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 Be who you are and say what you feel...Because those that matter... don't mind...And those that mind... don't matter."

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FYI: LGD=Livestock Guardian Dog, Pyr = Pyrenees, OES=Old English Sheepdog,  ASD=Anatolian Shepherd Dog, GSD= German Shepherd Dog, AC or ACO=Animal Control (officer) or Air Conditioner (as appropriate to make sense), HV=Home Visit. HW=Heartworm,  HS=Humane Society, HC = Health Certificate, Doxy=Doxycycline (a medication)

2011 is gone.  Not a clue how it slipped away so quickly.  I attribute it to old age.  When we are young, we can't wait for tomorrow.  When we are 'in between' we live in today.  When we get old, we are not even sure if it is still yesterday or if tomorrow crept up on us and we totally missed 'today'.  On to 2012
12/29/11:  Sissy was able to get on the bed last night.  I really wish she would wait until the leg is totally better.  It is still swollen huge.  But she had really missed her place and I had missed her too. I had to turn up the heat a bit the past few nights because she is my bed warmer.  Sweetness is too, but she has a different way of doing it.  She stays at the foot of the bed until I get up to go to the bathroom or just can't sleep.  Then she moves into the exact place I was, head on pillow and all.  Well, maybe sometimes butt on pillow, but she covers the area even if not in the precise position.  I come back to bed and she moves.  I really believe she is keeping my place warm for me.  I've been surrounded as usual.  Chipi on one side.  Zelda on the other.  Tucker had to lay at the foot of the bed because Zelda was spread out and he could not get over her into his place.  Sahara at the foot on the rug.  Parker guarding the doggie door.  Fez guards Loren.  They have been quiet at night for several in a row.  So much sleep, I'm not sure how to handle it. 
     Tucker has someone coming to meet him on Friday.  Their approval process is going positively, but still a little to do.  I just need more faith that if I am about to make a mistake with these guys, there will be a Devine interference.  I beat myself up too much for my mistakes.  It's not like they can call me up and say "I don't like it here.  I want to come back".  Although some do try to tell me and I try to rationalize their running off as 'exploring' their new surroundings.  Sometimes it is just that.  But sometimes it's not.  Anyway, no matter where Tucker goes, and how wonderful his new home, I am really going to miss him.  He will be up on the list with Shaggy, Griffin, Monkey, Katey, Sasha, Tommy, Swiffer, Mazi, Jason, Sully and Shep.   I love them all, but some are just a lot harder to let move on.  I know staying here with so much competition for my attention is not in their best interest.  They need to feel 'special'.
     I'll be off to the Health Food store today to get some more stuff to add to Tuckers diet.  I can't depend on vet info completely.  I don't want to spend 30 days on meds waiting to see if it helps.  It has been a week and I thought I saw some improvement but it is all over the spectrum.  He can be bouncing around one minute and limping the next.  I know logic says activity is making sore muscles, but he is a young dog.  My common sense is telling me there is something I and the vet are missing.  He was not limping when he came, but yet he came with a supplement that was specific to anemia.  There is more to his story then what I got.  And there is a connection between the limping and anemia.  Gut feeling.
    I seem to be on a 'losing spree'.  Not only do I lose hold of dogs, I am losing hold of memory.  I keep losing things.  I had about 10 or 12 huge bottles of Glucosamin Chondroident, enough to last all the dogs over a year.  I can't find them.  I remember putting them in a bag and putting them "where I will find them".  I just can't seem to locate that place.  I have been saving scraps of the material for the collars in a bag so I can make sample charts.  Day before yesterday I added to it.  It was on the table in the shop.  I distinctly remember that.  Yesterday it was not there.  I thought just maybe Millie or Sarge had taken it.  I looked outside, under tables, in all the rooms of the shop.  If they had taken it, some of the scraps would have left a trail.  Nothing.  I went through trash.  Nothing.  Then I start to wonder if I imagined saving them.  Imagined a bag that did not exist.  But I know it was real.  Just like the bottles are real... somewhere.  I had a plan.  I knew if I replaced the bottles I would find the missing ones.  It's natures law.  So when we were on Wal-mart picking up Sissy's prescription, I found the isle.  That plan quickly evaporated when a bottle the size of one of the many I can't find was $30!!!  
     The dogs have descended.  Fez has said Good Morning and is now off squeaking his toy.  Sahara will soon be in here letting me know her tummy is speaking to her so she needs to speak to me.  The computer room is getting crowded and I need to go get dressed.  Another morning feeling like the Pied Piper.
12/27/11:  Well the dogs got walked.  Sarge and Millie went for a walk on their own.  It was not a good 'hanging on' day for me.  Sarge wanted to meet Mariah and it was either let go or fall over and be drug.  I chose the less painful, although my shoulder did 'pop' before I could release.  Being the totally sympathetic person I am, I decided to let Millie come to the house.  Betty was walking her up the steps and the leash was twisted.  I told her I had it, which I thought I did.  When she released, it just went sliding right through my hand and off Millie went.  Sarge came back first and came to the house, but the greeting was not a good one so back to the shop.  Then Millie showed up.  Let her in and right through the house, out the back door and gone.  It was upon her third return I discovered the problem.  Fez was chasing her off.  Poor thing was terrified.  I am really getting concerned about some of the things he pulls.  Poor Goofy has moved into the garage at night and I am not sure if it is a problem with Parker or Fez.  This is just wrong!  I can't have any of the dogs treating the other dogs with bullying, outright or subliminal.  Anyway, this has got to get under control as Millie is a sweet girl and causes no trouble and it is unfair that she is the one removed. 
    Penny, on the other hand is now with Mariah.  She is snooty to Tucker, chasing him away from food or me or Loren.  I get after her constantly.  Well, this afternoon she crossed the line.  Sahara was coming to me for attention and Penny growled and made her leave.  Sahara is not one for trouble.  Neither is Tucker.  Mariah will set Penny straight if she tries anything with her.   So my dog family is falling apart... emotionally and physically.  Just like me!!! 
    And on the bright side, the left over turkey in the casserole was good and so was the chocolate pie.  Think I will have another piece before I go to bed.
12/26/11:  Hope all had a Merry Christmas.  Mine sucked.  Tuckers person backed out.  Sissy can't walk and her leg is swollen.  I think she sprained or broke it getting off my bed yesterday.  She goes in at 10:20 this morning.  She is confused not getting breakfast but I wanted her ready for surgery if it is broken.  I don't want any delay.  She did get her regular pain meds and has gotten a drink but she can't even go out and potty.  Loren has been pretty sick for the past 2 days.  One of my adopters is in the hospital with pneumonia.  He is the 80 year old who has not been well for some time.   Fortunately the neighbor is feeding the dogs so they can stay there for the time being.  There will have to be some major adjustments if they come here as they must be in the house.  Julia would not understand and the little tiny dog just needs to be in with people.  I've not heard anymore on Sherman, but I can just about say with certainty he will be coming back any day.  With his separation anxiety, he will have to be in ht house too.  House dogs 14.  Shop dogs 3.  What happened to that wonderful number 12 total I was so looking forward to?    Hey, people.  Buy collars.  I need the money.  With Tuckers unnecessary x-rays (since he isn't going anywhere) and Sissy, which I know will be in the big $$$, it will be another 'over $1000' vet month. 
    The weather was pretty nice so I walked 10 of the 14.  I ran out of energy for the rest.  The collars are working wonders for my 'pullers'.  I can not walk Sweetness, period.  She wears both my body and my patience very thin.  A 100 pound steam roller.  Chipi is almost as bad, but only about 70 pounds and she does listen at intervals.  Well, I walked BOTH Sweetness and Chipi TOGETHER with Bear.  It was not perfect, but to be able to walk Sweetness was a triumph and to walk them both together was amazing.  Bear is good, but adding a third leash in hand was unbelievable. 
    Rain will be hitting soon.  Probably just about the time I need to load up Sissy.  I'm going to start about 45 minutes early.  I have no clue how I am going to move a 120 pound dog, who is in pain who will bite me if I hurt her.    I can't blame her,  She does not understand.  I do have a muzzle and plan to use it.
12/23/11:  Dogs are quiet with the exception of Bear, but I just can't sleep.  I left Tucker at the vet for morning dew claw surgery and x-rays.  He has double FRONT dew claws as well as double back ones.  But one of the front nails curls tight and continues to grow into the pad.  It would need cut every 2 weeks and it is hard enough for people to remember to keep the back ones trimmed every 6 weeks.   I just don't want him in any discomfort.  X-rays are of the shoulders.  I pray it is not OCD like Brooks had.  A chipping of the cartilage that float around and causes terrible pain.  Brooks vet bills were $3500 and put us out of rescue for 8 months recuperating from the expense.   The $300 received in end of the year donations will cover todays bill and that will be it for the check book balance.  Anyway, my sleeplessness is because I left him there.  I should have brought him home and took him back in the morning.  He is going to be so confused.  I just get so attached to certain dogs.  I eventually love them all very much if they are here long enough, but some just give you that look of love that just penetrated your soul.  Tucker gives me that look.  So does Sahara.  So did Keeton. 
     Things are still up in the air with Sherman.  If it were not a holiday and I did not have the concern of Tucker, I would be driving down there today and getting him.  I don't know what is going on other then a "volunteer" who called me and is a total jerk seems to think he is the decision maker because he was once "on the board" for the facility.  I've had 2 conversations with him and that was 2 too many.  You can spot a liar real quickly when their stories change 180 degrees... and are 180 degrees from others there at the facility that I have talked to.  He is a bully, retired and has no one to boss around.  But if he is going to cause problems for Sherman, then I don't want Sherman there.  This is not a "win or lose" issue.  It is the welfare of Sherman.  He is my priority in this. 
     Another stressor is Gracie coming.  Not really Gracie, but a dog that is her companion and was not my rescue.  I do not babysit dogs I do not adopt out.  I only agreed because Gracie would need company.  Now I am really regretting it.  I feel I was backed into a corner and stomped on.  If I am going to change my mind, I will need to do it in a few hours.  My biggest concern is the 'other' dog being a herding breed and a 4 month old puppy, it is going to tear stuff up.  I do not do puppies and I do not do active breeds. 
    I had to put Millie down in the shop with Sarge.  This is breaking my heart.  She has figured out she can go over the fence, or through it.  We have not seen where she is getting out.  I hear a yelp, so I think she is going over and hitting the hot wire.  But she is too motivated to let a little shock get in her way.  She will not come when called and she stays gone for hours.  Loren and I keep reliving Georgia, the other hound, and her getting shot and dying.  The people around here come over my hill flying.  I've almost been run over many times as they fly up it and you cannot see what is on the other side until you are on top of it.  It is a very dangerous situation if she goes south, which she has been doing.  But it is also very dangerous if she goes north onto the busy road where the idiots think 35 means 65 and they get a gold star for road kill.  We just can't risk her being killed and we can't re-fence 2 acres with 6' fencing.  So she is stuck in the shop with the 6' fence.  Her and Sarge are getting along good.  they curl up and sleep side by side so that is good.  But this can't be a forever.  They both need to be at the house.
    It's not quite 2 a.m.  I was 'thinking ahead' last night when I came up from feeding Sarge and Millie.  I brought some hand work I need to do for the collars.  I'm going to go back to bed and prop up and work on it until I get tired or maybe take a Benadryl and hope it will kick in to make me sleep.
     Evening:  Never did go back to sleep... or I guess I should leave out the "back".  Gracie came alone without the other dog so she is lonely.  Feel bad but not sure if her and Sarge would be ok together.  They both can be a bit bossy.  It's only a week.
     Luckily Tucker's shoulder x-ray looked good.  I was pretty darn close on my cost estimate for today.  Ugh!  Was hoping I'd be wrong in the right way.  They did give me a good break and I already have the $90 in meds for Ehrlicia.  Otherwise I could not have paid it all.  We are guessing a false negative on the test, as he is symptomatic.  Anyway, he will be going to his new home on Monday morning.  I know she is going to fall in love with him instantly.  On the way home from the vets, he laid his head in my lap.  It was so sweet.  Damn, I'm going to miss him, but he will be so special in his new home.
     No new news on Parker.  Imagine the bomb will drop come Monday. 
       Millie is crying.  I am just so afraid she will go over the fence and get killed.  Hopefully Tuesday things will settle down and we can bring her up and Loren and I can 'hide' and watch to see where she is going over.  Tested the wire and it is hot.  She might be squeezing between the 2 gate panels.  Darn, I wish she would not cry....
12/20/11:  I am heartsick.  I just got a call about Sherman.  He was the one with separation anxiety and got adopted by a nursing home.  Well, the gal who had initiated the adoption has quit.  Now Sherman's future is uncertain.  Employees have changed and administration has changed.  It is a 'wait and see'.
    I was just in the phone book calling Work Force ( I knew it as Job Services) to find someone willing to write grants for a percentage and I found what I consider an oddity.  Of course Arkansas use to list Attorneys as Lawyers (which is true but kind of 'old').  What I have always heard of as the Department of Corrections, they refer to as the "Department of Community Punishment".  We live in the same country but sometimes terms are foreign from one part to the next.   Kind of like abbreviations.  They can really be confusing.
   Evening:  My stress level is at the breaking point.  Millie figured out she can jump the fence and comes looking for us.  She is a Pug in Hound costume.  She has no sense of smell.  Maybe that is why some are called 'sight' hounds rather then 'nose' hounds.   She got on the back side of the property and could not find her way out of the 'forest'.  She was crying and hysterical.  I kept calling her, but she could not figure out how to get to me.  She finally managed to get out on the road where I had walked.  Then she was so scared, she was not sure she should come to me.  I felt so sorry for her.  I hugged on her and luckily Loren had brought the car around the corner so handed me a leash.  She is just too heavy for me to carry.  Hopefully she will stay put on her sofa tonight.  Guess she will have to start going with me to the shop. 
12/19/11:  Heartwarming story   
     They were so good last night!  The temp only got down to the mid 40's so most stayed outside enjoying the coolness without the freeze.   I turned off the heat in the dog house until the predictions drop.  Not sure where Penny sleeps, but Tucker does prefer a cooler place. 
     As a matter of fact, it was so nice yesterday afternoon, I walked almost all the dogs.  Sweetness and Sarge missed out, but everyone else got a trip up the road.  Loren helped with the first bunch or 5.  Sissy was along in that group so he had 2 going and only Sissy coming back.  I took the other 4 on farther.  Are you familiar with the May Pole Dance?  A Russian celebration dance that kids did back in the 50's at school when multi cultural experiences were part of school.  Back when so was the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.  Anyway, there would be a tall pole (usually they took the tetherball down.  Hey, that was 'tall' to a 7 year old) and multi colored crape paper streamers would be secured to the top.   Several children would each have a streamer and weave in and out around the pole to music until the pole was covered in what looked like a giant multi colored pig tail.  (younger set might have to look that one up too.  I'm not talking a real pigs tail).  Well, anyway, there I was wrapped up like a May Pole only not so colorful leashes and with 3 white and one black 'child' doing the dancing.
    Then I took Parker, who is fine and Millie who is not so fine on leash.  My new collars work so well, especially on Millie (and Chipi) .  I do need to make one a little smaller for Millie.  I just brought up the 'rejects' from while I was in the process of perfecting them, so sizes are not specific to any particular dog.   By the time we made our turn around, Millie had settled pretty good.  Actually it had very little to do with the collar.  It had to do with butting heads.  She got tangled doing her 'nose to the ground' hound thing.  When Parker ended up in her leash and took a step, her head got jerked into his chin.  It was audible and seemed to daze her for a second.  After that she walked the straight and narrow!  
    Bear is always good but Chipi pulls really bad.  (but not as bad as Sweetness).  Some dogs just don't learn.  I am a tree.  I go back and start over.  I sit down on the ground.  I use the leash around the belly trick.  I leg block.  I body block.  I would praise, but there is never an appropriate time.  So I accept the fact that some dogs just don't get it.   And I just can't handle Sweetness when I can't give her my full strength (which is not much anymore).  Even Sarge has learned.  Yeah!  So I'm not stupid.  But he didn't get a walk because by the time I got to him, it was already dark.  Penny and Tucker got their walk.  I was exhausted. 
    I watched a really good but strange fiction movie on HBO last night.  The Lovely Bones.  Thought provoking. 
    Almost dawn.  Sahara will be announcing breakfast any moment.  Not that she is the cook, but calling all the others and letting me know she is at the table waiting.
    Evening:  Another chicken bites the dust.  I revived it with a new squeaker, but it was just too far gone to hang on to life...   It's fiber fill guts spilling out on the family room floor.  It's squeaky heart missing.  Hopefully not in the tummy of it's annihilator.   RIP blue chicken.  Join your yellow and brown and black and orange squeaky friends in the land fill graveyard where dead squeaky toys go.  It will be time to go retrieve and revive the missing from the back area tomorrow.  My brain is still working on a soft squeaky toy that cannot be destroyed in a day.  I need Kevlar. 
12/17/11:  Last night we were eating some canned pineapple and Fez was giving us the sad look.  I kept shaking my head and saying 'no, go lay down'.  He walked away, picked up his favorite toy and brought it over and dropped it in Loren's lap.  We broke our rule and discovered Fez likes pineapple.  If there had been other dogs in the room, he would have been out of luck.  I just hope he didn't go bragging to the others.   And who says dogs aren't smart (and conniving).
     Got word Rayn is back to her normal self.  I am sure relieved.   Guess dogs have their bad days just like humans.  I just wish I could figure out why Zelda has so many.  She has got to be hurting but we just don't know what to do next.  Maybe a dental.  I can't remember when she had one.  I know several dogs have had them this year but I need to call and see if Zelda was one of them.   Her grumpiness is wearing me out.  All I can do is massage her and cuddle her.  What ever she is feeling, it has not effected her desire to go for a walk. 
     I recently met a sweet lady who thought she was going to be able to get a dog.  Things did not work out, so she is going to come brush and pet one morning a week.  And if it is warm enough... or best put, not too cold... we will all be walking them.  Fez is her favorite and she bought him a bag of food.  She also gave me a beautiful area rug she could not use.  It will be perfect in the living room when I get the floors cleaned and the mud season is over.   Right now it is in the family room and the door is staying closed unless we are out there to keep an eye on the dogs.  They all had to smell it and check out every inch.  Nine dogs circling and bumping into each other.  It was quite a sight. 
     It's almost 9 p.m.  It has been another busy day.  Hopefully the dogs will be quiet like 2 nights ago and not the bark brigade like last night.   
12/16/11:  Got an email from Rayn's daddy.  Rayn is acting strange.  Rayn is Chipi's pup that has received all kinds of awards and certificates through the years for her work with sick children and the elderly.  I'm going to paraphrase my reply as I think it may help others who are seeing changes in their dog and are baffled.
    "Just going to throw out everything I can think of:  Is there a 'pecking order change' with Winn?  Has their interaction changed?  Watch for little subtleties.  Maybe just a glance or a posture between them.  Maybe Winn wants to play and Rayn just wants some peace? 
     Didn't you recently lose a dog?   Could she be out looking for it, waiting for it to come home and leaving her scent for it to find it's way home?  How is the rabbit and any other animal friends that were/are around? 
     Dogs feel our emotions.   When you had your motorcycle accident, she would have known something was wrong.  Joan was missing more then usual.  You were missing.  She could feel Joan's emotions.  You are in pain with your knee and probably nervous about the surgery.  She is picking up on "something is not OK".  
      Has she been going less with Joan to Ronald McDonald House and the other places she normally goes?  Her routine could have changed just the slightest and made her insecure and confused.  She could have had a special child she visited and that child has not been there the last few visits. 

