she won't get away with intimidation for too long.  Jason is totally lost without his friend.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.  Still not ready to let him have run of the house at night.  He's fine when I keep an eye on him.  I expected an application on him, but my mail is still screwed up so just not sure if it's setting on the server somewhere or just didn't get submitted.   Loren did get my address book back.   Just wish Jason and Tiya had not waged all out war.  There will never be a truce.   Tomorrow Bear and Chipi will have our attention in the morning and Tiya most of the afternoon.
     Shoveled both the front walk and the back deck.   Also mopped after Irene left.  Way overdue and since they were all outside, figured it was a good time.  Ache all over.  Loren will most likely get the tractor out tomorrow and scrape the driveway.  Not going to melt for awhile if we don't.  Will just freeze and make for a slick ride.  Well, the evening serenade has begun.  Sun is going down and so am I.  

2/01/10:  More shoveling snow.  The areas we did yesterday were totally melted.  Wish we had done more yesterday as today was not as sunny.  Did get half the back deck done last night and more done on it today.  Had to because the gate between the 2 yards was blocked with ice and it's how I switch dogs around without conflict. 
    Took Sissy and Charlie into the vet this morning.  Both have ear problems.  Both have for some time.  Didn't know Charlie did as never shakes his head or scratches them.  He's on antibiotics for a yeast infection now.  He stinks so bad it literally makes me nauseous.  She said the yeast infection is both in his ears and in his skin!  Never heard that before.  Anyway, cleaning his ears is not easy as he has a little ear canal since he's a little dog.  Hopefully he will shake most of the gunk out as can't get in there to it.  Not sure on Sissy.  She goes in tomorrow morning to have hers flushed.  She will bite if I mess with her ears or her nails so I've not been as diligent with her as I am with the others.  Anyway, while she's under, they'll do her teeth and nails too.  I just hope they can prescribe a pill, because putting anything in her ears will require a muzzle and several very strong men to hold her down.  She's my only 'intentional' biter, thank God.  Guess getting old and cantankerous just like her mommy:-) 
    Sweetness and Jason got into it after dinner.  I am not sure who started it.  Sweetness has really been a pain and more so every day.  Wonder if dogs feel a sense of not 'fitting in' like people can.  One black lab in a family of white livestock guardians and a white cockapoo.  Of course it's been that way here for the three and a half years she's been here.  And it's not like she gets less attention from us.  She sleeps beside me on the bed, head (or butt) on my pillow (or my chest).  Anyway, before I could get outside to break it up, it ended.  I had to put Jason back in his garage kennel.  I felt really bad as it may not have been his fault.  Actually, probably not.  He has been being so good inside all day. 
     Had Tiya up in the family room with me for several hours while the others were in the house.  I tried to move them, but was not successful, so we settled for just me and her and the TV.  I watched 2 recorded movies and petted her almost the entire time.  She wanted to greet the others, but she burned those bridges a long time ago and I'm not sure who would forgive her.  I'd like to try her with Parker but she will get through the fence to the other yard and then it could be a free-for-all.  I just feel so sorry for her.  She is so loving and tries so hard but explodes.  I know there is a human diagnosis for it, but can't think of the name.  At least it's only with other dogs.  Not one iota of human aggression.  She even lets me do her ears and nails :-) 

2/02/10:  Another day with URGENT emails.  This time it is a bunch of dogs in Brighton, TN. near Memphis.  list is not current on petfinder but you could call the shelter. Emailing would be too late for this bunch.  A bunch died the other day.  More are scheduled for today or tomorrow.  I want to call and ask "Are any Pyrenees or big white fluffy dogs or German Shepherds or Saint Bernards?"  Enough fall into my lap without asking.  But it just tears me up thinking there could be another Irene or Ashlee or Keeton or Goofy or Misha, etc, etc, etc, that could make someone so happy and in turn make the dog so happy.  It just hurts whether I know or don't know.  Not knowing does however fade with time.  Knowing and not stepping forward (or being unable to) haunts me the rest of my life.  Not being able to save Gretel in Rockford,  IL. will burden my heart forever.
     Two of the only 3 dogs at this AC (with room for 10 dogs) are also at an end having only been available for adoption yesterday.  And I know for fact the employees are not using the shoe disinfectant when going in the kennel.  They have parvo AGAIN!   We are not sure what happened to 2 other dogs from last week that were only on the site for a week.  They may have gotten claimed or been the ones that brought in the parvo.  We just don't know and it's certain no one is going to share their stupidity with us.  Maybe the county should just private contract it to a rescue group.  Make more sense both from a humane and a financial standpoint.  I know no matter how many are saved today, as long as puppy mills and back yard breeders are allowed to profit and flourish, there will never be enough people to save them all tomorrow.  
    I mentioned this before but it was a long time ago, so worth mentioning again.  Several years ago we stopped by a little local dog show.  A woman was showing her Lab.  She was bragging about having rescued it from the local humane society.  I asked how she was able to register a stray.  She had 'friends'. A "breeder" will claim a litter of say 10 when there are really only 6.  They get the AKC papers for 10 puppies.  When a stray or litter of questionable parentage is brought to their attention, the 'extra' papers that best fit the age and breed are available for sale either with the mutt or to the owner of the mutt.  So a stray pup can be scooped up for a $25 to $50 adoption fee from the local AC or HS and sold as a purebred with 'papers' for several hundred dollars.    It's the easiest money available to a scam artist.  No way to prove it and no one really cares since "spay' is normally part of the deal.  So congratulations on your new 'purebred' puppy that you got for the bargain price of only $500!  Save a life.  Don't support a puppy mill (one who breeds multiple breeds without concern for health or parentage) or back yard breeder (BYB) (I wanted to have my kids experience birth so I didn't spay my dog.  The pups were so cute and we gave them all away at Wal-Mart, so we did it again) or scammer.  (This in no way reflects on honest, legitimate, "single breed for the betterment of that breed" breeders.)
2/03/10:  Morning is gone and I've been fighting with the web site changes since 9 a.m.  Updating the 'store' page and fixing the links on the home page.  Dog petting in between.  Bear and friends are on this side and have been all morning.  Not a single bark.  I've even got up several times to be sure the fence was not down and the rest of the dogs are still here.  Sun is bright and snow is melting.  I think they are really enjoying being out.  If they weren't, they would sure be letting me know. 
     Sissy survived her nail trim, ear flush and teeth cleaning.  She has a yeast infection in the ear, same as Charlie.  Oral meds as there is no way to touch Sissy's ears without getting bit.  She was weird last night.  Only stayed on the bed half the night.  She wasn't mad at me.  Actually looked like she felt better.  She got down and curled on the floor.  Sweetness enjoyed the extra space and aloneness with me.
     Been afraid to eat.  Have another Dr. appt Friday.  I dread it.  I don't really want to know what it might be, I just want it fixed! 
Afternoon:  More Urgent emails.  This time a Pyr and a Pyr/lab mix and a lab.  I asked Loren if I could offer on the Pyr.  He didn't say 'no', just let me know he was not for it.  I let it go.  A few hours later he told me to call!  One of those sad situations where the dogs were abandoned, a neighbor gal has been feeding and watering them for a month, and if AC takes them, they will kill them.  She's frantic.  Notice also went out to a few other groups so I said just put me at the bottom of the list as a last resort.  Don't even know if it's a male or female.  If it were a male, Tiya might (who am I kidding) get along with him.   And a female, Jason would have a night time friend.  What ever happens, happens.  Having only 11 dogs is nice though!!  I do have a new dog helper coming 2 afternoons a week. so will be covered with help 4 days a week.  Annie's mom.  She does not want to commit to another dogs yet, but wants to help.  I'm delighted.  The dogs will be too.
2/04/10:  Still struggling with the new email program.  Everything goes into my inbox.  In outlook express, I had set up mail boxes and everything was pre-sorted for me.  Emails from my kids went in one box, from Loren in another, adopters in another and rescue contacts in another.  Anything left over was usually junk.  Without the filters, it really slows things down.  Loren did manage to fix some things but he hardly ever uses email so never bothered with this kind of stuff.  Also had problems with my hyperlinks on my site.  I think he got the kinks out of that.  The more time something takes me on the computer, the less time for the dogs.
     Another urgent email last night.  This one from a previous adopter about another dog she had taken in.  I sent out word and the response has been great.  I was so touched by the outpouring, I got tears.  Guess that's why I like dog people.  Their heart is always in the right place. 
     A light snow again this morning.  Bear and friends are on this side.  Looked over to Bears room and all the other 5 are asleep.  Zelda and Parker curled in crates.  The others spread out on the floor.  I picked up Bear's and Chipi's beds but guess I can probably trust Jason enough now that I could have left them on the floor.  Next time.  Anyway, definitely not walking weather.  It is really cold and was last night also.  Deck is really icy slick.  Just enough moisture last night to freeze.   Wish I had gotten fire wood in yesterday as it wasn't as cold as today, just covered in snow.  
     Sissy was back on the bed most of the night.  Maybe she was just pouting at me for the vet visit.  Guess I'm forgiven.   Sahara and Zelda are sure getting growly, both at each other and at whom ever goes by them.  Started with Zelda months ago.  Had everything checked.  Blood work, etc and all was normal.  At least they are only growls and nothing more.  It does however intimidate Sissy, Parker and Goofy.  Sahara just growls back.  Sweetness is so people driven, she just races past or cowers and crawls.  Charlie is deaf so he hasn't a clue.
     It is so quiet!  Why do LGD's sleep all day and bark all night?  I could understand if we were young and planning to have children.  It would be a 'baby capability' test.   But explaining to Bear that we are old and have no desire to be awake all night is futile.  I do have to admit, it's not ALL night, just 20 to 30 minute sequences, with 3 to 5 minute breaks in between.  Having the 'easy listening' music on has helped.  I concentrate on putting the words in my head to the music I recognize.  The volume does not drown out the barking (because I keep it low), but the mind is diverted from the bark enough to actually get more sleep then I've ever experienced.  Do you ever just want to go over and bark in your dogs ear when they have kept you up all night and are now sleeping like a drunk and snoring even louder?  I don't have the heart!
2/05/10:  Busy day.  Mopped the house and 4 loads of laundry.  Charlie got a bath.  I went back to the doctor.  We tried the new restaurant and it was good!  
      Charlie will have to be bathed once a week with medicated soap until the yeast infection on his skin is cleared up. Can't believer it, but he had fleas, too.  Guess we are going to sprinkle DE (Diatomaceous Earth) on the carpet in the spare room as that is the only place fleas could be with this weather.    I sure don't see them and he just had a bath a few weeks ago.  Guess I'm going to start to brush it onto the dogs too. I know it sure worked on the front lawn this past summer.  No chiggers, gnats, ants, etc. Considering using it in their food.  Reading more and more about it and cheaper them worming.  Also good for people. Anyway, if you've never heard of it, here's a link to one site.   It's also said to help several of the problems I am experiencing.  Maybe I will start trying it for me. Do a little more research before I do any ingesting.  It's either that or a battery of unpleasant tests and doctor bills scheduled for next month.  I'm really for natural cures, not a bunch of prescription drugs that the warning  on side effects is much worse then what you got.  "It should cure your headache, but kill you in the process".  You've seen the commercials.  Scary.  
    Got a call about an ASD/Pyr mix needing a home.  If NASRN will commit,  I'll temporarily foster.  He'd have to stay in the big kennel alone.  I'm sure I would not be lucky enough for Tiya to like him.  Anyway, without their commitment, they will just have to look elsewhere.  Can't take another long term dog until Tiya finds a home or spring arrives.   The mix is what Bear is and the ASD part is what Sissy is.  ASD's are a bit much for me.  
     Rained and light snow pretty much all day.  I have no where to put this bunch to bring Tiya up when the weather is wet.  I feel so bad for her.  It just breaks my heart.  I so wish someone would want her that is right for her.  I've added a few new pix to her page.  Took some of Chipi too, and telling them apart is hard, but Chipi's nose has pink on it.  Tiya's is jet black.

2/06/10:  Picked up expensive dog food as had 2 - 25% off coupons per bag.  Planned to get a different one, but even with discount, it would have been over $3 a pound!  As it was, what I got was a little over $2 with tax.  Grain free and salmon, so should help with the 3 dogs who suffer from yeast infections.  They do get salmon oil in their food anyway.  Sissy is hardly eating since her teeth cleaning and ear flush. Not that she couldn't get by for several days without starving.  She needs to lose 15- 20 pounds.  Oh well.  Worth a try.  Will wean them over slowly.  A 30 pound bag will probably be gone before they are totally on it anyway.  On average, I go through 120 pounds of dog food a week.  Then we got some lunch at Chili's.   Hate spending so much to go there but so few places that have digestible food in this town.  Then to Wal-Mart for my prescription.  Just last week Loren got one filled for me.  Today they said the insurance card on file was not valid or active or something.  Anyway, Loren is on his way back with the same card that I was issued in August.  I'm sure it's all screwed up because I'm going on Medicare in 3 months and the insurance co. jumped the gun.  I told him if it's not covered, to skip it.  I'll just order the DE which is suppose to do the same thing naturally.  Going to order it anyway. 
     Jason was so good inside today.  He has been amazing.   He is maturing every day.  We worked on commands.  I've let it slide lately, but he was quick to remember 'sit' and ' lay down'.  Of course, when he lays down, he rolls over for a belly rub, but hey, down is down and it works for me.  I'm really starting to like him.  He has not jumped on me in weeks.  He has not fence fought since Irene left.  Different pack, different dynamics.  No reasoning.  They are on Bears side this afternoon.  Bear is over here somewhere.  Not in sight.  Could be out checking these dogs smells in the yard or asleep in the living room.   He was so funny when he came in.  There was a treat on the counter.  He put his paws up there and just looked as us, waiting for the 'ok' that he could have it.  Once he got down, Loren gave it to him.  I swear Bear continues to grow taller and longer.   On his hind feet, he can reach the top of the door with his paws.  That's 6'8".  With the exception of Goofy, everyone else looks so small.  Goofy never gets up on his hind legs.  I think he is a bit taller at the shoulders, but not a long legged or long bodied.  They are definitely both very big dogs, just not heavy.   Goofy hangs over the crib mattress.  He can't fit all on him on it.  Parker can curl up so small on one, sometimes when I walk by I have to look twice to see who it is.  I don't know if it is because he is skinner of just more flexible, but he sure can make his 98 pounds look small.  He curls in a ball like a cat.  I just love him.  He is so good, so affectionate and so unassuming. 

2/07/10:  Busy day.  A lot of laundry.  Charlie has his days and seemed to get confused a lot where the door was, so peed on the blankets that I cover the rugs with.  In between loads, I worked on this site.  Been trying for several weeks to get my dogs pages updated.  Have 1 to go and one to finish.  What I did took several hours.  I also sorted about a thousand emails that need posted.  If I don't update the adopted dogs pages when I receive the email and photos, it just gets tossed in a folder.  I will start on those next.  I so appreciate people letting me know that the dogs are still doing great.  I always reply, just don't always get the updates posted.  Tomorrow will not be a 'web' day, but a dog day.  They all got their turn, just not enough attention.
     I also listed 2 dogs that urgently need homes.  Got notices out to rescues to pass on.  The Anatolian Shepherd will be a challenge.  I can't take him, but could temp foster if someone commits.  The lab/poodle will be easy.

2/08/10:  Looks like the Poodle/lab has someone taking him.  Someone contacted by Shelley (DogsOnly) so I know he will be in good hands.  Sure hope 'Satchel' will get lucky.  This is a life or death situation.  He chases deer and accused of killing the neighbors colt so not going to be easy.  Otherwise, he's a great dog.  Just was let to be out of control, but young enough that the behavior can be curbed with the right person or situation.  Maybe he just needs out of the county environment.  Anyway, I've done all I can do so hope someone will step forward.
     Tiya got 'firsties' in today.  I feel so sorry for her.  She wants to play with the others.  Maybe when the weather clears (more snow last night) I'll see if her and Parker can be friends.  He's the most likely.  If that works, I can add Sissy.  Not going to happen with Zelda for sure. 

2/09/10:  Woke up to the unexpected.  I heard paws running through the house and all kinds of happy play commotion.  Thought that strange, as they are usually calm in the mornings.  With the exception, of course, of Sahara who will not stop barking until I get up.  I tried to ignore it, but when I opened my eyes, there stood Jason ready to leap on the bed!  The bolts on the gate latch had loosened and it only took a minimal amount of pressure for it to slip and the gate to come open.  He was so proud of himself!!  I was greeted with him jumping on my half naked body and putting a big scratch on my belly, but he was just excited.  He has been so much calmer the past few weeks and has not jumped on me at all.  His enthusiasm was just too great this morning. 

2/10/10: I, like many of you, get emails and snail mail form various animal groups.  Some I read,  some I skim and some go in the trash unopened.  There is one I do read that comes from a Houston group. I became very interested in a site that they linked.   I always felt the HSUS and ASPCA did NOT DO anything like they said.  I had made contact with these "famous" groups on various occasions and did not hang up with any 'warm fuzzy' feeling.  I felt they were just saying what they figured I wanted to hear.  The rehearsed self proclamation of how wonderful they were and how my donation would go to a good cause.  Does good mean good for the CEO or good for the animals?  My questioning of the HSUS began with EDNAH As far as I know, there was only one paid person from HSUS.  The others were volunteers, some with paid expenses, others un-paid and un-reimbursed.  Since most of the 512 dogs went to a large St. Louis rescue and a large Texas rescue,  I don't see how the HSUS expenses could have been close to a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000)? 
    The ASPCA  does not support any shelters other then their own in NYC.  They don't send money to organizations calling themselves XYZ-SPCA, nor do they oversee them.  You could form a group and call yourself an SPCA and you don't even have to be non-profit.  Or you can call yourself a Humane Society and likewise not be affiliated nor non-profit nor overseen.  And you would not even have to house animals! 
    All I want to say is before you donate to any cause, do your homework.  Help the little guy in your local community that you can actually go out and visit and look at the financial records.  We cry when we get $25 or $50 in the mail.  The 'big guys' have already spent that just in sending you address labels, posters, a quarterly magazine and promising you a 'tote bag' or 'jacket' for sending $50 or more. 
    Now to my dog stuff:  All 3 courtesy listings have gotten action.  Know Curly is destined for a great rescue in LR.  Satchel has a man coming out to meet him in a day or so when the roads are safer.  I had interest in Koda but not sure if there was follow up.  I might have to 'take over' the communication if there is more interest as don't want to lose a good adopter by having too many people involved.  I'm really thrashing around on a Pyr a few hours east of me.  A stray taken in by people who can't keep her and can't find her owner.  I could put her with Jason.  He needs someone to play with, but also needs people.  It would be a trade-off, but poor Goofy and Parker would be delighted if Jason were moved to the other area.  Jason is becoming an adult and as typical, trying to find his pack position.  Since Goofy and Parker are so totally passive, Jason takes advantage.
     I slept almost 6 hours last night!  That is unbelievable.  I'm sure there were interruptions, but I don't remember laying awake.  I closed the yard gate so they were stuck close by.  It froze and Parker likes to go up on the hill and I worry about him.  Knowing they are 'safe' makes me more relaxed.  Plus when the go running out, sometimes Sahara or Zelda will come in a block the door and the others can't get back in.  The urge to run out is cut down when there is a gate 30 feet in front of them impeding their travels out onto the property.  Sweetness shared my pillow and Sissy kept my feet warm.  Last night it was just the opposite.
     Bear and Chipi are sound asleep right next to me.  They are getting the morning session.  Tiya will get in during the middle of the day and then the rest in the afternoon.  It's a calm cold outside so they are not suffering as they may think they are. 
   Got a pot full of chicken needing cut and rice to cook for the dogs.  Will need to go pick up oatmeal, more green beans and carrots before I can mix up their kibble topping.  A several hour project every 10 days to 2 weeks.
End to what turned out to be a very long day.  I made too much rice so cooked up more chicken.  Always hate to waste.  Should be good for at least 2 weeks worth now.  Then as things were settling down in the kitchen, Jason got his foot hung in the gate between this side and Bears side.  It was a disaster.  He is hung, paw wedged, elevated and he's turned backwards, screaming in pain.  The other dogs decided to attack.  I finally got him turned around.  He was just in a panic and the other dogs were all over him.   Finally Loren got the others in the house and I was able to calm Jason.  Loren had to disassemble the gate to get him free.  Every single move was just excruciating for the poor guy but once the others were away, he was very calm and trusting.  He was very good to let us get him free.  Rushed him to the vet.  Just so glad it was during regular business hours.  Nothing broken just cut and bruised.  His eye had a superficial wound, probably one of the others taking advantage.  He's bandaged up and I'm so proud that so far he has not tried to chew it off.  I even put a freezer bag rubber banded on so he would not get the bandage dirty in all the mud.  He was really good to leave it on.  It's bed time, so I took it off and closed him in the garage with a filled Kong and a new stuffed toy and a Nylabone.  Hope he will stay occupied enough that he will leave the bandage alone.  I even put a night light out there.  I'll go out about midnight and bag his foot again and let him potty.  I know he can't hold it for 10 hours, especially since he hasn't went after dinner.  You never know what excitement is in store!  UGH!

2/11/10:  Follow up from yesterday:  Curly is being adopted locally so that is great.  He won't be going to LR into rescue so worked out well including I made a new rescue contact.  A super lady who does Setters, Pointers, Standard Poodles etc.  Satchel may have a home and Koda is still getting enquires.
     Yesterday morning I took the prescription from the doctor.  I had procrastinated, talked to the pharmacist and did online research.  I just did not feel good about this stuff.  I went ahead and figured what harm can one dose do?  Answer: A lot!  Felt terrible by about an hour after taking it and got progressively worse.  My internal organs finally settled down about 2:00 a.m.  Needless to say, I am not repeating the experiment.
     Now to this morning:  I am so proud of Jason.   Not only was the bandage still on his foot, so was the ziplock bag!  And he had not even chewed up the stuffed toy I gave him.  It was still stuck through the fence where I put it for him to pull through.  I am totally amazed.  I'm going to re-do his write up today.  
     I did not open up the gate until it was completely light out because we had a visitor last night.  Contrary to popular desires (and possible beliefs) Skunks do not hibernate.  At least one critter didn't.  After thorough smelling of all in attendance, no one got sprayed, thank God.  There is a small space on the outside of the fence that goes under the deck a small distance so I suspect it got under there, dogs barked and it let 'er rip.   Parker use to get out under the deck so guess it was a good thing he showed me the hole a few months ago so I got it blocked off.  Otherwise I'm sure several would have gotten fumigated had it come into the yard. 

2/12/10:  Loren's Birthday.  Not sure what is on the agenda.  I was up most of the night 'rescuing' what ever dog got blocked outside.  They all wanted to go running up the hill and patrol since it was warm.  I closed the gate and doused their enthusiasm.  Whom ever is the last one gets blocked out by the others, barks for 'help' and I have to get up and move dogs so they can come in.  This went on about every half hour.  I am suppose to change Jason's bandage every day but failed to even get it off before going to bed.  Since I was still awake at 2 am,  I went out and tried again.  Guess it's a trip to the vet this morning and tomorrow morning to have them do it.  Here I was so proud of Jason for not removing it.  Maybe he couldn't?  But he did leave the bag on it, so maybe he was being good.
     I'm useless when it comes to nurse stuff.   Took Jason in to be re-bandaged because they said to change it daily.  Two vet's checked his paw and said it was looking fine so the bandage stays off.  That is great. 
     We had lunch in town. Nothing fancy.  Was going to switch dogs around but several were asleep including Jason, so didn't have the heart to wake them.  Bear and Chipi will just get extra long tomorrow.  And Tiya too.  Hope weather stays dry or shuffling just won't happen. 

2/13/10: Question:  Do you prefer pages to open in a new window or replace the page you are on?  In other words, would you rather "close" a page when done or hit the "back" button? email  I've been working on this site and am trying to make it as user friendly as possible.  With so many new monitors with different ratios, there is no way to make it work on everyone's settings, but I hope to find a happy medium.  Opening pages is an easy one so will start with that.  Any other site issues?  Is the new wider width working for everyone?  Trying to fill the available portion of your monitor but not making anyone scroll across.
      All went great for Satchel, the ASD I helped find a home for.  The relinquishing owner called and was so pleased.  The man came, played with Satchel, instant bond was formed and Satchel jumped right into his vehicle ready to go home with him.  She said Satchel was not one for going for a ride so she was really surprised.  Sounds like it is a relationship that was meant to be.  I am just so happy for both dogs and all the people involved.  Love happy new beginnings. 
     Going out to Bexar to meet and take pix of "Rex" for a lady.  She has been trying to find him a home for a month or more.  I offered help before.  Now she is ready for it.  I wish I could just bring him home, but without help, I just could not handle another young male.  I finally have Jason at a good adoptable point and Rex sounds even more of a challenge since he has had no guidance what so ever.  Happy, playful pup bored into destructo dog.   Everything she says about him sounds so typical so I know he is a good dog with great potential.  Just needs someone to spend time teaching him manners and rules.
     Speaking of help, Linda has been great to pass the word around that I need volunteers and about the store.  I miss her since she has been working.  It's just so great she is still helping in ways she can.  Thanks Linda. 

2/14/10: "Rex" is a great dog.  Took about 15 minutes for him to trust me, but once he did, I will be his friend for life.  I hated coming home without him.  He is not in a bad situation, just awfully close to a semi-busy road and no fence.  He is so terribly lonely.  Since I have a potential adopter coming from MS on Monday and a possible foster home offer coming on Monday also, I may be able to go get Rex Tuesday.  Rex would go to the foster.  I need to get him vet checked and his shots and neutered first before I intermingle him with another dog.  He's not had anything. 
     Sissy and Charlie are not doing well.  Charlie is going down hill fast.  He is having a hard time getting up.  Once up, he's fine, but just can't get his legs under him to push himself up.  I hear his little paws on the tile 'running' and not going anywhere.  I have a hard time lifting him even though he's only 30- 35 pounds.  Deaf and near blind and incontinent too.  If Sissy ever can't get up, we'll need a crane.  So far she can swing her body around and manages, but sometimes it takes awhile.  Then I think about the age of all the rest.  This will be a doggie retirement home before too many more years. 
     I don't want to commit to any more rescues until after I get a diagnosis from the doctor.  I go for consultation with a specialist on March 3rd.  I do want to keep posting dogs and help people find them good homes.  The need is just as great and it doesn't cost anyone anything.  I'm finding it is almost as rewarding and emotional as bringing them here and getting to know them before they leave.  Things turned out so great for Curly and Satchel and I felt just as emotionally touched as if I had actually met them.   The store will open as soon as weather is predictably good and that will keep me busy.  I so look forward to starting the 'assistance program' and being able to provide what is necessary for individuals to keep their pets rather then having to give them up because they can't afford food or vet care or need a fence repaired or a dog house. 

2/15/10:  Sue came over and we brushed dogs, and walked Bear & Chipi.  It was just too cold for humans to be outside.  The rest of the dogs were upset they didn't get a walk.  Sahara actually tolerated  being near someone other then me as Sue helped brush her.  She really needs someone besides this human goat in her life.  Goofy had been the first to be brushed and several hours later as Sue was leaving she said "Didn't we brush him?"  His coat has a mind of it's own and a brushing never lasts.  We made 2 visits with Tiya.  I poop scooped on the second visit so I would not be a distraction. Tiya was getting almost secure in licking the Kong Sue was holding while I was outside.  This is a clue to how I can help Tiya get confident.  She wants so bad to have people to love and be loved by, but still unsure.  Having an unattended broken leg while pregnant and nursing the pups really effected her trust in humans.   Breaks my heart for her.   How many other dogs know nothing but suffering and are put down as "unsocial" because of uncaring humans, both on the abandonment end and the shelter end?   I just wish I could take more with problems but not enough time, and definitely not enough energy. 
     The person who called several times to volunteer to foster didn't show up.  That saddens me.  I was really hoping to go pick up Rex today, but can't now.  The MS lady canceled on account of the weather.  Without an application for me to look over and check out, it would be a waste of her time anyway. 

2/16/10:  Loren went to bed early so I read for several hours.  That put me to sleep, along with the fact I got so little the night before.  Slept through most of Bears barking.  I don't sleep through Sahara's' new ... a word will come to me ... whispering?   She has started making this weird, very quiet noise at night.  She is not asleep so it's not 'talking in her sleep' like Sandy the Saint did.  This is ... as if she is humming along with the easy listening music I put on at night.  I wonder if that is it?  We hear dogs sing along to other music so why would humming along to quiet instrumentals be unlikely?  WOW!  Could that be what it is?  My guardian is singing me to sleep.
     The weather is still cold, but no snow or rain or wind.  We were able to walk the dogs in the afternoon.  They were excited as it has been a rare event in the past month.   Bear and Chipi were 'over' all morning and switched at noon.  I spent an hour in the shop with Tiya, just sitting on the floor petting her most of the time.  Took her for a long walk on my second visit down before I gave her dinner.  I just wish I knew if her and Rex would be friends.  I hate not getting him, but if it didn't work, I'd be screwed. Since the person who was going to foster didn't show up, I would not have an alternative if she didn't get along with him.

2/17/10:  I've worked with Kristina's Critters in MO. but had not visited her petfinder web page.  It was just passed on to me and it expresses beautifully, and so sadly and honestly, what life can be like for an unwanted dog in the Ozarks.  Click here for a reality read.  
     Sissy is still not eating.  Loren bought a beef roast which I shaved and fed her raw.  She ate some the first day, but that was 3 days ago.  Not touched but one or 2 bites since.  She won't eat the cooked chicken that she use to love.  Won't touch her kibble at all.  Her teeth were cleaned and ears flushed 2 weeks ago yesterday and she has not eaten more then a cup of chicken and a cup of beef all totaled in 2 weeks.  She does not even appear to be losing weight although she has plenty of it.  I'm still really worried.  A call to the vet last week was fruitless.  Take her off the Ketoconacol.  Well, considering she hadn't gotten any down her but the first day, it wasn't that.  They said her teeth were in great shape.  Her ear seem to be better.  She is not digging at it, although the other ear is really draining, and it was not the ear she had trouble with.  I'm suppose to be getting a 'hot off the press' holistic cook book for dogs from one of my adopters who's friends with the author.  Hopefully there will be something that will entice Sissy to eat.  In the mean time, she goes into the vet tomorrow.  (A cost I don't feel is justified).
    Caught Jason chewing on his favorite 'to chew' mattress.  It must have had something in it that attracts him.  They are used crib mattresses which I re-cover for the dog beds, but who knows what could have seeped inside through the holes in the covers before I re-covered them.  Anyway, when I caught him in the act, he ducks his head, rolls over and shows his belly in a submissive position.  He is learning it saves him from a 'time out'.  He is very smart. 
    Charlie continues to go down hill.  He still acts like a puppy at meal time, especially breakfast.  He can manage to follow smells, but is losing all sense of direction without them.  He finds his way to the food room really good and can still manage to slide open the pocket door and clean up any dropped kibble.  Finding the doggie door is about a 50-50 deal.  I clean up as much inside as I do on the deck.  Once he has passed on, we'll have to re-wood the entire deck.  Water seal is no match for urine and the deck really is saturated.  Glad tile does not absorb!   The weekly baths are not doing much either for the smell.  He's on the yeast infection medication and shampoo.  It worked the first week and into the second, but not the bath is wearing off within 2 days.  Still got 2 days to go to the next bath.  Smell is nauseating.

2/18/10:  Sissy ate last night.  Not much, but adequate.  She ate a little again this morning.  I cooked the shaved roast just enough to get juices and then poured it over the dab of kibble.  She left the kibble but ate the beef.  At $2.79 a pound, this is not going to be a cheap feed but cheaper then more vet bills.  Just wish I could get her to eat one of the Honest Kitchen vegetable mixes with the meat.  I've got Europa so will try a bit of it this evening.  Just hate when stuff is wasted.  And I hate when I try to do the right thing and it backfires.  She was fine (nutrition wise) before I had her ears and teeth cleaned. 
    It does not look near as cold as it actually is outside.  By the time I finished poop scooping (with leather gloves) my fingers were numb.  Broke ice on their water, but cleaning and re-filling will have to wait until this afternoon. 
    Rex and Koda both got adopted.  I courtesy list and find good adopters for 4 dogs in 2 weeks, but I've had 3 here for several months!  Something is wrong with this picture.  Parker is not an issue, but Jason is growing up here and that's not good.  Tiya is getting so attached, that is not good either.  The longer it takes, the harder on the dog...  I know.  That is why I have 3 more of my own then ever intended; Chipi, Sweetness and Sahara. 
      Nancy came down and all the dogs got walked.  Goofy and Zelda wanted to go each time.  By the last group, we were shedding our jackets.  It turned out to be really nice weather.  When I have someone to walk with me and share conversation, I can walk several miles.  Alone, I'm worn out after a half mile. 
     Afternoon:  I was about to fall asleep so laid down for a nap.  Total waste.  Felt bad for Tiya so went down to get her. Tiya walked herself.  She needed to run and is usually good to come when called, but she got sidetracked.  Went over the fence, started a riot.  She went after Goofy. Sweetness went after her.  Sissy stayed out of the way.  When the fight started on this side, Jason was on the other side and went after Zelda.  The others just watched.  They all just need to be in a smaller pack.  Just too many dogs all together and tensions are running high.  Zelda is at her whit's end.  She is tired like me.
    Got my doctor appointment moved up to this Monday.  I feel really good today but know I best go anyway.  The DE came in today and I'll start the dogs on it.  I'll wait until after I go in to start taking it myself. 
    Sahara is over here staring at me.  She is letting me know it is almost meal time.  At least she is not barking as usual.  We had a discussion about that last night and this morning.  Sweetness was asleep on the floor next to me and just farted so bad, she jumped up and ran!!  Me too.

2/19/10:  Beautiful weather so most of the dogs got walked.  I run out of energy alone.  Sissy has been really catching up on her eating.  She shared with us which was really nice of her.  At $3 a pound (that was the cheapest yesterday) for a roast , it was only fair.  She prefers it quick fried with the juices, but I put half of it in the oven and will shave the other half tomorrow and freeze it in meal size pkgs.  Waiting for the fat to separate from the juice in the roast drippings.  She is eating the kibble when the juice is poured on and the beef mixed in.   The others do not get to smell what she is getting or I'd have a rebellion on my hands.  I put her in the bedroom to eat before I let the others in. They get the chicken mixture and Honest Kitchen on their kibble.   The DE came yesterday so I did some more research.  Can't find anything negative.  I added it to Jason's and Parker's food this evening.  I'll start the others tomorrow evening.  I spend about $1000 a year on worming, so if this works, it will be an amazing savings (about $950 savings).  Just like Ivermectin for HW preventative.  $40 for a years supply for 12 dogs vs Heartguard at $900 a year.  The vets and pharmaceutical companies really have a thing going! 
     Charlie got his weekly bath with his special shampoo.  It is kind of not working.  He stinks with in hours.  He is wearing me out, poor little guy.  He peed on the blankets I keep on the area rugs...  all of them.  I have been washing all day.  Seems I just put down all clean and he can't find his way out the door and I'm washing the same one again.  Beats steam cleaning.  I could just roll the rugs up for the rest of his life, but the others still need their blankets on the tile floor (I'm short a few mattresses) so I'd be washing them anyway. 
     It is so quiet.  I'm sure they are saving up their energy for tonight.  Not quite dark, but when the yard lights kick on, it's like they get turned on too.  Time to put Jason up for the night.  I always feel bad, but would not sleep at all if her were inside to run free, get bored and eat something he was not suppose to.   Then a hot, peaceful bath unless Sahara decides I'm in 'danger' and comes to protect me.  Yes, she even tells me when I have been in the tub too long.  How could I not love a dog that places my well bring above everything else in her life (besides eating).

2/20/10:  Going to be one of 'those' days.  Started last night.  I could not find Sissy.  I'm calling and calling.  Finally go out with a flash light.  Still don't see her.  I begin to panic.  As I turn to go back to wake up Loren, there she is.  Somehow she was in with Jason.  She must have went in the garage much earlier and went to sleep.  When I put him up, I just hand him his Kong and close the gate.  I never look in the garage as it is pretty much his territory.  I'm amazed he didn't throw a fit since he values his Kong and is very possessive of it.  And of course by now all the dogs have went into the upper yard so I'm trying to get them back in so I can close the gate.  I gave up at that point, watched a movie and by midnight they had all managed to come back.  Had to go retrieve Goofy from under the swing on the deck because Zelda growls at him.  He needs a personal escort to pass her.   Poor guy.  Never had a more passive, non-confrontational dog.
   Trying to do too much this morning and everything goes wrong.  More Charlie pee all over so starting off with 3 loads of laundry and mopping.  I need to do real cleaning, but these little clean-ups take all my energy.  I did manage to get the gate open so only one shovel full to poop scoop.  Feeding took quite awhile as I measured out the DE for each dog and mixed it into the Honest Kitchen stuff.  A ten minute 'fixing the food' feeding process turned into half an hour.  Amazingly everyone cleaned up their bowl except Sissy did leave some kibble.
     Loren did not have his glasses when he bought groceries yesterday and the milk he just bought expired yesterday.  Since he opened it and receipt was gone ... I hate waste so made a pie and some pudding.  It works for that but definitely not work for me to drink.  Luckily there was a bit of orange juice left for me to drink with the biscuits I almost burned and the egg that got crusty while I was trying to save the biscuits and burned my hand.  My computer is running like I feel, S  L  O  W .  Not just the internet, but the entire system.  Probably fighting for it's life amidst the dog hair.  My days are not usually like this, but can count on at least 3 to 5 a month and it's only 10 am.
2/21/10: Rain.  3:32 and Sahara has been telling me it's dinner time since 2:00. Guess it seems late to her because of the dark sky.  Me too.  Tiya and I spent quality time today.  The family room is separate so I watched a couple of movies and petted her and we worked on commands.  She let me know when she had to go potty.  After about 3 hours, I took her back to the shop.  It was noon and the rain was coming down pretty good.  I turned up the stereo for her because the rain on the metal roof is pretty loud.  Loren laughed at me as I used her breakfast bowl as a hat when I came back up. 
     Jason has been in all day and been so good.  I heard a ruckus and got up but it was just him playing 'catch' with himself and a ball in the living room.  He thought he was in trouble until I threw it for him and then gave it back to him to keep.  He is just becoming such a good boy.  Goofy started putting him in his place late yesterday, so I think his pride got a bit wounded.  The older ones will only tolerate so much.  I'm going to have to put Zelda back on valium.  She is really getting testy when any of the dogs walk past her.  Started a year ago and I had all her blood tests and everything checked out healthy. Just attitude. I had her on it for awhile.  Just hate doing meds, but also hate those low unpredictable growls.    
    Everybody got their DE and Ivermectin today.  Mixed it all up in their Honest Kitchen stuff.  They really like the Verve, but only some of them like the Embark.  Next box will be the Preference.  I alternate them around as a box goes empty.  Parker eats anything.  Oh, and Sissy has been eating good.  Still leaving a dab of kibble but pretty much back to her normal eating.  This beef roast business is going to be decreased over the next week.  Hopefully she won't notice. 

2/22/10: Non-stop all day.  It's not even 6 pm and I'm heading for the bath and bed real soon.  8 am Doctor app. was a waste of time and money.  Yes, I know I have a sensitive stomach, and No, I did not come in for a colonoscopy.  Got home about 9:30 and scrubbed the living room floor on my hands and knees for about 2 hours.  The grout lines get so bad so I section it off and do a bit every few weeks and then start over.  Loren helped with the final mopping.  Made a chiropractor appointment for 1:30 and was heading out the door to grab some lunch first when Zelda came in bleeding profusely from the paw.  Detoured to the vet and dropped her off.  Luckily I got Wendy.  Zelda got a gash in her pad over an inch long.  Other then bandaged, antibiotics and pain meds, not much can be done.  Anyway, while Zelda was being attended to, we grabbed some lunch.  I had forgot my glasses so back tracked to the house.  I did make my appointment just on time.  Was there until 4:30!!!  Loren had picked up Zelda.  Boy was she in a mood.  He had her inside and everybody else outside.  Fed her and when I went to let her out and the others in to eat, noticed blood all over the floor again.  Bandage was soaked.  Called the vet, we were on our way back in.  I'm leaving her there over night as have to figure out how I am going to keep her separated at night.  I'm out of space and Lacy is coming tomorrow for several weeks.   Everybody here in the house has to get along!  My only option is move Tiya to the big kennel that only has a cover and dog houses and put Zelda in the shop.  She is totally not going to understand that.   Don't think she has ever even been in there.   I could put her in the family room and walk her to potty just before bed and early in the morning, but being in there all day will not work.  If it rains, the shop kennel will be mud and I am really doomed.  That will decrease my options even more.  If Zelda was just not such a difficult patient.  She is hurting and she wants everybody to know it, so steer clear if you want to keep your nose, or ear or leg.  Anyway, after dropping her off, there was still enough day light so I walked the whole 2 acres back and forth.  I thought maybe someone threw a glass bottle over the fence and she got cut on it.  Did not find anything.  Thought there would be a bunch of blood as a clue to help locate the culprit, but nothing.   Darkness has arrived so need to get everybody on this side of the gate.  Sure don't need more blood from a second victim in the middle of the night and an emergency vet visit.  Enough of those already.  

2/23/10: Things have went smoothly after yesterday's fiasco.  Picked up Zelda at 9.  Put her in the shop and moved Tiya to the big kennel.  Took Zelda down a bed.  Four hour later and she is sound asleep on it.  I feel really bad when they don't all get 'togetherness'.   Betty dropped off Lacy at 11.  She was happy to see us, but looked pretty sad when they left without her.  She has gotten re-acquainted with everyone, but as before, sticks pretty close to us.  Sold the old truck today.  Had a number of people looking at it.  One guy committed and will pick it up shortly.  In the mean time another guy who kept hem-hawing showed up with a trailer ready to buy it.  He drove all the way from Yellville for nothing.  He should have called first.  Nancy will be down at 2 and we'll walk dogs.  Poor Zelda won't get to do her favorite thing.  Best that she is in the shop or she would really have her feelings hurt.  Sue will pick up Jason after work and foster him.  As long as he does not get bored, he will be good.  I'll send his favorite Kong, ball and a Nylabone.   I'd have preferred Tiya go, but she is still nervous and the 'connection' was not there.  Tiya's time will come.... I hope.  I feel really bad that Sue came yesterday and we missed her by about 5 minutes.  It was just so hectic with 2 dr. appointments and Zelda cutting her pad.  I still don't have all the blood cleaned up.  Rand down the wall behind the baseboards and came through the dog bed cover.  The deck has red paw prints all over it.  I should have sprayed it off yesterday.  Oh well, if it won't come off, it will be a conversation item.         

2/24/10:  What a difference changing dynamics can have!  Moving Zelda to the shop while she heals was good for me.  Maybe not for her, but only having one dog keeping the others out was much easier.  Tiya was in the big kennel and did not bark any more then usual.  Jason went to Sue's who will foster him.  Will check later today to see how it went last night.  AND I had forgotten just how sweet Lacy is.  She spent the entire night right next to Loren's bed.  If they were all as sweet as she is, we'd start rescuing Collies.  I'm serious.  She is right by his desk now even though he is not there.  Guess she is awaiting his return.  I can't believe the reduced stress level last night.  I find it hard to believe it's Zelda.  Jason was out at night, but not sure how that played into the doggie moods and night barking.  He was not much of a barker, but then Bear takes full responsibility for that and has for more years then I care to remember.  Only negative (besides feeling guilt for 2 dogs not in the house instead of one) is an extra stop in the feeding process and bowl retrieval. 
    Suppose to go back to the Chiropractor today and Friday.  Have my doubts.  I have a cramp in a part of my back I never had before and it is not going away.  And a headache in a spot that is unusual.  All he did was some pulsating things and some thumping things, both of which were annoying as hell.  Wish insurance covered a professional massage.  I know from the x-rays, I'm stuck with this.  Onset of osteoporosis and an old spinal fracture (no clue when or how).  Was hoping fixing the back would help the stomach since it didn't work the other way around.  Food makes my back feel better, but is just not digesting normally.  People talk about being 'bent over a toilet', I'll be bent on a toilet.  Time to spend less time on the computer and more time walking.   The dogs will agree.
     3:30 pm:  OK, I quit.  No more chiropractor.  I told him I had sensitive skin when he went to put on this cream.  Well, he assured me it would be fine.  WRONG.  I washed it off before I ever left the room, but knew I was in trouble.  By the time I got home, I had Loren help me wash again with my hyper allergenic soap.  He said I already have blisters.  Not only that, even with our very good insurance, if I went as often as he required, we'd be out of pocked over $500 a month!!!   Loren read the brochure before I went in today and he said too, the treatment looked like BS.  Maybe I'll just have a half hour a week professional massage at $20. 
    The 'kids' are already telling me it's dinner time.  They start earlier and earlier every day.  not going to happen or they will be wanting fed 3 x a day and then 4.  Need to finish laundry and wash their bowls.  By then it will be 'about that time'. 

2/25/10:  Zelda got her bandage changed and Rob said it is healing great and the bandage can come off Saturday.  That is great news.  Zelda is still a bit growly, but nothing as bad as before.  Reluctant to get in the car at the house, but delighted to get in leaving the vet.  She probably thought she was going to be left behind again.  Everybody did so good last night.  Lacy stays with Loren, Goofy alternates between living room and kitchen.  The rest keep close tabs on me either from the kitchen or around or on the bed.  I got about 5 hours sleep.  So needed.
     Weather is so pretty, but still cold.  A bright sunny day makes such a difference even if we have to bundle up.  Tiya enjoyed her short walk and will spend the day in the big kennel with a Kong full of kibble and treats.  Nancy will be over later and the rest will get walked.  Zelda has to be left behind.  She sure wants to go but not healed enough yet.  Chipi has been spending full days on this side and it's going great.  Poor Bear, all alone, but no chance.  Such a shame to have one dog (Tiya) that I can't trust with anyone and another (Bear) that I can't put with ANY males.  He looks so sad through the sliding glass door. 
     Linda called yesterday.  She finally located the AC in West Plains.  Another situation where the animals are put down in 5 days.  At least here most make it to the web site.  There, they don't even bother.  Linda is going to keep an eye and I'll start calling once a week.  I got several really great dogs (2 Pyrs and 2 GSDs) there before and know I could get others homes.  What is so sad is people who lose their dog wait for someone to find them rather then being pro-active and doing the leg and phone work that is required to get their dog back.  Not all dogs picked up are unwanted so being diligent is critical with a 5 day hold rule.  This goes for EVERY Animal Control facility.  Micro-chip and tag, no matter how safe you think your pet is.  

2/26/10: Spring peeked its way into the afternoon.  I am so ready!  Goofy and Charlie got groomed.  I can't believe how white Goofy is.  Not the slightly off white, but like fresh snow.  He's good for another 6 months and I know that suits him just fine.  Snapped a couple of pix I'll download shortly.  He won't look this good for long. 
    When we picked them up in the late afternoon, it was so nice, we decided to give everybody a walk.  Loren took Goofy.  I took the rest in shifts, 2 at a time.  They were very excited but 4 days in a row made for them not to be so rambunctious. 
     Sahara spent a good part of the day with Bear, by choice, both on this side and his side.  She was cautious on this side as he can get pretty territorial.  Then after feeding everyone goes outside. I let Chipi over (Bear is alone) and Sahara started her 'I'm going to eat you up' dance.   I will never understand this 'barrier' thing.  Put most of them together and all is fine.  Put them on opposite sides of a barrier and it's war.  Doesn't matter who.

3/01/10: February slipped away while I slept.  Barely out of bed all weekend.  The dogs were not all that sympathetic but Loren was.  He knows I don't give in unless I just can't do otherwise.  So hungry this morning, but nothing sounds good.  Still that nauseous feeling.  But got to hang in there at least long enough to get a few loads of laundry done.  Sue may be by this afternoon and I'll ask her to change the dogs water and poop scoop.  I hate asking anyone to do other then walk the dogs or brush them.  I just don't think I can manage without putting myself back in bed.  These are 2 things I just don't let go.  Loren has done the primary water, but there are so many extra waters to clean.  Maybe I'm too fanatical. 
      What I really hate about this weekend is I was not able to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  Today is gloomy and turning cold again.  Also had to put off lunch with Ken and Linda that we had planned.  All such a waste.  I don't do 'sick'.
      I let Bear in on the bed with me yesterday.  He was so happy but boy were the others upset.  Sahara was really upset.  She likes Bear.  Think she has a crush on him, but I'm her goat and in her mind, he was either a threat or had taken her job.  Sweetness also went ballistic.  She sleeps on the bed with me and he was in her place.  She took it out on Chipi through the glass and fence.  Put them together and they are both passive.  They have both done damage to one another in the past so they tread lightly when there is no protective barrier.  Anyway, I watched several movies and gave Bear a lot of petting.  He was in his glory. 
     Loren watched movies in the family room with Tiya for several hours.  She was in her glory too.  Although she prefers me, she did great and was so happy for the attention.  She wants to play with the other dogs, but it always ends up badly.  I wish there really was such a thing as a pet psychic.  I want so badly to do the best I can for her.  I'm just not keen enough to figure out what her trigger is.  
     Goofy still looks so pretty.  He is acting like he knows it too.  He has been so silly.  More then normal.  Parker has too.  I saw Parker playing 'catch the stick' with himself the other day.  It was so funny.  So out of character for an old dog.  Spring must have been in the air because they were certainly having a personality bloom.
     Zelda has had the bandage off for 2 days.  No blood, but she sure is limping.  Still on pain meds and antibiotics.  I'm concerned.  She is not a complainer, but has wanted way more attention then usual.  Normally she is quite independent.  Dynamics are changing and I need to be watching those changes.  Goofy ends up being kept out and I'm not sure who is his nemesis.   Goofy is sort of like the guy they call Moose in high school.  The big guy with the big heart who's size is intimidating, but whose heart is full of compassion. 
    Now, Lacy is the perfect dog.  She is just so amazing.  I could have 20 of her in the house and never be stressed.  Never barks. Never in the way.  Waits to be called for attention or what ever.  Never bothers the others.  Knows the routine.   I'm so glad I found such a great home for her with people who truly know what an exceptional girl she is.  Her visit has been wonderful.   I just wish she were not so camera shy.

3/02/10:  Gloomy weather all day.  Too cold to walk the dogs. Bear was on this side all morning.  After lunch, I brought Tiya up and we spent several hours in the family room.  She really wanted to climb in my lap, but there is not enough room for both of us in the glider rocker.  She is getting so affectionate.  I just wish it were with a forever family.  Breaks my heart she has been here so long.  Her leg seems to be getting worse lately.  I had it x-rayed the week she came because she was limping.  Vet said it was healing fine and there was really nothing that could be done at this point.  The break had been neglected too long.  Now I am wondering if it should have been casted.   I went by what the vet said, but sometimes... well, nothing I can do now as that was 4 months ago today.  I'm giving her DGP as she does seem uncomfortable. 
     Sue came yesterday and we got everyone walked and a lot done.  Jason is doing as expected.  I sent a bark collar home with her.  He will remember it and should respond with just the sight and smell of it. Thank goodness he has not torn anything up.  Re-arranged a few things, but no destruction.  She's going to keep at it, but knows if her becomes a problem, to bring him back.  It's nice not having a puppy around, but I'd much prefer Tiya get the special attention.  She is so sweet and just needs someone to give her a chance.  
    All are fed and taking their after dinner nap so they can be alert tonight.  I'm still leaving the 'easy listening' music on all night.  Amazing how it has helped settle my thoughts and I'm getting about 5 hours sleep most nights.  Such a simple solution to a life long problem.  DUH!  Now if I could just convince Bear I don't need him to ward off the perceived enemy all night, I could do even better.

3/03.10:  The day was going pretty good until me, the vacuum and the wall had a conflict.  That wall won.  My head lost.  I have a knot the size of a jaw breaker on the back.  Even my teeth hurt!  I think the dogs thought Bear attacked me as the 'through the glass door' attack ensued.  No one came to MY rescue or to see how I was.  What loyalty!  Then they all ran outside to chase the UPS truck.  By this time, Loren had come to my rescue.  I don't really think the dogs knew I was in good hands.  They just found something more interesting them mommy laying on the floor holding her head on and daddy asking where the hammer was so he could pound the knot back down.  No sympathy around here.
     Bear and Tiya did not get their special time today.  I feel really bad about that.  Will make up for it tomorrow. 
     Well, Sahara is letting me know it is 3:59 and I am not fixing her dinner yet.  She won't shut up until I go do it.  Geeze, to be controlled by a dog!

3/04/10:  I felt really ambitious this morning.  Before getting dressed I decided the sliding glass doors were way over due for a cleaning.  I clean from the kitchen side on all 6 sections and then cleaned the inside in Bears room.  Then I went outside and began the deck side.  Lesson 1:  You can not clean glass in temperatures below freezing.  Lesson 2: Windex does indeed freeze.  Hopefully I will have the ambition to finish later today if the temp gets warm enough.  Anyway, I dished out dog food and set it on the counter while the honest kitchen stuff rehydrated. I headed for the bath.  Decided the mirrors needed cleaning.  The mirrors are tub top to ceiling on 2 full walls.  I got the extender squeegee, which would not telescope.  Finally with force, I got it to expand, however then it would not tighten into place.  Holding it extended, I stretched it to the ceiling, but as I worked it down, it slowly crept back into it's hiding place.  With so many dizzy spells, I was not going to risk standing on the side of the tub.  The mirrors look adequate.  By now the tub was a mess, so cleaned it, then took a bath.  I forgot about the lump on my head until I started washing my hair this morning.  Curling and combing took some caution also.  In the mean time Loren fed the dogs. 
     Meeting Cathy this afternoon about AC stuff.  Then most likely getting a GSD and still need to go to Yellville and take pix of the 3 Pyrs and decide what to do about them.  Charlie and Lacy get groomed tomorrow.  Nancy is coming tomorrow too, to help with the dogs.   Late next week Loren and I are going to plan an "us" day.   Be nice if the weather is good and we could have a picnic on the boat.  Take Chipi. She loves the boat ride.   Oops, I forgot, it's an 'us' day......

3/06/10:  Non-stop yesterday.  Several trips to the groomers.  Picked up puppy shots for the Pyr puppies that I'll be going out to see today.  No news on the GSD yet.  Nancy came and we walked everybody.  Goofy got to go twice since Lacy was still at the groomers.  Loren came down with my last weekend 'crud' and stayed in bed a good part of the day.  Better today but still not totally over it.  Brought Tiya up for an hour and she began really being a pest.  She could have stayed longer, but kept trying to get in my lap again and pawing me when I would stop petting her. She is just getting way too attached, but how do you give them love and attention and not let that happen, especially when they had only known abuse and neglect in the past.  She really needs a home now!  Zelda took issue with Lacy so I had that to deal with.  Just don't know what is up with her.  Do dogs get hormonal even if they have been spayed for years?  Or is it middle age?  That 40 something syndrome?  I just hope it passes as hate to separate her. 
    Today is one of those days (so far as is only 10: am) that I have the jitters.  Not sure why.  Maybe just going out to see the Pyrs.  Know I will have trouble not bringing them home.  I always have visions of 'perfect' but know reality and perfect is pretty rare.  Just wish I had a foster home pool and more volunteers.  Not feeling 100%  physically is pretty tough to deal with psychologically too. 

3/07/10:  3:00 a.m.:  When I called Loren from Yellville yesterday he said "I just knew this was going to happen", meaning I was calling to see if I could bring Shep home.  So far, Shep appears to be one of those near perfect dogs.  I put him in with Heidi, who is grieving the loss of her mom.  Hopefully today she will come out of her dog house.  When Carol N. brought her over, she brought Heidi's moms pajamas so she would have the comforting smell.  Heidi rests her head on them.  It is just heartbreaking.  How do you explain to a dog that their mommy died and they were not abandoned or unloved.  I practically crawled in the dog house with her, but didn't want her to feel any more fearful then she was already.  I'm looking forward to day light so I can go down and love on her.  When she is more comfortable, I'll bring her in the house and try Tiya with Shep, as long as she does not try to intimidate him or eat him.  He will make a good friend for her if she will let him.   Shep will get a much needed grooming hopefully Tuesday and neutered on Thursday.  By then Lacy will have went home and maybe Zelda won't be quite as jealous when Heidi comes up.  Two extras is more then the queen can handle :-)
    Anyway, the puppies got their puppy shot and wormed.  I took the stuff out with me.  The people are just great.  Leah is such a nice lady and her grandkids are such nice teenagers/young adults.  I'm so glad I got to meet them.  The puppies are safe until I can convince Loren to let me bring them home.  Need some more help and then their will be a chance. 
4:40 pm: A busy day but it felt good.  Sunshine!!  Warm!!  Shep got 3 long walks today, 1 alone and 2 with Heidi.  The first walk, I was hoping if left alone, she would eat.  No luck.  Then tried again later and she was pacing like crazy wanting to go with so went back and got her too.  Set on a tree stump for about 40 minutes hoping she would eat.  She would come for attention and then wander around.  Shep never left my side.  He certainly enjoys all the petting.  Once he went over to Heidi's food and I just said "no, that's not yours" and he walked away!  Talk about good dog.  And he is excellent on leash.  Great in the car.  Let me put de-wormer down his throat.   I even felt totally comfortable forcing his mouth open for it.  He does not like the ticks on his face pulled off, but they will fall off by tomorrow from the Frontline anyway (I hope).   Grooming has to be Wednesday.  They are booked.  Shoot.  Oh well.  Not sure when Heidi will be comfortable enough to be groomed.  I was told her mommy was always right by her side during grooming so this will be an emotional challenge for both of us when the time comes. 
    I spent time with Tiya.  Took her for a short walk. I think her leg bothers her so we don't go far.  Then I mended several pair of levis while she watched.  She sure hated to see me leave.  I really hope Heidi will be able to come to the house and Tiya will get along with Shep.  It would make me so happy to know Tiya was not so miserable and alone.  So with a lot of dog walking, dog petting, picture taking, petfinder posting, 3 dog shuffling sessions, I also got about 8 loads of laundry done (last on is in the dryer now), and floors and kitchen cleaned.  Bath is going to feel so good tonight.

3/08/10: Another beautiful morning and day to look forward to.  I am so glad Spring is here, even though not officially.  Since it has not been freezing at night, I leave the gate open into the yard at night.  Something kept them interested all night.  The only ones inside were Charlie and Lacy.  Sweetness made trips back and forth.  Never a sign of the others all night, except for barking.  I could sleep through the barking since it was way up on the hill, 480 feet away.  It was really nice!  I did briefly wake up at 2 am. I shined the spotlight up in that direction and 5 pair of eyes shined back so I was content to go back to sleep.  What was really amazing is that "I" got to wake the dogs up this morning!  
     Heidi is still not eating.  I know she is hungry.  She sniffs the bowl and then walks away.  It is the food she was eating that they sent with her.  Maybe the lady put dog gravy or something on it.  I just don't know but it's obviously wrong the way it is.   They both ignored the Verve (Honest Kitchen stuff).  I've got 3 large boneless chicken breasts cooking right now.  She turns up her nose at the chicken mix I give the others.  Will try straight chicken.  I'm putting a roast in for lunch so will leave off the seasoning so if need be, I'll have some of that to give her.  If she was not so thin already, I would not be as concerned.  Going to take her in for a rabies shot and get some Drontal plus for her today.  If I can't get her to eat the Verve or anything, I can't count on the DE (that I mix in) to do the worming. 
     I'm going to really hint for Loren to make me some gates for each end of the front deck.  That way, we can sit out there this year without have the dogs on leash.  We like to have 2 with us.  With the gates, they can roam around and we can relax rather then getting them untangled constantly.  I think the gates he made a few years ago for an unfinished project may fit with a little addition.  Just not sure how we'll hinge them without taking down a railing.  Toting the welder up a flight of stairs would not be conducive to a happy day. 

3/09/10: Heidi ate yesterday.  Gourmet.  I had some doggie ice pops which is also good as a warm broth.  Poured some over the kibble and chicken and doggie treat freeze dried liver.  It worked for both breakfast and dinner.  I guess this will be the routine until she is more comfortable.  Didn't make it to the vet yesterday, but will today.  I bet she only weighs 55 pounds.  She should be 75.  From what I understand Tish, her mommy was in the hospital for a few weeks before passing away so Heidi's routine has been disrupted for awhile.  That is probably why she is so thin.   Also learned she went everywhere with Tish; store, hair dressers.  As long as the weather was cool, Heidi was with, riding in the passenger seat.  Hopefully she will be comfortable enough to get groomed by weeks end and can move into the house. 
    Rained a bit last night, but no thunder.  It is scheduled to rain the rest of the week.  Darn!  I didn't get those roses cut back yesterday either.  Did get a lot done with the dogs, thanks to Sue's help.  Everybody got long walks.  Tiya also made friends with Sue while I did some kennel cleaning.  Get through this nasty weather week and I'll try to find time to take Tiya to the park for a walk.  She will have opportunity to meet people and other dogs.  Maybe that is what she needs.  I know being alone 90% of the day is sure not advantageous, but I don't have any other options.  Breaks my heart. 

3/10/10:  Out of energy.  Not even 2 pm and feel like a nap.  Walked Heidi and Shep early this morning so Shep would poop before going to the groomers. Heidi came up to the house while Shep was gone.  They both did great.  Heidi met everyone but Zelda.  Sissy got a bit to rambunctious and Heidi snapped but I think it was a misunderstanding.  Sissy does these snappy teeth things as a happy thing and I don't think Heidi understood it that way.   The groomers loved Shep.  He was perfect!  Took pix when we got home.  He looks so pretty.  Took them for another walk and then put them both back in the kennel.  The weather is so great.  The rain got put off until midnight tonight.  Hope that goes away too, but from this wind, I doubt it. 

3/11/10:  No end to the business.  Charlie and Heidi got groomed.  Shep got neutered.   Plus all the typical daily routine.  Sadly only a few of the dogs got walked.  there was just not enough time.  I am going to try to get several more walked before feeding time... oops!  No wonder Sahara is barking at me.  It's 4:23 and I usually feed at 4.  She is not going to let me get away with being late without a reprimand.
   Heidi has a new home effective Saturday when they come get her.  I had several really good applicants, but there was one that was just a really good match.  After several hours on the phone, I knew we were on the same page about fur kids in the family and what she had to offer Heidi was great.  Plus she will only be a few hours away. 
    Guess I best go feed.  Maybe if I still have the energy in an hour, I'll give several short walks.  The weather is so great, I hate to waste any of it inside.

3/12/10: 2 a.m.:  I should have stayed in bed.  I shouldn't have read my email.  Now I won't get back to sleep.  So much for Heidi's adoption.  It went south.  That's ok.  Things happen for a reason.  A better situation awaits her.  I'm just disappointed because they did have a lot to offer Heidi.  I need to do some GSD research as the reason is fuzzy to me. 

3/13/10:  Feel like I am going in slow motion.  Trying to take advantage of tolerable weather for everyone to be walked.  So much easier on the days I have helpers.  Three dogs at a time for me is too much and I can't muster the energy for the extra trips 2 at a time takes. 
    Heidi and Tiya want to be friends and play.  That would be great if I was more certain Tiya would not 'go off'.  They did play together for about 5 minutes under my close supervision.  But Heidi is so eager, I think Tiya took it as a bit of dominance and there was a growl that made me uncomfortable, so I pulled Heidi out before it escalated.  Shep was overwhelmed by Tiya's enthusiasm.  He hid in the dog house.  Once he is healed from the neuter, I feel I can safely put them together.  Everybody just ignores Shep.  He is like Parker, no threat to anyone. 
    Heidi seems to be finding herself.  This is a new experience and she seems to be loving it, to the total dismay of the lazy gang.  Goofy played with her yesterday and totally wore him out.  He had to growl to get her to leave him alone.  She made the efforts again today and he shut her down.  She is hanging close to me like glue since no one will play with her.  Wish the adopter of either Major or Jerry Lee would want a female playmate.  Jerry Lee was totally full of energy.  They would make a great match.  Oh well, the right one will come along.  I just hate to see her get too comfortable and then have her life disrupted with change again.
    Got lunch cooking.  I dumped a 3 pound bag of the chicken that I buy for the dogs, in a pot.  Picked out the 2 best pieces and made African Chicken for us.  Loren said that's pretty bad that I'm feeding him the dogs food!        Guess I'll go spend time with Tiya, take her for a short walk and take her a Kong filled with chicken while the human lunch is simmering.  Wish the weather would warm up a bit and the clouds quit threatening to let loose of a downpour. I'd like to get a few more walks in after lunch and before I feed and then crash for the evening.
hot out of my email: 
Dear Carol,
Just wanted to update you on Emily. I finally found a solution for her allergies, and you were right, it was her dog food!! The Vet told me that all the dog foods were basically the same, and that even if I changed her food ( which I did several times) I wouldn't see a change for 4 months or so. He said she could even be allergic to grass, and that we would never know , so she would have to be on medications when she had symptoms ( all the time). Of course, this meant continued trips to his office ( at $157.00 a pop). The food I changed her to is... a holistic food ... anyway in the first 10 days there was a noticeable change in Emily's coat and biting, inflammation etc. She is now in beautiful coat, has stopped scratching and biting and her skin has returned to a normal hue. She has gained weight (90#) , her eye color is now white instead of red, she has more energy and is a happy girl, plus she and Duncan really love it and they eat it all, so there is no waste. They love the fish and sweet potatoes and also the chicken and brown rice.  I know this sounds like a commercial, but just wanted ... to say thanks ... again for all the wonderful work you do and for letting us adopt this wonderful companion.
Sincerely,   Carolyn H
3/15/10:  Seems I am on the go from dawn to night.  It's 10:34 pm and I just made the rounds of ear cleaning.  Some ran and hid, but got the ones with the habitual problems.  Started off the day walking Shep and Heidi.  It has become habit to walk them before I feed them.  Poop scooping may be easier and less time consuming, but I need the exercise and they enjoy the walk and not soiling their kennel.  After everyone eats, they come up to the house for the day.  I did deviate yesterday.  I put Tiya and Heidi together for a little while.  I was tense and I know they could feel it, so it was brief but went well.  Heidi get a bit overbearing, wanting to play, and Tiya was getting annoyed, so I ended it while everyone was still friends.  I switched dogs and Shep and Tiya stayed together for about an hour.  She wanted to play.  He hid in his dog house.  She went in the dog house with him.  I watched from the window and could tell Shep was quite depressed.  So I took Tiya for a walk, gave her a Kong and put her back at the shop.  Just didn't have the energy for another try at it today but will tomorrow. 
      Had a dentist app. at 9:40.  He moved and I had a heck of a time finding the right place.  Was home by 10:40.  Bear and Chipi had kept Loren company.  About noon I switched everybody.  I was afraid Heidi would go over the gate to get to the side she is use to. (Heidi didn't get adopted after all).   If you are a dog, being uninvited with Bear is not a good idea unless you roll over on your back and beg for your life.  He decides who shares his space where ever he is. 
     Sue came at 1:00 and we walked dogs.  She spent time with Tiya.  Tiya needs it so much and I am glad Tiya is warming to her.  Her adventure with Jason is just that; an adventure.  She said some days she is tempted to bring him back (she is fostering him for me).  He has a favorite area rug.  She would not mind it being his, but he takes interest in the others too.  And he rolls himself up in the curtains.  He re-arranges the sofa cushions.  Thank god he has not chewed on them.  He's bored with the toys I sent.  He is just a busy boy in need of an active family, kids who are home schooled and a big county yard to run off energy in.
     I'm going to go look at a Komondor tomorrow.  Loren clammed up when I mentioned it.  He is seething quietly.  I have 2 people looking to adopt one, so it is certainly something I need to do.  Besides, it is about the only breed that has no listings on petfinder.  Just listing her will bring people to my list and help the other dogs get seen.  Also waiting in the wings is Thor, Soda and Betsy.  If I get some help, I can go get them.  I don't know how I can give them each the time they need if I don't.  Just getting overwhelmed and feel so helpless.  Too many dogs and not enough families to go around. 
3/16/10:  Loren went fishing....Good!   He said Tiya kept him awake all night, but it was not her.  Don't know what neighbor has the dog but it barks all night and sounds like it is coming from Tiya.  I snuck out several times and it was not her.  I could hear the other dog.  Bear barks all night, but he is the other direction.  They each have to have the last word.  Having the music on and getting a lot of exercise since the weather makes it possible, I have been getting pretty decent amounts of sleep, just not always during the same time frame or in succession.  
     Evening:  Morning got hectic, as usual.  Went out and took pictures of Shiloh  A real Zelda look alike.  A bit smaller, but then she is not quite 1 year old.  Loren said I can bring her home.  Set up to pick her up Friday morning early and then straight to the groomers.  Will have her spayed Tuesday.  Got to figure out where to put her.  Shep can come to the house and Thor will go in with Heidi.  May have to put her in the garage kennel and just let her out with the 'guys'.  I can guarantee Zelda will take issue with her.  She barely tolerates Sahara any more.  She blocks the door so the others can't come in if she gets in first. She is just getting grumpy and am at a loss why.  Done ever physical test possible.  Last night she was blocking the 'in' and Sissy was on the outside blocking 'out'.  Can't have that or the ones stuck outside would bark and the ones stuck inside... well, I'd be cleaning up in the morning.  No wonder I get so little sleep.  I'm always refereeing. 
     Nancy came and everybody got a walk.  I put an ad on trading post for volunteers and got a call.  Yeah!!  My goal is 3 hours of help a day.  The dogs need that socialization and meeting different people.  Especially Tiya.  And having someone to walk with makes the miles go so much easier.  I get tempted to advertise "Free weight loss program.  Improve your health and lose those unwanted pounds.  Great socialization and continued canine encouragement.  Come walk a dog."
     Loren says 'absolutely not' on puppies.  Bear would be so happy!!  And Chipi could come over on this side because Bear would be busy being daddy.  Got to figure something out on Soda and Betsy.  I sure thought I'd have good applicants for them right away.  I said I would take them as soon as I get their second round of puppy shots in them so I know I'm not bringing in Parvo or anything.  Got less then 2 weeks to figure it out.  Don't think I could hide them but would if I could.  Ugh!

3/18/10:  You can tell the weather has been nice.  A lot less computer time and a lot more dog time.  Loren helped walk dogs yesterday so everybody got a turn.  Nancy will be here today for that. 
     Two quiet nights.  Took me a few years, but finally a solution.  Inconvenient one, but still a solution.  I think the neighbors got tired of hearing theirs bark too so that helped.  First I need to explain my house.  My bedroom has 2 entry points.  One through the kitchen and the other through the 'dog room' which use to be a sewing room.  The feeding chart shows it best.  Bear and Chipi come in the bedroom and Bear gets on the bed with me.  Sahara, however is very protective and barks for 15 straight minutes.  She can't protect me.  I assure her repeatedly that Bear will not eat me.  She settles down.  Bear stays on the bed until he gets too hot which is about midnight.  He goes out to his room.  I shoo Chipi out and close both the dog room doors.  Then I let the others in from the kitchen.  After they are all assured I am in good shape, they settle in for the night, Sweetness and Sissy replacing Bear on the bed.  With Bear happy for his special time and not outside relaying messages between Tiya and all the neighbor dogs, it is quiet for the most part.   If the exchange goes smoothly, I can usually go back to sleep.  If I have to go hunting Parker or Goofy, then I am usually up until 3 or 4 a.m. before I go back to bed.  That is, of course, unless Sahara notices my absence from her presence.  She comes into the computer room and barks until I go back to bed.  So much for last night and the revelation.  Today: later.  Dogs await.
     Night:  Well, I was in bed but the neighbor dog is obviously out.  I went outside the check to be sure it was not Tiya.  Unless she is a ventriloquist, it wasn't her.  Hate dozing off for half a minute and then wide awake.
     Tiya and Heidi played for hours today.  I got a few minutes on video and will upload it tomorrow and attach the link.  Too big to take up space here at 117 megs.  I have totally mis-read Tiya.  I feel so bad, but she did attack Jason and Sandy just out of the blue months ago.  Or at least I didn't see why.  This will make both our lives so much better.  Now I just have to hope Thor will fit in the relationship.  He is young. 
     Goofy has pushed Shep a bit too far.  Shep is beginning to retaliate with subtly growls.  I put him in the garage kennel while we ran to town as didn't want to come home to a disaster.  My plan to keep him at the house just went out the window and into the yard.  I want to try Shiloh with Bear so Chipi can be on this side.  It does work although a bit tense.  Much let thought, then when a fence separates them.   But now what to do with Shep?  With the fencing I have and 10 kennel panels my neighbor wants to sell me, I could put up another 40 x 40 or bigger but I promised Loren I wouldn't.  But that was last year... This is this year.  How long does a promise have to last??  I still need to get the puppies too, but that was this years issue.  The puppies would make Bear so happy.  I love to see him with puppies.  He is happier with them then even in the house with me or going for a walk.  They are females so they would not outgrow his admiration and tolerance.
    It has been quiet so guess I'll try again to go to sleep.  Need to be up extra early to be to Yellville by 8:30 to pick up Shiloh. 

3/20/10:   got this video up of Tiya and Heidi playing.  It's a bit long, but I still have not learned the editing software.  Tiya has been spending every day with Heidi and having a great time.  They get along so well.  Tiya still wants her bed in the shop at night, and that's ok, but first thing every morning, she is excited to visit her new friend.  I was so wrong about Tiya.  Just makes me feel so terrible.  I should look at it like 2 failed marriages (the 2 dogs she fought with) and then finally the third is a winner.
    Shiloh is something else!  I have never had a dog that just moved right in without so much as a second look from the others.  Even Zelda ignores her.  Maybe she thinks she is looking at herself at that age.  They definitely looked identical at 1 year old.  Shiloh is very clingy to me, even getting up the courage to come through the doggie door on her own.  I didn't teach her.  She stood outside scratching at the glass and trying to figure out how to find me.  She is doing really good on the "in" direction, but total failure on the "out".  This girl is a winner.  Another great dog, now where are the great adopters. 
     Loren said 'no more kennels' so I had a brainstorm.  We have a 15' x 30' by the house that I rarely use because it is between Bears yard and the rest of the others yard.  So if a dog is in there they don't know, it is fence fighting or barking.  "Thus, I am not adding a kennel, I am just moving one!!!  We have this corner that is really convenient.  It is far enough from the house that barking will not be too loud, yet perfect view of it from the computer room.  A lot of Oak and Cedar and day long shade.  It's a little sloped, but rain would run off well.  I spent about 2 hours of hard labor out there yesterday clearing in of the small trees and vines.  I think I can make a 50' x 40' or bigger yard for dogs.   Because of the trees, I can use fencing we already have and just use the kennel panels on opposite ends so I will have gates.  They won't have shelter from a storm, other then 3 igloo dog houses, but I can figure something out.  Maybe someone will donate a used carport. I may need to swap some stuff with a neighbor who has 10 kennel panels that have been just leaning against a tree for 2 years.  I offered to buy them (back when money was not so tight) and he said fine, but then he had to go do a tour in Iraq and his wife never answers the door or my messages.  He's back, so I need to try again.  

3/21/10:  Buckets of rain and no one is going outside.  So much for cleaning up the house. Such a waste of a day.  Laundry is about the only thing that is worth doing.
    Shiloh is glue.  She stayed in the bedroom with me all night.  I took her out at 1:00 am to potty, then she was right back in as close to me as she could get.  This morning I tried to keep her in the kennel for breakfast but before I had everyone fed, she had 'broke out' and was back in the house.  Good thing everybody ignores her.  They are just passive. 
    My favorite people for Heidi are adopting her.  I had a lot of choices, but after them, no one was as perfect for her as they were.  I had been dragging my feet on anyone else.  I just had this nagging feeling to hold off.  Trust the instincts.  Only sad thing is Tiya finally made a friend and now Heidi will be leaving tomorrow.  Be nice if Tiya and Shiloh would get along, but I'm sure Shiloh would open the gate and they both would be off playing where they did not belong.
    No dog shuffling today.  I hate that.  Feel so sorry for the ones who don't get personal time.  Hopefully tomorrow will be nice as predicted.

3/22/10 - 3:53 a.m.:  How do you potty train a dog?  First you take it outside in the pouring rain just before dark.  Walk around in the yard for 20 minutes being sure to get soaked.  Settle for a pee, praise "good pee", come in dry off the dog and then dry off yourself.  Wake up at 11:30 p.m. to go pee yourself.  Walk around the house to be sure there are no 'accidents'.  Since there are none, take the dog outside, walk a little ways from the porch light in the pouring rain and wait 20 minutes while she looks up at you like you are stupid for standing in the dark in the rain.  Give up and come in, dry off the dog.  Dry off yourself.   Wake up to go pee yourself at 3:27 a.m.  Check the house for accidents.  Take the dog outside, in the pouring rain, and walk quite a distance from the house.  Watch as the dog gets more and more obscure in the dark.  Luckily with a white dog, you can still see a light spot from a hundred yards away.  You know she is watching you and if you head back to the house, out of the pouring rain, she will not do her duty, but come running to find you.  After all, you have become her savior and best friend.  Finally the white spot in the darkness is stationary for a minute or two.  Did she poop?  Must have. She is on the move again.  As she vanishes completely from human sight (although I'm sure she could still see you), you take your chances and head for cover on the porch.  You'd like to go inside and wait in the light of the kitchen, but she is out there in the rain!  She is getting soaked!  "Shiloh, you can come in now.  Come Shiloh.  Good potty."   And you wonder: should you distinguish between poop and pee or just call it all 'potty'?  Finally you retreat into the house, standing in the open door.  She comes running.  You praise her, she responds by wanting to play.  Since Zelda is 'too close' to the door, it takes some convincing that it is 'safe' to come back in.  You dry her off.  You dry yourself off.  Same towel.  What the hell.  She follows you to the computer room where you save your experience in a blog and then go back to bed. 
Evening: The day went great for the most part.  Heidi's people are terrific.  They have already called and the introductions to the other dogs went great.  Sounds like they are all going to be good friends.  Shep has been a bit lonesome, but he was not much for playing anyway.  He stayed alone with us until feeding time.  Just curled up by the door and went to sleep.  He and Tiya are still sharing space.  Hopefully Thor won't come, but if he does I hope he and Tiya will get along.  I do want to keep Shep at the house full time.  I'll just have to work on his and Goofy's conflict.
     Loren got the tractor out and worked on the new kennel area.  It is just still too wet.  Maybe by Wednesday.  I sure want to get it set up. 
     Shiloh seems to like Bears side, but Bear was not there.  I had shuffled them around.   She seemed less demanding.  Hopefully she is just starting to feel secure.  I'll screw that all up tomorrow when I take her in to be spayed.  The lady for Heidi just fell in love with her looks.  Shiloh is irresistible.   And she is as silly as Goofy.  A real personality. 
     The only bad thing today was a stray dog.  It has been running lose for several years.  About 75 pounds, intact male.  He is sweet but his comings and goings made it hard for me to walk my dogs.  I was out with Bear, Chipi and Sweetness when it just came out of the forest onto the road behind us.  It meant no harm, but Bear will just not tolerate other males, even from 40 feet away.  He went ballistic and since he could not get to the other dog, took it out on Chipi.  It was all I could do to hold back over 250 pounds of dogs.  The other dog just stood there looking confused.  Finally Bear heeded the 'leave it' command but seemed like forever.  Since the dog kept following us, I had to turn into our lower driveway and take them back to the yard.  I felt bad they did not get  real walk.  I'm just glad it was me with them and not one of my dog walkers.  Anyway, I drove around looking for it as it had a tag hanging on it's collar.  I know the owner does not care, but the county does (a little, anyway)  I don't want any harm to come to the fella, but he needs a fenced yard.
    It's getting dark and Tiya is telling me it's time to go to the shop.  I really want her to adjust to the kennel for the summer.  She has so much more outside room.

3/23/10:  Shiloh is being spayed this morning.  I feel so sad for her.  She was so confused.  She did not want to leave the yard.  She did not want to get in the car or out.  She was so scared in the vet office.  She weighs 53.6 pounds.  Less then I thought.  She should be about 10 pounds heavier but she is a chow hound, so it will get there.  I'm feeding her 3 x a day so it will digest better and make the weight come on healthier.
     Thor may work out at his new home.  Had a nice conversation with his new person.  I hope I made some helpful suggestions. 
     Addendum: A lovely lady and her adult daughter and friend came to volunteer to walk the dogs.  I really enjoyed and appreciated them.  Since Nancy had come earlier, they all got 2 walks.  Just hope they don't think this is an every day thing now.  Both Chipi and Tiya did pretty well considering these were strangers.  They both need to meet more people. 
     I picked up Shiloh about 4:30.  She definitely wanted out of there and 'being on leash' was no longer an issue.  Kelly brought her from the back and Shiloh headed straight for the door, practically dragging Kelly behind.  I said 'keep going' and I ran to the door and then to the car door.  Getting in the car took a bit of effort, but nothing like the trip earlier going there.  She was coming home and there was no stopping her.  She did pout a good part of the evening.  She was also a bit apprehensive about getting to close to me if I had a leash in my hand.  She went in and out a lot.  Not sure why.
     Irene's' adopter called and Irene and Greta the Saint are not getting along. Hopefully my suggestions will work.  Irene always was a bit alpha and took advantage of the Saint because she is younger and WAS smaller.  Well, Greta grew up and I assume just decided she had had enough bullying.  
3/24/10:  Another lady came today to help.  She could not walk the dogs, but she helped a lot with cleaning and filling the water, cutting up the dogs chicken and bagging it and a few other dog chores.  She is retired and just stays home with her 2 dogs so she enjoyed conversation and I enjoyed and appreciated having her.  The weather was great again but I just did not have the energy to walk them all.  Shiloh had got closed in and peed on the rug so I had steam cleaning to do.  Most of the rest of the day was spent outside with the dogs. I had to keep an eye on Shep and Goofy.  They are not real friendly with each other.  Nothing more then little growls and those 'looks' they give each other, but I have to monitor it.  I was not able to get Chipi over to play with them as Bear was always right at the door or gate.  She sure wants to be part of this pack. 
    I have an applicant for Shiloh.  Just too tired to look it over today.  Will tomorrow.  Spoke with her on the phone yesterday and it sounds good.  They know Komondors but not Pyrs.  Shiloh would be easy, for sure.  They are in MD.  I think they live near Nellie, the Komondor/Pyr I adopted out a few years ago.
    I sure wish I'd get some foster homes.  I want to get the puppies over here.

3/26/10:  I lost yesterday.  I think it must have melted away from all the rain.  Today is really nice but have not been outside to enjoy it much yet.  It's noon and Shep and Tiya have both had 2 walks, but not gotten to the others yet.  I'm mad at the rest of them.  Barking and arguing all night.  One of them threw up twice.  Luckily the lurching woke me up but by the time I got my eyes pried open, I did not see who was sick.  Charlie had peed all over his blanket by my side of the bed, which I managed to step on barefoot.  Drug 3 loads of blankets into the laundry and got one load started.  Mopped the areas.  Stepped in the tub to run water over my feet to wash them off.  By now I'm wide awake, having only gotten about 20 minutes sleep.
    Noticed Goofy was unaccounted for. Twice I went outside to find him.  He was in the garage on the mattress.  I coaxed him in and then he was back out later.  Tried again about 2:00 a.m., but he was not going to come in so I finally went back to bed and did finally fall asleep. 
     Elnor, a volunteer, came to help.  She had come Wednesday also.  She can't walk the dogs, but helped by washing dog dishes, folding dog blankets I had finished washing and cleaned and filled all the water.  She also spent some quality time with Tiya, which is really important.  While she petted Tiya, I mopped the shop/store floor.  Since Tiya is not staying in the shop anymore, I needed to get it clean to open next weekend.  I managed to dump the mop bucket  and spill a gallon of dirty water all over the floor.  I was trying to get it over the doorway threshold and when it started to tip, it just kept going.  At least most of the water... well, what water did not go in my shoe and all over my pant leg... did go in the other room and not the room I had just mopped.  I left what was in the bucket for Loren to dump.  Hopefully he can get it in the sink this time.  Elnor is pretty religious so I hope she wasn't too offended with the words that slipped out of my mouth when the water went cascading all over.
     So today:  12 waters to fill, 11 poops to scoop, 10 pairs of ears to clean,  9 dogs to walk, 8 blankets to wash, 7 coats to brush, 6 pills to give, 5 rugs to steam clean, 4 rooms to mop, 3 sliding glass doors to Windex, 2 dogs to groom and 1 ...... No there is never one of anything to do.... on second thought... one nap to take... mine! 

3/27/10:  It is COLD!  Will get warm, but only after it starts to rain.  Wind is really howling.  Did get Shep and Tiya's morning walk done before the wind hit 25mph.  Was just 30 degrees and 10 mph then.   Have to go to the store, (supplements and preventatives for the dogs, milk for us) but sure not enthusiastic about going out. 
     Looking down at the kennel, I see Tiya has drug all the blankets and outdoor carpet out from under the carport.  She likes to lay in the sun, which there is the smallest hints of right now.  They will get soaked again this afternoon.  They just got dry from a few days ago.  I have yet to teach the dog to put things back where they got them.  Oh well, these guys are better behaved then many children.  
    Bear is gnawing a Nylabone in the living room.  Chipi was gnawing the blanket that covers the area rug in the kitchen.   Scent of one of the other dogs on it, I guess.  She has never done that before.  She is now gnawing a Nylabone too.  The one she was laying on while chewing the blanket.  I'll have to do the dog switch here in half an hour. 
    Sissy is outside on the deck.  I walked her too far yesterday and she is struggling.   She shared my pillow last night as usual.  I can tell she is not feeling good in any respect.  I think the pain meds have caused stomach problems.  She threw up night before last and yesterday several times.  Took her off them and she was ok last night.  Checked with the vet and said they could have caused problems since she has been on them over a year.  Guess I'll just double the DGP even though she is far past the mild arthritic stage.  I worry about her, but she is getting up there in age for her breed.  Three more years tops. 
     Shiloh was working her way onto the bad last night, ever so subtly.  First her head for me to pet, then came one paw.  Then the other.  Then stretching her upper body as far as she could with hind feet still on the floor.  Had to draw the line.  It may not be acceptable at her forever home.  I was tempted though.  She is such a love bug.  Don't think Sissy and Sweetness would have been too happy and I would of had to instantly shrink to make room. 
 Lesson of the day:  You've heard the words in that song "Don't spit in to the wind"?  Well, when you go shopping, "Don't park into the wind."  It is better to have the trunk lid ripped off it's hinges then come crashing down on your head!  Trust me on this one.  Barely got rid of one lump (from losing my balance vacuuming) now I have a much larger one to contend with and one gawd awful headache.

3/28/10:  What a 25 hour roller coaster.  Last night the thunderstorm.  I had fed and closed the dogs out while the weather was still nice.  Got sidetracked and forgot to open the doggie door.  After a few rumbles, I said "Gee, wonder why the dogs are not in here?"  Got up to check and realized they couldn't get in.  Everyone came barreling in but Parker.  He was missing.  He is terrified of thunder.  Last time he got on our bed and tried to burrow under the covers.  We grabbed the car keys and took off looking for him.  Not a clue how long he had been gone.  I was so mad at myself for forgetting the door.  Poor guy.  We drove for about 10 minutes and then I had Loren drop me off at the house and he got the cell phone.  I'd stay by the phone in case someone found him.  I checked on Bear and Chipi to be sure they were accounted for.  The empty crate caught my attention.  I did not remember putting a white blanket in it.  I usually put gold or blue in those out there.  It was so fluffed up.  It was totally weird.  I went out there and looked in.  To my total amazement, there was Parker curled into the smallest ball.  And Bear was not bothering him!!!  I was so proud of Bear.  He normally would attack any male dog in his space, but he was in the other crate, just laying there.  I coaxed Parker out and into the kitchen and called Loren that Parker was found.  24 hours later, I am still in awe that Bear let him be.  And I have no clue how he got over on that side. 
    Then today was just full of the doldrums.  No energy.  Only did what I absolutely had to do.  Could not muster the energy to steam clean the rest of the rugs.  All I did was switch dogs so Shep and Tiya had 3 hours with us, and Bear and Chipi, had 3 hours.  Then Sue called.  She wanted to walk dogs today as she would be out of town tomorrow.  And she was at her breaking point with Jason.  I was surprised she lasted as long as she did fostering him.  He is a young person dog, so full of puppy energy and mischievousness.  So Jason is back.  I can't put him with Tiya. plus Shep and Goofy are at odds.  Jason will not work with Goofy either.  So Shep and Tiya are staying put in the big kennel.  Jason is in the garage kennel where he was before, sans mattress, just blankets and a rug.  I let him run the property for awhile with Parker and Shiloh.  I'd like to put Shiloh with Jason, but she is an escape artist.  Jason figures out enough on his own without her teaching him to escape.   He is put up now and every time the dogs go by his kennel, they fence fight.  We have got to get that other kennel up ASAP or I will get no sleep at all.  Jason will be such a great dog in the right family.  He just needs something to do and someone with a lot of energy to play with: human or dog.

3/30/10: Lost another day.  But I made up for it today.  I have went non-stop since 7:30 this morning.  It's now 11 pm.  Bear and Chipi are closed in.  Chipi was the bark culprit.  Tiya is also closed in, down at the shop.  Hated to move her and hated to close her in (I may have cleaning up in the morning) but Loren got no sleep last night.  It's a full moon and for 4 days they just don't shut up.  I was so exhausted last night, that I slept through the barking.  I should be tonight too, but nerves are taking hold.  Anyway, I spent several hours cleaning my fountains only to have the one not function properly.  I'll need to take the water ring apart again and put bleach through it to get it unclogged from the hard water residue.  Pulled weeds out of the flower bed.  They grow so much more plentiful then the flowers. Also raked up the small front area and Loren burned the leaves.  Nancy and Deb, her daughter we stayed with in Colorado, came down to walk dogs.  We made 4 or 5 trips.  Parker got walked twice.  Even Sahara and Shiloh got walked.  Shiloh needs it a bunch if she is going to survive transport to MD.  Need a car ride for her tomorrow.  She's not a food enthusiast so not sure what treat will await for her ride.  She needs to know the car does not always mean groomer or vet.   Deb will be down tomorrow with her husband to introduce him to Shep.  Quite a few good people applying for him, but I know Deb, know her home and yard and her other dog.  So will just see. 
    I hear a noise that does not sound good.  Off to bed and hope I don't have damage control before I get there.

3/31/10:  Jason and Shiloh have had so much fun playing.  Seems like every time I get a dog that really enjoys a long term one, the new one goes fast.  Poor Jason and Tiya.  They are both such good dogs.  Just the people interested in them have not been right for them.  Will most likely be picking up a 1 yr old female Pyr today.  I called last week but they didn't get my message so called again.  The puppies are gone.  I had people looking for puppies.  Soda and Betsy were listed for several weeks and then just all of a sudden in 2 days I get 6 people wanting one or the other.   I also now have a list of people wanting a dog like Heidi.  Must be the spring weather.  More later.....
    Evening: Shep has a new family.   Deb and Jack came down and took Shep for a walk.   He was being a stinker, but they loved him anyway.  Dogs just know.  It's as if it is their way of saying, "I like it here.  I don't want to leave, so I will show these others some bad behavior."   It's tough, but I can't keep them all.  Some are way harder to part with them others.  Shep is hard, but having met Deb this past fall and spending 4 days at her home in Colorado, I know what a great dog person she is and know Shep will have a wonderful life.  Much more then he would have here sharing attention with a bunch of others.  Hard too, is not having time to adjust to the thought of him leaving.  He went with them to spend the night.  She called before bed to say how great he was.  How he went off and laid down while they ate dinner.  Didn't beg food.  Didn't bother Mitsy, Nancy's Min. Doxie.  He really showed what a great dog he is.  They leave tomorrow at 8 am for home.  Probably best for him if they don't stop for me to say good bye. 

4/01/10:  I swear this is the longest span of a full moon in the history of the universe.  The darn thing has been there from sunset to sunrise for 4 nights!!!  It is like it is attached overhead by a pole.  At least exhaustion let me sleep a few nights ago, but will need that exhaustion again or the damn moon to go brighten up China or somewhere else.  5 a.m. and they stopped barking...finally.  Sissy is the worst offender when it is the moon.  No moon, and Bear barks all night, but Bear goes farther away.  Sissy is louder and much of the time will lay right on the deck, 20 feet from my bed.  Maybe I should take advantage of the 'quiet hour' and go back to bed... if they left me room.. Evening:  Another exhausting day.  I was outside raking leaves when Deb & Jack went by with Shep.  They stopped.  Shep kissed me and then wanted out.  I wanted to cry!  I will really miss him but they can give him so much special time and love.  Another very special boy like Matsu.  Shadow is visiting until Monday.  She is unsure down in the kennel with Jason.  I will bring them up tomorrow.  Not enough energy to make re-introductions.  They only one she does not know is Shiloh, but Zelda is already feeling cramped, so that is where the problem may be.  Deal with it tomorrow.  Nancy came and we walked all the dogs.  Made the mistake of taking Bear, Chipi and Sweetness first.  Sweetness and Chipi pull.  I was turned weird when Sweetness lunged and pain really hit my shoulder.  No popping noises, but it's still a bit sore.  I was tired before I even got to the second bunch.  Went out and took pictures of a "Shepherd".  Didn't figure it was, but cute dog.  "Ace" is now a courtesy listing.  One of those 1 in 10,000 chances, but I'll give it my best shot.  Won't get out to see the female Pyr until Tuesday as no where to put her until Shadow leaves.  What I need is a "guaranteed to get along with Tiya" dog.   There is a found, needing a home young male Pyr in Rogersville so I emailed. 
    Early, but I'm ready for a shower and an evening snack.   I just hope that damn moon does not show up tonight so I can have some quiet.

4/02/10:  Thump-thump-thump.......thump-thump.....swish- swish.....thump-thump...  Midnight.  I know it's not Sweetness's tail as she is on the bed with me sound asleep.  All the dogs are outside except Shiloh.  She looks up at me with a tennis ball in her mouth!  Guess she was bored and decided to play ball all by herself.  What a goofus.  Since I was now awake, she chose me over the ball.  I went back to bed and petted her while she rested her head on the bed.  Other then that it was so quiet last night.  Clouds covered the moon and the temp was perfect dog degrees so everyone enjoyed the outside.
     A little adjustment going on with Shadow.  Elnor let the dogs in before I had a chance to do the intros so poor Shadow freaked.  Just some growling, but no major catastrophes.  I've had her in and out but rain is heading this way so all are in.  Carol N. said she is uncomfortable with storms but not freaked out so her and Jason can stay in the garage kennel tonight.  Thirteen dogs in the house at night is just too many.  Eleven, I can handle.
   Just got a call from Deb.  They just got home with Shep and he did great.  They have a Pomeranian and it thinks they brought Shep for her as a present.  She is in love! 

4/03/10:  Thunder storm.  Poor Parker.  Poor me!  He jumped on the bed and laid all across the pillows.  I laid parallel with him and Sissy and Sweetness laid perpendicular. He got down a few times and then back up.  When he was down, I centered myself so he could get back up on either side he chose.  Sometimes he was trying to hide behind the toilet or in the cubby hole between the dresser and the corner and the chair.  I laid him out a bed there in the corner and he stayed on it awhile.  Every time a boom, he would run to another place so it was a never ending cycle.  Poor fella. 
     No one was overjoyed with the storm.  Besides the 3 on the bed, I had Charlie on one side and Zelda on the other.  Shiloh, Shadow, Jason and Sahara were on the rug at the foot of the bed.  Even with the storm, it was darn hot in that room!  Goofy was in the living room.   Bear and Chipi right up against the door.  Tiya was in the kennel.  The shop echoes sound, so under the carport in the dog house was less unnerving then in the shop.
    It is obvious we had a lot of rain again.  All the clean white dogs are mud again.  Shadow will need a bath Monday before Carol N. picks her up.  They will self clean, but not that quickly considering the amount of mud they have on them.  So much for the mopped floors yesterday morning.  Wish Shadow was no so camera shy.  She runs every time I get the camera out. 
    Weather is beautiful today but too muddy to get the outdoor things done that need done.  I am fighting a losing battle to get the new kennel ready.  Until we can get the tractor in there to make the ground smooth with a slight decline, it is just a mud bog.  I've raked leaves and stirred up every little critter that can jump, crawl or fly to bit me.  It will be a great kennel if we can ever get the weather to cooperate long enough to get it done.
   Evening:  The day got long.  Been trying for over a week to see how Thor is working out.  My calls were finally returned this afternoon.  The original owner is meeting the 'adopters' and getting Thor back, then bringing him to Harrison.  Loren is over there now waiting to meet them.  Tiya will have someone to play with... I hope.  And if they don't get along, Tiya will be back in the shop.  Geeze, this better go well.  I've got to get that other kennel up.  I can move the one I have, but hate to do it twice.  Plus without putting up regular fencing to compliment it, it would be awfully small.  Can't leave it where it is.  I have learned that if dogs are separated where they can still see each other and then later introduced, it just will not work.  At least with LGDs.  They need to meet and greet the first time they see each other.  Put a fence between them and its war.   I don't know what has everyone wired, but the barking has started really early.  Just too many bodies.  Shadow will go Monday and Shiloh a week from Monday.  Two coming to replace them. So much for reducing numbers. 

4/04/10:  Thor & Tiya are getting along great.  I put her with him after they ate breakfast.  I had to refill both ice chests and the wading pool.  Thor was either enormously thirsty or dumped them and put them back exactly as they had been.  He was really hungry also.  He is thin and small.  Blowing coat so needs a good brushing.  A tomorrow project.  So are pictured.  Tried to get some from the window but didn't turn out.  As long as they are having a good time, I don't want to interrupt it with my presence.  Loren is fishing.  He will be home before I go to Betty's for afternoon brunch.  I wish he would come with, but it is a lot of dogs to leave 2 new ones on their own. 
    I switched them around this morning and Bear is in here with me.  White dogs are not all white.  There is a good size mud puddle about a foot deep and all but Goofy and Parker have played in it.  The rest are really a mess.  They were drinking it too.  GRRR!  But no way to cover it up.  Four clean chests of fresh water and they prefer mud!  The day is beautiful but they are all inside now.  Drying out, I guess.

4/05/10:  We missed spring.  It went from rain to full blown hot!  In just 2 days both the redbuds and dogwoods went into full bloom.  So did the pollen count.  Everything is yellow or green powder covered.  Allergies are in full bloom too.  One little Benadryl will sap my energy for 24 hours.  Dread paying a fortune for my prescription, but may have to.  I wanted to work on the kennel, but still a mud bog.  Afraid when it's dry enough to get out there, it will be really hard to smooth out the ruts from the tractor, but go out now and it will just make more.  Not ready to accept that it may not be meant to be.  It's a great location. 
     Shiloh did great on leash going to the vet this morning.  I've been walking her lots with the others, but this was her first 'alone' walk.  She did good and got in the car quite nicely.  We were at the vets quite awhile.  Got her stitches out and her health certificate to travel next week.  Her temp was slightly elevated.  Ugh!  Another $55 for blood work and into my previously purchased stash of Doxy.  Just when I am close to breaking even on a dog.   Never happened yet and I suppose it never will.  The unwritten law of rescue. 
    Got Thor shed out and got some good pix I will post tomorrow.   He understands 'sit, stay,  down and heel.  He may know more.  He is a bit rusty on them, but if I keep at it, he will settle back in.  I don't bother with the others (other then 'sit, leave it, and off), but since he already knows them, I want to keep that.   I need to give him as much time as I did Shep.  He is a real people dog.  So glad he and Tiya play. 
     Everybody got a walk when Sue came.  She is going to change to evening in hopes it will be less hot.  Her mornings are committed.  Most everybody got brushed too.  I was going to give Shadow a bath before Carol N came to get her, but ran out of time.  Sue had brushed her out really good, so she didn't look too bad.  Just before she got picked up, Sweetness went after her.  I dumped the water chest on them.  It was not Shadows doing but Sweetness had hold of her so no way to avoid getting both wet.  I just don't know what is going on with Sweetness.  This is not an alpha or jealousy thing.  Zelda is so darn grouchy too, but hers is all verbal. I put her in the shop for a 'time out'.  It seems to work. 

4/06/10:  They were so good come 10:00 pm last night.  I got 5 hours sleep.  My body is so un-use to that much.  So is my bladder!  It's 4:30 a.m. and I'd still be asleep if the stupid 'emergency broadcast network' hadn't run it's test on my easy listening channel.  I got it turned off before it got the dogs going.  Got my email caught up, so guess I'll go back to bed before Sahara misses me and starts loudly demanding that I do.
    Daylight:  The dogs will stay occupied.  The whole road in front of our house is being torn up.  Got notice yesterday.  They will tear out the asphalt and put in gravel.  Then we get to wait a year before they will resurface it.  It has to 'settle'.  Give me a break.  I may not be an engineer, but I'm not an idiot either.  It is an election year for our county judge.  If he loses, we may never get the road re-done.  Is this a ploy for votes?  Not going to work for me.  Just decided the opponent will get my vote no matter who it is.  
     Not sure where we will walk dogs with all the loud equipment out there.

4/07/10:  I thought the dogs brought in dust.  Boy what a mess with the road tore up and will have to put up with it for a year.  At least the dogs won't be on a guilt trip.   Several calls today from people volunteering to help with the dogs.  Also several calls with interest in Thor.  Not sure if any will be acceptable.  Just wait and see when/if I get the applications.    I also get calls on dogs that have been adopted.  I didn't know when I leave my 'export listings' on petfinder, it even goes to an eBay site!!  Problem is the other sites don't seem to update very often. 
   Worked on the kennel area.  Was burning leaves and the wind kicked up so had to stop feeding the fire. I raked until there was no more room.  Came up and showered and of course now it is as calm as can be!  Loren is afraid the area is going to be a maintenance nightmare.  He might be right, but I don't have any other options without putting it on the side by the house where it can be seen from the road.  He hated when it was there and I was not fond of it there either. 

4/08/10:  Well, I just spoiled someone's day.  Unintentionally.  She lied on her application for a dog.   I don't know if she thought I would not check or if it was out of ignorance.  When I tried to educate her by sending links on heartworm, intestinal parasites and communicable diseases in dogs, some of which can also be transmitted to humans, she sent me a really nasty email.  I won't adopt to (1) a person who lies (2) a person who does not have their current dog on any preventatives and is very lapse on immunizations (3) throws a temper tantrum when questioned.  I didn't bother to respond.  I was not ruling her out until the tantrum.  Some people are just uneducated about caring for a dog.  I'm all for someone who is willing to learn and improve.  All she would have had to do was say, "I didn't know.  I'll read up on it and be sure I get my dog to the vet."   Oh well, I still have plenty of applicants for the dog to sift through.  And if none of them are right, he'll be here until the right one does come along. 
     Beautiful day out but the breeze is blowing all that torn up road dust right at the house.  Nancy was choking this morning while we walked the dogs.  The dust is really bad.  The whole thing reminds me of the person who paints themselves into a corner.  That is the way this road destruction is going.  Instead of starting at the back roads, they started at the front.  The gravel is so slick, the dump trucks can hardly get traction.  One almost went into the ditch as Nancy and I watched on Tuesday.  I noticed today they have been sending the trucks out the other way.  Duh!  Dogs are having a hard time too with the large gravel under their feet.  We have no way to walk so ended up going in circles on the front grass.  I hate it, but dog walking will be out for a long time if they don't improve what is on the road right now. 
     I'd like to go rake some more to get the kennel area ready to fence, but the dust those big graders are kicking up is horrid.  Today they are doing the road that area backs up to.  And the sound makes the whole house vibrate.  It's like when a kid is at the stop light next to you with the stereo base turned to 180 decibels. 
     However, it does make for something interesting for the dogs to watch.  Half are asleep in the house, but the other half are intently watching to be sure those big monsters don't get too close to their yard.