      Staying outside, marking, etc.:  Any new neighbors?  Any new construction in the area?  Maybe a new critter?  Do you have raccoons or groundhogs or anything like that in your area?  What does your back fence butt up to?  Would transients have access or is it a neighbor? 
      Trembling: Do you have a natural gas line running underground around any of the area she is sniffing?  Could be the tiniest of gas leaks and
she has been exposed to and slowly taking effect on her.  What about foliage?  Have you checked the list of toxic plants compared with what you have in your yard?  I have quit using Frontline or any other flea and tick preventative- toxin.  I'm only doing the 3 year rabies.  It is the same identical dosage as the one year but you pay more just for the vet to declare it on their certificate. 
     Just like people change, so do dogs.  Problem is they don't speak English.  Think about all the things I've listed and just watch her and try to read her.  It could be nothing more then confusion over her 'parents' emotions or a change in her world.  It could be something as scary as her feeling very ill.   I have learned to read my dogs.  They speak to me with their eyes and my instincts kick in.  I know it is a gift, but I believe everyone has it if they relax and just let it happen. 
 So back here on the home front:  I know I hammer on 'sleep' but any of you who don't get enough know the agony.  I am just feeling so good that I have been getting 6 hours!!  It is more then I need and am so appreciative for it.  The better rested, the better my mood, the better the dogs mood. 
    It was above freezing and no wind so Nancy came at 10:00 and we walked all the dogs.  Four, three, three, almost 3, two and one.  I thought we could take Sarge with Penny and Tucker but just too much for Nancy to handle.  We took Sarge back and then I walked him later.  Loren had already walked Goofy and Zelda but they got a second one anyway.  They pretend they forgot. 
    They are pretty much done bringing in leaves.  I think most of the leaves are wet so not getting picked up on tails.  I had not really cleaned in several days so did get that done half-ass.  I'll get in a serious cleaning mode one of these days.   With little drizzles of rain off and on during the day, the dogs just track in faster then I can stay ahead of it, so I just don't stress it.  They don't care and no one is coming.
    Last night I gave Fez the last surviving chicken.  It is his favorite.  Penny helped tear up the others.  I think she showed him how.  He is not tearing this one up.  I did tell him in no uncertain terms that this was the last one.  Big Lots was sold out.  I bought them all. There were no more chickens.  I think he understands. 
     I had to take another stand with him yesterday, too.  He will let me brush all the easy parts but when I get to the mats on his chest and armpits, he flicks his head and it scares me.  I was feeling real brave.  Not that I am scared of him, but neither am I a fool.  I told him I was the boss and he was going to let me get the mats out rather he liked it or not.  He laid down and flopped over on his side!!!  Sometimes that scary is just scary smart!  He did do a little moaning and I did get most out.  I just don't know dog anatomy that well and was unsure how far I could lift his leg to get to the arm pit.  I was practically standing on my head in order to see.  My eye sight and black are not compatible.   Hopefully we will do a repeat today and I can get the rest out. 
    In the past few nights I have worked on Zelda, Sahara, Parker and Sissy.  Goofy is on the agenda for tonight if I can keep him in and out of the garage.  Sissy is the worst.  No mats because she is short coated but if you know Anatolian Shepherds, you know why I say 'the worst'.  Her coat is so thick 365 days a year, if I kept it all and spun it into yarn, I could have a different sweater for every week of the year.  Fleas and ticks could not find skin no matter how hard they might try.  Even dirt can't get to skin.  I bet she has at least 5 times the hair count per square inch then any other breed.  
    6:39 a.m. and the canines are restless.  Sahara has already barked for me.  She has to know where I am.  I answer, she comes checks to make sure it's not a recording or someone else faking my voice.  Then she is content until she thinks I have been on the computer too long and the sun might creep up before the food gets dished.  Another busy day ahead dealing with several people over collars, corsets (yes corsets), a white GSD and sadly contacting AC that I cannot find the owner of the Black Lab they picked up close to my road.   I wish I could take it for 'safe keeping' until I can find the owner, but if I didn't, I'd have it forever.
12/15/11:  It has been 2 days of non-stop.  I needed to find a 'home' for some of the stuff for a yard sale that didn't happen and most likely won't.  I posted to give it away to people in need.  That kept the phone ringing and me keeping from getting anything done.  I did meet some really nice and appreciative people and they got some nice things.  What ever is left goes to one of the thrift stores.  I need the room and the shelves and to not be looking at it!
    Rained and rained again so I have gotten 2 really good 6 hour stretches of sleep.  Started in the shop at 4 a.m. yesterday.  Too many interruptions during 'normal' hours to get anything done.  Only problem, dogs missed me and woke Loren up.  How dare I 'leave' them when they are in their 'best time to sleep' period. 
    It's 4 a.m. now and I can't go back to sleep, but don't dare go to the shop.  Poor Goofy must be in the garage.  Parker is in my tub.  I put a blanket in there and taped the water handles back before I went to bed.  It is his 'safe place' from that nasty thunder that actually only boomed once.  Millie is now in her 'spot' on the love seat.  I put her in bed with Loren earlier.  (1) one of the dogs bit her.  She has a bloody spot on her cheek and (2) she was scared from the thunder too.  I don't know how long she stayed, but she knows it's ok to seek refuge there.  Sweetness and Sissy are keeping my bed warm and the rest are keeping their designated areas free from invaders.  Think I will go brush Zelda.  Her and Fez are over due.  It has only been a week, but those 2 and Goofy are real projects.  Fez mats in just a few days if not done.  Oops, Sahara just discovered I was not in bed where she thinks I belong.  She is going to wake up Loren and raise the dead...
12/13/11:  It worked until 3 a.m.!!!  Millie let me know at 9 p.m. that she needed out so she did her business and came back in and I went back to bed.  I had a lot of confused faces looking at me.  Even now at 5:50 a.m. they are quiet.  I must admit some of the quiet was because it rained.  I probably could have left the door open, but poor Goofy probably would have ended up stuck in the garage for the night. 
    So many dogs in Georgia.  Fourth Pyr this week and it's only Tuesday... barely.  11 hours driving time one way.  If I had the time, energy, space and money, I'd fill up the SUV but since I lack all 4 necessities...  I do what I can when I can but it just never seems enough.   Those faces haunt me and they stick with me for weeks, just lining up one next to another.  There are 4 dogs (out of 40+) at one gassing shelter  that caught my attention when I clicked on the Pyr.  How do people deal with life choices?  Death choices?  What distinguishes a fool from a hero.  Results?  You see a house on fire.  You run in, risking your life to save someone.  You bring someone out, you are a hero.  You die and no one was home.  You were a fool?  All the good intentions in the world can not portray to others what is in your heart.  I don't want to be a hero.  I just wish I could know which dogs I should go that extra mile (or 1300 miles) for.  Time to wash dog dishes.  Sun will be coming up soon.
12/12/11:  I closed the doggie door and they are all inside, like it or not.  Last night was exhausting.  Every hour someone would bark about something.  I'm sure they will bark inside, but at least I can just cover up my head for a few hours knowing no one is making one stay outside.  It is just too cold and poor Goofy stays in the garage because Parker intimidates him.  It's heated, but not fair.  Since it's only 7:30. I expect to get up to let them out around 2 a.m.
    I had some fake bone that I somehow acquired.  Since I was in the shop with Sarge, I figured it was safe to give him while I was there.  He really enjoyed it.  When I fed him dinner, I snuck it outside and into the trash. It was getting a little too small to be safe.   I'm so glad I could give him something special.   I just wish I could give him an adopter for Christmas.  It has been a long road for the two of us.  He turned out to be such a sweet boy.
     There are so many heartbreaking stories come across every day.  Two dogs ended up in an AC when their owner died.  No one even knew he died for 3 days.  Mail carrier got concerned when his mail was not picked up.  Looked through a window and saw him sitting on the sofa but didn't respond.  Police went in and found him deceased about day 3.  His 2 dogs had been locked in the house and neither had peed or pooped in that whole time!!!  Local people are trying desperately to find them a home where they can stay together.  The small one cries when it can not be with the big one.  I don't remember the location.  Just so heartbreaking.  Just so hard not to offer, but they would not understand being part of a mob in this house. 
     Tomorrow will be busy.  Hope it is not freezing as have places to go. 
12/9/11:  I will be so glad when it is not a full moon.  They seem to last way too long each month.   Millie, Fez and Goofy are the only ones not barking.  Oh, and Sweetness.  That leaves 9 that are barking.  I have no solution.  No magic.  They won't all fit on the bed and even if they did,  they would be up and down running out to check on things.   Tomorrow is Saturday.  Maybe I should just plan on staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. when they settle in for their sleep and then just plan my naps all day around theirs. 
     We went out to Anthonee's Restaurant to eat lunch.  It is a small family owned.  Wife cooks, grade school son is the waiter and husband takes orders and runs the place.  They promote my rescue to customers.  They are dog lovers.  Today they brought out pictures of their Chessie that died some time back.  It had a genetic oddity.  It was bald.  She made some amazing clothes for the dog, designing around his body parts so he could go potty without fabric interference.  She even made 'Speedos' because he loved to swim and his regular wardrobe would have been cumbersome in the water.  It was really cool to see and heartwarming to know another family that goes above and beyond for their pets. 
     I had picked up some more towels for the collars before going out there.  On the way home, Loren pulled into the sewing center.  I came home with an overlock (known as a serger to those who were never in the garment industry).  I really wanted an industrial one, but having been out of the business since 2002 and my old one being a vintage 1952 or 3, I was unsure I would be capable of working on one if anything broke.    Even this home model could be a challenge if it broke so kind of stuck buying locally.   When we got home, I got it threaded and running as I wanted.  It will make my collars a better quality.  I always worry about customer satisfaction on anything that will be going to others (including dogs). 
     Got hung up on today.  Not my fault.  I'm unsure how to deal with it.  I only post on Petfinder.  I do have to box checked that my listings can go out to other sites BUT, the other sites never update.  I get calls on dogs found on Adopt-a-pet, eBay, and sites I never heard of, for dogs that have been adopted literally years ago.  I have no way of knowing where all my listings go and I don't have time to scour the web looking for them.  Even if I found them, I have no login and password to update on these other sites.  So todays call came about a listing for a pup that has been gone a year or more.  When I apologized and tried to explain, she hung up.  She was mad because the dog was still listed but not available.   Maybe in a way it was 'pay back' for a call I made this morning.  I hate trying to communicate with an automated phone system.  I felt Wal-mart should be aware that their MainStay measuring cups are inaccurate.  A 32 oz is short by 1 1/2 oz.  That can make a huge difference if you are cooking for a crowd.   I compared with numerous others I have and they were all consistent with each other.   It is bad enough we are forced to buy Wal-mart and compound it with buying China.  Anyway, when I finally got a human... I think Wal-mart hires dumb to man the phones just to make you give up... as if pressing numbers for 5 minutes to get the "right department" is not enough to make you crazy. 
     I should buy ear plugs next time we are in town.  Wonder if there are any stores besides Wal-mart that sell them and wonder if any other country besides China makes them. 
12/8/11:  My email program crashed.  Fortunately me address book is salvaged but all my emails are gone.  So if I owe you a reply, please send again.  I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but everything before that is kapoot!   Loren has re-set it but it does not want to be nice and behave itself. 
     Last night I kept Cathy company on a dog run.  Sweet little JRT and pup from AC going into rescue in Texarkana.  They got car sick.   Poor things.  Anyway, it was nice to get my mind on something besides my dogs and have a good conversation.
     The dogs have been a pain.  Tucker got into the dog food again yesterday.  He also knows how to open cupboards.  I think he taught Millie.  When I was in the shop she opened the cabinet door under the sink and got into the trash.  Loren said she had it strung all over the kitchen.  We had grilled some steaks and I put the drippings in the trash.  He had a real mess to clean up.  Then later when I had the last 3 bowls on the counter to finish feeding, I turned my back to pick up Goofy's and Millie knocked them over and Tuckers went flying all over the floor.   He gets 3 cups of feed per meal and half is Orjen (sp?)  Loren was going to sweep it up but that was just too much food to go to waste.  I sat on the floor picking it up a kibble at a time and cleaning each off.  Do you have any idea how many pieces of kibble there are in 3 cups of food?  I don't either, but trust me, it is a bunch. 
     Penny has taught Fez to "kill the squeaky toy" .  It takes him about 2 minutes to remove a squeaky that I just put in.  Bites a hole in it and it's dead.  So is the critter it was in.  It has been de-stuffed.  I am determined to come up with a solution.  I have about 54 squeakers remaining and before I run out, I'm going to win!!!   Maybe if I put the squeaker in a tiny zip lock like they put craft items in to sell and fill it with pepper or  something comparable.  But their noses are so sensitive, he'd probably just ignore the toy all together... and what fun is that? 
     I got quite a few more collars done.  I moved the page separate from the 'store' page.  It's dog stuff
12/4/11:  Going non-stop.  I love being creative.  Got the first batch of walking collars and leads up.   Not figured price yet as need to see how long they take by assembly line rather then one at a time. 
    Rain!  So with that as an added help, I have gotten some sound sleep.  Plus the dogs are less stressed because I am less stressed.   There is still a bit of "you can't come in", but it has decreased... or else I am just sleeping through it.  Little growls, I may not hear.  Barks still wake me up. 
    A day late getting Tuckers stitches out.  He is mellowing.  Need to get them back in the house, but things are going so smooth, hate to upset it.  I'll know when the time is best.  I can usually 'read' them pretty good. 
     I ordered replacement squeakers.  They should be here tomorrow.  I have a stack of toys on the counter to put back together.  I'll need to figure out the best 'pocket' material and a way to secure them to the inside of each toy so they will last more then an hour. 
    And tomorrow I need to call the work force and see if there is anyone who writes grant proposals who will do it for a percentage.  I keep putting it off, but just can't any longer.  If I plan to take in ANY dogs in the spring, I have to have funds or just close down.   Ones here will probably live out their lives here as no one wants them.  Tucker is the only one with any potential for adoption.  Rest are old, and/or grumpy and /or are mutts like several million others vying for homes.   No new ones can come in without a way to financially care for them.  Speaking of which...
     Got the news letter from the local Humane Society crying for money.  Their "operating" expenses are $40,217 a MONTH!!  And they only have a years worth of money left.  Hello!  That is half a million dollars.  They currently have 40 dogs and 31 cats.  Normally they have 35 to 38 dogs and half as many cats.  Their pet food is free.  There is just a 'delivery charge'.   So considering very little goes for food, that is a whopping $574.52 per animal per month (or $19.15 per day) !!!  Hello!  What is wrong with this picture??  The "Feed the Children" commercials say you can feed a starving child in a foreign country for just $19 a month. The Humane Society has a huge volunteer base and they have a very lucrative Thrift Store.   If I operated like they did,  I would have spent on average $12,639.44 every month of 2011 (with the exception of Nov. and December each being $9,192.32) rather then that approximate amount for a whole YEAR.  How many animals they adopt out has no relevance when the occupancy rate remains about the same and the adoption fee covers most of the amount the vet charges for altering the ones who are not already altered.  I have no sympathy.  For the brief time Loren was treasurer, he told them over and over, they needed to manage appropriately.   That is why he quit, because they have the OPM mentality.  (Other People's Money).  They are no better then government, only with the HS, we have a choice to give or not give.  So much for my 'rant' of the week.
11/30/11:  Took the morning off.  Never a good idea.  Spend the rest of the day playing catch up. 
    Before taking the day off, I brought Sarge back up to the house.  He was just wandering in the yard minding his own business.  Fez went after him and then Parker went after Fez.  I ended up on my butt.  I was the only one hurt.  I just don't know what triggers any of them.  I think it is just a "me me" thing.  They all want to be my number one. 
11/29/11:  I have this big black gorilla at my feet.  He's hoping I will share my grill cheese.  It is dark enough in this room that I can't see his pleading eyes, just his head raised and feeling his stare.  He's so abused.
       Did I mention I won't be going into the indestructible dog toy business?  Stuffing it with a sweatshirt was a good idea.  The sleeve is hanging on for dear life as is the 2 webbing tails.  I've sewed it back together twice.  They are still having a great time with it in a tug of war.  But it does not even remotely resemble what I presented to them yesterday.  I got it!  Transformer dog stuffies.  They magically transform daily with active dog play.  As they open the outer covering new arms and tails appear giving new life to the canine adventure. 
    Had a 3 hour lunch with Brenda today.  We just do not connect often enough.  She takes in strays or dogs people have dumped.  Sometimes they find homes and sometimes they just stay.  Think she said she has 11 at the moment.  Maybe it was just 9.  Can't remember for sure.  She's holding down 2 jobs so it is hard to find time to get together.
     I finally got an email on Toby.  He was the one I pulled from Green Forest for Lab Rescue.  He almost had a home.  Guess he was fine with one cat in the foster home, but wanted to even things out at the adoptive home.  Four was just too many for him to deal with.  Hey Toby, I agree! 
     Sahara got groomed today.  Yesterday she came in a mess.  I try to rotate the brushing but guess she missed her turn.  Her 'pantaloons' had gotten pretty thick and covered up her rear.  Not good.  I cleaned her up, but the hair needed cut away properly and not the choppy way I had done it.  She looks gorgeous.   It was the only good part of the experience.  She is not good in the car alone in the back seat.  I had to pull over and stop 4 times both going and coming.  Poor girl.  We have come a long way in 4 years but there are just some things a dog will not get use to. 
     Lacy went home.  She was happy to see Betty.  We will miss her until the next time.  They just don't come any more perfect then she is.  She always remembers her place here and the 'rules'.  Just want to tell all the others "follow her example". 
     Going to freeze again tonight.  Glad Penny and Tucker have not made any attempt at heater destruction.  I hope everyone stays in so I don't have to go out with a flash light if the threesome won't let whom ever back in. 
11/28/11:  Spent most of yesterday in the shop working and keeping Sarge company.  He cries when I leave.  Two more days and he can come back to the house.
     The other part of the day was spent shopping and freezing.  No Christmas shopping, as we don't exchange gifts with anyone.  It was spent shopping for 2 dogs.  Precisely to keep them from eating the dog house.  I'm sure it's Tucker, but Penny could be joining in.  Another new hole in the sheetrock.  Pretty good size one.  They are pulling out insulation.  If it were not for that danger, it would not be a big deal.  Fiberglass insulation is not a menu item.   Picked up some thin plywood.  Will still need another sheet but got it covered for the most part.  Loren used these special screws that I just could not get the hang of, so he had to sit on the floor and screw it to the wall.  I felt bad but some things I just struggle with.  It was akin to connecting a hose to the faucet or screwing in a light bulb.  My perception is skewed and I just can't do it without cross threading.  Also had picked up a cord protector and got that secured to the wall so they won't electrocute themselves or burn the house down. 
    After thawing out, I fed.  While I was out, I decided to make a toy so maybe they would not keep eating the blankets.   Those "Tuffy" toys which are so expensive are a joke.  I have some really heavy duty upholstery fabric that was just a small piece.  Took some heavy webbing from a previously chewed collar (I don't throw anything away)  and tied knots in the ends and sewed it into the fabric.  It made a small pillow which I stuffed with a raggedy sweatshirt.  Fiberfill is not on the menu either.  I'll know shortly if it survived when the sun comes up and I go to feed.  If it survives a week, I'll probably start making dog toys to sell too.
11/26/11:  Yesterday got quite long.  We just missed a call from the lady that had adopted Hanna and had to return her.  We have been able to both work on a solution and it has come about.  We got the message when we got back home after 2:00. We left at 3:15 for a trip half way to Memphis to meet her and bring Hanna Bella to her.  It was so wonderful.  I love when things can come together for both dogs and people.  They truly needed each other. 
    We grabbed Sonic on the way home and it did not agree with me so I didn't get much sleep.  Dogs were pretty good.  Just my stomach was not.  I just can't eat after 5:00 p.m.  But today I felt good.  I spent the better part of the day down in the shop with Sarge and cleaning.  Morning was spent organizing and afternoon spent actually working on the collars.  I find doing stuff like that relaxing and emotionally rewarding. 
    When I went to feed Penny and Tucker, they had started on the mattress.  Luckily it was just a start.  Hole was only the size of a dinner plate.  Nothing like the last mattress that was totally destroyed buy him and Jane.  So now they just have blankets.  We picked up the cord cover for the heater but now I am wondering if it will be sufficient.  My concern is (1) he gets electrocuted or (2) a bare wire burns the dog house down.  I need to pick up something bitter and long lasting to smear on the cover and the cord.  Maybe an idea will come to me tomorrow.
11/25/11:  Maybe I'm just getting old and out of touch with the current young generation, but I have a really hard time taking a person seriously when they email with interest in adopting but half their dialog is in text shortcut code, they can't spell and fail to care,  and the first sentence is "How much?".  Sorry kids, you are dealing with an old person who still believes in using the grammar basics I learned in school (oops, I forgot they don't teach that anymore), utilizing spell check because I am a rotten speller, actually using the US Postal service to send hand written "Thank You" notes and can forward some diplomacy when warranted.  If you want me to communicate back to you, please take a course in "old".  
    Bentley got a bath this morning.  I got up a little after 5:00 to feed him.  Bath at 8:00.  Snack at 9:00.  He has an adventure ahead of him in a little while when his new mommy comes to meet him and take him home.  I'd almost consider puppy rescue again if they were all as smart and easy as he is.   He was not even afraid of the bath or the blow dryer.  He is currently on his fifth nap of the morning. 
    The 'sleeping arrangement' worked well last night once I got everyone where I wanted them.  We are going to pick up a cord protector for the heater and I am going to move Penny and Tucker to the lower yard.  Tucker and Penny can both be a challenge inside.  Tucker has become a terrible counter surfer.  I decided he was the culprit in eating all the dehydrated Zeal.  (A 10 pound box is $110 so thank god it was only about 3 cups one day and 1 cup yesterday and the stuff was donated.)  I put three spray bottles in front of the box and then the toaster.  It is in one of those corner cubbies but the door is broke.  I really don't see how he can get in there and drag the box out.  I caught him in the act last night. Anyway, on putting him out, the water in the dog house won't freeze so I will only have to be concerned about changing it once a day. 
    Millie will go to the shop with Sarge.  Zelda and Sahara really intimidate her and it breaks my heart.  I think she will be happier down there.  I will be working a lot in there so she will get a lot of attention.  Hopefully Hanna will get to go back to her adopter as a forever foster.  I've had to go out with a flash light several times a night to bring her in.  When she starts this way, either Zelda or Sahara scare her away, same as they do Millie.  I swear they are menopausal.   Parker, too.  He won't let Goofy in.  That is one situation I just don't have a solution for. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
     Bentley got tired of 'easy listening' so we settled on one of the history channels.  He got to learn all about the Pyramids of Gaza.  Not sure what else he got to absorb until we both fell back asleep.  This morning as I was switching channels I got some lady talking about what we had to be thankful for.  My list is long.  Sure, I wish it were longer and that the 'thankfuls' were of bigger magnitude (or sometimes less in numbers), but all in all, I'm lucky, thus thankful, for what (and who) I have. 
     Bentley has been fun and I will miss him when he leaves tomorrow, but several of the dogs will be delighted.  Actually a lot of the dogs will be delighted.  He chased Goofy all over the house this morning.  To Goofy, it was not a game of chase.  It was a run for (your) life and escape the sharp toothed little white monster.  Lacy is tolerant but I actually heard what attempted to be a growl come from her this morning.  I don't think she has ever growled in her life as the sound that she emitted was very strange.  I thought she was choking.  Zelda, Parker and Sissy have made it clear they are not in the mood for a puppy.  Sahara avoids him.  The rest are ok with him if only for a moment until he clamps his teeth in their tail or paw.  Right now he is playing with a Tuffy toy.  It's a donut ring and if he moves just right, it is going to end up around his neck.  Big enough not to hurt him.  Big enough to be amusing if it happens.  He has already run into the wall while blindly race through the living room carrying it. 
    The situation with Zelda and Parker is worsening.  Goofy and Millie ended up sleeping in the garage last night.  There are beds, blankets and a heater, but they belong in the house.  Hanna must have just been out under a tree.  I could not find her. They were afraid to come in because of Zelda and Parker guarding the door.  I may have to start putting the two of them (Zelda and Parker) in the family room at night.  I posted on Cesars forum.  I've had personal conversations with one of his trainees in the past concerning Bear.  She posted that she has a very similar problem.   She rarely gets more then 2 hours sleep in sequence either.  So obviously this is not a rehabilitating situation or training situation.  It's a reorganization issue.
    Breakfast time.  Bentley is using my chair leg as a pillow again.  Sound asleep.  Hopefully I can spin around without waking him up.  He will want to help.
  Evening:  Spent a good part of the day in the shop rearranging and cleaning.  The dogs were on their own and nothing was amiss or a mess.  Hopefully they didn't spend their entire day sleeping so I can get some tonight.
   Late:  Almost tomorrow.  Bentley is fine.  It's getting everyone else straightened out.   Millie is a basket case.  They all scare her.  I got her and Goofy inside. I closed Zelda, Hanna, Sahara, Sissy and Sweetness in my room.  Penny and Mr. Counter Surfer (Tucker) are in the garage yard.  I had to remove the heater for fear one would chew the cord.  Lacy and Fez are in with Loren.  Tomorrow Tucker and Penny are moving to the lower yard.  I may try Millie with Sarge in the shop.  Now that I have the shop organized, I will be spending a lot of time in there.  I just want her to feel safe.  I think Zelda or Sahara are the ones scaring her, but I can't move them.  Besides they have this love-hate relationship that is a tight rope walk between them.  Anyway, now I can't find Millie again.  She went outside, I guess.  At least there is no one to chase her out if she wants back in.  My door is staying shut until morning.  Bentley just went out to pee and poop so he will just have to 'hold it' for 6 hours while I go back to bed and hope for sleep.
11/23/11:  Bentley was pretty good.  It was the rest that kept me awake. So much for those 2 wonderful nights of sleep.  I'll pray for rain. 
    Puppies are so darn funny.  Bentley got Fez's big 'gear ring' tuffy toy.  It's almost as big as he is.  He was carrying it around but could not lift it high enough.  Ended up with one leg in the center.  He didn't navigate the step into the family room.  Totally unfazed as he did a summersault.  He is trying to play with Penny, but I think his sharp little teeth are not to endearing to her.  I thought Millie, just having been a mother and her pups being this same age, she would have taken to him, but she has not.  He loves following Fez, much to Fez's dismay.  Tucker is trying to play with him, but he agrees with Penny on the tooth thing. 
   I get up twice to let him out to potty and both times he went right away.  He did really good in his crate once I turned on the TV to easy listening music.  I've got to get some canned food for him this morning.  He did not know what to do with the kibble even after I took the hammer to it to make it his size.  Mixed it with a little Honest Kitchen and he gobbled it right down.  I think HK is a little too rich for him though.  Been so long since I had such a young puppy around.  Last ones were the 'shaky' puppies that were so full of coccidia.  2006!    Anyway, he has curled up under my computer chair and I dare not move because he is using the leg as a head rest.
     Just before midnight:   Bentley has done so good.  I was so exhausted, I put both of us to bed at 5:30!!  He just woke me up to go out.  That is 6 1/2 hours!  His crate was dry and clean so the little guy held it really good.  Loren says he is scary smart and he really is.  In less then a day he learned the doggie door.  At first he followed the others but by evening he had it conquered all on his own.   He walks so good on leash.  He is learning 'sit'.  He is beginning to understand 'No'.  He has figured out how to overcome physical barriers.  He has no fear of anything.  He rode the dust mop.  It was a game.  So was the broom.  When I tried the vacuum, he came right up to the noise making thing to check it out.  Actually dangerously close.   We recently watched a program on how they select puppies for the guide dog program.  So far he has passed all the 'tests' with flying colors.  It would be great if his adopter would develop a training regiment and he could be another "Rayn".  She is Chipi's daughter who is the Ronald McDonald House mascot and some title for the elderly.  She has all kinds of certificates and awards.  Bentley could sure be another Rayn.  Anyway, he is back asleep now.  Just a little barking and then understands I'm not coming back until morning. 
11/22/11:  I knew there was going to be a flip side to getting so much sleep.  The stress level is back through the roof.  Guess I needed the rest to manage what is ahead.  It's not really dogs.  It's timing and space.  Well, I guess it is a little dog... Penny.  I left her and Sarge in the shop because Fez went after her and because Sarge has not met Lacy who is coming for several days.  It seemed logical.  A better solution would have been in the lower yard, but there was a storm coming last night.   I was so careful to gather everything up that Penny could get into.  Famous words, right?  Well, after moving them into the shop. my much anticipated supply order arrived.  I took it down to the shop and opened it.  Before I left to come back to the house, I moved everything back from the edge and raised the table to about 45" high.  This morning when I went down with their food, part of my webbing was unrolled all over the floor and filthy.  I was close to tears.  She must have leaped from the rolled up carpet to the table and then had a great time.  Everything was dirty.  Hours and hours of work wasted.  Once things are washed, they are not 'new'. 
    Dick, now known as Tucker, started limping late afternoon.  He was fine at 3:00.  I don't know what he did.  I thought maybe it was a muscle cramp or he slept wrong as that was what he was doing; sleeping.  Maybe he stepped wrong or slid on the tile.  I don't know, but by 2:00 a.m. he was really hurting.  I had given him some natural pain relief earlier but went to the 'hard stuff' I use for Sissy only half the dosage.  This morning he is walking fairly well, but definite limp.  I am not sure if he is still feeling good from the pain meds or if the leg is getting better.  He is asleep.
   Noon:  Lacy arrived.  Nancy arrived.  We walked dogs.  Lacy and Tucker didn't get to go.  Tucker needs to rest the leg.  Penny escaped the shop.  She joined us for a walk.  Luckily the hole was too small for Sarge.  Penny is in the house now, asleep and farting profusely a few feet away from me.  I think she is trying to convince me she is a good girl and no 'time outs'.  Dogs have a different interpretation of aromas.
    Stress level has subsided.  I sold my Dyson so that helps.  Tucker not having to go to the vet helps.  Jane aka Bella is responding to the antibiotic and has adjusted very well to her new corgi buddies and the cats!!! She loves the cats and they love her.  So she will be staying there over the holiday and I will just be 'on call' if needed.  The puppy, Bentley is on his way here.  Was suppose to be tomorrow, but this is even better.  I already have an adopter for him.    Just need to be sure he is healthy.   
11/21/11:  I love a light rain at night.  They all stay in and are quiet.  I went to bed at 7:45 and fell asleep right away.  Unsure if I could trust Dick not to eat furniture, I put him in the garage yard with 2 stuffed Kongs and 3 flavors of Nylabones in hopes he would stay occupied and not eat the mattress or blankets.  I removed the heater as that plug in would not have unplugged as easily.  About midnight I heard him crying so gave in and let him in.  He laid on the floor beside my bed (Sarge's usual spot) and did not move the rest of the night. (6:45 a.m.).   Millie was there too.  He could have stayed put because Zelda had the exit route blocked, but I think he was just content and had no desire to leave.  He is bonding with me way to thick.  He needs a home fast so that love can go to a 'forever' person. 
    How do you tell a dog not to bond?  That this is just temporary.  The long termers know they are here to stay and can relax the 'shadow' mode.  But then they feel left out a bit simply because of the crowd they have to navigate to get to me.  And I feel terrible having Penny and Sarge out of the house.  Penny is resilient but Sarge is not.  He is emotionally suffering.  I just don't know if I can handle 15 dogs in the house when they all decide they want to be in the same room with me.   It is the newer ones, the not totally secure ones, who lash out.  I really feel it is their desire to be my 'possessor'.
     Breakfast time.
11/20/11:  The day started at midnight.  Actually a few minutes after, but who cares when you get woke up what the precise moment is.  A huge thunder roll.  Doggie door flapping repeatedly and Parker jumping into my bath tub.  Good thing I got up as he had hit the hot water faucet on entry.  It was just a drizzle but eventually would have been hot.  I scotch taped them closed and mopped up the water and left him some dry towels in the tub.  He tried to bury his head under one.  It is a big tub so I was considering climbing in with him to cuddle him.  But then I heard Dick.  He had been crying earlier for Jane.  This was now a cry of panic. 
    I grabbed shoes, closed off the family room and ran out in the torrential rain to bring him up.  He was overjoyed.  We were drenched.  The dogs knew there was a 'stranger' in the family room so I had to go back out in the rain and around to the front door.  If I had planned better.... oh well.    So anyway, I grabbed a dry shirt to sleep in, my pillow and several towels.  Back out the front door into the rain and around to the family room door.  The direct route into the family room from the kitchen was still guarded by several dogs.  I got us both dry and we both settled in for the rest of the night.  He on the floor so close to the sofa where I was, that it vibrated from his breathing when he fell asleep. 
     I didn't realize I had actually fallen back asleep, but when I got up, it was 5:45.  The house dogs were still asleep so I took the short cut into the house.  Helped Parker out of the tub.  Made my own 'pit stop' and then put a note on the family room door. "do not enter' and went back out with Dick.  Took him for a potty walk and then curled back up on the sofa.  Curling is required as it is half a sectional or in other words no bigger then a love seat.  Did catch another 45 minutes of sleep before I got up for the day and put Dick in the garage yard. 
    After all were fed, I began introductions.  Sarge and Penny were a bit snarky, which I expected.  They got to go to the lower yard.  They will do fine there for the day.  Everyone else just took Dick's presence in stride and accepted him with no big deal.  It's not quite 9 a.m. and Dick has settled in right next to my desk.  Everyone is taking their morning nap.  Rain stopped but looks like it will start again.  One of those gloomy weather days making a good excuse to do nothing.
    Evening:  Actually only 4:00 but feels like bed time.  Tried for the umpteenth time to get Green Forest AC registered with Petfinder.  This time all their "State or Province" drop downs were broke.   I just copied and pasted the form into an email and said "here".   And if that frustration wasn't enough, in my effort to bring Sarge and Penny back up to the house, a fight broke out.  It was neither Penny's nor Sarge's fault, other then their presence.  For some totally unknown reason, Fez went after Penny.  And of course, she was stupid enough to fight back when just accepting the warning would have ended it all.  I hung on to Sarge for dear life, but could not get him on the other side of the gate.  I screamed so loud for help that some hunters drove off the hill to come to my rescue.  Embarrassing for me, but really thoughtful and nice of them.  It made me feel a little less resentful of hunters.   Anyway, Sarge and Penny are in the lower yard to stay until I feel like I can try again.  I need to analyze what I might have done wrong to trigger this.   This move took several trips.  I had to put the mattresses back and the 'repaired' heater back.   They won't stay as warm as Dick would so need it. 
    Dick has not left my side.  Sadly I can't figure out who is intimidating Hanna.  She started staying out about a week ago and afraid to come past the gate.  I know it has nothing to do with Dick because he was in the lower yard until last night.  I just don't know what happened.  I suspect Zelda had some "words" with her, but I don't know why.  Hanna is so good.  She never gets in any trouble.  Never bothers the others and stays out of their way.  I don't think Millie is the cause.  I'll just keep getting up and down during the night looking for her and making sure she can come in if she wants to.  She will have the garage for shelter, but her being afraid to come in has got to be solved. 
11/19/11:  Jane went home with her new 'mommy' today.  Dick has been quite lonesome, but they were becoming competitive over attention.  I'm sure it has been the most attention they have had, so it is understandable.  I will try Penny with him tomorrow. 
    I forgot to mention the interesting event before I left with Toby yesterday.  I made a grill cheese sandwich and was on the sofa eating it just before time to leave.  Fez came up and watched me intently. I shook my head 'no'.  He went over and picked up a squeaky toy and came back and dropped it in my lap.  I cracked up laughing and still said 'no'.  Then he reached down and picked it up and pushed it at me and laid it in my lap again.   Now if that was not 'smart' enough, today when I was calling them inside, he was standing by the gate.  Everyone was heading in.  I said "Fez, bring your toy with you" and he walked over about 10 feet away, picked it up and brought it in.  Loren and I stood there in disbelief.  I know dogs understand a lot more then we give them credit for, but there was no gesturing, just words.  And the toy was not even in his line of vision.
     Some of my friends have recently been treated to the choir.  It seems like they are keying in on when I am on the phone.  Within a few minutes of the start of a conversation, they chime in with barks and howls and yodels; mostly howls.  Millie has found her voice and boy does she prove she is a hound!  People on the phone are amazed at how 13 dogs can harmonize.  Not!
     This evening just before dark, something was up on the road.  Millie spotted it first.  Hounds can run, but Penny started about 2 seconds after her and passed her flying half way up the hill.  That dog can fly.  It resembled when you are doing 60 on the highway and some guy passes you doing 80.  It was amazing how quickly she gained on her and then flew past.  No one else was even close. 
     All is quiet.  Maybe if I sneak, they won't know I went to bed.  Going to bed is the cue to start barking.  "Momma's going to sleep.  Time to protect her and chase off all the potential intruders.".   
11/18/11:  Where has the week gone?  Wed. Dick and Jane went in to be altered.  They crated up good.  Dick is more confident and went right into the vets.  Jane was not so sure.  Took some coaxing.  She weighs 56 and he, 67.  I can't even remember the rest of the day.  Only remember that from the note on my calendar.  Just know it was non-stop.  Did get my webbing and hardware order in to make the martingales.   (email confirmation in my inbox).  What other clues might be laying around?
     Thursday we picked up Dick and Jane from the vets.  Boy were they glad to leave.  Dick was obsessed with his stitches.  I e-collared him but he could still reach them.  I took that off and put the donut on him.  He could still reach the stitches.  So I put the e-collar on with the donut.  I have slowed him down.  What is so amazing is he just takes all this 'neck wear' in stride! Even more amazing is the fact Jane didn't chew it off him. 
     Got all Toby's stuff together and met Cathy at 2:45 for our trip to the transport.   We walked them when we arrived.  We were early.  Toby's leash was soaked.  I later discovered he had thrown up.  He does not travel well, poor guy.  Anyway, holding a puke soaked leash is a step up from holding a pee soaked leash.  OK, maybe not.  He looked so sad at me when he was getting loaded into the hauler.  I had not realized that I had become attached to him.  Putting a dog on commercial transport is a horrible experience.  You feel so helpless and they look at you like, "Why are you doing this to me?  I want to stay with you".   I just can't do this again. 
   If I had not went with Cathy, I would never have gotten there.  How totally confusing.  Then it was so dark when we left Walnut Ridge, we went in overpass circles I don't know how many times.  Got home after 8:30, maybe almost 9:00.  Still had to feed Dick and Jane.  That is when I was down there doing the collar combining, in the dark trying to hold the flash light.  Loren broke the little one I could hold in my teeth, so this one was between my knees.  Teeth work better.
Addendum to 11/14/11 Green Forest transport:  Last nights transport adventure reminded me I had not followed up on the GF to Branson experience.   Linda R is really a neat gal.  I followed her to Harrison where she left off her truck and joined me for the rest of the trip.  She had Mollie on her lap both in her truck and in my SUV.  Mollie is a 40 pound hound/spaniel mix (?)  In the first leg of the trip before Linda joined me, Mollie was all over helping her drive, making sure I was following, checking out passing cars.  In my vehicle, Petey barked.  And barked.  I ended up singing to him.  It worked.  At least "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" worked.  I tried "You are my Sunshine".  That one didn't.  I tried a few 50's classics and he didn't like them either.  But when I'd go back to "Twinkle" he would be quiet.  Weird, I know.  Maybe it is because "Twinkle" does not require being able to carry a tune.  
     After Linda joined me, he was barking some.  A pathetic harmony probably made him decide to shut up so he would not have to listen to "us".  Mollie decided to travel the plastic crate tops until she found one she liked and rode perched atop Abby's.  Linda turned to either check on Mollie or shush Petey.  All of a sudden she is laughing hysterically.  I had not a clue what about.  She had tears and could not talk.  Finally she could tell me that when she had turned, she flung her cell phone.  Petey buried his head in the blanket.  She thought he was eating it.  He was in a wire crate so with the perfect situation, it could have ended up in his crate.  After several minutes of searching, she used my phone to call her phone.  Luckily it did not ring from Peteys belly.  It rang from the back floor. 
11/15/11:  I love a little rain.  Not a storm, just enough to keep the dogs in so I am not up all night being door monitor.  It is 2:49 a.m. and I got some pretty good sleep from 9:00 p.m.  Now I'm awake.  Way more sleep then I'm use to. 
     Crossing my fingers.  I have potential adopters for both Dick and Jane.  The one interested in Dick adopted from me last year and now looking for another playmate for her.  The one for Jane is looking real good.  I love when I get such great people interested in these guys. 
     Yesterday was a long day but I really enjoyed getting to know Linda during the several hours we traveled together taking 5 of the Green Forest dogs to a rescue in Branson.  Handing the dogs over was bitter sweet.  No matter where they go, you always feel sorry that you can't explain it to them.  They are scared and you just want to hug them and reassure them, not just have them in a crate for a long ride into the unknown.   Guess that is why I just hate using a commercial transport.  It is so impersonal.  You want one of my dogs, come get it.  Or I'll meet you part way.  I'm too sensitive for this.  Some people harden through the years.  I get softer with every rescue (if that is possible) even if they were not mine, but just helping others.  Linda and I both hated to say goodbye to Mollie, one I would have taken if she had been left without another rescue.  But I got enough.  I got too many. 
    Still Sarge tension.  Sometimes I think he is the instigator and other times, it's Parker.  Fez gets in the middle trying to be referee and he just does not have the diplomacy that Goofy has.  Kind of a Rambo in Fez and a Winston Churchill in Goofy.
   Think I will eat my yesterday cinnamon roll and go back to bed.
11/14/11:  I remember the day when I was on a dog chat site and thinking, "Wow, I have 7 dogs!"  "7dogCarol" was my log-in.  That was at the beginning of my physical (and emotional) decline.   I'll never be at 22 again.  Yes, never!  Sixteen is even pretty hard anymore.  Friday will be 15 as Toby leaves Thursday afternoon.  But he is not a problem.  Actually none in and of themselves are problems.  It's numbers.  It's the little things.  The "You can't come in" and the amazing feat of not being electrocuted last night. 
    Dick and Jane no longer have a heater.  It is a wonder Dick and Jane still have fur or a dog house.  I suspect they managed to unplug it before they (which ever, but strongly suspect Jane) chewed the cord in two.  I'm beginning to suspect these 2 are younger then 10 or 11 months.  This is not adolescent Pyr behavior.  At least not the Pyrs I've had in that age bracket.  Jason, Swiffer, Brooks, Mazi.  Got to be the Komondor in these two. 
     And poor Red.  He was only here for a few hours when Penny tore his heart out and left him without a voice.  Squeaky parrot is dead.   He was Fez's new toy.  I'll perform resuscitation surgery as soon as I can find a place to buy squeakers.  Fez is heartbroken.
      Be working on an application for Jane soon, unless the new event dissuades the applicant.    Given attention and supervision, (and putting everything out of her reach) she will outgrow it soon enough.
     Then off to Green Forest to help transport 5 dogs to Branson.  I won't be home until around 6:30.  A long 7 hour day.
11/13/11:  Barely, still... 11:07 p.m.  Up playing door monitor for the umpteenth time.  I think there were a few 'dozes' in there somewhere.  I have got to solve this problem.  And I swear this is the 15th night with a full moon.  "Oh, lets all go out and bark at the moon." Thump, bang. Thump, bang.  Thump, bang.  Thump, bang.  Thump, bang.  Thump, bang.  Thump, bang. Thump, bang. Thump, bang.  Time lapse... Faint distant barking.   "OK, I've done my share, time to come in.  Oh dear, someone is growling on the inside of the doggie door.  I'll just call for help.  Bark... pause... Bark... pause... Bark..."  "I'm done. Oops.  Growling on the inside. I'll just scratch for help.  Scratch... pause... Scratch... pause... Scratch..."   "Boring!  I'll go back inside.  Uh-oh, too dangerous.  I'll just bang on the door for help.  Bang, bang, bang... pause.  Bang, bang, bang... pause.  Bang, bang, bang... pause."  "Scared all those moon critters away.  I'll hang out on the deck and keep them at bay. Bark... pause... Bark... pause... Bark..."  "Come on in, it'll keep you safe."  "Nah, I'll just hang out here.   Bark... pause... Bark... pause... Bark..."  So here I sit, wide awake but tired as an old lady can get...  but the interruptions continue.  "Come on, guys.  There are plenty of beds and floor space to go around.  Just pick a spot that is NOT under my desk."   Crunch, crunch, crunch.  "That is not a good sound!"   step, step, step......   "Penny!!  Not another jar of Vaseline!! Crap!"  At least it wasn't the TV remote. 
    I have 2 dogs that really fart and both take every opportunity to dine on things that are not meant for consumption or re-consumption.  The Vaseline, I just need to keep up higher.  The poop... well, scooping up on the 3 acres after 13 dogs is just not going to happen.  Just don't even think about any dog kisses. 
    As for the past 23 hours and 55 minutes, I did get a little more sleep then so far tonight.  Also took a mini nap.  The kind when you are so exhausted, you doze and your neck gets whip lash from your head going forward until your chin bangs your chest.  As for accomplishments:  crashed my website while trying to clean it up.  Loren to the rescue.  It was only a mess for about 2 hours.  Accomplishment 2:  Caused an almost fight between Dick and Jane.  They are both wanting my attention but stopping petting them both, even at the same time and jealousy erupted.  A bang of the dog food bowls against the steel door distracted them from each other.  Poor things are just so love and attention starved.  Once they have some stability and are not competing against each other, this will end.  There is no food problems at all even as thin and hungry as they were, so I don't see the jealousy thing being any more then a 'finding position' thing.  Accomplishment 3:  Experimented with the inner stability of the collars I'm making.  Washed some buckram to see if that will remain stiff enough to hold shape.  Probably not, but won't know until it's dry.  
    It has slipped into tomorrow.  I'm going to start the 14th with another attempt at sleep.  I can hear Bear barking from all the way at this end of the house.  Ear plugs.  Got to remember ear plugs next time we are in town.  Alternative: Benadryl. 
11/12/11:  New Rule.  Always double check the gates when moving dogs after dark (or any time).  It got colder then predicted so I moved Penny and Toby out of the yard and back to the house last night.  Toby needed to go in the garage, but I had not closed off the gate into the big yard.  Parker, Sarge, Fez and others came barreling in to see what was going on.  I tied Toby to the fence and had to go all the way around to get in the yard.  A fight broke out between the 3.  I'm sure it was Parkers doing and he got the worst end of it.  Goofy was barking "break it up".  He does not like discontent.  He won't fight, but he will let it be known he is not going to put up with their bad behavior.  Luckily the water was on and the hose within reach.  It seemed like it lasted forever, but it was about 2 minutes. 
    Parker is becoming a problem.  Now that he feels good and he got spoiled during his recovery, he is really trying to 'manage' the coming and going of all the males.  I had to get up twice last night to escort Goofy in.  He will stand by the door and bark.  Parker growls.  I got up twice to let Sarge in.  He 'knocks' on the door to be escorted in.  Parker growls. I got up twice to let Fez in.  He bangs on the door to be escorted in.  Parker growls.  Then we have Zelda managing the girls coming and going.  Got up twice to let Chipi in.  She barks to be escorted in.  Zelda growls.  I got up once to let Sweetness in.  She also barks to be escorted in.  Zelda growls.  I got up once to let Hanna and Penny in together.  Penny is the spokesperson.  Zelda growls.  And I got up once to let Penny in, she scratches at the door when it's just her, and another time to let Hanna, who sends me ESP messages, in on a separate occasion.  If I ever plan to get any sleep. I'm going to have to figure out what to do with Parker and Zelda.  I guess I need another way in and out of the house and into a yard.  
    Possibly all the Green Forest dogs are saved!!  We will know Sunday night how many a Branson rescue is taking.   I'll help Linda R. with transport.  It's out of my way, but she would be making 3 to 4 trips!  With my SUV, we can each do one, or might even be able to just use mine.  Depends on who will crate with who and how many. 
    I'm riding with Cathy to Transport on Thursday. She has one going and I have Toby going.  So glad I don't have to drive and we can split the gas.  I could not do Monday if I was having to do Thursday too.
    Got a call from someone needing a dog as a deterrent for thieves.  Not a guard dog, just one that would not greet everyone with a tail wag.  Turned out Miss Lucky, a courtesy listing, fit the situation.  I am SO happy this worked out.  Now the gentleman can move into assisted living and get the care he needs.  He has been putting it off for a long time wanting to be sure his beloved dog went to a good place.  This is the second placement in less then a week of courtesy listing of a dog needing re-homed by an elderly owner.  And I helped get about a dozen of the Green Forest dogs saved.  My dogs turns for homes!!  Finally have some flyers made up to post. 
    Picked up some various colored bath towels at Big Lots for the collar/leashes I'm making.  Got to get the wholesale paperwork submitted for the webbing.  I still need something thin, washable and not too flexible for the center so they will keep their shape.  I had some stuff that I have not a clue what it was on or for but that was perfect. I have used it all up.  I think maybe it was off a girdle type back brace.   Anyway, also picked up a cheap squeaky toy for Fez.  He just knew we brought him a surprise.  It is so nice to give someone something that is so appreciated, even if it is a dog.
11/11/11:  (not quite yet) Last time (only time the living) we will see all the numbers the same 4 times in one year for 100 years.  This should be significant to everyone on the planet.  Something like 'where were you when JFK was shot or the twin towers blown up?'  Where was I when 11/11/11 arrived?  In bed, surrounded by dogs, pillow over my head trying not to hear the rest barking. That is my prediction.  Sort of like welcoming in the New Year.  I'll try to sleep through that too.
11/11/11: (on it's way out)  6:00 p.m.  Such a lovely morning and great weather so spent the first hour after feeding, raking leaves in Dick and Jane's yard.  Seems I did that just a few days ago.  Sure didn't look like it.  I gave them praise too soon.  They only use the little yard off to the side as a bathroom most of the time.  My rake and shoe found the rest.  I patched up a few holes in the dry wall in the dog house that a previous dog made.  One of them did not like my patch job.  Duct tape is just too enticing. 
    Made it out to give Diana's puppy it's shot.  Then spent a good part of the afternoon working on the collar/leads I'm making to sell.  Getting my ideas perfected.  Been online looking at a bunch.  Mine will definitely be just as good or better and a lot less expensive. 
  Loren is ready to settle in and watch some TV.  Me too.
11/10/11:  Busy day.  Cold morning.   I felt like my body would crack by the time I got done with water and poop scooping.  Dick and Jane have set up housekeeping.  The small side pen I use when I have a dog with food issues has become their bathroom.  The dog house their kitchen and bedroom and the carpet under the carport shelter, their living room.   Koms are so smart!  They are also catching on that if they want me to come in, they need to be polite host and hostess.  Or maybe it's "be nice to the hired help"  (maid and cook).  Dick had to have a dew claw cut out of his pad and it bled.  He did not make any attempt to remove the bandage!!!  They are both such great dogs... only the mattress incident did kind of make them less then perfect.  I think it was Jane.  Sort of the Eve in the garden of Eden.
     Got Millie's stitches out.  Picked up Bindy's paperwork.  Totally forgot to take some printer ink by for Clyde.  I have no use for these cartridges and I think they will fit his printer.   Made a dog shuffling attempt which put me in one awful mood.  But recovered by afternoon.  Forgot to return the empty goats milk bucket.  Forgot to pick up DHLPP puppy shorts for an adopter who had a stroke and can't drive.  Did remember to get envelopes.  Printer ink came so got some printing finished.  The list of what I accomplished seems short compared to what I forgot to do.  Just one of those days when you feel like you are running in place and making no progress. 
     Millie has finally quit coughing.   I was getting concerned.  I think she got her neck hurt at some point.  Fez and Sarge went at it a little more then a snarl.  Fez is very jealous and so is Parker.  Sarge just goes with the flow but he is the one who has to be removed when things get out of control.  Unfair, but I have no other option.  Today I put him in the shop, but went down there for about 2 hours and worked and kept him company.
      Susan, my neighbor came over to help me get my facebook back up.  No wonder it was all messed up.   You know when you look at something and you really don't see it?  It was set up as Ozarks dog.  The "s" was on the wrong word.  Like 8 months and I never caught that.  Someone set it up for me and I just never paid attention.  At least the name is right now but I just don't understand it.  Any of it.  I want to try to get AC dogs up.  I think it will open up more chances for them to be  saved.   Might get more interest in my adoptables too.  I don't have time for it, but I need to make time.  I need to learn it first though, or I'll have a 'losing my mind' moment.  No... more 'losing my mind moments'.
11/09/11:  This time change still has me off schedule.  It seems to be worse this year.  Blame it on Global Warming.  Could not possibly be old age or exhaustion. 
    Picked up Toby early.  They were not sure if he had been walked.  It was obvious he had not when we got outside.  Poor guy peed for a good 2 minutes.  I'm serious!  I didn't think he was ever going to stop.  Then when we got home I put him in the garage yard.  I was concerned because it is so cold.  Put a heater in there.  When all the house dogs saw him it was total quiet!!!  Obviously he was putting off good vibes. 
     Dick and Jane did good for their ride to and from the groomers.  Dick has double dew claws on one front paw!!!  I have never seen that!  It had curled and grown into the pad just like a rear one.  He has made no attempt to chew off the bandage.  I started him on antibiotics.  Took some pix while they are clean.  Too tired to put them up tonight. 
     That calm feeling I had a few days ago has gone.  I'm feeling the pressure of having dogs outside with a freeze coming.  They have heat, but it's a carrying water issue.
11/08/11:  When I went down to feed, Dick and Jane were not in sight.  I'm thinking how happy I am they are utilizing the dog house in the rain.  I am so proud of them for learning the door goes "in" as well as out.  Pride and happiness were short lived.  Once I entered the yard there was a hint of things to come.  A small piece of foam rubber.  A piece of vinyl.  Some stuffing.  One mattress was untouched.  Probably because dawn came too soon.  The other was hardly recognizable.  It was strung from corner to corner.  They were oblivious to having done anything wrong.  I kicked some of the mess out of the way and feds them then proceeded to clean up the mess and haul out the other mattress before they stared on it.  I left the blankets. I hope that was wise.  They were not chewed up when I went down to feed them lunch a few minutes ago.
    Mess cleaning up ran us a little behind but Toby still got in for his neuter.
    Betty and Nancy came but as we walked out the front door with 5 of the dogs, the rain started coming down pretty heavy.  Dogs really didn't mind.  We did.  So instead they got an hour and a half brushing.  That was fine with everyone but Zelda and Goofy.  Walk, yes.  Brushing, no.  Hanna could curl up in my lap (or any ones) and be brushed all day.  So could Penny and Sarge, but they don't need much.  Millie is getting braver and was coming for attention too.  She is such a good girl.  
    I did not get a lot of sleep last night.  I kept hearing someone chewing on plastic.  I'd get up and look and nothing.  Turn on lights, check the floor.  Nothing.  Go back to bed and it would start again.  This went on for hours.  Finally it dawned on me.  We have plastic vertical blinds on the sliding door between Bears room and the kitchen.  Sahara was laying against them.  When I would get up, she would raise up to watch me.  When I'd go back to bed, she would lay back down.  I guess as she breathed, they would make the noise.  I got her to move and the noise quit so that is what it must have been. 
11/07/11:  Dick and Jane got their DHLPP this morning.  Too tired last night.  Got to go down later and get some Advantix on them.  Found a few ticks.  Grooming this Wednesday and spay and neuter a week from Wednesday.  Could have been earlier but I want to get them as healthy as possible and hope she does not come in heat in the next week.  They are so inseparable, I want to have them done at the same time.  I don't think he knows he is a he and she is a she.  Besides if he gets too frisky, she curls her lip at him.
    Back to smooth sailing.  Someone else is going to check on the OES in Lead Hill.  So glad.  She may already be snatched up.  I just could not call and then not commit if she was still there. 
    I forgot about the time change Sunday morning.  I was up at 3:40 a.m.   No wonder the day seemed so long and the dogs were all off schedule.. Actually they were not.  I was.  Hours of sleep were still the same... I think.  I get so mixed up.  Just wish they'd leave it alone. 
    Brought Sarge back up to the house this morning.  Time outs really work.  Penny is still with Toby.  He needs the company.  She will just have to endure until the 17th when he heads out to his foster home up north.  She does not mind too much.  She really has no one in the house to play with. 
11/6/11:  They let me sleep (with 2 minor interruptions) from 9:00 p.m. to 4:40 a.m.  Not quite sure how to handle so much rest.  I do wish Parker would quit intimidating Sarge at the doggie door and I wish Fez could refrain from 'checking the squeaker' in his toys every hour or so.  I'll learn to sleep through the squeaking, as I have Bear distant barking, but Sarge's door knocking requires I get out of bed, open the door and escort him past Parker.
    The lady who got Bindy called last night.  She just adores her and sounds like the feeling is mutual.  She was concerned that Bindy had not eaten.  Clyde often made chicken and rice for the dogs and added to the kibble.  But I told her a few skipped meals would be good for Bindy.  She needs to take off about 15 pounds. 
    Dick and Jane (and Toby, the Save a Lab foster) were so good last night.  Not a peep.  I was pleasantly surprised.  (or else I slept through it).  Dick (I hate that name) learned the doggie door, but Jane is afraid of it.  We will play some treat games today so she will get use to it.  It is obvious neither have ever been inside a house.  They were both curious and insecure on the tile.  It's just a cheap shop type tile, not slick, but not feeling like grass or dirt either.  Dick sniffed the walls and checked out the beds.  Jane just stood in the open doorway.  I will feed them in there so they become comfortable. 
    There is a stray female OES in Lead Hill.  Damn!  It's "got to go".  I bet anything it's not an OES, but a Komondor.  Where will I put it???  I'll call this morning.  If it is meant to be, it will still be there, and if not, it will be gone.  Only ones I can take are the 'rarer' breeds that will have lots of interest and I can find great homes for fast.  I just can't carry water, which I have to do in winter.  What happened to my resolution to 'quit'?  It is like saying you plugged your last hole in the dam and then it springs a leak.  You can't quit as long as you can save another life. 
    Evening:  I did not call.  I have absolutely no where to put her (the Lead Hill dog).  Sarge went a little too far with Parker.  Not a fight, but really pushing it.  He is in the shop for the night.  When I put him there the other day, he found a beef bone that I had way up high on a shelf.  I do not feed the commercially made dog bones.  Well, he devoured it.  I double checked everything so hopefully I did not miss anything that might be edible. Or at least that he considers edible.  Normally he doe not get into things.  I did notice he broke a canine.  I'm sure it was not broke a few days ago.  I'm sure it was that bone as he does not pull on the fence like he once did.  Anyway, Toby the foster and Penny are together in the yard behind the house.  I was going to bring her back up for the night, but they are having such a great time together.  She needs a rough playmate and he needs someone to burn off energy with.  No food issues, so it will work out well.  Dick and Jane are in the lower yard and learning to appreciate the dog house.   They are so great.  I raked leaves out of there for well over an hour and Loren came down and set with them.  They are just my kind of dogs.  Was able to get their DHLPP shots at All Pet.  They were $2.20 cheaper then at the farm store!!!  I read the label real good to be sure it was the right thing.
     I talked to the people that have Mazy.  They love her, but the wife is not overjoyed with the shedding.  I suggested they change her food to grain free.  It sure helped the ones that are my major shedders.  Wish I could put them all on it, but can't find a distributor who will give me a deal. 
     I got more goats milk today.  The man I met at the vets whose dog I wanted to help save but we couldn't, is providing it.  The dogs love it!  I know field Pyr pups raised on it do really great.  I'm learning the right amounts, etc.   He is going to have to re-home his ASD.  Sounds like a great dog, but she has decided she does not want any female dogs too close to the house.  Sometimes his field dogs are just sticking with the livestock and she won't have it.  He was telling me about her.  He said his granddaughter brought over her flute and "Duchess" knew every song she played.  He gave me an example over the phone.  She has quite a vocal range!   It is hard being a farmer and having to make these decisions but I am glad he really cares that she gets a good home.  A rare person in this area of 'if it don't earn it's keep, shoot it'  mentality.  I'm glad I met him.  Restores my faith in farmers. 
11/5/11:  "Dick and Jane" came today.  They are adorable and so sweet.  Lovely people who found them brought them over.  She named them and wanted me to keep the names.  Jane is always dominating in photos with them together so it is usually Jane and Dick. I also promised they would only go to companion homes and that I would do my best to keep them together. 
    Had a great lunch with Cathy.  We need to get together more often.  I didn't realize the farm supply closed at 2:00 so missed by 15 minutes of being able to buy the DHLPP shots.  Now I have to wait until Monday.  I usually have plenty in the fridge but these 2 dogs were not in my plan.  Actually no new ones were in the plan until late Spring.  Anyway, since I was going one way and Staples was the opposite, I called Loren to go pick up an ink cartridge for me only to get there and find out they don't carry that one.  So a lot of miles for both of us to accomplish nothing. 
    House cleaning tomorrow.  Bath and bed here shortly.  I hope everyone is quiet. 
11/4/11:  Normal people are sleeping.  I just got back from a fruitless (unless toy retrieval counts) from another 3 a.m. stroll up the hill.  Zelda was licking her stitches.  I put one of those blow up collars on her.  I have 2.  One was for Penny and the other for Parker.  Well, since she is 'in between' Parkers is too big.  No other choice at this time of the morning.  Her regular collar is a combo that I just put a buckle on so I am thinking, "good, I can secure it so she won't get it off and lose it and Penny chew holes in it".  The "D" ring on the blow up collar is too small for a 1" collar.  I go down to the shop and get a 3/4" regular snap collar (I have no buckle collars).  Come back and she is missing.  Knew I should have locked her in.  After a 15 minute search, new flashlight in hand and collecting toys along the way, I give up.  By now all the dogs are awake and I am the Pied Piper with a pack following me.  Several wanting to claim the toys I'm carrying.  Those collars are expensive.  Where the heck is Zelda?  I finally turn on house lights and find her hiding in the family room.  OK, maybe she wasn't really hiding, but in the dark, she had looked like one of the blankets on the floor.  I try to slip the 3/4" buckle through the "D" ring, only for it also to be too big.  I have no half inch long enough.  The snap buckles on the citronella collars come off!  Yeah!  So I take off the spray box and I use one of those.  Success.  By now it is 2 minutes to 4.  I'm wide awake.  We are leaving in 4 hours for Springfield and then to pick up the dog in Green Forrest for "Save a Lab" rescue.  So by the time I get back to sleep, it will be time to get up.  This feels like Déjà vou.
   Evening:  Emotional rollercoaster.  Bindy, my adopters 'other' dog got a wonderful home today.  It all happened quickly but I am very pleased with the lady who adopted her.  Keeping fingers crossed the adjustment to new surroundings and new humans and animals goes smoothly.
     I picked up the yellow Lab for 'Save a Lab' rescue.  He is sweet.  He also got very car sick.  Poor guy.  He and Penny made friends, but I did bring her back up to the house for the night.
    I'm getting 2 Komondors tomorrow.  Strays that wandered up to some peoples place.   Starving and matted.  One is social, the other a bit unsure.  Hopefully I'll be able to get them in to be groomed Tuesday or Wed.  Got to pick up some shots tomorrow for them.  Have one dose of wormer.  Need a second.  I would not be taking any dogs but I already have a waiting list for Koms.  I'll start going through it tomorrow.  Some people have been waiting for a long time so not sure who is still looking. 
11/3/11:   A little rain last night but obviously not a storm.  That is starting now, this morning, before dawn.  I woke up to the thundering sound of beating paws, slapping doggie door flap and the reverberation of barking as all but Fez and Parker (who was seeking a bathtub) went clambering out to chase off a critter invading the yard.  The escapade was short lived when they realized the wind was strong enough to blow them off their paws.   All dogs accounted for, but Fez's favorite new toy is not.  I may feel bad but not THAT bad!  He will just have to settle for another. 
    I talked to Amanda last night.  I am heartsick I will not be able to help 'Suzi' the farmers Komondor/Pyr.  The jaw will take a specialist and surgery and then she may still live in pain the rest of her life.  Amanda and 3 other vets worked for 2 hours to try to get the jaw back in place.  She said they tried every trick in the book and online.  It is just skewed so bad.  She is sure it is not broke, just terribly dislocated.  She cannot close her mouth because her canines line up instead of overlap.  Pulling  2 of the teeth would solve that (me talking, not the vet) but that would not alleviate the pain.  My brain has been working every waking minute, but there is just no way we can (1) make a trip to Memphis) and (2) take on several thousand dollars in vet bills for her and then not even know if it would stay in place or if she would have a pain free life.  I'm devastated.  I looked in that face.  I touched her.  I wanted to give her a retirement home and lots of love.  She reminded me of Gretel, the one in Rockford, IL. that I tried so hard to save.  We all have our breed passions, and she is mine.
    I will be there at 8:00 to pick up Zelda.  I hated that she had to spend the night, but her surgery wasn't over until afternoon.  It was more extensive then hoped for.  It will be 2 to 3 weeks before the biopsy results are in.  I am afraid if it is cancer, I am going to totally fall apart.  Actually it is something I really don't want to know because then she will know and the others will know.  Maybe they already do.  But I have to maintain the continued balance.  If my routine changes or my attention pattern is changed, there will be resentment and she could easily become a target of jealousy.  Zelda is about 7 years old.  I won't put her through chemo or anything that makes her miserable.  I'll just keep her comfortable how ever possible and as long as I can.  But first I have to put the 'what if' out of my mind and be optimistic and it will have just been a bump on her butt.
    Evening:  It's only 6:30 and I'm about to call it a day.  I feel so bad but I had to put Sarge down in the yard.  I turned up the heat in the dog house for him as it is cold.  Tomorrow I will have to move him to the shop.  He has terrorized Millie.  He is also getting more pushy with Parker.  He is old and just wants to be my shadow and does not want anyone else in his way.   I have been spending a lot of time in the shop, so he will get one on one attention until I can figure out what to do to resolve the problem and get him back into the pack. 
    I was getting out the flash light to go hunt Millie again.  Luckily Loren saw her curled up asleep in the living room.  I need to be a better looker!  She is so quiet and can almost make herself invisible.  
    The dog I was pulling tomorrow got adopted today.  A little disappointed.  A little concerned.  I always worry when a dog is labeled a Pyrenees that some 'hobby' farmer will take it home and then shoot it when it eats the chickens or chases the goats.  There is a reason these dogs are in shelters or rescues.  If they were good field guardians, that is where they would be... in the field.  So I will most likely just be bringing home the yellow lab for another rescue and fostering it for the 14 days so it can go on transport.  It will be sharing space with Julia for 2 nights.  The little dog may have to be in the house for those nights.  I just don't have space with Sarge being a poop. 
11/2/11:  It's going to be OK.  You know that peaceful feeling, sometimes way too rare, that just comes over you?  You just know all of a sudden everything is going to work out right.  That you are personally headed in the right direction.  That is how I feel this morning.  I posted both on freecycle and trading post to get donations of dog food, dog houses and crates for the Green Forest dogs.  I was trying to sell several of mine because I still have vet bills that I can't pay, but somehow that seems secondary right now.  We will hook up the trailer Friday and take over at least one of the igloos and several of the plastic crates.  If they pile bales of straw around the crates, the dogs will not freeze.  I also have a 50 pound bag of dog food given to me by the distributor I get my dog food from.  I won't feed it because I am particular.  They are just hungry. 
    I have really gotten making the new slip collars down.  We used one yesterday to walk Sweetness, the tow truck dog.  What a difference!  I did discover that my "big" was still way too small for Fez.  Anyway, I've used up scrap webbing experimenting to get it just right and I've got it.  Get out the credit card and order webbing and I should be able to start making some money with these.  Ones online wholesale for $16.  I'll price mine at $12.50 to anyone and also offer custom with specific dog breed on them for $4 or $5 more in the future.  Not priced the cost of the imprints yet.  
   Time to feed the dogs breakfast and get started on another busy day.  Zelda goes to the vet at 10 for a hemorrhoid.  I had forgotten it was her that was in 2 months ago and they found her anal glands impacted.  This is so unusual for a large breed dog.  Of course, she is the only one of them all who absolutely refuses to even eat her food if there is any supplements in it or anything that does not smell like chicken or tuna or hamburger.  You can not imagine how nice it is not to have to go feed and water dogs outside. 
   OK, brief utopia...  Just got back from the vets.  Got to talking to a farmer.  First conversation led to his ASD attacking his livestock guardian Pyr.  Dislocated or broken jaw.  If it can be popped back in place, he keeps the dog.  If it requires surgery, she is mine.  She is a Komondor/ Pyr about 5 years old.  He's a very nice person.  I understand his situation.  It was just fate that put me in the right place at the right time.  He has to replace this field dog so may have to find another home for the ASD.  He will let me help through NASRN. 
   Zelda will have surgery.  Amanda is concerned as to the location and that it could be malignant.  It is not a hemorrhoid.  I should feel a mountain caving in on me, but I don't.  I feel just fine.
11/1/11:  I was sleeping so good.  Ugh!  3 a.m. and wide awake now.  They all went tearing out of the house.  I could not find Millie so my first thought is she went out, they still consider her a stranger, and when she tried to come back in, they ran her off.  That was my logic.  Another logic, she would not come when called because she doesn't know her name yet.  I got out the new high beam flashlight and went walking way up and down the hill, calling.  I looked for about 20 minutes, doing my best to avoid poop piles in the dark.  This was getting no where.  I went back to the house knowing they all would follow me and she might be less frightened and come out of hiding.  One sweep of the house.  Something I should have done first.  Sound asleep on the sofa in the family room!!  I took her out to potty since I had woken her up then stayed to be sure she could get back in.  While I was out, I let Penny out of her 'time out' (garage yard) where she had been all night.  Earlier she had kept Millie from coming near the house, running her off way up on the hill and then blocking her way when she'd try to head back. Penny got the message.  I actually think they will be playmates if Penny gives her a chance. 
    Half have run back out.  The night is comfortable.  I just went out in my night shirt (a long oversized T-shirt) and was not cold.  It may get a bit colder, but Millie is not going to get too cold if she stays out.  Fez and Sarge are attached to me.  I think Sweetness is keeping the bed safe and my spot warm.  Enough adventure for one night/ morning.  Going back to bed.  Got to be up in 3 hours. 
   Evening:  Even my computer is tired. Nancy and Betty came and all the dogs got walked.  Five, five and three.  The middle 5 are the challenge as Sarge and Penny both want to dart out at passing cars.  Sissy and Hanna can only go a short distance so that is why, with Millie, this bunch goes together.  Everyone else is great on leash so the not so great go on the short trip. 
    Got an email on urgent dogs in Green Forest.  I didn't even know they had an AC.  Drove over, took pix and finally got them up and emails sent out.  Hopefully some will be saved.  The ACO is such a nice guy but being at double capacity makes it impossible. 
10/31/11:  2:25 a.m. and they are FINALLY asleep.  Don't know what was 'out there', but it is a wonder the doggie door is still in one piece.  Just wish they would wait to bark until they are way up on the hill, or at least out of the house.  I guess all that running and barking wore them out as not a one followed me in here.  Some of the snoring is enough to shake the house.  I just need to take naps all day like they do.  The only problem with that is one is always 'on guard' so any more then 30 to 40 minutes at a stretch is a stretch.
Noon:  Brought Sarge back up and Millie.  It went really great.  Sarge and Parker still have a little tension but no worse then Sahara and Zelda.  Millie is still a bit insecure.  She only comes inside when I go open the door and "stand guard".  She does like outside.  I will move the heater to the garage just incase she gets stuck outside tonight she will have a warm place to go.
     Thanks to Cathy's help, I have a safe place for my adopters Pit to go.  He is 80 years old and not doing well.  I know this is so very hard for him.  Julia will come to me and his little dog should be easy to place.  But no urgency there.  He can take care of those 2 for awhile.  The Pit was just too 'puppy'.  I know how I worry what will happen to my zoo.  Mine are mostly old like me though, so I should outlive them. 
     Fez is having a hard time on the family room tile so bringing in area rugs and securing them under the furniture legs.  When we put in the tile, it was going to be a 'no dog' zone.  It is like walking on ice.  Anyway, that lasted about 6 months.  We never used the room.  It is lonely in a room without dogs.  Now we use it a lot so have to make it dog safe.   
    Another pretty day outside.  Once they wake up from their nap, I'll start some walks. 