4/09/10:  I need about 4 more Thor's.  Got several great applications today and expect a few more.  I wish Gryphon had the traditional GSD look and not the mostly black coat.  He's not had any training as Thor has.  Poor Tiya.  She will be alone again!  Maybe that's the magic.  Every time I get a new dog, put it with Tiya and it will get adopted fast.  Anyway, have to cat test Thor and Jason.  Think I already tested Jason as he was here while we still had Sundae.  But can't remember as she was such a dog tormentor.  Even the most cat friendly dog took issue with her shenanigans.
    Got up early and worked on the kennel area. Weather cooperated.   Making progress but still a ways to go.  We could sure use help, but all I get is calls and then no one shows up.  I'm glad my dog walkers and Elnor are dependable.  Really a big help.  
     Loren said he will make the trip to Little Rock Monday on his own.  I feel so bad, but it is really hard to leave this many dogs alone.  Never know who might take issue with each other.   

4/10/10: Had 2 volunteers come to help get the kennel area ready.  What an amazing job they did.  We will be able to dump gravel and set up the panels tomorrow.  I need to measure it off.  Have 160' plus some fencing so will be at least 40 x 40.  Some of the panels need a little work.  Some heavy wire to secure the chain link.  And will need to stuff bricks in gaps between the bottom and the ground.  Working on a slope so won't be easy to secure.  The man will be back tomorrow to help with the tractor and heavy stuff. 
     Thor has left.  It got a little tense as I was unsure if he was wanting to play with Charlie or what.  Poor Charlie got a little scared.  Anyway, I was reluctant to let him go after the incident, but they were comfortable taking him.  It's tough only having him here a week.  Not long enough to really get to know him.  Anyway, They are less then an hour away so if things don't go well, he can easily come back.  They are really good people.  They were even ready to adopt Tiya but I just don't trust her enough to let her be with young children.   I would be devastated if anything happened.
    Jason has been in the house while unattended for several days now.   He is becoming such a great and trustworthy dog.  He is absolutely ready for a great home.  Had a few applications, but none right of him.  He needs companionship, be it human or animal and not alone 8-10 hours a day. 
     Guess I'll see about Gryphon coming as soon as we get the kennel up.  I want to have a back-up plan in case Tiya does not like him.  She needs a friend. 
4/12/10:  Two very long days.  Finished the kennel yesterday.  Well, almost.  Still need a few landscape timbers to put against the bottom in some places.  The ground is pretty soft and whom ever might decide to dig out.  Of course we forgot to put the dog houses in before we put the last panel in place.  Will have to take one off to get them in!  They need pressure washed anyway, so that is on tomorrows agenda. 
    Took Shiloh to Little Rock to the transport.  It was an experience, but better told tomorrow after she arrives and is with her new family.  Anyway, I've been awake since 1:45 a.m. and finally gave up and got up at 2:30.  I will really crash tonight.  After we got home about 1:30, Loren took a nap and I went and adjusted the gate latches, sprinkled DE in the new kennel and moved a bench into the kennel Tiya is in.  It has a grate seat and was afraid if she got on it she would hang a nail, so put a pad on it and tied it on.  I don't think she will mess with it, but Gryphon might.  Hope not.  Anyway, it will give a nice comfortable place to sit and visit with her.  She will get more attention with it there. 
   Tomorrow our helper is coming and will weed eat Tiya's place and help with the dog houses so Loren can get them all pressure washed and we can get them all put back nice an clean.  I'm trying to figure out a shelter for the new kennel.  Wish I had a Gazebo but never happen. 
     Loren just got back from the store.  Allergies are killing me so time to drink a lot of orange juice and take a pill and crash for the night.

4/13/10:  I definitely crashed last night.  8:30 to 5!   It could have lasted longer but I was so zonked I forgot to put Jason out.  I guess he knew I was missing Shiloh as he came over and kissed me awake this morning.  He did not get into any trouble.  He really changed after the weeks he was at Sue's.   Maybe he realized having other dogs to play with is pretty good.  He definitely has been nicer to Goofy and Parker. 
    As for yesterday, I'd like to make it go away!  While I was walking Shiloh waiting for the transport (which was late) a car stopped on the freeway on ramp near where we were.  I saw a crate in the back of her SUV so figured she missed the turn to come into the parking lot.   She waited until it was clear and started backing up.  She got out and crossed over the fence.  I thought she was asking if this was the transport place.  Traffic noise was deafening when you have been away from it for 35 years.  Well, turned out she was telling me I had her dog!!!  She just kept coming and I kept talking and explaining that I had proof in the car she was mine.  I was so proud of Shiloh.  She backed up with me, but she definitely was ready to defend me from this lunatic.  I think all I would of had to do was lose my composure and she would have gotten between me and the crazy lady.   Finally convinced Shiloh was not her dog, she left.  I don't recall her apologizing.  I was too shook up. 
    Finally the transport arrived.  It did not seem to matter that I was the first one who had arrived.  Several were so rude.  I just stood back and waited, but I could tell Loren was getting annoyed so I moved on in.  Well, the transport was not like the one they had before.  They did not have enough large crates and none were the giant size.  He kept trying to stuff Shiloh in this medium size crate.  She did not fit and I told him so.  He finally got her crammed in.  She could not move.  She could not lay down or even sit up straight.  She could not turn around.  How I kept from not just grabbing her out, I don't know.  I tried arguing, but even if he moved her,  there was no guarantee once I was gone, he wouldn't put her back.  I let it go and fought back tears the most of the way home.  If MD. were not 1160 miles (1300 from where I was south of home), I would have taken her off and drove her there myself.  Needless to say I will not use that Transport ever again.  I don't know where they were going to put Sherry's Giant Danes.  There were no crates near big enough that I could see. (Bitch at me if you want, Sherry, but it's my opinion and my site). 
      I got home to two disturbing emails.  I knew that one adopter from 3 years ago had been having problems over the years.  Every time I tried to help,  she would not follow through with answering my questions.  I'm feeling she does not realize she needs to be involved in the "retraining".   Without participating yourself, the dog will fall right back into the same pattern.  It is a partnership.
      Second email was out of the blue. This puppy was adopted a little over 2 years ago.  All of a sudden I learn the 'problems' have been going on for some time.  I believe there is a lot of hope to get things the way they should be, but it is going to take work.  Hopefully I can find someone who is willing. 
          I just wish people would realize that having a dog takes as much time, responsibility and patience as raising a child.  They will only be as good as the good you give them.  And 2 dogs is like 2 children.  Sometimes they will not get along.  You intervene, determine the problem and then work towards solving it. 
     Pre Midnight:  So much for the 'nap' I had.  So much for ending the 24 hour day on a high note.  Neighbors have been telling me about the stray Beagle.  Well, it found me about 10:00 p.m.  The dogs went ballistic.  Turned on the yard lights and there it was right outside the fence.  I tried to coax it to me, but that was futile.   I moved Tiya to the shop because one less bark.  Next thing I knew it was in Bears yard and so was Parker!!  I guess Parker was protecting it!  I don't know what Angel was looking over them, but I managed to get Bear into his room without incident.  Strange how he tolerates Parker.  He might have even adopted the Beagle since it is so small.  Got Parker to safety, but the Beagle was still wandering in Bears yard.  Next thing I know it is in this yard.  It's a little thing and obviously my fencing is not mini-dog secure.  All the dogs on this side decided it was a goat and herded it to the house! (This was a highlight, watching their gentle movements, all cooperating with each other) I closed the gate behind them and leashed it up.  Thought about calling the sheriff, but doubt they would come.  He is now in Tiya's kennel.  I'll leave her in the shop.  Not sure what she would do.  Probably take good care of it.  Maybe in the morning, if it has not escaped, I will see what she thinks.  Gryphon is coming tomorrow.  Helpers will be here too.  Midnight is almost here and Bear is out barking his non-stop bark.  Bark collar does no good. With that thick coat and extra neck protection, the collar does not feel the bark and does not spray.  Going to be a long, loud night.

4/14/10:  Allergies!  Despite swollen eyes, clogged sinuses and swollen glands, we got a lot done today.  The new kennel is escape proof (knock on wood).  It ended up 30 x 50.  I would have preferred larger, but the trees were not in the places we needed them.  It's kind of a weird shape too, but I don't think any dog will notice.  All but one igloo dog house got pressure washed. Loren put up the machine before I noticed it got missed.  Weeds and leaves all got taken away from the outer perimeter of both kennels.  Then spread DE all over both.  Came across 3 snakes, all different.  I need to look them up to see what we might be dealing with.  One could have been a baby copperhead.  Not good! Anyway, we did kill them all.  Sorry snake lovers, I am not brave enough to ask their pedigree. 
   The morning was not without it's 'moments'.  Griffon got here (His papers say Griffon but they told me Gryphon).  Introduced him and Tiya and they did fine.  But then I got called to the phone and didn't get the lock on the gate.  Griffon jumped up and knocked it open.  He was easy to catch.  Tiya went straight for the back yard gate, over it and after Jason.  I managed to get all the other dog in before Tiya and Jason made contact.  It seemed like forever before I got them apart.  Elnor, her relative who had brought Griffon and Chuck, a fella who has been helping us, were all there.  I ran out of water to dump, so tried to get Tiya's head in the bucket.  Kind of hard when she has Jason's neck in her mouth and he has her ear in his.  Luckily the hose was already on with the pressure nozzle so I sprayed it in their mouths.  They had to come up for air so I grabbed Tiya and Chuck grabbed Jason and put him in the garage kennel.  Got Tiya leashed and back to her kennel with Griffon.  I just wish I knew what had made those two such arch enemies.  It's not one sided either.  The hatred is mutual.   Aside from Bear, everyone else would get along fine with any of the others.  
     It's only 7:00 pm.  Loren has been in bed since 3:30.  He has just not been feeling good.  Between allergies, a tooth due for a root canal tomorrow and dogs barking last night, he can't seem to get feeling better.  Hopefully Friday he will go fishing and relax.  Tomorrow Goofy goes in for his ears to be flushed and Griffon for neuter.  Then an hour later, Loren has his root canal.  I'll pick up Goofy in the afternoon, but Griffin can spend the night there.
4/15/10:  With everything else that went on yesterday, I forgot the (temporary) conclusion of the Beagle saga.   When I went down to see if it was male or female so I could list it on the lost and found, I noticed the collar had one of those name plates.  The owner was a good mile away, even as the crow flies.  Woman answered the phone and said "just turn it loose.  It will come home".  I told her I could not do that and explained how it had been in this area for over a month and that it was going to get run over.  Reluctantly she sent her husband to get him.  Do you every feel like "doing the right thing" was definitely the wrong thing and no way to undo it?  The dog was terrified of the man!!  This is a little maybe 11 or 12 pound beagle, about 8 years old.  The leash had multiple hooks on it which made it very heavy.  He practically drug the dog out to his truck.  This is the kind of dog you would carry.  So needless to say I am heartsick.  I'm going to let the neighborhood know if it shows up again to call me.  I will try to get the people to let me re-home it.  I wish I had wrote down the information, but I just took the collar off to call and then put it back on.  I just don't remember other then the road it came from.  I don't even remember the color of the pick-up, just that is was a full size extended cab.  I'll be keeping my eyes open when I drive that way.
     Dog's won't understand a late breakfast this morning.  Sahara thinks it should always be the minute day light begins.  Goofy goes in for his ear to be checked and flushed.  It is really bothering him yet it is clean as far as I can get in there.  Griffin gets neutered.  I'll have to take one at a time, but it's only 5 miles away.  I'll pick Goofy up this afternoon, but Griffin can spend the night.  He learned what a citronella collar was last night.  I wish one would work on Sahara.  She has not stopped barking since I sat down here.
4/17/10:  Spent way too much time on the computer yesterday.  Way too much time doing paperwork today.  Hate record keeping.  Label some big envelopes and throw receipts in.  I need a volunteer for data entry.  Had several calls on Griffin and applications to review.  Elnor came for several hours and we did get the dogs taken care of.  Bear and Chipi got a good brushing out.  You could brush Bear all day and he'd still shed handfuls, but he sure looks better.  Chipi just gets brushed for the attention.  Picked up Griffin from his neuter and he was very happy to leave the vet.  He had hopped between the seats and into the passenger seat when we took him in Thursday morning.  He did allow me to ride there on the way home Friday.  He was good in the back and just grateful to out of there.   Poor Goofy has a ruptured ear drum.  Vet said it was possible when he shook his head too hard.  We have been treating that ear for months and had a re-check just a month ago.  He is probably going to have inner ear problems his whole life.  Loren about choked when he got the total just for Goofy.  Griffin was not even half as much.  At least he is eating.  When Sissy had her ears flushed and dental, she quit eating for over a week.  Not effected Goofy's appetite at all.  Speaking of which, it's way past lunch and Sue will be here in 2 hours to walk dogs.  Guess I better figure out something to eat.  Would love to squeeze in a nap but will never happen.  I'm just getting a bit stir crazy.  Time to take a half day off and go somewhere relaxing.... like the pet toy store.
4/18/10:  It is a beautiful day.  Blue sky, a mist of white clouds, yellow and green pollen everywhere.   That little rain we had 2 nights ago didn't do enough to let me go outside and enjoy the day.  Between that and the road being torn up, I'm lucky I can see through my swollen eyes.  I'm going to have to have Loren get some of that allergy stuff that is not suppose to make you drowsy.  He's fishing right now but always calls before he heads home.  I'm going to move Griffin and Tiya to the new kennel for a bit while I brave the floating nasal attackers and get the weeds out of the kennel they are in.  I switched the other dogs so if Tiya gets out and goes over the fence, it won't be with Jason immediately.  Not really sure if being with Bear is any more intelligent.  He'd hide if she didn't push the issue.  Keep me out of the equation and he is pretty safe to be around other dogs.  Don't know if he is protecting me or if he thinks I'm his back up.
     Sue came yesterday afternoon and all the dogs got walked.  It has been several days for some of them so they were very happy.  She took down her fencing so she would not be tempted to get another dog.  She's going to give the kennel to me.  That will really help as I wanted to have a small area where I can separate to feed.  I can attach it to the back of the new kennel where I already have a gate and the land is cleared.
     I'm glad the past few days have been uneventful.  Sunday afternoon started down hill and it progressed into an avalanche by Wednesday.  Now if the pollen would settle and the road would magically re-pave it's self, life would be good.
4/19/10: Griffin is so sweet.  He is settling in and is really a character.  I had to take the water out of the pool when he got neutered because he enjoyed playing in it and I didn't want infection in his stitches.  Well, he sleeps in the dry pool, head resting over the edge.  Second morning I have woken up to see him like that.  It is so cute.  Tiya sleeps on the bench I put down there to sit on.  I'm sure she thinks it was especially for her.  I padded it and covered the arm rests so their claws and paws would not get caught.  She still moves the crate blankets around, though.    They were out in the open last night and got wet from the rain.  Will wash them and start over.  Will put some in the dry pool and see if Griffin will like that. 
    Some dogs come in and are hard to like because they are so unruly, then do a complete turn around like Jason.  With others it is just the opposite.  They come in calm and well behaved and then the honeymoon is over.   But old dogs like Parker (and Keeton and Lacy the Collie) are perfect from day one. 
    There is this morning ritual around here.  Sahara barks to let me know the sun is rising.  I make the rounds petting all of them.  Jason supervises my getting dressed.  Sweetness jumps off  the bench at the end of the bed so I can sit down to put my socks and shoes on.  They line up for petting.  Jason and Parker vie for the best position.  I miss Shiloh as she was always there to 'help' too.  I manage to get one sock on.  Jason will move and Parker turns around for a butt massage.  Sahara moves in for her turn.  Charlie is awake now so I have to free myself from the blockade of dogs and get him out the door.  Zelda rolls over for a belly rub as I walk by, which she gets.  Back to the bench to get my shoe on.   Parker is back in position for more petting.  Jason watches from the hallway.  Parker finally gives up and I get my other sock and shoe on.  Charlie needs back in.  He's too blind to find the door.  I pet Sissy, who has rolled on her back for a belly rub and then stop by and pet Goofy on my way to check my email. 
     It is now full daylight and Sahara starts telling me it is time to be fed.  This will go on non-stop until I comply.  Charlie has managed to open the food room door and is helping himself to anything that might have spilled out on the floor.  I've learned to never leave an open bag out.  As soon as a new bag is open, it gets dumped in the storage bin.  Lost a third of a bag one day.  I suspect Sweetness was the culprit.
     Dogs get fed.  They know the rule: eat, out.  Off to play and I have peace until I feel guilty and let them back in.  Usually about half an hour.  But it is half an hour when I can eat breakfast without 10 pair of eyes looking pathetic that I am eating something that must be far better then what I fed them. 
4/21/10:  Griffin really enjoys his 'pool' bed.  The blankets have stayed in for the past 2 nights.  It's strange how a dog will do just one thing to endear himself to me.  Sleeping in that 'bed' has done it.  He really is a sweet boy.  He was great at the house yesterday when people came to meet him.  No marking.  Just a little exploring.  Went into the kitchen and when all the others barked from outside, he just looked and came back into the living room. I think he could get along great with any dog that would let him.  He sure wants to be with people, though.  Zuess comes today.  I'll take Griffin out for awhile and see if Tiya will be ok with Zuess, if it gets that far.  Tiya will decide from a distance.  I have to know if Zuess will get along with other Pyrs.  He does not like the peoples other male.  Probably because Zuess is way overdue to be neutered. 
     Chipi has joined this pack.  Poor Bear is alone.  I have got to find the secret 'door' between the 2 yards so I can get someone in with Bear.  He is so lonely when he is over there alone.  He is in here with us and the other males & Zelda out almost every morning until noon, but he is so sad when he has to go back.   Just wish he did not have Anatolian in him.  I think that is the personality issue; no other males dogs.
     Jason may be going to a family in Springfield end of the week.  They have a female Pyr the same age they got from Helen who has fostered for NGPR.  Pretty easy to approve them and glowing feedback.   Jason is a great dog.  Better every day.  He is way past due to be in a special home of his own.  Sure wish the people interested in Tiya would follow through.  She would be just great for older people who were not too active and just wanted a companion they could love and trust to protect them.  This is not life for her, making a friend and then a few weeks later that friend is gone and a new one comes along.
     I just got the weekly petfinder stats in.  Boy has it dropped in the past 2 weeks.  Same dog getting a third the hits as 2 weeks ago. 
     Elnor will be coming later today.  Maybe she can get to pollen off the porch and deck.  My allergies are just so bad, I don't dare.  Five pills yesterday and still all the symptoms... full blown... and drowsy.  
4/22/10:  Good thing the dogs all got walked yesterday as it's raining today.  Did some last night and I slept through it.  Woke up at 5:00 and saw the deck was wet.  Looked for Parker and couldn't find him.  Got my shoes on and went looking.  Poor guy was soaked.  Don't know who had obviously blocked is way to come inside.  Dried him off and he was so grateful.  Just snuggled in my lap as best he could.  No dog will ever replace Keeton in my heart, but Parker sure has a very special place.
     Rain is going to mess up my whole day.  Hope it stops by early afternoon.  Jason was going to be groomed but he will just go play in the mud afterwards.  I was suppose to meet Zuess but don't feel like getting acquainted outside in the rain, so canceled that for today.  Have an application for Kynzi which I still don't have.  Called the owners and they want me to do the process.  I just wanted to pass the people on to them.  People who have not done this don't have a clue how much time and energy each dog takes.  Not complaining, just know until someone has walked in a rescuers shoes, they have no idea.  Seven years ago, I sure didn't.
4/23/10:  The week is ending with as much ciaos as it started.  Zuess in for a fecal.  Ran late back from the vet and Elnor was waiting. Charlie and Goofy had grooming appointments and ran late for them also.  I did feed the outside dogs early as knew it was going to storm and didn't want to be out getting soaked.
      Poor Parker is hiding from the thunder in the middle bathroom.  He had been trying to dig into my body for protection.  Then he jumped on the bed with Loren.  He was so scared that the drool was several inches long and dangling just centimeters from Loren's face. I got some tissue and caught it almost in time.   When you love 'em you learn to set aside the squeamish factor.  If someone had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing, it definitely would not have included cleaning dog butts (Charlie, Keeton, Lacy) and catching drool (Parker) in my bare hand.  I don't think having 14 dogs would have entered my mind either.  Wait... 13 here,  one comes tomorrow, one leaves Sunday and another one comes Sunday and another one comes Tuesday...  15 dogs?  Hope Loren does not do a tail count. 
     This new guy Zuess is so sweet.  He let me brush mats out and pick ticks off for over an hour.  He is beautiful, even with the one black eye.  So skinny.  Full of worms but vet was out of Drontal plus.  Hopefully it came in this afternoon as will want to get it in him ASAP.  He needs to gain about 15 to 20 pounds.   I fed him in the dog house so he would understand to go in it, but he is laying out in the rain.  Nothing I can do about it.  There is a lot of trees so if it does not come down in torrents, he should not get too wet.  Tiya is in with him.  She already claimed the dog house she wanted.  It is the smaller one so that is really good as Zuess is a big boy.  Griffin is alone in the 40 x 40.  I figured he would be adopted quickly (and would if any of the applicants were suitable for him) so needed to be sure Tiya would get along with Zuess.  I keep starting to type Shep.  He reminds me of Shep.  He has such a great disposition and prances when he walks like Shep did.  and I keep stumbling over Griffins name.  It just doe not stick in the brain.  I'm naming the new girl Etta, shortened from the name of the pro on Dancing with the Stars.  Don't know why.  Dog is not long legged or elegant.  Just looked right for her.  She is coming from Fayetteville AC where Jason, Tiya and Ashlee came from.  
     Wind is really whipping, but I think the thunder is over for awhile.  I hope so.  Parker did not eat and I have Diazapam mixed in his food to calm him.  Won't do much good if he is too scared to eat.  Calling it a night while Loren is up to cuddle him.  I know my shift will come in a few hours so need to catch some sleep while I can.  Poor Parker.
4/24/10:  7:30a.m.  and I've already mopped the whole house.  Not by choice.   Up most of the night with Parker. Worried about Bear.  He had a big sore on his leg last night that he did not have as late as noon yesterday.  No way to bandage it as he'd pull it off.  Hope it isn't a snake bite.  Doubt it.  Bald spot bigger then a quarter and some puss.  Gave him a Cephalexin and will do more today.  If it looks worse, I'll get him into the vet.  He won't let me touch it.  I think Zuess finally went in the dog house.  Not been down to feed yet.  Was hoping for a break in the rain, but looking at the weather map, not going to happen until late in the day.  Wondering if it makes sense to take Jason in for a bath. 
   8:10  Wouldn't you know it... I just finished feeding, getting drenched and... the rain stopped!  Even a brief peek of the sun.   Poor Griffin is alone and crying.  I wish I could bring him up but a muddy day is not good for introductions.  At least he is dry. 
    Bet my first paragraph was at 6:30, not 7:30.  Looked at the clock on the wall instead of the one on my computer.  Could not have possibly done 2 loads of laundry (wash, dry and fold) washed the dogs dished before and after feeding, fed the dogs and done their water in 40 minutes.
4/25/10:  This week will be as hectic as this last one.  Having to make notes to be sure I don't forget what I'm suppose to do.  Do need to add 'renew drivers license'.  It's just an eye exam but without my glasses I can't distinguish texture.  But if I drove with my glasses on, I would have a terrible time.  I see distance just fine, just not close up like to read.  So I dread the eye test because I have a hard time finding those numbers in the maze of colored dots. 
   People came to meet Jason.  Will let me know in a day or so.  He obviously liked them and was ready to go home with them.  It's a life time commitment so I can appreciate them not making a quick decision.  I know he will love having just one special canine friend instead of a houseful of competition. 
    Lacy has made herself at home as usual.  She is such a delight.  Thought she was staying 2 weeks, but just one.  We're kind of disappointed.  We really enjoy her.  She is laying right beside me right now.  She is a true gem. 
   Loren has been sick for several days.  In bed for the past 3.  I'm making him a doctors appointment first thing tomorrow.  I get really worried when he stays in bed like this.  Not even feeling good enough to sit at the computer. 
   Don't know how I managed, but all but 2 of the dogs got a walk today.   Sissy and Sweetness missed out.   Zuess and Griffin each get 3 walks so my energy ran out.   They will poop when I take them for a walk so I can avoid poop scooping.  They are happy and I'd rather walk then poop scoop any day.   I'm going to apply for a grant to get a car port covering for the new kennel.  I hate that they have to go in the dog house when it rains.  The trees are great cover and it's shady all day, but with a downpour like we are having lately, the trees don't provide much protection from wet.  Etta comes Tuesday so will see how her and Zuess get along.  If not, I'll try her with Griffin.  I doubt that will work though, as Griffin is pretty hyper.  Etta is about 5 or older so won't be all that enthusiastic to play.  I've been switching Tiya back and forth with the 2 boys.  She is with Griffin in the day and Zuess at night because she barks.  Zuess kennel is much farther from the bedroom window.  Griffin is pretty quiet.  I want to see how he does at the house next week.  He needs the human interaction more then a Pyr does.  I like him and see great potential given the right situation.
     I'm not getting Kynzi.  Loren was very against it and with Jason not leaving yet and Etta coming, I just did not have room.  Plus I just can't afford another spay/ neuter right now.  Had 4 in less then 2 months.  Have to wait  until some money comes in.    I estimated the cost of 14 dogs for a year.  Monthly food, Frontline, and the one time vet costs of 30 coming and going  (intakes needing spayed/ neutered, HW test, etc.)  Ouch!!  I'm going to apply for every grant I can find.  I just hope I don't have to resort to feeding Science Diet.  It's free to non-profits, just pay delivery.  It's got wheat and corn and poultry by-products as the first 3 ingredients.  Ugh!  Product is about as healthy as putting a daily vitamin in a hot dog. 
4/26/10:  Well, as predicted, the week is starting off as last week did.  I screwed up and forgot to write on the vet form that I had Frontlined Zuess on Friday.  Of course, the ticks that I missed picking off were still on him, which were a bunch.  He was so bad when he went in for neuter, they did him again.  Poor guy was double dosed and I paid for it.  I swear these allergies don't only effect the sinuses and eyes and glands, but also the brain.  Anyway, they assured me he will be fine.  He was sure happy to come home.  Didn't want me to leave the kennel.  And he was starving.  I fed him just a little and gave him a pain med and a Tagamet so his tummy would not get upset.   I'll feed him again just before dark.  I may not move Tiya back with him tonight.  Depends on if she is quiet or barks.  She's right under the window right now.  
    Jason will go this week.  Not sure which day.  If they can't meet us Wednesday, they will have to make the whole trip Saturday.  Tomorrow we pick up Etta.  Luckily Loren is feeling better.  I think the threat of making him go to the doctor helped.  I would have preferred he go to the doctor.  He sounds terrible.  I have found Huntsville without getting too lost before.  Sure I could manage again.
4/28/10:  Yesterday was long and busy.  Picked up Etta in Huntsville (AR).  A little over a 2 hour drive one way.  Gail met us with her so we didn't have to make a 3 hour drive (one way).  She is a sweet girl but boy is she a mess.  I told them I'd take care of the clean up.  They definitely would have shaved her.  I've had to scissor cut some pretty big areas.  I was hoping to avoid it, but she is just too matted.  Luckily about 3/4 of her will brush out.  Just old undercoat that has been there probably all her life.  I worked on her about a half hour and will do several more half hour sessions today.  I know she is not comfortable with all the combing and brushing and pulling it creates.  And the filth!  Can't give her a bath for at least 10 days because of the spay.  Poor thing has a bad eye.  It said on the paperwork Corneal Dystrophy, but I have not heard the term before.   She also has full blown Ehrlicia.  Wheezing, coughing up mucus, sneezing, runny nose.  Amazingly she is HW neg.  Mosquito didn't have a chance with all those mats.  Got her an appointment with my vet tomorrow.  Will do blood work and a second opinion on the eye.  Paper work said nothing could be done.  I want to know if she can see and if it will be progressive and most of all, is it painful.  Probably not as it looks like a cataract to me, but then I'm about as un-doctor as a human can be.  She is a precious girl and so appreciative of any attention.
     Zuess is more like Shep every day.  He is a great dog.  Waits to potty until I take him for a walk.  Prances with his tail high.  Becoming great on leash.  No issues that I have found. (owner said he fought with their other male dog).  When I get Griffin under control, I will see if the 2 can be walked together.  They are fine sniffing through the fence.  Zuess and Tiya have a great time together, but I think she prefers Griffin.  He is more energetic yet smaller.  He is more submissive to her.  She has him 'trained' to her moods.   I will switch the boys in a week.  Put Zuess with Etta and take Griffin down to the bigger kennel with Tiya.  Etta will not be in any shape to meet any of the others for some time. 
     Jason will be picked up Saturday and Lacy goes home.  They have really had a great time.  For an older dog, Lacy sure enjoys rough housing.  Even Sweetness was playing with them this morning.  A jealousy factor, I think.  They were having too much fun for her to be left out. 
     Sure glad Elnor is coming this morning.  So much to do.  Cleaning kennels, water, working on Etta's mats.  Weather is great.  Sue will be here this afternoon so all the dogs will get walked.   Wish I had a few more consistent volunteers like Nancy, Elnor and Sue.  Wish I had people who would even come to interact with just a specific dog.  They need so much more then just several 20 minute walks and some petting.
4/29/10:  5:00 p.m. is creeping up, but it can jump right into tomorrow if it wants... as long as I get to sleep until then.  Everybody got walked.  Every body got fed (but me).  Everybody got loved on. 
     Etta got re-vet checked.  Same conclusion as the AC vet so I am satisfied.  Just changed the Doxy dosage and extended it and added Benadryl.  The symptoms could be profound allergies along with Ehrlicia or separate from.  Covering all bases.  The eye looks to be an old injury.  It should not get worse or infected.  She is most likely blind in it.  Probably see dark and light but not images.   It did not dilate at all.  So no flash photos.  Vet said it probably wouldn't matter as old an injury as it is, but just in case I would not want to cause her discomfort.  She took a little coaxing to get in the car but rode great.  Took 10 minutes to coax her out at the vet.  Going home was easier on both.  Zuess was happy to see her and she was happy to be back in familiar territory.
     Griffin's neuter was over a week ago so I filled his pool.  Boy was he happy.  He helped.  He loves to drink out of the hose, even when it is under pressure.  I got a semi shower but it felt good.  He has to improve once he is moved to the house Sunday once Jason and Lacy are gone.  He just needs a lot of room to burn off all that energy.  I hope Sweetness and Chipi will play with him.  I can guarantee Zelda and Sahara won't.  They never play.  They are too serious.  Then I hope to put Etta with Bear and Zuess and Tiya back together.  They really are good together.  Free up a kennel.  But if Bear won't accept Etta, I'll most likely take the male Pyr from Fayetteville if it does not get adopted from there.  
     Actually the day was pretty nice, just exhausting.  Hard part is getting the new dogs in a feeding pattern so I don't have to stand with one on a leash.  Zuess inhales while Etta takes her time.  Yet she likes to leave her bowl and take a sniff at his.  Good thing he doesn't care.   Tiya and Griffin don't have food issues, but Tiya inhales and Griffin would rather be petted.  Tonight I spiced his up with a dab of tuna.  It worked.  He stuck to eating and was not concerned that I had Tiya on leash. 
   Can't stand myself another minute.  Got to take a shower and then fix lunch.... Lunch since I missed it and I don't eat dinner.
     Addendum:  I just had a call from a prospective adopter.  She got a dog from Mountain Home and said it was through a local rescue.  Well, I looked up the dog and damned if I didn't discover this "rescue" has listed some of MY dogs as her adoptions!!!  EXCUSE ME but I would appreciate it if you would remove them, Sherry!
4/30/10:  If electricity could be stored, we would have had enough wind power the past few days to keep us cool inside all summer.  Surprised my porch swing didn't tip over, but it did slide about 10 feet to be kissing up to the one against the wall facing it.  I'm surprised too that we didn't have any trees tumble over last night.  I heard crackling and some thuds. but don't see anything in the kennels or on the fences.  I do wish it had dislodged the big hanger we still have from the Jan 2009 ice storm.
     Between the wind howling and the full moon, it was hard to get to sleep.  Sissy would not come in.  I gave up about midnight.  Every time I would go out there, she'd trot off.  She gets that "I'm the guardian tonight" in her head every so often and will not come in.  I finally closed the gate. She was stuck out there.  Only way to keep the rest of them quiet.  This morning when I opened it, she came running, jumped up on the bed, ran in circles, rolled over, pawed at the sheets and made a total disaster of the bed.  She was being so silly.  She is such a serious old girl, it was great to see her being silly, even if it does mean changing the sheets I just put on last night.
    Jason leaves tomorrow.  I know he is going to have a great time with his new canine friend.  He and Lacy have played so hard the past few days.  I didn't know Lacy had it in her.  For an 8 or 9 year old collie, she sure was reliving puppyhood this week.  Loren wants to claim aliens abducted her and sent her back white so we can give Betty and Fritz one of the others and keep her.  Lacy is about as perfect as a dog can be.  Even Betty and Fritz, who have had collies all their lives, said she is the best one they ever had.
    Elnor comes today so I hope to get some more brushing done on Etta.  I will be so happy to be able to take her to the groomers and get her clean.  Another week.  Since summer is almost here, I will probably start giving re-baths myself, but the first time needs to be done professionally.  Anyway, not near as much chores today as there was on Wednesday.  I got a lot done yesterday. 
May 1, 2010:  Jason should be in his new home about now.  After they left, I fed the guys below and brought Griffin up.  He is so happy.  He was even happy in the garage kennel, making himself at home on the mattress bed.  It took some coaxing for him to come out as he was not sure if there was a rule he was to follow.  I let a few of the dogs through the gate into the yard to meet him  Then a few more until everybody got their sniffing done and Lacy enticed him to play.  Since Jason was her playmate this past week, she was happy to welcome a new one when he left.  Some of the ice was old at the bottom of the tray so I dumped it in the water chest.  Griffin loves ice cubes.  He was really munching down on them.  He loves his wading pool too.  He is going to be so much easier to train now that he has more socialization; canine and human. 
     I moved Zuess back with Tiya.  They are just more suited to each other.    Monday (when the vet is open) I will introduce Bear to Etta and see how that goes.  I think it will be fine, but don't want to pay for an emergency visit if I mis-calculate. 
    Griffin keep interrupting me with the tennis ball.  He has been so starved for human attention.
    Tiya is in good vocal form tonight.  So are all the rest of them.  I know it's still going to be a full moon.  They are gearing up for nightfall. 
5/02/10:  Lacy went home.  She is such a good girl.  Happily we get to have her visit again in June.  She makes our guys look bad. 
     Griffin has thoroughly made himself at home since coming to the house yesterday.  I knew he would settle down with attention.  If the others won't play, he will amuse himself with a Nylabone or a rubber ball.  We played fetch for awhile outside, but it was more of a game of "I throw, he fetches and then I catch him".  It's his game so I'll play by his rules.  Right now he is asleep right beside me.  I'm getting attached!  Not good.  Too many keepers already.
     Spent another hour on Etta brushing and getting mats out.  She is getting a bit tired but still patient.  I am getting that occasional 'look' and sometime the light mouthing on my hand.  She is just letting me know she is getting sore.  I'm going to have to limit it to half hour 3 times a day.  An hour at a time is just too much for her.
     Zuess and Tiya are wanting to be closer to the house, but Tiya barks some at night.  Not a lot, just intermittent, but enough to wake up Loren.  Just too hard to shuffle kennels twice a day.  Besides where they are is more open.  I've been looking at animal controls for male Pyrs.  Tiya will need a new friend when Zuess leaves in 2 weeks for his new home.   Etta already needs a friend.  Griffin was just too playful for her.  He was too playful for Tiya too.   I am going to try Etta with Bear tomorrow if it 'feels' right.  I have to have the confidence or the dogs will feel my uncertainty and react accordingly. 
5/04/10:  Went non-stop yesterday.  Forgotten how frustrating Wal-mart can be on my own.  We usually grocery shop together or Loren picks up a few things we run out of.  Couldn't find half the things on my list.  According to the clerk the other day, a lot of people are complaining.  She asked if I found everything and I said no.  She made notes of what was not available.  Clerk yesterday did not ask.  I was prepared too.  They have pretty much destroyed the other 2 grocery stores.  They have cut back considerably also, so there is no such thing as one stop shopping.  Meat from Town and Country.  Produce from Harps and non-spoilables from Wal-mart... that is if they still carry what ever.
     The introduction of Bear to Etta was a total failure.  She was willing, but he was a jerk.  Luckily I got him away before any harm was done.  I was totally prepared emotionally so I know I was not sending off negative vibes.  I really thought there was a chance.  Etta is a sweet, vivacious girl who needs a friend.  Obviously Bear is not going to be it.
     I had a new bed partner last night.  Griffin just jumped up, curled his head into my neck and went sound to sleep.  This is not good!  I didn't have the heart to make him get down.  He got down once to go outside and then back up.   Since bringing him to the house a few days ago, he has not only stolen my bed, but working on my heart.  Not going to be a keeper. 
     Have someone coming to weed eat today or tomorrow around the dog areas.  We just can't do it because of the allergies.  I'll have to be sure  Loren is bush-hogging the back.  Between sun and rain, it grew in a few days to look like it had not been done.  Griffin was bounding through belly high grass to play fetch.  All the dogs are closed inside for the next 2 hours.  Nancy will be here soon to walk dogs.  Getting out the door with only 3 at a time will be a challenge.  Just walked outside to see if Bears gate was closed so I could let him into his yard and just from the fresh cut grass my eyes puffed up and I started sneezing and nose running.  This sucks!
5/05/10:  Anyone have a sure cure for allergies that I would survive?  Not quite 2:00 a.m.  The Benadryl wore off, I woke up and the next Benadryl has not kicked in.  Bear and Etta have though!  High vocal gear.  Don't know if I slept through it earlier, or if it just started.  I moved Etta back to the shop kennel for the rest of the night. I swear she is a ventriloquist.  Sure sounds like she is right below me.  When I took her down she ran into the fence on her blind side.  This gives me a good indication she can see some light and dark as does not do that in the day  Will help me help her by knowing these things.  She has not gotten much attention the past 2 days.  Elnor will be here today which will give Etta a lot more.  She really is a sweet girl.  She has such a puppy face for 4  - 5 years old.  Scheduled for a bath Thursday.  That will really be nice to have her all clean.  Now she just needs a playmate. 
     I enquired on several male Pyrs.  I never want to get one that has other good options, so none are in the works right now.  I'm thinking if Etta has company, she won't bark as much, as well as being happy.  I feel really sorry for her alone.  Back to bed.  It got quiet.  Griffin has not joined me in here, which means he is keeping the bed safe for my return.  Sweetness has not joined me, which means she does not want to lose her spot to him.  Sahara has not come after me which means I did a good job of sneaking past her.
5/06/10:  Cooled off this morning.  It felt so good.  Got the weeds all cut yesterday so the kennel and part off the back deck actually look like grass.  Hired a nice young fella from a free ad service on the local radio station.  He was such a hard worker and too cheap.  Paid him fair and he got all choked up.  Five kids and a sick wife.  The kind of person you feel good about helping.  I know I can get him more day work from others I know.   Anyway, the yard looks great.  Will have him back this week to help get the other section of kennel up and a few more odd jobs. 
    Had a really nice lady call last night about getting a Pyr.  She is local.  I'm going to call her back today and invite her over.  She does not have a fence so that makes it hard.  I just need to get acquainted to see if that would be an issue since she wants an inside dog. 
    I should make a package deal with Griffin.  He and Sweetness play constantly.  He just goes non-stop.  Still got to work on his manners.  Much better since being in the house but a long way to go.  He got so excited to see Elnor yesterday he jumped all over her.  It was her daughter I got him from.  Anyway, he's very happy here, but needs to find the right place soon.  He bonds really quickly.
5/08/10:  Two days of non-stop again.  Seemed like it was 'hurry up and wait'.  Nothing went as scheduled.   Got behind a back hole (or is it hoe) on Thursday and do 20 mph in a 60 mph road for 10 miles.  Only in the mid west outback could you be able to visualize this.   And it was like a chain reaction yesterday.  When one person runs behind, it sets in motion everyone in the chain of events running behind.  A lot got done, but not all that things in the plan. 
    Loren said Etta barked all night.  I woke up several times in the night (thank you Griffin) and listened for her and nothing.  I was really proud of her.  Either she only stopped barking when I listened or Loren was hallucinating out of habit.  She needs a friend!  She's down there all alone and only getting about an hours attention a day besides brief encounters of feeding, changing water and poop scooping.  Those don't really count for the attention she needs.  A lot of good the bath did her.  She is covered in dirt.  There is very little dirt in the kennel but it's her favorite place.  Anyway, I am going to put Griffin with her for the day.  He will be sad, but she will be happy.  Even dogs have to sacrifice for other dogs sometime. 
    Barely 7:00 a.m. and feel like I've done a days work.  Almost have, but not that simple.  List is long for today. Catching up on the stuff that was scheduled for Thursday and Friday that didn't get done.
  Evening:  Did get almost everything done that needed done.  Tiya cat tested.  Zuess's stitches out.  More of Griffin's applicants contacted.  Still not getting the right feeling of a match yet.  Answered emails.  Everybody's fed and walked or walked and fed.  Etta is in the house now.  Her first time.  Sissy and Charlie are in.  Sissy sniffed and then went to sleep.  Charlie is checking her out and she is looking strangely at him.  The others are outside having a fit!  I'll work on introductions tomorrow.  I just wanted to give her some special time which she has only had in the kennel or on walks so far.  I'll introduce her to one at a time.  The eye is definitely an issue so don't want her freaking.  I cannot get over how quickly she got dirty.  She does not look like she just had a bath.  So much for self cleaning.  This Pyr is not!
5/10/10: Had a real downpour earlier this morning.  I have one kennel/ yard area that does not have a cover (40 trees but no carport) so Zuess and Tiya were inside the igloos.  Shuffled dogs and put Etta in the shop kennel so she could be inside and brought Zuess and Tiya into the sheltered yard Etta had been in.  Well, the rain was so loud in the shop (tin roof) that Etta would not stay inside.  So since Etta and Tiya would not be compatible, I had to take Etta into the office, go back into the rain, bring Tiya to the shop (she does not mind the noise), then run Etta back to the sheltered kennel where she was in the first place.  Zuess likes everybody so he don't care.  So anyway, I look out the window behind me and here is Etta standing out in the rain!  A 22 X 18 carport cover and she is in the rain!  Guess when it quits I'll take the towels down and dry her off.  Probably an all day affair.  And I need to get her in to have her stitches out.  Boy is she wet and muddy! 
    Tried integrating Etta with the pack at the house yesterday and Zelda said 'enough females'!  Etta did get several hours inside with us, Charlie, Sissy and Griffin.  She had a wonderful time.  Zelda was not pleased.
    The wee hours of the morning were spent sandwiched between dogs.  When the thunder rolled, I got up to find Parker hiding in my bathroom (after looking every place else first, including outside in the rain).   Goofy was in the garage so got him to come in.  He doesn't seem to mind, but I don't want him to be an outcast.  Anyway, got Parker out of the bathroom.  Not an easy task since he had wedged himself behind the door and I could barley get it open.  He laid on the bedroom floor so I got down there with him.  I'm holding him and talking to him and Sahara comes over and wedges into my other side.  I'm petting her with my left hand and Parker with my right.  Then Griffin wants in on the attention and plops on my chest.  Then Chipi begins sticking her nose in my face.  so here I am on my back, on the floor, arms under Sahara's and Parkers necks, hands petting them and a black pointy eared dog on my chest and a white pointy eared dog staring me in the face.   I finally managed to worm free and get on the bed.  Sissy was already asleep there.  Had been most of the night (as had Griffin).  With thunder continuing, it did not take much coaxing for Parker to get on the bed.  Sissy was at the bottom right corner but stretched out.  I was cross wise with my head at the top right corner and feet at the mid left side.  Parker was parallel with me, head on my right arm and my left arm around him, holding him close.  Griffin found his opening in the left top corner and cuddled up to me as tight as he could get.  I was definitely sandwiched from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.  Slept so good!
5/12/10:  New rule.  Empty Griffins wading pool before going to bed.  I was up changing sheets and blow drying the mattress pad about 11 p.m. last night.  Hardest part was getting Sissy to move off the bed so I could get the sheets out from under her.  Thought the blow dryer would annoy her, but nothing was going to make her move... except a dog cookie.  Then, of course, everyone had to have one.  Griffin was totally confused.  He had no idea this whole episode was of his making. 
    I took Etta over to meet a family willing to foster for me.  She had beacon and eggs on her mind when we got to the back yard where the little pigs and chicken coop were.  Great people, so hopefully one of the other dogs I need to go get will be less interested in fresh off the hoof and claw breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She was not aggressive, just curious, but the pig fence was not high enough to protect them if she took a mind to adventuring into their mud.  The car ride there and back was a whole other adventure.  I went alone.  She went from being scared to ride a few days ago to now wanting to drive.  In 4 miles (thank goodness my destination was close), I had to pull over several times.  She turned on the wipers on her way into the front seat.  Her paw on the dash turned on the flashers.  She hit the window washer so water squirted when the wipers weren't going.  She changed the radio station and even shifted into neutral.  She perched on the front seat for about a mile until she decided she wanted to drive.  Fortunately there were no other cars on the road, the speed limit is only 35.  I was doing about 5 part of the way.  An 8 minute drive took about 25.  When I left the foster home, I was only half a mile from the vet's where I needed to drop off a paper.  It meant crossing the highway, so I opted to go home first, drop Etta off and then retrace my path back to the vet. 
     By the time Elnor arrived, I was exhausted.  I ran out of energy before we got all done, but I didn't feel right sitting down and letting her do things alone.  Caught my second burst (ok, no burst) trickle of energy around 2 and finished up.  Finally got around to lunch at 4 when Sue came to help.  Gratefully she walked Goofy and Zelda while I ate.  Then we got everyone else walked, including Sahara, every body fed and fresh water before she left.  Finished up the last of about a dozen loads of laundry after I took a long shower.  It's almost 8 p.m. and dark enough to call it a night!
5/14/10:  A little philosophy.  Every decision we make has a domino effect.  Good or bad, simple or complex, someone else is effected and then another and another.  We can't always keep our promises, keep our commitments but when we can ... even if we don't want to ... we need to consider the effect it may have.  More on this tomorrow.
    Parker spent the night in my bathroom.  There is really not enough room for him with the door open.  He just would not coax out. I stuffed my slippers in the jam so he wouldn't be trapped. 
    I gave Tiya a bath yesterday.  I was surprised how well she handled it. I hooked up to the inside water to take the chill off. She would not get in the pool I had filled so her feet and lower legs did not get real clean.  As long as I kept the water at a mist, she was ok.  Mostly the rinse consisted of filling a plastic juice container and pouring it over her.  I got under her neck good as I used the hose, but not so much luck on her belly.  
    Only one foster home volunteer.  Quite a few calls, but most were asking me for help.  As it looks, I will only be able to take 2.  The male mix and one female Pyr.  I do not like going in and seeing the faces of the 2 that I don't take.  They will haunt me.  So many people call to volunteer to walk dogs or just sit and pet them and then only one or 2 show up.  Bless Elnor, she has been so faithful.  So has Nancy, Sue and now Betty.  I can't adequately express how much help they are.  Don't know when I will get the store open.  Just so overwhelmed.
   Evening:  Zuess will get groomed in the morning.  Rained too much and he'd just get all mud.  His adopter will be here a little later then expected so it works out great.  Plenty of time to get him handsome, yet not too much time for him to get a mess.  Tiya will need a freshening up.  She sat in a mud hole!  Long day.
5/15/10 - 8a.m.:  It poured rain all night.  I kept thinking it would ease up.  I didn't have energy to move dogs at midnight so poor Tiya and Zuess were stuck seeking shelter in their dog houses.  It's not as simple as just putting them on leash and taking them to another location.  It is literally taking dogs from one place, putting them in a temporary place, then going back to get other dogs and move them into that place and then moving the dogs from the temporary place into the regular place.  I know that does not make sense if you don't know the dogs and don't know my set up.  I only use the shop/kennel in emergencies ... like major storms.  Same with the garage kennel.  The outside areas on these are too small for regular use.  So anyway, Tiya has settled into the shop kennel and Zuess is in with Etta.  All 3 are a muddy mess and Zuess's adopter is coming in about 2 hours.  She also may adopt Tiya, who you can't tell had a bath Thursday.  I have no where to put the house dogs if it continues to rain.  So when they come ... well, I just don't know what I am going to do if it is still raining.  And Loren is still in bed.  He will not go to the doctor.  Now we are stuck until Monday again.  I can do this on my own with the dogs, but I cannot do it and take care of him also. 
     Monday I need to go to Heber Springs and pick up 2 Pyrs.  I think they are sisters.  If Tiya does not get adopted, I will have to find a foster home for Etta.  I just can't imagine the 3 females getting along.  No matter how passive, they are still independent guardians, even if they are guardians over space and not people or critters.  Thursday I will go to Jacksonville and pick up an old male.  He's Pyr and something.  Not much hope for him at the animal control.  Hope he is better looking then his picture and cleans up good.  Just such a sad old face.  And I may end up with another female from Heber Springs.  She looks pretty old also.  I am sure I have a foster home for her.  I just need to meet her Monday and then decide.  If I let my brain rule my heart, I'd have 2 young healthy dogs who are free and already altered and vetted and actually maybe not go in the hole on them.  But, no, I take the desperate ones.  Sometimes they are amazing dogs.  Sometimes they just stay here forever.  I feel more like I have a sanctuary then a rescue to re-home. 
5/16/10:  The day went well yesterday after the rain stopped.  Zuess and Tiya are at their new home.  Patricia called as they were nearing home to let me know the trip went well.  I appreciate that so much.  Now I am anxious to know how the first night went.
    I now have a stray Siberian Husky in the kennel.  It was in the yard after I got home from taking pix of Zack, a dog I am trying to help place.  A collar but no tag.  Beautiful dog.  Called everyone in the neighborhood that I had numbers for.  Only one person had even seen it and that was earlier in the day.  No one had ever seen it before.  If it had not been getting dark when it showed up, I would have got it in the car and went door knocking.  I'll make up a poster for the corners and make calls tomorrow to the paper, etc. if I don't locate the owner today.  It was definitely not dumped.  Someone is looking for it.  I've not looked to see it's gender.  It is a good dog.  No food aggression and wanted to play with my other dogs despite their 'go away' barks. 
   Etta will not come out of her dog house this morning.  The Husky is a good 75 yards away and there is no line of sight between the kennels so I don't think that is the issue.  The husky only barked and howled a little before I had to resort to a bark collar.  Didn't want the neighbor to be disturbed all night.  Anyway, I will have to spend time coaxing Etta out.  Sure a mystery as she is always so excited to see me in the morning and would rather be petted then eat.
5/17/10: Today has definitely been a long one.  Before I left, I emailed animal control to pick up the Husky.  He has issues.  Brought him up to the garage kennel because of the storm yesterday and Griffin just went up the fence to say 'hi' and the Husky came off growling and snapping so it had to go.  Hopefully the owner will claim it.  Know it will be snapped up by a rescue if not.  Good looking dog.  So it was gone by the time I got home at 12:30.  Poop scooped before I unloaded the girls. The new girls seem real sweet.  Not been able to tell them apart yet.  I'm sure the little spots on their noses are slightly different or something.  For now, Chloe has a purple collar and April a green.  They didn't know which is which at the shelter either, but they came in with these names.  At 1:15 took the first to get a bath.  When she is done, I'll switch.  They didn't look bad, just smell of kennel. 
     Etta was sure happy to see Griffin when I took him down when I got home.  I usually take him down mid morning for them to play.  Never did figure out why she would not come out of her dog house yesterday but seems fine today.  Maybe it was just the racket the Husky was making.  He did know how to howl.
    Loren is at the doctor.  Wish he'd call so I know what is going on.  Of course with an afternoon appointment, he might still be in the waiting room.  If he ends up in the hospital, I will really have my hands full.  Can't be 2 places at once and my volunteers are wonderful, but just not been doing it long enough to be on their own where Bear's side and the other side are concerned. 
    Griffin is such a hoot.  I had to dump the pools again (filled up from the rain) because he takes a bath before coming to bed!  Bed was soaked again last night.  He does not even bother to shake.  You know how you get kind of rummy when you are so tired?  Well, I'm to tired to worry about a wet bed.  He stays on his side and I take what ever space is left by him, Sissy and Sweetness.  
5/20/10:  Hectic few days.  The new girls are great.  Re-named them Penelope and Autumn since they didn't know their names.  I have no trouble telling them apart now.  Their personalities are both great but very different.  Their looks are different too so even on a walk I know which is which from in front or behind.  Tried a different groomer with several lately.  I'm done.  Didn't notice until much later what a poor job.  Large bald spots where mats were shaved way to extensively and several bloody spots where they were each nicked.  I feel so bad for them being hurt and traumatized.  I just hope the coat grows back in those places.  Geeze, we even discussed not shaving but to scissor cut away the mats. 
    Griffin has several potentially compatible applicants... finally.  He's had a lot of good people, but just not right for him.  I will really miss him.  Miss getting the ball dropped on my head in the middle of the night.  Miss his wet body running through the house after he's played in the pool.  Miss having to go outside in my night shirt to throw his ball for 10 minutes before bed time.  Miss his nose pressed against my nose staring into my eyes to see if they are open or closed.  Miss having his ball dropped in my lap while I try to type.  Miss the crunching sounds as he demolishes a Nylabone a day.  Miss his happy exuberance as he gets let inside after being with Etta for awhile.  After Griffin, all these Pyrs are so boring! 
 5/22/10:  Yesterday: Long trip to Jacksonville to pick up Nicholas.  Loren rode along to keep me company and keep me from getting totally lost.  Good thing too.  After picking up Nick, we headed for Heber Springs to pick up Frostine, now named Brittany.  On the way there were 2 small dogs on the side of the highway.  I knew if I did not go back, I would not sleep for days being mad at myself for not trying to help them.  Circled back when I finally found a place to do so.  When I saw them and stopped, they ran across 4 lanes of traffic to get to me!!  My heart stopped.  They made it safely and were more then happy to be loaded into the empty crate.  It was obvious they had been without care for some time.  Really smelled bad.  I had dog cookies so they were very happy with that.  When we got to Heber Springs, I told Wendy, the manager there, that I was going to make her a 2 for one deal.  I don't know how you want to call it, but she will end up with more then 2.   The female is pregnant.  So I did my good deed for 6 dogs this week, and not just the 4 I had planned on.  And maybe you can say 7 dogs.  The Husky I had AC pick up is getting a home.  In a round about way, I reached a lady looking for her Alaskan Husky.  So now I can rest easy that turning him over was not a death sentence.  I didn't figure it would be since he is such a good looking dog, but now I know he will be ok.
    Today:  Really nice people came to meet Griffin.  Griffin liked them and looked for them when they left.  I still have several other applications sitting here that I need to check on Monday.  So many people to choose between can be both good and bad.  Raises the bar on compatibility. 
      Allergies have attacked me again.  With so much rain, I just don't get it.  There has got to be something in the yard triggering it.  Something that I not only come in contact with outside but that the dogs get on them and bring in.  It reached 91 today.  I hope this is a fluke because if this is a taste of summer, we are in trouble.
5/23/10:  Had Bear and Chipi in the family room in the morning.  Just too hot to leave any of them out.  In the afternoon I brought Brittany up to the family room for several hours. While I watched some recorded movies, I brushed her.  She is so sweet.  She looks like she is feeling a whole lot better then she did Friday.  Some DGP for pain after the initial Carprophin and antibiotics.  She will not poop in her kennel so 2 walks a day are mandatory.  The sisters just want 2 walks a day but they don't go on leash.  I added a little roast drippings to their kibble after skimming off the fat.  They were so enthusiastic about their food, they didn't wait for a walk.  That was fine as it is 90 degrees out.   Hope tomorrow is not as hot.  A lot to do outside.
5/24/10:  I not only have a bed partner, I now have a bath partner!  Griffin kept bringing me his ball and dropping it in the tub with me.  I kept handing it back to him because there is really no where to throw it from the tub.  Finally I just quit returning it and let it float in the tub.  Next thing, he is in the tub with me.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  He was having the best time chasing the ball around and drinking the water.  (big tub)  Luckily I had not washed yet, so no soap in the water.  He finally decided to jump out, slid on the wet floor and banged the door into the toilet and cracked the door mirror.  Luckily it did not shatter. Just stayed in place.  Tomorrow night, I will either shower or close the bathroom door.  So much for dumping his wading pools to avoid him taking a bath before bed.  Finding an adopter with a big enough sense of humor to handle this wonderful boy is not going to be easy. 
5/25/10:  Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  The past few days he has went down hill really fast.  This morning he was spacey and then had a seizure.  I suspect he had already had a seizure before we woke up.   His little legs would not work and he was already deaf and almost blind.  It was time to say good bye. 
5/26/10:  A busy day from sun up to almost sun down.  Loren had to be in the lab by 7:30 and cardiologist by 8:00  Those went smooth.  Home by 9:00.  Help showed up and 9:30 so finished morning chores.  Had to do a lot of dog shuffling so Tyler could weed eat the kennels and dog yard areas where the bush hog can't go. Drained and cleaned (and over-filled) the front fountain.  Started on the second one.  Took Nicholas into the groomers at 11:00.  Took a short break answering phone messages and email, then grabbed Wendy's at 3:15 before picking up Nicholas.  Got home at 4 after a useless run through Wal-mart.  Sue pulled in right behind us.  Off to walking all the dogs (except the sisters who had been walked earlier).  Got them fed by 5:30.  Showered. Started laundry. Made more phone call returns.  Read a distressing email... Tiya is being returned.  Will meet her Saturday part way.  It was not unexpected.  Have not a clue where I will put Brittany because Tiya will have to go back in the shop kennel.  Brittany is so submissive and nervous of the other dogs.  
     I'm done for the night!  Ready for a good cry.
5/27/10:  Got a blister on my heel yesterday.  Stupid.  I knew I should have changed shoes before walking the dogs.  Tiya coming back has really zapped my energy.  I feel so bad it was not a success for her.  Some dogs just don't get much interest and when they do, I'm so happy.  Then the let down.  Not only 'field failures', but some become 'adoption failures' also.  Just so sad. 
5/28/10:  Four more URGENT Pyrs in need of rescue emails today.  Getting Tiya back does not help matters.  Not that it was unexpected.  (Did I say that already?) One is a male but 8 hours away.  I have room for a male, just not the 3 females.  Space to put up yards, I have.  Money and bodies to help, I lack.  I'm worrying how much of Loren's medical will be covered by Medicare and how much we will be responsible for.   Guess I'll have a "yard" sale next Friday and Saturday.  Our financial person advised against the store.  Guess I was suppose to cover it in my non-profit application.  Too late now so it will just work as the income from the sales will be donated to Ozark Dogs.   I've got a rain check for $600 of dog food that was on sale.  A $200 savings but no way to pay for it.  Just so use to taking everything out of our own pockets and can't do that now.  I trust it will all work out.  My heart is in the right place so how can it not.
     Nicholas is doing better.  Had him into the vet yesterday.  He just struggles to poop and nothing happens. Feel so sorry for him.  He had hardly been eating.  The meds he started on last night did spark his appetite but still only a dab of poop from a whole bunch of effort.  Because of his age, vet said not to get our hopes up as it could be one of so many things and to spend a bunch on something that most likely can not be fixed is rather pointless.  Common sense sure has a conflict with the heart.   He's no Keeton, but just maybe he will beat the odds too.
     Brittany is by far my favorite of the 4 new ones.  She spent the day in the family room again.  She is in with Etta and Nicholas now.  She does not want to be alone and since Tiya will need the shop, she needed to adjust to being with them anyway.  I wish I could put the 5 together (Etta, sisters, Brittany and Nicholas) and let Tiya and Griffin have that kennel as they love to play together but I don't think Etta and the sisters would get along.  Putting Etta and the sisters together just does not feel comfortable.  Etta up here did not go well.  Zelda is just d o n e with more female dogs.  
     Elnor is such a big help, but Wed. and today she does not sound well.  I am concerned about her.  I tell her to just do what she is comfortable doing and I'll do the rest, but she just goes ahead before I can stop her.  We set on the front deck just talking for an hour this morning after we got the morning chores done.  She is such a sweet lady.  
5/29/10:  When I take on the responsibility of a dog, it is forever.  I just don't know what to do about Nicholas.  The poor guy just can't poop.  Third day on new meds but not seeing any results.  He tries so hard.  Barely eats.  Just breaks my heart to watch him struggle.  When some little dab does come out, he looks so relieved and happy.  No blockage.  Could be a number of things, but none that we are thinking are curable, at least not at his age. 
     Tiya seemed quite confused until we got home.  It was almost as if she didn't recognize me.  She had been given some calming stuff before the trip.  When I put her in the shop, it was like a light went on in her brain and she got happy.  I spent about an hour with her, hugging her and brushing her.  I hate when things fail.  If there was just a way to tell them it's not their fault.  I just didn't pick right.  Fence too short.  Cats to weary.  Work hours too long.  I just want perfect and there is no perfect.  Sometimes compromise works.  Sometimes not.  Anyway, I hope I can figure out a way to let Tiya and Griffin play during the day.  I know I can put Nicholas and Brittany with the sisters, but not Etta.  Hopefully I'll have a sale this Friday and Saturday and empty out the shop.  Then I can put her in that kennel.  She is a tad too hyper with so much stuff she could run into and knock over.  She would not get into trouble, just a bull in a china shop.
     One thing I do know is Brittany needs to be in the house all the time.  I'm crossing my fingers Sue will consider fostering her.  I know it's 'right'.  She is so happy and content in the family room with either Loren or me.  She never wants to go back to the kennel.  She just looks at me so sad.  She is just the sweetest dog I have right now.  Sweeter then any of them except Parker.
     Griffin is my shadow.  We were in bed but there was commotion below so got up to be sure no one was fighting.  Griffin is right at my feet and ready to go back to bed when I do.  Turned down a lot of applicants.  Not because I want to keep him, but just not the 'feel right' feeling.   Wish some of them had wanted one of the Pyrs.  Some would have been great for several of them.
5/30/10:  A brief rain to cool things off.  Makes about the sixth time I have been water soaked today.  No, Griffin is not guilty.  After dog walks and pen cleaning, I just pointed the hose straight up after filling their water.  Let the pressure run out.  Felt good.  That was time # 1 and # 2.  I have been trying to get my fountain ring unclogged. I tried Drano which was a waste.  DUH!  Hey, I'm no plumber.  Anyway, had gloves but there was some back splash so hosed myself off, clothes and all.  Then used Lyme Away.  It bubbled and hissed and spewed.  Obviously it did not like what it found in the pipe.  I was wearing gloves but did not anticipate the spewing mist.  Turned the hose on myself again.  Waited several hours and tried to run water through the pipe.  Still clogged.  More back-wash so sprayed myself off again.  Drained the water out and added more Lyme Away.  More hissing and spewing.  Sprayed myself off again.  The ring is going to sit all night and hope the stuff don't eat through the pipe but un-clogs it.  Came up and took a shower.  Went down and shuffled dogs.  Since I planned to leave them where I was putting them, I put together a crate in the shop kennel and moved the igloo dog house to the sisters yard where I put Nicholas.  Etta went into the shop.  Brittany went into the garage kennel.  Tiya went into the back kennel yard.  Brought Griffin down for her to play with.  Took the oscillating fan into the garage for Brittany.  About 20 minutes later the clouds rolled in and the rain let loose.  I had to put the dogs back where they were before.  Since I can't have Tiya meeting and greeting it took extra steps and locations to get them back.  Drenching number ??  And I still have to feed in about an hour.  Sitting here wet.  What's the point in changing again.  Actually the wet clothes feels kind of good. 
      I did leave Brittany in the garage kennel.  She likes the closeness and 'homey' feeling with the rug and mattress and fan.  I wish Zelda would not be so vocal against her.  I'd like to integrate her into the house, but I can't trust Zelda not to scare her half to death.   Brittany is just such an inside people dog. 
     Parker has been hiding in the bathroom for an hour before the rain hit.  He either has exceptional hearing or exceptional instincts about thunder.  He is a real predictor.  If he wraps himself around the toilet, you know a storm is coming.  Zelda and Sahara, on the other hand, will lay outside and get drenched.  Sahara has so much hair, I don't think her skin ever gets wet other then on her nose.
5/31/10:  Took the day off... well as best as one can with 15 mouths to feed and water and poop scoop and walk.  We went to Lamberts to eat.  A 2 1/2 hour drive.  Loren was feeling better with the change in meds so he drove part of the way.  I ate too much and felt lousy. By the time we got home at 2:30, we were both ready for a nap.  I brought Brittany up to the family room, laid on the loveseat petting her and that's the last I remember until waking up at 5:00.  The dogs knew dinner was late and Sahara was not going to silently wait any longer.  Felt like I was in a daze going through the motions of feeding but did manage to remember everybody's pills.  Watered, walked, scooped, picked up bowls and am ready to go back to bed.  Did take a few minutes to add more Lyme Away to the fountain ring.  More hissing and spewing but I was prepared so no outside showering.  I'll need to pick up another bottle tomorrow.  It's not like I can just go buy another.  They have went from $150 six years ago to over $1000 for one now.  So I will Lyme Away at it until I either un-clog it or dissolve the whole darn ring.
6/01/10:  Slept hard but wrong.  Can hardly move.  Even with Betty and Nancy helping and walking dogs, it took me several hours to do what normally takes half that long.  Spent the middle of the day in the family room trying to be comfortable.  Brittany kept me company.  She just looks so sad all the time. 
     Two more new inquires on Griffin yesterday.  Also one on the sisters and one on Brittany.  And I will be getting Sully on Saturday.  I committed a month ago if things could not be worked out for him.  They will bring him to me.  I'm not up to another long drive.  He's cut down so won't be adoptable for 6 months.  UGH!  He was gorgeous in the original pictures, which I hope I can find in this jumble of folders.  At least he is not totally shaved.  Still a protective layer of undercoat.  He will go in with the sisters.
6/02/10:  Could not get motivated today.  Back still hurts.  Did get all the chores done thanks to Eleanor's help.  Only Brittany came to the house.  Tried Etta this morning.  Disaster.  Actually I don't blame her.  I let Sahara in the big yard with her.  They did a little posturing but all was fine.  I let Goofy in and Etta ran into the garage.  Goofy followed.  Etta felt trapped and bit his nose.  Shocked him!  No fight, but did call it quits and put her back.  Griffin spent the day with her in hopes to run off both their energy but all they did was sleep.  Nicholas is with the sisters.  Griffin would have been too much for the old guy.  No one was happy with the arrangement but they will all be back in their normal places shortly when Sue gets here to help.  No more dog walking for today.  We are just going to brush.  Zelda, Sahara and Goofy need it.
6/03/10:  Thunder storm last night.  Woke up and Parker was behind the chair in my room.  Could not find Goofy.  He was out in the garage.  Tried to coax him in but he was content.  Went back in just before the downpour.  Loren was awake so crawled in with him and Parker climbed on the bed and cuddled between us for the next several hours.  I got his feet and nose.  Loren got his back.  Griffin tried to join us, but a queen size bed will just not fit more then 2 humans and a 100 pound Pyr without overlap.
     I am dreading getting Sully, but I keep my commitments unless it's impossible.  He WAS such a beautiful dog.  It will be 6 months to a year before he is adoptable with the haircut.  If I had known...  but can't fault the dog.  She is willing to sponsor his care for 6 months.  I know why the 4 other rescues who were all gung ho to take him backed out.  None of us can afford to have an unadoptable dog waiting for 'change', be it looks or temperament.  A $200 adoption fee is eaten up in less then 6 months with just food and preventatives, not counting worming and possible other vet costs.  Not being able to use my social security check to take care of these guys has been hard.
6/05/10:  I need to really dig to find some positive in the past 2 days.  I didn't die.  I didn't get hurt too bad when I fell on this torn up road.  (I did drop the poop out of the poop scooper though, but at least I didn't land in it.)  No dog fights (ok, maybe just one small one but no injuries).  Brittany continues to be a delight.  Tiya is happy to have Nicholas with her in the shop.  (I'll know in the morning how "housebroke"  he is).  I did have a few customers who actually spent money at my yard sale.  Griffin only lost his ball under my desk a dozen times.  I didn't bump my head retrieving it.  (Just my shoulder).  Maybe "drop it" is not such a great command after all.  Now how do I put a positive on "Zuess is coming back"?  A positive on "Now I have no room for Sully".  Guess it could be worse.  She could have called me about Zuess tomorrow after Sully arrived.   Damn!  I hate when I have to break a commitment, but I just don't have anyone to help re-do the new kennel nor a place to put what I steal from it anyway.  With the fencing I have that I have not used, I could still have the 30 x 50 and make a 20 x 30 if I had trees in the right place to stabilize it.  Just too hot to be out in the sun all day moving stuff around even if I did have help.  Forget the tooth fairy.  I need a kennel fairy. 
    It's 8 p.m.  I've been up since 3:30 a.m.  I know I won't sleep but going to bed anyway.
6/06/10:  People came to meet Griffin for their friend who is interested in him.  Really nice GSD people.
     Waiting for Sully.  Called her back this morning.  Loren said somehow we will make it work.  I spent an hour wandering around trying to figure out the easiest way to set up another kennel and the best place.  I know where I'd like it, but Loren already told me no twice before.  We have a huge open storage area where the shop hangs over a 5' high 'cliff'.  If I fenced off a 10 x 10 area under the shop and then a 30 x 30 off that out in the open it would make a great kennel. Shelter from the shop and shade from the shop and trees all but 2 hours a day.   It's already graveled and cleared.  Have to use kennel panels so would have to steal them from the 30 x 50 and replace part with fencing which we already have.  Just a lot of labor which we'd have to pay for.  I can help, but it is a 2 person job for sure.  Preferably three.  Anyway, the sisters and Sully better get along or I'm doomed even with another kennel.
     Not heard back from Zuess's person.  I can not meet her to get him back.  Today is full.  Monday is our anniversary and Tuesday Loren has his heart thing.  I won't have time to sleep let alone drive somewhere for several hours. 
     Brittany is such a different dog.  I can't figure her out.  Very affectionate in a very reserved way.  She approaches but never overly close.  Walks on my right and won't on my left.  I stop, she sits.  Obviously some obedience training.  She is beginning to have an opinion.  Not an attitude, just letting her preferences be known in a very subtle way.  If I head in one direction and she wants to go another, she just sits.  I have to coax her. 
     Need to spend time with Madea.  She is really sweet with people.  Too protective though.  She is not fence fighting with the others until she sees me and then it is like she needs to protect me from them.  Yesterday I taught her the doggie door and that it is ok to go in the garage.  It is just too hot out in that pen.  Parts of the day there is no shade.  She seems to like the fan going in there.  Was curious but enjoyed the breeze in her face.  It is behind the fence so she can't get hurt from it. 
6/07/10:  Things got a bit hectic yesterday.  Sully and his people showed up at the very same time Marsha came by to trade me dogs.  Actually it worked out great because she was able to help with the introductions between Sully and the sisters.  It went great and they have settled in together just fine.  This morning it was cool and when I went down to feed they were romping around and playing.  Just having a great time like they had been friends forever.
    Then we took Kynzi to meet Etta and Brittany.  I knew Brittany would not be an issue, but unsure of Etta.  She was fine.  So was Kynzi, although a bit timid.  Today she has really emerged from her shell and comes running to greet me and want petted.  She has been so starved that I'm feeding her 3 times a day.  She gobbles it right up but no aggression.  I had Etta on leash while she ate and she did not seem nervous. 
    I wish I had foster homes with tall fences and more volunteers.  Three more desperate Pyrs today.  An email on a male in Bebee.  Beautiful, scared fella.  And a call from Rogers AC.  One male and one female Pyr both about 10 months old.  I have not went to the site to see pix.  Message was on my machine.  I will return the call tomorrow when we get back from the hospital.   Pyrs are just showing up by the dozens and it is breaking my heart.  I told Loren we might as well go for an even 2 dozen.  He did not find any humor in that.  Right now I wish I had the energy to introduce a few bark collars.  Etta thinks Bear is talking to her when in reality he is talking to his echo (yes, where he site on the hill does make an echo bounce back).  Etta is relaying the message to Nicholas and Nicholas is passing it on to Sully and one of the sisters.  Not sure from up here which sister is being vocal.  I can see Etta and I recognize Bears and Nicholas barks.  Bear has a squeak at the end of 4 barks.  Nicholas sounds like he swallowed sand.  If Chipi chimes in, she does the high pitched wolf howl.  Can not mistake hers. 
    It's barely 8.  Loren has been asleep for several hours.  Have the alarm set for 5.  He checks in to the hospital by 7.  I may end up feeding the ones in the kennels late.  Just don't know if I can get it all done in an hour and a half.  I feed Tiya and Nicholas first. (Some mornings I forget my key and I climb through the doggie door.)  I have to get Nicholas out the doggie door and into the kennel and close the door into the shop.    Put Tiya's bowl down and go around to the outside gate and put Nicholas bowl down.  He has to be outside because as soon as he is finished eating he has to poop.  Then to the next ones.  I have to hold Sully's bowl and pet him or he cries and won't eat.   The sisters are eating quickly now that another dog is in their space.  Then to pen 3.  I have to bring Brittany into the family room to eat.  Go back and hold Etta on leash while I put Kynzi's bowl down and bring Etta out to eat.  When they are both done, Etta goes back and I go back up to the house and bring Brittany down.  Then the watering and poop scooping begins.  Tomorrow will only see feeding.  Dogs at the house are easy.  Well trained.  Know exactly where they belong and exit as soon as they finish.  The 8 below take about 45 minutes.  The 9 at the house take about 10 minutes.   Going to wash the bowls and fill them then I'm off to bed.  Night all.
6/08/10:  Loren update:  Only one small blockage which I guess was not significant to be concerned with.  Just a weak heart so he will be on some new meds for a month, be re-checked and see if a pacemaker is in the future. 
6/11/10:  As more dogs accumulate, the less time I have to critique my days.  I have approved 2 adopters.  One for Griffin.  Boy was that hard.  He has really become a big part of my day.. and night... and life.  He makes me muster up energy even when I feel like I am going to drop.  He has those eyes that look like they can see right into your soul.  I know he will have a happy life with the family I chose (turned down 14) but I sure will miss him.  He stayed on the bed with me most of the night, even though Sissy was up there too.  We both got pretty warm snuggled together.  When I woke up at 4:30 he was wandering the house, saw me and followed me in here.  Sound asleep just a foot away from me now.
    The other adopters will be bringing their Pyr mix and see which dog interacts best with him.  I've got the plan figured out how to avoid fence distractions.  I just hope I can put it into place successfully.  They will come in a week.  Griffins people will come tomorrow.  I know I will be fighting back tears.  I miss them all when they go, but some more then others.
     I don't know what is happening with Zuess.  I sent 3 emails and left 3 phone messages.  Got an email saying since I had not responded she was going to try to make it work.  I want what's best for Zuess so this is extremely hard.  I continue to leave phone messages and emails that she says she is not getting.  I call the number she called from and I hit 'reply' for the emails.  Zuess is a wonderful guy so I am upset I am in the dark.
     I'm going to try to get some flyers up asking for volunteers.  Have them done.  Just need to find time to get to town.  I have also got to get in and get dog food.  Still have the rain check.  Finally have the money I need to cover it.  I'm down to 5 bags; less then a weeks food.  More then anything, I need good applicants.  Applications I get, good "matches" for a Pyr are not so plentiful.  
     I was called a month ago about a bunch of Pyrs in dire need of help in a different county.  Sent out emails to other rescues in the state if anyone knows who can intervene.  The sheriff is not familiar with the new state animal cruelty law and just referred it to the HS, which the one in that county is useless.   I won't go into the gory, sad details, but I am annoyed at the caller for dilly dallying around when she promised me she would follow through a month ago.  I don't want to even think about what those dogs have endured in the last month, let alone in their life. 
     I am so far behind on answering emails.  Sorry to those who are waiting.  Well, 6 a.m. and Sahara is letting me know she is hungry.
6/12/10:  This is hard.  It's 2:45 am.  Griffin got off the bed and I missed his presence against my back.  He's right here beside me now sleeping and waiting for me to go back to bed, or where ever so he can be with me.  I just can't keep another dog as mine, but if I could, he would be staying.  There are those that I have loved so much, but knew they were not happy sharing me with so many.  Finding them a home where they would be special and only one or one of 2 or 3 instead of one of a dozen or more was rewarding and made me feel good.  Then there are those that just don't mind sharing me, they bond so tightly and are so happy here.  Mostly the ones who are not Pyrs.  (Pyrs really do not like to share).  Anyway, if this is right, he will bond with them.  If not, I just have to trust they will see it and return him.  I am going to miss Griffin so much.  Back to bed to cuddle with him.  Last chance. 
   Evening:  Mixed emotions.  Griffin was wonderful and so was his new mommy.  I was hoping in a way that it would go south so he would stay here, but then I was hoping I would feel great about where he went, and I do.  I think he will be so happy once he understands they are his family now.  When I put him in the back seat he moved way over and looked at me as if to say "aren't you going to get in?"  Talk about fighting back tears.  Anyway, they brought their little dog with.  He was very protective of his people and really laid into Griffin.  Griffin just backed away.  He tried to play and did his "play growl" he does with Sweetness, but it was not working.  All of a sudden he took his tennis ball over and gave it to the other dog!!!  I got goose bumps. So did his new mommy.  I knew Griffin had a rare quality.  I could feel he was exceptionally special.  How many dogs would 'turn the other cheek' and then give their bullier their favorite toy as a peace offering?  We could sure all learn from Griffin, just like I did from all Keeton taught me.  My bed will be very lonely tonight.  The pool will go un-used.  Sweetness will be lost come morning without him to play with.  He touched our lives so much in such a short time.  I hope he touches many more in his new home.   
6/13/10:  Didn't get to sleep until after 2:00 a.m.  Didn't eat anything out of the ordinary.  Maybe just emotions.  Missed Griffin.  Sissy kept me company but she shakes the whole bed when she moves or pants.  120 pounds can make a small seismic wave.  Dragging and it's not even noon.   Definitely a nap on the agenda.  
:  It's molting season.  My short coated dogs do not shed, they molt (commonly referred to as "blowing coat").  Sissy and Chipi blow enough hair to make winter sweaters for an army brigade.  Sissy starts in January and goes right through all of December, picking up pace in spring and summer and then some.  In the past week I've filled 6 Wal-mart bags stuffed tight.  Luckily Chipi is half Sissys size so only half as much hair but just as constant.  So it does not matter which 'pack' I have in the main part of the house, the hair flies. 
    I decided to make the rotation of the kenneled dogs every other day and twice as long.  Yesterday Sully and the sisters each got 2 hours individual time in the family room.  Sometimes it's just with Loren; sometimes both.  I have too much to do to be out there watching TV, but I brush and work on manners and commands.  Today was Etta, Brittany and Kynzi.  This was Kynzi's first time.  She is getting so good on leash.  I have been working with her inside the kennel every day, but this was our first trip outside it.  She did great.  She was unsure of the dark tile floor, but she finally stepped on it.  Goofy is afraid of it too.  Anyway, I set on the loveseat and boom, there she was in my lap!!  This will not become acceptable, but I know the floor was making her nervous and she was afraid to touch it to get down.  I moved to the chair and she finally got up the courage to get down and come over to me and lay on the floor.  She has a lot of potential.  Gets along with all the others I've put her with.  No aggression.  Real passive.  Lets Etta be the leader in their group.
   I've finally got the eating situation under control with Sully and the sisters.  Sully is an enthusiastic eater but does not try to steal the others food.  They however want to watch him eat and check to see if he has something better.  After all, he digs right in and they just sniff and walk away.  His has got to be better!  I started putting a little broth on the kibble so everyone goes to their own bowl and all are finishing about the same time.  Now finally I don't have to stand guard.  I can poop scoop and do the water while they eat.  Cuts down my feeding time by about 10 minutes.   All the morning and evening walks are grueling though.  It's just too hot by the time I'm to walk #3.  Sully and the sisters first.  Tiya and Nicholas second and then Brittany and Etta last.  Now I can add Kynzi if she is not chosen to be adopted next Sunday.  She goes in for spay tomorrow morning.  Glad the 3 are all so mellow.  I won't have to move anyone.
6/15/10: Had a really sweet handicapped couple call tonight.  They were interested in Griffin, but he is gone.  They are interested in Tiya.  I am not sure if she would be the right dog for them, but I am going to take her over tomorrow or Thursday and see how it goes.  They cannot drive and depend on the senior bus.  If all looks promising, I would be willing to take her to vet appointments for them or anything else she might need. 
     So life goes on.  So does the barking!  10:30 p.m. and they are in good form.  House dogs are quiet.  It's Bear leading the debate and plenty of input from the kennels.  Not sure who else is guilty, but their is one spokesdog from each one offering a comment.  
   Lacy is visiting.  She is just such a perfect lady.  She was happy to be here and they all settled back in to accepting her.  She sticks close to Loren.  Is asleep beside his bed.   I'm a bit put out because the rest have not noticed I am missing from my bed.  Sweetness and Sahara always keep an eye on me.  Actually Sahara is a tad put out at me.  I brushed on her today.  She does not mat except her "pantaloons" and tail.  I took the scissors to her back end but she would not let me finish.  She does not like me near her tail.  I'll have Elnor help me tomorrow so I can even her out.  Right now she is a mess. 
    Guess I better turn on the outside lights.  Dogs are all in a tizzy about something.  Just hope it's not a skunk. 
6/16/10:  Got a lot accomplished today.  Scrubbed the living room floor.  So much easier to use the steam cleaner as a floor scrubber then to use a mop!  Works better too.  Brushed out Tiya.  Nicholas had to get his share of attention.  His coat does not seem to have an undercoat.  Hair does not mat.  Spent another hour or more on Bear.  Second day in a row and filled 3 bags.  Chipi had to get her share too although that took all of a half minute.  I did not get back to Sahara.  She only mats in her tail and "pantaloons".  I absolutely need to even her out from my attempts the other day.  She does not cooperate.
     I brought Kynzi up to the family room and she went right to the loveseat again.  Got her off and I laid down.  She tried her best to fit up there with me.  After changing positions several times, she stepped over me and tried to lay between me and the back.  She lost.  Gave up.  Got down and took a nap on the floor while I fell asleep on the loveseat.  I really needed that nap.  
     Took Tiya over to meet the couple.  They are really nice.  Tiya was nervous of the walker.  After an hour, she let them approach her.  I'm just not sure she is the best choice for them, though.  I am going back over on Friday, but I think I am going to take Brittany.  Tiya likes to be outside part of the time and that is not a possibility there.  Brittany hates to be outside but she is so much bigger and would fill up the whole living room of their apartment.  And she needs brushed.  Not sure they could handle that.  Just really sweet people, so hopefully I will come up with the right dog.   What they really want is a 'seizure alert dog' but I think that is instinct, not trained so no clue how to help there.  I'll nee to do some research.
6/18/10:  Just keeps getting hotter.  Been getting up at 5:30 to start the dog process and avoid some of the 'sun up' heat.  If not, not all the yard dogs will get walked.  The house dogs are pretty much out of luck these days. 
     Aside from poop scooping and changing water 3 times a day,  I have gotten most of the dogs well brushed.  They all needed their undercoat brushed out to be cooler.  I worked on Sahara again yesterday and she even went up to Sue to be brushed!!!  For a dog that would run and hide from anyone but me, she has really taken a social turn in the past few days.  It is about time since she has been here 2 1/2 years.  She just had to do it at her own pace. 
6/19/10:  I screwed up.  I made a bad decision.  The person is totally wrong for the dog.  She wanted to return him and I said fine, I'd refund the adoption fee, but she needed to bring him back because Loren was incapacitated last weekend.  I agreed to meet her part way. I said I would find someone to pick him up.  I have tried to be reasonable to get him back, but now she has decided to FIX him.  Well, HE is not broke.  I made a mistake 3 years ago.  The dog went to MD.  The poor sweet dog is beyond salvageable.  Aggressive, paranoid, living a miserable existence.   And there is nothing I can do about it. ( I definitely tried, even contacting "It's me or the Dog" program) I just can't stand the thought of this happening again.  I now see the personality similarities and it scares the hell out of me.  I just don't trust myself right now to make decisions. 
     I do know the adopter coming next weekend is going to be fabulous.  One of those 'warm fuzzy feelings' that I wish I would get with every decision.   I turn down so many that I stop and wonder "am I being too picky?"  Then a mistake hits me in the face and I say "no, I am not!"  Sure, I wish the dogs would be re-homed more quickly so I could save more, but to fall short of the perfect match defeats the whole purpose of rescuing.  I don't just 'rescue to re-home'.  I rescue to give them as perfect a future as possible.  And yes, that's by my standards. 
    And on the positive side:  Bought another fan to put in the shop for Tiya and Nicholas.  The AC is on in there, but the room they are in is at the end of the line so does not cool as well.  The extra ceiling fan will help.             Brought Penelope up for several hours.  She has such a different personality then Autumn.  She really enjoyed the brushing and looks great.  I could have brushed for hours and still gotten bags full, but didn't want her thinking that was the only attention she was going to get.  We snuggled and she loved it.   I really got a kick out of when I took her back down and fed.  After they ate, I stacked the bowls while I was filling their water.  She picked up all 3 and went carrying them off and put them in her dog house.  She looked so funny carrying them.  While we were at the house, I suspect Sully buried the new Nylabone I gave him.   I gave them each one earlier in the day.  His was a different shape and bigger then the ones I gave the girls.  Theirs were in their dog houses, but Sully's was no where to be seen.  A dug out area where they like to sleep was no longer dug out.  I suspect the bone is under the freshly moved dirt.
    Tomorrow I will take Tiya over again for a visit.  Such nice people, I just don't think Tiya would be happy being inside all the time.  No fence.   Nicholas would be much better, but until his poop problem is figured out, it would not be fair for him to go anywhere.  Got a donation for him, so vet is to return my call Monday and we will set up an appointment and proceed with an x-ray and/or blood work.  What ever will tell us why he just can't go.  So heart wrenching to watch him try so hard.   What ever it is probably cannot be cured at his age, but at least we will know better what medication will make him comfortable.
6/20/10:  A trusted friend is going to check on the dog situation.  I feel much better.  I want to be re-assured that everything will work out fine. 
     I was really late getting started this morning.  With this heat, I have been starting between 5:30 and 6 a.m.  I didn't get started until 7:00 even though I was up early.  By the time I got food, water and poop scooped, it was just too hot to walk the dogs.  I brought Autumn up today and brushed her.  I had to hose her off first.  She was a little unsure, but then she let me.  Got her to the house and dried her off.  She curled up on my lap on the floor and I brushed for 3 hours.  Every time I would stop, she would paw me.  I never had a dog like to be brushed this much.  She really is a love.  Tomorrow is Sully's turn. 
    I am excited.  Last week on my weekly petfinder report, it said the first 500 petfinder members who signed up for the Home Again account, would get a box of 25 microchips for free.  I was the first one to call and get my paperwork in.  I got the box on Friday.  I will figure out who can teach me to insert them.  This is going to save me a bunch of money!  I have been paying $55 to the vet and $19.95 for registration (and I dislike AVID).  With Home Again, my cost will be a total of $15 and when I need to order chips and pay for them, it's only $5 per chip in quantity.  Hopefully I will be able to get a scanner, but that is not high on my priority list right now.   Heartworm test kits is.  That would save me about $20 per dog but minimum outlay is around $250.  Also I need a carport for the new yard.  Summer and fall is not a problem as plenty of shade all day long.  But when winter hits and rain and possibly snow, without a sheltered area, I won't be able to use the yard.  That means 3 to 4 less dogs.  Come September, if I don't have it, I'd have to stop taking any in just incase none went out.
     Surprised Sahara is not giving me guff about dinner.  Just to hot to feed at 4 like I do in cooler weather.  I'm waiting until 5:30.  Next month, it may go to 6 or 6:30.  It's not even officially summer until tomorrow and we have already got hit with 90's.
6/21/10:  Another sleepless night.  Tried music.  Tried Advil.  Should have tried bark collar.  Too many stressors right now.  The missing Pyr.  Another Pyr in need.  My mistake and not knowing how that will turn out.  Tiya and the handicapped people.  I am just afraid if I leave her with them, she will slip past when he goes through the door with his walker and she will get run over or shot on the long run back to home.  They need something besides a Pyr.  Sweet Nicholas.  The vet will call today and we will see what to try next.  The meds and the fiber have not helped.  At least he has not had 'droppings' in the shop again.  But poor guy needs more then droppings.   Brittany needs Sue.  I have been trying to talk her into fostering her.  She is such a laid back dog and Sue would be so perfect for her and she for Sue.  No fence required.  Brittany has no desire to be outside.  Just a walk to potty and then back to sleep.  She would be good for the handicapped couple, but she would fill up their living room and he could not navigate around her.  She is really big for a female Pyr.  Just too many things on the brain.  4:00 a.m. and the dogs are finally quiet.  Maybe I can get an hour or 2 sleep.  Don't want any later or too darn hot by the time I'm done with morning chores.
6/22/10:  When I feel I made a mistake, I love being wrong!  I can stop worrying about a recent adoption as a friend checked on the dog.  She was impressed and she does not sugar coat anything.  It was just one of those cases of bad timing all the way around.  Now I just need to deal with the emotions of the missing Pyr and Nicholas vet diagnosis. (and feeding and poop scooping and dog shuffling)
     Nothing on the Pyr.  Still listed.  As for Nicholas, will know more today.  Took him in for x-ray.  He has a growth of some kind blocking off near the end of his rectum.  He spent the night at the vets last night and they will do an ultra sound today and call me.  So far, it does not look good for him.   If he can be helped and live a comfortable life, then we'll figure out how to pay the bills.  If not, then we will deal day to day with his comfort.  I won't let him suffer but if he seems happy and not in pain, then we will just count each day as a blessing.  Love worked for Keeton and we still have plenty of that. 
    2:40 and still no word on Nicholas.  I called at noon but Wendy was busy.  I'll stay by the phone now. 
    Sully is in the family room with Loren.  He is having a great time wiggling all over the cool tile.  His legs were so muddy, I hosed them off.  He was not to sure at first and then decided it felt good.  He is use to being inside all the time so this is hard on him only getting a few hours a week.  I could put him in the shop kennel but he would be alone.  The outside area is just too small for him. 
     Nicholas:  Bad news.  We will just be taking one day at a time. 
6/23/10:  One of those days I just want to play Ostrich and stick my head in a hole.  Irene's people are having to give up.  Sometimes 2 dogs just take a dislike for each other and it just can not be fixed.  We will make arrangements to get her back and possibly Sully might be a replacements.  Their other dog is a young Saint who has just come into growing up and Irene has just become accustom to being boss.  There was a chance this would happen so it is not a surprise.  My suggestions worked for awhile, but it won't change a dogs personality.
    Nicholas's situation is tearing at my heart.  I walked him 3 times this morning with no success.  Bent over cramping to poop and nothing happening is heart wrenching to say the least.  Wendy is doing some research but chances of even finding something is small and chances of a cure is about zero.  Hanging onto hope only hurts worse when the decision has to be made.  I don't know that time line.  Do I give him 2 days to poop or 4 or a week.  Will he tell me when it is time to give up?  This dog has only been in my life for a month, but yet a lifetime.
    I felt terrible letting the handicapped couple know I did not think Tiya would work for them.  They are such wonderful people, but a Pyr with that wandering instinct is not suited to a small apartment without a fenced yard.  I really hope they understand and do not think it has anything to do with their handicap as it definitely does not.
     I wish Sue would give Brittany a try.  I think it would be such a great match.  Brittany is content to stay inside in the AC and sleep and an occasional potty walk.   She does not need a fence.  Sadly she is too big to fit in the handicapped couples apartment.  She'd take up all the walk space.
6/24/10:  Today I only had time for Nicholas's page.
6/25/10:  Today will be busy.  Glad Elnor will be here.  Etta will go in for a bath, not that she will look like she had one by tomorrow.  She is such a cartoon dog.  Should definitely be in the movies.  Kynzi got her stitches out so if she is chosen, she is ready to go too. 
     Had a really nice lady come over yesterday.  She really liked Tiya and I think it would be a great match.  She lost her last dog some months ago to illness and is still struggling with it.  If it works out, just another lesson not to rush things.  Don't just settle when around the corner could be the perfect match.
     Emailed that I could short term foster a bunch of Pyr pups.  Bear would love that as long as they are gone before 5 months old.  Loren won't object under those conditions. 
     It has been so much more peaceful since switching Sweetness and Chipi.  They all accept Chipi over on this side, but they were getting pretty fed up with Sweetness.  Bear and Sweetness get along really good.  Always have.  I guess because Sweetness drives me crazy, I felt guilty every time I thought about putting her on the other side.  She can't help she is a lab in the midst of laid back, easy going Pyrs.  Anyway, I moved her 3 days ago and almost all the fence fighting has stopped.  Night barking is way down.  But poor girl just sits at the glass door and looks pathetic. 
     Does not look like I could talk Sue into Brittany.  I know she wants her, but her life circumstances are different then when she had Annie and there are other considerations.  Brittany should be easy to find a home for.  It just would have been such a perfect match for both of them.
     Sahara continues to turn social corners.  Only taken 2 1/2 years for her to want to go for a walk and want to be brushed.  Still a bit unsure of my volunteers, but is actually laying in front of them when it's brushing time.  Only thing about ever adopting her out is I'm her goat and I'd have to go with.
6/26/10:  Good news on Nicholas.   Etta has a new home.  I am really happy for her.  Great people and great dog for her to play with.   Two more adoptions are in the works.  Finally some great matches coming this way. 
     It has been so hot.  Up town yesterday and temp said 103.  Sully and the sisters have plenty of shade, but that is still not helping them much.  If it does not let up, I may have to put them in the shop and bring Tiya into the family room during the day.  Just not enough air conditioned places.  I think about the dogs in a number of places I know of that do not even have trees, just a lean-to and warm, stale water.  Just breaks my heart.  Guess mine have it pretty good, but not as good as I'd like.  Been looking at those little storage type buildings and wondering if they are insulated and if we could run electricity and put in an AC in a window.  Probably looking at well over $1500 all totaled.  Maybe someday.  So many things I'd like to do to make them comfortable while they wait for the right family to come along.  I am in the process of organizing the shop, adding 2 fans so we don't have to run the AC full out and putting a good TV in there.  Then hopefully I can find some retired people who will volunteer to come pet dogs and watch TV.  There are bound to be old couples who just sit around their house all day glued to the TV.  They could be useful and still watch TV.  The shop has a fridge and a bathroom.  What more could anyone want?
     Been a long, hot day.  9:00 p.m. and I'm done.  Wanted to walk dogs before it got dark, but just never cooled enough.  I'll try for 5:30 in the morning.
6/28/10: End of a very long 2 days.  I do not want a repeat tomorrow.  Time for some positive things to happen.
     Yesterday morning:  Ever get a small rock in your tennis shoe when you are out walking?  You balance on one foot, take the shoe off, turn it upside down....  ok, now you have 2 large dogs on leash and they see a deer .... That was the incident that started the day off wrong. 
     Managed to let a dog get out.  That is never fun, especially when it's so hot. 
     Then the thunder and fireworks bangs put poor Parker in a state of hysteria.  He tried to fit behind the toilets, under a chair and finally in a corner.  I sat on the floor with him but it did not help.  Another 2 weeks of this as no one ever uses up all their fireworks by the 4th.
     Hope for Nicholas was short lived.  His Saturday morning poop was it.  Back to the same agonizing efforts yesterday and today. 
     Today:  Up at 6:00 to beat the heat.  My brain was not in gear from lack of sleep so all the mis-fortunes of the morning were my fault.  My brain is still so tired, I'm not sure exactly how things happened but I took the sisters out to walk while Sully ate because the sisters were insistent.  I had already put their bowls down for them.  Not thinking, I took them for a walk.  Of course their bowls were empty when we got back.  I went and got more for them and took Sully for a walk, but the girls did not eat.  They wanted another walk and stayed right by the gate the whole time.  I did manage to beat Sully to the bowls before he got breakfast number 4 and 5. 
     While poop scooping, one of them snuck up behind me and went.  I KNOW it was not there before.  That was not pleasant. 
    Got word that Etta was guarding her new people from their other dog.  Enough information that I felt it was best too bring her back.  They would have been willing to do almost anything to make it work, but the way Etta was acting, it would not have been fair to put them or their other dog through additional upset.  So we went to Springfield and he drove down from KC.  Etta did not want to get out of his vehicle.  It was a struggle.  It was also terribly heartbreaking all the way around.  She was obviously very happy having them as her new “herd”.
In the mean time, I had forgotten to put Brittany out of the family room.  She would not have been comfortable ‘holding it’ for 10 hours, especially since she had not been out after eating breakfast.  Luckily I reached a neighbor who went over and put her in the kennel.
     We got home just before 5:00.  Etta did not want to unload.  Then once out, she headed straight for the family room, choking herself and almost dragging me.  Of course being near the fence, the house dogs started a riot and Parker went after Sahara just because she was handy.  Finally I got Etta to the kennel.  Then she and Kynzi had a posturing contest.  It was getting a bit tense so I hooked up Brittany but did not have time to get Nicholas leashed.  I just opened the gate and let him go.   Had my brain been at full capacity (or even half functioning)  I would have leashed Nicholas and let Brittany run.  Brittany always goes straight to the family room.  Nicholas has not been in there so he just wandered around.  Loren finally heard me hollering and came out to help get things under control…. Temporarily.
      Took Nicholas back to the shop with Tiya.  They ate and all seemed fine until I filled the water.  When Nicholas went to drink, Tiya attacked him.  There are 2 waters about 10 feet apart and she wanted both.  So I got her off Nicholas and took him to the garage kennel.  That was an adventure as everyone piled into the place before I could get the inner gate closed.  Another “Loren to the rescue” moment.  Got 2 fans going and showed Nicholas that the doggie door on the garage was just like the one on the shop.  Put water inside and out just in case he gets confused.  At least the others are not making a major issue of him being in there.  Don’t know what got into Tiya, but this is why she needs to be an ‘only dog’.  
So as I prepared to hit “save” and hit the bed, my ‘front page’ program locked up.  I sit here with my “2 finger hunt and peck” typing, copying everything I wrote here into ‘word’ before it is lost in cyber space forever.  A perfectly frustrating ending to a perfectly frustrating day!!!
6/29/10:  Today was better, but did start off with a bang...of the wrong kind.  I have a larger ice chest stacked on top of the dog food bins.  When I was dishing out the food, I bumped the bins and the ice chest came crashing down on my head.  Thought for a moment I was going to black out.  Has ached all day and gotten progressively worse.  Not really a headache.  More like a brain pain.  Afraid to go to bed as I will probably roll onto that side.  Definitely not a good move.
     Nicholas wanted to go back to the shop this afternoon.  I was reluctant.  Tiya seemed fine.  I went down about half an hour later.  All had not been fine.  Had to remove her from the room before he would come out from his hiding place.  I felt terrible.  Later I noticed his ear was all wet.  I got a white towel wet to see if it was blood, but it was not red or brownish.  His ear was really dirty inside so cleaned it.  Can't imagine it would have started running all of a sudden.  If it is not dried up by morning, off to the vet.  I may be throwing money away, but I will not let him suffer.
     He will stay in the garage kennel with Brittany from now on.  Got 2 fans going inside, blankets to fluff and a mattress.   They stayed there last night and seemed happy.  It also gives them both 'family room' time.  Nicholas really likes that.  
      He still has not pooped.  Nancy and Betty walked them today and they said he tried so hard and whimpered again.  Not a scream, just a cry.  I'll just keep him with me or Loren in the family room during the day.  He may not have too many days left so I want to make him as happy as we can.  This is just so hard.  Just not sure what to do. 
      Getting a male Pyr on Thursday.  He can go in with Etta and Kynzi.  Adopter coming Friday but she will have to pick one of the girls.  I need the space for a desperate situation.  The garage kennel was my 'keep it empty' for emergencies and now it is in use so I'm over loaded. 
     Well, I'm off to bed and hope I wake up in the morning.  This head thing has me pretty scared.  No blurred vision or confusion so not a concussion, I guess.  Emergency room staff is a waste of time unless you are bleeding. 
6/30/10:  Alive and surviving.  Head still hurts.  A knot and an indentation but at least not black and blue. 
      Busy, busy.  Have given Nicholas and Brittany quite a few walks today.  I keep hoping something will happen. I turned them out onto the property for awhile but when I come back towards the house, so do they.  They are doing well between staying in the family room when we are out there and in the garage kennel when we are not. 
     Tiya will be visiting a potential foster home shortly.   She really needs this.  Crossing my fingers she will either ignore or befriend the cat. 
     Went to AC and looked at the little old part Pyr out there.  Mended a few bridges while there.  Anyway, this dog will haunt me if I don't take her.  Have to decide by Monday.  But, I see 'money pit' written all over her.  No dog should spend their last days locked in a small space unloved.  I'm just getting too emotional and emotionally exhausted.    
      Tomorrow: Getting a male Pyr from Rogers tomorrow, thanks to the assistance of Nancy from SOS over there.  Etta and Kynzi better be nice to him.  Friday an adopter is coming to meet the dogs. 
      Email has stopped working.  Not sure what time but when I call suddenlink I get the recording "we know our email service is not working...."  It is bad when we have become so dependent on it for communication.  We use to know peoples phone numbers.  Now they are either programmed into our phone or we haven't a clue because we know people only via email.
7/01/10:  Things just keep getting worse.  I named the new dog Click.  Stopped at the vets on the way home to get his rabies and HW test.  He had a sore on his nose so had them take a look at it.  Click may have something very very bad called Blastomycosis.  Highly contagious to dogs and humans. I had to shuffle dogs as had to give him the shop kennel.  The Rogers vet took a sample and will call tomorrow after looking at the slide, but my vet said the only way to be sure is a biopsy and send it off to a lab.  If he reacts within a week to 10 days to the antibiotics I just put him on, we will know it is not Blasto.  I am just sick about all this.  He is such a sweet dog.  Another money pit. Chance of contamination if I am not squeaky clean, not only to the other dogs but to myself.  Volunteers will just have to avoid him completely.  I do have masks in the shop as it can be airborne.  He has to have some attention.  Anyway, we need a lot of positive thoughts coming this way and hope it is just an infected bump on the nose and not Blasto.
     Someone coming to look at the dogs tonight.  I am not up to it!  Just a call.  No application.  Hope if I stay up, they show up.
7/02/10:  Click has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  It was as hard as those I have had for a long time.  The vet in Rogers had taken a culture and looked at it last night.  He was very certain it was Blastomycosis.  Medication would have been $126 a month of 8 months.  He would have been in isolation.  I would have been his only living contact and no matter how careful I would have been, I could have spread it to the others since it is air bourn.  Loren took him in.  I was crying too hard.  If it was not for having all the other dogs at risk, I would have somehow gotten the money and worked at saving him.  I contacted the AC to let them know and Nancy who helped with transport.  Then Loren and I began the decontamination process.  Since it can be air bourn, we had a lot of area to cover where I had taken him for a walk as well as the kennel.  Luckily he did not know the doggie door so he did not go in the shop.  It was cool last night so he was comfortable.  He was such a beautiful, sweet boy.  We just don't know where this could have come from since it is not that common in northern Arkansas. 
      So the rest of the day has been spent disinfecting.  Loren is not doing well at all.  He tried to help.  He should have not.  He looks pretty bad.  He is taking a nap now.   Approved people are late coming to meet the dogs.  Tiya is back in the shop but I'll have to walk her a lot as can't give her outside access.  Brittany is back in the garage kennel.  Nicholas is with the girls. 
     Nicholas now has a major ear problem.  It keeps draining but I can't figure out where from.  The whole side of his head continues to be sticky wet.  It is not blood.  It is not 'gunk'. inside his ear is clean.  It is clear and sticky.  I can not find any wounds.  I cannot afford another vet bill.  I am drained... emotionally, physically and financially.
     Evening:  Kynzi has a great new home.  I was surprised and pleased at how well she accepted their Border Collie.  They played together for several hours before the family headed home with her.  So a nice ending to an otherwise miserable day.  Tiya is in the garage kennel and Brittany and Nicholas are with Etta.  It may be awhile until I feel safe using the shop kennel which means it may be awhile before I can take in another dog. 
7/03/10: Air condition in the house died yesterday.  Always thought dogs slept in the house to keep cool, but they are all in when it was so much cooler outside.  What Nuts!  They are suppose to come fix it at 10:00 this morning.  Actually the night was cool so with all the windows open and the ceiling fans on high, it was quite comfortable.
      I keep thinking of Click.  I'm terrible when it comes to letting go and second guessing.  Could the vet have been wrong?  Should I have done this or that?  My biggest flaw that is at the root of my being. 
      The morning feels cool.  Dawn is just breaking and time to start the morning dog process.   Betty is coming today to help because she will not be here Tuesday. Lacy will be visiting for a week starting Monday while they are gone. 
7/04/10:  Our air conditioning went out day before yesterday.  It got fixed yesterday around noon.  Strangest thing happened.  During that hot spell in the house, the lip on the shower grew 2" higher.  I know it did.  My injured toe can verify it.  Or maybe I just got shorter when the ice chest hit me on the head so my feet don't step as high.
    Penelope went to her new home today.  She has an older yellow to be her canine friend and 2 lovely people to take care of them both.  Sully and Autumn look a bit confused.  Their usual exuberance for a walk or attention was missing tonight.  Etta is still a bit confused where Kynzi went.  Nicholas and Brittany are just not much for playing.  Don't know what to do with the extra time with only 14 dogs, but Lacy comes tomorrow.  Of course she takes no time at all.  I could handle 20 Lacy's better then one Sweetness.  Evening is approaching so going to relax and spend some time with Brittany before I put her out for the night.
7/5/10:  Nicholas just can't poop.  Just keep hoping.  I even ran as far as I could with him thinking the physical workout might make things 'work'.  Just out of ideas.  Tried meds, special diets, lots of walks and exercise.  The physical obstruction is just not going to fix itself and an operation has such a slim chance he would even survive.  I have to be practical, but 2 in a week ... don't know if it's better to grieve for 2 at the same time, or spread it out.  I just wish I knew if Nicholas was ready to give up.  I watch his eyes but now he is avoiding even looking at me.  Maybe that is the sign.  
7/8/10:  A week has passed since Click came and went.  I barely work through a loss when I learn of another.  Janice emailed.  Sonny was diagnosed with bone cancer and it just progressed so rapidly.  He is gone.   AC called to be sure I could not take a dog there that I had thought I could.  Sadly, I just could not afford another dog with health problems right now.  She will most likely be euthanized.  People just don't want old dogs with tumors.  The direction Ozark Dogs is going, Geriatric & Hospice rescue & refuge may be the outcome.  Keeton put that in motion with the most Blessed 23 months 2 weeks and 6 days we had in over 6 years of dog rescue. 
      Got some much appreciated rain today.  I am so glad I moved Sully and Autumn in with Etta.  They have the carport for shelter in that yard.  I desperately need a carport for the large yard we added a few months ago.  Raising money by myself is pretty tough, but I'll just have to start putting myself out there.  I'm just not good at filling out forms for grants, etc.  Any volunteers?  You don't have to be here. 
      Brittany and Nicholas are back in the garage yard.  I need to move another crib mattress in there.  Wish I had a window AC.  Got 2 osculating fans going 24/7 but still warm.  They spend most of the day in the family room when it is not Etta, Sully or Autumn's turn with us.  Also working on the shop for a visitors room.  Wish I could sell off the stuff left in the store to both make room and make some money.
    Time for a shower and to relax.  Thunder stopped but Parker is still hiding in the bathroom. 
7/9/10:  Lots of rain, but it did cool things down a bit.  Had Sully up at the house for about 2 hours, then he decided he wanted to go out.  He was really good.  Would get petted, but would go lay down when told to.  I need to get him up here more often.  Nicholas has had good, easy poops for 3 days in a row.  I think I may have gotten the right 'formula'.  Not going to call it 'cured' as that would be a real miracle, but I'm delighted with the small progress that is happening. 
    Picking up Irene tomorrow.  Everyone is sad it did not work.  They tried so hard, but sometimes dogs are just not going to get along.  Bear and Zelda are the perfect example.  Dealt with that for almost 4 years but then I have the space.  They don't.  I have got to get a carport for that yard.  Just not enough hours in the day or money in the account to work on getting one donated or buying cheap.
     I wish I had more time with the 2 dogs that are courtesy listings.  I don't know what they will do with either when they both have to move end of the month. 
     Sahara speaks!  It is after 4:30 and she is letting me know dinner is late!
7/10/10:  Just got back from Springfield retrieving Irene.  Loren napped almost the whole way there and back but went straight to bed when we got home.  I'm worn out too.
     I became an official "tree hugger" today.  I have the 'badges' to prove it.  A scraped up right arm, a bump on my forehead (same place the ice chest hit me a few weeks ago) and a black and blue heart cushion.   I knew Irene does not like Min Pins.  What I did not know was when I was ready to load her up there would be one jump out of the car just in front and to the side of us.   I was caught totally off guard, jerked to the ground and crashed into a tree.  I was literally hugging it to hang on to her, in a prone position.  This was not intentional.  Just where I ended up.  The tree got the arm and head.  The cell phone and my glasses were in my shirt pocked.  One thinks of many potential hazards of rescue, but this is not one of the preconceived.
    Irene is (I hope anyway) in the lower yard by herself.  I hope the tag on her collar is the one that has my ID on it.  I hope she has not escaped.  To tired to go back and look until dinner.  Too tired to test the friendships right now.  Will deal with re-introductions tomorrow.  She has been gone over 6 months and went from an 11 month old puppy to an 18 month old.  With that comes a whole different set of considerations.