10/30/11:  I guess everyone has encountered someone in their life who is a total nut case.  People either are unaware until it slaps them in the face, they see it and steer clear or they give the person the benefit of the doubt and try to hang in their and be their friend.  Well, the latter does not work.   Crazy is crazy is crazy.  Sadly too many don’t recognize their own mental illnesses.  That is what is so crappy about mental illness.  The delusions hide the reality. 
    Once upon a time in another life, I adopted a 13 year old girl.  The agency ‘covered up’ the fact she had been diagnosed by 2 different psychiatrists as paranoid schizophrenic.   You can’t ‘give back’ one you adopt.  You can relinquish your own birth child, but not one you “picked”.  At least that was a case in 1978.  We went through hell for the next 10 years.  Finally the sheriff, tired of throwing her in jail for stealing from the elderly, had 2 deputies drive her 1500 miles one way and dump her back on the Indian Reservation. 
   Sadly, I never learned from that to just ‘walk away’ when the red flags come up.  The mentally ill need help as much as the physically ill, but I am not equipped to help, let alone handle it.  I believe this time I have really learned my lesson.  When someone continually stirs the pot of hate and lies to create drama and pain for others, all I can do is turn my current anger to pity.  She can’t help she is crazy.  But I can help myself by staying out of her dungeon. 

10/29/11:  You learn alot when you are 'mom' to a house full of independent thinking Pyrenees.  They know they are smarter then us humans, so the best way to get what we humans want is let them think they are in charge but get them to think your idea is really theirs.  This Pyr education has proven to be useful in the recent saga with the Queen of Doom whom would better be referred to as the Drama Queen.   Some people just can not "leave it be".   Even my dogs understand "leave it".   Sadly she went off the deep end when I took away my pot and she had nothing to stir.   Even sadder, I'm sure she will find another.  It is her existence.
10/26/11:  Squeaky time.  I just got up so Fez followed me, picking up squeaky toy along the way.  The midnight prediction for rain didn't happen.  That is good.  Of course the prediction increases to 60% by this afternoon.  It is easier if thunder is in the day then at night.  I'm so afraid Parker will slip and pull a leg out of joint jumping into the bath tub for protection.   Last night was really quiet... with the exception of Bear, of course.  He was only on the bed with me until around 10:30 but at least he was up on the hill barking rather then on the deck.
    Millie got a bath yesterday and goes in for spay today.  For those looking to criticize that I'm wasting money by not doing it myself, well they charged me $12 and will be coming to the house to do Sissys nails because she can't get into the car because of her arthritis.  I doubt they will charge me anything for that.  They are good people.  I could not give most of these dogs a bath by myself.  I don't have the strength nor the skill and not the 2 hours it would take to get one dry.
    I made several duplicates of that Martingale lead I somehow acquired.  It is such a great slip lead, easy on the neck for pullers and quicker then fumbling for the "D" ring on the collars.  Cheapest I could buy was $16 each plus shipping.  I took apart some old broken harnesses.  Since they were giant size and they must have been donated, I made 2 out of each one basically for free.  Even with removing the stitching to take the harnesses apart, I still was able to make 4 in just a little over an hour total. I can't sell these as the harnesses were used, but if I find some at Big Lots for $2 or $3, I will get them and make some to sell.  The hardware I'll be removing, I can use on the left over pieces from the collars I bought and am re-working.  This is taking me back to the 60's when I use to recycle clothes for a living.  When styles would change, people would bring their expensive blouses and dresses (yes, ladies wore dresses in the early 60's)  and I would update collars or sleeves or hemlines or just use the fabric of a gathered full shirt to make a whole new outfit.  I love taking useless stuff and turning it into something useful.  But sadly the U.S.A. has become a 'throw it away' society. Look at how many hundreds of quilts could be made from the slightly frayed or outgrown clothes dump in the trash in just one small town in one day.  Thrift stores fill a whole dumpster every day.  I hate waste.  Guess because Grandma and Grandpa raised me and they lived through the depression. 
    Sunrise, almost.  Dogs are coming in to let me know they are ready for breakfast.  With the exception of Sweetness and Fez, everyone has been sleeping outside the past few nights.  They love this weather. 
10/24/11:    Got an email yesterday that is so 'close to home' and so heart wrenching.  Here it is:
 I have begged and pleaded for over a year now, and we just can't do it anymore.   We couldn't even attend our adoption event this morning as we spent hours trying to round up dogs that keep getting out of their pens. I am tired of being screamed at. Jim Max fell and hurt his knee even more.  I need to go to the hospital to get blood, I keep passing out from the stress,  We are out of food, went and used our last bit of funds to buy dollar store food to feed them today.  But that is all we have, I have no gas in the car to get anymore and no more funds until the 3rd of November.  I have a dog that needs surgery and can't even raise the funds to help her.  We have only raised 145.00 on a 700.00 surgery.  Don't ask me about the other dogs these are the ones giving us the most problems.  
They are not problems they are all house and crate trained and all up to date on shots, etc.  Some have been spayed / neutered already.  They just love to run and play and we can't help them do that anymore.  I have an appointment for the vet to come and put them down 9:00 a.m. TUESDAY MORNING.   
     Please, the dogs I have listed need to go ASAP:  6 Shepherd pups,  3 Lab/Beagle mix's, 2 Mastiff / Boxer mixes,  2 female Labs,  Mastiff mix, 3 Hounds,  2 Pit mix.