7/11/10:  9:45 p.m. Storming really bad.  I intended to try to get the 'missing dog', but with rain off and on most of the day and not knowing for sure where to go...  Now I am just sick that I did not try.  She is out in the rain with no shelter and it is a huge storm.  She has got to be scared... but then I'm sure there are hundreds of dogs right in this area that are tied outside or hovering in small pens with no shelter.  It just makes me sick.  I'd like to move all the dogs into the houses and stick cruel people out in this.  I am drying out from running down in the dark to move Irene.  She has 3 dog houses to pick from but she was standing in the rain at the fence when I shined the light down there.  Ran down, moved Tiya into the office.  It has a double roof and is much quieter.  She is frightened of storms too and that metal roof on the shop just magnifies the rain.  Then got Irene and put her in Tiya's area.  I just need to remember to get Tiya out early as she has no where to go potty.  I just wish I had a carport or an insulated storage building.  If I get a small building for shelter, it is NOT going to have a metal roof.  The carport is open, so the sound is not magnified like in the shop.  The 3 under the carport behind the house are handling the storm fine.
     Parker is on the bed with Loren hiding under the pillow.  Poor guy.  He tried to get into the bottom of my closet.  My closet is a converted linen cabinet 30" deep and 36" wide.  But he was going to try.  Lacy is afraid of storms too.  Guess I need to go hug her.  Don't know how long this is going to last, but it is going to be a long night... Damn, I just remembered, I have the window open into the garage room where Brittany and Nicholas are.  I hope the rain is going the opposite way or the one mattress will be soaked.
7/13/10:  Another one of "those mornings".  The dog walking turned into chaos.  Could not get the dogs I wanted in the right places.  As always, everyone wants to be first, especially on a Tuesday when most have not had their special time for 3 days.   Decided to take Bear, Sissy and Chipi first.  Brain was not working so that took a bit of trial and error.  Got them out their respective doors and got a ways down the road when Brittany just passes us right up and keeps on going!  She obviously did not want to wait her turn.  There is so much crazy speeding traffic, Nancy and I both panicked.  I took the end of Bears leash and made a loop through the handle and put around Chipi's neck.  Then gave Chipi's leash to Nancy who went running down the road to catch up with Brittany.  I ran back to the house with 3 dogs in tow, yelling for Loren to get the car keys.  He drove off after Nancy and Brittany.  I had to deposit dogs in 2 different doors.  That was a challenge.    Nancy decided to walk Brittany back so Loren came back empty.  I got Nicholas out figuring I'd meet Nancy and he'd get his walk.  She met me and took Nicholas while I put Brittany back (she had been in the family room, window was open and she pushed open the screen, ever so gently to get out.)  since Nancy had Nicholas, I figured I'd get Irene out and meet them.  Well, when Irene saw Nicholas coming from up the road, she went ballistic.  I did not want another tree hugging incident nor a ride face first on the gravel, so back she went.  At that point I was ready to give up.  Nancy has so much energy for 79 years old.  Makes me ashamed!  So we finished walking all the dogs.
7/14/10:  Busy day, but only got half done of what needed done.  Elnor was not feeling good.  I try to keep her from doing anything that makes her sore or tired, but she is stubborn.  I'd be happy if she would just sit inside with one of the dogs and give them an hour of special attention.  Just too hot to be working on anything outside, but poop to be scooped (especially when it's this hot) and water to be changed.  By 10:00 the ice had already melted in the ice chests.  It stayed pretty cool until around 2:00.  Refilled containers just don't freeze fast enough.  Maybe I could get an older freeze donated, put it in the shop and then have ice for their water all day.  I'm sure we still have 2 more months of this. 
   Record keeping necessary for non-profits is so time consuming.    I knew it would be. That's why I dragged my feet for years.   With Loren not feeling good, it's one burden that has really got me down.  Wish I had someone volunteer to do data entry and apply for grants.  I am just not any good at either and both are so necessary.  The dogs need so much.  If we have more rain like we have had, all the gravel will be in the grass in their yards.  Everything is on a slight slope.  Great run off but takes the gravel with and leaves mud.  I need concrete or chip & seal for the front areas.  I'll price the concrete tomorrow.  I can probably set the forms myself and it does not have to be a perfect finish.  Just need to be creative so it does not overwhelm me.  Of course, where do I put the dogs for a week while I am setting forms and concrete sets up?  Just thinking (rambling?)  'out loud' through my fingers on the keyboard. 
    Sue came at 4:00.  Just too hot to walk.  Goofy was very disappointed.  We took him and Zelda into the family room and gave them a good brushing.  Had to leash them as they kept running off!  Anyway, they look great for the moment.  Goofy is a maintenance nightmare.  Got to clean ears tomorrow.  Doing Goofy's is almost as bad as trying to trim Sissy's nails.  Near impossible.  Anyway, got the family room back to looking like the 'no dog zone' it was intended to be.  You know, for over a year after building it, we never used it.  Never went out there.  Open it to the dogs and now we are out there a great part of the time.  Guess that says something for what our life is without dogs...nothing. 
7/15/10:  I don't know why, but the dogs have rarely barked at night since Penelope and Kynzi are gone.  They were not the guilty ones.  It has always been Bear, but someone in each area would 'answer' and none were going to allow another to have the last word.  With Sully, Etta and Autumn behind the house, I thought for sure it would be worse.  Contrary.  Barking night or day is rare from them.  Aside from some stress invoked insomnia, I have gotten a lot of sleep lately.  Only problem is I end up waking up at 4:00 a.m.  If I go back to sleep, it's 7:00 before I get up and then way hotter for chores. 
7/18/10:  As it get warmer (and often times wetter) the more to do.  I never get over how amazing it is to have a responsibility that you love.  When they are barking half the night and I want to throw pillows at them, I wonder if I am nuts!  Not for wanting to throw pillows, but for allowing myself to have so many dogs... that bark.  Then I drag myself out of bed anywhere between 4:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. (those are rare) and think "OK, I'm just going to feed and change one water in each place.  I poop scooped last night so I don't need to do it this morning."  What could be a 30 minute project.... So I set down the food and see a 'pile'.  "I can't leave that there!  Since I already have to poop scooper, I might as well look for the rest".   The long trek across the road to dump it, rinse off the tools and take them back up the hill.  Then another gets fed and another pile picked up and another and then to the third yard, juggling food bowl and half full poop scooper.  Trip across the road, clean off the scooper, hose myself off, pick up the food bowls.  But Irene looks so sad.  So I sit down on 'her' chaise lounge, and she crawls in my lap.  She lays there on top of me until 'she' is ready to get up.  By now 6:00 has become 7:15.  Tiya watched from the shop kennel as I held Irene.  "OK, Tiya, lets go for a walk."  Then time for water.  Dump clean, re-fill. "I'm already doing one for each, I might as well do them all."  By the time I am back in the house it's almost 8:00 and I still have the 8 house dogs to attend to, but only 2 to poop scoop for.  A brief 'time out' to check email then off to walk Brittany and Nicholas.... separate.  Brittany will not 'go' in the presence of a male!!! Nicholas could care less, but then isn't that typical of men?
7/19/10:  Went out and picked up a dog that I had dismissed taking about 9 months ago.  It is a good looking dog, breed is any ones guess, (but she's white).  I could not leave her a second time.  I did not realize it was that same dog until I got out there.  Anyway, she tears up kennels, but so far she is delighting in all her space and Irene is sharing just fine.  What a relief!  I did run to the farm store and pick up plastic holders for a hot wire just in case. I can run it around the ground. Luckily I have the small attached kennel for feeding though, as Irene showed a bit of overzealousness in following the food bowl. 
     Loren has doctor appointments all day tomorrow.  They messed up on the appointment cards so luckily they all called today to confirm.  He won't even have time to eat at the rate he will be going from one to the next.  I wanted to go with and planned to, but since they are not as they appeared to be, it won't be possible now. 
     Brittany got a bit testy with me today!  She refused to come out from under the pool table to go outside.  When I reached under, she let me know she would not allow me to slide her out.  I did hook the leash and she had no choice.  She is getting too spoiled.  She is claiming the room as hers and it ain't so. 
7/21/10:  "Cricket" cleaned up nice.  She was much more matted then I had noticed but no shaving necessary.  Thanks Carlita.   Got a lot done today.  Cleaning was way overdue.  Still have a few rugs to steam clean, but otherwise all was clean for about 10 minutes until guilt set in that the dogs were so hot outside.  Elnor is always a big help.  Would not have got near as much done without her.  Sue comes on Wednesdays, too, after work.  Sahara is actually going over to her to be brushed.  Sahara is finally getting so trusting and relaxed.  Only took 2 1/2 years.  Just wish she would grasp the fact I am NOT her goat and she does not have to have me in sight every waking moment, or sleeping moment either.   10:30 p.m.  Still have to put sheets on the bed.  Time to navigate my way to the bedroom.  No dog is going to move until I am in there, then they will all converge looking for their place as close to me as they can get. 
7/24/10: Been up since 2:00.  Stress level is overwhelming.  Too many dogs.  Not enough help.  Too hot. Too many decisions to make.  So many applicants for Big Dog and Heidi and none for the Pyrs.  I review applications and think "I have the perfect dog" but that is not the dog they want.  Just too much mis-information out there on Pyrs so people who have never had one aren't wanting one.  They don't know what they are missing.
      This coming week is going to be so busy.  Heidi will be back Tuesday and a possible adopter will come meet her and me.  We will see.  He's local so that is a benefit.  Amazing how many people have applied for Big Dog even with him being deaf.  They are coming in faster then I can check them.   I am so glad as gives a lot of choices, but also hard decisions when several sound really good but I don't really know the dog.  I also have an animal rights activist coming to visit.  Hopefully she will be writing grant applications for us.  There is so much the dogs need and we are just tapped out.  Food and vet care is it.  Nothing for extras.  Some concrete pads and a carport are urgent to get in before winter as without both, I will lose use of areas for 6 dogs. 
     Almost dawn.  Sahara is 'gearing up' and the choir has begun.  Who needs roosters or alarm clocks when you have Pyrs.
7/25/10:  Couldn't get on the internet most of the day.  Wish I had Apple.  No operating system has worked decent since Windows XP pro.  I never had problems like now.  Anyway, if it does not freeze up again.....
    Autumn has had me stumped.  She barely eats.  She is too thin.  Tried treats in the kibble, no.  Hand feeding works.  Figured it was need for attention.   Yet, she would let Etta have her food and go finish off Sully's.   It is the bowl!!!  Sully and Etta have plastic and she has stainless steel.  Guess she just does not like it.  I do it for simplicity as too many identical bowls, I get mixed up which food is whose.  Guess I'll have to do plastic for her.  She still has really soft poop.  Everyone else cleared up.
     Irene is not eating either unless I hand feed.  She is attention starved.  She is having a hard time adjusting to not being inside with her people all the time.  Several hours of special time a week just does not cut it.  I'm going into All Pets on Monday and see what Saturdays are open for me to set up a table and take a dog.  More then anything I need volunteers who will just come spend a few hours a day petting and brushing a dog.  They can watch TV and be in the air conditioning.  The dogs just need way more human contact then I have hours in the day.  Think of it: special one on one with 16 dogs.  That's no more then an hour each a day and when you take out all the chore time, website and email time, that leaves no more then 40 minutes each.  So if I know I am not putting a dog at risk from the heat, I will go to All Pets and sit for several hours trying to generate help.  The flyers my volunteers and I put up have done zilch. 
     Nicholas has discovered the joy of in house pack life.  I have been working on getting my in-house guys to accept him and Brittany.  Brittany is very intimidated.  Nicholas just ignores their barks or little growls.  He still needs his walks, but running on the acres really helps him too.  Only now he sits by the door waiting for the doggie door slat to open.   I totally trust him inside but under my feet all day is a bit much.  Brittany is much happier in the family room away from the others, sleeping under the pool table. 
2:45 p.m.:  Just woke up from a 2 hour nap.  Brought Etta up to the family room.  She has had a tendency to taste furniture, but with a Nylabone and a stuffed 'toughie' she was content.  When she fell asleep, I did too.  When I put her back outside, she was pretty reluctant.   Brittany stayed in by Loren's desk and napped.  She was glad when I got up to escort her out to potty.  Passing 8 dogs, 4 of which give little growls (or loud barks) worries her.    She stood by the door to the family room when I escorted her back in.  She can stay out there until bed time.  Hopefully she can become part of the house pack, but I'll let it go slow.  When it becomes apparent a dog is not going to get a home easily, that's what we do, move them into the house.    And this makes 10.
7/26/10:  Political:   Now with that out of the way...
     Dawn is coming later so wish my internal clock would adjust.  Dogs continue to sleep and I'm up.  UGH!  Marcia is coming over to microchip the dogs that are not done.  That needle is a horse needle.  I use to give my horses shots, but that was 40 years ago.  Big animal, big needle.  Just don't think I can handle this.  Had a black lab who was misdiagnosed way back then and had to use that size needle for his injections.  He died.  Not from the needle, but the mis-diagnosis, but it still makes me feel bad I put him through all that for nothing.  I just want to hug them well.   But this is so they have a better chance of survival should they get lost.  Only problem is vets and shelters do not scan when it is considered brought in by an owner.  Rescues should be particularly concerned. Some adopters do not follow the contract they signed and just dump the dog when the rescue would take it back and re-home it instead of killing it.  We've got to get that changed and HSUS and Petfinder are working on that. 
    Almost tomorrow:  Can't get to sleep.  Dogs are.  Got the microchips in the 5 dogs.  Things like that make me nervous.  They are all acting strange and 2 did a lot of bleeding.  Brittany is in the kitchen.  Has been there all afternoon.  Autumn bled a lot.  Had her up at the house until dark.  She was not her usual self.  This is just going to be a tough week.  Heidi comes back tomorrow and a potential adopter will come to meet her Wednesday.  I need to contact the people on Big Dog.  Having a hard time deciding between 2 really good applicants.  They both would give him a wonderful home.  Same with 2 for Heidi, but opted to meet the local one first.  I'm just getting too .... well, looking for perfect .... but that does not exist.  "Almost" just gives me a hard time.  Had a call on Autumn.  She sounds good.  Hope her application comes in tomorrow.  Either way, I'm taking Autumn in for a CBC.  She still has way too soft poop and it's not anything showing up in a fecal.  I have to rule out everything before I would let her go.  It could just be that the food does not agree with her as this has been since day one.  I've tried all the usual 'cures'.
      The cyber clock is hitting midnight.  Guess I'll see if Brittany wants a midnight walk then go back to bed and try to shake off my anxieties.
7/29/10:  Twenty dogs by Sunday.  Several great potential adopters for 4 but I won't rush the decision because I am overwhelmed.  It does make the time to really review and check the applicants much harder. Because of the stacks of applications for the different dogs, I do keep getting confused.   I don't know which is harder; having a stack of not so great applicants or too many being really wonderful and not knowing who is the best match for the particular dog.  I see certain ones that would be better suited for one they are not interested in.  If life were perfect, there would be no overpopulation of dogs.
     Met a contractor yesterday who told me of a local trucker who goes to the east coast, particularly PA area.  Hopefully he will put him in touch with me.  Being able to have the adopters pay him rather then one of the LR transports would sure make adopting to people up north easier.  A win-win situation.
     Cricket gets spayed today, but to save $50, I need to drive half an hour.  Worth it, but takes fishing away from Loren today.  I get too nervous trying to find some new place when I am alone and unfamiliar with a place.  I have 3 people interested in her already so hope she checks out healthy.
     Heidi has begun to settle in but she is attached to me.  Slept out in the family room with her Tuesday night as too tired for re-introductions.  She met a potential adopter yesterday, but he and I were both unsure the connection would materialize.  I'm thinking she needs a woman.  Her original owner was an 84 year old widow and she just gravitates to me and my volunteers.  She is apprehensive of Loren and was of the man.   He would be great for a dog, just not feeling it's Heidi.    Anyway, after he left, I made the plunge and put Heidi back in the mix.  Everyone accepted her instantly.  Eleven dogs in the house now!  Smallest one is 70 pounds.  Everyone is getting along.  There is a God!!  Anyway, Heidi slept right beside the bed and would look up every time I rolled over or moved.  My shadow and 11th protector.  There ain't nobody ever break in my house and do me harm!  It is comforting despite the obstacle course and night lights.
      Nicholas has become too comfortable.  Every time I turn my back, he is on the sofa.  I've had to roll up the area rugs and lay them on it to keep him off.  He is a stubborn guy and I have to leash him up to get him off.  Not sure if stubbornness is the Pyr/Border Collie mix or just Nicholas.   I do have to put him in the garage area at night as he gets trapped by the others and can't get to the door to go outside to potty.  He does not have the courage (or physical ability) to jump over those who block doorways, which is one or more per every doorway.
     I put Sissy on some stronger pain med for her arthritis.  She has sure perked up.  I can even see the sparkle back in her eyes.  At 9 years old (life expectancy for ASD is 10), giving her cancer or liver damage or what ever from meds side effects is not a concern.  Being able to move pain free is what matters.
      Well, it is now 5:15 a.m. and time to start the morning dog process.  Dawn will be here before I know it.    
7/30/10:  I'm already on Saturday and it's barely Friday. The next few days are going to be so busy.  Pick up Cricket from being spayed.  Then take her to my vet for HW test, etc.  Pick up Big Dog and pray it does not rain.  He is afraid of rain.  Stressed all night where I will put them all.  Irene plays rough and Cricket will need rest from the spay.  Big Dog can't hear so not sure who he would be safe around.  If they growled, he would not hear the warning.  I don't know if he could sense it.  Kasa was just spayed also, so togetherness is a concern there also.  Do have an adopter for Big Dog approved but just got word on the home visit in my email this morning so still have to work out the pick-up details.  Expect to have home visits complete this weekend for people for Autumn and for Heidi.  But even those 3 gone does not add space when 2 need peace and quiet for a few days.  I know I will come up with a solution.  I have to!  If Tiya and Bear were not such poops!  Just can't trust either one of them to share space.  Thank God the 11 in the house are getting along!!! 
     Nicholas is really getting confident.  Not that he needed to.  Maybe 'bold' is a better word.  He is on the sofa every time I turn my back.  And I have to literally drag him off.  Talk about stubborn.  Anyway, I rolled up the area rugs (again) and laid them on the sofa so he has no room.  Wrong!  Caught him up there anyway, draped over one.  All I could do to keep from laughing.  This is NOT negotiable.  There are 6 crib mattresses on the floor and only 4 dogs use them, so he has other options.  
I want today to have never happened.  It does not exist.  July now has only 30 days.   I bounce back from 'set backs' because they happen all the time, but this was a turning point.  It has been marching up with drums booming and trumpets blaring.  But the Drum Major tossed his baton and it hit me square in the heart today.   Now it is midnight, the day no longer exists.  I am going to bed and hope I don't have to scratch Aug. 1st off the calendar too.
8/02/10:  Thanks for all the phone calls of concern.  Loren is ok.  It is just dog issues.  Things are still crazy so hopefully in the next day or 2 I can be back at sharing my adventures.... Maybe trials and tribulations is a better expression.
8/03/10: Life may get back to normal soon.  Autumn went to her new forever home today.  What a great lady.  Faith in my decisions is being restored, both in the people I choose and their 'match' with the dog.  Hate when weird, totally unexpected things happen.  Think in the past few day I have had enough to last the rest of my life.... I should be so lucky. 
     I taught Big Dog the doggie door.  It was like a light went on when he realized he could go in and out.  He just kept going in and out, in and out about 15 to 20 round trips.  It was as if he were perfecting this 'trick' before seeking my approval.   It's dark.  I need to turn his lights on.   And hopefully get a good nights sleep.
8/05/10:  Our lives can so quickly change.  All the good intentions; all the good work, just down the toilet.  Every thing we do impacts a piece of the world.  As well as us.  All our best efforts, all our best intentions, all our heart (not to mention all our money) is poured into a passion to make the world a little better.  In rescue, it is to save an animal.  To make it's life better.  To make a persons life better for being able to meet that dog and have it love them and they love it.  But sometimes it just does not work out the way we plan; the way we  hope;  the way we envisioned.  There are no winners when this happens, but there are a lot of losses. 
     Animals are just as, if not more, unpredictable then humans when under stress.  We all suffer stress to some degree and at various times in our life.  I believe every living thing has it's breaking point.  The storm of 2009 that snapped dozens of trees in half from the weight of the ice.  The overworked construction worker who missed tightening a bolt and the bridge collapsed.   The elderly lady whose long time monkey companion tore the face off her friend.  The always friendly dog who freaks out and attacks.  The dog rescuer who works so hard to do right, not only by the dogs, but the people who get accepted to adopt them...  And when it goes wrong, no matter how good the intentions, no matter how careful the process, no matter how many previous happy new beginnings, that one strike of lightening burns us to the core..  The final straw that has broken the camels back has been laid in place.  Removal will not undo the damage.  All the sorrys in the world will not fix the pain all involved have suffered. 
     I'm beaten.  I crashed not too far after takeoff.  A short 7 years.  Some 300 dogs saved and placed, about 280 I know I did right by.  The others unknown for certain.  And the real kicker is, this was not even one of my rescues!!!  I was just trying to save a dog whose owner had been kicked out of her home.  Trying to help an elderly woman who was forced to give up her loving canine companion of 4 years. 
     No more dogs will be accepted.  It will take time to find homes for the 6 that absolutely have to get adopted or re-placed to another rescue.  I will be here for awhile, while I close this chapter of my life and hope there is a safer ( and less stressful) endeavor awaiting me.
8/07/10:  Long day.  Drove a dog to West Memphis.  Was up at 4:30.  Learned it does not work to feed in the dark.  Even with all the yard lights on, hard to tell a poop pile from a rock (until you step on it).  It also confuses the dogs to be off schedule.  Fight broke out.  Kasa went after Sully.  Sully is passive.  He does not need this. I had to move her back with Irene.  Well, that lasted all of 2 minutes!  I had to put Kasa back in the quarantine area.  I now have 4 alpha females.  AAAH!   I finally got away from the house the first time around 7:15.  Went back.  Forgot some of the dogs stuff.  Took off again.  My "lady" (gps) was not speaking to me and didn't know how to turn the sound on.  Went back for Loren to show me.  Got back down the road and remembered I had changed pants when I showered but not transferred pocket contents.  I had no cash.  Back to the house.  By now it's after 7:30 and I'm in tears.  Some people are afraid of snakes or dark places or small spaces.  I am terrified of getting lost.  I do it so often, you would think I would be use to it.  Absolutely no sense of direction.  I got home at 4:00.  Fed, watered, poop scooped and fell asleep watching TV until about 7:00.  Brief nap since I was on the sofa in the family room with my head in Loren's lap.  I will get back to sleep.
8/08/10: It was all here...  the whole day... and before I could save a power surge erased it all...
8/11/10: Still in a state of exhaustion.  I now have the neighbors dog.  They do not take care of it and is it a regular visitor.  If I leave her running around, she riles up mine and they bark constantly. If I call the people, it will still be 2 days before they drive the 200 yards to get it.  And if I take it back, they don't answer the door so it will just follow me back.  So Tiya had a friend last night.  It is just a tiny thing, maybe a Yorkie.  Tiya seemed happy with the company.  I'm sure the thing is house broke and old enough not to be tearing things up.  Guess I'll know when the sun comes up and I start the morning chores.   
     A lot of applications for Cricket despite being HW+.  I am just concerned about people following through to get her well.  Without an exemplary recommendation from their vet, they won't qualify.  She definitely needs an inside situation which I can't offer her until at least one or 2 of these in the house find homes.  This is really tough. 
     Even as hard for me as Cricket, is Sully.  He is so use to being an inside dog.  He looks at me with such sadness.  He has been up in the family room almost every day for 3 to 5 hours.  Depriving the others of an equal turn.  If I can just get volunteers to come and sit and snuggle with one of the dogs while they watch TV.  Bring a friend, talk over ice tea and pet 2.  I know there are hundreds of seniors sitting home alone glued to their TV so if I could just find them and motivate them to make themselves useful and still do what they do all day.   The flyers I have up are doing nothing.  Adding more to the house pack... well, it's asking for trouble. 
     Loren is looking so bad.  I'm really worried... no, scared.  I wish he'd be more aggressive with the doctor.  Between this emotional stress and the heat... 
8/13/10:  Neighbor picked up their dog yesterday... At least it was missing from Kasa's space when we got home from the groomers with her.  Had to turn down a male Pyr yesterday.  I hate that.  I could put him with Irene and Cricket, but I am quitting.  To stop doing something I love is worse then the exhaustion of single handedly caring for so many.  An added agony of quitting is that it will be drawn out over the next year or 2 or maybe until some just die here of old age.  I can't open a new door until I close the old, so this lack of 'looking to the future' really drags me down.  I really need Irene, Kasa,  Etta, Tiya and Sully in great homes.  They won't work in the house because of Zelda and Goofy so there placement is more urgent then the others.  But never so urgent as to fall short on my standards.
8/14/10:  Cooled off by a degree.  Good thing because I slept considerably past dawn.  Took my sweet time getting everyone fed.  They have learned patience is rewarding when it comes to food.  If they sit quietly, they will get little meat treats scattered in.  If they rush me, all they get is kibble and pills.  Wendy (the vet) was out yesterday.  Saw 10 of the dogs for ear and/or eye issues.  Lots of yeast infections.  I've been giving several of them Yeast Defense.  Will need to get into the health food store today and stock up.  Obviously it helped the ones who have been getting it.  Eye ointment in 3 eyes once a day and ear solutions in 12 ears twice a day.  There are 3 different solutions each depending on the dog.  I made a big chart this morning.  Pills I got figured out.  Now I have a separate 'line up' of eye and ear stuff.  Good thing I have a lot of counter space. 
     Keep thinking how I can re-shuffle the dogs.  Irene would be good in the shop.  Cricket would probably be trustworthy in there with her.  Irene is not playful and she needs the AC.  Tiya would probably love to play with Sully.  Then I could put Etta and Kasa together.  There is my concern.  Neither are alpha, but both want to be.  It would be a new space for both of them, so it might work.  Just don't know if I am up to breaking up a fight if I am wrong.  If I only had help!   I just need an experienced dog person a few hours a week.  I love my volunteers, but they are just not strong enough or experienced enough to handle a fight situation.  When Kasa and Irene went at it and I ran out of water to dump on them, I used the empty wading pool as a shield to separate them and get one into the feeding kennel.   When Etta got mad at Sully, I had the hose handy.  Only trouble, I ended up having to gibe Sully a bath.    Giving a 125 pound dog a bath who does not want a bath, and doing it single handedly, is not the most fun way to spend several hours in the hot sun.  We did stay plenty cooled off though, from the shower we both got.
8/15/10:  Ever wake up with the nagging feeling that the day is just going to be a bad one?  With it not getting light until 6:00, it puts me way behind.  I usually feed the outside dogs first, but switched this morning.  Ran them all out as per my rule.  Sweetness came to the front door. That was my clue something was wrong.  Checked all the gates.  A huge tree broke off mid way down and crushed about 50' of fence.  Everyone was out except Heidi.  All came back within a few panic stricken minutes.  Some carrying 'treasures'.   All I can do is hope no one gets sick.  Got them all closed in the house where one or more promptly got into the hot dogs containing the outside dogs pills.  (nothing is lethal but someone may get very constipated if they got all 4 metranitazol. )  Very hot by the time I got the outside dogs done.  Poop scooping will just have to wait.  Loren got out the tractor to pull the fence up.  It's not very secure but will have to do.  The rest of the day will be spent getting all the stickers out of the dogs coats.  they had one heck of a good time on their adventure.  I am not amused!
8/17/10:  Ready for a nap but can't squeeze it in.  Just finished lunch.  Weather is warming up so need to change dog water and add ice.  Kasa was up to the family room most of the morning.  She had her front paws and head in my lap.  Tempted to let her on my lap, but then she would not understand that next time it is a 'no no' to be on the furniture.  Got to vacuum the house.  A cloud of dog hair.  Sort of looks like those old England movies with the mist covering the ground.   Loren goes to the doctor at 2:30 so the rest of the day is shot.  Will be feeding time when we get home.  If I have time, I'll get the dishes washed, dried and filled and it will go faster.  Then ear and eye treatment time.  Too many dogs!!
8/18/10: Yesterday:  Going into the doctor was a waste, but then I didn't expect it to be otherwise.  Doctors are so arrogant.  This defibulator is .... well ... not "an insurance policy" as the doctor called it.  Way more... or less... to it then that.  It serves no purpose what so ever other then making him stressed out and uncomfortable.  It could save his life IF his heart STOPS.  It could probably also kill him if it malfunctioned.  The doctor didn't even know what it looked like.  Loren had to show him!!!  I'm sure he spent the profit from issuing it without hesitation. 
8/19/10:  Sully sure hates to return to his yard after spending several hours in the family room with us.  He gets more loveable every day.  Goofy got out there with him the other day and both were fine, but didn't want to chance any territorial issues.  Given space, I think they would be fine, but the area is a bit small for two 125 pound dogs to meet for the first time.  Etta loves to come up but impossible to remove.  I have never had a more stubborn dog.  Plants her feet and pulls back with all her strength.  I let her and Nicholas run around in the back yard a few days ago.  She decided she liked the garage and that was that!  Eventually she got hungry and it was stomach over brain to get her moved.  If I had fed here there, that would have been a forever thing.  She did indicate she would get along with the other dogs "in the yard" but the garage did become "hers".  She is going to require one strong willed (and muscled) person but she will also make the right person laugh and feel totally loved.
    Heidi was going to leave this weekend for her new home but change of plans.  This is a really hard one.  She has settled in, finally.  Only bad thing is the others intimidate her.  Breaks my heart.  She is so sweet.  Sleeps right by Loren.  When she tries to go out in the morning to potty, they all bark and make a big fuss at her.  Then she goes hides back in a corner.  Days are better.  Of course, she is Lorens' shadow.  We really don't want to put her through another move.  Not knowing what is best for her is tearing me up.  We need less dogs, but the ones who really need homes are not getting any interest.  Irene, Kasa, Tiya and Etta are the ones who need way more attention then what I can provide.  They will bond quickly in a new environment.  So will Sully, Nicholas and Brittany.   Heidi will not. 
8/20/10:  At least one had to sing all night!  It's dawn but I'm kind of stuck because I'm out of yogurt and today is Ivermectin day.  Guess they will get it tonight as will be way too hot if I wait later to feed.  I am definitely going to take a nap when chores are done.  They do.  If I want any sleep, I'm going to have to adjust my schedule to theirs.  I don't know if it was a full moon, but I suspect it was or at least close.  
     Sissy was barking in the kitchen last night.  She really struggles to get up.  Gave her another pain pill in hopes she would eventually get up on the bed and be quiet.  Well, when it took effect, she hobbled outside and sat on the deck and barked and barked and barked.  When I went out to quiet her, she hobbled out into the yard, changed her tone, and then they all ran out to see what she discovered.  This morning is not much different.  Bark, bark bark by at least 5 of them.  Guess I best start to feed.  Elnor will be here in an hour. 
8/21/10:  It stormed last night which means the dogs were quiet.  It didn't start until after 1:00 a.m., though.  Poor Heidi tried to go out and they barked at her so I got up and took her out the front.  She really had to go.  I should have been doing that for her all along but just been brain dead.  Storm started sometime after that.  I heard a lot of thunder and a lot of dog commotion but just not the energy to get up and check.  This morning I found Parker wrapped around my toilet, Nicholas squeezed behind my bedroom chair, Sissy and Sweetness on the bed, Zelda in the door way, Chipi beside my bed and Sahara on the floor at the foot.  This was 7:40!!!  I could not believe I slept so late.   Loren was up and played a guessing game.  I lost.  Who was in his bath tub?  Process of elimination only left Heidi, Parker and Brittany.  I guessed Heidi, then Parker.  It was Brittany.  When I count I think 5 white, 3 black and 3 tan.  Never names unless the count is wrong. 
   Rain did not do much to cool it down.  Of course feeding at 8:00 rather then 6:00 makes a big temp difference. With the ground so soggy I did not attempt poop scooping.  Hard to tell the difference between the mud.  Did make up for that lack of physical effort.  The holes where the dogs dig to lay were filled up.  I had to shovel out trenches so the water would flow out of the holes.  One trench is 30' long.  Kasa had a big puddle too, but after several trips in and out of the yard trying from both sides to get a flow going, I had to give up.  Piled as much loose mud as I could in the hole.  Probably a big mistake.
     Etta and Sully have the carport but a small stream still flowed through.  Etta delights in mud.  She is covered.  She is so playful.  Drags Sully's empty food bowl through the mud, tosses it in the air and chases it.  Then she will dig in the mud for her phantoms or shadows or microscopic critters.  Always a nose right there.  When she drinks, her whole head goes in, so I have to re-fill the water just minutes after I filled it the first time.  It is already a mess, but I would have to camp there with the hose running to keep ahead of her.  Sully has learned to get his drink first out of each ice chest. 
    Evening:  Did the doggie shuffle.  Kasa spent a few hours in the family room.  Irene and Cricket had run of the back yard.  Then did ice around 2:00 and switched them around.  Took Kasa down first.  Then Cricket in with Sully and Etta.  That went well.  Then took some deep breaths, turned on the hose (just in case) and put Irene back where she has been only with Kasa in there now.  I made a quick exit.  Irene's jealousy hinges on humans so figured if I was not there, they would get a chance to make peace.  It worked (I've been "knocking on wood" at every turn).   Brought Tiya up to spend a few hours.  I intended to take a nap but just didn't happen.  At 5:30 another deep breath to calm myself and think positive.  Feeding time (yes, I was late and Sahara let me know it).  I put Cricket's pool in with Etta and Sully because that is where she eats.  In a dry pool (if she spills, the kibble stays clean).   Had to hold Cricket at bay as she was confused, but it went amazingly well.  I did stand guard and pick up each bowl the minute they were finished.  Guess that month Etta spent on a leash tied to a post to eat did sink in.  She stays with her bowl and has been for a long time.  Yeah for Etta.  Kasa went to her space to eat and Irene did not follow.  She knows her eating place.  Closed the gate to be sure, but as soon as both were finished, I grabbed up the bowls, opened the gate between them and made a hasty retreat.  As long as I can stay away from them for a few weeks while they get over their jealousy for my attention, I think we have a working situation.  It also shows Irene and Kasa can get along even though they are both alpha females.  I need to unload the igloo I just bought in case Cricket wants it.  She now has a carport cover, but she may want the security of a dog house too.
8/22/10:  Spent 2 hours trying to get a stray 150 pound Mastiff to come to me.  So afraid he was going to get run over crossing the highway.  He was just too afraid.  I'd let him see me and then squat down but he'd trot off.  I climbed through bushes that were near impassable, sweltering heat, bugs!  I failed.  Lost track of him and had to give up.  No collar, unaltered and very thin despite his enormous size.  He looked English Mastiff to me but then I'm no Mastiff person. Just know his head a jowls were hugs and his bibs were obvious. I will be driving back to the area tomorrow taking water and food. 
8/23/10:    Heidi came into my room this morning which she never does, so it worried me.  I went to check on Loren and he was not there.  He went fishing.  I think it is still too hot. Anyway, Heidi has been pacing.  I found some natural anti-anxiety pills I may start giving her on occasion when we are going to be gone.  I'm really in turmoil about the right thing for her.  What is meant to be.... 
     Got to put the meatloaf together for lunch so when it's time, I can just stick in in the oven.  By 11:00 I'm too "involved" to remember to do it.  Loren can handle popping it in the oven if I get sidetracked. 
8/24/10:  The sun is down and the serenade is on and the moon has not even appeared yet.  It's going to be another long night.  I went out and turned the yard lights off.  that seems to have helped for the moment... spoke ... typed too soon.  The 2 boxes and the 2 hound puppies from various neighbors are 'answering' and everyone wants the last word. 
    It has cooled off a bit so all the dogs got walked today.  One or 2 usually miss out, but with both Betty and Nancy here on Tuesday mornings, we get it done.  Four trips with 3, separate trips with one and 2 and then one trip with the last 2.  Brought Sully and Cricket to the family room for about 3 hours.  Cricket spent most of the time in Loren's lap.  Sully is just so passive.  Waits to be called over for attention.  So appreciative.  Never pushy.  Late on their visit they began to play.  Sully tries so hard to entice Heidi but she is unsure.  So Sully and Cricket had a great time.  I wanted to go get the movie camera but knew they would stop if I got up.   Anyway, for about the first hour of their visit, I sat on the front yard with Etta and gave her a lot of attention.  She really needs it to settle down.  Catch 22.  Wears me out in 5 minutes, but will never be adoptable if we don't get past this.  She really did much better today.  I tied the leash around my thigh so I had hands free to brush and pet.  Almost pulled me out of my seat at first.  Gave her the run of the back yard for an hour.  Incited a riot, which was to be expected.  Took up residence in the garage, but actually went back to her yard without a tug of war when it was dinner time.  The food helped, but a few days ago even that didn't matter.  We are making progress. 
     Quiet again.  Sneak off to bed and hope I don't trip over any dogs. 
 8/26/10:  It has definitely been a Harvest Moon.  It might as well be daytime 24/7 this week.  This 2 + 2 hours sleep is just not cutting it. 
     Zelda got groomed yesterday and Sahara is in today.  She was not a happy camper.  This is only her second bath.  Poor thing never goes for rides either.  Just too afraid.  She jumped in the front seat while I was trying to hold her in the back.  Caught my bad knee and rammed it into the back of the console.  Shot pains both up into my hip and down into my foot.  We still have the ride home to do!
    Learning some disturbing things.  Just like anyone can call themselves a Humane Society or SPCA, anyone can call themselves a certified therapy or assistance dog trainer.  There are no government rules, either Federal or State that have to be adhered to for handing out certification certificates to dogs/owners.  I do not advocate more government regulations, but it does leave the door open for sadness both for dogs and individuals who depend on them for assistance.  I've been presented with an opportunity to help people who could benefit from a well trained assistance dog.  But since my rescues are not already trained in these areas, I want to be very careful not to jump into assisting disaster.  Just another emotional issue I have to deal with.  Another area for mistakes, but yet another area with great potential for happy forever afters. 
     Weather has cooled which gives me back my lost morning hours.  Because of the late sunrise, I'm starting around 6:15 now, but because of the cool weather, I only have to change most of the waters each feeding time and not a third time in the middle of the day.  I don't have to lug down ice and refill to refreeze the containers so it all balances out.  Hopefully the heat is over and we will have as long an autumn as we did a summer.
    Evening:  The opportunity to place dogs into assistance situations was short lived.  (1) the family did not want a home visit (2) they wanted a dog NOW (3) the "association" that was going to do the 'training' is a far cry from reputable.  I may be considered a Bitch by some, but never by a dog and never by a family that does their homework.  Maybe the family will get lucky but I am not placing a dog in a situation without doing my homework. 
8/28/10:  Six hours straight.  Longest sleep I’ve had in weeks.  I’m sure they barked but I’d reached that “dead to the world” point of exhaustion.  Did not mean the day would start off well.  Loren was out the door to go fishing without even a good bye.  So I have no internet.  Typing this in word to paste in when I’m connected as won’t have much time later on.
     Heidi will be leaving today.  I feel great about the people… just Heidi is such a nervous girl.  She has just now begun to relax again and we are going to turn her world upside down again.  If she comes back this time, she will just stay forever.  Sometimes I wonder if by giving them all so much of myself, I lesson their chances, or at least make it harder for them to settle in when they move on.  I can’t get to know their personalities if I ignore them.  If they don’t spend time at the house, I would not know if they had good inside manners.  Ironically, I don’t have near the time to give each one that they really need.   If I had been able to give Etta more inside time, I could have either curbed her bossy behavior or known her placement with those wonderful people was not going to work.  My goal is not to make mistakes but I can’t get off the first rung of the ladder.  I’m emotionally exhausted.  Having Heidi be the ‘one less dog’ is not helpful.  Having less ‘outside’ dogs would really lighten the burden, especially with winter on its way. 
     I’m afraid my dog count is going to go down in the wrong way before long.  Sissy struggles more every day.  Doubled her pain meds.  At 9 ½ with a life expectancy of 10, I’m only concerned with her comfort and not about long term side effects.  And Nicholas is ‘falling apart’ as us old people say.  He is getting the best diet possible but his ear infection is not improving and his hair is falling out.  He’s not just ‘shedding’ and he’s not getting bald spots yet but his coat is so thin and chunks are on the rug when he gets up.  I’ve spent about $500 in vet care for him, not counting the special dog food and fresh food he gets.  I am fortunate that a dear adopter provides me with a lot of his special nutritional needs otherwise I just could not keep trying to help him. 
     Cricket seems to be doing great.  Putting on some weight and such a goofus.  She is so much smaller then Etta and only half the size of Sully but she is right in the middle wrestling and having a great time.  She loves her empty pool.  I hear the noise as they all run in and out of it and it slides down the slope with one or more in it.  I have to bring it up from the bottom of the yard twice a day because that is Crickets ‘eating place’.  They are all doing so well together. 
    Etta has surprised me.  She is getting much calmer the past few days.  Of course, I have spent a lot of time with her compared with in the past.  She and Irene are just such a handful that I can barely stay on my feet when I get them out on leash.  I’ve hurt my elbows and shoulders from the jerking.  But I have made up my mind the only way they are going to be adoptable (so it ‘sticks’) is to give them the special one on one time each needs to get over their exuberance.   I’ve had Etta on the front walkway and Elnor and I spent time with Irene and Kasa in the shop yesterday.  After the first few minutes, they settle down.  Attention works wonders, it’s just getting past that first ‘jerk your arm out of the socket and drag you across the ground’ experience.
8/29/10:  Autumn is in the air.  Know the dogs are really enjoying these cooler mornings. They are acting so silly.  Much to Sahara's dismay, I am feeding much later.  They do not want to come in for breakfast.   Sweetness is a little put out too for the delay to eat.  Everyone else is out either relaxing or chasing unknown critters.  Brittany turned the social corner about a week or 2 ago and it has been gung ho every since.  She is now watching the sky and barking at birds.  It is so neat to see her looking so majestic, head back and gazing up at the blue and white above.  She is like a totally different dog.  I wonder if in her mind she was waiting to be sure she belonged.  To not open her heart and let us in until she was sure she would be staying.  This is the heartache and indecision I feel.  I want to give everyone of them a real home here until the right forever home comes along.  I'm just not sure how fair that is to the dogs.  But I could not do it any other way.  I can't warehouse dogs.  I need to think of it as the foster kids I had.  Eventually they would go back home or grow up and leave.  Difference is I am making the 'leaving' decision for the dogs.  They have no input....  Well, maybe that is not totally accurate.  After all, Chipi kept coming back.   So today, like every day that has come before and every day that will follow, I debate:  Should I bring Sully into the house to stay?  I know Cricket would fit well.  Poor Tiya.  I can't trust her in a pack.  Irene either.   Etta and Kasa is debatable, but  how do manage with 12 or 13 or 14 inside.  Lord, I had 11 yesterday!  Only 10 today and I am already thinking of filling the space with 2 more!  I NEED GOOD FOSTER HOMES! 
Yesterday 8/31/10 another internet freeze.  I have got to get in the habit of writing in WORD and then paste so I don't waste time on lost work.  Impossible to re-write something the same a second time. 
     Everyone got walked.  We can do that on Tuesdays as Betty and Nancy both come.  I was running so far behind when they arrived.  None of the dogs had been fed because they were out playing and would not come in.  Well, not all would come in.  The food junkies always come: Sahara, Sweetness and Nicholas.  Sissy comes but it is taking her longer and longer.  She loves her walk, but I have to restrict the distance or she gets so sore she can't get up after laying down.  Increased her pain meds again; just slightly from the increase the other day.  In the evening she barks for me to get on the floor and pet her.   Some nights she can make in onto the bed with a lot of struggle and other nights, she does not even try.  This is hard.  She is the first dog Loren and I picked out together after his dogs died.  She is the dog that introduced me to "livestock guardian breeds" which I had never given much thought about even though I saw them in the sheep fields in Idaho.  She became the launch behind Ozarkdogs.
     Irene and Kasa spent most of the day in the family room.  Kasa really wants to be a lap dog.  I would not mind but that may not be an option with whom ever may adopt her.  The 2 are such a handful because they just do not get enough people time. 
     The above is not what I wrote yesterday.  Doubt that even made it into cyberspace.  But it's the gist.
9/2/10:  Went to bed and woke up really sick.  No choice but to ignore it.  16 dogs make me do things I would otherwise not do, like get out of bed when the floor keeps moving under my feet and walls have a tendency to smack me in the head.  When you have responsibilities and no one other to fulfill them, you just do it.
   Just got Brittany back from the groomers. I’ll be taking Sully tomorrow.  He’s only had the bath I gave him, which left a lot to be desired.  I would make about as good a groomer as I would a vet tech… passable but by no stretch of the imagination applaudable.   Anyway now she smells good and will be baby ready for Saturday (unless, of course, it rains and she lays in mud or rolls in stickers).  
     I’ll be doing a courtesy home visit to a potential adopter tomorrow for a rescue in KS.  They sent a lot of paperwork which is really good.  I’m going to make use of some for Ozark Dogs. Always great to see how other groups work and use the good stuff. 
    Nicholas is going down hill fast.  I spoke with the vet pharmacy that made up his special medicine.  They are really nice.  They are going to check the list of ingredients I sent from all the foods and supplements I am giving him to determine if anything looks suspect when combined with another.  It bothers me that in concentrating on his pooping without pain that I may have created a different health problem.  He looks like he has been undergoing Chemo.  Hair just falls out (no, this is not ‘shedding’, but clumps) and it is thin stranded and fuzzy and brittle.  He just looks at me so sad most of the time.  He is my shadow.  He wants to be with me every minute.  If I am behind a closed door, he is laying against it.  Right now his hind foot is less then a foot from mine and he is sound asleep.  Can’t get out from my desk without waking him.  I’m sure that was his plan. 
     Evening:  Well, the afternoon was an event that I could have done without.  Went down to feed , set the bowls down, cleaned the water and when I walked to the back of the yard to start poop scooping I discovered a tree had come down.  A BIG tree!  It was not only a tree, but it was the corner post for my fence.  Crushed down about 25 feet.  I’m not sure if the dogs just didn’t ‘get it’ or they had no desire to leave.  Set the poop scooper aside and ran up to the house to call Tyler who does the weeds in the dog yards.  Luckily he headed right over with his chain saw.  While he was on his way, I had to move the 3 dogs.  At this point: trip to yard to feed… trip to house to phone... trip to shop to get tools and wire… trip to house to get the house dogs on the house side of the big yard… trip down to yard to get dogs… trip with one to big yard… trip down road to catch one who  escaped… trip to house to get car keys… trip around driveway and park.  Escapee was sitting waiting for me!! (guess she snuck back while I was in the house getting the car keys)… trip to the big yard…trip to the back dog yard to get last dog… trip along ground…. scrape hand and knee… trip to the big yard…trip back to the back dog yard…trip to the shop to feed Tiya…trip to far yard to feed Kasa and Irene… Tyler shows up… trip to back dog yard... Trip to shop to get fence posts and pounder… Tyler saws tree… Tyler pushes tree off fence… Tyler goes to pickup part of tree… Did I mention I forgot to poop scoop?... Tyler has to go wash his hands… Poop scoop… Posts will not go in ground… wire fence to other trees… change water for Tiya and the other 2…collect bowls…. Trip to the house to pay Tyler… trip to the shop to walk Tiya...  trip to the big yard to get the 3 dogs and put them back…trip across the front yard as Sully drags me down the hill and Cricket cheers him on… Trip to the big yard to get Etta… trip to the back dog yard… trip to the house…feed the house dogs… pick up bowls… change all the water … answer phone (big mistake)… so what started at 3:45 ended at 8:00.  A long cold shower…unwound with an hour of TV and 4 dogs insisting on being in front of my face… Loren went to bed, I answered email, dogs said a loud ‘good night’, I typed my evening, am uploading and going to bed…  Hear that guys… Mom is going to bed… No, the rumblings of thunder are drowning me out… Going to find Parker… sure he is on the bed with Loren or trying to squeeze behind the toilet… if not, I’ll be on the floor hugging him until it quits roaring…
9/3/10: Busy day.  Did a home visit for another rescue.  Great applicant.  Glad I was able to help both the rescue and her. 
    Got Sully and Cricket groomed.  Tried to keep them clean in the family room and in the garage kennel. Etta missed them.  She was alone all day.  One thing about Etta though, she entertains herself.  She was picking up the dry pool in her mouth and tossing it around.  She also rolled in it and made it slide down the little hill.  I watched from the window so she wouldn’t see me.  Would have loved to video it.  She is a funny girl. Sully and Cricket wanted to go down with Etta when it got dark so I gave in.
     I had to put Sweetness in the garage kennel.  Had a disaster.  Some how the door between Bears side and the main side got opened.  Bear went after Goofy.  Only took a few seconds to get him off but bar room mentality, they all went into a frenzy.  Sweetness and Chipi really went at it.  Got the hose to break it up (thank goodness they were outside).  All the dogs chastised Sweetness.  I got her out the front door and noticed lots of blood.  Got a chunk out of her ear. It stopped bleeding after I held pressure on it for several minutes.  Then I put her on Bears side and got Chipi on this side to protect Sweetness from Zelda’s wrath.  All they both did was complain.  Chipi wanted with Bear and Sweetness wanted over here.  I finally moved Sweetness to the garage and let Chipi go back with Bear.   I hate that Sweetness is not in the house tonight but I have got to get some sleep and I am not sure that will happen if I let her back in… I’m sure I’ll end up not sleeping anyway, because I will feel so guilty with her out there even though it’s part her fault. 
9/5/10:  I hate roller coasters and today is one of those.  Not even noon and the ups and downs have been constant.   Actually started last night so woke up guilty.  I had to get some sleep.  Didn’t want to run around putting citronella collars on as many as I could.  I have the ‘ultra sonic bark machine’ that I swore I’d never use again because 4 or 5 years ago when I got it, it freaked Sissy out so bad it took months to calm her down.  Since the non-house dogs seem more resilient, I figured I’d give it a try.  Stole the D cell batteries out of the flash light only to discover I needed 4, not 2.  Got dressed and drove into Wal-mart.  Picked up some ice cream too, while there.  After assembly, took it down and set it strategically located in hopes it would cover Tiya and the yard behind the house.  Irene and Kasa are far enough away, I barely hear them from my room.   It must have worked.  Took them awhile to realize their barking was causing that irritating noise but they finally shut up about midnight.  They may have done so anyway, but the fact they were not playing this morning, made me feel REALLY BAD!!   (Batteries out and it’s back in the box never to beep again).
     After feeding, etc. and walking Tiya, I shuffled dogs.  Weather is so nice,  I took Goofy, Zelda and Parker for a walk.  They were great, as usual, aside from Parker peeing on Goofy’s head, as usual, only it’s usually Zelda’s head.  When I got back, I tried to hook up Nicholas, Sahara and Sweetness.  Well, Nicholas got away from me before I ever got in the gate with the leash.  Ran down the road.  Would not come to me.  Finally a neighbor driving by helped me catch him.  No walk now! Sahara actually looked sad for not getting a walk. 
    I put Bear and Chipi in the house with Sissy and brought Sully, Etta and Cricket up to Bears side.  They are all SO happy.  The 3 are not as happy as being on this side, but much better then in their yard.  Then I must have totally lost my mind.  I decided to take Irene and Kasa for a walk.  I CANNOT handle Irene.  She is just way too strong for me and I cannot begin to get her under control.  Playing ‘tree’ only asks for a full uprooting, which is exactly what happened.  These damn (yes ‘damn’) roads since the county tore them up and has no intention of ever resurfacing them, are so dangerous.  All the loose gravel bigger then jaw breakers.  Irene jerked, Kasa headed the same direction, I slid like on roller skates until I hit the dirt and weeds and ditch.  I fell backwards on my butt and was pulled along through the stickers.  Don’t know what the vines are I ‘rode’ across, but think they are like a wild rose.  (I should mention I was wearing shorts).  Anyway, I finally had to let go or I would have been pulled into a bunch of sharp rocks.  My knee was already bleeding and the back of my legs burned like crazy.  Naturally the girls headed for the neighbors and a fence fight with their Boxers.  One area is built up and I freaked afraid Irene was going to go over the fence.  She so easily could have.  I managed to wrap the leashes around me and had them on opposite sides of me so tightly against me, if they pulled, it would have to be in opposite directions.  At least I would not be dragged again, only squashed to death by leashes around my middle.  I finally managed to get them back the 400 yards to their place.  They knew they were in big trouble when I exited and belter the gate without loving on them.
    I took a shower and then Loren doctored my wounds.  He says the back of my legs are really a mess.  I’ve not looked.  You’ve heard the expression “sitting on the edge of your seat”?  Well, I don’t think this is what they had in mind, but it is accurate.  Sure hope I manage to do better this afternoon. 
9/6/10:  I am still so sore from my Irene excursion… but I’m going to win!   I have to if she is going to get adopted and for it to last.  I took her out alone this morning after Tiya’s walk.  We only got about 100 yards in 20 minutes.  That’s what happens when you have to be a tree every 10 seconds.  Two steps and stop.  She really wants to understand.  She is just so starved for attention.  I think we made significant progress.  I have got to do this every day.   I also took Kasa out next.  Hers is a bad habit learned from Irene.  We didn’t get very far either, but had improved results.   Another ‘got to do’ every day.
     The rest of the dogs rotated all day.  Sully, Etta and Cricket started out on Bears side with Bear, Sissy & Chipi in the house and the rest out in the big yard.  Rotated around 11:00.  Then rotated again around 1:00 and brought Sully, etc. into the family room.  By 1:30 we were ready for a nap.  The three were content.  Each had settled for a Nylabone.  Loren went to the bedroom and I stayed on the couch to keep an eye on them.  Had just about fallen asleep when Sahara realized I was missing.  She does not stop barking until she sees me.  Tried to return and get some more rest but she would not have it.  I was with other dogs!!  Gave up at 3:30 and took the 3 back down.  Etta sure was not going.  No one wanted to, but they obliged.  Took Etta separate as she is so stubborn. 
    Fed, showered and crashed again.  Every muscle in my body hurts. 
9/7/10:  Everyone got walked this morning.  Makes it nice with 3 people (me included) and 15 dogs.  Works out to 5 trips each.  We took Tiya, Irene and Kasa individually and in 3 different directions.  It makes for a safer trip.  No competition to see who can get to each smell first. Irene is just too strong for me, but we made more progress today.
      Raining this afternoon.  Had Sully, Cricket and Etta up in the big yard most of the day until it started raining.  They had the garage to go in, but were not utilizing it so took them back to their yard with the carport cover.  Earlier I had brought Irene and Kasa up to the family room but they both wanted in our laps.   They are currently in the garage staying dry.  Wall to wall dogs in the living room except for Parker who is hiding in the bathroom.  Sahara came in to let me know it is dinner time.  I’m hoping the rain will lesson later and feed then.  We have the dinner rule: once they are done eating they go outside.  No exceptions.  Then if the weather is not agreeable, they can come back in.  Since they eat at different speeds, the gulpers would be outside several minutes so I do have to take a downpour into consideration… and thunder for poor Parker.
    Had a call from Rayns 'mom'.  David is still in ICU.  He is alert and wanting out of there!  Aside from a tube complication, things are looking positive.  He has become such a good friend even though I have never met him face to face.  He emails when he sees from my blog that I am down.  Always has words to cheer me up and makes me smile.  I feel very emotionally close to his situation.
9/8/10: Sully got to spend most of the day at the house.  I so wish I could put him with the gang.  I just am not sure Goofy would accept him.  Getting two 125 pound dogs apart is something I fear.  They are both passive but so protective of me.  Sully is really bonding with me and under the circumstances, that is a concern.  I think he reads me and knows how much I love him. 
    Nicholas has become a problem.  We have a rule which he insists on breaking every time we are not watching him.  He's old and sick and we love him, but this is not an endearing quality.  Already lost one leather sofa to dogs.  One reason we don't do puppies anymore.  Now we have a senior citizen who thinks he can do what he wants.  Guess I should be glad he is comfortable!
9/9/10:  5:00 a.m. Not doing well emotionally.  When a dog goes, I need to know how the adjustment is going,  My heart is with every one of these dogs and when I don’t know, it is like loosing contact with a family member.  They may not live with you, but you don’t stop loving them and caring what happens to them.
    Some good news, I will have company in October from an adopter that has 2 dogs from me, Brooks and Maddie.  Don’t know if the dogs will be along as she does own a doggie day care, but do hope they will be with.     Lots of rain.  Had I known how much, I would have moved Irene and Kasa into the garage.  They do have their dog houses but it makes me feel so bad I had to cancel the carport last month.  Just no way to pay for it.  Doubt I will be able to negotiate the discount again if I can come up with the money.
   Hope my adopter friend Dave is getting better.  Don’t want to bother Joan as know she has her hands full with trips to the hospital and several dogs to care for.  Dave is one of those special people who genuinely cares about others.  When he would see from my blog that I was feeling down, his emails always had a way of making me smile.  I hope I will be receiving those ‘pick me up’s’ again real soon.    
9/10/10:  Great news today.  David, Rayn's daddy has been released from the hospital.  I am so happy Rayn has her person back and I so looking forward to his regular, cheery emails.
   Allergies!  There is something in the family room that is triggering them.  Best not be dogs!  But those allergy pills sure help me sleep once my eyes and nose quit running.
    Everybody got time up at the house today except Tiya.  Tomorrow will be busy so she will have to wait until Sunday.  Having a 'family reunion' tomorrow with Lacy and Sandy.  I've not seen Sandy since she was adopted so that will be a treat.  I'm sure Lacy will remember her.  They grew up together.  I'm also breaking my promise to myself.  A Komondor/Pyr girl is coming tomorrow.  I never lack for applications on these so am confident she will get a great home fast provided she is healthy and dog friendly.  Everyone cross your fingers.  Another "queen", I can not handle. 
     No more rain today.  Yesterday was enough for a month.  It sure did warm back up though.  I was enjoying not changing water 3 times a day and not adding ice.  And with the dogs taking turns in the big yard, I am even relieved to poop scooping to only once a day.  Hot weather will turn all that back around.
9/11/10:  Another non-stop day.  Yesterday I agreed to take a Komondor/Pyr.  (I know, I said I was done but I was under the impression she was easily adoptable… FOOL stamped on my forehead). Lady brought her about 9:00.   “Gigi” looked a mess.  Looked like she had mange.  Her eyes are in real bad condition.  She had been shaved down. An overall pathetic mess.  Had to drag out the tarp to put over the fence joining the 2 lower yards.  Didn’t want Irene and Kasa getting mange.  Got Gigi situated about 10:00 and the lady left.  I decided I best get her into the vet.  $122 later we were back home.   She has a severe flea allergy, no mange (thank God) heartworm negative, (thank God) but full of worms, yeast infection in ears and on skin, Ehrlicia, really bad teeth.  Luckily I have several of the meds already or the bill would have been double.  Anyway, I put her back in the smaller yard beside Irene and Kasa.  Spent 20 minutes pulling the tarp back down.
  Just as I finished getting Gigi situated, Sandy and her people arrived.  Sandy is overweight, but looked really well cared for.  This is the first time I have seen her in a year since they adopted her so it was great.  Then Gigi passes by the window!  I go put her back.  Not a sign how she could have gotten out.  I walk away but keep watch from behind a tree.  The stinker climbed the 6’ chain link fence!!!  Made a dive about 4’ high and then just one paw and the next until she was over the top.  This is not good!!  I figured if I let her in with Irene and Kasa, maybe she would stay put.  They seemed to ignore her so I came back to the house. 
    Betty came by with Lacy but the dogs didn’t seem to remember each other.  I found it strange since they had spent the first 7 years of their life together.  Then past the window goes Gigi again!!  Since the back yard has a hot wire, I decided to put her in there.  Etta objected and as I was trying to pull her off Gigi, they all escaped.  I caught Gigi and the other 3 ran to the family room door.  Loren opened it and Etta was ready to take on the intruders.  I got up there in time to help get Etta out.  I put her in the garage kennel where she is remaining for the night.  Sully and Cricket are doing fine with Gigi (although one of them is barking after dark). 
    Once Betty had left with Lacy and they came back to pick up Sandy, we went to town and got another power reducer to put up a hot wire on the lower kennel.  Loren took a nap and I put up insulators, strung wire and spent 20 minutes untangling the 100 foot extension cord.   I could not find the covered wire that goes from the box to the hot wire so that will finish up tomorrow.  Thus, Gigi remains with Sully and Cricket for the night.
     Had a call to make to Sully’s approved adopter to make transport arrangements.  Time got away and it was 6:00 before I realized it.  Sahara had not complained!!  Got them fed, watered, poop scooped and walked Tiya by 7:30.  Not bad considering I had to hold Gigi’s food bowl to get her to eat and also had a syringe of Panacur to get down her throat.  A shower and an hour of TV.  Now if I can get my stomach to quit feeling like I’ve been kicked by a mule, I might get some sleep.
9/12/10:  It is like a silent alarm goes off when I got to bed.  Does not matter if it is 8:00 or 10:00 or midnight.  It does not matter that the night lights are already on and the house lights out and the TV can not be seen or heard from the outside areas.  They know!  They all know!  Mommy is going to bed.  Time for 'us' to ward off any intruders for miles away.  So why do I really bother trying to get any sleep before midnight.  Such a waste.
    Gigi arrival has rearranged everything.  Guess Etta will be in the garage kennel for a time.  Gigi only seems content in her place and Etta was not willing to accept her.  There is a benefit.  Etta has changed in just a day.  She likes her new environment.  Even when the gate is open into the big yard, she does not wander out there unless I go with.  And she is not jumping on me or dragging me down the road.  She actually was respectful on leash.  Not perfect but trying hard to understand the rules. 
    For a moment today I thought I was losing my mind.  (OK, what is left of it).  I put Sully, Cricket and Gigi on Bears side while I put him in the family room for some one on one attention.  He didn't end up with much.  I checked the hot wire and it was not working so I unplugged and walked the fence line (about a third of a mile).  Gigi walked it with me only on the outside!  I coaxed her back over the fence.  Found a break, probably from deer jumping it.  Got her back where she belonged and plugged it back in.  Settled in with Bear and there goes Gigi by the window.  Grabbed the leash, car keys and my wallet but after driving 15 - 20 minutes gave up.  I had no idea even which way she had gone.  Name tag was on her so figured I'd sit by the phone.   Had a call but was not a 'found' call, but it was from the lady who steered me to Gigi.  Told her she was missing.  After I hung up, I went into the kitchen and caught a glimpse of 3 dogs in Bears room.  Gigi was asleep on the dog bed.  I did not imagine her running by the window and into the bushes.  Obviously she wanted to do a perimeter check before settling in for a nap!  It's not my nature to 'wait' for a dog to return, but with Gigi, I think it will be a given.
9/14/10:  Had a visitor for the night.  LaKota, a big Keeton look-a-like from the Rogers AC.  A friend felt he was going to be put down so she pulled him and I met her part way and brought him home.  I could tell the minute I saw him someone was desperately looking for him.  You just know when you have been in rescue for awhile.  About 6:00 p.m., I got a call from the owner.  She had been steered to me by the shelter.  I am so glad they will be reunited.   A widow lady about my age and he is her life.  It was too late for the 3 hour drive, from there to here, last night so they are on their way this morning.  In the meantime, I slept on the sofa in the family room with him all night… retract that… I stayed  in the family room with him all night.  Every 2 hours he wanted out to potty.  Actually I got about as much sleep as I usually do anyway, so not a big deal.  I definitely did not need another dog but I will miss him.  It was like having just a touch of Keeton back for a night… midnight walks in the rain… head nuzzles in my lap… feeling someone staring at me even though I was asleep… and looking into my soul with those eyes so full of wisdom.   She is a very lucky lady to have him in her life.  Now she better get him micro-chipped on the way home so this will not happen again.
     Betty came this morning so we walked dogs in the rain.  Nancy woosed out.  Actually it was just a bit beyond a drizzle so aside from getting wet, was not bad.  Goofy was delighted.  Even Sahara came to the door wanting to go.  Putting the leash on is still a challenge, but she is getting so brave to want to go with.  Only took over 2 ½ years. 
9/15/10:  Time for bed, but I won’t sleep much.  It will most likely be Nicholas’s last night.  I was so close to taking him in this afternoon, but Loren was taking a nap and I just could not do it alone.  He is screaming in pain again.  He has tried all day to poop but his body is just not working.  Early afternoon I found his digested breakfast all over the floor.  Between the 2 factors…  The decision never gets easy.  The ache in my heart is always there.   I don’t mind cleaning up messes, walking a sick dog in the rain, wiping a butt.  If someone had told me 8 years ago I would be doing these things and not complaining (or throwing up), I would have told them they were crazy.  Eight years ago, I could not even wipe a matted eye or pull off a tick.  Dog hair on the kitchen floor was an annoyance.  Now it’s a fact of life and not given a second thought as I push it into a corner with my foot until I get around to getting the vacuum out.  But the saying good bye.  Making that decision.  That has not changed.  It is as hard now as it was the first time I had to let go as an adult… and as sad as the first dog that I lost when my grandpa had to make that decision with my ‘Taffy’.  Grandpa would be long gone before I ever realized what a hard thing he was forced to do and how much I now know it must have affected him.  So for tonight, Nicholas is on the floor at the foot of my bed.  He may move onto the dog bed later or maybe on the floor below me.   I took him down to the small kennel earlier… that lasted all of 20 minutes before I went and brought him back… So what if his intestines ‘turn loose’ tonight.  There is nothing I could lose more important then he is… no area rug, no blanket… and if I were to step in it, it would not be the first time nor the last.  So as 10 p.m. approaches and Bear has begun his nightly banter with the neighbor dogs, I will go off to bed but it will be a tear filled night.  Do I dare hope for a miracle?
9/17/10:  Kind of in a daze most of yesterday.  Trying to stay busy (that’s an oxymoron).  I knew I would miss Nicholas, but didn’t realize how much.  I kept ‘counting’ him...  4 white, 3 cream, 2 black.  No, one black.  A few weeks ago it was 5 white (Brittany), 3 cream and 3 black (Heidi).  The house seems so empty with only 8 dogs.  I’ll be moving Cricket in here today.  I sure wish I could bring Sully in but I have watched Goofy and Parker around him and I just don’t think it would be harmonious.  Sully wants to be friends but it is obvious they are not going to give him a chance.  When ‘house dogs’ leave, it does not relieve space for more dogs.  It’s the yard dogs that so desperately need homes.  They are great ‘house dogs’ but the current gang is only going to accept total subordinates.  
    Got applications on my desk but just not getting ‘warm fuzzies’ about any of them.  When people leave off the vets phone number, give miss-information or are vague in their answers, I just don’t have time to mess with it.  If they really wanted the dog, they would show it.  Guess I just need to let them know they have been turned down and why.  I hated to lose the one for Sully but some unexpected things have happened so they can’t manage it right now. 
     Gigi got a bath.  New ‘look’ and time for a new name.  I’ve not come up with one that ‘fits’ yet.   I also took in Swiss, now “Swiffer”.  I could not help myself!  He is a sweet, very young boy.  They thought about a year.  I’d guess more like 6 to 8 months tops.  He is in that gawky looking stage.  Long, lanky and coat is still puppy-like.   He took right to me and wants to be my shadow.  Put him in with Irene and Kasa and he pretty much stayed in one of the dog houses.  It didn’t take long for Irene to go after Kasa, so now Irene is in ‘isolation’ in the small attached pen I use for ‘safe’ feeding.  It is not intended for residency.  Irene just can’t handle having a third dog around and she could not pick on Swiffer because he was hiding. 
   I want a vacation.  I want to go to IL. for a few days.  I just need to find someone to feed and poop scoop and water the outside dogs.  Not just anyone can handle it.  Loren can’t.  He can take care of the inside ones.  They just get so excited when people come around and they forget their manners.  Could easily knock someone over or worse yet, escape.  Only rescue people understand what I mean. 
   Loren went to town to get me some ice cream.  I’ve been resisting for over a month.  It’s hot today. I’m still fighting back Nicholas emotions.  We sent our almost new sofa back to the store for refund because it broke and they said it was because we “bought Ashley” so what did we expect!  What an attitude.  When you pay almost $900 for a sofa, you expect it to last a few years at least, not 6 weeks.  Back to cuddling on the love seat until we can find something ‘guaranteed’ for at least 3 years.  So I need an ice cream fix.
9/20/10:  After spending about a week in “her own private home with her own private yard” Etta has decided she misses the company of Sully.  I bring him up to the big yard every day and turn them out together, but yesterday at bed time, Etta wanted to go back with him.  I just put her back with him awhile ago.  Only now it is Gigi instead of Cricket as the third space occupant.  Last week on the first day with Gigi and Etta did not go well so that was reason for the move.  I’m not sure we will make it thorough the night without ‘Carol’ interference.  Gigi is ‘staking her territory’ and Etta was there first.  I’ll move Gigi if someone has to be moved.  In looking out the window just now, I can literally see the tension.
    Cricket is entirely happy inside the house with the other house dogs.  Only problem is when she goes out at night, they consider her an invader when she wants back in.  They have started doing likewise with Parker.  Weather has been nice so I only get up half the time to make them let them in.  Zelda can be such a poop, but Goofy is getting just as bad.
    I also decided Irene’s ‘time out’ had lasted long enough.  She had to give up her big space shared with Kasa because when Swiffer came, Irene went after Kasa several times.  Don’t know why.  Maybe wanting him for herself?  Anyway, Swiffer is a pretty mellow guy.  However, he does not walk away from confrontation.  He will not let them bully him but he does try to neutralize the situation.  I would love to see if he and Tiya would get along.  They have been face to face at the fence and seemed eager to be friends.  I just don’t have a place to put them together.  I think he is still pretty much a puppy and the shop has been Tiya’s home for almost a year.  Not sure if she would allow a new comer in her space and I am not sure he would not get into things which puppies have a tendency to do. 
    Gigi gets her shoulder x-ray tomorrow.  Swiffer gets neutered Wednesday.  I want to take a vacation… no… I want the dogs to go on vacation… 
   Time to change the home page.  I get tears every time I bring up the internet.  It's my home page and being reminded that Nicholas is gone is so sad.
9/23/10:  Days just slip away.  Seems it's non-stop around here... probably because it is.  Sully went home with a family of 6 today.  He raced around with the children here at the house and was having the time of his life.  I had thought one of the others would have suited better but after they got here, it just seemed right.  The boys were tough even though young and I think it was an even match with Sully's size.  Working on some applications for a few others.  Wish Etta or Irene were among them.  They really need to be 'only dog'.  So does Tiya, but I've kind of resigned myself to her being here forever.
    Long day done.  Hope to catch up tomorrow.
9/24/10:  Things are going great with Sully in his new home.  I so appreciate when I get updates, especially the first few days.  Gigi will be going to Texas next weekend to join 2 male Komondors.  One is about her age.  I think she will enjoy that. 
    Swiffer is not sure about coming inside.  I finally got him to go in the garage but I had to leave the door open.  He will go out the doggie door, but not in.  And he will not come in the house at all, even with the regular door open.  I just feel I can trust him and the others don't seem to have a problem with him.  He is really sweet.
    I'm having to put medication in Parkers eyes 4 times a day.  I'd love to take a day off, but not going to happen for a few days.  He goes back in on Monday to have it checked.  I hope it will not require surgery.  It was not stray lashes, but really not sure exactly what it is.  He is not producing enough tears.  Vet said that could be the cause of the problem or it could be the result.  Parker is so good about it.  The drops must make it feel better because he never fusses and lets me do what ever needs done to clean all the sticky gunk off. 
    Yard lights just went off and the moon is behind clouds... so what could they be barking at other then each other.  Darn,, I just remembered I forgot to turn off the air compressor.  I'm not going to go down there behind the shop now.  Weeds have grown up 3' high and it's still warm enough for snakes.  Maybe if I turn the yard lights back on they will be quieter.  Think it is Etta doing most of the barking.  They could be barking at that stray dog that makes it's nightly run.  GRRR!
9/25/10:  Not going to be a good night.  We were gone most of the day.  Accomplished nothing.  That ‘feel so good’ feeling has left.  When you are on top of the mountain there is no way to go but down.  I would have liked to lounge around up there in the clouds for awhile, though.  A situation arose and a dog may be coming back.  Anybody out there got a crystal ball for sale cheap?  I could really use one.  My instincts on dogs are failing.  Think I’m still doing ok on people.  Just not reading the dogs as well anymore. 
     Swiffer figured out the doggie door about an hour ago.  Just when I was trying to go to sleep.  Zelda and Goofy loudly protested.  Got everyone settled down and then the night wanderer came into the yard.  By the time I got the outside light on, it was gone.  It is a medium size, thin, short haired dog but other then that, have no clue on breed or color.  It is continuing to hang around the shop as the dogs down below are barking.  And Bear is protesting because he should be on the bed with me tonight.  It’s his turn.  May have to put Swiffer in the garage kennel if things don’t quiet down.  He’s the only one NOT barking, but his in and out is setting these guys off again.  So out of 15 dogs, 14 are barking.  GRRR!  And the innocent one has to leave the house.  That just does not seem fair.     
9/26/10: Computer went nuts again so had to wait for Loren to fix it.  It is almost a daily occurrence and on the days he goes fishing, I am without until he gets home.  It is terrible to have become so dependent on a machine!  Like cars and phones and satellite everything. 
     Waiting for the morning report on how the night went with the dog.  Didn't walk anyone but Tiya this morning.  Rain is threatening.  Ended up having Bear sleep with me last night so he would shut up.  Luckily Sahara didn't notice for several hours... but when she did she let it be known.  Wonder if she feels 'fired' from her job to protect me?  
9/28/10:  Sully came back yesterday.  Everyone is heartbroken.  He was just too big for small children.  He will mellow with age and time, but it was not a safe situation with a 135 pound dog racing around the yard and immediately deciding the kids were his goats and needed protecting.  Etta was glad to see him.  They played really hard all evening.  The dry pool that I use to put Gigi’s food bowl in became their ‘sled’ across the yard.        No reply to my transport request from KC groups so I will be driving 6 hours to KC this week and Crickets adopter will be driving down for 8.  I was hoping to get her closer for him.  She is going to Moose Lake, MN.   Swiffer is really going to miss her.  They play all the time.   Only problem is she is teaching him bad habits.  She saw Nicholas on the sofa all the time so when he passed on, she thought it would be her spot.  Constantly chasing her off.  Yesterday her and Swiffer were on there wrestling!  I rolled up the area rugs and laid them on there to keep them off.
  Gigi will be picked up Sunday by her new mommy and go home to TX.  I have not gotten to know her real well but what time I have spent with her, I will miss.  She is a very affectionate girl.
    This cool weather the past few days changes the routine around here.  With the exception of Sweetness, all the dogs stay outside up on the hill at night.  They are much more playful too.  I just wish they would go to sleep before midnight.  Barking keeps me awake and then I’m back awake by 5 and they all have crashed inside the house.  If I get up, Sahara barks me back to bed!  I got on the floor with each one this morning.  Laid and petted and cuddled Zelda first.  She was right next to the bed.  Then Sahara.  She was on the floor at the foot of the bed.  I had already let Bear and Chipi out (they slept with me first half of the night).  And Sweetness was still on the bed snoring away.  Parker was in the kitchen.  Head hanging off his mattress.  I shoved an empty mattress under his head then cleaned up his eye and gave belly rubs.  Sissy was asleep on the rug in there.  She is just not doing well.  Arthritis is really getting her down.  We snuggled for awhile.  Then Goofy had to have his turn.  He was on the mattress in the living room.  
     It’s 6:00 right now.  Dogs are playing rooster and waking up the morning.  It's still dark. I’ll be ready for a nap by 2 but know it won’t happen.
     I am so far behind on paperwork and organizing.  I just can't get going.  The organizational part of my brain seems to have stopped working.  I have a months worth of vet papers that need sorted and attached to the right dog's packet.  Something that seems so simple has become mind boggling.  Of course one vet bill may contain charges for 5 or 6 dogs so I have to make 2 copies for each dog.  Then circle the dog that that paper is being attached to.  Then be sure one copy is on the 'my records' bunch and the other on the 'adopters copy'.  Twelve dogs for adoption and vet records on some dating back 3 years.  Thick stacks.  Then there is the tax record keeping which Loren was doing.  But I have to organize it in order for him to post it.  Barely got 2009 done.  Being government recognized non-profit just has not been beneficial.  I just want to rescue dogs and take care of them until they get homes.  Not do all this paper work.  It does not help the dogs. 
9/29/10:  Got the newest 3 micro-chipped thanks to a friend.   That needle is a horse needle.  They didn’t even whimper.
     Got Crickets and Gigi’s paperwork together and health cert. since they will be crossing several state lines.  Probably not necessary, but better safe then sorry.   Guess I will leave out really early Friday morning… like 3 or 4 am to meet Crickets new daddy.  He is driving his share Thursday and staying in a motel.  A luxury I wish I could afford.  I don’t measure money in dollars anymore, but in days of dog food.  Cheapest motel is 4 days worth of food.  Anyway, I’m sure the dogs will have me wide awake sometime in the middle of the night and since I rarely can get back to sleep, we will just head out.    Nancy is coming to help Loren with feeding some of the dogs.  They others will just miss a meal.  I can’t help it.  I don’t have anyone who can handle getting into the yard with Etta or with Irene.  So them and Sully and Kasa will just get extra Thursday night at dinner.  They can handle everyone else.  Nancy is also going to help get Gigi to the groomers.    Loren probably could, but I will feel better with Nancy helping. 
  Weather has been helpful as far as morning chores.  Cold at night so I don’t have to wait several minutes for the water in the hoses to turn cold.  Also, less flies so I can poop scoop once a day instead of twice.  I could get by with just water once a day if Etta did not stick her head down in it and muddy and slime it all up.   She is just such a character.  I love her antics but she is so headstrong. 
     Been feeling really down.  I want all these guys to have their own special home.  Tiya has been here so long.  I feel the sorriest for her.  Think I went over this last week.  Sorry.  But it continues to bother me that she is alone so much of the time.  She wants to play but with Sully coming back, my plan to put her and Swiffer together was dashed.  Swiffer is really going to miss Cricket.  Tiya likes Swiffer (so far).  They go for walks together.  I think Tiya would enjoy him (for awhile, anyway).   I feel so inadequate at giving them all the time they need but I just get so overwhelmed.  If I could just get a couple or 2 friends who would come over and just talk and watch TV and be a human presence with some of them.  There are a lot of people who just hibernate at home and watch TV all day who could be here being useful.  Just don’t know how to get to them.
      Found out that the group I got Goofy and Cricket from have vanished.  They were suppose to be doing all these great things for disabled people, placing dogs and training them as assistance dogs.  I knew it was a bad deal.  Now the autistic kid’s family has a sweet Pyrenees that they only wanted to help the kid.  The dad hates dogs.  I just wonder what will happen to the dog now.  Why do people… Anyway, talked to someone who physically went out there and all the dogs are gone and a big story about one of the volunteers stealing them.  If they did, I suppose they could not be in worse conditions then they were in already. 
9/30/10:  Cricket is at the groomers.  Swiffer is a counter surfer.  I was going to have to move him tonight before I leave but the last episode hastened that move.  Poor guy.  I feel so darn guilty.  He is with Irene and Kasa but hiding in a corner.  I can see him from the window and he looks so depressed.  I want to move him with Tiya, but just not enough room and I'm not sure if all would go smooth.  Not a good idea until I will be able to closely monitor them.  When Tyler, my weed guy comes, I'm going to see if we can clean up an area under the shop where I can add some fence to the existing.  Been thinking about it for several years but not sure how while not interfering with Loren's area.   Tiya needs the space and as long as I have 3 alpha females and no extra cover, she is suck in the shop area.  Not much hope she will ever be adopted.  So sad.
    Sitting here with sweat just pouring off me.  I can't be coming down sick.  Got to take Cricket to MO.  I found the doggie seat belt and sort of figured it out.   Better then trying to crate her.  She likes to help drive.
10/2/10:  Yesterday was a long day.  Left the house at 2:11 a.m.  Got to Chillicothe, MO. at 8:15.  Saying goodbye to Cricket was VERY hard.  I had her in a doggie seatbelt and she slept until the sun came up.  Then she had just enough stretch to put her head on my shoulder and nuzzle under my neck.  That is how she rode the last 2 hours of the trip.  One hand on the wheel and the other rubbing her neck and behind her ear.  She made it to her new home just fine and her first night and day there were fine.  Boy, I sure miss her though.  Missed her all the way home too.  This is getting harder and harder.  When they become 'house dogs' they just really become my kids.
     Gigi goes tomorrow.  We played in the back yard yesterday evening (yes, I caught my second wind and was up 20 hours straight) and today.  I felt so ambitious.  I brought Irene and Kasa up to play in the yard while I cleaned their yard.  Raked all the leaves and the big rocks.  Loren burned the leaves.  It looks so good... for a day until more leaves fall.  Was getting too hard to find the poop with all the brown leaves.  Scrubbed all the water chests with cleanser as there were some algae spots starting.  After the ground cooled, I switched.  Took them back down and brought Sully and Etta up and did their yard.  Didn't get the leaves burned, but they don't have as many trees.  Gigi enjoyed her time with them.  I've had her up at the house trying to keep her clean for tomorrow.  Gigi is a real dirt magnet. 
     The 2 Goldens are going to the Memphis Golden Retriever Rescue.  I am really glad for them.  It is best for specific breed rescues to place dogs of their expertise.  Makes for better success.
10/4/10:  BURR!  What happened to Fall?  Looks like we are going to skip it just like we skipped Spring.  Two seasons this year.  Hot and cold with a tiny sprinkle of warm in between.  Winter is not good.  I never could afford the carport (don’t even know how I’ll buy food when I run out Wednesday) and Irene and Kasa will have no shelter other then the dogs houses.  Trees are great for shade, but leaves will soon be gone and bare branches don’t do much to deflect rain and possible snow.  I have been playing out every possibility and I just have no where to put them.  Having 3 alpha females means 3 places.  And if Irene pulls the crap she did yesterday, she won’t be sharing space which means Kasa would have to move and I don’t know if Etta would be open to her.  I desperately need either Irene, Etta or Tiya adopted before winter clearly descends.  I know most dogs don’t have it near as good as here, but I can’t lower my standards and live with myself. 
     Gigi made it to her new home safely.  Katherine called at 10 last night and they were just 15 minutes from home.  I think she is going to be very loved and spoiled.  
    Sissy is not doing well.  I upped her pain meds.  It helps but if she gets too pain free she will over do and then really get bad.   Trying to find that balance to where she knows she can’t run the fence line is hard.  She so wants to ‘do her job’ and giving in to retirement and not checking on the others is not easy.  With an extra pill last night, she was able to get on the bed.  Head on the pillow next to mine, back up against my belly and my arm draped over her rubbing her belly.  Aside from ingesting and inhaling hair, it was nice.
10/5/10:  Sometimes my heart can be so deeply touched by other then dogs.  Please click Here.  
     Gigi is doing great.  Her new 'daddy' called.  He woke to feel something against him.  Gigi had curled up in the crook of his leg and that is where she slept.  He sounded so pleased with her affection.  I've not heard on Cricket.  I guess I just want my adopters to be as 'mushy' as I am over their dogs. 
    Trying a doggie shuffle.  It has quieted down some.  Irene and Kasa were up in the big yard but now in the garage kennel until I can put them back.  I gave Tiya and Swiffer their place and all is going well.  Sully and Etta are in Bears place and Bear and Chipi are temporarily in the family room.  Loren is at the dentist.  I got to figure something out where everyone is happy and less barking... and which pair can stay in the shop.  Swiffer is still a puppy and will tear things up.  Kasa gets bored and gets into things, dragging boxes and rugs around.  Etta is also quite mischievous and would drag things around.  So I have no 'pairs' I can trust there.   If I could get some stuff out of there, but so much trouble to tote it all to the basement.
10/6/10:  I watched “Hachi, A dogs tale” last night.  It is touching and it made me dig deep in my heart.   I have so many and I place so many, for the most part giving them wonderful lives.  But what of the ones who stay, forever waiting for that special family?  How can I be fair to even one when my time is so stretched.  Is hope with disappointment better then… 
    My heart breaks for the Hachi’s of the world who outlive their masters and cannot move on.  It makes me question some of my past rescues.  Humans live with hope.  Do dogs?  I think so.  But do they have the same understanding of death in the abstract?   If they are with someone who dies, human or animal, I think they understand that relationship is over.  But if they do not experience the death, is there any way they can understand that person is not coming back?  Do they feel abandoned?  Guilt, wondering if they did something wrong?  I just hope I outlive all my dogs because I would not want them to ever think I quit loving them and abandoned them.     Parker goes in for intropia surgery in the morning.  I am as scared as when my daughter had surgery a few years ago.  Pyrs are hyper sensitive to anesthesia and Parker is up there in years.   But I can't let him suffer with those lashes poking him in the eye. We thought we were making progress with the eye drops, but not enough.  Question was: is the swelling causing the lashes to curl or the lashes curling causing the swelling?  He has been here a little over a year.  Another long termer, but one that can stay forever.  Would he understand if he got adopted at this stage in life?  Can that broken bond heal without lasting wonder of why?   Their eyes say "I love you".  One thing about a dog; that love never changes.  People do.  Dogs don't.  It is forever.  
10/7/10: Totally hectic.   Last night I was attacked by an ice chest again!   This time it hit me in the eye.  Swelled up within seconds.  Black and purple today.  I had not even noticed until this morning when Nancy came over.  She told me I needed some purple eye shadow on the other one to make them match.  Took Parker into the vet and a man outside teased me about my ‘story’ when he asked what happened to me.  I don’t see too good without my glasses so maybe that is a good thing.  It is obviously very obvious.
   When I let Parker off at 8:00, I cried all the way home.  He just looked at me so confused and sad.  I took Swiffer in at 10:30 to get his neuter stitches out (I was a week off and should have come out last week) and I needed to weight him to pick up Panacur for him.   While there I asked about Parker and found out he had not even went in yet for surgery.  They had several emergencies.  I almost told them to re-schedule and I’d take him home!  But I didn’t.
    Picked up the Goldens at 11 and got them into the groomers.  Attempted to take a nap about 12:30 but phone rang about 1:00.  Wide awake by the time I got off.  Decided to bring Sully and Etta up for a few hours.  Barely got them up and the Goldens were ready to be picked up.  Decided I’d put them in Sully and Etta’s yard.  It has the least amount of dirt.  That turned out to be a mistake all the way around.  Ended up returning to plan A and putting the Goldens in the garage yard.  By then it was 4:00 and I had to go get Parker. 
    Parker was still a bit groggy but glad to be coming home.  His eye looks terrible.  Worse then mine.  I got out his designer E-collar.  Stitches stay in 2 weeks.  He was really good with the collar last year when he had to wear it for several weeks.  He is just agreeable with about anything.  He is such a love. 
     Got around to eating lunch/dinner in front of the TV about 6:00 after putting Swiffer down with Irene and Kasa.  I hated doing it, but just for tonight.  Not ready to trust him all night in the house yet.  He’s only counter surfed twice and not done that since he knocked off the big wooden knife holder.  It really scared him.  But he could still decide the leather sofa is tasty.  Just not ready to chance it.  He spends the night in the garage kennel but the Goldens have it tonight.  
       Did a final check on the Goldens.  Buddy had found a stick and wanted to play fetch.  It was dark out there!  I went in and got some Nylabones and a rope toy and ball and you’d of thought it was Christmas.  He was so excited.  Myra just wanted petted.  They are going to make wonderful companions for some lucky person, despite their old age and Buddy missing a leg.  Glad they are only here for the night because I sure could fall in love with them! 
10/9/10:  Morning:   I could not believe the clock when I woke up.  5:15.  Not significant if I had been kept awake by barking until midnight, but I was totally out before 8:00!  Stress has really worn me out.  Parker is doing well, but keeping up with keeping his E-collar clean is a challenge.  I resorted to just leaving the plastic one on him.  He hates it, but is good natured about it.  My big concern is the dust it is catching.  With this road the county tore up back in March, we have had constant dust from all the traffic.  His collar is catching it (just like my furniture).  His head is a totally different color then the rest of him.  That concerns me a lot.  All that dust is just going to irritate the eye more then anything.  So I am going to have to take a leap of faith and leave the collar off.  If I had it in me to harm someone, it would be the county judge who tore up our road for the Obama money.  No regard for the 100 residents that travel or live in this subdivision.  Tearing up perfectly good asphalt just to keep from laying off employees is insane… and typical government… like Alaska’s bridge to no where.  No plan for the future to resurface it.  OK, enough political ranting… 
     Had to put Swiffer back with the girls.  Second day of Panacur for worms and they are literally coming out alive!  I have never seen anything like it and hope I never do again!  His fecal was negative less then 3 weeks ago when he was neutered.  As soon as the vet opens, I’ll be calling.  This is just not normal.  Anyway, he is very confused.  I feel really bad for him.  I’m sure he thinks he has been bad.  Two nights in a row.  Night before because I had the Goldens here. 
    The Goldens were great.  I hardly knew them, but what sweet dogs.  Buddy brought me a stick to play fetch.  I gave him a Nylabone and it was his prized possession.  I sent it with him.  I gave him a weird ball that only Jason had ever played with.  He got it stuck in his mouth!!!  It took me a few minutes to realize he could not get it out!  I was almost to the point of having to take him to the vet but finally managed to get it out.  Panic.  It went in the trash.  I really should look it up on the internet and warn the company.  This was really bad.  I know quite a few stores carry it. 
     Daylight.  Time to feed, etc.  Tiya did not get her walk last night so have to make time this morning. 
10/12/10:  Rained just enough this morning to get me soaked.  Naturally, it quit when I was done poop scooping.  I was afraid it would get worse, but it went away.  Beautiful afternoon.  Nancy didn’t come this morning but Betty and I got ALL the dogs walked.  I bet she will be sore tomorrow as she insisted on taking Etta and Etta can really be a challenge.   We put them n the back yard after the walk.  They love exploring all the space, then curl up and take a nap right by the gate.  I warded off the fence fighting that goes with “dog shuffle”.   I need to bring them into the family room in awhile and do some major brushing.  The little sticker things are terrible this year (every year) and Etta is really full of them.  Irene and Kasa got the royal brushing yesterday.  I had not realized Irene’s tail was so bad.  Had to cut some of the mats.  Hate that. 
    I got an adjustment to Parkers vet bill but not much.  Bill is still more then I expected but at least now I have enough to pay it.  Hate carrying a balance.  The lid is swollen which I suppose is natural.  It is not easy getting just one drop of medication in it.  The little bottles are easy, but an eye dropper is much harder.  It does not want to let go of just one drop.  And I am not nursey.  Anyway, he has been so good about leaving it alone.  The E-collar just collected too much dust and slime.
      Heard from the Memphis Golden Retriever Rescue that took Buddy and Myra.  They are HW- and pretty healthy.  YEAH!!  I’m sure they will find them great homes and they will let me know when they do.  Sometimes I think gold is better then white.  Just too many Pyrs and not enough people wanting them.  Just not one of the breeds people think to adopt.   They think ‘field’ and ‘goats’ and not companion and bed partner… Speaking of which, Parker slept with me last night.  He just steps up on the bed like it’s no big deal.  I got the paw until I covered up my head and told him to go to sleep.  Then he turned around and I had his butt in my back all night.  He snores… louder then Sweetness.  She was on the other side of me.
10/13/10: Cooler weather has given me more energy.  Everybody got walked with Sue’s help.  Sully and Etta spent about 6 hours in the big yard so they didn’t get a real walk.  That suited Bear just fine as he got to be in with us and the rest of the inside dogs were on his side.  It is such a juggling act.  Irene and Kasa got their turn yesterday and will again tomorrow.  They got 2 long walks so that made up a bit.
     My letter to the editor thanking the anonymous person who left the dogs food has really made and impact.   It was so simple to take the time to say ‘thank you’ in the only way I knew how.  Had a call from a lovely lady who did not know about Ozark dogs and wants to help.  The one that really touched me was this evening as we were walking the dogs.  A man stopped in the road and asked if I was the one who had written the letter.  He said he had neglected to thank someone and he was going right home and write them a letter that was long overdue.   One kindness can touch so many if we just don’t let it stop with us.  Acknowledge and pass it on.  It will make you feel so good.
     Along with the long ‘dog day’, with Elnor’s help the house got pretty darn clean and I got the area rugs steam cleaned.  Long overdue.  Of course that was this morning.  Since then about 60 cars have sped up and down the road kicking up clouds of dust, all of which ends up in my house.  But at least it was clean for a few minutes.         We also got some good brushing done on Etta and Sully.  He was starting to mat on his tail and hips and Etta was full of little stickers.  They looked good for a few minutes. 
10/15/10:  Eventful day.  Irene finally had a ‘break through’.  I was not drug nor stretched during our walk.  Far from perfect, but at least a great deal of improvement.  I was about to give up.  Maybe she sensed that.   Kasa still rears like a horse, but at least she only barely pulls before easing up.   Maybe watching Tiya walk by daily has taught them something.  She is almost perfect.
   Coming up the hill after their walk, I saw Etta carrying the wading pool.  She was not dragging it like one would expect, but she had it on it’s side, her neck stretched as high as she could and she carried it up her hill!   Her and Sully love to ‘ride’ it to the bottom and I usually carry it back up for them but today she beat me to it.  Talk about smart.  Always said she is one of the smartest ones, but she is also the most stubborn.  She exemplifies the word “independent”.
     Was shuffling dogs for Loren to bush hog the back yards when he broke a blade.  Had to un-shuffle.  Canceled Elnor so we could go to Harrison and pick up new blades.  A hundred miles round trip as there is no place here.  Loren is taking a nap now and will change the blades tomorrow if he feels up to it.  Grass is getting pretty high out there. 
     Weather has been great so will give Sully and Etta a walk before I feed and then crash.  After walking Etta, I will definitely be out of energy. 
   Nicholas has been gone one month today.  Got an email about a new site for pets with disabilities so posted him to their memorial page.  
10/17/10: Another ‘one of those mornings’.  I woke up to the sound of rain about 1:30 or 2:00.  Figured that was why the dogs got so quiet.  Finally went back to sleep around 4 after Sissy quit pestering me for attention.   Woke up around 7:30 and it was still raining.   Only thing was, it was not raining out my window.  It was only raining into the doggie door in the kitchen off the deck!  I had a flood!  I always leave the hose on and just shut the nozzle thing on the end.  Normally I hang it through the fence.  Last night I just forgot.  Dogs must have tripped over it and moved it and turned it on.  Easily enough done if the end lands just right.  Rug was soaked.  Dogs were trapped inside since the water was blasting against their exit.  I had to go around to shut it off at the faucet.  They must have experienced some of the wrath of the hose as they were cautious to go outside until I assured them it was safe.
      When they came back in for breakfast, Loren noticed Parkers eye was bleeding.  Looks like one of the stitches got ripped out.  They are due to be taken out Tuesday.  Darn!  From the looks of it, there is nothing that can be done, so I will just keep him on the antibiotics and try to keep him inside. 
     Swiffer has been enticing everyone to play.  Sahara did for awhile and then got tired.  He won’t let up so she had to get ‘ferocious’.  Then he worked on Goofy.  He reciprocated for a few minutes and then had to give his big “I’m done” growl.  Now Swiffer is laying on the rug thinking about chewing it.  I can see it in his eyes.  Like a little child, he moved his head so he could not see me thinking then I must not be able to see him.  Wrong.
    Had company yesterday.  Michelle and her new husband.   She adopted Maddie (formerly known as Noel, one of the mange puppies) and Brooks (my ‘break the bank’ puppy who had OCD surgery).   It was so great to see her again and meet him.  What a dog person.  I hope someday they will become rescue (to re-home) people.  They both definitely have the love and patience it takes.  
    Yesterday morning Loren got the back yard bush hogged.  It was really getting bad.  It really wore him out.  I wish there was an alternative, but there isn’t.  It should hold until May or June depending on how a warm a spring we have.   Hopefully by then he will have the right meds and right exercises back to a healthy heart.
10/18/10:  Just going through the motions.   By the time I get back to the house, sometimes I can’t remember if I picked up bowls, emptied the poop scooper or filled the water.  I do remember walking the dogs.  Can’t forget walking Kasa and Irene.  They are 1000% improved but we are not ‘there’ yet.  Don’t dare miss a day or they back slide. 
   Still working on applications for Swiffer and anticipating another.  He is getting too comfortable and I’m having to really watch him about the furniture.  I won’t approve anyone just to relieve the local stress.  He is a great ‘puppy’. 
   I wish I could get Sully out separate from Etta.  I just can’t handle Etta.  She needs the work like the other 2 do, but no way to get only one out without help, which I don’t have but 2 mornings a week.  That is not enough.  Sully looks so sad.  Breaks my heart the inside dogs would not let him join in.  Too many males.
   I am really concerned about Zelda.  She is just getting so territorial.  She doe not want to go out after breakfast.  She growls a really mean growl at Sahara.  I can tell it may come to an attack even though Sahara is totally passive.  Sahara does however consider me her goat and that could constitute her stepping up to the challenge.  Tonight I am going to mash up some doggie anti anxiety pills and mix in Zelda’s food.  I hope it will help.  Bad enough having Sweetness and Chipi on alert against each other without Zelda doing her thing.  Even Goofy is getting ‘protective’ through the glass at Bear.  Something he picked up from Zelda.
10/22/10:  Change of plan.  The University where Loren had his appointment… their machine talked to my machine.  Of course their machine did not know it was talking to my machine.  It kept insisting my machine press a number to confirm the appointment.  When it didn’t, it kept repeating, and insisting, that my machine press a number.  Their machine left no contact number.   I called the number I had first called weeks ago.  Well, the automated system did not give me the desired “option”.  After repeating twice, I pressed 0 for a human.  After being on hold for several minutes, a human informed me I had the wrong number and needed to call another.  This process repeated its self 4... FOUR… times.  However one time I was ‘transferred’ so I didn’t have to dial.  Only that time I was on hold about 15 minutes.  Eventually I ended up with someones’ machine.  “My husband Loren Sacher S A C H E R has an appointment on 10/22 with Dr. Bissette.  Your machine insisted my machine confirm by pressing a number.   Well since my machine is as stupid as your machine, it could not press a number.  I have gotten the run around for the past 45 minutes from your automated system.  My husband is the one with the bad heart, so when you call back, ask for Carol as this process will only make his heart worse, and it has surely already made my heart ready for a heart attack.  My number is ………”  This may not be exactly what I said, but pretty close.   I got a message later from a nurse (maybe she wanted to be sure I was still alive).  She actually left her direct number!  After we talked for a few minutes, she said that from what I had told her, Loren should be seeing Dr. Smith.  So we go next Thursday rather then today.  We will have to spend the night before in a motel.  I’ll just over feed before we leave Wed. night and then likewise when we get home Thur. afternoon.  Nancy is going to feed and walk Tiya and check on the others.  Poor Swiffer will have to be in the garage kennel while we are gone.  He is so sweet, but he forgets everything his teeth fit around is not for chewing.  No damage yet, but he does need reminding. 
     I am so proud of me!  I finally have Irene 99% under control.  OK. maybe 90%.  I have been walking her and walking Kasa twice a day.  Still can’t walk them together.  They become ‘smell competative’ and need to be first to check each out, but alone they are really good.  Especially Irene.  We walked about a 1/3 of a mile yesterday and she only pulled 3 times.  Leash went taut a few times, but she slowed.  When I did have to ‘become a tree’ on 3 occasions, she turned and came back to sit in front of me.  Even when the leash got taut, she would come back.  We will probably always have trouble near where the deer bed down at night.  That smell really entices all of them, even the best ones I have.
    Sully and Etta have been getting one walk a day when I’m alone and 2 walks when someone is here to help.  Etta is improving, but Etta is just Etta and she has a mind of her own.  The pulling is not as ‘quick’ and sometimes not as intense, but she does have her stubborn moments.   Yesterday evening when we were done with the walk, she went in the yard, but then changed her mind before I could get Sully far enough in to close the gate.  She turns toward me, sits and pulls with all her strength.  She broke the metal hook right off it’s swivel… and off she went.  She ran to the house and incited a fence riot.  At least she didn’t run off.  Etta is not as strong as Irene, but because I can maintain my balance with her, there is plenty of force on the leash snaps.
    Zelda has set a very bad example for Goofy.  He is not antagonizing Bear.  He has been so passive for over a year.  He is not only ‘announcing’ his arrival on the back deck, but has taken up lying next to the gate between them.  He is doing it out of orneriness.   Bear is so good to “leave it”, but this is unfair to Bear.  He does not want to fight but he is uncomfortable going in and out of his room with Goofy just inches away, even though a fence and gate are between them.  It's hard enough to keep the outside ones on an even keel without having 'house' situations growing.
10/23/10:  Too many full moon nights.  The barking is non-stop.  When mine stop, the neighbors does not so until I am totally exhausted, I just can’t get to sleep. 
    Approved people for Swiffer.  Did not think he was right for them until I spoke with her today.  He took their last dog to the dog park a lot and they have a very flexible work schedule so I am sure he will get the exercise and attention he needs.  She is use to a few holes in the sofa and other dog activities, so correction should be appropriate and not harsh.  Since we are going to Little Rock Wed. for Lorens’ doctor, we will take him. I’ll miss him.  He really is sweet and he entices Sahara to play.  That I will really miss as she never got to be a puppy.  He is teaching her and now he will be gone.  Tiya will miss him too.  They spend several hours together every day in Sully’s yard when I bring Sully and Etta up. 
    I may have to see if Etta will get along up here and put Irene and Kasa with Sully since I don’t think I am going to have a carport for them.  It will be VERY difficult at walking tome and feeding time.   I just don’t know what else I can do.  I can’t let them get rained on.  I just wish Bear would accept Irene and Kasa.  Chipi prefers over here anyway.  Bear is so sad, but also so afraid of change.  Irene would sense his uneasiness and bully him.  Then he would attack and there would be vet bills.  I just need a home for Irene or Etta.  Too many alphas and not enough spaces.