If you would like to sponsor a dog the PayPal link is:   
 Contact: Max's Animal Rescue, Hoboken, GA 31542 Phone:
912-458-3263    NOONETOLOVEU@AOL.COM
     This blog has never been intended as a personal "pity me" as I have been accused of by a number of people.  It is intended to let non-rescue people into the depths of what is in the heart and mind of one person who rescues, particularly rescues to re-home.   So often when I encounter a person at the vets or pet store and they will ask about a dog I have with, I say "I am a rescue" and their instant reply, "oh, I rescued 'Fifi' too!"   As if that gives us a kinship.  I respect that person for saving that life.  Without 'adopters' we rescuers could not do what we do.  But it is like saying "I fly" and being a pilot vs "I fly" and being a passenger.  We need each other, but what we do is entirely different.
    I am not whining when I say I cannot have any dogs in outside yards in the winter.  I am stating a fact.  Loren helps as much as he can, but he is functioning on 30% heart usage.  (No, one just does not go out and get a heart transplant (it's not blockage, it's worn out) and money doesn't grow on trees).  I'm 66 years old.  If heredity plays a factor, I'll be around for another 20 years.  I'd like to spend the next 20 avoiding slipping on ice and breaking a hip.  Or totally destroying use of my left arm.  Or ending up like my mother who can barely walk to the mail box because her arthritis is so bad.  She has shrunk from 5'6" to 4'11".  If I follow in her gene pool, I'll be 4'5" and fit comfortably in my dogs crates.  
   I'm not whining when I say the vet bills are devastating.  The dogs have come first since we began this rescue journey in 2003.  If YOU have not been affected by this economy, please let me know what tree house you are living in and what native plants are sustaining you.  In 2003 a spay with pain shot was $60 without discount for a 100 pound dog.  This year the same is $126 with a generous discount of  30%.   That is an increase, in less then 9 years, of  201% (266% if we didn't get the discount).  Our net income has decreased by 20%, thank you politicians. 
    We are just one of many rescues having to close to accepting new dogs.  Many that are here are old.  No one wanted them or will want them.  Hanna could end up costing $5000 if the hip fails. She was hit by a car way before I got her and it was shattered.  X-rays are really scary.  Some dogs have been here too long, going un-adopted or being returned with no one else to want them.   We have become a sanctuary for geriatric canines.  Nine will definitely die here of old age or related health issues.  Most likely Hanna and Sarge will also.  Hopefully someone will meet Penny and realize what a great dog she is.  Shelby would have too, but sadly fate took her too quickly.  With old comes many more vet bills.  And there is no way to 'save for that rainy day' and very little hope of avoiding the flood damage.
      I hate when there are 31 days in a month and the 1st starts on a Saturday.  It leaves the 23rd and 24th sharing space with the 30th and 31st.  I'm not sure when Betty will be back, but it wasn't yesterday.  Lacy doesn't seem to care and neither do we.  She is just so perfect.  She never forgets the routine.  She remembers where she eats even if it has been months in between her visits. 
     Millie was out again.  She was laying in the empty yard, so I guess in a way she wasn't really 'out'.  Just not where I had put her.  She digs out every night, but never takes off.  Usually she is either in the front yard or in the lower driveway.  She should be able to come to the house and join the pack in a week or so.  It may be sooner :-)
10/23/11: Another pretty day.  I could handle 365 of these a year.  Sunny, light breeze, shirt sleeve weather.  I just wish the leaves would 'get it over with' so I could get the yards cleaned up before it's a rainy, icy mess.  After losing Click with the Blastomycosis, I am paranoid about rotting leaves anywhere that the dogs are.  Chances of it here are slim, but not impossible.
    I stacked all the yard sale stuff in the corner.  I can not get the energy to try again until spring.  I need my work table back.  Loren came down after I fed to keep me and Millie company.  I took one of the giant collars apart and re-worked it.  Much nicer and more useable now.  They should go together pretty fast now that I have a plan and a sample.  I found the old martingale with lead combo so can now make some like that also.  Cheapest I found was $16 wholesale so using 2 of the giant collars I can make one of those for a $3.60 investment and about 20 to 30 minutes of time.  I just do not like walking a dog with a plain buckle or snap collar. 
    Penny is trying to get back in my good graces.  She got on the bed with me last night and has been extra generous with kisses.  Glass and fence fighting with anyone on the other side and stealing Fez's toys only to run off and destroy them is getting her in double trouble.  I was surprised to see her and Lacy trying to play.  Lacy was not too sure of Penny, but Penny was rolling on her back submissive style.  Then she'd get up and act goofy.  If Lacy backed away, Penny would roll on her back again.  It was quite a ritual.  Without Mazi, Penny has been pretty lonesome as far as a playmate.  She is definitely a dog that needs a dog of her energy level.  Her and Baxter did well while he was here once she 'got him in line'.
    My local 80 year old adopter called yesterday.  I feel so sorry for him.  His daughter is dying of cancer on the west coast.  His health will not allow him to travel, either by plane or car.  As hard as it would be, I would be fine with watching the dogs if he could go.  This is a wonderful man who has taken great care of Julia Robertshound for 4 1/2 years. 
     Betty will be here to pick up Lacy in a while.  That dog is the best dog ever.  I could have 20 of her and it would never be a chore.  She just fits right back in every visit just like she was never away.
10/22/11:  Feeling better today although the Queen of Doom is trying to destroy it.  She won't win because I won't let her insanity get to me. 
     Went to the new Big Lots store.  Cathy told me they had the martingale collars for $3.  They were reduced to $2 and with 20% off, what a deal.  I can't buy the webbing and hardware for that.  They were all the giant size which is good. Tomorrow I will go to the shop and spend time re-working them to make them useable sizes.  I can make leashes out of the left over webbing.  It will amount to an investment of about $1 each.  Some of the dogs can come with and feel 'special'.
     I also picked up some squeaky toys for Fez.  Penny destroyed two of the 3 I just bought for him on Wednesday.  It was so funny to watch him.  Each made a slightly different noise.  I handed him each, one at a time.  He would squeak it and then lay it down and wait for the next.  After all 5 were 'tested', he decided on the goose, or what ever it is.  I put the rest up.  I probably should sew a rope to it so he can carry it around his neck.  As soon as he lays it down, Penny will be out the door destroying it.   I did order a few 'guaranteed against destruction' squeaky toys online.  They are replaced free if chewed up.  I'm sure I will keep the post office busy with them.   I got some of this brand donated before and they made good on the guarantee. 
    What great weather.  Wish it would not be so cold at night, though.  I do turn on the heater in the dog house for Sarge and Kishi when I go feed in the evening.  They really enjoy the room.  They are usually in it on the beds when I go down.   Sarge can't wait to come back to the house, but I don't want Kishi to be all alone.  Dogs need something living to be with them, be it human or animal.   
10/21/11:  Early Morning: It has been a week of Mondays.  Forgot to turn off the water below and take off the hose.  Woke up at 1 a.m. (again) and remembered so had to go sneaking down and do it.  If not, the pipe or valve would have burst.  Like to never got back to sleep.  Earlier in the evening, but still in the dark, I had to go out on a search and rescue mission.  Both of Fez's new squeaky toys were missing.  Penny steals them when he is not looking.  Hunted all over the 2 acres and finally found one.  He was so excited.  Squeaked it all the way back to the house.  He is such a joy to watch.  Aside from Penny and Hanna playing sometimes, Fez is the best entertainment we have.  He always makes us smile, even if it is just looking at him sprawled out on the floor looking like a big bear rug.
     Woke up with a dizzy spell so bad, I almost threw up.  Having the room spin as fast as the ceiling fan on high and tripping over dogs to get to the bathroom was near disaster.  I don't even feel good enough to get dressed, but I have to feed Kishi and Sarge who is sharing space with her until Sunday night.  I will probably just put on sweats and slip on shoes.  The water they have will just have to do. 
10/20/11: 1 a.m.  Momma dogs last day.  Maybe she does not even have today.  It may be too late.  She had a 2 day reprieve but that is up.  She has a sponsor but no where to go.  Looking at the AC site was a mistake.  But it was not a mistake for me to save the old girl nor Kishi, even if I do have a problem. She can not stay here.  I just can't take momma dog.  I can not have an outside dog this winter.  If someone could come several times a day when it freezes and break ice and haul water, I could fill up, but I don't have anyone.  Everyone who helps me is old like me or older. 
    Got Baxter to Cathy and on his way.  That was a real feat.  The transport failed to notify they were leaving 2 1/2 hours earlier!!!  She had about 6 minutes to spare.  I suspect she exceeded more then a few speed limits on her 2 hour drive.  She told me momma dog has a foster.
     Remembering who gets what pills is getting hard for me.  I'm going to have to paste names on the wall and set the bottles in front of them.  Some things are not prescription but necessary, like Goofy's yeast defense and Fez's probiotics. 
10/19/11: I have got to have a garage sale.  I need the shop space back.  And I need the money.  I dread it.  The local newspaper is so screwed up that trying to place an ad is a nightmare.  They wanted to charge me $80 for 1 day for a Benefit Sale because a non-profit is still a "business".  So we leave out the "Benefit", but I still can't find a 'garage sale' rate.  Trying to get a human on the phone with a brain is just as difficult. 
     Went from dust to mud.  I prefer mud.  With mud, I only need to clean the floors.  With dust, I add in furniture, ceiling fans, door frames, counter tops (4 times a day) window blind cleaning and frequent curtain washing as well as floors.  So mud is much preferred.  A little more laundry with dog towels and muddy feet on my lap, but still easier.  And the dogs like the colder weather.  Heat bills don't run near as high as for the summer and the AC.  When you have 8 to 10 dogs in a 13 x 24 room you hardly need a blanket on the bed at night and sure not the heat on above 60.
    Another long and busy day ahead.  Vet to pick up a dog, Fez to the groomers and Lacy comes to visit.
    Morning:  I keep having that 80's song going through my head "Just another manic Monday"  It is still like Monday.  I raked leaves in the lower yard where Baxter is.  Took the AC out of the window, re-ran the electric cord, brought in the heater, added a bed, put a clean cover on the first then Loren is yelling from the house.  I run up to find Bear had gotten in and a fight broke out.  Don't know how Loren managed to get them apart.  He had a hold of Bear and was closed in the computer room.  I had a terrible time getting everyone out and in a safe place.  Move one over and another comes back.  As soon as I got everyone in their proper place, Loren was really hurting.  His heart.  At this point I was a total wreck.  Once I knew he was ok, I picked up "Kishi" from the vets.  Put her and Sarge in the back yard together.  They were fine together.  Penny was still keeping Baxter company.
   Afternoon:  Picked up Fez.  A new groomer there wanted to adopt him.  She fell instantly in love with him.  On the way home I took him shopping.  Penny killed his squeaky bunny so he got to pick out several.  Everyone in All Pet's loved him.
     Kishi was itching really bad so I sprayed her with a dilution of lavender oil.  Wrong!  She was not happy and went rolling and scooting her body across the rug in the yard.  I felt so bad that I took her to the shop and gave her a light bath.  She was just spayed so it was basically a mini bath.  She was so good.  Dried her as best as I could, then turned up the heat in the shop.  Moved a lot of stuff around.  Had to get some dog treats and dog food and unsafe stuff out of reach.  All I'd need is for someone to break into that 50 pound bag of cheap dog food the distributor gave me.  I had to arrange blankets over the furniture too as Kishi liked the glider rocker.  Not only did it make a nice bed, it was also too close to a table and made an excellent stairway into trouble.
    Late:  All are settled in.  Penny had to have a brief 'time out'.  She was a tad pushy (and jealous) of Lacy.  I feel so guilty leaving Sarge in the shop but Kishi needs company on her first night here. I also need time to be sure he will be ok with Lacy.  I'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.
10/18/11:  Walked dogs in the rain this morning.  It's just a light mist.  Then Parker went in for a bath.  No thunder in the forecast so he was ok being away from us.  Baxter into the vet for stitches out and pick up his HC.  Back to pick up Parker from the groomers.  Then back to the vet because I forgot to get Sissy's meds. 
   The old dog from AC is in really bad shape.  She is in a rescue home where she will get as good of care as possible, but she may not last long.  At least she will know love and a home instead of dying in a cold 'cell'. 
   Addendum: I had this nagging, nervous feeling on the AC dogs.  Something just kept telling me "don't".  But not predicting the future, only having these anxiety feelings, I was left with 2 choices and no time to weigh any other options.  (1) I trust someone and get the dog or (2) let the dog die and be chastised because I didn't trust.  I'm stuck with a dog I have no where to put.  I cannot have an outside dog when it freezes at night.  My arm is just too bad to carry water and the ground is too slick walking the hill to get to the outer yards.  Last year was different.  I was a lot healthier and more stable on my feet.  I’m terrified of falling and breaking a hip or leg.  There is no one who can take care of the 12 inside.  They have a routine and deviation causes chaos. 
10/17/11:  Not a good morning.  Put Penny with Baxter and she got out.  I patched the hole before he did.  Sarge is getting way too bossy so he is in the yard behind the house until Baxter leaves Thursday.  Then he will go in that yard.  That is, unless somebody breaks out.  Shuffling to help save 2 dogs but that did not come together as planned.  They are saved, but still nervous.  One is on it's way to foster and the other is at the vets for spay in the morning.  She will go into foster care on Saturday.  Not sure where I will put her until Baxter leaves Thursday. Hell if I do and hell if I don't. 
    I was awake at 3 a.m. again and could not go back to sleep.  I think about the momma dog at AC.  I decided to go online and search all the dogs due to die at other nearby facilities.  Call it crazy, but it was what I needed to realize I just cannot save her.  I did good to save 2. 
     It's 2:15 and lunch just got in the oven.  Dogs will be having dinner before we are eating lunch.  Guess I better go check on Sarge and Baxter.  Hope Sarge is still where I put him.  I hope this is just a 'time out' and I'll bring him back in the house shortly.  But any more blocking the door ways and being snarky to Goofy or Parker, and that's it.  Out he stays. 
    Evening:  I let Sarge back in the house for dinner.  I knew I could not leave him alone.  He looked so sad.  He has been very good now.  Just too many in the house.  As big and open as the house is, they all want to be right with me, so it is still like 9 or 10 all crammed into 200 square feet in the bedroom or 450 square feet in the family room.  Someone is always in the doorway asleep, blocking entrance and exit.
10/16/11:  Took a day for ourselves.  A few hours anyway.  Went to the movies.  Got tickets for Footloose and got up about 10 minutes into it.  Usually a re-make has some changes but this, with the exception of the cast, was looking identical to the original.  Also, the theatre had the volume up as if it were playing for half deaf teenagers.  We walked down the hall and watched Money Ball.  I liked it.  But I almost always like anything based on a true story.   We got home a little after 4 and the gang was all ready to tell us off for being late with their dinner. 
    Goofy came over to be brushed while we watched "Bad Dog" and "Dogs 101".  I tried to brush the dirt off Saharas back, but she took off as soon as she saw the comb.  Fez is getting really pissy when I comb him.  His underside mats and he does not like me combing it.  We are going to have to come to an understanding that he does not have a choice. 
10/15/11: Allergies!  4:00 a.m.  Woke up over an hour ago sneezing.  When you're old, weak bladder and have been asleep for over 3 hours, sneezing is not high on the list of things to be woke up by.   Sissy had come in and climbed onto the bed.  This is normal somewhere between 1 and 4 a.m.  With nice weather, she has been staying on the deck until the hard surface and loneliness takes over.  I think it is something she got into that made me sneeze.  She heads straight for the pillows and lays her head right next to mine.  She is still there.  I took a Benadryl and it is finally kicking in.  Going back to bed.  I'm sure I will sleep past 6:00 a.m. and they will not be happy campers that I am not up getting their breakfast. 
    Afternoon:  Benadryl definitely put me out.  Was almost 8:00 a.m. when I came out of hiding from under my pillow.  I had this strange feeling I was being mauled by paws and wet tongues for a good hour.  Loren decided to take Goofy for a walk before I fed, so he closed all the rest in the bedroom with me so he could get out the door more easily.  It was very crowded.
     Another beautiful day.  Perfect temp.  Baxter was very happy to see Penny this morning.  She seemed happy to see him too.  She really helps burn off his energy.  When I got back to the house, Sarge and Hanna were playing!!!  Sarge has never played.  He is not sure how, but Hanna was helping him learn.  It was really sweet. 
     The Benadryl had not completely worm off when I got up so by 11:00, I had fallen asleep on the sofa and slept until 1:30.  I would have probably slept longer but Fez decided to wash my face.  I guess I shifted my position and he thought I was awake.  I was awake after the tongue bath. 
10/14/11:  Will be a busy day.  Dusting was way over due so did that this morning before the sun came up and before feeding.  Now I am taking a break from cleaning y desk.  I need to start writing down more then phone numbers.  I am getting better putting names with them, but I really need notes on subject matter and dates.  Things like: "Bob, 870-555-5555, Pyr" is just not enough for me to remember.  Do I keep it, call it or throw it away?  Secretarial skills are not one of my strong points.  My filing system is from pile on desk to pile in drawer (except for rescue dogs vet records.  Those are very well organized).
      I've got to go out and take pix for a courtesy listing and also meet a few of those dogs at AC due to be euthanized.   I may have someone for 2 or 3. 
     Evening:      There needs to be a club for over stressed, brain dead rescuers.  I took pix with the lens cap on.  A friend sent off a dogs vet records to Australia.  And that was todays events.  Not the first and not the last. 
     Bear was on this side all day, much to the dismay of the others.  I have got to figure out a way to keep Fez from jumping up on the glass door. He hit it so hard earlier, I was sure to was going to shatter.  I need to get on Cesars forum and see what I can find.  He only does it when I'm on the opposite side so I don't have a clue how to stop it. Opening the door would be considered a 'win' for him and if not extremely careful, an all out war with Bear if he got past me.
10/13/11:  Not taking 4 doomed dogs from AC is hard.   The last 4 and possibly last 5 will most likely be euthanized Tuesday if there are no commitments for them.  The momma dog 2757,  the shepherd mix 2772 and the 10 year old 2780 are really pulling at my heart strings.  But no money and my arm is just not going to be able to carry water when I have to take the hoses off when it freezes.  I've been trying real hard to just 'stick my head in the sand' but it's not working.  Even if I did take one or all, next week there would be another 4 or 5 or more.  People can be so naive and uncaring. Not spaying their dogs is what creates these deaths.  All those red necks who don't want to "ruin" their male dogs by "taking away their manhood" need to have their manhood taken away! 
     Got behind on some rabies vaccinations so played a little catch up today.  Still have one more to get in tomorrow.  Shots are actually good for 3 years and I'm ok with waiting 2 in between, but with the number of dead skunks I've seen on the road the past few weeks, I decided I better be on the safe side.  Sissy is due too, but I'll just have to get it at the feed store and do it myself.  She is just not going to be able to get into the car.  She can barely get up after laying down.  It would not be unheard of for a skunk to be under the deck.  It has happened... along with dead armadillo body parts in the living room.
     Baxter is very unhappy not being up here with everyone.  I'm so glad he will have a family in a week.  He's a good dog, just overly enthusiastic.  I'm too old for young dogs of certain breeds.  Fez is more my speed.  Spread out like a bear rug and sleep 22 hours a day. Spend another hour eating and pottying and the remaining hour getting petted and giving me a tongue bath. 
10/12/11:  Parker was suppose to get the bath today, but Goofy went instead.  Storm has hung around and poor Parker spent the night in my bath tub.  He would not handle being away from home with thunder.  It is pouring rain.  Goofy prefers inside anyway, so he will not go out in the mud like some might.  I hope Baxter is staying out of the rain.  I can't see him.  I can see about 50% of his yard.  He does know the dog house and doggie door so he should be fine.  I'm not going to take Penny down simply because I would be drenched.  It is hammering!  The crates that we power washed to sell are outside.  Just a hosing should clean them off when it's over.  This is sure going to put the lake level back up if it goes for much longer.  Started about 10 hours ago before midnight. 
     Yesterday was so nice that I'm glad I spent time outside.  Does not look promising for today.  Floors are semi cleaned so will spend the rest of the morning watching TV and brushing whom ever will let me.  Parker has stolen my sofa so I guess I get the floor.  At least he's not hiding in the bathroom.
    Night:   Have you ever been attacked by your clothes dryer?  It is not a pleasant experience.  I opened the door before the time was up.  The spin did not turn off.  Socks came flying at me like, well, flying socks.  Underwear, wash cloths.  Fling.. fling... They were coming so fast I could not get the door shut.  Then the bed sheet came creeping out like a twirling snake inching it's way to the floor.  I'm grabbing as fast as I can.  Most of the small items are hitting the floor before I can get hold of them.  The levis are hanging tight on their journey inside this out of control Ferris wheel.  Loren finally responds to my calls for help.  I hand him an armload and proceed to drag the rest of the sheet, which has now done a thorough job of dusting the floor, out so I can get the door closed.  I'm standing there, arms full of dog hair covered sheet, watching the levis race feverously around, being tossed from fin to fin, daring to grab them out of harms way...  Finally able to close the door, I hope when I open it again, the spiral will disengage.  It does.  With relief, I remove the levis. 
     I learned something from this experience.  I no longer think sensibly under stress.  I could have simply hit the "power" button.
     Parker's in the tub hiding from the thunder.  Bear is insisting on barking it away.  The rest are protecting me.  Probably because they figure I need it after the attack of the clothes dryer.
10/11/11:  Another nightmare that I can't remember.  Woke up worried about Mazi.  I need to go check on her.  Great people, but she keeps going over the fence.  She would not have a chance of survival if she tried to cross the highway.  If she had Penny to play with, I'm sure she'd stay.  I need to take some information sheets over to them today.
    Sarge gets a bath.  He has not had one.  Parker goes tomorrow.  I'm hoping to swap a crate for the cost.  I still owe the vet $600 that I can't pay.  It is such a shame when people get continually conned by someone.  They think their donation is helping sick dogs only for the person to use the money to buy  $1000 dogs that are not in danger.   Some people have no conscience and no shame. 
   Evening:  Sarge got a bath.  Poor guy was excited to go for a ride and then just past the driveway, his nerves kicked in.  He had no idea where he was going and was practically in the front seat taking note of every landmark.  It was sad but sweet.  No way was he wanting to leave us. 
    Traded some crates for the grooming of several dogs.  They are so in need.   Parker goes in tomorrow.  He loves to lay in the dirt and when he comes in, it's clouds.  Won't last, but he has not had a bath for a long time because of his eye.  Now that it is all well, I feel safe in letting him go.  Goofy needs it too, but it will just have to wait.  I have gotten behind on brushing them all really good so been trying to catch up.  Miss a few days and throws everything off.  Sahara's tail picks up leaves and dirt, then she slings it over her back and her rump is always like a sand box.  It is really hard to just comb out.
     Took some papers over to Mazi's adopter.  Mazi sure wanted to come home with me.  I think she misses Penny.  They had so much fun together.  I suggested play dates, but ... oh well.  They are good people, just don't understand a Pyr is nothing like a Dane, plus forgetting when their previous dog was a pup so many years ago.  They did figure out she is not going over the fence.  There was a space she found so they have fixed that. 
    Penny is starting to accept Baxter and their time together.  Still don't think they are playing, but it is company for him.  He was in the dog house when I went down this evening to feed him and bring her up.  Glad he is making use of it. 
    I just filled water.  There are 2 in the kitchen, one each in the living room, computer room, family room, and each bedroom and 3 outside (not counting Bears 3).  Fez had to 'taste' each one.  He is such a nut for 'fresh' water, then he leaves slime behind for the others. 
10/10/11:  Nightmare woke me up about midnight.  Don't even remember much of it or why I was drenched in sweat.  No dog was against me although the room was full and they were all radiating body heat.  I counted dogs, petted heads and went back to bed.  Sissy came in and actually made it onto the bed.  I'm going to try to figure out how to make some steps rather then just the bench.  The car ramp might work but I really think wide steps are best.  Maybe some old metal trailer steps and I could add to the bottom one and top one.  Fold them out of the way in the day.  The ones they make commercially are too small for her.... or I could just take apart the bed and store it and put the mattresses on the floor. 
   Evening:  What beautiful weather.  Just relaxed on the front deck swing with Loren for over an hour.   I asked him if, when he has a good day, he would add an extension to the 2 gates he made several years ago so we could put them on the deck and be able to bring some of the dogs out there with us without having to have them on a leash.  Hopefully he will be up to it before weather turns bad.
     Zelda was long overdue for a good brushing.  Got about 3/4 done when one of the dogs "called all the troops" and she went running off.  She was just looking for an excuse.  Sarge and Penny were willing to be brushed, but that takes about one minute.  Makes them happy, though.  I tried Sissy.  Her coat is the thickest I have ever seen.  You can't even find her skin.  If she ever got a flea or tick on her, it would suffocate before it ever found skin.  She use to love brushed but she is hurting so much now. 
10/09/11:  I'm done with negative people.  Of course, that is going to narrow my associations considerably.  I didn't realize how badly I have been drug down until little things got my attention.  Little things being comments by people who should be crying but are still managing to see the bright side.  I removed myself from rescue mailing lists some time back when I knew I had to quit rescuing.  Those faces always haunt me.  A good part of why I get so little sleep.  Sad eyes of those I can't save and loud voices of those I did, protecting me.
      Baxter is a work in progress.  In just 2 days, Penny has settled him down.  Not sure how much actual playing they are doing, but she is company for him.  She sure is glad when I let her out to run back to the house in the evening.  She is so darn fast.  I think she might have some Greyhound somewhere in her muttliness mix.   She gulps her dinner, races to the door to bark/growl at Bear and then entices Hanna to play.
     It was so neat this evening.  Sarge and Hanna were playing before Penny joined in.  Sarge never plays.  I don't think he was quite sure how.  He is an outcast like Sweetness.  Penny is undaunted by the fact she is not a Pyrenees or a big dog.  Sarge seems to know he is different and I think Hanna feels sorry for him.  She is such a sweet girl. 
     So I have 5 clingy dogs.  They don't want me out of their sight.  Sweetness, Chipi, Sarge, Fez and Hanna.  It's like follow the leader everywhere I go, but I like it.  Navigating in the kitchen does become a problem.  With only about 3 1/2 feet of space around the island on each side, when you get a dog laying on each side, you are trapped.  So are the cabinet, refrigerator, oven and dish washer doors.  I think Sissy told them they don't need to move because I don't make her.  She is not doing well at all.  I've increased her meds and will ask about getting something stronger.  She is an old girl.
10/08/11: Introduced Penny and Baxter (the foster lab).  He needed someone to play with.  She is not overjoyed.  She is a good teacher, though.  He will learn dog manners from her.  She is putting him in his place.  No humping when she is trying to go pee.  He slipped out the gate when I was trying to get through with the camera but did not take off.  Big relief.  Penny never does either.   Got the pix up of him and of Sadee.  Enough computer time. Beautiful day outside.   Intend to go enjoy it.
    Night:  A little melancholy tonight.   It is one of those nights I would have enjoyed walking Keeton.  Perfect temperature, perfect starry sky.  But to try to sneak out the door with just one of those here would be impossible.  How much the pack has changed since he has been gone.  Yet many are the same. Bear, Sweetness and Zelda had been here over a year before he came.  Bear was still part of the whole pack.  Sahara and Chipi came just a short time after Keeton arrived but it was awhile until they joined the house pack.  Goofy came just a short time before we had to say good bye to Keeton.  Parker came right after he was gone.  There was no sneaking out because not everyone wanted a walk.  They were content to sleep.  There was only 6 in the house besides Keeton.  Now there are 12.  There had never been a dog like Keeton in my life (nor Loren's) and there will never be again.  No matter how much we love these others, Keeton was that one in a million.  A soul mate.  I still get emails with pictures of dogs in need.  Every time I want to look in their eyes and see if there is another Keeton waiting for us to save.  But there is no knowing.  They all are special.  They all should be saved and loved.  But that is no longer the path I can take.  The ones that are here are the ones that need my attention.  There should be a saying for rescuers:  "Give adequate time to the ones you have.  Rescue only as many as will not take away from that time".  
     We see so many ads.  " Great dog.  I just can't give it the time it needs"  And we rescues criticize the people for wanting something better for their dog.  Rightfully, we say "make time".   Yet do we?  Do I think the dogs in this house are delighted being in such a large 'family'?   So much competition for attention?  They are content, but they are not overjoyed.  But I also know that when a dog has been here over a certain period of time and is a senior, content is good. 
10/07/11: Bear got to spend the entire day on this side.  Did not make the others overjoyed, but I needed to do a thorough  cleaning and impossible with 11 dogs under foot.  Bear is never in the way and I just work around Sissy.   I have not moved dressers in months.  Enough dog hair to cover another dog.  I re-organized light bulbs too!  We have 6 ceiling fans with light things requiring 3, 4 and 5 light bulbs.  As one burns out, I grab what I have.  They are not all the same so I end up with 3 different kind in some.  I took them all out, sorted them in matching groups and did the math.  Now every fixture has all matching and I won't need to make a special trip to Lowes.  
     The foster is a great Lab.  When Cathy brought him, he tried to endear himself to me inappropriately.  He is just so excited to be with people in a big yard.  He caught on to the doggie door right away.  He did, however lay right by the gate instead of in the dog house where the comfy beds are. 
10/06/11:  Stress through the roof.  Miss my daughter.  It's her birthday today.  Missed my son's last week.  Brain is just on overload.  So many friends recently diagnosed with cancer.  Other rescuers, adopters, friends.  Frustration at manipulative individuals, glory seekers; while the good, compassionate ones are struggling just to live.  I am so emotionally tired.
     The stress is flowing over to the dogs.  They read us.  They read me.  Sarge and Penny got a 'time out' all night.  Sarge will not leave Parker alone.  He is so jealous.  Parker is not standing up to him so I have to watch carefully or I will find Parker over in a corner or out in the yard, afraid to come in.  As for Penny, she is just taking over for Zelda in the fence fight with Bear.  She was not so brave the 2 times she ended up on the same side with him.  She has just gotten out of control when she sees him on the deck with the gate between them.  It was quieter last night.
    I'll be fostering a dog for 2 weeks.  It has a rescue up north and needs to be out of the shelter for 14 days before commercial transport will accept it.  Also be getting a Saint.  Was going to take it a few weeks back, but things seemed to be gotten under control.  Kind of fell back apart.  Big concern is that she is afraid of storms, gun shots and other loud noises.  Sure hope she is ok in with the foster dog.  Just too many in the house. 
10/05/11:  Got a call at 7 a.m.  Mazi had spied a cat, jumped the fence and was gone.  I am so grateful they called.  I was already organized so Loren fed and I was out the door.  Luckily I found her as soon as I got over there.  She was in the neighbors yard directly across the street.  She seemed to be content to get out of my car and go with him.  She has only been at her new home for little over a day, so she was confused where to go back to.  I offered their adoption money back, but he loves her already.  She jumps up on the bed in the morning and nuzzles him to let him know she needs to go out to potty.   Now that she knows she can go over the fence, that is a concern.  If there was not a highway between them and me, I would not be as worried. 
      Mazi just has this accepting quality about her.  I wish she was more expressive.  It is so hard to read her if she is happy or just complacent.  These are good people so I know once she is secure, she will perk up.  Coming and going and coming back, she has just had too many disruptions in her 20 months on this planet.
10/03/11 barely:  Wonderful applicants, just not sure if they are right for the dog they want.  I did get some sleep, but these decisions weigh hard on me.  Most rescues would just adopt them the dog.  I don't claim to read a dogs mind, but I do know their personalities.  I do know what makes them happy and when they are just content... and when they are miserable.  First she would be miserable and then content.  I don't think she would ever reach 'happy' without another dog to play with and they let me know that having two is not an option.  If I can somehow ensure play dates with the neighbor dogs who were happy to meet and greet her through the fence, then I am ok with it.  I do like the fact they are local, only 5 minutes from me.   Something I need to deal with in the morning.  I don't always 'get it right', but it's not for lack of caring or trying. 
     I slept, up until a few minutes ago, in the middle bedroom with Loren.  I guess I kept him awake with my snoring.  He sleeps in there to be away from Bear's barking.  So here I go snoring louder then the barking.  I have absolutely got to get Bear integrated into the pack.  If he is on the bed with me, then Sissy barks. I can't win (or get a decent nights sleep) until he can share space with them.  On these really cool nights, I really see the breed come out in them.  A pack divided.  The LGDs are out on the hill.  The others surround my bed.  Chipi and Goofy being the LGD exceptions.  Chipi was forced to spend her life 'outside' and she had enough of it.  She is in as much as possible, only going out to 'lend a voice' if something is amiss.  Her wolf howl is so like Goofy's that I have to get up to see who to 'shush'.  Guess it's the Irish Wolfhound in Goofy and the real wolf in Chipi.  The rest bark or yodel or warble.  What a choir I have, but not appreciated at 4 a.m. which is what I call the 'rooster time'.  Well, maybe I can sneak in 2 more hours sleep until then.
10/01/11:  Be heading for LR airport in a few hours.  Sure going to miss my daughter.  Makes me homesick for human 'children'.  I know I am never flying.  Dealing with the airline on her behalf was horrendous.  911 was tragic, but to allow it to totally change our lives and strip us of freedoms... well, they won.  No one seems to see that.  When you let bullies scare you or change your way of life, they win.  I was sent a forward composed of some old Archie Bunker logic.  "Youz get rid o' thems terrorists by arming all the passengers.  You gives them all guns when they get on that there plane and then youz collect um when theys get off."   Sometimes no sense makes sense. 
     I'll be at 13 dogs when I come home with Hanna today.  Hope she settles back in.  Poor thing.  Mazi is just now getting back to 'normal'.  She must be past the grieving stage. 
     Evening:  Wish I had as much courage putting Bear in the pack as I do putting Hanna back in.  I had to give Penny and Mazi a "time out" down in the yard behind the house.  Just brought them back up and then they got the third degree from all the others like they were giving Hanna.  I don't hear anything so guess they are settling in. 
    I just realized the wet gooey substance on my keyboard is Fez slobber. 
     Loren went straight to bed after we got home.  It's just now 6:30 and I am headed that way too.  I really miss my daughter.  We didn't do a lot, but just talking and being in the same room and playing dominos in the evenings was so nice.  I'm definitely making the trip to Washington next fall. 
9/30/11:  Parker is good!  The cleaning came out clean (if that makes sense).  He does not have to go back unless there is a problem.  That is $1200 we won't be running up in additional vet bills.  That is a relief.  Now just to pay off the ones we already have.  You can just tell how much better he feels.  Got a little too spoiled with the extra care needed for his eye so there is some tension that I will be working on alleviating.
     Took Sandra out to the HS.  She wanted to go.  One little dog reminded me of Penny.  Personality wise.  Didn't look anything like her, just that expression Penny gave me of "Please take me home" and that patient 'sit', but you could see the mind working to communicate.  It should get adopted.  They are 'no kill' so it will be fine where it is.  My goal is still 9, but never going to happen until I start losing them to old age, which won't be too many years for some. 
   As for Penny, I'm going to have to find an adopter who has lost their sense of smell.  Boy, can she let them!  She just did about 2 feet from me.  Had to get up and fan the room.   All she is getting in the evening is kibble.  She gets all the supplements with breakfast.   Come to think about it, my Pyrs/ Pyr mixes don't fart.   Sweetness, Sarge and Penny can sure make up for it.  Have the 3 of them in the bedroom and it's time to move to the sofa.
     When Loren is out for a bit, I am going to try to get Bear integrated.  I've been saying that for a long time, but just not had the right 'feeling'.   It has just got to happen.  He is so sad.  Breaking up a fight between 100+ pound dogs is flat scary and could be a bit suicidal.  But not chancing it is not fair. 
9/29/11:  Golly, the 2 weeks are almost over.  My daughter goes home in 2 days.  I am sure going to miss her.  I'm not sure where we will go today.  Everything is so far away.  I did put on a big crock pot of stew this morning.  Her favorite thing. 
      Yesterday Loren felt a little better so he took us out on the boat.  We did a little unsuccessful fishing.  Then we went out to a part of the river and took some pix.  We have been playing some Dominos.  It's been fun.  So long since I played any kind of games.  I'm not into computer games. 
     Parker is having his eye procedure this morning.  I will be so glad when he is done.  Both because I know how uncomfortable it makes him for a day and because the cost is killing us.  I've never had an unpaid balance as high as this one. 
9/28/11 (2:48 a.m.):  Crashed last night, now can't get back to sleep.  Putting Bear in the shop a few nights ago sure worked wonders on curbing the barking.  I'm sure he will get back into his old habit of 'sun down to sun up' before long, but the past 2 nights have been so quiet.  I hated doing it, taking him out of his space, but Loren has to get a solid nights sleep.  So do I, on occasion.
    Hopefully Loren will feel up to going out on the boat and showing Sandra the lake.  I would never find my way back to the dock, even with the GPS.  I'd love to take Fez along, but not sure if I'm that brave again.  Maybe Goofy would enjoy the ride.  Since Fez seemed the most likely to swim and I was 100% wrong, maybe since Goofy seems the most unlikely to enjoy a boat ride, I could be wrong again and he'd like it.  Loren needs a fishing buddy that would bark like crazy if anything happened.  Teaching one to drive the boat (or give CPR) would be out of the realm of possibilities, I suppose.  Now, mouth to mouth... 
    Yesterday we did Branson again.  I should have stopped at one of those ticket places.  We could have saved some money.  I never saw the movie Titanic, but we went through the museum.  I was surprised at the emotional impact an 'attraction' would have.  It is very well done.  I thought it was so cool, too, that when I was trying to interpret for Sandra, they brought out this binder with all the audio printed out so she could follow along with the recorded explanations of each exhibit.   She wanted to buy a DVD but none were captioned. 
    Anyway, everyone gets a boarding pass with the name of a passenger on it and as you go through, you look for your name and find out if they survived or not.  I determined that they only hand out names of survivors.  Most, if not all of the names were of first class passengers.  I don't think too many second and third class survived.  At least all the people in there were at the 'first class' list finding their name and that they survived.  It kind of all came together emotionally at that board with all the names on it and the video simulation of the sinking.  Wealth couldn't save them, but gave them a considerably better chance at survival.  Just like in the here and now.
    We also went to the car museum and 'Hollywood' wax museum.  The artistry was not first rate on the wax, especially with todays technology.  The car museum is basically an indoor car sales but did have some real interesting restorations and custom work.  Prices were reflective of this horrid economy.  Ten years ago they would have been listed at 2 or 3 times what was currently on them. 
    We got home at 6.  Loren had already fed the dogs and went to bed.  Think I will head back that way and try to get back to sleep.  Doubt I can sneak.  Sarge, Penny, Sweetness and Fez all followed me in here to the computer room and even though they are snoring away, they will know I am leaving them behind.
   Evening:  Some times it just takes time and circumstances to 'bond'.  Sarge is winning me over.  I just needed to give him a chance.  I did not want a Malinois.  I did not need a geriatric Goliath.  Now I have a sweet old boy who walks nicely on leash, is my shadow and aside from a little Parker - Sarge jealousy going on, he is great.  This evening kind of sealed the deal.  Mazi was outside when I was starting to feed.  Hers is the first bowl down so that made for some confusion on everyone else's part.  Penny is second and Sarge is third.  I'm in the family room waiting for Mazi to get in and Sarge "sits".  I did not prompt, but it is something we had worked on before he moved into the house.  I had let it slide.  Anyway, he is sitting very patiently.  Then he "speaks".  This was not a random bark.  This was the kind someone taught him.  It was not me.  Somewhere in his memory bank, there was this command associated with asking for dinner.  Something so simple, but it really touched me.  He was 'home'. 
9/26/11:  Again I have learned that some people use this as a springboard for criticism against me.  No ones perfect.  I don't claim to be.  Hardly.  This runs the gauntlet of raw emotion.  Happy and sad.  Confident and full of doubt.  What it does not do is lose honesty.  Honesty lies within that it is my opinion and perspective and never claims it to be otherwise.  As I quote above " Be who you are and say what you feel... Because those that matter, don't mind... And those that mind, don't matter".   So if you don't like it, don't read it.
    Jealousy is an evil thing.  And even worse, there is nothing to be jealous of me for.   I learned some 25 years ago to be happy with who I am and where I am in life.  I always 'wished' I was Earlene.  She was the high school sweetheart.  Brains, beauty, personality plus, good family, everyones friend.  After joining I learned she had died at age 35 from Parkinsons.   It was a wake-up call to adjust my life to fit me and not someone else's or someone else's expectations.  I stand by what I do and say.  If I later feel I was wrong. I apologize.  Be it to human OR dog.  "Thank you" and  "I'm sorry" are the most used (and sincerely meant) words in my vocabulary and I do not apologize for that. 
9/23/11: Sadly, I just got an email that Hanna is coming back.  If this economy does not pick up, we are all headed for financial ruin.  We will be American Chinese because China will own this land we live on and it will no longer be "America". 
     We had a good time at Blanchard Springs and the Caverns yesterday.  The Ozark Folk Center was a waste.  It was definitely another long day.  Left at 9:30 and didn't get home until around 5:30. 
     Fez has just been so darn funny with his squeaky bunny.  There are 2, but when I washed them, one quit squeaking.  When he picks it up and no sound comes out, he actually looks at me an pouts until I go find the other one.  He is in the living room tight now squeaking the heck out of it.  It is hysterical to watch this monster black dog with this little stuffed rabbit barely showing out of his mouth and him chomping up and down to make is squeak. 
9/20/11:  Busy (and long) day in Branson.  Started the day by walking the dogs.  Bear did not want to go without me.  I had not realized he had not ever went without me.  I need to let that happen more.  Then headed to Branson.  Saw the Waltzing Waters.  Sandra forgot her hearing aids so we may go and do that again.  Really needed the pulse of the music to get the best entertainment.  Had lunch and then the Acrobats of China.  We had seen it before many years ago.  We both felt it was better before, but it could have been because our expectations were higher.  Loren and I were both thinking how these kids, and they were definitely kids, fare when they go home.  They only get to come for one or 2 seasons.  What is their life in China after they are 'done'?  What happens if they make mistakes, as several did?   Only several had smiles on their faces.  Genuine smiles.  Not the fake for the audience ones.   They were not having fun.  They were not enjoying performing.  You could see the concentration.  The intensity.  I would love to know ones story.  Just one.  From start to the next 4 or 5 years after Branson. 
    Parker goes in tomorrow morning.  I go get dog food in Gainesville tomorrow afternoon.  Another hectic day.  Then Thursday probably the caverns or river sights and Friday the reverse.
9/19/11:  On the 16th.   Parkers flush was more expensive because they added a medication.  But it worked!! So good, I was unsure which eye to put the drop in! Sale made a little money.  I'll have to break down and advertise next time.  On the 17th, Sandra arrived safely and on time.  Trip home was slow.  Went straight to bed. Yesterday I made stew that she loves.  Good thing I made a big pot!  I took her around a few local sights.  Loren was sick all day from the long drive yesterday.
     The big adventure happened last night.  Huge storm blew in.  ALL the dogs were scared.  I knew the power would go out, so got out the lantern and candle and flash lights.  It obliged shortly after.  But before the power went off, it was a 'trip'.  When I opened the door to give Sandra a flash light, Parker jumped on her bed and buried himself under her pillow.  She got up and Penny took her spot.  Mazi was on the bed for a few moments.  Chipi and Goofy were considering where their might be space for them.  Fez plashed on the floor.  Sarge stuck to me like glue.  The rest were hiding in with Loren.  Even Zelda and Sahara were scared!  I grabbed the camera, snapped a few photos and boom, off went the power.  Dogs scattered in panic.  Parker went INTO my bath tub.  I gave him a flash light.  Well, the light from one, and then grabbed the heavy duty packing tape.  I was so afraid he would knock on the water faucet.  The handles are so easily moved.  I remembered Frank being caught in the bathroom, door pushed shut and the hot water knocked on.  He was in a sauna for over and hour. as we were not home.  Now I have a full time shoe in the door so it cannot close.  But the water can still get turned on.  Anyway, I did a secure job for Parkers safety.
    Bear freaked too.  I just took a leash and walked him through to the family room where he and I and Chipi and Sweetness went to sleep.  Everyone had a pack of dogs to comfort.  I'm not sure when things settled down, but it is 2 a.m. and I just woke up.  Power is back on.  Bear is back in his place.  Parker is not in the tub.  I'm heading back to bed.  Enough excitement.
    Evening.  Dropped Fez off at the vet this morning.  He has been itching.  Had a hot spot.  Hard to see under all that hair.  Ran a thyroid test as his hair just falls out in clumps, but it was normal.  I started him on grain free food about a week ago and it does seem to be helping.  Just went and bought another bag.  It's going to finish destroying the already empty bank account.  Got to put some of the bigger items on the trading post to sell.  Maybe on Craig's list too as will open up more buyers for the hot press and the industrial sewing machine and the motorcycle.  Then will try a sale for the small stuff again in a few weeks after Sandra goes home.  
    I am enjoying doing some cooking and Sandra is sure enjoying eating it.  I am making her favorites.  Made a big crock pot of stew yesterday.  She finished it off before going to bed.  She ate several helpings of African Chicken today.  Tomorrow we are going to Branson and take her to the dancing Waters and then lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet.  Then the Acrobats of China.  That will be our big 'spend' day.  Rest of her visit will be to free or cheap attractions.  A day on the lake.  Picnic at the river.  Eureka Springs and Blanchard Springs.  Hopefully a movie she wants to see will be in the theatre before she goes home.  She usually waits until they are on video with captioning, but I should be able to keep up the interpreting.
    She showed me a video editing program today.  It was a free download and I can actually do it!!!  Now I am looking forward to playing with it and all the 50 some videos I have that are worthless in their long, boring state for just a few seconds of great.  
9/15/11:  Another long day.  Not everything is ready, but only lack a few signs for inside on items.  We put up the signs on the road.  Luckily someone on the next road over is having a sale also so I posted on their corner too.  Maybe they advertised in the paper.  I just put up things in the grocery stores, vet office and groomers and a listing on the trading post.  Trading post is free so I can't complain that they screwed up my ad.  They did get it right today but it was still not under the garage sale ads, so that might hurt.  Anyway, I just hope help shows up.  Stuff is in 2 places and I can't be in both.  Loren has to drop Parker off in the morning for his flush.  I need to sell a dog house, the bag of kibble and a box of treats and a couple of quarter items to pay for tomorrow.  I need to sell absolutely everything including Lorens motorcycle, to just cover the past 6 weeks of bills.  It's 6 p.m. and I'm ready to crash.  I'll set the alarm for 6:00 as even though I posted 8, people will still show up at 7.
9/14/11:  Ache all over.  Worked way to hard on the yard sale yesterday and again today.  Drug all the crates out and Loren pressure washed them.  A lot just required hand scrubbing with cleanser.  Also did Bears crates.  He never uses the giant, so replaced it with the X large.  He has been on my bed all afternoon. 
9/13/11: I spent the better part of the day cleaning the shop and setting up for a sale.  I need to have this one and then another in about 2 months with part of a house full of stuff being donated by a dear friend.  I just have to get that stuff over here.  Working on it.  Anyway, it felt strange and rather ironic that I was cleaning the shop, the place where Shelby lived and had her favorite happinesses, in order to get the money to pay for her death.  When I came across all the things that reminded me of her, it was very hard to keep going without getting choked up.  I know I made the right decision, but that does not make missing her any easier.  I miss seeing her bounce around when she would see me coming down to feed or visit her or take her for a walk.  Not often enough, but she appreciated every moment and let me know it with all the love she had.  Those last few weeks she had just come alive.  She just seemed 'at home'. 
    I got about half done in there.  I still have stuff to get out of the basement.  A lot of crates I will no longer need.  Also several igloo dog houses.  Loren will pressure wash them all in the morning.  I've asked a neighbor for help, so hopefully she will get to her email and call.  Some things I just need help with.  Decided maybe someone would buy my industrial sewing machine.  I'll keep the walking foot, but I never use the other one.  It's about 10 years old but hardly used.  I've made some curtains and mended some levis, but everything else, I do on the other one.  I am going to get some sleep and then when the dogs start their middle of the night serenade, I'll get up and make some flyers to post in the stores and vets office.  I need to submit it again on tradingpost.  I don't want to pay $26 for a stupid ad in the paper.  Hardly anyone takes the paper anymore. 
    The total adjustment of the dogs with Sarge added in is still a little unsettled.  It is not any one particular dog against another.  It's sheer numbers.  I've had more in the house full time, but just a different dynamic and we didn't have Fez.  With Fez, it is a movement issue.  When he lays down, there is no getting from point A to point B for man or beast.  Our kitchen has an island.  Fez spreads out like a bear rug at one side and either Sissy, Zelda or Parker lays at the other side.  Trying to prepare a meal and get from fridge to cupboard to stove can be a real challenge all the time.  Getting the lower cupboards or the fridge open can be a real challenge.  I either get ignored as I try to slide them over or they look at me as if to say "You're not cooking for me so why should I move". 
9/12/11:  3:23 a.m.:  Had a nightmare.  I probably subconsciously took in a news story and it got scrambled.  When one wakes me up, I always try to go back to sleep and make it 'come out right'.  I end up lay awake giving it an ending, only it never is enough to let me go back to sleep. 
    Bear had given up on me last night.  I opened the door for him to get on my bed and then got sidetracked.  By the time I came to bed, he was outside.  I called, but he only came to say 'hi' and then left again.  Most have been outside all night enjoying the cooler weather.  Even Goofy has been laying out on the deck instead of behind the sofa between the AC vents.  Only ones I have are Sweetness and Chipi in the bedroom and Penny on the loveseat in the living room.  I'm not sure if Fez is in with Loren or not.  He's an "always near my people" dog. 
    9:45 a.m.: Took Parker in for hopefully the final flush.  Picked up the bill for Shelby.  No one is going to donate for the vet bills of a dead dog.  The amount is devastating.  My yard sale stuff will not even come close to paying off the bills for Parker, Penny and Shelby.   Plus I have to get dog food next delivery.  This is worse then when Brooks had his $3500 in vet bills and it shut me down for 8 months.  Difference is, I didn't have a bunch of dogs that were 'unadoptable' that I had to continue to feed like I do now.   I'm on the brink of tears. 
     Night time:  At least I think it is.  With a full moon, the dogs think it is bark time.  Sarge is spending his first night in the house.  Loren's door is shut and I closed mine so Bear could come in.  Sarge scratched a few times until I told him 'no' and then he laid down right against it.  I think he is attached to me, totally.  He did get away from me .. yesterday?  day before? ... but was only gone about 15 or 20 minutes.  And I didn't totally lose sight of him.   I tried the 'let him see me walk away' approach, but he was not going to follow.  He's too smart to fall for that. 
    So, anyway, Bear could not stand not to be involved in the bark-a-thon so when he left, I closed his door and opened my door.  Sarge, Goofy and Fez were still inside.  Goofy is sound asleep in the family room.  Fez right in front of Loren's door.  And Sarge followed me into here and is asleep a foot away from me.  Chipi has her apprehensions.  I think she is letting him know that I am not strictly his responsibility. 
    Parker did fine.  Rob said he will talk to Dr. Miller and we may be done!  I hope so.  Bills are just mounting.  A friend is donating a bunch of stuff for me to have a sale after my daughters visit.  I'm going to have a mini sale this Friday as I have got to get some money. 
    I wish they would stop singing.  I really want to get some sleep.  I could go sleep in the shop, but it's still pretty dusty.  I'm still working down there every day to find stuff under the dust.  A lot of hours ahead of me to be ready for Friday.  Then I'll spend Friday evening cleaning house AGAIN.  Never ending dog dust and Fez hair!
9/11/11:  To everyone else, today is the 10 anniversary of the attacks.  To me it is my grandsons 26th birthday.  Suppose it is a lot of other people's birthday or anniversary too.  I'm not much on dates.  Never was. 
    Sarge came into the house pack yesterday.  I needed a 'dog moment' after 6 hours trying to get a human who spoke English from United.  Mission accomplished.  Flight schedule confirmed.  Anyway, started with letting him run on the acreage.  Let Penny in.  Then walked the hill to open the big gate from Bears side and let Sweetness and Chipi over.  Bear really wanted to come in and he and Sarge sniffed through the fence with no event.  Just am not ready to trust him.  Came back down and let Parker and Sahara in.  Then Goofy and (unwillingly) Mazi.  Mazi was a poop so get her back.  Zelda never came out of the house.  Fez gave up and went inside.  I opened the gate to the house and went back inside the house.  First time Sarge wandered through the gate and onto the deck, Mazi and Sahara went out and herded him back into the big yard.  I watched and when he came back, I made them leave him alone.  He made it through the doggie door without incident and past Zelda.  She barely looked up from her nap.  Fez checked him out and went off playing squeaky toy.  Poor Bear just kept looking through the glass.  If all is calm in the dog world Monday, I am going to take some deep breaths and start letting Bear over with one more.  I'm just not sure if it should be opening the big gate between the yards or in the house.  Less stress and 'ownership' in the yard, but no way to break up a fight.  Less space in the house, but access if it erupts. Mazi will be a problem and so will Goofy, but I think Fez will be fine and I really think Zelda may just go hide.  This is just something I need to get through.  Bear cannot spend the rest of his life standing at the glass looking sad. 
    Evening:  Must be a full moon.  Must have been a full moon all day.  Things kind of didn't go all that perfect.  Sarge really enjoyed his house time and got past me this morning.  I gave up after following him on foot for 20 minutes.  He came back a little later.  I'd left the one gate open into the garage yard so he went in there on his own.  They had to make their usual commotion and Parker and Fez got into it.  Sarge made himself at home until evening.  Actually he was fine.  Miss Mazi started trouble and Penny joins in.  They got a 'time out' down in the yard behind the house.  I let them back up just before dark and put Sarge back in his yard.  He likes his yard, at night, anyway. His private room with soft beds. 
    Parker goes in for the eye flush in the morning.  I dread it after Shelby got tubed wrong.  I know they have plenty of time where they did not with Shelby, but it still makes me very uneasy.  I want down in numbers, but hers was not on the list of ways.
9/10/11:  Think I forgot to mention Parker.  After this last flush, he is doing great.  He has no more gunk in his eyes each morning then the normal dog.  He feels so much better.  Come Monday he will be back on kibble which is probably going to depress him.  He has had ground beef and ground turkey mixed with Honest Kitchen re-hydrated vegetables.  He will still get the HK, but the meat is only going to be sprinkles. 
     My daughter will be here in a week.  This is her first trip to Arkansas.  I'm so out of practice signing.  We 'talk' via video phone, but not often enough. 
     Fez has a squeaky bunny.  One came back with Mazi and somewhere a second turned up.  Good thing, as it's Penny's favorite toy (after my bedroom slippers).  It is hilarious to see this 135 pound black gorilla of a dog carrying this little white (OK, once white, now dirt beige) stuffed bunny around and working his jaws to make it squeak.  I hope to catch it on video.  I hope when my daughter comes, she can show me how to edit the videos.  She is so good at figuring things out.  Like I use to be.
     Afternoon:  I have spent the last 3 hours on the phone on hold or talking to someone in a foreign country who does not speak English.  Lesson: Don't fly.  Drive where you want to go.  Or take a train (?) 
    My daughter called (through relay service) because she was suppose to confirm her flight schedule a week before she leaves.  Even the TTY (telecommunication for the deaf) person could not type English.  I'm sure you have all experienced 30 minute hold time and then someone who you can't understand and they can't understand you.  That, of course after pressing a gazillion numbers, none of which is appropriate to your situation.  All I know for certain is the schedule she had no longer exists.   Neither does the original confirmation number. What time she is to leave Seattle and what time she is to arrive here next Saturday is unknown.  But the recording sure wants you to know you need to show up 90 minutes early.  Earlier then what?  I can so understand why people go crazy and go into airports and hospitals and schools and government offices and big business corporations and start blasting away.  Problem is they are not knocking off the CEO's who make these policies that make us all crazy. 
    I watched a movie many years ago called "White Man's Burden" (1995)   It starred John Travolta and Harry Bellefonte.  It was a racial class switch, but irrelevant to the color issues, it still points out the arrogance of the rich and powerful over the general economic majority.  It is worth the time to watch. 
9/9/11:  This is much harder then I thought.  I knew my decision was the right one when I made it, but all night I kept wondering.  Doubting.  I don't let go.  My biggest emotional fault.  I question myself and then never forgive myself.  I keep thinking "maybe the girls didn't want to let her go and ignored me and there was a miracle and they will call me and I will pick her up and she will be fine".  Ridiculous.  Stupid.  My bag of miracles is all used up.  They are all going to eventually die and I can do nothing about it.  But deciding when.. right now, a week from now, lets keep trying no matter what... I don't want those decisions.  When Georgia was shot, I took her in to emergency.  They said she would be fine.  I took her home and sat on the floor with her all night.  She died in my arms that morning at 5:55.   I didn't make that decision.  I did what I could and trusted what I was told.  The regrets are always there, though.  I let her get away from me.  I was not fast enough getting the car keys to go after her.  I should have ran instead of walked.  I should have worked with her more so she would not have run in the first place.  Religion gets in my way.  Not belief or faith.  They are 2 different things.  If "God already knows what will happen before it happens", then what is the point of anything?  Free will to do what He already knows we will do?  Sorry, that makes no sense to me.  It takes away my will; my motivation; my worth.  Is there a Heaven?  An afterlife?  Angels?  A power that 'monitors' the universe and listens to our pleas?  Yes to all.  The ability to get there is not from a pulpit or a book, but from within ourselves.  I hold lives in my hands.  It does not make me powerful.  It makes me sad.
     Evening:  Feeling better thanks to a friend who took the time to do some internet investigating and a call to her vet.  What she learned eased my mind.  I am now sure I did the right thing for Shelby.  I will rest better tonight... if the full moon does not keep the pack busy barking.  At the moment it is quiet, but they are just waiting for the "I went to bed" signal so they can begin the nightly guarding.
      I put Sarge in the shop with me for several hours while I cleaned.  He was content, but then wanted to go back to his space.  He really does like the big yard and his personal giant dog house and bed.  Anyway, I started setting up for a yard sale.  It won't be for 2 weeks because we will be picking up my daughter next Saturday at the airport.  She doesn't know it yet, but the following Saturday, she is going to help with the sale.  I have got to get some money for all these vet bills.  I need to get dog food too, when they deliver in Gainesville in about 2 weeks.  If I miss, I will run out and it will cost me about $6 more a day to feed.  Getting down on dogs has sure not made a difference in bills yet.  What I'm not out on food is quadruple made up for in vet bills.  I could have fed these 12 for 6 months on what the past 4 weeks have been in surgeries. 
    Loren felt really bad today.  Hope tomorrow is better.  It has been such beautiful weather for him to go fishing.  He went before dawn this morning but barely got out on the lake and got feeling really bad.  Came home and spent the day in bed.  
    Dogs got impatient with me not going to bed and started singing without me.  Wish I had some ice cream.  Settle for a few Hershey Kisses and a long bath. 
9/08/11:  This is not a good day.  It started out good and then went terribly wrong.  Shelby is gone.  She died.  She had a small chance of survival, but she would have had a future of pain and suffering.  I could not let that be her life.  She was so happy yesterday.  So full of life, bouncing around when I went down to the shop and spent the better part of the day with her.  I spent a lot of time with her this past week.  Something was drawing me to clean the shop and plan a yard sale.  But I would get down there and sew covers for the dogs mattresses and pet Shelby.  She was so happy having me there with her.  She was just radiant with joy.  A sparkle I had not seen before.  Even in the back of my mind, I had glimpses of her integrating into the house pack.  Her chances of adoption were slim.  She could not spend her life in the shop.  But I guess she did.  Regrets.  We always have regrets and if we don't, well we are just not compassionate people.  I don't regret the decision to let her go in the midst of surgery.  To have it completed and her to relapse within moments of sedation wearing off, to feel the tremendous pain again, to be alone in a strange place and no one there with her.  I could not let that happen.  Vets don't babysit dogs all night.  They don't sit on the floor with them, holding their heads in their lap to comfort them.  I had said my goodbye before I loaded her in the car.  I just had no idea it would be a goodbye.  I just knew she was very sick, that it came on almost instantly and that she was going to be fine.  The thought that she would not be coming 'home' tonight never crossed my mind when the office girl led her to the back. 
    I grieve for her.  This became her forever home.  Just like Nicholas and Georgia and Click and Dante.  It was not meant for them to move on.  It was meant for me to love them and hold them and take away their pain.  Maybe staying here will be Sarge's future.  He played in the back yard with Penny today.  The others were not sure if they should fence fight or greet him.  I will bring him up tomorrow and add another dog.  Strangely, Bear went to the fence and did not even go bonkers.   Maybe Sarge has become well balanced.  Maybe me 'getting out of rescue' means just keeping what's here until death do us part'.  Future plans just do not seem to be useful at this point.  Life can change in just minutes. 
   Well, Shelby, all I can say is I loved you.  I will miss you. And you are in good company with Keeton and all the rest up in doggie heaven.   Please forgive me for not being able to hold you at the end. 
9/07/11:  Hope today's results for Parker will be better.  Dropped him off this morning.  Learned about it yesterday.  Not totally satisfied, but neither is Rob.  He is just going under advise of the expert. 
    Sarge is still walking nicely.  He was a little hyped yesterday morning when Betty was with me.  It's just having a second person.  But he needs that.  He needs socialization but until I am 100% confident he knows I am his leader,  I can't be taking him places.  He will most likely be getting a Saint friend in the next few days.  I hope we don't back slide.  On a trial basis so if it doesn't work, she goes back.  She sounds very adoptable or I could not consider it.  Of course, so is Mazi and she is not going anywhere. 
     Weather has been great the past few days.  Trying to stay out as much as possible.  Wish the dogs would.  The Pyrs are staying outside at night, but Fez, Sweetness and Chipi are right by my bed.  Sissy is getting off the deck when I go scold her for barking and going up on the hill to continue, so that has helped.  I still need to work my schedule around theirs.  Four hours straight and it was like a good nap.  I was up at 4:30 and could not get back to sleep.  10:30 a.m. now and I am ready for the next nap. 
9/06/11:  Parkers eye quit bleeding yesterday but the accumulation of goop and dried blood is a mess.  To just hold a warm, wet washcloth against the eye until the goop dissolves takes forever.  The TN person said not to wipe it.  He shuts the eye so tight that the goop on the rim of the lids does not get dissolved.  I am just so frustrated.  I have an appointment for 3:40 today.  If his eye is going to bleed and he is going to be in pain and not let me near it... well, we are just going to have to figure out something else.  I am not putting him through this every 4 days. 
9/04/11: 3:18 a.m.  More blood.  Parker is not scratching at the eye.  He does not do that.  No blood on his paw.  But the blood coming from the eye continues to be fresh.  I don't rub to clean it.  I use a soft clean washcloth with luke warm water and just compress it lightly to clean away the blood.  I have to turn it and re-fold it all 8 ways, rinsing it out in between.  He always came to me when it was time to clean or medicate his eye until Friday.  When he came home with blood coming from it, he does not want me to touch it.  He sees the cloth and he gets up and goes out in the yard.  This is just SO WRONG!  It's a holiday weekend.  I'm sure Rob is not on call.  No one else knows the case.  I have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon, but 2 more days of him like this...  This is just breaking my heart and scaring the hell out of me.  It is not like I didn't tell them on Friday afternoon and again on Saturday.  But no call. No explanation.  I find it hard to believe Rob is really getting the message. Even the gal on Friday from the TN vet had no satisfactory explanation.   I don't know what they do during a nasolacrimal flush, but to make the eye bleed just is not normal. 
    I called the HomeAgain medical hotline, something that is included in microchip registration, and talked to a vet.  She said it cannot wait until Tuesday.  This is not right.  She said I should call my vet right now (4:00 a.m.) but I went in to check on Parker first and he is sound asleep.  I will call when he wakes up.  He suffers enough without me interrupting his sleep. 

Afternoon:  Sarge and I had a wonderful morning walk!!  Bananas!!  As crazy as it sounds, bananas seem to be the solution.  Sarge has pulled like a freight train since day one.  Always on 2 leashes to keep from pulling me over.  He eats leaves, grass, weeds.  Anything green.  And he would pull me from plant to plant.  I give him every supplement in the book and every nutritional vegetable, but he still had to have 'green'.   I watched an old Dog Whisperer yesterday.  The dog on the show ate everything from paper to poop to plastic.  Cesar gave him a banana.  He said he probably needed the potassium.  What did I have to lose?  In less then 24 hours I have a changed dog!!!   Not only is he walking calmly and not going from plant to plant, he is not pulling.  When we got back to his yard, I went and got the other half of the banana.  I said 'heel' and he walked by my side off lead.  I said 'sit' and he sat.  'Down' and he laid down.  I have struggled with this boy for 5 full months.  Used every method I knew.  And it all came down to a banana!
9/03/11- 3:20 a.m.  They let me sleep until just a little while ago.  Now they are 'on the job' with voiced blaring.  someone's septic must be backed up.  Sinks outside.  Know it is not ours as would be smelling it inside and we just had it pumped last year.  We'd lived here 8 years and it was less then half full so now we know we are good for 15 years or maybe the rest of our life.
    Parkers eye is still bleeding.  He is not wanting me to touch it.  For him to complain is definitely not good.  All I did was lay a warm, wet washcloth against it and he kind of moved away.  Before it felt good to him.  I am just so upset.  And he pawed in the general area of it yesterday and this morning.  He has never bothered it.  I'll have to put the e-collar on him if he continues.  I can tell if he does because his paw will have blood on it.  So far it has not.  
    I've had several people write me about their old dogs passing or near that stage in life.  Not ones they got from me, just people who wander onto my site.  It brings Keeton back to the forefront of my mind.  Oh, how I miss him.  Maybe going overboard with 'more then 16' was my way of coping after he died.  I really don't know.  I just know the less dogs I have, the more I think of him because the more mind space I have for thought.  I'm struggling with that balance between the dogs that are here.  No one feels like they are 'special' above the others.   I suppose that is good in that no one feels un-special.  But they all need to feel more important then they do.  Sahara has been emerging more.  Almost four years and she is just beginning to ask for a walk and ask to be petted.  It is heartwarming.  Zelda has withdrawn, but sometimes comes for attention too.  Zelda was feeling better for awhile, but I can tell the Doxy did not cover the underlying cause of her past 3 years of discontent.  Discomfort. 
    Bear nuzzled with me again last night and the others did only a little complaining on the other side of the door.  When I woke, he had been down for awhile as the bed was not warm other then where I was and Sweetness was.  He gets too hot and when I sleep, he sees no point in staying.  After all, I quit massaging his muscles and joints.  It's called falling asleep.  
    I'm hoping to have some ambition today to make some more mattress covers and mop.  I got that funky floor scrubber.  It is much easier them mopping but the water tank is so small, I have to fill it 7 times just for the living room and 5 times for the kitchen. Basically less then a 10 x 10 area per fill.  A lot of trips to dump and fill.  It needs to be 4 times bigger and 4 times heavier.  Not commercial, just practical.  I have to remember to order the cleaner I use.  I'm almost out.  Owner of the company died, his wife sold and I don't really like dealing with the new owners.  He was an old Italian marble expert and these guys just sell his formulated product (and I don't think it is exactly the same).
    I've deleted my Facebook.  I'm just too old to deal with such nonsense.  If it were not for still needing 4 dogs adopted and wanting to stay in contact with my past adopters, I would not even have a computer.  It has become a way to communicate without communication.  What happened to real conversation?  Where you actually hear a voice?  And have to wait your turn to speak?  Texting is great for the deaf but people who can hear should listen.  Email is good for reaching someone who may have an alternate work schedule and you have little time to talk.  Life has become so impersonal, yet we, as a society have opened up ourselves to the world as "friends" even when we don't have a clue who they are or what they are about.  How many 'friends' do you really have?   Face to face, exchanging personal thoughts?  Or long distance, by phone, that you have actually met face to face and care, really care, about each other? 
    Sarge walked nicely on one leash today!!!  I always have to have 2.  One goes from his collar, down his back and around his groin.  That one is to keep him from pulling me over.  The other is to lead.  It was almost like a light of realization went off.  "If I pull, I won't get walked:.  He sees me walk Shelby, who is a dream on leash and I know he feels bad.  I think he just finally 'got it'.  I was so happy, I got choked up.  I've been trying so hard with him for so many months and to finally see real progress was wonderful.   Maybe now he will have a better chance at a home. 
9/02/11:  I am losing it. I dropped Parker off at 9:30 this morning.  I do not know what time Rob got to him to do a nasolacrimal flush (I copied that off the TN vet paper) which took less then 5 minutes down there.  I finally called at 2:00 and Parker 'could go'.  His eye has been bleeding.  Real blood, not some mucus or dye.  The counter staff had no answers for me to the questions I wrote out and were evasive with excuses to go get them.  I don't know what is going on.  Rob is a great, caring vet whom I trust but ...  So anyway, I called the TN vet, took photos as asked and emailed them off.  I should hear back from someone there before 5.  I'm just about to break down in tears.  Parker never complains.  It has taken too long and we've come too far for it to go to crap. 
    Other then stressing over Parker, did get a few things done.  Penny got her staples out.  Her incisions healed well.  Sarge and Shelby got long walks.  Sarge is getting better.  Now I only run to keep from falling down.  I don't practically fly through the air.  Loren walked Goofy and Fez threw a fit so I quickly got dresses and we caught up with them. 
    We had pizza buffet for lunch and then I spent 2 hours in the shop with Shelby and sewed 3 mattress covers.  I have enough material to make twice as many as I have mattresses so it will be nice when I can do a load of laundry without having to wait for it to dry to put everything back down. 
    I'm feeding early.  Loren laid down for a nap, which means since it is 3:30 p.m., he probably will not get up until morning.
    9:00 p.m.:  I have had it.  No call from the vet or staff.  Rob is usually not in on Saturdays.  I'm tired.  Frustrated. Angry.  Parker has been through so much and he is such a love about it all.  This is just not right.  I don't want to move them all to Flippin as it is so far but I do not trust any of the other local vets.  Last year we spent almost $10,000 on vetting there for Ozark Dogs and another $2000 for Sissy's medicine.  That is $1000 a month.  To not have my questions answered twice this week and still unsure about what to do for Parker... I am ready to scream.  He is such a sweet boy to go through all this and he does not deserve to have his care compromised because no one will tell me what to do or why so much blood is STILL coming from his eye.  
9/01/11:  Don't know what happened to yesterday.  Today will probably be a blur too.  Sissy has decided to bark from dusk to dawn... non-stop.  Last night was the third night in a row.  She sits on the deck.  I go out to bring her in and she runs off.  I go back to bed, she comes back and starts again.  Shelby joined in last night.  Unusual for her.  Which made Bear get off the bed and join in too.  I'm going to re-set the yard light to stay on all night.  That might help.  I wish we could get an electrician to fix the power to the other 2 lights that quit a long time ago.  Afraid it may require trenching up a line.  A full moon makes them bark, but artificial light is not inviting to other critters so they stay away. 
    I thought maybe Nancy was early.  All the dogs are lined up by the door.  How do they know it is Thursday??  After the walk and feeding (them and me), I'm going back to bed.  I need some solid sleep.
8/31/11:  Loren and Parker made it home Monday night around 9:45 p.m.  I hated that he did not stay the night in a motel and get some sleep.  He slept until 11 a.m. Tuesday morning.  I didn't get much sleep.  I was up until after 1 a.m. trying to get Parker to eat.  He had to take his medication and it said on a full stomach.  Plus he can't chew for 14 days.  re-hydrated food alone is not appealing to any of them.  I had some canned yucky stuff that was given to me.  I had no choice but to open a can for him.  Slid it out and cut away the fat and grease around the sides and picked through it removing more.  I don't know how anyone can feed that stuff to their dog.  Be like cooking beacon, leaving it in the pan to cool and then eating the whole mess, grease and all.   Anyway, he finally ate so I could go to bed.
    Yesterday the eye looked really bad.  I called TN vets who did not get back to me until 4 p.m.  They left out an instruction.  Actually several.  In the mean time, I had called my vet and left a message.  That call was not returned at all.  I know he did not get the message as he definitely would have called.  Anyway, I needed a 'normal' saline solution to clean Parkers eye after removing the goop with a warm cloth and before putting in the medication.  Small Pharmacies were closing.  Tried all the ones that were open and none had the right stuff.  Wal-mart ordered it and will be in today.  Fifty applications for $22.  Guess it could be worse.  Anyway, one of the vets who was on call had some so it was left on the door at the clinic.  Went over and got it.  Good thing I read the writing.  It expired a year ago.  It might have been fine, but I was not chancing it.  I don't know how much damage old purified water and sodium chloride (salt) could do, but after reading instructions on the internet of how to make the saline solution, I decided it was best to error on the side of 'Don't use it'. 
    Cooked up hamburger and turkey burger for Parker.  Never bought ground turkey before.  Don't think I will again.  It wants to clump together and Parker can't chew.  Took a lot of effort to get it into tiny pieces like hamburger in a taco.  That is how Parker needs it. 
     Actually today has not really started.  4:17 a.m. and I need to get some sleep.  Zelda has now decided not to let Parker back in when he goes outside.  I've been up and down all night running interference.  That is all I need, another Bear.  When someone gets sick, ban them from existence.  Crap!
8/29/11: 5:22 a.m.  They just pulled out of the driveway.  I got up an hour ago... well actually I have hardly been to bed... and took Parker for a walk to pee and poop.  It was successful.  I didn't want him uncomfortable on the long ride.  I fed him at 11:45 last night.  A brief storm came through which freaked Parker out eight after that, so I was up calming him.  Once he settled in on the bed with Loren, it was 2 something.  I decided to sit on the floor and comb dogs.  Sahara was handy.  I got away with it for about half an hour, then she got up and went outside.  Zelda was close by.  She put up with it for about 20 minutes then left too.  Sissy was next.  That lasted about 20 minutes and I was finished with the "up" side.  To ask Sissy to roll over is just not worth it.  She can barely get up anymore.  I mop around her.  I walk around her.  Sometimes I even go the long way around to get from one place in the house to another because I can't get by her.  Old and arthritic.  Worse then me. 
    Penny and Mazi are playing.  I'm going back to bed and hopefully get some sleep before Sahara wakes me up to feed them.
    Noon:  I have learned a lot today.  (1) a dead tooth can cause an eye infection.  (2) You don't put a 50 pound bag of dog food in a medium size crate (unless you plan to leave it there). (3) Swim suits shrink when you leave them in the drawer for several years. (4) Not all Newfies will save people. Some will drown them.  Or in other words, not all Newfies can swim so they try to climb on top of you.
     (1) After numerous phone calls between vets and Loren and I, Parker is having 2 teeth pulled.  The eye specialist found something he had never encountered before so conferred with the dental specialist.   Seems Parker is a rare case, a one in a million or maybe 10 million.  His canine tooth root system is weird and the dead tooth has caused an infection which has traveled to the eye.  I am totally un-medical, but bottom line, their vets and Rob, my vet all talked it over, never encountered anything like it but consensus was to pull the teeth.   Rob will have to do some follow up every 3 to 4 days.  I'm not sure for how long.  Total for the specialists will be around $900.  I tease Rob that he should pay me for all this education in rare conditions I have presented him with through the years. 
     (2)  I was given some off brand dog food several months ago from the Diamond distributor that I will not feed.   I was trying to load the SUV to take stuff from the house down to the shop.  The bag is 50 pounds and I can barely lift it.  Crate was already loaded and in the way.  I opened the door and kind of rolled the bag in.  Trust me, it did not roll out so easily.  It all went crashing together to the ground.  Luckily the bag only tore and did not break open.  Had to disassemble the crate to get it out.
    (3) That is pretty self explanatory.
    (4) I had this great idea.  Take Fez to the lake.  I envisioned him swimming off and me having to go in and head him back to shore.  My mind was filled with him romping around in the water, wanting to stay all day.  We would swim side by side and I could rest my arm on his back like he was saving me.  Not even close to reality. 
     The hill from the parking lot to the water was steep so he was not all that sure he wanted to walk down it.  I switched leashes to one of those 20' retractable.  Not many people use this area as it is mostly a boat launch so the bottom was slick and slimy. I slipped out of my shoes and into some slippers.  Real slippers like night time.  I didn't have anything else that I could get wet.  I went in the water where I could barely touch.   Fez was unsure.  I coaxed.  He dove.  Panicked.  Caught my lip with his front claw,  and the top of my head with his other front paw.  I went under! 
    Let me explain.  I am terrified to go under water.  I am a good swimmer, but head up.  I don't dive or jump in.  My nose is not to be submerged.  Period.  Or I panic. 
     Amazingly, I did not panic.  All I could think about was saving Fez!!!  Get my head out from under the water and get him back to shore.  It was an epiphany.  Not quite the same as when Griffin jumped in the bath tub with me, but still a life changing moment.  
     And so the day is only half over and Fez is sound asleep half under my chair.  We have bonded.  My lip is swollen.  My slippers are somewhere in the mud about 10 feet from shore.
8/28/11:  I know it was late when Journey got to his home last night and busy with introductions.  I am, as the old saying goes, on "pins and needles" waiting to hear.  This is crazy because this is not normal for me.  I always wonder and worry until I get that first email from 'home', but this is above normal. 
    I can't believe my granddaughter bought a puppy from a pet store!!!  Of course, this one granddaughter just flat out does not like me so I'm sure I just added to that by sending my daughter puppy mill info sites.  From what my daughter described, the puppy has a 'weird' eye.  Probably an Aussie with different color eyes, but more then that from what she says about it.  I know how cruel to take it back and get your money back, but it won't stop until people quit buying them.  There has to be some harshness before these scum breeders can be stopped.  Just incase you just 'tuned in' the videos here have been around for some years and the situation has NOT improved. 
    Dogs were pretty good last night.  Weather has been cooler and they enjoy being outside on the deck.  Bear wants to be part of the pack so bad.  I will have to come up with the money some how to get a particular trainer / behaviorist over here for a one time 'experience'.  I just don't know how good she is or if she would be at all a help. She has a physical disability and no words or 'calm assertive' vibes is going to break up a fight with several 100+ pound dogs set on doing physical damage to one another.  I mostly need to know Goofy would be safe around Bear.  If Bear will accept Goofy's friendship, things will fall into place.  Goofy tries to love everyone.  Zelda will just have to deal with it.  She is not brave either when there is no glass between them.  Bear cannot spend the rest of his life with only half the dogs half the time.  We need to be "family."   No outcasts.
     8 p.m.:  Loren is in bed.  Alarm clocks set.  Car packed: directions, GPS, inflatable donut collar, modified E-collar, water, bowls, food, pills he might need.  Eye meds he has used.  Lorens clothes.  Motel confirmation.  Non-profit verification.  Full tank of gas.  Extra leash.  Vet records were already faxed, but our vet info if it didn't happen.  Cell phone will go into the car in the morning.  I'm a basket case and will be until they are both safely home. 
     We both took a nap today.  I fell asleep around 10:30 this morning and woke up at 2:30!!!  This is daytime!  Loren slept about 2 hours.  Just shows how much stress is around here.  We become walking zombies until we collapse.  My nap was interrupted a few times by big wet Fez kisses, but I barely remember them.  Anyway, I need to get up at midnight and feed Parker as it will need digested before they leave at 5 a.m.  He won't get to eat until tomorrow night and he will most likely not feel like it. 
8/27/11:  5:57 a.m.:  Hope the store bakery has some donuts done.  They are my life support.  Like some peoples coffee.  Loren will feed as Journey will not understand not getting breakfast.  I doubt he would get sick, but he is already nervous.  How do they know???  Feeding him at 1 a.m. was kind of a clue then, but not earlier.  Getting a bath yesterday should not have been.  It was his third since being here.  I'm taking and sending a new roll of paper towels.  He has not been a drooler,  (just when he drinks) but the past few days, he really has started.  Nerves... but how does he know?  They read us so well, not just our minds but deep in our sub-conscious... deep in our soul.
   7:42 p.m.:  Journey should be arriving at his home soon.  I don't know why I am so nervous.  So terribly sad. Maybe it is because I am not replacing him.  When a dog left, I always had several more in mind to take in.  In a week, 3 have left.  The 'nest' is seeming empty. (How can 13 dogs make one feel empty??!!) Journey is so special.  They are all special, but a few come along that I just want to keep.  He is one.  And Monkey.  And Shaggy.  And Griffin.  (sharing my bathtub with me in it did endear him to me beyond words). Several others.  They all have wonderful families and I know they are happier then they would be here having to share me.  But I miss them. 
    I knew quitting would be hard, but I totally had the reason wrong.  I thought it would be for turning down dogs in need.  That is a definite factor, but it is more in the just saying goodbye to an era of my life.  Sort of like a person who loves to swim but got washed overboard and is drowning.  I loved rescue, but I was emotionally (physically and financially) going under for the last time.   No life vest in sight.
    But hopefully I will be able to move into the plan I had set 2 years ago.  To help people keep their dogs rather then having to give them up.  I realize some people want to give up their dogs because they are lazy (I just don't have enough time for him).  But there are others who are forced to move and cannot find a place that accepts pets.  Or they are temporarily incapacitated and can't afford boarding.  Or they just can't afford the food or vet bills.    That is my new intended direction.  I just hope I can get people onboard to help.  It will be a lot more work then feeding, changing water and poop scooping.
8/26/11 barely: Chaos.  Things are just not right with Zelda.  I have been saying this for years and it just gets worse.  She did appear the aggressor as far as growling.  "Stay away from me".  Never more in that moment.  Pack brawls, it was hard to determine, but they never lasted more then a few seconds and there rarely are bystanders.  Taking sides, yes.  But quickly resolved.  Just now something very strange happened, Zelda could not come in the house.  The others... most of the others... were not letting her.  Maybe just too many too long in the house.  Journey leaves Saturday and possible Penny in a few days.  Mazi will share space with Sarge after that.  I just need this house pack thinned out.  There are none else to move.  Hopefully that will be sufficient. 
    Poor Parker could not get in either.  He rolled over on his back when I went out to bring him in and put the young ones on the other side of the gate.  The darn battery in the garage door opener is beeping and that freaks some of them.  Neither of us is healthy enough to get up on a ladder and unscrew screws to take it down and put a new one in.  Maybe when the yard guy comes Saturday, Loren can have him do it.  Or just remove it so it will shut up.  Dogs hate those noises.
      Sissy is enjoying the evening without the humidity.  It is actually nice outside.  Sahara was outside on the deck also.  Not sure if by choice.  She came in but may have went back out.  I just wish I knew what to do about Zelda.  I love her.  She has been here 4? 5? years?  I know this dog and she is sick.  Just don't know with what.  Started so long ago, if it were cancer or a brain tumor, it would have killed her by now.   Do dogs get Alzheimer's?  Or just some grumpy in middle age? 
     Just discovered the reason I am uncomfortable and feeling strangled... night shirt on backwards.  I grabbed and did not take time to pay attention.  12:44 a.m.  I'm heading back to bed and hopefully the rest of the night will be peaceful... . 
     5:17: A.M.!  Does that tell you anything?  Sahara stayed over with Bear but that did not stop Zelda episodes.   I'm not sure is doing what.  I just know that there was constant bickering on the deck, I would get up, it would stop and several would run inside.  Sometimes Zelda, sometimes several of the others.  I'm not sure who was keeping who outside.  Actually they should have all just found a spot and slept.  It is so nice out.  About 75 degrees and much cooler then in the house.  Fresh water in 4 outside locations.  No excuse.  I'm literally sick to my stomach for lack of sleep for 2 nights.  Only chance for a nap will be after I feed until 10:30 as Shelby gets a bath at 11 and Journey at 1.  That puts me into dinner time when I get journey home. 
    Loren is going fishing.  I may make a breakfast strudel cake for myself.  I wish I had those little 'just add water and bake' breakfast muffins.  I wish I could just go back to bed and get a few hours sleep.
8/25/11:  Bear and Sweetness shared my bed most of the night.  Usually the others complain as the door is closed and they are jealous.  I either slept through it or they didn't make a ruckus.  BUT, it was like opening Pandora's Box when I got up and put Bear, Chipi and Sweetness in Bears room and I let the others in to mine.  Mazi has picked up on Zelda's 'glass door' fighting and Penny on the fence fighting.  It is really getting bad.  Has been since Mazi came back.  I'm so glad Journey is leaving before he gets corrupted by the girls.  If it would not traumatize Bear, I'd stick Mazi over with him.  In self defense, I know I'd have vet bills if I did.  I'm considering putting Mazi with Sarge if he does not come down with mange.  She needs to abide by the house rules if she expects to stay in the house.  A time out might clarify it for her.  If Penny had just not had surgery, she'd be going out too. 
     Shelby's eyes are fine. It must have been the way the light was.  Amanda did a thorough exam and a pressure test.  All was good.  Eye reflexes and dilation good.   The Navy Recruiter had called and was interested in her.  Said he was 'on his way', but he never showed up.  Waited for over an hour and then had to get her to the vet.  Loren went to lunch without me as I kept thinking the guy would be here any minute.  So inconsiderate.  Anyway, Shelby has fleas again.  I knew she had flea dander (is that the right term?).  She got Comfortis about 5 or 6 weeks ago and frontline 2 weeks ago.  She also had a bath a few weeks ago.  And I spread DE all over her yard several weeks ago.  I'll try to get her in for a flea bath.  I've been spraying her with a herbal blend with cedar oil which is suppose to be a great natural flea eliminator.  Her coat is so thick, I have to rub it in with my fingers.  She likes it!
     I need to do DE in the other yards too, but it is either way to hot or rains.  If it is washed away by the rain, it's a waste of time.  Since I am not using the one yard, I could aggressively spray it with something, but unless I spray 10 feet all the way around, that is probably pointless too.  Trying to get a lawn service to give an estimate for the weeds that have taken over.  Some areas just can't be mowed or bush hogged.   Hiring these guys from ads is a waste of money.  Last on pulled out all my lilies even after I specifically told him "these are lilies so just break them off".   He pulled out the lilies and broke off the weeds.  Of course what more could I expect from someone with more piercings the a pin cushion has pins.
8/24/11:  What a night.  Guess the dogs and mother nature felt they had been overly kind to me for 2 nights.  We lost power shortly after I dozed off and that was the end of my sleep until a brief nap at dawn.  Dogs do not like pitch dark.  Two flash lights and one candle just don't really get it in a house this size. Power was only off for about an hour.  We had about a dozen flickers where it went off and then back on, but not enough to cause the riot the earlier black out did.   Thunder and lightening hit with a vengeance most of the night.  Journey decided it was his sole responsibility to chase away the lightening.  He kept running out in the rain and barking every time it lit up the sky.  I have never had a dog do that.  Parker, of course, was trying to hide from the noise.  He just ran from one room to another.  I put the 'thunder shirt' on him and it really does help a little, but definitely does not solve the fear.  He just didn't run as fast with it on.  Chipi was a bit unnerved by the loud booms.  So was Penny.  They all did want to be close to me. 
    I kept thinking of Shelby down in the shop.  It is so loud with the metal roof.  I wanted to go get her, but just didn't know how I could go out side.  Sarge had the giant dog house so I don't think it was any louder then in the house. 
    Noticed cataracts on both Shelby's eyes last night.  She has always been light sensitive so I have really watched her eyes.  It is just something I do every day when I feed her.  I look at her eyes.  Maybe I had not noticed a little sooner as usually do not have my glasses on when feeding.  We go in to have them checked at 2.
8/23/11:  They were so quiet again.  I think when dogs leave, they all get really good, hoping they will not be next.  They don't know that leaving can be a good thing.
    Fez saw the vet yesterday.  He cut his pad.  Thank goodness it is nothing serious, but sadly very painful.  Kwin will be going back to Janices.  I didn't think about what effect a contagious dog could have on Loren.  Mange test was inconclusive, but I can't take a chance.   Penny will come home today if she is doing ok.  It was extensive.  I asked Rob to write it up.  I think the ACO needs to be informed that he could easily have killed or paralyzed her.  I doubt he cares, but it was like shooting a dog with an elephant gun the velocity that he had it cranked up to, to do so much penetration.  Why she would have needed tranquilized in the first place is beyond me.  
     Betty and Nancy will come to dog walk this morning.  Always trying to figure out how to walk the most dogs in the least amount of trips.  Poor Sarge often gets left out because none of us can handle him.  A catch 22.  He needs walked to settle down and learn, but until he settles down and learns, he can't be controlled.  Us old ladies just don't have the strength.  Airing on Aug 24.  Exposure of Puppy mills on HBO.
8/22/11:  Penny is through surgery.  It was a "through and through" and he's pretty sure he got it all.  I've not talked to Rob, but he will call later.  Just info passed on by the desk help.  Kwin is in getting HW test and skin scrape.  Fez is limping worse this morning.  He has an appointment at 2 with Wendy. 
    I got a lot of sleep last night.  About 9 to 2 and then up awhile and then semi-conscious from about 4 to 7. 
8/21/11:  Why can't I just have a 100% good day?  On the plus side, I met 2 wonderful ladies, mother and daughter who adopted Hush and Hanna.  Yesterday I checked on Lily (now Cocoa) and she is doing great.  I have someone taking Kwin as soon as I can get her into the vet and be sure she is not contagious with anything.  So I guess 80% is good.  The down side is Fez started limping.  He was just into the vet last week.  Not sure if he bruised a pad or hurt his wrist (do you call it a wrist when it's the lower joint of the front leg?) 
8/20/11:  Another storm moving in.  Aside from Parker being terrified, a good rain would be welcome.  I just hope Kwin seeks shelter in the dog house with Sarge.  She knows the doggie door, but seems to prefer to stay against the fence as close to the house as she can get.  Shelby is in the shop.  Maybe I mentioned that.  I don't know what I am doing anymore. 
    I fell asleep about noon leaning against the sofa arm.  Woke up just long enough the grab a pillow and right back to sleep until after 3.  I probably needed it since I won't be getting much tonight with thunder and Parker. 
    Hush leaves tomorrow.  I'm really feeling good on this one.  I've attached her site to his page.   Journey may have a home too.  I'll know more when I get a chance to finish contacting her vet, etc.  My biggest concerns remain Shelby and Sarge... and this new GSD.   Shelby is delighted to be in the shop.  She actually bounces around when I go down to feed her.  I actually see some happiness in her face.  But then the sadness returns when I leave.  I need to start cleaning the shop Monday so she will have a lot of time with me for the next few days. 
    Getting very stormy and dogs are getting restless. 
8/19/11:  So much for getting down on dogs.  I ended up with one from the cruelty case.  Person who said she'd take it backed out and left it with Janice.  Janice could not take all 3.  I got the one in the best shape, which is not saying much.  I think it also has the best set of lungs, which is saying a lot.  I don't know what time she finally quieted down.  I could barely hear her from my room, but she kept all the house dogs barking in reply.  I finally had to put the 5 'adoptables' out into the big yard and garage area.  Closing the gate onto the 2 acres didn't set well with the rest, but too bad. 
    I called the specialist Dr. Rob has been conferring with about Parkers eye.  If it is what is expected, $1000.  Well, with Penny's surgery this Monday and Bear still needing in for exam and possible x-rays and this new dog from yesterday, I'm only a couple thousand dollars short.  I have got to get someone to volunteer to come help me clean up the shop and set up for a yard sale.  The dust in the shop is overwhelming and I don't know where to begin. 
    I cleaned most of the ice chests this morning.  They turn green if not scrubbed once a week.  Remembering to do things right handed (I'm left handed) is hard, but as soon as I move that arm wrong there is a sharp reminder.  Getting old and falling apart really sucks.  Loren is out bush hogging the 3 acres.  Actually 2 1/2.  The rest is very steep and has to be weed eated.  I put in a call to a lawn service that we used for years before dogs.  This hiring from ads is a waste.  Last guy worked 4 hours at $10 an hour and was a total waste of money.  Could not even pull a weed out by it's root but sure managed to pull out all my lilies, bulb and all!   I can't do the weeds because of allergies and  I don't want Loren out there spraying chemicals.  Sitting on a tractor or lawn mower is not strenuous, but weed eating is and he does not need to chance inhaling weed killer. 
    Hush will be going to his forever home Sunday.  I am really looking forward to meeting them.  When Hush broke out in a rash, most people would have vanished.  She was eager to help.  These are going to be special people.  I can just tell. 
8/18/11:  Rain this morning but it did nothing to cool it off.  It's not quite noon and I have been trying to get something accomplished.  One catch all closet with shelves has been bothering me for years.  Loren sticks all the old "I might need that" computer stuff in it.  Anything else in the world, he says' throw it out, we'll never need it', but computer stuff is a different story.  Guess we are all guilty.  Mine was sewing stuff for years until it just began to disintegrate.  Now it's fencing and any other related dog stuff.  Well, I am planning a yard sale and stuff is going to go if I have to give it away on the third day.  I should have it this Friday and Saturday but now Shelby is in the shop.  I'll have to fix the fence before I can put her back and it just got too hot again.  Shop is filthy.  Yard is a mess with weeds.  Fourteen dogs in the house... well, I can vacuum and by the time I'm at the other end, I have to start over.   So just not enough time to set up a sale.  Who wants to pick up stuff with a quarter inch of dust on it and a mound of dog hair attached.  Or walk in weeds and get chigger bites and maybe get rained on.
    I tried to print up pix to go on the adoptable dogs file envelopes.  Kept messing up on the second set.  Had to save, shut down and reboot.  At least Loren did not have to re-install anything.  Then, of course, I forgot to put the right paper in the printer so wasted ink.   Needless to say, this morning is not going well.  Maybe I got too much sleep.  Went to bed at 8:30 and seems to me they were quiet.  Next I remember, it was about 2 or 3 a.m.  That means I got at least 5 hours, maybe even 6.  My body can't handle so much rest! 
8/17/11:  3:09 a.m. I slept solid for 4 hours.  Then Sissy decided I needed a kiss. I barely dozed back off when the thunder rumbled.  I heard the doggie door slap 6 times.  Some were going out to chase it away or do a rain dance.  Bear was cheering them on from the other side of the glass door, 6' away from my bed.  Shelby has chimed in from below.  I got up to count fur bodies and became the Pied Piper with almost a full following.  Lorens door is open, so I am sure Parker is behind his toilet and Fez beside his bed.  Goofy was in his spot over the AC vent behind the love seat.   Sahara and Zelda were missing, but within a minute, made their entrance at a full run.  The rest heard them coming and had turned around to meet them.  Growls ensued, but everything quickly returned to order.
     5:07:  I'm still awake.  Not by choice.  Dogs have been in and out, up and down.  I had a panic attack.  Sissy was back on the bed.  I was under the sheet with only my head out and Parker gets on the bed.  Sissy will only share with Sweetness and Bear.  No one else is welcome.  She growled, I'm trapped.  Parker is terrified from the storm.  He's standing over me trying to figure out how to burrow into me for protection.  Sissy keeps growling.  Hush decides to come up too.  Now I am really in a panic.  Then Mazi is coming up, stepping over Sweetness. I got enough adrenalin going that I managed to get free of the sheet and literally bail out of bed.  Everyone got off with me before Sissy went into attack. Parker went and hid in the corner behind a chair.  I finally put the Thunder Vest on Parker.  It really does help some.  He still hides, but is not shaking as bad. Right now he, Goofy and Chipi are closed in with Loren.  Sissy is beside me waiting to return to bed.  I know I have a room full of dogs.  Not sure who is here and who is in the other rooms.  First night with this particular combination of dogs is not going well!  
     5:38 a.m. Shelby got out.  Caused a riot.  She just wants in the family room, but it puts everyone in a frenzy and I had 5 or 6 dogs going at each other.  I know Fez was involved because he is black in a sea of white.  So Shelby is in the garage for now.  Six trips in the dark to move dogs will not cut it.  Finding and mending Shelby's escape route in the dark won't happen.  Sadly the five are going to have to go into the big yard at night.  They can spend the day at the house, but 14 dogs in the house and one more trying to get in just is not helping me hang onto what little sanity I have left.  I might as well stay up.  They keep running in and out, barking.  Chipi, Parker and Goofy are still closed in with Loren.  He gave up trying to sleep too and has the TV on.  One thing for sure, we are going to take a nap before lunch... and at least 4 dogs are going to be moved to the yard.  Hanna may never leave with her health issues, so she might as well stay in the house.  They are just going to have to get use to her. 
8/16/11: (2:30 a.m.) They let me sleep a few hours.  Now I'm awake.  UGH! 
    Picked up Mazi Sunday morning and back home by 2.  Drove this one by myself.  Only got a little lost... twice.  She was happy when she started recognizing things.  Penny was really happy to see her.  Immediately greeted her and was ready to play.  I left them in the yard as had just brought Journey and Hanna up.  They are settled in enough now that I will bring Penny, Mazi and Hush up today.  Will be 14 in the house, but I think it will be harmonious.  
    Mazi coming back was sad for me.  Her adopter was wonderful.  Wonderful situation.  But their unexpected pending move to California took a turn.  They would be in company provided housing for 2 years and there is a 'no dog' policy. 
     2:00 p.m.:  All the dogs are napping.  I should be taking advantage of the quiet, but if I move, they will hear me and all wake up and follow me.  I brought Mazi, Hush and Penny up after the morning walks.  Things went smooth.  They are certainly happy to be back up here.  I really think they "get it" that if there is a problem and they are part of it, they will 'go back' to the yard.  I just wish I had the courage to let Bear in with them all.  He keeps giving off vibes that he is "ready".  I just don't think Zelda is ready for him.  I sure wish Cesar Milan were here. 
     I take Zelda in tomorrow for a limp in both front legs.  This has flip-flopped back and forth for a month.  Today I see Bear limping on both front legs.  I am a bit panicking.  Sonny (his littermate) got bone cancer in the front leg last year and died.  Bear and litter mates were my first official "Ozark Dogs" rescues to re-home, but I ended up keeping him.  If I could only keep one dog, it would be him.
     6:00 p.m.:  Loren went to bed about 2 hours ago.  I had to clean and that took the vacuum.  Oh well.  It's done for about 5 minutes.  The hair and dust just flies like someone shaking a feather pillow with a hole in it.  I still need to scrub down the sofa.  In just a few hours of Mazi being up here, they have all gotten the idea that getting on the furniture is ok.  I can't be in every room every minute chasing them off.  I just threw blankets over everything and will just deal with one incident at a time as I see it.  Mazi ate a pencil.  She is not the same perfect Mazi that left.  I think she got to do what ever she wanted.  Now I get to undo the damage. 
    So to re-cap the day... week... month:  Fez has been to the vet for hair loss.  No clue.  Hush is still all broke out and getting balder in spite of seeing the vet and getting a shot.  Zelda goes to the vet tomorrow.  She has a hot spot and been limping off and on for a month.  X-rays.  Bear started limping today.  Sonny (litter mate) died last year of bone cancer in the front leg.  Vet visit and X-rays coming.  His coat also looks terrible. Parker needs a specialist in Little Rock for his eye.  I have no money and no way to take him.  Penny went to the vet because of a lump on her side.  Drained it and said it would go away.  Well, it's big again and now an identical one on the opposite side popped up today.  She'll go back to the vet too.  Got Sissy's monthly pill supply $146.  She is ours, but our money goes to Ozark Dogs, so it's just more vet bills out of our pocket.  Shelby is itching in the same spot again.  Gnawing at it.  The stuff I put on it helps but it keeps coming back.  Some of this hot spot, skin stuff, itching, started with the last of a pallet of food and some with the new pallet so ruled out kibble.  Nothing in their diet has changed except for adding a few supplements after the fact to try to stop the hot spots.  If I switch to grain free, I'm looking at $1200 a month easily for the 16 dogs.  And of course, there was money for gas to get Crosby to transport and to pick up Mazi this past weekend.  I just need my dogs healthy.  Adopters just don't realize what goes into the care of these guys.  Time, money and emotion.  And it's not something you can just throw up your hands and say "I quit".  Although right now, I'd sure like to.
   New info: Janice to the rescue again.  Hush has a staph infection, not hot spots.  He might have had one or 2 in the beginning, but the "this shot will fix it" from the vet did not get it.  I kept waiting.  Trusting.  You hate to question but sometimes things get missed.  Poor Hush is miserable and I knew it.  Got him back on Cephalexin  and will probably need something stronger.  That was what I put him on when the first spot appeared and it obviously did not help.  Maybe he has an immunity to it now. 
8/13/11:  Got home at 3:20 this morning.  It's 7:23 a.m. Not much sleep since they woke me up at 4 and again at 5:30.  No more trips after getting Mazi tomorrow. 
    Shelby is still in the garage yard but that can't last.  She is snarky and they feed on it.  I don't blame her, but I can't have more then one snarky dog in a pack.  Zelda already has that position.  I guess I will try Sarge with her in the lower yard.  That has only been either of their space briefly.  No territorial issues established.  Of course, that means my barkers would be behind the house.  That is not going to work.  Crap, I just need Shelby gone.  And Sarge.  And Hanna.  I just need sleep.  A nice, peaceful, quiet, no bark time from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.  or any 4 hour stretch in between.  I don't need 8.  Just 4.  Lord, I would be delighted with 2 uninterrupted.  
   Guess I better get dressed, feed them, water them, poop scoop and find the place Shelby got out and fix that.  Just don't know how I am going to bend to do it, or bend to put down bowls or carry water. 
    Evening:  Just got out of a 45 minute long hot bath.  Did wonders for the back and helped the shoulder and arm a little.  I don't think I have stayed in the tub that long in years, aside from falling asleep a few times. 
    I closed Fez in the bedroom with me, but he was not too happy.  Protecting him from Hanna.  She had to do a little snarky thing and went after him earlier.  She terrified him.  Poor guy.  Anyway, Hanna and I had a discussion and if she pulls any 'I'm the Queen' crap again, back down she goes.  My plan is to have all the dogs up here this week with the exception of Shelby and Sarge.  I hope to get them together in the big lower yard with the giant dog house and AC.  I'll still have to tote water, but poop scooping will be easier since it is right across the road from my 'dump site'.  Plus it will be far enough away from the house if they bark (which they rarely do). 
    Journey is doing great with all the others.  Zelda is snarky, but that is normal.  She is snarky to all the others.  Anyway, he is going to be great no matter what circumstance.  He is more laid back then I first thought.  Hopefully he will be in his forever home in a few weeks. 
    Penny's lump did not fill up again.  I'm sure glad.  Hopefully the hair won't take long to grow back.  She is such a tough little thing.  She will sure be glad to see Mazi tomorrow.
    It's only 7 p.m., but I'm ready to go back to bed.  That bath really relaxed me.  Having Crosby's trip over with and hearing they are handling his exuberance also helps take some stress off.  Now if they will all be so kind as to not bark tonight.... yah, right.
8/12/11: This is not going well.  We leave in 2 hours for Springfield to meet the transport at midnight for Crosby.  A huge storm has crashed in.  Shelby has gotten out twice so she is in the family room.  When we leave I will put her in the garage.  Crosby did not let us take a nap.  Loren is going with me.  One of us will drive on the way while the other one sleeps and then switch driving back.  This is the last trip for getting a dog adopted.  From now on it is up to the adopter.  We just can't do this.  
    The arthritis in my back has really taken over.  My left arm (I'm left handed) has been painful and weak for months.  Now I can't bend my back.  I'm falling apart physically and emotionally.  Sunday I have to drive 3 hours to pick up Mazi and bring her back.  At least that is in the day and I will have tomorrow to rest. 
    Journey is getting a lot of interest in the past few days.  Some good potential adopters.  Just need to figure out who is the best match.  I wish someone good would like Hush.  He is such a good boy. 
8/11/11:  I'll be on the road with Crosby at this time tomorrow night.  I'll miss the guy, but I won't miss the barking and his appetite for my hand.  Just play, but it is very hard.  I just hope they have the resources to handle his puppiness and get him under control.  Training a deaf puppy is hard!
    Penny and Hush got baths today.  Goofy went yesterday.  Poor Penny also got a visit to the vet.  She got a big squishy lump on her side.  Vet said it was probably from playing too rough and got a puncture wound.  She drained it and Penny will get antibiotics for a week.  Now she has a bald spot too. 
     Fez goes in for a general check up tomorrow and someone goes in for a bath.  Not decided who, as 3 still need it.  Crosby is still good since he had one less then 2 weeks ago.
   Sunday I pick up Mazi.  I'll bring Hush and Penny back to the house and try Journey.  I wish Hanna would not be snarky.  Then just Sarge and Shelby would be out and I would try them together.  They were together before, but have had some fence fighting once separated.  Fourteen in the house is a lot, but actually less work once they know where they belong.
    10 p.m. and definitely ready to go to bed.  I hope it rains.  When it rains, they are quiet.
8/9/11:  Barely noon and a busy morning.  All the dogs got walked except for Shelby.  She is in the family room getting some quality time with Loren right now.  Anyway, fed in shifts since Chipi had to go in at 8 and could not be fed.  Didn't want her to feel bad so didn't feed any of the house dogs until after she left.  Nancy and Betty came at 7:00 a.m. so walked the house dogs first and then they walked Hush and Penny while I fed these.  Then Sarge, Hanna and Journey got walked.  We did it all in 4 trips!!  We each took 2 on the first trip.  Goofy & Parker, Sahara & Zelda, I took Fez & Crosby since they are not perfect on leash like the other 4.  They got into something before I realized it.  Don't know what is was but when we got in from 'brunch' I had 2 huge puke piles to clean up.  I will continue to watch them, but I think it is out of their system, along with everything else they consumed this morning. 
    Night:  Sadly Mazi is coming back.  Wonderful people, but his job is changing and they will be in a 'no dog' place for 2 years.  Mazi is really one of the easiest dogs I've had in a long time, so having her back is not a biggie.  I'm just sad for all concerned.  Change is always hard.  We will wait until Sunday to meet and get her back.  I need to have Crosby on his way.  I know they would have a great few days together playing, but then they would both feel so bad missing each other.  It's best they never meet.  I know that is human logic, but dogs do grieve.  She will be happy to see Penny and Hush.
    Next 3 mornings will be busy.  Goofy getting a bath tomorrow.  Trying to decide who on who Thursday and then Crosby on Friday so he will be clean for the trip Friday night.  My insides are already churning from fear of getting lost and driving at night.  Fez goes to the vet Friday just for a check up.  I have never seen a dog shed like he does.  Not normal, so will do blood work just to be sure he is not lacking something.  Better to adjust his nutrition now then deal with big health issues later. 
8/8/11:  Cooler this morning, but won't last.  Parker goes in for a re-check on the eye.  We are on medication 8.  I feel so sorry for him, but just don't know how I could manage a long overnight trip to a specialist.  Country life has it's disadvantages. 
    I'm worn out and will take a nap when I get back from the vet.  They barked all night.  There might have been 10 or 15 minute pauses, but nothing longer then that.  I feel like staying up all day just so I can run around waking them up every time they go to sleep.
    Crosby is finally beginning to understand they don't want to play.  I feel so sorry for him, that I spend way too much time with him.  He is really bonding with me and I don't want that since he will be leaving in a few days to his new home.  I feel so bad when he can't find me.  I went out to get the car out of the garage and get the crate out.  Crosby ran outside and around the garage.  He didn't see me come back inside and he was looking all over for me.  I went out and got him.  I just want to cry that he misses out on so much.  I still hurt inside for all the times my daughter is left out of conversations because family forgets to sign both sides of the conversation or interpret for the hearing what she has to say.  She is 46 years old and happy, but there are still those sadnesses every day from not being included.  Deafness takes a lot more work then blindness.  Even Helen Keller said if she could have either back, it would have been her hearing.
   Night:  Crosby made it to 10:45 pm.  He was not being bad.  He never is.  He was just feeling his 20th burst of play energy.  Lights low and everyone settled in from the storm, but he was ready to play.  He got his heavy Kong ball and brought it into the bedroom.  When I ignored him, he proceeded to toss it around.  It rolled under the bed several times and he had no trouble going under there after it.  Giving up on that game, he went into the living room where he tried to entice somebody to play.  Most likely Goofy.  He just does not know how loud he barks.  I finally had to put him out.  I just feel so sorry for him with no dog friend willing to play with him.  Boy, when they move into the house and I see their personalities and their needs, it sure changes my heart.  But sadly, not every dog is going to get a stay at home human and another dog their energy level to play with.  
8/7/11:  Peaches is on her way.  Loren is taking her to meet up with Luann, then down to Little Rock and on to Texas with her foster family.  Anytime one leaves, it is hard, but really hard when I know they are not going to a forever home.  Of course, even with an adopter, there is no guarantee.  The emotional stress of this, of rescue, is akin to a hospice nurse or a pediatric ward nurse.  You do what you can, but it never seems enough or good enough.  You just hope you made the right decisions.  I don't get over the wrong ones.  Thus, I just want to get all those decisions over with and only deal with my own guys and the hard enough decisions I will be making eventually with several that are getting up there in years and deteriorating health. 
   Letting go of Lady is hard too.  Talked to Carrie last night and Lady is scared.  I keep wondering if I should bring her back here.  But I don't have the time nor the room.  She may go to a shelter situation in NY.  I hate that, no matter how nice it may be.  Every dog should have a family.  Every dog should be in the house.  Every dog should know it is loved.  OK, maybe this is going to sound weird, but I want to deserve the trust and that unconditional love the dogs give me.  Everyone of them.
Afternoon: Loren asked me this morning if we got rain out of that thunder storm last night.  He had went to bed early to get up early and the thunder really roared about 8:00 or so.  I said yes, but not really remembering why I knew.  I'd been in a daze going through the house unplugging everything last night.  Dogs did not like it when the power went off, so I set up flashlights all over the house.  They are use to night lights in every room and ceiling fan lights turned down to very dim.  Then power came back on and I was going back through the house setting clocks and re-setting the alarm. This afternoon I remembered why I knew it rained when I went to put clean laundry on the bed to fold.  It was wet.  The bed, that is.  Then I remembered.  Sissy had been out in the down pour.  Half asleep, I dried her off to a degree and went back to bed.  She came up on the bed and cuddled into me as close as she could get.  She got me soaked too but too tired to care and not about to make her get down.  It takes every bit of strength she can muster to get up there. 
    Just got a call that Peaches made it to her foster home and all went well.  Very nice young man. 
8/6/11: Peaches will leave tomorrow.  As fate would have it, one of the transport volunteers has been 'reported' by 2 other rescues as not following through.  I just posted the story of this "Jane Doe" on my site and why we all need to be so careful who we hand dogs off to.  So Luann is coming to the rescue and meeting me tomorrow to get her where she needs to be.  People like Luann Glenn are the unsung Heroes for us rescues. 
    The weather relief was short lived.  Good bye 90's and here they come 100+.  One hundred three forecast for today.  Without a doubt that is conservative.  We will have to bring Shelby up later.  Just too hot for her.  That yard does not have the breeze and tree movement like the one Peaches is in. 
    Crosby almost got to stay up all night.  Not his fault entirely that he had to go out.  He just wants to play and Zelda is not as tolerant as the others.  Sissy got pretty aggressive too.  She is really old and does not tolerate 'childish nonsense'.  Right now he is sound asleep half under my chair. 
     Almost had a calamity this morning.  Since I thought Peaches was leaving, I only gave her a small dab of food.  Also, I was in a rush, so didn't do all the morning chores.  When I found out today was canceled, I got Peaches food and headed down.  I neglected to tell Fez where I was going.  When I walked out of the house, he chased from window to window following me.  He did not notice Loren was at his desk and bailed over him to look out the window.  I heard the yelling and ran back up the deck stairs.  After I explained to Fez where I was going, he was fine.  Now this is just plain creepy.  I guess I will need to have conversations with him every time I leave so he will know I am coming back and not to worry about me.  He has been doing other weird things too.  I know he has those ESP abilities that Keeton had.   Keeton could read my soul.  Fez just expects me to read his mind and then answer his concerns. 
8/05/11:  Rained a tad yesterday and more last night.  Cooled things down to a whopping low of 75 and high only in the 90's.  Not counting the high humidity.  I turned the AC off in the dog house.  Every dollar counts.
    I am just going through the motions every morning.  Mornings are harder then evenings.  All the extras mixed in food, a nights worth of poop scooping.  Fresh water is the same morning as evening.  I go down to the outside dogs thinking "I'll skip the poop until evening, but it never works that way.  I'm a zombie, just going through the motions until I gat back to the house.  Hopefully Peaches will be leaving tomorrow.  One less in the heat when the temps soar back into the triple digits as I'm sure they will.  Shelby finally appeared on the radio station site, but so late on Wednesdays listings, everyone moved on to Thursdays posts.  I  submitted again in hopes it will get put on any day before the end of that day.  I feel so sorry for her down there alone and in the heat.  A few hours up here a day does not cut it.
    Crosby is slowly catching on that no one wants to play with him but me.  He wants to be a dog and wrestle with other dogs but he is so rough.  He just does not understand no matter how threatening the others are to him, that he has to tone it down.  I have really been hoping to let him stay inside all night, but he pesters the others too frequently.  I'd get less sleep then I do now, if that is possible.  We did take a nap yesterday for 2 1/2 hours.  It was amazing and wonderful.  We just are going to have to work our lives around these guys schedule as I don't know how to keep all of them from barking at night.  It is barely 8:00 and I am ready for a nap... that's 8 a.m., not p.m.
   Evening:  Heard nothing on Lady's evaluation.  I Don't like not knowing and trying to sleep on uncertainty.  Fell asleep with Crosby in, but Zelda's growling woke me up.  These cat naps just mess me all up.  Sadly, I took him out.  He tries so hard to understand.  Peaches leaving tomorrow.  One more week at this time and I will be on the road to Springfield.  Terrified, but not as much so as I would have been last weekend. 
     Heard on both Ozzie and Cesar today.  both are doing great, but Cesar had a strange rash.  Some blisters that broke and bled.  They took him to the vet and he is on some antibiotics.  She does not know what is going on.  I've never heard of anything like that.
8/03/11: On the subject of Ice, many opposing opinions.  See Articles and you decide.
    Crosby keeps bringing me the tennis ball and dropping it at my feet.  He's glad to be back on "this side".  They were all on Bears side while we cleaned this morning.  Six dogs in a 13 x 15 room even with both central AC and a window AC still gets warm from body heat.  So Bear is back over there and I'm cooking in the house because as soon as they all got on this side, they sought out a vent and laid on it.  Goofy and Zelda have the 2 in the living room covered.  Fez has the one in the Dining room covered.  Crosby tired out after 3 short distance 'fetch' and is on the one next to me in the computer room.  Sweetness is on the other one in here.  Parker is on the bedroom one and Sahara has the kitchen one.  Poor Chipi is out of luck.  All covered up.  We just got back from town and the temp at the bank said 114!!!  Our car said 112.  At this temp, it really doesn't matter.  It's just too fricken hot!  The rain last night did cool it off this morning so I had not turned the air on for Hush and Penny.  Went right down there immediately and brought Shelby up.  Peaches is the only one without AC.  She is young, but I am still VERY worried.  I just have absolutely no where to put her.  I don't trust her with Crosby and she burned her bridges with Hush.  And I don't trust Hush with Crosby so can't bring him up here and let Peaches have his AC with Penny.  Nor can I disrupt the harmony with Sarge, Hanna and Journey in the shop.  I am just so grateful that so many people donated for the giant dog house last Christmas.  At least the two have AC in there.  Just didn't have enough money for the second one for behind the house.  