10/24/10:  Going to be another one of those days.   Did manage to get the 3 dogs walked, but I slipped on that damn gravel coming back with Kasa.  Not her fault.  She was walking fine.  Suppose it was a good thing I had her as she kept me from going over backwards.  Instead I landed on my bad knee.  I did go over onto my butt a few days ago just stepping off the driveway to get the mail.  I am not a violent person, but the County tearing up this road just to get Obama money makes me want to get a gun and march all the bureaucrats and politicians off a cliff.   Trouble is, right now I could not march anyone anywhere.  My knee is swollen, bloody and hurts to bend it.  My wrist is beginning to hurt too, so must have reached out with my hand to catch myself.   Was not sure if I was going to be able to get back to the house.   When Loren gets back from the store, he’ll find the ice pack, but I would sure prefer heat the way the knee feels.
      It’s going to storm.  There is an upper level wind really moving the clouds around but not more then a light breeze down here.  Looks like tornado weather.  Bite my tongue! 
   Poor Sully is literally crying.  It is pathetic but physically I can not bring him and Etta up.   They are getting use to spending the day in the big yard, but it won’t happen today.  I feel so bad for them.   
    Dogs are in a tizzy.  Wind is gearing up.  Something is going on. 

Evening:  Just feel lousy.  Fighting off coming down with something.  Maybe just exhaustion.  I felt so guilty not taking Kasa and Irene for a walk tonight.  Felt guilty not bringing Sully and Etta to the house. 