     I think of all the dogs out on chains or in little pens with no breeze and little, if any shade.  I want to cry for what they must be suffering.  A guy down the road use to have a medium size dog in a 10 x 10 with a makeshift dog house.  It got moved about 200 feet from the road a few months ago.  I know the dog was still in it back then.  There is no shade.  The weeds have grown up so high that I can barely see the dog house.  I have not seen the dog in some time.  If it were not so far on his property, I would go check, but this is a red neck and I'm sure I'd get a fine (or shot) for trespass.  I'm a coward.  If I'm in jail or the hospital, I can't take care of my own. 
    I emailed an ad for Shelby to the radio station last night.  Use to be if they were emailed before 8 a.m., they would be on that days listing.  It was not there so I called.  Now there is about a 36 hour delay.  Several hundred ads a day are being submitted!!!  People are desperate to raise money, be it to sell something or get work.  Anyway, I would love to find her a home locally with a senior citizen. 
8/2/11:  Trying so hard to get in a happy state.  I just feel so bad for the 2 dogs that don't have air conditioning.  We brought Shelby up again for several hours during the hottest part of the day.  I wish she would be accepted by some of the others, but I can't be out there to run interference if they don't.  She is use to her yard and when I moved her before, she was very unhappy.  The only place she wants to move to is the house.  I put an ad on the trading post.  It's a free radio thing that also has a website and lists the ads.  I'm trying to find a senior citizen to foster her... forever.  She would be so happy just to curl up at some ones feet and be cool.
    I'm so angry with Home Again microchips.  They have a security flaw and no intentions of changing.  I  emailed Petfinder since they partnered with them in hopes it will have more impact coming from them then me.  Long story short, if you want to steal a dog, just do it, scan for the chip, go online and transfer the registration into your name and it's yours.  You don't need any proof of ownership, transfer, sales receipt or adoption agreement.  Law enforcement will let the crook keep the dog, and Home Again will not release any transaction info without being subpoenaed.  I spent over $350 on these "free" chips to assure my rescues are safe if stolen, lost and found or dumped.  What a waste.  I'm not sure if it is too late to have the bank reverse the CC payment, but I plan to try.
    I got to let go of a few things.  Things that are tormenting me.  Dogs I could not take.  Mistakes I made in placing a dog now and then.   There is a glimmer of peace knowing one dog is getting another chance.  There are still a lot of great people out there offering help with nothing to gain.  Carrie with Last Chance Arkansas is one of them.  I will be forever indebted to her, no matter what the final outcome.  She is giving it her all.
8/1/11:  Almost 5 p.m.  Fed the inside dogs but will wait until it cools off to do the outside ones.  Brought Shelby up to the family room with Loren.  She is going to have heat stroke with such a thick coat and being old and 100+ temp.  Should have brought her up sooner, but I fell asleep at 1:45.  Just 'clunk' when I sat down to take a break from Crosby games.  Slept about an hour until I had a Crosby nose in my face.  I think he took a nap too.  Loren wanted lunch and we needed toilet paper, so grabbed a bite at Wendys.  Perry (Perry's Orphans Rescue) was outside Wal-Mart raising money for his rescue so while Loren went in the store, I talked to Perry.  He has approx. 100 dogs out there and only 2 people taking care of them.  His adoptions are way down also.  He will be 80 years old this year.  I don't want to 'be there' where he is in life.  If I live another 14 years, I want to be curled up on the sofa, Loren snuggled up next to me and no more then 8 dogs and no less then 4 dogs around us.  Always big and fluffy. 
7/31/11: I had 2 brief moments of joy yesterday and a whole lot of difficulties.  Sadly the negatives outweighed the positives.  The positives were 2 dogs went to their new homes.  In the process I lost a friendship.  My mind just is not working.  Approved 2 people for the same dog. I can't cut the dog in half or clone it.  I had to make a decision and it had to be what I felt was the best match for the dog.  I'm doing a lot of mindless things like that.  The other positive was the evening call from the other adopter.  I was unsure if she was happy when I met her with the dog I pulled for her from the HS on Friday.  I worried for several hours.  When she called, she was thrilled with him.  She stopped off at the groomers on the way home.  I knew Ozzie was not an OES, but thought maybe a large Bearded Collie.  I never even thought of a Briard.   Loren said he was one the most beautiful dogs he'd seen.  He was a beauty.  I will be putting up a page for him and on the adopted page as well.  Just take a few days.
     Friday was very stressful and ended really badly.  I had dropped Hush off at the vets and he had not been seen by 4:15 so I had them keep him there so Rob could look at him Sat. morning.  I had to be out at the HS at 5 to pull Ozzie.  I forgot to set up where I was going to put him.  Dog shuffling, especially when you have no where to put one while you move others is really complicated.  He wanted so much to be in with Lily and Crosby, but when dogs are confirmed adopted, I'm not going to introduce any changes or additions. Loren went to bed early, like at 2 or 3 p.m.  I was trying to get caught up on emails, phone calls, and get everything ready for Saturday.  Before I knew it, it was 11 pm and too dark to load the crate into the car.  I was up at 4:15 or so and trying to finish up.  Sun-up was about 6:15 so only 45 minutes to feed , water, poop scoop and get everything ready in the car and leave at 7.  The cell phone battery was almost dead.  We don't have a car charger for it.  The car only has one power source so it was either the cell phone or the GPS.  (I know that does not sound right, but that is what Loren said).  And the car needed gas.  Loren and I mis-communicated and the whole morning was screwed up.  After loading the car, I unloaded it into the SUV so I could have the cell and GPS and gas. I managed to get gone by 7:03 and Loren had to feed the house dogs.  The outside dogs got food and water, but the poop scooping just had to wait.   I got really confused on the trip to meet with the Ozzie person.  I kept calling Loren to be sure the gps 'lady' was heading me in the right direction. 
    Loren had to take Parker to the vet and pick up Hush from the vet, then go back and pick up Parker.  All in all, it was a busy day for both of us.  Had several dog fights break out in the afternoon when I got home.  We went for a hamburger.  I tried to do a little house cleaning before the adopters came. Electricity went off!!  That messed up plans for a much needed shower too.  (we are on a well).   Got power back on about 10 minutes before the adopters showed up.
   After a little TV, I spent the late evening on the phone until my ear hurt.  Still didn't get caught up on calls.  Emails either.  Finally went to bed about 11.  Dogs are still all at each other and were growling and blocking each others path and racing through the doggie door all night.  They finally settled down about 4 am.  I went to sleep and didn't wake up until 6:55.
    Today I brought Crosby up and put Hush and Penny down.  He needs to learn doggie social skills.  Everyone growls and nips at him because he does not understand they do not want to play and are not playing.  It is really sad to actually see how isolated he was.  He does play fetch and LOVES water.  A large wading pool filled clean daily in warm weather is going to be a must.  It is not taking long for me to really get attached to him just bringing him in for one on one time.
7/29/11:  I'm totally falling apart.  I don't think I can do this.  Everyone has a fear of something.  Most people have several fears to different degrees.  Unless we share someone's fear, we don't understand it and think it's silly.  My mother is so freaked out by mice that even the word or one on TV puts her into total hysteria.  Literally.  Screaming, panic attack, fainting.  Most of us do not have that extreme, but we can be paralyzed by fear.  Or just uncomfortable.  I'm somewhere in the middle right now.  It's not the drive.  It's the drive being alone.  I get lost.  Even with the "Lady".  (She gets lost too).  I have no sense of direction.  I literally can not cross the road to get gas because I will pull out of the drive way heading back the way I came.  It is my rule...Never cross the road for anything unless you want to go back from where you came.  Right turn in, right turn out.
    I was in St. Louis once.  I was not even driving but with someone who spent their life behind the wheel.  A hundred thousand miles a year was normal.  I, as a passenger was still terrified of all the traffic.  I learned to drive in Los Angeles!!  But I was 16 years old and that was 50 years ago.  And LA had east, west, south and north.  When I moved to Idaho, the town was built on a star so no streets went east, west, south or north.  Five roads would intercept all across town.  At that point, I totally lost my sense of direction and have never regained it.  It is like it was just all scrambled into a swirl. 
    It's 5 a.m. and I have been awake for several hours.  I emailed a friend/ adopter thinking if I went to visit her while up that way, it might make me feel better.  It would make the emotional stress of the trip better, but then who is going to care for the outside dogs.  They can go for a day without poop scooped but not several.  Fresh water twice a day is a must in this heat.  Dragging hoses, dumping dirty water and cleaning the coolers is very time consuming in 100 degree weather.  Loren is not up to it.  I've not seen Linda in ages so that is not an option.  No one knows the routine.  No one wants to know the routine.  It is hard work.  Even if I could afford to pay someone, getting in and out without a dog running off is a major concern. 
    Anyway, when I said I could, I thought I could overcome the fear.  It has went the total opposite.  I am more terrified then ever.
    Evening:  What a day!  I decided I just could not make the trip.  I got lost going to the groomers.  I have been stressed before but this has been the ultimate.  Thankfully Crosby's adopter has a similar 'traffic' phobia so she understood.  So instead of a trip this weekend, there will be a mini trip to meet an adopter.  Two trips to the vet.  And hopefully a few minutes to relax.  This has been a roller coaster of mega proportions and I don't even like the 'kiddy' ones. 
    So thank you all for the phone calls of concern.  To realize so many people care about me (and read my blog) is really amazing.  
     It's 10:30 and I never got the crate in the car or the dog stuff packed or it gassed up.  I hope I don't forget anything.  I need to re-set the alarm for half an hour earlier just incase I actually sleep past 5:00 a.m.  I need to feed everyone but Ozzie (I'll explain that one later) and be on the road by 7:00.
7/28/11:  It is almost August.  I wonder if we will actually have an autumn this year.  I hope so.  I am so tired, I actually wonder if I will see it or sleep right through.  Just thinking about Saturday has me tired.  1000 mile trip.  Alone.  If I had someone to go with, I would not be so freaked out.  I'll do fine until I get to St. Louis.  If there is a detour, I will have a nervous break down.  The "lady" does not understand detours.  "Off route.  Recalculating." 
    Peaches and Hush got in another fight.  I am not so sure it is Peaches fault.  If Loren can handle it, after I leave with Crosby, I want him to put Hush and Penny with Lily.  I just hope the GSD and Shelby get along.  If not, I have no where to put him.  My "I will make it work" is over.  There are several beautiful Pyrs in dire need of rescue.  I try not to open the emails, but sometimes the photos are gleaned off the usual cross postings and I don't realize I am opening an email that is going to have such hopeless eyes staring at me.  Or such eager faces saying "I know you will love me".  How did I get here?  What happened that my life jumped on this freight train that has no stops.  It just keeps circling the country.  No way to jump off.  Places so unfamiliar that if I did, I would want back on.  I want to curl up with my house dogs and let them snuggle me and even lick me from forehead to foot.  Slobber on all the sweaty, exposed skin.  And it would be ok because there would not be any dogs 'outside'.  I can't do enough.  None of us can.  Any real rescue knows.  Been there, felt it, cried over it, but kept going.  I care too much.  At least that is what I'm told.  How do I not.  Even the dogs that drove (and drive) me crazy, I still love them and only want the best.  Still worry that they are ok, even though many have been gone for 7 and 8 years.   Nothing will be calm in me until I know all 'my' dogs are in a special place. 
    Penny and Hush are so playful.  I wish Peaches could come back in.  She gets so happy.  I'm just too tired for another brawl.  I'd let them work it out, but it gets all the others so riled up and then they start snapping at each other.  There are dogs that come and I just feel inside "I wish I had not ended up with this one".  It is amazing how when they just don't go away, they become so 'different' in my mind.  Acceptance.  "You are quirky, but that's ok".  Peaches, Sarge and Shelby are three.  Breaking my heart that Sarge and Shelby will never 'fit' in the house pack and probably never leave.  Peaches fits the house dogs, but I hope she does not have to for long.  She needs her own person just like the others.  And my guys need me back.
7/27/11:   Afternoon:  It has been a horrid day. 
    So I have been sitting here waiting for call backs that have not come.  Making calls to figure out what is going on.  Quietly having a nervous breakdown.  Not getting emails on Peaches transfer to another rescue, the transport gap for Crosby, the application for Sarge, or confirmation from another rescue who was considering taking who ever was left on the urgent list.  I feel like Atlantis and the earthquake is coming.
7/26/11:  It's 10:30 and I should be in bed.  I am just too wired.  Irene is 'found'.  I still do not know who lost her, but I am paying to board her because I am here and she is in Colorado.  I have got to get someone to retrieve her and either get her into a reputable rescue (which Life is Better is NOT) or help get her back to me.  Tomorrow will be another long day on the phone.  Loren may have a long drive for Lily to go to her new home.  Or it might be Thursday.  Still working hard to get a leg filled for Crosby to get to WI.  Peaches is going to Doodle Rescue.  Several inquires about Sarge, but no commitments.  Two are potential adopters which is preferable.  Nothing on Shelby or Brandy.  Not on Hanna either.  Some may just not get to go and I will just have to work around the fact.  No one wants old dogs or sick dogs no matter how wonderfully sweet they are.
    I know some funny things happened today.  I remember going to take a moment and blog them.  But that was over 12 hours ago.  The 'good morning' went to pot with the 10 a.m. phone call about Irene.  You ever have one of those experiences when you were just not sure if you needed to be happy or sad?  I am so grateful to know Irene is safe, but on the flip side, I now have a responsibility I was totally unprepared for, emotionally and financially.  I want her back, but I don't want her back.  I want her happy.  I want me happy.  I think I forgot that feeling.  I long for it.  Loved, I feel.  Needed, I feel.  Important, I feel.  Joy just escapes me. 
    I did just remember one thing.  I learned that a bank will not honor 2/3s of a dollar bill.  It has to be 3/4ths.  I'm not sifting through poop to find another 1/12th.  Peaches, you owe me a dollar!  
7/25/11:  3 a.m.:  Dogs were so quiet and still are.  I got 4 solid hours of sleep!  That is amazing.  More then I ever get in a row.  So now I can't go back to sleep.  Like waking up from a restful nap.  Anyway, I can't go back to sleep because I keep replaying yesterday in my head.  I had hired someone a month ago and his 18 year old son came out.  Did an excellent job and I gave him extra.  The dad sent the 24 year old this time.  It was a disaster.  It does not take a rocket scientist to pull weeds or weed eat.  It may take a little skill to know how to cut back rose bushes.  The weed eating does not even look done.  He did manage to kill a tree.  How hard is it to distinguish a tree with a 4" base from a weed.  How about 2 trees?  But man, those weeds are standing up proud and tall!  The weeds that needed pulled are broke off.  They are the 'runner' weeds that are so easily uprooted then you have something to grab hold of.  Not so easy now that they are broke off an inch from the ground.  I have allergies way to bad to do it myself.  $40 just thrown away.  It will all have to be redone.  And I am sick about the trees and the missing lilies and several rose bushes.  They are just gone!  Maybe I should have tied ribbons around the things that were not weeds.  I stood out there and went over it.  Showing him what was a flower.  He said he liked gardening and that he knew these things.  I paid him to go away.  He is oblivious to why I don't want him to come back and 're-do' it.  I'm not paying the same person twice.  Anyway, $40 may not seem like much, but it is to me and the dogs.  It is almost 2 bags of dog food.  It was my money, not Ozark Dogs, but money that still would have ended up on the dogs anyway.  And it paid for nothing positive.  I might as well have handed the 20 dollar bills to the dogs to eat.  At least my trees would not be dead and my lilies missing. 
     Speaking of eating money, Peaches did.  I'm not sure where she found it or exactly how much, but I retrieved a one dollar bill from her mouth.  Well, a little over half a one dollar bill.  The face is in tact so I think the bank will replace it.  I'm not going to be looking for the rest!
      Penny, Hush and Fez noticed I'm in here at the computer and have curled up next to me.  Bear is on the bed and has been all night.  He is terribly depressed.  He really wants to join the rest, but I am scared to try it.  I've seen him in action and I am not strong enough to separate several one hundred pound dogs in a frenzy.  I am reading his calm, but I can't read theirs until he is in the room.  Then it would be too late.  I just wish I had people I could trust to hold onto the others... calmly. 
    Going back to bed and try to get some more sleep.  Hope I didn't jinx the quiet. 
7/23/11:  Taking a moment to rest.  Cesar is in the family room waiting for his new family to arrive and meet him.  Shelby has been 'crying' for him.  I just wish I had an 'in house' option for her.  Once a few more leave and if she has not, I might be able to give her the shop with someone.  Just not sure who.  I just wish so much she had a family.  She is so sweet, old and loving.  Her and Sarge just break my heart.  But I have to remember I have a house full of senior citizens who are not getting the attention they should have.  It is time to change course.  My plan is to use any resources that come my way to keep dogs in their homes.  Help the low income and senior public with dog food, preventative and vet care.  My goal is for all the dogs that are here to be in the house.  Be that 9 or 14.  The yards are great but lack the human presence they all need.  I need to know if I end up unable to care for them, they can be cared for easily here by someone else.  I've just been so physically miserable, and I can't keep thinking it is going away.  I am sure the physical is due to emotional stress.  
7/22/11:  So much for a nap I planned to lay down for over an hour ago.  Actually I did make one attempt that lasted about 5 minutes.  Loren had laid down and I wanted to try to get some real sleep for 2 hours.  I leashed up Penny, Hush and Peaches to go down with Lily since Crosby is at the groomers.  That yard has the giant dogs house and the AC.  In an attempt to get out the door, Fez went too.  He didn't run off, just want to the car and wanted in.  I'm yelling.  Woke Loren up.  No way to get a leash for Fez.  Too hot to put him in the car even for 5 minutes and with no keys to even roll a window down.  Even if I had opened the car door, all 4 would have jumped in.  Luckily Loren got up, let Fez in the car while I hung onto the others for dear life.  There are always leashes in the car so he got him hooked up and back in the house.
    Went in the bedroom with Bear and laid down.  That was my 5 minutes.  The bark alert sounded so knew someone was out.  I was certain I had latched the lower gate securely.  It was Shelby and Cesar at the front door.  I ran around to the family room and out the back door and called them.  They came running.  They are in there now cooling off.  They are good so they will be fine by themselves.  I put a chair in front of the door as a reminder so I don't go opening it and have a dog fight.  They would be strangers in 'my' dog territory.  So now an hour and a half has passed and I will be picking up Crosby soon. 
     Need to make a decision on adopter for Crosby.  Have several good people.  Just a matter of what's best for him.  A potential for Hush.  But no fence.  Will be talking to her about that tonight.  And someone real interested in Cesar.  That would be so great.  He is such a sweet boy and I really want him to get into a better place then he has here.  I am hoping Shelby will go back to the rescue in Memphis since I have got no one here wanting her.
    Evening:  Made a lot of decisions.  Hope they are the right ones.  Just not functioning physically or mentally at full capacity.   Cesar has an adopter coming tomorrow.  Hush may go tomorrow or Sunday.  I am really going to miss him.  He has become my shadow.  Really need someone for Shelby and Peaches.  I tried a little dog re-shuffling but Peaches tore the foam rubber under the AC unit and some how managed to un-plug it.  Had to put her back in the garage yard.  Just too hot in there, but looks like rain tonight and it did cool off this evening. 
7/21/11:  I thought Loren went fishing as the dogs got all riled up at 4:30.  He's asleep or trying or there is a dog under the covers. 
     Someone gets a bath today.  Five are in need, but he could only get one in this week.  I'm flip-flopping on who.  Know I will make the wrong decision.  It's only been 8 days since Crosby was neutered.  He's who I really want to get in.  Shelby has not had a bath and she needs it worse.  Hush had one a few months ago but with all the playing he and Penny do, a lot of 'slobber' has clung and dried.  Penny needs for the same reason Hush does.  Sahara, Goofy and Parker are yucky too.  Guess that makes 6.  Good thing he gives me a great deal.  Lady I talked to yesterday pays $100 more for her big dog then I do, but then she is in the north.
    Evening: 102 today not counting humidity.  Lily and Crosby stay in the dog house in front of the AC almost all day and night.  I wish I had a building and AC for Shelby and Cesar.  I tried to give them that one but they didn't like change.  We did bring them both to the house for a few hours this evening.  I wish I had gotten Shelby the bath instead of Hush, but she will go in Tuesday.  Crosby is going in tomorrow even though it is one day early on the neuter.  There is a new lady at the vets at the front desk and I am not fond of her.  When I ask a question that needs a vet to answer, I want the vet's opinion, not hers.  I will be discussing it with them.  If she is trained specifically for this purpose, then I have no problem with it. 
   Got a call from the lady who adopted Misty, the pint size German Shepherd.  All is going great.  Always like those updates.  Been trying to reach a few adopters who have not kept in touch with me but get "their mail box has not been set up" so can't leave a message to call me back.  I prefer talking when it's been awhile as they can't 'think' quick enough not to be caught in a lie.  Email gives them time to say how wonderful everything is even if they gave the dog away without my permission.   Those fears are always in the back of my mind... no, always right there in the center of my thoughts.  I care too much and find it harder and harder to trust.  Harder to trust my own judgment as much as other people.
    A few more phone calls to return and one that won't get returned because after playing the message 6 times, I gave up on understanding the number.  I have caller ID, but if I am on the phone with someone, it does not record it.  As was this case. 
7/20/11:  New printer arrived.  The ink cartridge is not the same.  GRRR!  Same size and shape, but the new has a little corner shaved off for an elect. connection.  Dumb.  I don't need my ink illuminated.  Bet this ink will be $10,000 a gallon.  I've got needles for the dogs meds so I will refill those things with my ink when needed. 
    I've been fighting off something for almost a week.  Just that feel like crap feeling and a lot of dizziness.  Room spins, outside spins.  I'm not spinning, just everything around me is.  Has slowed down everything I have to do.  Luckily it does subside off and on.  It adds to the challenge of maneuvering around dogs when they seem to be flying through space too.
    Ivermectin day.  A day late but forgot to buy hamburger to put it on. Started at 6:30 washing dog bowls (forgot last night) and cooking the hamburger I went to Wal-mart to get.  I rarely buy groceries at Wal-mart.  Good Lord!!  $4 a pound for hamburger and it was terrible.  Supposedly the same % as at the other store where they grind it themselves but it was $2.79 last week.  That's what I get for craving the ice cream that the other store does not carry.  Anyway, by the time everyone got their 'casserole'  and the ivermectin measured out, served and water and poop scooped, it was 9:30.  I planned to make French toast for breakfast, but Loren said we will go have pizza at 11. 
    Peaches is improving now that I can let her spend time in the house.  The food aggression is still there, but not near as insane.  I do have to put her out if I am cooking or even plan to get in the fridge.  Her and Hush get the snarly faces on.  He is just responding to her ESPing over to him that if something drops on the floor, she is claiming it.  She is not hungry, just possessive.
    Penny is still traumatized from her
7/18/11:  Lesson:  If you step in dog poop, don't stand down slop in your stocking foot while you spray off your shoe.  Lesson 2:  make sure your shoe laces are tucked in before spraying off shoe which is uphill from stocking foot.  Lesson 3: Don't try to hop on one shoed foot when you are 66 years old standing on slope.  None of this is a wise way to start the morning. 
    I have got to get some of these old dogs into foster homes.  I made up a flyer and my printer quit.  We took it apart and cleaned it and did all the stuff the book said, but it's not going to work.  We had to find a replacement printer that will take the same ink cartridges.   Ours took 8 colors and we have 20 unopened and 8 partials in the thing.  Printers are relatively cheap compared to the ink. (my ink is $24 a cartridge for 13 ml.)  And we bitch about gas prices?  With 128 oz in a gal. if we were driving on ink it is $7094.69 a gallon.   Now that you all are getting out your calculators :-)  
   The oil on our road has now been covered in gravel.  I'm not sure how well the dogs feet will take this.  We had asphalt!
   Afternoon: Saying 'no room' is so hard.  A beautiful senior GSD needs help.  I have a soft spot for GSD's  Especially seniors.  But I am no good to any here if I collapse.  Saying no haunts me.  It is all too overwhelming. 
    Peaches in by my feet, under my desk.  Penny a few feet to the side.  Both asleep.  So is everyone else.  Sahara's internal clock must be broke.  It's almost 4.  Feeding time.  But I'm not telling.  I'm so tired, I'm near tears.  Shear exhaustion.   I love them all and I try so hard.  Peaches is such a challenge but if she is not in the house, she will never learn.  A lot of 'time outs' but she is a smart girl and catching on.  Show teeth, and out you go.  Fortunately I just got a great adopter for Crosby.  Now to determine how to get him to Wisconsin.   I have a really good applicant for Journey too, but Massachusetts is a big problem, distance and laws.  I just can't drive the 9 hours round trip to put him on transport to a neighboring state.
7/17/11: Things can change in an instant, as was the case yesterday.  Mazi got to go to her forever home after all.  I am so happy for her.  The trip was a long one, though.  Got the call around 1:45.  We drove 2 1/2 hours to meet.  Mazi greeted them as if she knew.  It was love at first sight all the way around.  Since we had not eaten all day, we decided to add an hour to the trip and detour to a place we like.  The line was long and I'm sure it would have been at least an hour wait, if not 2.  So we headed to Branson to our second choice.  Never had dinner there, but lunch many times. Dinner is expensive, comparatively.  We finally got home around 8:15 p.m.  The fur kids were not speaking to us.  I had to really hustle to get the dogs all fed and watered before it got dark.  It was half-ass on the water, but they all got some fresh.  I brought Hush back to the house.
    I brought Penny to the house this morning.  That just leaves Lily and Crosby together.  Lily stays in the dog house with the AC most of the time.  Crosby understands the doggie door and the coolness, but prefers to hang around outside.  I still have Peaches in the garage yard.  Today I let her in.  She is improving with the other dogs, but did 'slip' several times and had to have 'time out'.  I took a nap... correction... I laid down about 2:00 and took her in to the bedroom with me.  I don't trust her completely so I rested in a semi conscious state.  She curled up next to me.  Sometimes chewing a Nylabone, sometimes giving me kisses, and occasionally getting so close, she was laying on my head.  Once she finally fell asleep, I tried not to move.  Mistake.  I was in some weird position (which happens when you have a dog practically on your head) so got up really hurting.  Luckily all the poop got scooped this morning and all the water changed as I could barely bend to set the bowls down this evening. 
     It's now 9:00 pm and Sweetness is telling me she wants in.  She spends her day with Bear.  Not because she wants to, but because everyone over on this side picks on her.  At night she sleeps on the bed with me where she is safe from growls.  Fez and Hush vie for the AC vent next to the bed.  Last night Hush won.  I'm not sure who is waiting for me there now.  I'll know shortly.
7/16/11:  (3:57 a.m.)  Just finished brushing Sahara for 45 minutes then she abandoned me.  Filled a grocery bag.  Then worked on Sissy until she left.  That was about 15 minutes.  Her coat is short, but ASD's perpetually blow coat. 
    I'm not use to such calm.  Bear and Sweetness shared my bed with me.  I got the top.  They got the rest.  I never have to turn the mattress, I just turn me.  Fell right to sleep at a few minutes after 9.  Some barking at 11:55.  Went back to sleep until just before 3.  Knew I'd never go back to sleep so when I saw the opportunity of sleeping dogs who needed combed...
    I really missed the kids being up here.  I wondered how Tehya is doing.  I'm wondering if I dare let Peaches in after breakfast.  I'm wanting to let Journey join the kids but he was not to fond of Crosby jumping all over him.  Amazing how just one dog leaving, even though it was only here a week, can open up possibilities.  If Peaches, Shelby and Sarge could find homes, the possibilities would be almost endless...  But you know what?  Everyone left would end up at the house and there would be 17 in here rather then the quiet 9.  I can feel myself slipping over the edge.  Actually falling off a fence.  I lose it because I save one that puts me off balance to the left or I put everyone I have on the right.  That makes very little sense.  I'm going back to bed.
7/15/11:  The year is more then half over.  Placed 20 dogs (that stayed gone) plus 4 courtesy listings (with 2 more pending) and returned 3 to their owner.  A little shy of last year so far.  
    A real challenge to get Panacur down Crosby.  He does not understand treats and won't take from my hand.  This precious boy needs a lot of people interaction.  As for dogs, he is the most enthusiastic guy I've had in awhile.  He and Penny go non-stop.  The others would wear out before her, but not him.  He is so big and does not understand really how to play.  I worry he will hurt Penny, but she keeps coming back for more.  What is really strange is that Fez wants to play with him.  At first I was unsure what was going on.  Fez was growling when Crosby would jump on and over him.  (Crosby can really get air).  But it was just play growl, I guess because Fez keeps wanting to be with him.  It makes me wonder if Fez has a 6th sense about his deafness or just a fondness for a silly guy.
    Last night I was in total meltdown.  The adoption cancelations have really messed me up.  I would not have taken Crosby.  It is good I got him before the cancelation, but space is just not there.  I know where I want to put everyone, but with Peaches and with Tehya, I am stuck with 14 in the house.  If those 2 were gone, I'd have the big yard down below with the giant dog house with the air conditioner to put the 5 young ones in.   I could move Peaches to the garage, but she insights riots where ever she is.  Great dog for an only dog home or someone highly experienced with multiple dogs.  A rescue or shelter situation is just not good at all for her.  She needs less chaos and more stability. 
    I did get a lot of sleep last night.  I had to put a bark collar on Lily.  She thinks the minute I go to bed is the time to turn on her bark.  I hurt her feelings, but we both had to live with it for the night. 
    Hush is earning his keep.  He now sleeps under my bed.  I no longer have to dust mop under there!  Of course when he crawls out in the morning, clouds of dust fill the air.  I don't know how he gets under there.  He always needs help getting out.
   Shelby was feeling good this morning.  Exceptionally so.  She was hopping around and acting silly.  I have never seen her that way.  It was really nice.  Maybe she will start playing with Cesar.  He really wants someone to play with. 
   Evening:  Tehya got adopted.  Things don't normally go so fast, but I just felt really good about the people and the granddaughter was the deciding factor.  When she kissed Tehya goodbye and walked out of the gate, Tehya just looked like she was losing her best friend.  The little girl looked awfully sad too. 
    It is so quiet... so far.  Not that Tehya made any noise, but I put all the 'children' down in that yard.  Peaches had to come to the garage yard because she would have un-sighted a riot and don't want Crosby hurt if they get in a frenzy.  The dog house was hot so I turned on the AC.  I think I probably turned it on too much so will need to turn it off in the morning or the bill will be my demise.  The insulation is really good, so it will stay cool most of the day once it reaches a cool temp.
    The old guys are happy to have the 'kids' gone, but I think Fez will miss Crosby being in the house.  I miss Hush already.  He is my dust mop.  I also really miss seeing them play this evening.  I just need a little space for a few days.  Only 9 dogs in the house tonight.  So weird!!!  Almost lonely.  But Bear is on the bed waiting for me to come to bed. 
     Someone is coming Sunday to look at Peaches.  They are local.  Sound young.  They have another dog, so not sure how that will play out.  If she goes, it will really relax things around here.  And I am not replacing either yet.  I need Shelby and/or Sarge gone before I take on another or I will be right back to no space.  
7/14/11:  6:53 a.m.:  Breakfast can wait.  The four are having such a great time playing (have been since 4:55) that I hate to see it interrupted by feeding them. 
    Zelda hurt herself last night.  Not sure exactly what or how or where.  She was asleep in the doorway to the family room and I made her move as several needed out to go potty.  She got up, spun around and stepped down the step and fell.  Then she would not put her left paw down.  She let me massage the shoulder and upper leg but not the lower or touch the paw at all.  If she is not better by 9:30, I guess we will be going in for x-rays.  The vet bills are going to start stacking up again.  Not getting the adoption fees on the dogs I thought were going has really messed me up paying for this spay and neuter and having Journey checked.  It would have balanced.  I get so annoyed that the HS spends $45,000 a MONTH (yes, there is no decimal point there) with only 38 dogs (equal amount of cats) and people donate big bequeaths to them.  I could take care of that many animals for a YEAR with that kind of money.  I know because I take care of a fourth on a fourth of that for a year, and I don't get free dog (or cat) food like they do.  Wish people would understand how us small rescues are so much more financially responsible then many big groups who have been around for years.  We do so much more on so much less. 
7/13/11:  Another dog not leaving. Bad enough having returns but cancelations before they are even gone?  Actually that is preferred.  Less stress on the poor dogs. 
   Sarge could of had a great home today but the wife is a little bitty thing and he is just too hard to handle.  I think Hush would be a good match for them, but they had more of a stout, shot coated dog in mind. 
    I just opened a new batch of Nylabones.  They are identical but hush thought he needed to sample everyone before the others could have one.  He got a time out outside for a few minutes until all the bones had been slimed a little.
   It's only 6:25 pm, but it's some R&R time in front of the TV.  Made some attempts to return missed calls, but any returns will just have to wait until tomorrow.  I'm not answering tonight.  Too tired.  
7/12/11 gone but not forgotten:  It's after midnight and I have not gotten any peace... or sleep.  It's a full moon.  I tried to do the best for the dogs and it backfired.  They don't like change, even if it means being in 100 degree weather rather then in a 75 degree room.  But let me start at the beginning as I'm about to do my day in reverse.
    I tried to start my day at 5 but just could not seem to stay focused on getting the necessities done.  Nancy and Betty came at 7 to walk dogs.  Only half got to go as just too hot.  They set in the shop with Sarge, Hanna & Journey giving them attention for about half an hour while Loren and I took the ASD into be spayed.  They left and I cleaned for the second day in a row.  It is a total waste of time with 13 dogs in the house and a dirt road out front.  (that is suppose to change today so we had to park below so we can get out when they spread oil).  Took Journey in for HW test, rabies and his neuter checked.  Infected as I suspected.  I had already started him on antibiotics but they added some pain meds.  He was negative.  Yeah!  Anyway, we dropped him off and went to lunch.  We bought an AC for the big dog house.  Picked up Journey and then Loren took a nap.  I single handedly took down the temporary kennel divider and actually got the panels out the gate and drug over to the shop.  Not an easy feat for 66 year old lady in 102 degree weather while trying to keep a deaf OES from going out the gate.  Since a heavy duty power cord was $60, I re-routed the one we had and crossed my fingers it would reach.  It did, but to make it reach, it had to be in a straight line.  That meant stooping down and going through a near impassible thicket.  I know I had all kinds of microscopic critters crawling on me.  Took the hose and soaked myself.  I was dry by the time Loren came down to help.  An hour to get it all set and running.  Crosby, the OES was a very eager helper.  Every time I'd pick the AC up to put it in the window (which is at floor level) he would try to go through the window too.  He really likes Loren. 
    Since Shelby had drank so much water and I think that is what caused her bloat, I switched her and Cesar with Crosby so they could have the AC.  I made a brief attempt to have the three together.  Not going to happen. 
    Barking has not stopped.  About an hour and a half ago I put bark collars on a few.  No affect. Peaches was in the garage yard and continued to insight a riot. Decided to return everyone to their original place.  In order to do this, I had to have an empty place to start.  The yard lights have been out for some time.  The back light was on and a small flashlight hanging from my mouth.  It kept going off.  Full moon did help some.  I took Crosby out from the yard behind the house and put him in the shop office.  Then I went and got Shelby and Cesar and put them back behind the house... Correction... "attempted".  I am just to old and weak to move two 100 pound dogs at the same time.  Bad enough in the dark, added to that it is still in the 90's heat wise. 
    About 25 minutes later, they had run themselves tired and thirsty.  All I could think of was Shelby might bloat again.  They had sought their revenge on Sarge.  He had gotten away from me a day or 2 ago (I lose track of not only time but days) and spent 45 minutes circling their yard, barking and just stirring up trouble.  Now it was their turn.  Result consisted of a bruised arm scraped against a tree, bruised leg and stepped on something and my arch kept cramping. 
     Peaches was next as she had to go in the back area of the lower yard first to save me going all the way around.  That went reasonably well, but I had not used that space so had to get water in there.  That takes effort lugging an ice chest full of water.  Then another (always 2 in case one tips over).  Then back to Crosby and put him back in the yard with the dog house and air conditioner.  Everyone settled down and I slept.
7/11/11:  After a long day yesterday, culminating in the race around the house, I discovered this morning that I had done a really dumb thing....  I put the pieces of the armadillo in the wheelie trash dumpster that sits by the back door.   NOT smart!  Trash is not picked up until Friday (1) which means yesterday it was almost empty so the guts are way in the bottom, unreachable by human hands.   (2) Since it was just grabbed up in a plastic bag and some paper towels, it did not exactly become confined in the bag so fell out when I dropped it in, no way to get it on a stick.  (3) The smell... well, opening the lid takes a gas mask.  I think the plan is going to be to put the wheelie trash thing out by the road and just carry the trash to it all week.  Take a deep breath before approaching it and run like hell after dropping the lid back down.  Not even going to look.
    I had this really bad feeling all night and it's nagging me still this morning.  I moved dogs last night (before armadillo adventure) and was just going on instinct on who went where.  Everyone was fine this morning and all getting along.  So I need to call my mom soon.  She won't be up yet as the time difference.  When I get this feeling, there is something not right.
    Late afternoon:  A moment of rest.  Just finished adding ice to all the water.  Brought Shelby and Cesar up again.  I know it is crazy, but I really feel like I need to buy a window AC for the garage space and the giant dog house.  Those fans just do nothing but move 102 degree air around.  
    Moment interrupted...  Evening:  I'm bleeding again.  Not sure who 'got me' breaking up a fight between Peaches and Hush.  Hush tried to avoid it.   He is such a good dog.  Peaches just kept going at him and I was using all my strength to get her into the garage yard.  Actually I may not have been bitten.  I could have ripped the gash in my arm from a stray wire on the gate or what ever.  Didn't even know it until blood started pouring.  It's about 2" from the scar Sweetness left on me last month. 
     It is going to get down to 75 tonight so the foursome can just run on the property.  I need sleep and Sahara needs peace.  She is reluctant to come in when the 'kids' are inside.  I worry about her as her coat is so thick.  Never had a dog with such a thick coat.  Shed her out all day and hardly anything comes off.  Never mats.  Bunny soft.   
7/10/11:  10 p.m. long day that did not end well.  I just finished chasing dogs through the house trying to get a dead armadillo away from them.  The other one was way over on another property, so this is victim number two.  At least it was not a skunk and at least we have a lot of cans of Fabreeze.  Enough said about the day. 
7/9/11:  I knew it was going to happen, but I did not project it in my thoughts.  It was just inevitable.  Hyde sneaks out.  Dog fight and neither was going to give it up.  At least I can handle two 55 pound dogs.   I had already turned off the water and the hose was 50' away.  Just grabbed.  Got lucky, especially since the fight was by mutual animosity.  The pup does not know me well enough yet to even try to challenge my foot pushing her away.  I do know if my fingers do not get a break from the pull of dogs, they will break.  My arthritis can't handle this.  My ring finger is so swollen from trying to get Cesar back in his yard during the fireworks, the ring won't come off.  He really did some damage just from pulling on the leash.   I'm too old for this.
     Now I really don't know where to put the OES and I only have 2 hours to figure it out.  I can't even board one of the dogs without paying a fortune because my groomer is not there until Tuesday.  He gives me a good break on that too.  So the ASD will be spayed Tuesday and the OES neutered on Wed.  Hopefully I can get something worked out for the rest of the week.  I do have 2 kennel panels but 10 x 10 would be awfully small even for a few days.  I don't have a gate panel or shelter anyway.  Guess I better go size this all up. 
    Evening:  I don't need another July 9th.  I seem to remember saying that about a similar date last year.  Anyway, I went down and took the 2 extra kennel panels and rigged them across to where the dog house was in the new yard I was creating.  It is pretty makeshift, but if no one plays crocodile, it should hold for the few days I needs it.  Only have an exterior gate but could probably not slip through an inside one anyway.  Scavenged 2 ice chests that were destined for the trash.  Got everything ready.  Peaches and the ASD were still going at it through the fence.  "Crosby" arrived around 11:00.  He is a total nut!  But he is also a pain.  Maybe when he settles in... I hope.  Right now he is un-phased by the bark collar.  So is Journey.  Must be an OES thing.  No sense of smell or else no sense of association.  I bark, it sprays. 
    As for the rest of the events, I am pretty upset at my vets answering service.  Long story short, the idiot gal never reached a vet.  I have been waiting since 2:30.  It is now 9:00 p.m.  I told her the dog was dying in my arms but she said she had "rules".  She could not call the vet, she could only text and she did not know who was on call.  I hope she gets fired and I hope they find another service.  Luckily I did the right things and after an hour of sitting on the vet office ground in front of the door waiting, we went out to Janices.  Shelby definitely had bloat.  Actually by the time we got there, I had massaged away several inches and a lot of hardness.  She is looking normal now.  She will still need closely watched.
    So to sum things up, I was up at 5, finished morning chores by 8.  Got the fence in place by 10:30.  Answered email until the OES arrived at 11.  She did not leave until 1.  Got some lunch, went down to do water at 2:20 and discovered Shelby ready to burst.  Yelled at Loren to get ready to go.  Called the vet (service) and said we were on our way.  There by 2:30.  Gave up around 3:30.  Got home from Janices around 4:30 after stopping at the pharmacy to get Shelby some GasX.   Phone calls.  Shelby threw up a pint of water.  Four beach towels to soak it up.  Finished feeding and fresh water.  Poop scooping will wait until morning.  By then it's near 7.  Walked Shelby so she could potty.  She looks normal now.  Guess throwing up all the water she drank did something.  Everyone is barking because the OES's are barking.  I am about to take shower number 5.  The new dog stinks.  A farm smell, but it could be because he is in where the ASD was.  She stinks.  He must have gotten against stuff she got against.  He loves water so he may get a bath tomorrow and I am going to cover the ground with DE if I can remember where I put the sifter I use for it.  A moment of silence....  Good night (after another shower and clothes into the wash), I hope.
7/8/11:  I figured the deaf Old English Sheepdog was not coming.  WRONG!  Not a clue where I will put him.  He is not neutered.  The one I'm holding a few days for someone else is not spayed.  She could come in heat.  ASD / OES puppies would not be cool!  Him being deaf is a bigger problem then not being neutered.  Neutering I can fix in a few days.  Deaf is forever.  He won't hear the warning growls but I think he will 'feel' the other dogs emotions.  Penny felt Bears bad vibes when she jumped the fence.  I need to do some quick research in the morning.  Too tired tonight.
    One dog to the vet for eye tumor surgery.  Then a run to the groomer.  Journey was so matted it took over 3 1/2 hours of them working on him.  He was so caked with crud that they use 4 pint bottles of shampoo.  The most expensive dog I have had groomed to date, but I sure can't complain.  They are just so terrific and still a real bargain.  Anyway, Journey looks a bit 'thin of coat' because most of what he had was mats.  He will definitely need an adopter willing to do daily brushings and grooming every 3 months. 
    Peaches is either teaching the ASD pup bad habits or they are just surfacing on day 2.  Now I have 2 dogs with food aggression issues.  Neither is really hungry and does not care to eat.  It's a possession thing.  I don't have the energy to work on it.  Just separate, put down bowls.  Pick up bowls.  Let them back together.  If just one dog has an issue with it, I can work on it.  But 2 sharing space... just easier to avoid.  Wrong attitude, but the ASD is suppose to leave Sunday. 
    Speaking of the ASD, I don't know if she has fleas, ticks or got into poison ivy.  She rode with her head on my right leg bringing her here.  That leg is covered in welts.  And ITCH!  Even in my sleep I was scratching until I made some raw and woke myself up from the pain.  I had showered before going to bed, but I was up at 4 a.m. taking a bath and scrubbing like crazy.  I was trying to 'wash away the itch.  It did not work.  My leg looks so terrible, I wore long pants today, even in this heat.
  Lord, what am I going to do with a deaf OES!   Guess I'll figure something out.  Going to bed and try not to think about it.
7/7/11:  Picked up my friends ASD for her.  It's a really sweet pup but awfully timid.  Hopefully it will come out of it's shell tomorrow.  I've been down there several times petting her and coaxing her to eat.  I have a little water diversion area with bricks and she was curled up on it.  The bricks are not level and she did not look a bit comfortable so I put some old but clean sweatshirts on the place and covered them with a sheet.  Of course, she wants nothing to do with the space now.  She watched with great interest when I threw the ball for Peaches and Peaches brought it back.  We played for about 15 minutes.  I was hoping the ASD would come over out of curiosity, but she just watched.  I hate when they are confused and scared.  Then she gets to start all over in a few days when she goes to her forever home. 
    I don't like breeders, but I must say this lady was very concerned where this pup was going and how it was doing.  She called before we even made it home to check.  I admire that.  I know some dogs are content to be out in a goat field living to do the job they were bred to do, but canines are a social species and they do like people.   I do believe this person really cares about her field dogs.  But I still have my reservations about a lot of aspects of the whole breeding for bit bucks thing.
    I should be taking a nap but lunch did not agree with me.  I'll just go to bed early.  Have an hour before they wake from their nap and want dinner.  Hush is under my desk.  Penny is asleep with her head on the leg of my office chair and Fez is asleep cuddled right up behind her with his paw under my chair.  I don't dare move or someone is liable to get an ear or paw hurt.  I can see Sahara and Mazi in the living room asleep.  I know Goofy is asleep behind the sofa.  Parker is on the bed with Loren.  He is taking a nap.   Zelda was in front of my bedroom door last time I exited.  I'm sure the other 5 are asleep near an AC vent too.  I really do need to work my sleep and awake time around that of the dogs.  Maybe then I would not be so tired being up until after midnight listening to them bark.... Only one not asleep is Sweetness.  I can hear her in Bears room wanting in on this side.  She will survive.  I can't escape to let her over. 
7/6/11:  The hell week seems to be over, at least as far as fireworks.  Last night was calm and I actually got quite a bit of sleep.  Yesterday and the day before were quite a different story.
    Lesson 1: when dogs escape, check the yard before closing them back in.  While they were away, the Armadillo invaded.  The Armadillo died.  The Armadillo stunk. 
    Lesson 2: don't get sidetracked while removing a dead stinky Armadillo in 100 degree weather.  Four hours in the heat is not a smell one forgets... or a sight, either.
    Lesson 3:  How to dispose of a dead, stinky, bloated, stiff Armadillo when the road to your 'disposal site' has been freshly oiled between the time you found the dead, stinky critter and the time you remembered what you were doing with the dead, stinky, bloated, stiff critter. 
    You get a low lipped tub with a handle, tilt it on it's side and use a hoe to roll the dead, stinky critter in to the tub.  Remembering not to breath, you tip the tub upright, grab the handle and pull it 20 feet away from the dog yard.  You do not want to go about finishing feeding, watering, poop scooping and then walking all 19 dogs.  That dead, stinky Armadillo may be something you want to forget, but not until it is properly (or at least adequately) removed from sight and smell.  So if you do forget, it will not take long to remember when you come out of the house 4 hours later to put ice in the dogs water.        
     Approaching the tub was definitely not pleasant.  No way was I going to reach down and lift it or even pull it across the ground.  The dogs had chewed up an old hose.  I tried not to breath, slipped the hose through the handle and began the long 100 yard journey over rough terrain, inclines and ditches.  The tub flipped, spilling out the Armadillo and blood and flies and mag .... you get the picture.  Back to get the hoe.  Shove it back in.  Push the tub upright with my foot.  Began the journey again.  Bucket tips.  Now I'm bringing the hoe along.  Repeat.  Oops!  Repeat.  Oops! Repeat.   Finally make it across the other road.  Three choices.  (1) circle around and drag it back up the hill to my property where I had planned to dump it originally.  That is another 100 feet up rutted terrain and through weeds. (2)  take it down the road where we walk the dogs and dump it in a big ditch on abandoned property.  That would be a 100 yards more.  Or (3) just dump it right there on the side of the road.  Lets just say, I drug it as little as possible and leave it at that.  I'm hoping the buzzards have been busy in the past 18 hours. 
7/3/11:  Took a 2 hour nap today.  It felt great!  All the dogs slept too.  They always do during the hot part of the day.  They store up energy for the night patrols.  Last night more fireworks.  I set up and combed Bear for 2 hours until he got fed up and left.  That ASD undercoat is so thick.  Two bags of hair and still not done.   Then I sat on the floor with Goofy and he let me comb him out for about an hour or more.  Then spent some time working on Zelda.  Finally went to bed about 1:00 a.m.  Didn't wake up until 6:45 a.m. so was pretty hot and late by the time I got all the morning stuff done. 
    Yesterday I moved Journey into the shop with Hanna and Sarge. It is just too hot for him in that yard with all that hair.  I have brushed and combed on him lightly off and on for several days.  Now that I am through many matted areas, I find the poor fella to be in terrible shape.  His back bone is sticking up 2" and he is all ribs.  With all those mats before, he looked healthy but I knew not to expect that.  Wormed him and started him on some supplements for everything.  Will start with small amounts as don't want to over do and make him sick or a bad reaction.  He is definitely going to need a thorough going over and several kinds of blood work. I already love him completely.  What he must have endured!!!   And what a loving, appreciative boy he is.  Any applicant for him is going to have to be over the top perfect.
     That wasp sting on Hush is now a hot spot.  Darn, I hate that.  I just finished up a 2 week cycle of Cephalexin.  I'll call the vet Tuesday and see if I should put him back on it or change to something else.  The holistic powder seems to be working better then the stuff from the vet so already started that.  Also am switching Sarge to it too.  Sure wish research could agree on the cause of hot spots.  Read a bunch of articles and they all agree there is no agreement. 
7/1/11:  First of hell week.  Fireworks!  Went to bed before it got dark only to be woken up by a house full of panicked dogs.  Even Sahara was hiding in the bathroom.  Goofy needed me to pet him constantly for re-assurance.  That is unusual.  Sissy could not get close enough to me on the bed.  Way to hot for that much togetherness.  The only one who seemed un-phased is Bear.  He's trying to out sound them.  If he does not stop, I'll never get back to sleep. All dogs below are accounted for.  It's 10:30 and I guess the neighbors ran out of fireworks.  I'm sure they will re-stock tomorrow and day after. 
    Fez got groomed today.  He looks and feels so good.  I'm sure he was perfect for them.  Loren picked him up so I didn't find out how he did. 
    The 'kids' were in all day.  If we leave for more then an hour, I put them out, but we didn't go anywhere so they got to stay in.  They didn't play much.  Just too hot, I guess.  Mostly slept in the family room.  I dozed for a few minutes only to have feet in my back pushing me off the sofa.  Penny had jumped up and wiggled between me and the back.  She needed more room! 
    Tomorrow I will go out to a friends and look at her Pyrs eye.  I'm sure vet will be closed.  I have some doggie eye drops that are always safe so will take them out. 
    Hush has a wasp sting again.  I can see the tiny puncture in the center where he has gnawed off hair.  We just finished up the Cephalexin from the last one.  I tried some liquid holistic doggie anti itch stuff.   He licked it off.  Tried some powder I had and it seemed to work.  At least he didn't like the taste.  It is also for hot spots and the prescription for Sarge is not working so tomorrow I will use it on him.  Hot spot and diarrhea.  Poor guy.  I changed some of his food when he got the hot spot.  Was reading that too rich of food can cause them.  But then the more I read, the more obvious no one knows why, how or where.  Guess I need to do the Honest Kitchen again.  He was doing really good on it.  
    Bear just got quiet.  Guess I'll try to go back to bed.  Obstacle course with all the dogs that followed me into the computer room.   Learning to use the video camera again.

6/29/11:  Do you know the song “Every step you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you” ?  Only replace watching with following.  It is sweet, but turning around to trip over a 150 pound dog can be trying.  Fez is such a sweetheart.  I will be glad when he learns he is here to stay and if I leave, be it into another room or out the door, I will be back. 
   Fez is finally eating.  I added a little burger and egg.  He liked that.  I stirred it up good so he would have to eat the kibble too.  He really knows a lot of commands.  They just need enforced.  He pushed in the beginning until he realized when I say something, I mean it.  He is one, because of size, that I just can’t let ‘no’ slide. 
    Leaving shortly for Huntsville to pick up a Komondor.  At least it looks like one in its pix and it is suppose to be 125 pounds.  We will see!  I discussed this with Peaches and let her know she was getting a friend and she better keep it that way. 
    Evening:  How about an Old English Sheepdog / Pyr mix at about 75 pounds.  Journey is a love!  Can’t wait to get him groomed but have to wait 10 days.  If I had known he was such a mess, I would have just brought him here, groomed him and then paid the extra $50 for the neuter just to have him clean.  I did take the scissors to some of the mats that were full of dried poop.  Poor guy.  He was so patient me clipping around his butt.  He was not as bad as when I got Lacy, but close.  Lord, 10 years ago anyone tell me I’d be clipping poop off a dog butt, I would have told them they were crazy.  Anyway, the mats are so bad all over him, I doubt I can do much good without cutting them out.  I’ll just leave it for the groomer.  Got the butt and ears and some off his ‘goober’.  Took care of the important places J .
  Peaches was a bit testy, but if I stay away or be on top of it as soon as I am present, hopefully this will last at least until I can get him cleaned up.  He is one beautiful boy despite the mats and now mud. 