10/26/10:  Getting ready for tomorrow is exhausting.   Also emotionally draining.  Leaving the dogs for 24 hours is tough.  Sue and Nancy will feed tomorrow evening and then the dogs will just miss breakfast Thursday morning.  I know no one is going to die of starvation, but I still worry about their emotional confusion.  Just hope the door between Bear and the house gets locked. 
     Had to take a dog in for grooming today and Swiffer goes in tomorrow morning.  I mentioned about going to LR for Loren’s heart.  We got to talking about the doctor here.  Both the groomer and her husbands’ parents had major issues with him.  They said he is a jerk.  I agree.  Anyway they shared horror stories from actual experience so it is a really good thing we are going for a second opinion.  We will not go back to him even if it means multiple overnight trips. 
    Irene was so interesting today.  She wanted to play!  I have never seen a puppy side to her, either when she was here before or since her return.  Today was a first.  She picked up a soft ball size rock and began chasing it around. Dropping it in the pile of leaves I was raking and then went digging through them for it.  After I was finished, I came up to the house and brought her down several balls and a rope toy these guys never play with.  Tossed them as far apart as possible but she wanted to claim all 3.  I guess they worked it out or Kasa really didn’t care.  I’d really like to get Kasa away from her so I could better see her personality.  Irene just has her bullied.  Even though they get along, it is on Irenes’ terms.   The walk was really great today.  Irene was so good.  Only had to be a tree about 3 times!  None were hard pulls, just enough to bring my arm away from my side.  It could have helped because there was a delay in getting to her.  Normally she is right after Tiya.  This time all the others got walked by Nancy and Betty while I raked leaves, etc.  Guess it gave her time to think and see the others behaving.
    I will miss Swiffer.  He has just become so comfortable and we with him.  He is very smart to catch on to the routine and so affectionate.  Betsy and Gene are getting a really great fella. 
    There is a beautiful Pyr with possible Saint in him that needs a rescue.  He has been literally living 'on the streets' for 2 years getting hand outs from the locals.  Apparently it's reached the point where no one wants to take responsibility anymore.  I don't know what to do.  Desperate situation.  Sully is such a sweetheart and not getting any acceptable applications so afraid this boy would not either.  If I had the carport, I could put him with Kasa and Irene, but I just can't take on another dog without shelter.  Shuffling in and out of the shop during bad weather is going to take it's toll on me.  Just can't add another responsibility to my already overloaded existence without additional help and some shelter. 
10/27/10: 4 a.m.  This was not the plan.  Being up at this hour.  Sissy has barked all night for 2 nights straight.  The night it rained was great!  They are all quiet when it rains.  They also all come in and go to sleep at 4 a.m. after they have made sure I am wide awake.
   Will be a busy morning.  So glad Elnor will be here to help.  Getting organized to let someone take over, even for just one feeding is really hard.  Lots of tacky notes,  feeding ‘maps’ for inside and outside,  dog shuffling.  Plan to leave around noon.  A good 4 hour drive considering it’s ‘down town’ and there will be plenty of traffic.  I’ll be doing all the driving so really had wanted a good nights sleep.  I’m sure motel noise is not going to be conducive for that either, so driving home Thursday is going to be very long.
    Guess since I’m up, I will start making my tacky notes and more intricate instructions.
10/28/10:  We are home.  Long trip.  Eventful.  Tiring.  Will elaborate tomorrow.  Got to catch up on the dog hugs.
10/29/10:  You know that feeling when you know things can’t slide any farther down hill, but then you see a cliff?  Well, not quite that bad, but then there is always tomorrow to ‘finish me off’.   Being gone from the dogs was not good.  Susan and Nancy did great.  It was the dogs that did not.  We came home to issues that may have nothing to do with our absence or may have everything to do with it.  I just don’t know.  Nancy sustained a small bite but luckily it did not break skin.  Two dogs have decided they hate each other so space is a huge problem now.  The house dogs are acting like we are no longer important to them except for Sahara who is looking at me like “What‘d you do with my friend Swiffer?  They all appear upset at us.  No excitement when we pulled in the drive way yesterday.  It was more like “Oh, it’s just you”.  Today has not improved.  So to the details.
     We tried to get away from home by noon Wednesday, but it was closer to 1:00.  Taking Yellville to Marshall and then down to LR cuts off about 40 minutes rather then going through Harrison.  That is when you do not get behind a county truck painting the yellow stripes down the middle of the road.  After 21 minutes, several dozen cars backed up and no way around, I flipped a U in a driveway.  We had traveled less then 2 miles in that 21 minutes!!!  Average speed was 6 mph.  Not knowing where or when the truck would let anyone by, we could have been behind it for 5 or 6 hours and still been over 3 hours from LR.   We did fair better on the other road but still had issues with a motor home and a giant crane being moved.  
    Got to LR just before 5.  Swiffer had been really good.  He just looked so scared.  My heart was breaking, but I can’t keep them all.  Checked into the motel and then went over to take him to his new home.  I’m having problems with this.  Not the people.  A 'me' thing.
     We went and visited Shaggy.   That was great.  He remembered us even though it has been close to 2 years.  I did good picking his perfect match.  I am sure he agrees with me.   Loren and I both hated to leave, but needed to get some dinner before it got any later and get some rest.
     We both really liked the heart doctor.  He explained things and was a good listener as well.  Loren’s heart is functioning at 20 output.  Normal is 50.  So basically he only has 40% function.  It won’t get better but he can stop it from getting worse.  Increase in medication and in exercise.  Only thing I was disappointed with the doctor was that he was not into natural supplements. 
    We did take our short cut home.  Figured they would not be re-painting in the opposite direction.  Maybe that was when we ran upon the motor home or the crane.  We were home around 2:30.  Fed the dogs, fed us and returned phone calls. 
    Today was the dog fight.  I mixed the routine, but that should not have made for a dog fight.  Irene went after Kasa and would not let up.  After I ran out of water to throw on her, which was freezing cold and my fingers were so numb I could not hang onto a collar, I kneed Irene when she was ready to go at it again.  My knee definitely got the worst of it.  I brought Kasa up to the big yard and closed the others off from her so she could explore.  Took her down this evening after they were all fed.  They were both ready to go at each other again so Kasa is in the small kennel behind the big one.  I will have to figure something else out tomorrow.   Not fair for  Kasa to be stuck in the 10 x 20 all day.  Irene is just going to have to be an ‘only dog’ but I have no one even inquiring about her. 
10/30/10:  Got Irene and Kasa back together.  They still give each other the evil eye, but no fights today.  Would hate to have them both alone.  Something is going to have to change though as I know they are both uncomfortable with each other.  It’s 9:00 p.m. and they are both barking but not at each other.  Every dog in the neighborhood is barking.
    Sully and Etta spent most of the day up here.  A few hours in the yard and then a few hours in the family room.  Got Etta brushed out really nice and nails trimmed, but Sully got up and went across the room when I tried to do his tail.  Don’t know what it is about tails, but none of them will cooperate.  Hate that the groomer got impatient with Saharas last month and practically stripped it.  She had the most gorgeous tail and now it looks terrible.  All thin and short and choppy.  It does still manage to collect it’s share of leaves to bring in.
     Mornings have really been cold so everyone is going to have to get use to a ‘split schedule’.  Fresh water, poop scooping and walks will no longer be when I feed breakfast.  Today I waited for about 3 hours to go back and start the chores.  My hands were numb just from carrying the bowls down.  I am not looking forward to winter.  Hoses being disconnected and drained every afternoon and then re-hooked up each day.  Don’t know what I will do to keep Irene and Kasa from having to eat in the rain when it does.  All they have is dog houses for shelter.  I need a carport so bad for them.  Been racking my brain to figure out if I dare add Kasa with Etta and Sully.  Bring Irene to the garage kennel.  But the fence fighting would be long and loud.  I already know moving Etta would please her just fine, but Sully and Irene have issues.  With Irene and Kasa’s new problems, it would be a brawl.  I just need one outside dog gone.  Won’t matter which one.  It would solve my winter space problem.  But I won’t settle for less then a great home.  I’m still agonizing over one mistake that I don’t know how to fix.  Emotionally, I could not handle another uncertainty.
   I hope I get some sleep tonight.  It was a little too cozy last night.  So cozy I could not get out of bed to tell several of them to be quiet.  Sissy was on one side of me, head on the pillow, legs in my stomach.  Sweetness was on the other side, head on pillow and back against my back.  I don’t face Sweetness because she can really ‘let em’.  Bad enough to make a skunk gag.   That reminds me, I need to add Fabreeze to the grocery list.  I should company buy stock.
10/31/10:  I will sleep much better tonight thanks to one of my adopters.  Words of encouragement was what I really needed and she provided just those right words.   So much on my plate right now, I just am thinking emotional and not rational.  I do wear my heart on my sleeve and it gets bumped a lot.
    Just finished a long conversation with a local lady who made a donation.  We have not met yet.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  She is a real character.  Outspoken and opinionated.  Does not hold back yet relays her stories in such an entertaining way.  Her and her husband will be coming over in a few days.  I am really looking forward to their visit. They are our age.  She is also a health food baker and is bringing goodies. 
11/1/10:  Past few days events:  After fixing breakfast, I was returning the remaining 8 eggs to the fridge.  Well, without going into the slimy details, the dogs got scrambled eggs with their breakfast for the next 2 days. 
I think someone threw a happy pill over the fence last night because Sissy was a total goof ball.  She can hardly move from arthritis but she was acting like a puppy, sprinting through the house, around the table, in and out of the bedroom and kitchen and back and forth through the doggie door.  It was almost scary.  You know how some dogs will ‘surge’ just before the end.  Well, that was my first thought.  Anyway, this evening, aside from back to her barely moving self, she is none the worse for the exercise. 
Sully and Etta have been up to the house most of the past few days.  Some of Etta’s stubbornness is waning but a long way to go.  Did I mention she actually broke the hook off the leash a few days ago?  She only planted her feet for a few minutes today when it was time to return to her yard. 
This morning, before Sully and Etta got their turn, Irene and Kasa got to come up.  I hope all the energy got used up.  They must have run several miles running the fence line barking back at Sahara and Zelda.  Parker and Goofy got bored after the first trip, but the others kept it up for quite some time.  A territorial thing.  Put them together and they probably would have been fine, but with no help if I am wrong, I don’t dare chance it.
       Been trying to make a sign for the rescue.  Artist or calligrapher, I am not.   I just can’t see spending $50 for someone to do it when I have the materials.  Betty had some old realty signs she gave me so I painted the background months ago but just have not gotten to the lettering.  Mapping it all out to size in Photoshop was quite an experience.  After several hours of trial and error, IT struck.  Intelligence kicked in and within 10 minutes I had everything exactly as I wanted it.  Now to turn print into hand work.  Ugh.
Got pictures of Swiffer, now named Howie B.  He looks content and they have all bonded.  He is named in honor of Betsy’s law professor and mentor.  I think that is really cool.  He will have a lot to live up to with his prestigious namesake.
11/2/10:  This morning it was Zelda’s turn to be a nut case.  She is a serious dog until walk time, but she woke up bouncing off the walls and running circles around the house.  Wonder who will be ‘at it’ tomorrow morning.  
   Petmeds sent my quarterly package and it had a stuffed Santa toy inside.  Bear has never been one for toys nor for counter surfing but when I got back from the grocery store, he had gotten it and was having a great time with it.  It is still almost in tact.  He has chewed off the hat and the tags, but otherwise it is still in one piece.  Guess I will let him take it to his room tonight. 
    Weather today has been gorgeous.  Sully and Etta are in the back yard and I have been out there sitting on a tree stump petting them.  Sully has decided I am his goat and he is the keeper of the kingdom.  He is developing issues so I have already contacted a behaviorist.  Working on some things she told me to do, but I need ‘outsiders’ to be here.  That is where the problem lies.  Finding someone or a number of people to come spend an hour or 2 several times a day is impossible.  Sully wants to ‘ward off’ any ‘intruders’ including my volunteers.  Totally weird behavior towards people who have loved on him and walked him.  Got to ‘fix’ it fast before it becomes more then verbal.  It is just not good for some dogs to be here so long.  They bond yet are confused as to what their roll is in my life.  Some have the basic Pyr instinct more then others.  “She’s my goat (responsibility) and this is my property and I’m just doing my job”.   Others like Goofy see me as their slave to feed, walk and dote on and bring nice people over to do likewise.
    Anyway, I love Sully and what ever it takes.  When I put him back in his yard he cries.  It is the most pathetic sound.  Breaks my heart.  He looks at me with eyes almost like Keeton.  There is more there then your typical Pyr.  There is a devoted, grateful soul saying “I love you” right back at me.
11/4/10:  Glad Sully and Etta rarely bark at night.  I retreated to the other bedroom as Sissy and Bear were in competition until after midnight.  I tried to get either on the bed with me, but what ever was ‘out there’, I must have needed protection from. 
     Had some success with Sully yesterday.  Nancy came in the morning.  Sully ‘protected’ his space.  I moved him to the big yard and he again ‘protected’ his space.  I had Nancy go out to the road and I took Sully out on lead.  Had Nancy follow us up the road, getting closer each step.  We casually talked the whole time.  When she felt comfortable, she got up beside us.  Sully nuzzled into her and wanted petted.  He walked between us, soliciting her attention for the 15 – 20 minute walk.   When I put him back in the yard, he went into protection mode again!!!  I went in to the yard and calmed him and Nancy tried to calm him from outside the fence, but he really did not want her near his space. 
    In the afternoon, Sue came.  We went through the same process with the same result!!  Only difference is she walked Etta while I walked Sully.  Back in the yard, she was no longer a friend.  She set by the fence and when he would calm, she would give him a piece of hotdog.  When she left to feed and walk Tiya and then came back, it was a repeat.  Hopefully my ladies can give me time every day so we can work on this, but everyone has obligations until next Tuesday.  That makes correcting a problem VERY hard.  There has got to be consistency and it has to be at minimum, daily.  Not real easy to ask strangers to stand in front of a fence with a 135 pound dog barking and showing teeth and then be willing to walk beside him.  I’m an emotional wreck as to how to accomplish what I know CAN be accomplished. 

11/7/10:  What a 24 hours!  Sent out an urgent email based on a call from a woman being foreclosed upon with 6 “pyrs” that she would “shoot rather then leave behind to starve”.  We drove 4 hours round trip to ‘take pictures’ of 6 Pyrs.  Only 3 of which are Pyrs.  Brought them home on the word of other rescues to take them.  Now hoping they find the room ASAP.  Re-shuffling is never easy.  Dogs like consistency.
    Taking photos, downloading, re-sizing pix and getting them up on my site took 5 hours. Fielding emails all evening and sending links to the photos covered another 2 to 3 hours.  Of course in between there was poop scooping, cleaning water and feeding. 
   More emails this morning, feeding, a lot more poop to scoop, catching an escapee and spending a little petting time with the new ones.  Leo is quite old.  No way is he “under 3” as she stated.  I’m guessing 7.  He is a tad grumpy about the pup getting too near his food.  He is the most people social.  His nails must be 1 ½ inches long.  He is all matted and has “flea allergy”.  Hard to say.  I’ll get him a bath Tuesday if he is still here.  Snow is about 3 and beautiful.  One of his dew claws has grown into the pad and looks infected.  Not much I can do on a Sunday with a dog I do not know well enough to attempt to doctor.  He is timid, fearful of the leash but so much wants attention.  Likewise with the pup.  Pup was my escapee.  The other’s intimidate him but they are familiar.  Tiya was happy to meet a friend but he managed to squeeze out through a 2” opening!  I am sure the gate gave and then sprang back, but there was only a 2” space un-sprung.
    Glad for the time change.  It’s only 9:30 instead or 10:30 so feel like I am ahead of schedule.  I need to see who is taking which dog and make a plan for the day. I need to get shots and wormer in the three.   Cut some mats out of Leo. Irene is in the garage yard and not happy.  Sully and Etta did not get their yard time yesterday so they are very confused.  Kasa did not get her morning walk, so she is confused.  She is also confused sharing space with 3 strangers who are not playful.  And a creepy snake by the deck.  It was dead.

Just had another call: “This dog wandered up and I been feeding it for 4 days.  No one is claiming it.  I am a prisoner in my own home.  If you don’t take it, I’m going to shoot it.”   I told her I had 16 dogs here right now and I could not take it.  Shooting it was cruel.  She could take it to the vet and have it humanely euthanized. She said “That costs money”.  And I said, “well, it is your conscience”.  And she hung up on me.  Granted, I lost it.  But these threats of “I’m going to shoot it” are sometimes just threats.  Needless to say, it has upset my day and I will agonize all night.  I wish there was open season on shooting the cruel people who dump these dogs and expect someone else to pick up the responsibility and the expense.  There is a littering law (although not enforced around her) so why is there no dog and cat dumping law?  Maybe that no littering law should be a no 'producing litters' law. 

11/9/10:  These 3 new Pyrs are so sweet.  I just wish there were more time in a day and more energy in me and more help.  I have to find them a place to go and I wish I didn’t.  Once I take in a dog, it takes a place in my heart.  Sherman has already given me that ‘look’ of love only a dog can give.  The look Sully gives me.  The look that makes me feel so inadequate because I can’t make them ‘special’ like a one or 2 dog family could do.  Transferring them to another rescue will be really hard unless I know they will be in good foster homes.  I’ve had a number of offers, but they would be in kennels and basically warehoused.  I can’t do that.  Anyway, Sherman is getting neutered today.  I had not planned for the expense, but he has a dew claw that has curled around and embedded in the pad.  It is obviously infected.  Since he will have to be under anesthesia for that, figured it would only be a little more for the neuter. 
   Sometimes I just want to run away from the cruel world.  A call from a crazy lady 2 days ago has caused sleepless nights.  She tried (and in a way succeeded) in putting a guilt trip on me.  Because I would not take his stray she had been feeding, she was going to take it to the neighbor to be shot.  I suggested she take it to the vet and have it humanely euthanized since she had told me she had tried “everything” find it’s owner and ‘everyone’ to take it. She said “that costs money”.  I hung up on her.  Then called her back to apologize, but she was so poor me, “ I’m a prisoner in my own home and it’s your fault because you won’t help”  was just too much.  I swear that is what she said before I hung up on her the second time.   I have been so tempted to drive over and see if the dog is still alive and take it.  But where would I put it!  I am just so emotionally and physically exhausted.  I feel so helpless when I encounter idiots like that woman.  I have to remind myself that there are happy dogs out there (and happy families) because of me.  Dogs who otherwise would never have had a life at all.  But it just never seems like enough.
    Sun up.  It will be an adventure getting Sherman out of the yard and into the car to go to the vet this morning. Then Leo to the groomers.  Betty and Nancy will be on their own dog walking this morning.
11/10/10:  Yesterday was non-stop.  Seems I am having more and more of those.  UGH!  First on the list was getting the inside dogs fed and then the outside ones cared for.  Except for the 3 new ones.  Called Nancy with instructions since we would not be here when she and Betty arrived.  Then I remembered I had not made the list for the vet.  I always type out a very detailed instruction to go with the form.  There was some confusion once so I just feel better being very specific.  Sherman had a dew claw grown into the pad and it looked infected.  I mainly wanted to make sure that they could save the ‘toe’ without endangering his health or comfort. I did not want it removed just because it might be easier.  That done, I was running behind schedule. Spent 10 minutes getting Sherman out of the yard and into the car for the trip to the vet.  I was anticipating at least 20 since he is neither leash nor travel trained.  That put me back on schedule… for a moment.  Spent another 10 minutes getting the puppy, which I have appropriately named “Barkus” into his eating area.  Then we were off to the vet.  Poor Sherman was so scared.  A lady who was coming out of the vets helped me by pushing as I pulled.  I HATE to do that to a dog, but we had a time restraint.  Poor guy peed all the way in and across the floor.  Got him weighed (92 pounds – should be 115) and then he would not get off the scale.  Luckily I had one of the long leashes so got him signed in and releases filled out, with a long body stretch.  I kissed him good bye and then the office gals had their hands full pulling and pushing.  Good thing the floors are smooth tile so he slid.  I just HATE force with these scared ones.  I hate force with any of them.  It is so negative and only undermines their trust.
   Back home to meet up with the volunteers.  They were moving right along with everything under control.  I was going to do one walk with them, but I still had water to do for the dogs and leaves to clear from inside the house.  My living room was beginning to look like the yard.  Before I realized it, it was time to get Leo to the groomers.  He is leash trained so that is a plus.
    Then the day really went to hell.  Barkus was out when we got home.  Nancy and Betty had stayed trying to lour him back into the lower yard.  It would have done no good.  He uprooted 2 kennel panels and pulled a third a good 3 feet in and bent it at a almost a 90 degree angle.  With his teeth, I’m sure.  No way I could fix it myself and re-assemble and secure everything.  I called the job services and within an hour had a nice young man out here to help.  Four and a half hours later we had everything secure.  Repairs only took 2 ½  hours, but since I guarantee a minimum, I had him help me make 2 changes that I have been wanting done.  Replaced 3 of the 10’ panels with fencing.  That freed up the panels I needed to expand Tiyas’ yard.   She now has a 20’ x 20’ coming off her shop ‘home’ rather then a 10’ x 20’.  It also enlarged the lower yard by about 50 square feet. 
   During the process, I left all the gates open to the lower yard.  Barkus finally came in.  We nonchalantly walked around the outside and got him closed into his eating area where I could catch him.  Leashed him and just let him take me where ever he wanted to go as long as it was heading somewhat in the direction “I” wanted to go.  Finally got him over to Tiyas and put him in the shop with her, closing them both in.  Figured it would take him considerably longer to eat through sheet rock and metal siding. 
Way before we were finished, I had to go pick up Leo.  I put it off until we at least had the lower yard secure.  Otherwise, no where to put him.  I hardly recognized him!  He is gorgeous.  Even the look on his face and in his eyes showed he felt better.  He had been walking really weird and I was sure it was either hip displacia or cancer or something painful.  He is walking so much better now.  He also had a dew claw grown into the pad.  His was just barely puncturing it.  His nails were a good 1 ½ inches long.  I am not exaggerating.  The groomer literally gave him a pedicure to ease his pain.  Four soakings to soften the nails so it would not hurt when they snipped them.  It will have to be done  again in a few weeks as there is only so far you can go until the quick recedes.  Anyway, new photos are up.
    Got home, helped “David” finish Tiyas yard, moved Barkus back to the lower yard.  He is not going to leave since he has Leo with him.  He just didn’t understand being alone.  Then it was time to feed the dogs dinner, re-do water and poop scoop which I had not gotten done in the morning.  Too late to pick up Sherman.  That is on this mornings agenda. 
    Five p.m. and I’m taking a bath,  (no energy to stand for a shower).  Then ate breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one.  It consisted of a tuna sandwich, potato salad and some chips, orange soda and a Snickers for desert.  I was in bed by 7:00!  I hope today is less eventful, at least not in a ‘repair’ way.
   Sun is up and Sahara is doing her rooster impersonation.  Guess I best get dressed, wash dog bowls (I had no energy for it last night) and start the work day… no ‘Dog’ day…   
11/11/10:  Another long day and not near the accomplishments I had tried for.  Sully and Etta are getting so neglected since Irene and Kasa have been displaced by the 3 new boys.  When I tried that ‘dog shuffle’ the other day, it was nothing but non-stop fence fighting.  Without an empty space, I can’t move dogs from one place to another all by myself and my volunteers cannot handle any of the 4.  I am so depressed.  I feel so neglectful.  Sitting in the yard with them is just not the same as running around the 2 acres playing chase and acting silly with them.  Nancy and I tried to spend time with the 3 boys this morning, but it was not long enough.  We’ve taken to walking 4 at a time on the 8 at the house.  That leaves me energy to walk 4 separately when I can get them out of the yard by themselves.  That is not an easy task with no way to separate them.  And I just can’t handle Etta and Sully together, nor Irene and Kasa together.  We did walk around the yard with Pickle (re-named from Barkus at Lorens’ insistence) and Leo.  I knew if Pickle went with Leo, he would actually move on leash.  Nancy just left the leash loose and went where ever he wanted to go so he would not feel intimidated or scared.  I need more ‘on the ground’ time with Sherman before I put a leash on him again.  He needs to recover from the trauma of being practically drug in and out of the vet when he got neutered.  Sherman wants loved on so much, but is just not sure it is ‘safe’.  He is such a sweet boy.  I really like him. 
    I spent about 3 hours on leaf raking today.  I’m sure tomorrow my muscles will tell me I did too much.  I have to keep the small yards raked or I can’t find the poop to scoop.  Eye sight is not so good anymore.  Brown is brown.  Poop or leaves, can’t much tell the difference without stepping in it.  Hope we can burn tomorrow.  If too much accumulates, it would take too long to cool and I don’t want them to accidently step on a hot spot.
   Had some real depressing stuff today.  Checked the dog food ad and what I get is $4 off… but the price went up $5 a bag!!!  So I will be paying $1 more with the sale then I was paying before without the sale.  $8 more then on sale without the sale.  At 30 bags (which is about what I will go through in one month with these 3 extra boys) at minimum, that increases my dog food bill by $150 a month.  That brought tears.  Then I picked up the message on the machine from the tractor repair.  We took the tractor in last week as hydrolic fluid was pouring out.  $912.66  So between all that and the vet bills for the new guys, I’m not doing too well emotionally.  All I wanted was a $625 carport for shelter for the dogs and now that is farther out of reach then ever.   And I get more calls daily about stray dogs that “someone has to take”.  Today it was a pit bull.  I have not even returned the call.  The answer is no, but I need to at least respond to her message on my machine.   And 4 separate emails about a dozen different urgent dogs needing a rescue.  It is getting worse then ever and those damn puppy millers in Mo. are having a fit because Prop. B passed and it may hurt their profits.  BooHoo! 
11/13/10:  The emotional stress is overwhelming.  I can’t be this distant person who sticks a dog in a big yard and call’s it good.  They need PEOPLE!  With my “emergency” space full, I can’t bring Sully and Etta up to the house like before.  With 16 dogs, I can’t stretch myself enough for their human need.  Also, with me being ‘it’ in their life, they all want to be my protector.  They need a job and I become that job.  My volunteers are great, but the dogs need more of them and more of their time.  Dogs change with their environment and when it is without enough human attention it is so destructive to their being. 
   Sully literally cries.  When I turn on the light in the computer room like right now and he knows I am up.  And when I leave after feeding or leave after loving on him.  It is heart wrenching.   I want him with the pack in the house, but I should have done it on day one.  It is too late now.  The “fence” creates some psychological barrier as well as a physical one.  Seems to bring out the worst in dogs.  Too scary on my own to let two 125 + pound male dogs loose in the same yard once they have each established a space on opposite sides.    But on my own, it was too scary to do it before they established, also.  I just need some heavy duty dog savvy help.  I can’t walk a Mac truck (Etta and Irene) pulling in 2nd gear twice as fast as my feet can carry me.   You try being a 65 year old ‘tree’ when there is a bull dozer on the other end of the chain.   
    And it is raining this morning.  Poor new boys have no shelter.  So far they have not had the courage to go in the dog houses.  They are bonded and the 3 dog houses, although X-large and Giant, will not accommodate all 3. 
     Almost daylight.  Maybe I will just take Sully for a ride… like… how do I get him out without Etta getting out?   Maybe I should just take Goofy uptown and walk him around Wal-mart parking lot and hand out “I need Help” flyers.  Everyone love Goofy.
11/14/10:  Another busy day yesterday and I actually feel like I accomplished something.  Sure, a lot of stuff did not get done, but dog things actually did.  I had to take a deep breath and get my priorities in order; the dogs.  No time for depression. 
   Shuffling this many dogs so everyone gets some attention is always a challenge, but it seemed to flow easier yesterday.  The only ‘rough spot’ was when Sully saw a squirrel run a few feet in front of us on the way back to his yard.  But the Gods were watching over me.  (1) Etta had refused to come with which meant a second trip but also saved me from certain injury. (2) The squirrel ran up a tree just 15 feet after the chase began, which meant I managed to stay on my feet. 
    Anyway, the way this dog shuffle works, since my access space (garage yard) is being used, it is complicated.  The four white house dogs get closed outside on the deck.  Bear and Chipi come in the main part of the house through the inside door to join Sissy and Sweetness.  I open the deck gate and 4 white dogs go to Bears side.  While Bear, etc. are closed in the house, I close the gate to the big yard.  Strap it tight at the bottom as well as latched.  Let Kasa and Irene out to run for an hour in the big yard.  (This allows me to poop scoop and clean their water and room.)  Open the doggie door so Bear, etc can go outside.  Bear never does but the etc’s do.  After about an hour, I bring Kasa and Irene around to the family room.  (There is an outside access or this would never work). Loren is always in the family room with the dogs.  Then I bring Sully and Etta up to play in the big yard.  After an hour, I put Kasa and Irene in the back yard which is Sully and Etta’s place.  Then I bring Tiya up to the family room.  After an hour, she has to return to her shop space.  Then I bring Sully and Etta into the family room.  Etta always hangs back so it means 2 trips.  With the big yard empty and the garage access empty, I bring Kasa and Irene back into their garage area.  They are closed in so I can open the gate between the deck and the big yard.  By now it is feeding time.  I get that all organized.  I take Sully back to his place and come back for Etta and take her back.  I close Bear and Chipi in the house, open the deck gate for the white dogs, get them over, then let Bear and Chipi back to their space, lock the door and then open the doggie door for the white dogs to come in.  Feed the 8 house dogs, then the 2 garage dogs, and then the 6 outside dogs.  Poop scooping, watering and raking leaves in each area as I go.  I spend 20 minutes just sitting on the ground letting the 3 new dogs get use to me.  I do this 3 to 4 times a day.  Then it’s almost dark.  Pick up food bowls on my way back to the house.  Tell Sully I love him as I pass his yard.  (He always looks so sad).  
    Mornings are spent with Bear, Chipi, Sissy and Sweetness.   Evenings with the 4 white dogs plus Sissy and Sweetness.  Sissy is old and gets along with them all (as long as they don’t step on her) and Sweetness is an emotional basket case, so she needs with Sissy.  The rest of the day belongs to the outside dogs…when I can swing it… which sadly is not often enough. 
11/15/10: One of those ‘nothing got done’ type of days.  Really was a lot, but just one of the things I planned.   I walked Sherman around his yard on leash.  I have been doing that at least twice a day so he will accept it.  I leash him before petting him so he will associate it with good things.  Then we take a few steps and he gets praise and more petting.  I think by Friday when his stitches are ready to come out, he will walk into the vet and not have to be dragged.  If that goes well, he will get a bath on  next Tuesday.   He is really a sweet boy and so happy for attention now that he trusts me.
    Nothing but dog crazies so none got the attention I had planned for them.  Had someone coming by to switch the sofa into the family room and loveseat into the living room so wanted to get all the dust bunnies out from under them before the guys showed up.  Half succeeded.  Working around dogs who sleep in doorways is never easy.  I finally got everyone stashed somewhere so the guys would not have to worry about open doors or tripping over a furry blob.   That was all done before 10:30.  Then things just went down hill from there. 
   Must be madness in the air because they were all at each other.  It started last night.  I’d get to sleep and then woof woof woof.  Someone wanted in the house and someone else was blocking the entrance.  This went on ever hour or so.  Goofy.  Sissy.  Chipi.  Parker.  Sweetenss.   Sahara and Zelda have a ‘thing’ about when and who is let in.  Sometimes it’s even Goofy keeping Parker out but he was on the victim end last night.
   This afternoon a stray dog came up.  Irene and Kasa were out in the big yard.  They incite a riot.  Mob mentality takes over.  I got them corralled and back in their space so I could get the 6 off each other.  Parker was going after Sahara and Goofy was going after Zelda and Sweetness was at the fence carrying on.  Bear went after poor Chipi.  I got her over on this side away from him and inside the house.  Before things calmed down, I had a lot of wet dogs.  They would have been even wetter if the hose had reached farther.  So that was enough excitement without any dog shuffling.
   The stray seemed really sweet.  He hung around close to the gate and everyone calmed down and ignored him.  Before long he was down getting the outside dogs riled up.  I felt sorry for him.  He just wanted a friend.  I am sure he is the dog I have seen many times in the past month.  No collar but obviously being fed.  He is neutered.  I just wish whom ever had him would take care of him before he gets hurt.
    After feeding (3:00 rather then 4 because I just wanted the day over with), I sit down to email and see 2 potential adopters have backed out.  A third who was so excited has yet to submit an application.  And there is a really sweet looking young Pyr in Joplin in a ‘gassing’ shelter who was adopted and then returned.  He is urgent, but with none leaving, I can’t take on another.   People just don’t realize that while they are ditzing around flip-flopping on adopting a dog, one who could be saved is going to die. 
   It’s not even 5:00 yet and I have already soaked in the tub and ready for 2 hours of TV.  When I hit the bed, I am unplugging the phone as I am sure some company will be violating my rights designated by the “no call list” and call trying to sell me something. 
11/18/10:  Yesterday went well considering rain off and on.  The 3 boys got attention from me and Elnor after the house get the once over.  I do believe Shelley is right about the visual impairment of her pup as since she mentioned it, I sure notice a strong possibility in Pickles.  I got a donation yesterday, so it will cover the eye exam.  He still won’t get neutered yet, but the vision is more important right now. If it can be improved or kept from getting worse, we need right on it.  I just hope we are not looking at one of those $3000 surgeries.   I can’t handle that. 
    The new ‘dog arrangement’ is going really well.  The shuffle is a little chaotic at times, but the fence fighting is down.  Sully and Etta so want to be part of the house pack.  I think they would let Etta and she would adapt.  Goofy is not going to let Sully in his space.  He is tolerant enough of 6 others vying for our attention.
    Yesterday we had Sully and Etta in the family room for about an hour and a half.  They are hysterical to watch.  I knew if I went to get the camera they would stop.  Sully kept trying to drag Etta around the floor by her tail.  I was afraid she would get hurt, but Loren said if it was hurting her, she would definitely let Sully know.  He’s right.  Over protective mom.  The only crises came on the way into the family room.  I hold both leashes in one hand while I close the gate and then one in each hand.  Etta bolted before I was even out the gate.  She went one way and Sully the other.  My hand was in a vise between the 2 leashes.  I could not get them off my hand.  It was not the hand that took the beating.  It was my toe.  In the whirling around I was forced into, my toe got hurt.  I had shoes on, but maybe I should invest in steel toe boots.  I thought for sure it was broken, but after a few hours it was just tender, not excruciating.  Still tender this morning.
     Despite the sore toe, I managed to get Tiya, Irene and Kasa walked.  I also got General Sherman out on leash.  We walked up to the house and then back.  It was a slow process, but he is not fearful of the leash now.  Just the ‘going’ somewhere unknown.  He needs his stitches out either tomorrow or Monday.  He may not be ready for the ‘ride’ by tomorrow so planning on Monday.  Leo wanted a walk and Pickles just wanted to be part of what ever goes on.  If the rain holds off for a few more hours, I’ll do that later. 
    Put out a plea on the “Tradingpost” radio list for a carport.  Unless a combination of Irene and Kasa or a combination of the 3 boys leave, I am going to need it.  One girl and one boy gone will still leave me using both spaces and one does not have a cover.
11/20/10:  Lacy is here for a week visit.  She is such a good girl.  Perfect girl.  Everybody’s friend, two legged or four.
   Stray dogs running around making these guys all hyped.   It is either that redish brown dog with no collar or Casey, the Border Collie.   I like Casey and don’t mind when she visits, but the fur kids do.  Good owners.  She is just an escape artist and very independent.
    Day is beautiful weather.  Took Sherman, Leo and Pickles out for a walk a bit ago.  Kept Sherman out longer.  Took about 30 minutes, but got him on the deck.  Had to go around as he was not ready to try stairs.  Of course going around meant passing the front door with four white barking faces behind the glass door.  The whole process was quite slow, but I was pleased with the results.  I need to get him as social and relaxed as possible.  I don’t need another boomerang dog.  If the home visit goes well, I suspect they will be making the drive this coming week to meet him.  I just hope they really understand when I say ‘patience’ I mean like a Saint.  No losing it.  Allowing plenty of time for each thing that needs accomplished. 
   Putting Sherman back in his yard was a challenge.  He is afraid of gateways and doorways, etc.  Had to do some tugging (which I hate) and in the process, Leo took a walk!  At least he knows his name and comes reasonably well when called.  He wanted to make friends with Bear, but it wasn’t going to happen.  I was able to keep Pickles from escaping.  I’d be out there trying to catch him for hours. 
   Yesterday Sully and Etta were in the family room for several hours.  I planned ahead and had the camera ready. Got some great pix. 
11/21/10:  Great weather again today.  Good thing as I was out chasing dogs.  Sherman has a forever home that he will be going to next Friday.  I wanted to get him trained as much as I could and get him groomed before they come get him.  I brought him up to the house.  His first time ever in a house.  He made himself right at home.   Pickles did not like being left behind so he managed to get the gait open despite the bungie cord and latches.  Leo went with.  I worry so much some idiot will shoot them.  Anyway, Pickles came home first.  No sense putting him back as he'd just get out so I closed him in the shop with Tiya.   About 20 minutes later Leo returned.  I let him come to the house too.  He has been inside other houses, so for him it was no big deal.  I peeked in on Pickles and he had jumped on a chair and then onto a cabinet and was working on dumping the trash.  Luckily I stopped him in time before he made a mess.  When I moved them all back to their yard later, I didn't see any apparent mess or damage.   When Sherman leaves, I don't know how I am going to contain him.  He wants his daddy. 
11/22/10:  I’m over the edge.  Full moon last night and it was up before sundown and still up after dawn.  So were the dogs… all night.  A hazy cloud overcast, but not enough to dull the glow.  I turned on all the outside lights but it didn’t help.  They all “went off” over and over.  Even Sissy as decrepit as she is was off and on the bed several times.  And Sweetness who never wants to chance losing her spot next to me made the dash outside to cheer on the ‘white guys’.   I even took an Aleve which usually zonks me.  Nothing could keep me asleep through the racket and bed bouncing.  Even Parker came up on the bed twice.  He ‘checks on me’.  Paw to the head.  Foot on the boob.  Butt on my leg.  He was totally across me once and I could barely breathe.  I had covered up my head to avoid the paw and then he sat on my side.
     I got practically nothing accomplished today.  I am just an emotional basket case.  I had to take Sherman to get his neuter stitches out.  We are making leash progress.  He is beginning to walk pretty well, but still needs a lot of encouragement.  I did have to lift him into the car both directions.  Before we left, I put Pickles in the shop with Tiya and closed them in.  Our absence was considerably longer then I had anticipated.  When we got back the shop looked like a cyclone had struck.  He had tried to get to the treat jar 5’ high on a shelf.  In the process, he knocked over a big hard plastic tub full of collars.  He demolished the plastic tub (I hope he didn’t ingest any) and chewed up several new, still in the wrapper, dog and cat collars and several leashes.  (wholesale, about $50 - $60 worth).  He pooped in the room, which I can not blame him for as he was closed in, but the where was a different matter.  He went on Tiya’s bed.  He will have to be boarded when Sherman leaves or the disasters will increase.  I will hate that.  He will be alone and scared and confused.  Damn!
      It is dark out.  Only 5:30 but maybe I should go to bed and get some sleep before they gear up.  That usually takes place about 9:00.  I was going to let Sully and Etta out to run one last time before bed, but it will insight a fence riot so they will just have to wait until morning.  I value every moment there is not ‘bark’.
11/24/10:  Barely… 12:14 a.m… Just got in from Armadillo patrol.  This is not fun.  The stupid thing was right by the back deck, trying to burrow under the fence to Bears side.  Being in the back yard is not smart.  Burrowing from the proverbial frying pan into the fire is even dumber.  But then no one ever said Armadillos had a brain.  I’m out there warding off dogs, trying to get the thing onto the big aluminum snow shovel I use for back yard poop scooping and getting blasted by it’s dirt slinging.  I did get it onto the shovel (those suckers are HEAVY) but I had no leverage.  At least I got it turned around and it went up under the deck.  It will have 3 choices.  It can head south until it runs into the house and then east and escape the yard with it’s dangers, head east and end up back in Bears yard (I’ll know because Bear will alert loudly) or head back north and make the pack got crazy and keep me awake the rest of the night.  I turned off the outside light and closed the doggie door.  All the dogs are in.  Sahara is about to have her first experience with a bark collar.  I felt compelled to take a bath.  It did sling a lot of dirt and who knows what else on me.  Now back to bed… but I doubt much sleep will take place.
11/25/10:  Yesterday ended pretty much as it started.  The middle was ok.  Loren fixed the turkey.  I know, a day early, but it's just us, it thawed early and so Wednesday worked just as good as Thursday. 
    The Armadillo was back.  Maybe it never left.  Anyway, we must be under siege.  The front yard is full of holes.  I stopped counting at 30.  I don't like killing animals, but I can't trap them and haul them off making them someone elses problem.   Even the thunder storm and torrents of rain didn't stop the predator patrol.  No way was Zelda and Sissy letting nay un-invited critters come in the yard.  They were out in the rain doing their job.  Sahara took her position in the doorway protecting me, I guess.  Or maybe just to stay dry and pretend to have a duty.  Parker protected the toilet.  He wraps around it when he hears thunder.  Bear thought he could bark the storm into submission... from inside his room.  His room is 4 feet from my bed on the other side of a sliding glass door.  He might as well have been in my room.
    I was not getting much sleep anyway.  I kept hoping Kasa and Irene were inside their dog houses.  I HATE not having a carport shelter for them.  Even when 1, 2 or 3 dogs leave this weekend, the ones going are each from different 'groups'.  I'm not sure of the remaining ones, who I can pair up so everyone has shelter and a friend they get along with. 
     Rain has continued all day.  Kasa and Irene were soaked when I fed this morning.  I moved Tiya to the family room and put them in the shop.  Loren has spent the entire day with her.  Sahara gets jealous when she knows I am out there and barks constantly.  Which reminds me, she is jealous of Lacy.  One thing about Sahara, she would never attack another dog (or a person) unless my life was threatened.  So the jealousy consists of always being near me when Lacy is.  So back on subject.  Kasa and Irene were so happy for the inside space and ME.  I've been recording all the Dog Whisper shows as had only watched one once and was not impressed.  Anyway, I've hear some comments and decided I needed to give it another chance.  When I was drying off Kasa, she was in my face, jumping all over me and actually had some playful teeth take hold a little too hard.  I realized it was the vigorous rubbing with the towel that was getting her hyped.  I stopped, left the room, waited about 1 full minute and then walked back in totally calm.  I was in shock.  It worked!  If it had not been for one of the shows, it most likely would not have occurred to me I was the cause.   I know all the 'calm' stuff and the being a 'tree' on walks, but the other dogs love the vigorous drying and they are not all over me when I do it.  For Kasa, it was different.  I'd still like to know how to make 2 dogs tolerate each other if they have decided they hate each other.  Or how to convince several that I am NOT their goat and I don't need to be 'herded' around the house.
    Suppose to get down to 20 something tonight.  Hoses are all disconnected.  I am worried that Pickles will not cuddle up with Sherman and Leo.  When I look outside at night, I see the 2 cuddled together, but Pickles is a distance from them.  Tomorrow night he will be inside at boarding.  Sadly that does mean spending the night in a crate.  Damn, I hate that, but I can't have him letting Leo out because he misses Sherman and is off looking for him.  And I don't know what to do with Irene and Kasa.  No way will they cuddle in a dog house together.  They won't go in the dog house, and they won't cuddle.  I may just have to put Tiya in the shop office and leave Irene and Kasa in her space.  Of course that means going down very late at night and letting her out to potty and then up very early for a repeat.  Either way I'm not going to get much sleep worrying about them all.  Tomorrow is going to be very busy and exhausting.  So is Saturday. 
    9:45 p.m.: Just finished the last trip of the night.  Tiya is in the office and no outside access so one last potty time.  Irene and Kasa want to go back to their yard, but it is suppose to get well below freezing tonight.  I feel terrible that i don't have a place for the 3 boys, but I did see them all huddling together.  I also saw 2 of them in one of the dog houses.  Even with giant size, all 3 are not going to fit.  I'm sure they are use to the cold... maybe not the puppy.  I just feel terrible I have no insulated building for them.  At least they have a carport if it rains or snows as it might.  I sure hope tomorrow is decent weather.  Got to have Sherman in to the groomers by 8:30.  Means I have the alarm set for 6:30 as he will need fed then.  People will be here right after he is out of the groomers so he won't have a lot of potty time if I don't feed really early.  It is going to be so cold!!!  Deck is already slick and ground is frozen.
11/26/10:  It was a good day.  Sherman has a new family and I know they will be as happy with him as he will be with them.  I also have 2 approved awaiting pick up.  I am so grateful to get the numbers down and such a great bunch of families.  Only 'downer' is I boarded Pickles.  My conscience won't let me leave him there.  He is just so confused.  I will bring him home in a day or 2.  We need to catch up on some sleep and he is the biggest barker... maybe the longest duration barker is the right term.  But he can't hardly see, so I understand.  Anyway, with the donation for Sherman, I can now get Pickles eyes checked and also a lump I discovered under his front leg.  Poor guy!  Trainer comes tomorrow.  YEAH! 
11/27/10:  Last night:  Finally a quiet night (pup in boarding) and I wake up at midnight with hives!!!  I have never had hives before.  Anyway, 2 benadryl and a bunch of itching later, I was zonked.  Got some heavy sleep until Sahara, my rooster dog announced the coming of dawn!  I'm going to ask the trainer how to 'turn her off' at night and not have her "go off" until I flip her switch.
     Evening:  Boy, what a day.  Pickles was kicked out of boarding.  Got the call around 9:00 a.m.  I’ll get the bill for damages first of the week.  Tiya and Leo were doing so good together.  Darn!  Trainer came.  I learned a number of things.  Sully is still an unknown so I need to be sure he is placed in an experienced home.  His people are going to be his goats and the property line, his responsibility.  He and Etta got in a fight.  Had to soak them with the hose.  Irene went after Kasa and had to dump water on them.  I am so glad Kasa will be getting a great home.  She is such a sweet girl and does not need picked on.  Irene is sweet too, for a “Queen”.  Zelda is in one of her ‘moods’.  Growling at everyone.  Posturing at Sahara and Chipi.  Guess I’ll slip her one of those anti anxiety dog treats in a hot dog.   Etta should be going to her new home this coming week.  Lacy went home.  The perfect girl.  Still 15 here.  My goal is 12 for the winter, but needs to be the right 12.  Pickles and Irene really need to be where they can get the attention they need. 
11/28/10:  Pickles was so quiet last night.  I think he had such a traumatic experience at boarding he has decided “screw up and ‘mommy’ will send me off to a little cage”.   He is coming to me much better too.  He did however get whomped on this morning by Tiya.  Tiya really likes Leo so after breakfast, I put her back in with them.  Pickles just can’t see and must have gotten in her space.  Poor guy.  Anyway, Tiya had to go back to her yard, alone again.  
     Kasa won’t be picked up today.  It will be late in the week before they can come.  At least I can get her groomed before they come.  Not sure what day the people for Etta are coming.   Wish Irene and Pickles had someone coming to get them.
    When I walked Tiya this morning, the frost was still on the ground and the maple leaves glistened so pretty in the sun.  It had been a long time since I really noticed things.  Too preoccupied. I miss those Keeton walks when I noticed all the wonders and beauty of nature.  Some dogs one just never gets over losing.  Keeton touched me more then any of the hundreds who have passed through my life.  Frank, a close second. 
11/29/10:  Busy week ahead.  Grooming Wed., Thur., and Fri. mornings.  I also need to fit in an eye appointment for Pickles.   Loren has heart tests all afternoon tomorrow and eye exam Thursday.  Irene got loose yesterday and knocked his glasses off. Scratched them all up really bad.  Bent the frames, but he thinks they will be ok.  Glasses are such a rip off.  Anything medical always is.
    Rained off and on today.  Went out and met the Pyr at the HS.  She is very scared, but they say she is also very jealous of other dogs getting attention.  Can’t have that.  It’s no kill, so she has a chance.  Another Irene, I don’t need.  The other one there got adopted and the one at AC will be picked up by the owner.  Having Etta and Kasa and Sherman all leave is not really helping.  They are/were all in different yards.  And I can’t put Sully with Leo or Irene and can’t put Irene with either.  Tiya can’t be with Pickles.  She has no patience.  Tiya decided some time ago she did not like Sully.  She is intimidated by dogs bigger and younger then she is.  So I am still going to have dogs in every space and 3 will be alone.  That is so sad.  I will just have to make more inside time for each.  Sully loves playing with Chipi and they can spend time together but I can’t kick Chipi out of the house to be with him all the time.  She has been Bear’s best friend for 3 years.  No one likes Irene so she is out of luck dog friend wise.  Oh well, I can at least poop scoop every other day if there is only one dog in a yard… and just freshen water once a day.
    It is so quiet for 10:30 pm.  I know as soon as I head to bed they will start.     
12/01/10:  Hard to believe the year is at an end.  Would be nice to end it with just 12 dogs.  Ten would be even better.  It has hit freezing the past few nights and it breaks my heart I can’t bring them all into a warm place.  Leo, Pickles and Irene are dependent on their igloos.  Everyone else has a heated room.  Leo could too, if it were to for him having to be with Pickles.  I guess they cuddle to keep each other warm.  Irene has no one.  Tomorrow it will be her turn at the house.  Just wish I could figure something out.  Too bad her and Bear would not get along.  She would intimidate him and he would do her some serious damage.  I just don’t know how to teach a dog not to be a bully and at close to 90 pounds you just don’t want an equal teaching the lesson. 
      Kasa went to her new home today.  I did not meet Cindy, but I met Duke part way.  I really feel good about this adoption.  Super person the way he was prepared and handled her so gently.  First report is their dog and her are getting along.
     Sherman, now known as Hagrid got a terrific family also.  I have been so fortunate lately to have such a great bunch of people wanting to adopt.   Just where is someone for Irene???  Someone for my special boy Sully?  I really love that big teddy bear.
     Pickles gets a bath tomorrow.  I need him clean before I bring him into the house.  Leo had a bath 2 weeks ago but he is not a self cleaning Pyr.  Only had one other that did not self clean.  Anyway, the family room is a bit dark but it is just too hard to try to shuffle dogs out of the house and others in, so family room, it will have to be.  If it were not so cold, I could make the house dogs stay in the yard for awhile, but they would protest. 
     I wish I had the nerve to send out Christmas cards that said “remember when you are making your end of year donations, Ozark Dogs donations are tax deductable too and much more appreciated then ASPCA or Salvation Army.”   But I just can’t do that.  Not ask directly.  Oh well, less dogs, less dog food expense.
12/04/10:  I never learn.  I should always write my blog in word, save, then copy and paste it into my site.  Two days in a row lost into cyberspace.  To re-cap, or maybe be redundant, Pickles is becoming more comfortable every day.  I have quite a few people working on getting him into a good situation.  My frustration is over but I know I am not equipped to do the best for him.  He depends so much on hearing and when I had him in the house for several hours, I had the TV on.  I know that must have confused him since he had never been inside anywhere before.  He kept walking towards the window, tripping on the dog beds, bumping his nose.  I just wanted to cry.  He does pretty well, but far from that of a seeing dog. 
     Leo made himself at home on the sofa with Loren.  I really wish he would not allow that.  What if he gets adopted by someone who won’t let him on the furniture?  He would think he was being punished. 
   I have been trying to spend more time with Irene now because she is alone.  When Kasa (now in her forever home and named Ruby) was with her, and I gave Kasa attention, Irene was jealous and fight with her.  When I gave Irene attention, Irene acted like the queen and would fight with Kasa.  It was a no win.  Now she has no one to be jealous of that she can get to and no direct competition.  Anyway, she is a changed girl.  So much more relaxed and calm.  She needs to be an ‘only child’.
    Did baths this week.  Pickles, Chipi and Kasa before she left.  Chipi was freaked.  It had been a long time, a few years, since she had a bath.  Don’t know what shampoo they used, but she stunk when I picked her up.  I’m taking Leo in Tuesday and I need to make sure they don’t use the same on any of my dogs again.  I had to spray Chipi with lavender water it was so bad.  Tiya was going to go in Wed. but now I have a GSD coming so he will get her spot.  Then the bath funds are dried up so the others will just have to wait.  Hate doing Leo again so soon, but I have never had a Pyr that was not self cleaning.  He is a dirt magnet and smells already. 
    These short days sure suck.  First light is about 7:00 and dark is about 5:00  Feeding seems so close together as can’t start until I can see outside and have to feed dinner at 3:00 so I can be finished with water, poop scooping and Tiya and Irene’s walks before it’s dark.   The idea is to poop while on the walk so I only have one scooper full and not one and a half which means 2 long walks down the hill to dump it.  I’d rather walk a dog then a scooper full of poop.
   Time to get dressed and start the day.  Yesterday was so busy and next week will be too, so today I am just going to take it easy and bring up outside dogs to watch TV with.  I might take one with to a few yard sales.  I need some heavy fabric for more of their bed covers.
12/06/10:  Etta is on her way to her new home.  I will be anxious to hear how introductions and the night went as they will not be getting there until well after 10:00 p.m. 
    Sully seems confused and lonesome.  Wednesday I will try him and Irene together (again).  It has been months and Sully was uncomfortable but no incidents.  A little different dynamics this time.  He needs a friend.  Too bad he and Tiya won’t work.  Already tried that and Tiya felt threatened by his size and lashed out.   
     Someone might be interested in Pickles.  Lovely lady already donated to pay for his neuter.  Got an appointment for tomorrow.  It is going to work out great.  I wanted to get Leo another bath but was unsure how to swing it since Pickles gets so scared without him.  So Pickles goes to the vet at 8:00.  Leo goes to the groomer at 9:30 and I take off to meet Gail in Huntsville by noon.  Loren will pick up Leo and put him and Tiya together.  Pickles will spend the night at the vets.  The new dog… I’m unsure.  I’d like to try for the house sense Gail already bathed him a few days ago.  I just have to handle it right with Zelda and Goofy.  Zelda does not want anybody around, new or old.  It’s time to do some blood work again.  I know there is something medically wrong because of her disposition.  We have been trying to pin it down for 3 years but all the tests are normal.
    It is so cold.  I hope Pickles will get to go and then I can leave Leo with Tiya permanently.   Sully and Irene can have that yard.  It has the carport and is shielded from the weather by the house where as the other yard just has trees for a barricade.  Water did not freeze in the one behind the house.  Two inches thick on the one where Irene is. 
    So quiet.  Know it won’t last.  Only one missing from inside is Parker.  He usually comes in without me having to get up and ‘rescue’ him from Sahara or Zelda.  The others just stand outside and bark for help!  And bark and bark and bark. 
12/07/10:  A very long day.  Sweetness woke me up regurgitating at 4:45.  Was wide awake by the time I cleaned up the mess.  17 hours later and the sheet is still outside.  No energy to shake “it” off and I’m sure it is frozen solid by now. Oh well.  Had a ‘What can we do?” email that required an immediate reply.  Too good a home and too good a dog to let a problem go unaddressed.  Then before I knew it, the rush was on.  Nancy came early which helped.  She could take Tiya for her morning walk.  I had dogs to shuffle.  Pickles to the vet to be neutered at 8:00.  Leo to the groomers at 9:30.  A 2 hour 15 minute drive for me to meet Gail to get “Toast”.   Headed home at noon but didn’t arrive until almost 4:00.  Stopped at the vet.  Toast is not well.   A case of “kennel cough” just didn’t look correct.  Loaded up on antibiotics and other meds of all kinds.  If he does not show improvement in a week, some tests may be necessary to determine how to make him comfortable.  He may not have long but he will get plenty of love.  That’s what it’s all about.  Saving does not always mean a lasting relationship or a forever home.  Sometimes it’s just a few hugs to say “You are loved”.  Hopefully the latter will not be the case. 
    So Toast is in the shop (he may be contagious) on a soft bed curled in blankets and the heat turned up to probably $10 an hour.  It is a big shop and no way to only heat the one room.  Also a space heater by his bed.  He needs to stay warm.  I would sleep down there with him, but if I get sick from lack of rest, I do none of the dogs any good.  He’s in Gods hands for tonight. 
   Some good news ended the day.  Pickles has a reputable rescue going to take him.  When the lady told me why she was calling (I’m always expecting someone to say “you have to take this dog”)  I started crying.  I knew it was weighing really heavily on me as I just don’t have the skills or room to help him.  What a relief, especially since Tiya is in with Leo now since Toast took her room.  I’ll have to figure something out for a few days or a week, but at least I know there is a plan in place.  Hopefully Toast will get well and the 3 can share the shop.  I am certain they would all do well together.
    Not heard how todays’ introductions went for Etta.  I hope all went well.   I moved Sully in with Irene since they were both alone.  Sully is being very cautious.  Irene is definitely playing Queen and Sully does not get to be King.
   Ahh, quiet.  Better get to bed and cover up my head with a pillow before Bear starts again.  I threatened him with a bark collar.  I swear he understands every word I say.
12/08/10:  Toast is still with us.  I went down at 5:00 this morning.  He had uncovered himself, but otherwise as I had left him.  The shop was warm.  I took him out to potty as I am sure he is not yet comfortable with the doggie door.  Boy, he had sure held it!  What a sweet boy!  He loves being scratched under his neck on both sides.  He will just close his eyes and fall asleep on your hand.  I talked to a lovely lady who use to be a vet tech.  She gave me some advice I will talk to the vet about today.  I did not know Baytril came in injection form.  Toast will not take the pills, even in hot dogs.  I will need to find out what other things come in injection as I just do not want to force things down his throat.  She also told me about something to re-hydrate him, but he seems to be drinking a lot of water and he did eat most of his food last night.  All but the hot dogs with the pills in them.   Anyway, when I go to pick up Pickles this morning, I will get what I need to get him on the road to health.  Then I will need to go up town to the thrift stores and look for some long light weight robes or doctors coats to take off and on when with Toast.  Don’t want to be changing clothes constantly and a covering will help me spend more time with him.
     Not sure who I will put where this morning.  Tiya does not understand Pickles so she is not comfortable with him.  She has such a hard time trusting, be it people or other dogs.  She must have had one terrible life before coming here.       More later….
   Evening:  Toast is at the vet tonight.  A wonderful lady has stepped forward to see that he gets all the care he needs to get well.  The last several weeks have been the biggest roller coaster ride of my life, but also with the most happy events.  Pickles will be with someone who knows how to care for a visually impaired dog.  Toast is going to get well, I am sure of it.  The adopters of Sherman aka Hagrid, are determined to work through the adjustment period.  Kasa is doing great in her new home.  Etta’s adopter is dedicated so time will tell.  Everyone will have winter shelter since the numbers are down.  
     Irene and Sully together was short lived.  She intimidated him and I felt too sorry for him, off hiding in a corner of their yard.  He is back in the garage yard and when I let him out to run, he can play with Chipi.  She loves to play with him.  Tiya will do great with Leo or Toast when he comes back healthy.  I believe Toast and Leo will do fine together also so they can all 3 share the shop.  Then Irene can be behind the house.  No inside, but at least a carport cover.  Sadly my door will be closed to anyone new until spring (unless someone donates a carport or storage building for shelter.)  I just pray no boomerangs.
12/09/10: 3:55 a.m.  Not much sleep.  I started to go check on Toast several times in the evening then remembered he was at the vet.  It does not take long to form a loving bond, especially with these guys who have been so neglected and are so sick.  Having him be at the vets, alone, scared, is just agonizing for me.  I place so much faith in love being the cure.  Take away love and it takes away the will to live.  This I strongly believe, human and animal alike.  Knowing what to do for Toast is very hard.  My vets do not have the testing equipment to diagnosis.  The lovely lady taking care of his bills feels her vet does.  How emotionally upsetting is moving him again going to be.  He bonded with Gail who saved him by getting him to me.  He bonded with Loren and me in just the one day.  Now uprooted to the vet.  Then more strangers.  Keeton responded to love alone.  Outliving expectations by 2400%.  I know Toast needs medical attention urgently, but taking away the presence of love… how harmful is that going to be?  I just do not have a nurse mentality.  My brain functions on creativity, not science.  Abstracts, not exacts.  Letting Pickles go is relatively easy because 1) he is a puppy, 2) he is not ‘sick’ and 3) he will have people who can better meet his needs to get him into a wonderful forever home.  With Toast, he is old, had a hard life, at least in recent times, and is very sick.  He is just not a ‘dog’ who needs medical attention.  He is a being with a heart and soul and feelings and no way to understand what is happening to him.   I’ll be at the vets at 9;00.  They said I could come sit with him.  I’ll have these guys taken care of by then.   
12/10/10:  Morning report:    It’s 5:30 a.m.  Toast was very happy to see me.  I overslept, probably because when I finally finished his last pee trip at 10:30 and got into bed, it was the cue for mine to start the nightly serenade.  I finally got the last one in and quiet about 12:30 a.m.  Was tempted to give Toast another pee trip, but I would have been a walking zombie.   I took down his pills in Velveta cheese.  It worked.   Yeah!   Still have one to go which he will get with breakfast in 2 hours.  Then repeat at lunch and dinner.
      He still sounds like he is breathing through tons of mucus not only in his nose, but also his throat.  I will be calling the vet this morning and see what temp the room should be.  That room does get pretty warm with any heat source.  The change in temp from outside to go pee is pretty drastic even though we are only outside for 2 minutes, 3 tops.
     We really wanted to get up to Sam’s Club before our annual membership expires.  Just not worth the fee to renew.  But until Toast is well enough to be with other dog, giving him access to a yard to potty, we won’t be going anywhere together that takes over 4 hours.  Not complaining, just a fact of life when you have a very special dog that needs your love and care.  
    9:00 p.m.  Just killing time so I can take Toast for a final pee walk before I go to bed.  I’m exhausted.  I just don’t want him to have to ‘hold it’ more then 7 hours and that means 4:00 a.m.  I’m sure someone will wake me up barking long before then.  I am just so thankful it is not cold tonight or last night.  That is all going to change tomorrow night. 
   I have really seen an improvement in him through out the day.  His breathing is much less ‘gurglie’.  His nose drainage is even less then this morning.  I am really encouraged.  Medication and love.  All the pills in the world won’t help without hugs to go with them.  I’m feeding him 4 times a day.  Not more then normal overall, but spreading it out so he can digest it and it will do the most good.  I will be glad when I learn his poop schedule.  Some dogs are totally predictable.  He is definitely not.  Sometimes 10 minutes.  Sometimes hours.  Anyway, I’ll be taking him in Monday for a vet check and hope we are on our way to health enough so I can put him with Tiya and teach him the doggie door. 
12/12/10 @ 5:14 a.m.:  I sure dread the next few days if last night/ this morning is any indication of the weather to come.  My porch swing just took flight.  Lucky it did not crash through a window.  It actually fell over once and later the wind up-righted it and sent it sliding across the deck.  While I was out there 'trimming it's sails' so there would be less fabric to catch, I saw I had forgot to put the doggie door back in place after I put the others out to potty at 4 a.m. and Pickles had gotten outside.  Trekking to the shop in open toed bath slippers and bath robe in 20 degree weather and 30 mph wind gusts is not advised.  I knew he'd never find his way back in if I didn't help. 
    I knew the weather was going to be really bad so put Leo and Pickles in with Tiya.  Irene is in another part of the shop.  She seemed happy, but she was also happy to go in her yard, potty and then go back to the shop.  I have got to work out something better.  Staying up until 10 p.m. for their last potty trip and then up at 4:00 a.m. after the house dogs have barked all night at the wind and all the flying objects it created, does not for a happy Carol make.  Pickles will be leaving Thursday so I can leave Leo with Tiya and leave the doggie door open.  Hopefully Toast will get the OK that he is not contagious and I can bring him to the house.  Sully may have an adopter.  Home visit is in place.  Then just have to figure how he will get to Denver.  I was hoping he could go when Pickles goes, but they do not have a space big enough for him.   Just where to put Irene?  She is so loving … to people.  Just not overjoyed with having other dogs around. 
   When Pickles leaves I will be at 13 dogs.  If Sully goes, it’s my winter 12, but still not going to work well because Irene won’t share.  I need an insulated building for her.  Her thick coat will keep her warm, but she still will need shelter to stay dry and out of the freezing wind.  I think how much I worry about those here and then of all the dogs that are out there tied to a tree or front porch, never getting inside and only a barrel or box for shelter.  If I had a million dollars, I’d provide the best ‘home’ for so many of those, even indistinguishable mutts, who have suffered through hot and cold and unloved.
    8:30 and I’m calling it a day.  Suppose to get down to 5 degrees but minus with a wind chill factor … and there is plenty of that.  Still sounds like a tornado outside.  I was out till after dark trying to get a tarp around the fence outside the shop where Tiya, Leo and Pickles are.  Pickles has actually figured out the doggie door but only the out, not the in, so I had to lock them all in again.  Watching Leo teach Pickles the doggie door was amazing!  He would go out and then in and then out, over and over, each time waiting a little in the middle so the flap was pushed open until Pickles was right on his tail with his nose through it so it would not slap him in the face.  This was not just wishful thinking, but an honest effort on the part of Leo to help his friend.  I had all the lights on in the shop so Pickles could possibly see the contrast of the door.  I think the reason he could go out is he felt the wind so knew that was where the door is.  Coming in, he did not have that advantage.  Just not enough light coming through.
    I don’t know what happened to Tiya, but she has a big gash over her eye.  I know it was not a fight.  I think they may have been playing  and she ran into something.  I just wish I could get a lot of the stuff out of there, like the store stuff and some rugs sold, so I could move things around and make it less of a maze.
    Zelda wanted to play with Sully today!!!  So I put Goofy in the family room and gave Sully free reign of the place, inside and out.  He had a wonderful time with all the others (Bear excluded, of course).  He sure did not want to leave back to his garage yard.  He actually pawed at the fence when I left him behind.  I took him to the store with me at noon.  He watched out the back window and was still looking when I came back out.  I wanted to take him to one of the pet or farm stores, but it is just too cold to even walk across a parking lot.
    Toast seems to really be doing well.  The white blanket I put down yesterday is still clean.  The nose discharge has almost completely stopped.  Sill has a bit of a gurgle when he breathes, but just a hint and mostly when the cold air hits him when we do potty walks.  I did get smart after walking and freezing 10 times a day.  I moved Irene to the yard behind the house during the day.  It has much more shelter from the wind.   That leaves the other yard empty.  I put Toast in there and let him off lead and he potties almost instantly.  When I was walking him down the road, seems it took so long.  Guess he just did not want an audience. 
   Everyone is settled in for the night.  I hope they can ‘hold it’ for 12 hours.  At minus degrees, I just cannot go out at 4:00 a.m. and walk them.  I made sure they all ‘went’ at 7:30 before closing them in.  I’d close the house guys in, but if they want out, they will all bark.  I have got to get some sleep sense I did not get but about 2 hours last night and that wasn’t in succession.
12/13/10:  5:40 a.m.  I did sleep like a rock until 3:00 a.m.  Then laid there trying to go back to sleep until 3:45.  Gave up and made my 4:00 a.m. dog walking.  Pickles had peed in the shop, but everyone else had held it.  They wasted no time doing their business.  Got that all mopped up and took Irene and then Toast out.  The wind was not blowing so 5 degrees was not bad with 2 pair of sweat pants,  a T-shirt, 2 sweatshirts plus a hooded sweatshirt,  Wool head/neck scarf and fur lined gloves.  I’m going to go get some ‘size too big’ shoes today and some bulky socks. 
      Pickles learned “in” the doggie door this morning!  Yeah!!  Maybe because it was so dark outside and I had all the shop lights on so the door was pretty obvious for him to find, plus a source of heat.  
     I’ll take Toast in to the vet today and see if she thinks he is past being contagious.  Sure hope Goofy will accept him as it's so much easier if he is in the house.  Then I will just have Irene to be letting in and out of the shop.  Everyone else will have warmth inside somewhere and free access to outside.  Still have to do the moving of Irene.  Also need to find the other space heater for Bears room.  His room is heated, but at the end of the run  and not as well insulated.  It originally was a 'summer' room with just screens so it can get pretty cold, even with the windows in.
      Evening:  The weather is calm but COLD.  Will not get above freezing night or day for about 10 days.  Slight chance of snow.  Bigger chance of rain.  I really don’t need either, especially not before Thursday when Pickles goes and sometime before Toast is cleared to be with other dogs.  These 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. trips outside to let them potty just does not cut it!  I will still need one insulated building for Irene… unless Sully goes.  Home visit won’t be until next Sunday.  Then we will be into Christmas week.    I remember it was about this time 4 years ago when Buddy went to Colorado.  The trip was postponed twice because of the weather and road closures.  Think the plan started after Thanksgiving and didn’t happen until after New Years.  Perry (Perry’s Orphans) took him part way to Salina, KS as no one felt good about a full trip.
    Sully met Goofy.  He slipped through the gate when I was shuffling dogs onto Bears side.  It’s hard to know who is who when there are so many white heads standing there.  It went well.  They ignored each other for about 10 minutes, did a little sniffing, did a little doggie dance and then went on their way exploring again.  Only a slight growl when Sully wanted to come into Bears room.  It is only about 13’ x  15’ so it does get a bit crowded with 5 dogs and a 6th being a ‘new comer’.  Later they spent over an hour in the house together after I shuffled everybody back.  I heard a little growl about 3:45, but it was just Sahara gearing up to let me know to start getting their dinner ready.  God forbid should it be served a minute late!    
    In the mean time Irene got an hour or more in the family room with Loren.  He let her on the sofa… GRRR.  She sure was in her glory with her head in his lap…  Body in his lap... Face in his face.  She is now in the yard behind the house, but she will have to go in the shop before I go to bed.  It is just too cold. 
    The hardest part of all right now is all the frozen faucets.  Bad enough not being able to use a hose, but to carry water from the house to outside areas for the day is killing my arms and back.  Even those 6 and 8 pack ice chests get really heavy when you are old and it is cold.  Water has been freezing over about every 3 to 4 hours so have to go bang on it to break it so they can drink. 
12/14/10:  I don’t believe in psychics but I get ‘feelings’.  Those feelings that mothers get about their children.  Discomfort about going somewhere at a certain time or that something has happened far away.  You don’t know what, but you just get an uneasy feeling.  Sometimes I will make a call to someone I have not talked to in a long time and they will say “I was just going to call you” or vise versa.  I get those ‘connections’ with dogs.  I try to ignore them so I am not making a pest of myself.  Today was valid.  I called on one that has been gone since April.  Something was nagging at me.  They were putting off calling me, but were in crisis mode.  So Thor will be coming back Friday.  They bought horses and he terrorizes them.  I’ve got bad feelings on 2 others, so I guess I will call Thursday and see what is up with them.  I do not have room for any more dogs, boomerang or new.  I am at a loss where I will put him if he and Irene don’t get along. Even if they do, I have no shelter!  I need about $1000 to get an insulated building bought and erected.  That won’t even include a floor so even if I got it, I’d have to somehow bring in pallets and cover them and lay down a surface and straw.  I just don’t know what to do.  It is just so damn cold!
     I had to put Pickles and Leo in a yard tonight.  I am worried sick about them, but they will snuggle together hopefully in an igloo.  I put a bunch of blankets in both so hopefully they will use them and not drag them out.  Pickles only has tonight and goes to be overnighted before the Thursday transport, but Tiya has been hiding for days.  She does not understand him and tonight she went after him.  I have no where to put her.  All the rooms in the shop are occupied.  All the spaces at the house are occupied.  I tried to get to the phone before 5:00 and I was going to take him to the vet’s to board him for the night, but several minutes too late.  I’m just at a loss where to put everyone. 
     Busy day tomorrow.  Toast to the vet.  Pickles to transport 3 hours away.  Then back to the vet to pick Toast up.  Day will be shot.  Sully will not understand.  He has moved in to the house and everyone is getting along so great, but it is too soon to leave them all together for 7 hours.  Sully is so passive, but he and Sahara like to play and I think Goofy misinterprets it and goes into protective mode. 
     I would just love to not have to go out in the cold at 10 p.m. and again at 4 a.m.  I hope Toast is found not to be contagious.  Heck, what am I thinking… I still have Irene in the shop at night.  Oh well, it’s almost 8:00 p.m.. Maybe I’ll just do an 8:00 and 2:00 a.m.  I’m sure the dogs will wake me up along about then.  If I sleep at all worrying about Leo and Pickles being cold.
12/15/10:  Day started at 4:30 and was non-stop.  Toast spent the day at the vet while we took Pickles to transport.  He may not get to leave until Friday or Monday.  All depends on weather.  At least he has a home to stay at while he waits and not in a kennel.   I rode in the back seat with him.  I knew I would bond way more then I wanted to.  Most of the ride, his head was in my lap.  I wish the lady who is holding him would call.  I don’t have her info.  I hope he is doing ok and not scared.
     We got home at 4:30 and the house and dogs were all in one piece.  Leaving Sully free with them was a first time event, having only put them together a few days ago.  I wish it had taken place many months ago, but I had to feel ‘right’ before I made the integration step. 
   I have been a basket case about Thor’s return.  I just don’t know where I will put him.  If he and Irene can’t get along, I will really be in a mess.  At least if they get along, they can be together in the day.  Night will be a different matter.  Still no solution.  If it were just not freezing.  I hate it when a dog boomerangs back, especially after 8 months.  I know the problem.  The first home he went to for 4 days, they had horses.  He chased the horses.  This home DID NOT have horses.  I am sure I told them why he came back after a few days.  I am positive I did.  Obviously they either forgot or figured he’d be different with them.  They got a horse.  He terrorizes it.  I guess I am going to have to add something to my adoption application and to the agreement on those dogs that have some issue or another… like “no children” means just because you don’t have a kid today, does not mean you can go get one 9 months from adopting.  Or “no cats” means you will not bring in the stray that shows up on your doorstep next week. 
    End of the 15th:  Just completed a pre-midnight run to the shop so Toast and Irene could potty.  Both were happy to see me.  Toast has not pooped.  Hope he can make it to morning now as I’m back to bed until 6:00 (I hope!) Sully is doing great inside all night.  I knew he would, just not sure if anyone would display jealousy.  So far, so good.   
12/17/10:  Well, in a few days, I may be able to avoid those middle of the night trips!  You have responded in such a way I never thought possible.  THANK YOU  to all of you who have answered my plea for help to get the dogs some warm shelter.  As of this evening, I have almost enough to buy all the materials to build the first ‘building’.  I looked at so many ‘kits’ and researched consumer ratings.  By the time I got a kit (none of which were what I really needed), had it delivered and bought the insulation and drywall and floor, it was going to cost half again as much as building exactly what I need from scratch with lumber, siding, shingled roof and a window.  Now I am working on making contacts to see if I can round up some construction wise volunteers.  I would sure like to utilize this weekend to get it underway.   I will be posting a ‘construction’ page as soon as we begin so you all can see what your donations have built for the dogs. 
   I’m still working on getting a used carport to put in front of the building so they won’t get rained on when they leave their cozy house to potty.  There are 4 sitting at a close building where the owner died like 5 years ago.  Everything is falling down and it is one of those places that will most likely be bulldozed so I know there is no reason for the family to want to keep them.  I just need one.  I may have to by-pass the lady who promised to call them for me, go to the courthouse and find out who the heirs are and do it myself.  I hate when people say they will do something 4 times and never do it, wasting precious time. 
    Toast wants to be with other dogs so bad.  He is so sweet.  Amanda is hoping the test results will be in Monday or Tuesday.  She got a nebulizer so I will be doing that twice a day.  I sure hope it helps that noise in his throat. 
     Tiya, Leo and Thor spent the day together in the yard and now they are in the shop.  Feeding went well.  No one ventured away from their own bowl.  I always have to take a deep calming breath and think positive thoughts until the ‘new’ dog knows where his bowl will be.  Thor got fed first because Tiya and Leo knew that was not “their place”. 
      I am so totally exhausted.  It is not even 6:00 and I am going to take a Benadryl to help me sleep.  I probably won’t need it, but there is always the 10 bark-a-thon so hopefully I can be a sleep walker, take Toast and Irene to potty and get back in bed without waking up.
12/19/10:  Do you realize that 2011 will be the year with the most repetitive numbers for dates?  1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11.   Won’t happen again for 11 more years.  Wonder if I’ll still be around.  If I am I hope I don’t have more then a dozen dogs.
     I screwed up.  I bought Toast a big bone from the meat counter.  Says right on the package for dogs.  He was so happy.  I went down an hour later and it was in small pieces.  I am going to worry myself sick for the next few days.    I was sure it would be fine for such a short time. 
   I have enough donations for the materials for the “dog house”.  I went and paid for that today and it will be delivered tomorrow or Tuesday.  With what has been promised, I can pay for the labor to build it.  One down and one to go.  The gal at the contractors desk has been around for a long time.  We have had great dealings with her before on personal stuff.  She matched the competitors price, but provided much better stuff.  I got 2 used  windows free, but still need a door.  Those are things that are just ridiculous to buy new.  Hope my doggie doors I have in the basement are big enough.  They been tucked away for so long, I’m not sure of the size or even the condition.  We may have stolen the flaps for the ones we are using.  Loren thought it was ridiculous when I bought all 4 extra large because they had a close out on them about 4 years ago for $25 each.  Think we have used all of them, but some were replacements.  Think we have some older ones.
     I got a great report on the home visit for Sully.  Now we just have to get him to Denver.  I will miss him.  Having him in the house full time always makes a much bigger bond.  He is just such a special guy.  He has Keeton eyes.  They look right into your soul.
    Thor may have a home.  Local couple came to meet him today.  Waiting for their application.  Or maybe they changed their mind.  Does not matter.  I have got people calling daily on him.  He and Tiya are getting along and Leo is cool with the threesome.  I just don’t have enough time to play ball with him and he so wants to run and play.
   Bear has got to have in-house time tomorrow.  With all that Toast needs, I am just worn out and barely stop.  Everyone needs a good brushing.  They are all starting to mat.  I’m behind on ear cleaning and still have a few annual shots to give and a few in for Rabies shots.  I’m going to get the 3 year for all of them that are due.  Got to check a few dew claws too.  Between sick dogs and boomerang dogs and cold dogs and shedding dogs and leaf collecting dogs and mud collecting dogs and barking dogs…..  8:18 p.m.  It’s quiet for a moment.  Maybe they won’t notice if I sneak off to bed…..
12/21/10:  I think they could have made it through the night.  They were happy to go potty, but not crossing their legs urgent.  At least it was not cold.  I should say no wind, 2 sweat pants and 3 sweatshirts warm.  Toast did not make that funny wheezing noise at all when I took him out.
     I’m getting so bogged down.  We don’t even ‘do’ Christmas anymore.  No time to put up a tree or even present shop.  Normalacy left our home the day our dog count reached 8.   Our decorations consist of a few cards and a beautiful hand made wreath that Gail gave me.  The smell of the fresh pine is nice.  It was so thoughtful of her.  A really sweet thing to do.
   Looks like when ever the transport goes to Colorado, Sully will get to go.  He is attaching himself to me.  Boy, will I miss him.  That is what happens when I let them ‘move in’.  Every evening when we watch a little TV, he is right on the floor under my feet sound asleep.  I get up and he follows.  He is such a wonderful fella.  Those eyes look right into me like Keetons’ did.  Sometimes I just hate to give certain ones up, but know they have people who love them as much as I do but can give them more time.  Monkey, Griffin, Katey, Sasha, Matsu, Shaggy, Ashlee and Brooks.   Those were the hardest to part with but each has a fantastic family.  Sully is joining that group.
    Correction: 2011 WILL be the only year with 4 dates with the same numbers.  Eleven years from now will only have 2 dates.  There is no 22nd month.  I don’t know why I find that fascinating.  Guess because it never happened before, right?  And won’t happen again in any of our lifetimes.
     Took 75 pix of Toast yesterday to end up with 9 that were useable.  He is so afraid of the camera.  Hid behind Loren.  He looks, sounds and feels so much better.  Took some of Thor and Leo too.  Got them sized, now just to find time to get them up.  I love keeping busy, but right now I am just overwhelmed.  Know the new ‘dog house’ will free up some ‘sleep’ time.  It will also allow them day time freedom to play in the snow (if we get any) or just race around and have a warm place for them to nap when they are done, without depending on me.
12/22/10: Total disaster day.  Instead of 8' to 4' on the inside of the building, he framed it from base to roof to be 8' to 4' on the outside!! That means at the 'sleeping end', the dog will only have 3' of room.  Fine for a dachshund.  I knew I should of 'stood guard' while they worked.  I even gave him 4 pages of detailed instructions with graphed out 'blue prints' to scale.   Men!!!  About $400 worth of wasted lumber if I make him tear it out and since he is only charging $500, he would probably not show up if I told him 'he' was eating the additional lumber cost.  Then I'd be out the lumber and a whole lot more labor to tear it out and start over.  No wonder people 'buy China'.  If it is going to be wrong and fall apart, at least it is cheap.
       Then the neighbor dogs came over. A big Pitty and the little dog Tiya has always liked before.  I was able to chase the Pitty off, but the little one is still on the porch.  The phone number on the tag is worn off and they live over a garage and NEVER come to the door, so no point in taking it back.  Last time it was here for 4 days after I left a note on their door to come get it.  Anyway, before the Pitty left, it got my guys all psycho and Tiya went after poor old Leo.  Thy have been all getting along so great.  Now Leo is terrified of her (and a bloody mess from an ear wound) and I have no where for all the dogs to stay in out of the cold now.  One space short.  Irene has the longest and thickest coat so she is going to be outside tonight with only an igloo.  I hate that!  I really need that building finished tomorrow or I am going to have a nervous break down.  Now with this Tiya - Leo thing I'll still be walking dogs in the middle of the night even with the one building done.    Way short of enough for a second since this one is several hundred over estimate (thanks to poor planning on the builders part).  
     And to top it all off, when the dog fight ensued, I set the 3 food bowls down.  I don't know who ate the food in the yard.  I don't know if I put the bowls down before the fight and was picking up empties when the fight started or if they were full when the fight started and I put full ones down.  ( know that sentence makes no sense, but I'm tired!)  It got so crazy and it was already dark and I was shuffling dogs so I don't know who ate.  I can not remember if Toast got dinner (he had breakfast and late lunch so he will be ok if I forgot.  I'll take food down when he gets his midnight walk.)  There was one bowl out of 5 with food, but no pills.  The Pitty could have taken the pills or the bowl of food or nothing.  I don't know if Irene got fed.  I don't know if Tiya got food.  Someone could of had 2 bowls so I don't dare feed again tonight. 
  Guess I'll do an 8 and 2 potty walk.  Too late to get any sleep before 10.  Midnight will be too long.  I just want today to be over.
12/23/10:  Of course I could not sleep last night, even after I came up with a simple solution for the 3’ wall.   I should have looked to be sure he did not tote off the scrap cuts when I took the dogs out at 3 a.m.  I hate waste.  I save everything that may be useable or else give it away or sell it.  Like an idiot, I gave away enough metal roofing to do 2 dog houses, but that was way before I even thought about another dog yard.  And I gave away several good exterior doors when we remodeled 2 years ago.  I could have saved about $500 if I had been more of a hoarder.  My grandma raised me and being of the Great Depression Era, I learned not to waste.  Anyone under 45 has not a clue. 
    My timing is always off.  On yesterdays Trading Post, 2 people had storage buildings cheap!  An 8 x 12 and a 10 x 13 each for $400.  I will still call as need another for the yard behind the house.  Still have to take down, level the ground, re-assemble, put in studs, insulation and dry wall.  Still looking at $1200 total.   But less then this one from scratch is ending up costing.
    I ended up putting Irene in the garage yard.  I tried Tiya first.  Not good.  Irene was no better.  I finally had to close the gate to the big yard so they could only ‘fence fight’ long distance; which they did until after midnight.  Having 2 dogs that just can’t get along with any other dog and 4 more dogs that want to be boss all the time, is very difficult.  Irene just needs a home where she will be the only dog … and SOON.  Boy I hope the dog house is finished today.  If not, he will be working Christmas eve day.  Bad enough toting water from the house or shop to the yards and poop scooping in the freezing cold, but these night time potty walks really suck as I just can’t get back to sleep… Wait… Did I actually get any sleep before the walk?  Fence fight past midnight, toss and turn sandwiched between Sissy and Sweetness, eating dog hair with every breath … then out walking dogs at around 3:30 a.m.  Back to bed at 4:30 and gave up at 5:15 and got up. 
     Almost dawn.  Time to get dressed and start the morning… no, I already did that quite a few hours ago…
12/24/10:  2 a.m. and just finished the potty walks.  Yesterday ended with mixed reviews.  The dog house got the roof, siding and door on (no doggie door yet) and I could have used it by propping open the door but while single handedly trying to move the 10 x 6 chain link panels, I was attacked by one.  I had it leaned up at an angle against another one.  Neither of which were secured to anything.  One slipped and came crashing down on me while I was squatting down for a piece of wood.  I was pinned under it for what seemed like 30 minutes.  It was probably only 10.  Time always seems longer when panic (and darkness) begin to set in.  Once I got my face out of the ground and was able to turn a little on my side, I worked my way out.  It was like I’ve seen on TV where they throw a net over an animal to capture it, only this ‘net’ was very heavy.  It was one of those old chain link panels when they use to make ones that would last and not bend.  It also was one with a gate, so was that much heavier.  One thing I am grateful for is that I was just whapped by the chain link.  If I had been hit on the head with the frame or gate, I doubt I would be writing this.  
     Prior to being whomped, I was raking leaves and managed to step in poop with my new shoes.  I am always so thorough cleaning, but one of them must have went on the leaves and then more leaves blew over it.  I’m use to cleaning poop off shoes, but these were the first new tennis shoes (or are they called ‘athletic’ shoes now?) I’ve had in about 4 years.  My others were so worn down, a quick spray under the faucet and it would come right off.  These have real grooves!  I’m standing out in the cold, balancing on one foot, poopy shoe in hand, water running … you know the rest.  Ever try to walk across tiny gravel with only one shoe on because you are holding the other while it drips watered down poop?
     Don’t know if the contractor will be back today to finish.  If not, I’m still getting the fence up with Lorens’ help holding the panels in place while I secure them.  It is suppose to be sleety rain today and I just have got to get some of the dogs back in there.  Hold up in various rooms in the shop with many obstacles and no way to go out to potty is not good for them or me.
12/25/10:  Merry Christmas.  I spent the morning on paperwork, getting the donation receipts out to all the great people who took the time and resources to send money to keep the dogs warm.  Hopefully the builder will be back tomorrow to finish.  We are so close, but this ‘never got above freezing’ weather and the holiday cut the progress short.  I don’t want Loren out in this cold and I am not about to chance being attacked by a fence panel again, so I still can’t use the yard and new dog house.  Life will be so much nicer for the dogs and so much easier for me.   I’ll still be out in the cold poop scooping and thawing water, but it won’t be in the middle of the night for potty walks.  I still need one more building and a carport, but with the possibility of 2 ‘outside’ dogs going in the next few weeks, I’ll be able to get by until some email or phone call comes in that I’m some dogs last chance.  I’ve had those these last few weeks and had to say ‘no’.  I’m close to being able to say ‘yes’.  To save a dog from euthanasia only to have it freeze to death is not logical nor humane.
     I am at my wits end with Irene.  She hates being alone, but she hates other dogs.  A status quo lasts less then half an hour.  She was eager to have Sully to play with then she attacked him.  He is 135 pounds to her 85 pounds but he does not fight back.  He just curled up in a ball while she went at him.  I managed to slip a lead over her neck but it took every ounce of strength I had to get her off, and then she bolted back again and again.  She is just too strong for me.  She needs a big strong man to get her under control.  I don’t know what to do with her.  With people she is the sweetest, most loving and affectionate dog imaginable, but bring another dog around and she is a monster.  I have never encountered a dog that was so dog aggressive that they can’t get along with ANY dog.  That is Irene.  Maybe he has a Michael Vick gene.
    I strained my voice screaming for help from Loren but he didn’t hear me.  It hurts.  We were at the shop working on the siding for the dog house.  The ground is so unlevel that there is a big space on 3 sides that they could crawl under so I am making a barrier…. correction was making a barrier.   I don’t know how many more nights I can keep this up out letting them out to potty.  I overslept last night and had pee and poop to clean up.  I guess 7 hours is too long for one of them.  Tiya and Toast are sharing space inside until the dog house is done that I can use that space again.  I am SO tired!  

12/29/10:  3:45 a.m.  Leo and Thor ‘moved in’ to the new dog house last night.  I don’t know if they used it, but they went in and out several times while I was down there with them.  I put down a piece of carpet and half a dozen big blankets and one plastic crate.  Thor seems to like having a ‘cave’ to go in.  I was so excited to know I would not have to be going out in the cold in the middle of the night for potty walks.  I even had this strange notion I would get to sleep through the night (other then my own potty trips).  I have yet to figure out why all the dogs can exit on their own in the middle of the night, but need me to open the door for them and escort them back in.  I thought it was because Sahara or Zelda are usually blocking the doggie door, but last night that was not the case.  Sissy just came in.  Barked until I got up.  Not sure how long she had been ‘missing’ from my bed.  She was wet from dew so it had been awhile.  There were no other dogs in the way.  Maybe just habit.  It is a big sliding glass door so it is not as if they can’t see if the door is blocked.  Anyway, so far during the night I have had to get up and let Goofy, Sweetness,  Chipi and Sully in as well.  Parker just steps on anybody in the way.  Even Zelda had to be let in, which is very unusual as she is one of the Guards along with Sahara.
    I will get pix of the completed dog house today.  Well, almost complete.  I still need to finish the inside.  Tape, texture and paint the drywall.  A little dog hair mixed in will give the place a ‘dog hominess’.  I hired 2 guys to put the fencing back.  Good thing as it took the 3 of us 3 hours.  It was a much bigger project then it looked.  Anyway, it is a place to be proud of.  The second dog house will be started in a week.  Loren suggested I put it in a different place then planned so it would not take up yard space.  I was surprised and very pleased that he is feeling up to being involved.  Because of the slope of the land, 4x4’s will have to be set in concrete to make it level. I hated that they used blocks on the first one.  Just not as stable. When it gets warmer I want more support and a runoff barricade.  Anyway, I may consider making it bigger then I had planned sine it won’t be taking up yard space now.  They need as much room to run and play as possible. 
    I still need one carport.  It takes 2 weeks from the time I order it, but I am afraid to until I actually have the money.  It is close.  Still need about $500.  The donations to get everything done I wanted has been amazing.  Far beyond my imagination.  Even people who I do not know.  Assume friends of adopters.  It has just touched my heart so deeply. 
    Back to bed if Sissy and Sweetness will allow me some wiggle room to get in.  Lots to do after dawn.  Another very full day ahead, including cleaning off my desk and my ‘vet bill’ drawer.  Elnor will be here to help with the house, which is way overdue for a good mopping and wall scrubbing.  Parker slings slime everywhere!  But I love him and it’s ok.  Just gobs on the walls can be a little ucky.   

12/30/10:  I apologize to anyone I have overlooked replying to.  This has been the busiest end of the year I can ever remember.  The busiest several weeks too, anytime of any year.  My desk has piles of ‘notes’ 2” deep covering every inch not occupied by my monitor or speakers or glasses.   The counter across the room where the copier is is worse.   Vet records that need sorted and copied, then put with the appropriate dog.  Some bills will have 5 dogs so 6 copies are required.  One for their packet that goes to an adopter, one that stays in their packet with me and 1 that goes in the vet bills folder.   I use to be so organized.  Now things just go in piles to be sorted ‘later’ when I have time.  When the notes begin to slip to the floor, they get put in a drawer.  When the counter space vanishes, the vet records go in the drawer “to be sorted later”.  I need a data entry volunteer and a volunteer to file stuff.  Tax time will be upon me before I know it and I value my non-profit status too much to screw it up.   But I value the dogs and their well being more. 
   A little rain again last night.  I can’t find Zelda so hope she is ok.  Everyone else is inside (4:40 a.m.)   Exhaustion caught up with me last night and aside from a few sleep walking events to be door monitor, I slept from around 9 to 3:30.  Back is killing me.  Not use to being in a prone position for so many continuous hours.  All that carrying stuff to finish up the dog house and holding up fencing used muscles I don’t normally use either.      Yesterday I called to order the carport but they are closed until Jan 3rd.  Before when I was going to get one (and a vet bill took the money I had saved so I had to cancel) the company was going to sell to me direct saving 12%.  It takes 2 weeks from the time it’s ordered so figured if I didn’t have enough in donations, I’d have my social security to cover the balance. 
    Thor and Leo checked out the new dog house, but it is quite dark in there at night.  It would have been really expensive to run electricity to it.  Figured I’d just use a 200’ commercial extension cord for a small heater when the temps hit freezing again.  I’m going to have to look for some of those ‘stick up lights’ we use to see on TV that run off batteries.  I looked in Wal-mart and they don’t have them or anything similar.  Loren has a degree in electrical engineering so I may have to have him create something.  A flash light would not disperse light and use up batteries too fast.  I wish I could have put 2 windows in it, but (1) cost and (2) would lose some insulation capabilities.
     Trip up to Sam's club today before our membership expires.  Not worth it to renew.  Loren likes Tillamuck cheese and no where else to buy it.  Not in the mood to be gone all day.  I just don't like leaving town or leaving the dogs.  Like leaving teenagers behind to fend for themselves. 
12/31/10:  Now I've heard everything!!!! " For sale , Penny-Poo puppies. These very cute babies are registered IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry). These are a New hybrid breed. They are hypoallergenic dog for some one that has allergies to dogs. One Female , Black and One Male Black and Tan.   They were born on Oct 2, 2010.. They are all sweet and loving puppies. The puppies were raised in a family setting. They love kids and other animal. That are ready to go now... A Perfect Christmas Gift.. I am asking $50.00 for the female and $50.00 for the male. What will dog peddlers think of next!!
     Luann will be here this morning with Boomer, a stray she took in and is desperate to find a place for.  She will be out of town working for 10 days to 2 weeks so I will 'babysit'.  Hopefully I can find this black lab a home before she comes back.  If she had a normal job, but she doesn't.  I'm hoping Bear will like Boomer.  He likes Sweetness.  If not, I know Leo and Thor will like her.
    Must have been a far off storm last night as Parker is huddles next to Loren.  I can't find Zelda again. (it's 5 a.m.)  Yesterday morning I was out with flashlight.  She was asleep out in the yard, getting wet from a light mist.  She has so much going on in her brain.  Sure wish I had a clue what is bothering her.  She is definitely depressed.