6/28/11: What a storm!  No warning.  Loren got up and left at 4:30 to go fishing.  It hit here at 4:45 and before it hit the lake.  Parker was freaking.  So was I.  The first 20 minutes, I figured Loren would be pulling back in the driveway.  After an hour, I was a basket case.  Parker was hiding under my pillows.  Sissy was on the bed too, and I got the comb out to shed her to keep my mind off worrying. When I had gotten up a little earlier, I had not gotten Fez up to go out.  He was asleep and didn't notice I had slipped into the bathroom and then back to bed.  He woke up with the thunder and had to "go".  At least I only had to stand on the deck and get soaked while he went onto the gravel to go.  What wasn't soaked from rain got finished off when we came back inside and he shook off before I could make a distance between us.  I've been shook on by many dogs many times, but the coat of a Newf is a different kind of showering experience. 
    Loren got home about dawn.  He had been caught out on the boat.  Waves were like the ocean.  He was soaked.  We are both too wired to go back to bed.  I'm sure a nap will be in order this afternoon.
This is a must read to understand what a rescue does, is faced against the odds and bullied by legislators who are in the pockets of puppy mill breeders. 

6/26/11:  Fez is a really neat Newfie.  Attached himself to me.  I can’t even go your know where without him coming along.  He slept right beside my bed last night.  He wanted on the bed, but I don’t think that would be a good idea.  The bed is quite high and he could hurt himself getting off.  The others use the bench, but I don’t think he would understand that for awhile.
    Brought the four back to the house this morning and aside from Fez being overwhelmed with their youthfulness, he did fine.  Penny tried real hard to get him to play with her, but he was not sure what to do.  I don’t think he ever played with another dog.  Lily tried to get him to play, too.  Hush just wanted to hump.  Hush is good to obey, so he did behave after a few corrections.
   The four played so hard.  Then they would sleep, then play again.  When I was taking clothes out of the dryer, I dropped a sock.  I didn’t see it.  Hush did.  Loren told him to drop it and he did, but then Mazi took off with it.  She finally let me have it after I pried her mouth open!  She was just being silly. 
   I didn’t do a lot today.  Just too hot.  It is into ‘ice’ season.  About 1:00, I carried ice down for the dogs still in yards.  Also moved a pool in with Cesar.  I thought he might like to stand in the water.  While I was filling it, the hose got a kink and made a weird noise. He looked at it so strangely.  Cocking his head from side to side.  Then it made the noise again and he began backing up.  It was funny to watch.  What ever it was, he wanted no part of it.  Once the hose was off, he approached cautiously.  He never did get his feet in it.  Just drank from it. 
    I feel so bad for Peaches down there alone.  I hope the guy I’m getting Wednesday will be a good match for her.  If not, it will be difficult.  I don’t want to trade anyone as the others are getting along fine as they are. 
    About bed time.  I hope Fez learns that he can go out the doggie door and go potty without me escorting him.  Last night we made a trip every 2 hours.  Reminds me of the Keeton days... or nights.  Keeton did not think he could go out on his own.  For almost 2 years I catered to him with potty escort service.  Never regretted a minute of it, but he was old.  With Fez, I could be doing this for the next 10 years!  

cool article

6/24/11:  Still struggling with posting to my site or I’m hallucinating.  I could have swore I had a blog entry for the 22nd.  It has vanished, if it ever was.
      Anyway in the recesses of my mind there is a faint glimmer of recall of the day.  Cesar and Shelby spent several hours in the family room with me and Loren.  I just feel so bad when it’s time to take them back to their space.  Both are needing attention so bad.  Both are so sweet.  I need a miracle for Shelby and Sarge to be adopted.  People just don’t want old dogs, which I know Sarge is and suspect Shelby is.  I wish the two of them would get along, but not going to happen.   Shelby picks on Cesar and he is just too sweet to be a target.
     Yesterday had it’s chaos.  Sarge got a hot spot over night.  That thing is a good 8” in diameter.  His whole hip is inflamed.  Absolutely fine the day before.  Anyway, when I think I have a little financial cushion, it’s whisked away.  Another $100+ and I have the powder and the antibiotics already. 
    Then last night we were just about to take Goofy to emergency.  He began wheezing like an asthma attack.  He could have just gulped air but if memory serves me, that can cause bloat.  He was also retching like he was trying to throw something up.  I felt panic well up, but I knew for his well being, I had to remain calm.  I was trying to remember the stuff I read on rubbing a dog who was going into bloat.  I just let common sense take over.   What ever I did, it must have been appropriate.  I don’t really know what the symptoms were of, but he is ok this morning (it’s 1:59 a.m. Can’t sleep when I’m concerned with one of the ‘kids’.)   He is not wheezing and he’s alive and sleeping peacefully.
     The brief time I did spend in bed earlier was relaxing.  I am finding a way to do that despite my active brain.  I have ‘easy listening’ on the TV going 24/7.  I concentrate on unspoken lyrics.  And I have been adding Bear to my calm time.  I call him up on the bed and we snuggle.  As long as my fingers are moving to pet him, he will push close to me.  When I doze off, he gets down.  I know it is too hot for him.  He does not shed like Sissy so I am not struggling to inhale unfurry air. 
     Sahara is adjusting to this ritual.  She is on the other side of the closed door and since I am her goat, she really feels the need to protect and keep an eye on me.  She likes Bear and he’s ok with her, but letting anyone other then Sweetness and Chipi into the room at these times would be a recipe for disaster. 
     And speaking of Bear, Penny jumped the fence and joined our side.  I put Bear on a leash.  I didn’t know what else to do.  Of course he thought he was going for a walk.  Bears aggression is 100% fear based.  He is never aggressive to be alpha.  He is just fearful.  He would not even look at Penny.  She sensed his uneasiness and stayed away despite my calling her.  It would be so wonderful if I could expand his group of friends.  It has been such a sadness for so many years.  I just wish he could be part of the whole and not separate. 
     I’ve been trying to work out a solution on the young 5.  Hush, Penny, Lily and Mazi do great together.  Peaches is a problem.  I’m concerned for her and for them as a whole around her.  I feel like I have another Irene.  So unpredictable with other dogs, but a total love with people.  I won’t get attached to her like I am with Irene (being gone from sight does not make her gone from my heart).  I’m too old and to time stretched to have another unpredictable dog. 
    Mazi and Lily are at the house.  I will add Penny today.  Then Hush.  Way too many again, but I need them with me and away from Peaches. I have a potential adopter for two of the four and want to be certain of the dynamics before I make a recommendation on which two are most likely to stay best friends.  Them all being young (Hush 12 months, Mazi 13 months, Lily about 18 months and Penny somewhere under 2) personalities and friendships will change in the adolescent period.  No way to definitely predict the future, but at least get a good knowledge of the present. 

6/21/11:  I saw a heartwarming sight yesterday.  Restored my faith in family.  We got a late lunch at a small restaurant just down the road.  Normally when we see children in public, they are either so well behaved, they look scared or they are horrible and the parents are likewise.  They ignore or threaten or encourage.  Anyway, this was a well adjusted family and friend.  The one young lady had a very young infant.  She fed it first before she ate.  The couple had a boy about 8.  He was delighted with his mac & cheese.  He commented how good it was.  His dad moved around the table and was sharing bites.  They were giggling in such a happy, honest way.  Love just radiated from all their faces.  It was not a show.  It was real.
     Four more Pyrs in need yesterday.  All are beautiful.  All are urgent.  The list never ends.  Tempted on one.  Holding back is not because of the dog or space or energy.  Just another dog that has had no vetting.  Finally able to pay up the vet bill and get a few in that need checked for limp, etc.  By Saturday, I would be back to 20.  Nineteen will be hard enough, especially with this heat and one new one being permanently added to the house.  I need people willing to just come visit a dog every day.  Just sit and pet and be a presence.  Or take one home for a few hours.  I'd even deliver!  I can only provide a place to live.  I can't provide them with a family while they are here.  That is what they all need.  A human.   

6/20/11:  Only a brief nervous breakdown yesterday.  Today I have someone coming to help move the kennel panels so the lower yard will be one big one again with a small ‘feeding’ area for Peaches.  She does have issues with her food around other dogs.  Trying to get 5 dogs each in their own place just was not working last night.  I was hot, tired and just ran out of ‘calm assertiveness’…. Well, calm yes, assertiveness, no.   Ultimately, Peaches ended up in the garage yard last night.  Mazi is back with Hush, etc.  She loves the house, but she missed her playmates…. So much so, she was considering the furniture and my foot as chew toys.  This is totally not like her so I know she was bored without someone to play with.   She just did not need Peaches picking on her. 
    When I took Mazi down, I took several balls and kongs and Nylabones.  No matter which one Mazi picked up, Peaches had to have it.  I’ll bring them all to the house today for several hours while I can watch and begin working to correct Peaches.  She already knows something is up.  She knew last night she was in trouble.  She did enjoy the wading pool I filled for her.  She was very quiet last night too.  Of course barking is not a problem with her.  It’s that menacing face. 
    Bear2, the courtesy listing, got adopted.  I am so glad.  I only had him up one day on Petfinder when I got the call about him.  Never even got him listed on my site.  Now if someone would want Lucky but that is a long shot.  Just noticed I never got him on my site either, just on Petfinder.  There will be some time on him as the guys house has not sold yet.  He will be going into assisted living when it sells and a skittish, protective Chow mix is not a good candidate for acceptance in a facility situation.  One thing about meeting Lucky, it made me realize I do need to start loading up these guys more and going to the park.  A visit to the groomers and vet are not enough socialization for any of them.  They need to be ‘worldly’  (1) to have better success when adopted and (2) for the permanent guys, in case anything ever happens where the non-adoptables must be taken care of by someone else.  Staying home all the time decreases their social balance.  Just takes finding time and paying gas.
Pretty much everything I wanted done got done.  The teenager who showed up to work would have made any parent proud.  Much easier and nicer to work with then any of the adults I have hired.  I was not expecting a kid, but he was great.  He got Bears hill weed eated  and together we moved kennel panels and re-assembled and we build a ‘porch’ off the side of the dog house.  Peaches is still at the house in the garage yard, but she will have a nice ‘time out’ place if she causes trouble when I put her back with the others tomorrow. 
      Peaches got to spend several hours free in the house this afternoon.  She can be so submissive, but so menacing.  She would make a great example for a dog whisperer episode.   Irene I had figured out even though helpless to fix her.  Peaches is just ‘interesting’.  She also sizes up the other dogs and decides whom she can be boss over and takes advantage, but she is so much more easily controlled and she quickly recognizes when she needs to submit.  In experienced hands, she will be a great family member.  Inexperience would spell disaster.

6/18/11: Noon.  Finally unwound from the morning adventure.  The order of the events is fuzzy.  That’s good!  Too bad the events have not kept pace in falling from the brain.
     It was still dark in the family room.  I was wondering what dog was ‘missing’ and laying in there on the floor.  Didn’t give it much thought so went about preparing the dogs breakfast. Ivermectin (heartworm prevention) day is always long.  Getting the liquid from the bottle using a diabetic needle for accurate measurement takes awhile.  The dogs are always so patient.  They know it is a special day, as they get a heaping of fresh cooked hamburger and hard boiled eggs.  They just don’t notice there is another additive.   That is except Zelda.  She has the keenest nose when it comes to anything in the bowl that she does not like.  But the temptation is always too great.  I win, and therefore, so does she. 
    Anyway, once the bowls were ready, it was lighter in the house.  All present and accounted for.  So who was in the family room?  It wasn’t a who.  It was a what.  Mazi had created a friend.  My blanket and pillow were on the floor covered in dog hair.  She had raided the trash which was full from last nights brushing.  She had even given her friend some magazine pages to read and 2 soda pop cans as toys.  That is why I call her aMAZIng.  She was so proud of herself.  I was proud of her too, as she did not shred my feather pillow which is normally a great temptation for a Great Pyr.  Loren helped me clean up.
    Time to feed the outside gang.  The amusement of the morning ended quickly.  Feeding Shelby and Cesar always goes smooth.  Yesterday I had accidently switched the bowls so Shelby got way too much and Cesar was short changed.  I wrote on the bowls with a marker before filling them this time.  Definitely no mistakes when it’s HW prevention day.   Filled water and then noticed the poop scooper was missing.  I’d make an extra trip later.
  On to Hanna and Sarge.  I moved Hanna yesterday as she has been limping worse.  I think she is getting too much exercise at the house.  Her and Sarge do fine together and neither is playful.  Feeding them always goes smooth.  Getting out the door with the ice chests to give them fresh water is sometimes a challenge.  In the process, I managed to pour a good amount down my shoe.  Still no poop scooper.  I had left both scoopers at the last yard. 
   Then for the challenge.  We did good yesterday but they totally forgot the rules this morning.  Hush and Lily are to go to the lower yard, I close the gate between the yards, In the upper area, I hook up Peaches to a leash at one side and Penny on a leash at the other side.  Well, Penny and Peaches kept going to the lower section and Hush and Lily would not get out of the upper section.  I could have compensated, but that would have added to the confusion this evening.  Peaches and Penny have been doing this routine for over a week and I am not changing it.  It works.  I finally gave up and pulled the ice chests out and started cleaning and filling them until everyone calmed down.  Then the thunder boomed. 
    Parker!  House dogs were closed out after breakfast.  Loren went back to bed.  He is not feeling good today.  He would not realize they were out.  I put everything down and raced to the house.  Opened the door and everyone raced in except Parker.  I’m yelling and running all over in the rain.  Between the run 100 yards up hill and panic for Parker, my heart was really racing.  Finally he came out of the garage and trotted into the house and hid behind the toilet.  The closest thing was the coffee table and that is where I flopped.  Dog food was getting rained on.  I could not get up.  
   Luckily the rain stopped briefly and I mustered the energy to finish my rounds.  When I got to the last 4, a fight broke out.  Peaches is pretty menacing when she wants to be, yet on the flip side, she will roll over and show her belly in submission.  She is a Jekyll and Hide.  Peaches and Hush went at it and of course, Penny and Lily had to jump in.  It was a small fight, in that it was not ‘I’m going to kill you’ kind.  A push with my hand to Hush and a shove with my foot to Peaches broke it up.  The other 2 were just in it “because”.
   I finally saw my chance and got the gate closed with everybody on the sides they belonged on for feeding purposes.  Calm down time, so I finished the water and did the poop scooping before I fed them.  I also made sure all the bowls were picked up before letting Penny and peaches loose and opening the gate between the 2 yards.  Quick exit.  If they needed to work something out, they could do it without me. 
    It began a light rain and I was hoping for a down pour.  I still had 2 yards to poop scoop. Sweat was running in my eyes.  My clothes were stuck to me.  My wish was not fulfilled so when I got back to the house, I stuck my head under the kitchen faucet.  Not having grabbed a towel, I pulled my T-shirt up to keep the water from my hair from running on the floor.  Got to the bathroom and wrapped a towel turban style on my head then proceeded to put on a clean t-shirt.  OK, TRY to put on a clean T-shirt.  T-shirts neck openings do not go over a towel turban.  I was stuck half in and half out, arms flailing in the air.  Finally I managed to get the towel untangled and escape.  I got the T-shirt on, re-wrapped my head and proceeded into the livingroom where all the dogs were.  Mommy does not normally wear a towel on her head.  To Sahara I was some strange creature from some other universe.  Taking the towel off was not an improvement in my looks, but it satisfied Sahara.  Everyone is now taking their middle of the day nap except me!    

I guess Ozark Dogs is entered in a contest!! Please vote.  Boy could the dogs use this prize money
scroll down to "O" and find Ozark Dogs Rescue to cast your vote. Please spread the word to friends and family. 

6/16/11:  Loren wants to leave the divider up and just leave the gate open connecting the two.  I think we’ll compromise and take out one panel so there is a 10’ opening rather then just a gate.  They need the space the way they race around playing.  I wish I had a 5’ panel so I could make just a small food time pen.  Right now I have to leash Penny and Peaches at opposite ends to feed them.  It is getting better, but when I add 3 or 4 more dogs, it will be chaos.   Two of them got into it this morning.  I did deviate from the routine a slight bit.  I should never do that when it deals with meals.  I normally let all 4 in the family room all at once, Hush is first with his bowl near the door, Mazi is next part way across the room.  Then Lily another 6’ away and last is Hanna in front of the TV.   Hanna was already in the house, so I put hers down and then let the others in.  Normally I can leave them unattended and they respect each others space, but that was not the case this morning.  I am really not sure who, what or why, but I was pulling dogs off each other.  In a sea of white and in emergency mode, I really didn’t take time to look at faces. 
     Anyway, I hate putting them back down in the yard, but the house is just too full and Goofy, Zelda, Sahara and Parker have just ‘had it’ with the ‘kids’.  I’m unsure about moving Hanna.  That leg is bad.  She was limping after the fight.  She is just fragile.   But she is silently challenging Sahara to take over having me be her goat.  Sahara is just not one to even defend herself or her position.  She just looks up at me so sad.  Hard part is, I really have to look hard to know which one I am petting.  They are almost identical except for Hanna’s eyes are darker and her turned out leg. 
     I woke up to a wonderful surprise.  A donation that was a real blessing.  I can pay my vet bill which I was really worried about.  I never let a charge go over a week but I was past week 2 on the balance.   Credit at the vet is the lifeblood of a rescue.  Screw that up and you might as well shut down. 
     Made a promise back in Feb. to take a dog.  Then the gal changed her mind.  I was grateful as the dog was 2 years old, only home it had known and grew up with her toddler.  Well, she ended up giving it away a month later.  Why she didn’t call me, I don’t know.  Anyway, it ended up getting dumped at a kill shelter.  A great rescue person I know was also involved with the dog and she saw it there.  We are all working to get him out and get him here.  This guy is so perfect and so adoptable.  Another Matsu who was also a perfect dog.  He has a wonderful home raising a child who was a toddler when Matsu came to them several years ago.   All the dogs are wonderful, but I have my top 12 (that were adopted) and Matsu will always hold a spot up there with Sasha, Monkey, Shaggy, Misha, Griffin and a few others.  

6/15/11:  No more ‘favors’.  You bend over backwards and they want you to bend over forwards so they can kick you in the butt better.  Champ and Babe are gone.  I got a small donation from the people who adopted Champ and aside from the fact Eddie owes me money, he was resentful.  It did not end well.  He left a big old mattress which I do not want.  That makes me furious too.  What am I going to do with it?  Loren and I cannot handle picking it up and loading it or pay to take it to the dump. The dogs got good homes, (thanks to all my efforts which obviously accounts for nothing) so that is what matters most to me.  But it is a shame Eddie has ruined it for anyone else I might want to help.  After I un-stress, I’ll be moving the dividing fence so the yard will again be about 35 x 55. 
    Daily calls about pyrs in need.  There is still a momma and the 2 littermates to Sadie Ann starving somewhere in Yellville but no one can catch them.  There are 2 adult, intact males wild in Eureka Springs.  The farmer died and no one can go near the dogs.  Typical ignorant hill jack.  “If you touch the dogs or neuter them, they won’t take care of the goats.”  They are completely unsocialized and people are threatening to shoot them.  They have not been fed in 3 weeks.  Breaks my heart but unless someone catches them, there is nothing I can do.   I cannot drive 3 hours to put out food for 2 dogs that I don’t even know where they are.  That is the way Sahara was when she came.  Totally scared to death of people.  It takes a lot of patience and time to help them overcome their past.  Then you become their goat forever.
    Goofy is being the ‘father’ around here.  The ‘children’ are racing through the house playing and he is barking at them.  It is very obvious he is telling them to stop!  He has been taking up residence behind the love seat in the livingroom.  Normally keeps him safe from being run over, but since it makes just a big circle, even that is not secluded enough.  When outside, he has a hole dug behind the wood pile.  It rained last night and the hole is mud.  Loren put a log in it.  I know, we are so mean! 
   I am still struggling with the new procedure to upload onto my site.  I forget the steps every day. I am totally confused about pictures.  If it were not necessary for the dogs, I would forget it.  Petfinder home page is available, but I never learned it either.  I just copied from my site to it. 

6/14/11:  My server went down and they switched me to a new server which was 'modern'.  My web program was outdated so I am just getting the 12th posted and trying to play catch-up with the rest of the site.  Learning something new... I hate it.  But Loren found a way around it all so although it is a few extra steps, it is not like starting from scratch.  I was about in tears thinking I would have to learn something new.  I was about in tears because I could not even remember how to turn the video camera on when the dogs were playing a few days ago.  The brain cells are deteriorating as fast as me!
  Champ went to his new home a little while ago.  Local people.  I am really happy for him.  He took to them right away.  Guy was scratching his back and when he stopped, Champ rolled over so he could reach his belly. 
    This is short today because it makes me nervous having so many programs up all at once.  my computer still freezes up sometimes.

6/12/11: 9:30 a.m. and I’ve already cleaned house, done for the dogs, unwillingly let Sarge run all over the place inciting riots, moved Lily up to the house (so Sarge would have less chance of escape.  Easier to get past one dog then 2) and on my third load of laundry.  One, mine.  Two for the dogs with one more to go. 
     Peace interrupted.   12 hours have gone by.  The dogs have played non-stop.  Something about coming in the house.  Guess because it is cool in here and hot outside.  I got the video camera out.  I only get frustrated.  I don’t even know how to turn it on.  Have had it for 2 years.  I am not good with written instructions.  I have to be shown how to do things.  So I just put it back in it’s case.  I really wanted to take some video of them playing.  No one to help me understand it.  Not being able to grasp new things is so frustrating. 
    I planned on looking at today in a positive way, but it’s hard to really find joy in house cleaning, laundry, escaping dog, dog food flying all over the ground,  not being able to take a video and spending way too much time trying to get Lily and Hush settled in.  Mazi always goes out with Hush but she does not have to.  I wish I could get her separated at night.  I trust her.  Still can’t trust Hush unless I can see or hear him.  Lily is not entirely housebroken.  I think it was more fear of going out and not getting to come back in.  When she was up here the week before, never any problems.  Parker is losing his bladder control sometimes.  So the only 2 area rugs still laid out need steam cleaned again.  Anyway, so much for being positive.  Maybe tomorrow. 

6/10/11:  Been a very long week.  The white threesome is in the house and doing fine with Lacy.  Hush kind of got too friendly and she let him know she was not going to be humped!  Now he respects her limits.  Mazi is still not too sure.  She seems more curious then anything.  Hanna could care less until Lacy comes to be petted and then Hanna has to come over to get her share.  Anyway, 13 dogs in the house is going quite smooth.
     Lily got away from me today and I almost had Penny do the same.  I tie them to the carport cover when I feed because Peaches has issues.  I was done with the poop scooping and water when Lily got tangled.  In my panic to get her loose, I forgot the gate was open.  She didn't!  She almost went back in several times but it became a game.  Penny and Peaches were still tied.  Penny ate through the leash but I caught her just in time.  Lily ended up in with Sarge.  Knew there was no way to get one dog back in when the other 2 thought they deserved a good run around the yard too. 
     Yesterday I helped Nancy with her little dog Mitsy.  Helped get her to the vet.  She went back today.  You know how some dogs are.  They will do things for anyone but their 'mommy'.  I got her to take her medicine so I'll be available if needed tomorrow too.  Just like Sissy with her nails.  She will bit me if I try to trim them.  Guess they just know they can buffalo their person. 
     Going to look at a 10 year old GSD tomorrow.  Nice fella in his late 70's going to be moving into assisted living soon.  No one to take his dog.  I'll try to place it but if he moves before I can, I guess I'll take it and it can just live out it's life here with Sarge (since he will probably be here forever too).  Feel like the canine geriatric home. 
     Parker had his teeth cleaned this morning.  Luckily none had to be pulled.  Got a new medication for his eye.  Sure hope it helps.  He is still pretty out of it.  Luckily it's not too hot outside as that is where he has crashed.  I closed the gate so he won't go staggering up on the hill.  Will mean a lot of poop to scoop in the morning, but better that then having him stumble and roll down the hill.
     My microchip scanner came today.  I know I chipped Goofy and Sahara but it did not show up and I cannot find my 2009 vet bills folder where it would show when they were put in.  AVID chips are such a joke.  That company is useless.  They have no real tracking system.  I only have a few with that chip because it is what my vet uses, but I will never need that again.  They are expensive and you have to renew.  Home Again is a one time deal, half the cost and you can actually view your registrations online and you can get a live person on the phone.  Can't do any of that with Avid.  Anyway, when my next box of chips comes Monday, Goofy and Sahara will be re-chipped. 
    Long cool bath awaits. 
6/7/11:  Dog I was going to get got turned loose last night and is missing.  Poor thing.  Payton knew nothing but a chain her whole life.  Got dozens of people in Springfield looking for her.  I hope she will be found safe and quickly.
    Loren feels much better this morning.  He didn't feel good at all last night and went to bed about 5:00.  He insisted on bush hogging the back yard this morning.  It needed it, but he should not push himself.  I wish it was not so full of rocks and it could just be mowed.   
    I got to order a chip scanner yesterday.  Loren's anniversary present to me.  We really don't do gift giving per say.  Besides I'm always broke and he always gets what he wants for himself so leaves nothing for me to pick out for him.  Buying something for the rescue is always better for me then something personal... although I do love my camera he got me 2 years ago.  Best present ever.
     Going to try some more dog shuffling in the next few days.  Peaches loves to play and so does Cesar.  Shelby and Sarge are both old.  I may try those combinations.  Tried Sarge and Shelby before but will try a different approach and different place.  Will bring Lily to the house.  She is very submissive and I think her and Hush will have a great time together.  Penny will fit in just about anywhere.  She will either come to the house or go with Peaches.  I need some adoptions!  The house is going to get mighty full.  Be looking at 13 in here.

6/6/11: It is definitely a Monday.  Nothing is going right and it’s not even 11 a.m. 
    Eddie was suppose to be doing a few things for me because he can’t even pay for his dogs food.  I told him I would set out the dogs water coolers to be cleaned.  Two a day.  I put them right in the way of the dog food.  He fed last night but ignored the coolers.  I feel bad for the dogs having to go to the humane society (no kill) but I am tired of being taken advantage of for the past 5 weeks and housing the dogs for the past 5 months.  He knew his unemployment would not last forever and months ago he could have rented several houses that would have allowed him to take his dogs home.  I’m tired of being nice. 
     A microchip is missing.  In order to get the next 25 for free, I have to have the current 25 registered.  I’m already 2 short.  One, the dog died and one missed going under the skin.  Now I am 3 short.  It was laying on the counter while I decided if it would go in Shelby, Peaches, Penny or Sarge.  Now it is missing.  I suspect Hush counter surfed and it is somewhere chewed up out on the 2 acres.  It was on the counter yesterday morning so that is the only thing I can figure.  I’ve went through the trash, searched every drawer, every room, every shelf, in the car and SUV.  Sometimes I put things in dumb places when I am in a hurry, but I really don’t think that is the case this time.   
     May 24 I sent an email to register 20 of the chips.  One person says yes, this is fine, other says no, go online.  This has been a back and forth for over a week.  I called again today as none of the chips have been registered from the email.  She was a supervisor and she sent me an email with the web link to register them.  I took one that was not on the list yet and spent 10 minutes filling in all the boxes.  When I hit ‘continue’ I got ERROR 500 da da da.  I started over.  Got it all filled in a second time.  Yep, ERROR 500.  Left a message on the supervisors special number.
    Maybe things will improve this afternoon.  

6/5/11:  I feel like a terrible person but there are limits to the number of ‘here forever’ dogs.  The ones I have been boarding for way too long will be going to the humane society.  It is no-kill.  Maybe they will have better luck at finding a home then I have trying to get one for them.  I will ask my friend that works there to give them a little extra push if good adopters come through the door.  I just hate that they will be in a small cage, but the fence fighting has worn me out.    I do need to get that yard back into one big one and not split.  I am so tempted to keep Champ.  I am sure he will fit in with Shelby and Cesar, but is it fair to him?   Big yard and dogs to interact with but little human attention vs a small concrete run,  being alone but a chance to be adopted.  Chance being the key word.  I am sure Babe will get a home fairly quickly.  Why I could not get her a home is beyond me.  She has so much going for her, but age is a drawback. 
    Hanna has really attached herself to me since bringing her up to the house.  I had wanted to do that for so long, but time just has to be right.  Pack dynamics.   Mazi continues to be just great.  Hush is a challenge.  He is still a puppy and it shows.  Testing me!  Counter surfs.  Pees on the area rugs (again yesterday so they are cleaned and rolled up now) and jumps on me when I sit down.  I guess that really is not bad compared to what he could do. 
    I finally have the 3 new ones in a routine.  Peaches likes to protect her food.  Not food aggression. It is more of a game, but could escalate.   I have leashes hook to posts in 3 corners.  They have gotten it down so they know who gets leashed first and where.  They go sit by their leash knowing once they are all hooked up, I will go get the food.  Organization and making things work does not take a genius, but sometimes it’s a bit slow in coming.  
     It will be our anniversary Tuesday so going out of town to our favorite place to eat.  today.  Can’t go Tuesday as too much to do.   I’ve got a half hour to shuffle dogs and change out of my raggy feeding – poop scooping cloths. 

6/3/11:  The 3 little canine monkeys do not stop.  I have never had such playful dogs, but then most are Pyrs.  I do have to make sure the “munch” noises I hear are on the toys I gave them and not the furniture or my camera battery charger or my dog magazines.  I bought an ‘indestructible’ ball at the pet store yesterday.  Within 2 minutes it was punctured.  I called the store and they will ‘reluctantly’ give me a store credit.  I’m taking the “Bitter Uck” back too.  I sprayed a little on each wrist as they like to grab me.  All 3 licked my wrist!!!  The rest of the house dogs would not come near me.  Not even let me pet them.  I had to really scrub to get the scent off.  Guess I could have just offered my wrists for an afternoon of free tongue wash.  
    Penny is very smart.  She is the valedictorian.  Lily is the wall flower.  Peaches is the class clown, and a happy one.  Right now Peaches is worn out from the morning free-for-all and asleep under my desk.  Penny is at my side.  Don’t see Lily.  She is independent as LGD’s usually are. 
    Letter went out about Irene to over 100 rescues I have associated with.  If anyone wants a copy, let me know.

6/1/11:  Taking a break from the morning work out.   Loren is working on the lawn mower.  The bush hog broke a week or 2 ago and then the lawn mower died.  Luckily Loren revived it (some wires had shook loose) and now he is just doing general maintenance.  We’d replace to bush hog but no one delivers.  It means loading up the tractor on the car trailer,  going somewhere, backing it off, hooking up the bush hog, driving it back on and then coming home and unloading it again.  That is a full day’s project.  The old one is so old, not worth fixing again.  Every time, then something different breaks.  It’s just worn out.  We are going to lose sight of the dogs in the back yard, and the bugs and snakes will really infestitate  (obviously spell check does not think that is a word.  Maybe it’s not, but I like it). 
    Cesar and Shelby are in the big yard.  Others are on Bears side.  Bear is in the house.  I think everyone would have blended, but unsure.  Cesar and Shelby’s yard is being overhauled.  It needed weedeated and tree branches trimmed away from the fence.  Also having a space cleared 2’ wide away from the outside of the fence so it is not a hiding place for snakes and other undesirable critters.   I wish we could figure out a way to eliminate wasps.  I am sure that is what has gotten 3 of the dogs.  Got them all on antibiotics. 
   Sully went to his new home yesterday.  Talked to her this morning.  She says he is smart and spoiled!  I said manipulative.  She has a good handle on working with him so I am confident this is a good match. 
    Still no response to return Irene to me.  I hate to send off a warning to other rescues, but to me she is very reckless in placing Irene with a family with no rehabilitation of her issues.   You just can’t solve problems (1) you have not seen first hand and (2) can’t wipe out critter aggression in a week.  I believe these adopters have horses.  This could be a death just waiting to happen… of a human getting thrown and killed and Irene being euthanized for it.   

5/30/11:  Well, Peaches blew it!  Had a fantastic potential home and family but before they were 10 miles down the road, she decided she wanted to be boss over their sweet submissive Golden.  We are all heartsick.  They played so great here getting acquainted.  She will just need to be with dogs that will call her bluff.  So sad.  She was on the bottom of the stack all day with Penny and Lily letting them chew on her and drag her around.  We just never know.  Sometimes I just wonder if bringing them in the house is a mistake.  They like it here and want to stay, not realizing there is something better out there.
     List is long for tomorrow after the holiday.  I don’t even want to think about it.  Nothing that absolutely has to be done, but plenty that should get done. 
    Peaches, Lily and Penny are tearing around the house having the best time.  Damn, I’ve created a monster.  Maybe none of the 3 will want to leave and will sabotage it when a great home comes along. 
     Lily has a bad habit of putting her mouth around my hand.  I need to pick up some bitter apple tomorrow and spray my hand so I can break her of it.  It is a gentle mouthing, but it is a bad habit that needs broken quick.    
     Sully leaves tomorrow.  At least he will be close.  Twenty one dogs here is just too many.  I just wish Sarge had a place to go.  I wish Eddie would find a house so Babe and Champ were gone.  Not that they are any trouble, just taking up much need space.  The one that really needs some special time is Cesar.  Once Sully is gone tomorrow, if I am not too tired, I will see what Parker and Goofy think of him.  I’d like to have him in the house so I can really get to know him.  He is young and playful and Shelby is old and does not want to play.  I just wish Shelby and Sarge would get along but just don’t feel right.  Immediate tension when they get near each other. 
    It is barely 6 and I’m ready to call it a day.  Not much sleep last night.  Irene is on my mind.  I feel like I have failed her over and over again and this is the ultimate betrayal by letting her go.

5/29/11:  Barely.  Irene has been gone a week and has an adoption pending.  No magic wand, no amount of prayer and no dog whisperer is going to rehabilitate her in a week!  I am heartsick, livid, crushed, furious, ready to cry and ready to scream.  This could be a death sentence for Irene if she attacks an animal and a human happens to get in the way. 

5/28/11:  Twenty one.  It can make you rich in Las Vegas.  It can make you poor in dog rescue.  One thousand miles can make a nice road trip vacation.  One thousand miles in dog rescue can wear both human and car out real fast.  That was the total since Monday!!!
    I did get the Pyr I had went to Jonesboro for on Wednesday.  We just had to go almost all the way back to meet the lovely lady who got it by mistake.  But the dog I got in the first place was not as represented.  No way a labradoodle.  So I have both.  It will be Tuesday before I can straighten out the paperwork.  The dog mix-up is so crazy.  We don’t know who got the one rabies shot or the 5 way shot.  Or who was heartworm tested.  I know the first dog is spayed, but unsure on the second.  Says she is but then the paperwork is not for that dog.   Anyway, things all work out as they are suppose to… but why do I have 21 dogs!!  Lord! 
    I’ve got everyone under control at feeding time except the ones I just put together.  Penny, Peaches and the Bailey who is not really Bailey because that is Peaches.  Bailey is a cute name, but Peaches may answer to it so need to come up with something for the Pyr/ OES.  If I make it Bailey, it will only make the paperwork more confusing too. 

5/27/11: My computer is dying.  It is only 18 months old, custom built.  I know it is Windows 7 that is screwing it up.  I never had problems with XP Pro.  I just don’t have the time to have to re-do things over and over because it hiccups and wipes out everything I’m working on, be it email, word, photoshop, or websites.   If I take it in, they will just want to wipe it clean and re-load everything.  It would be days and I know I’d have to put everything on several external hard drives as they would lose a lot.   If it were not necessary for the adoption and rescue of the dogs, I would not even have a computer. 
     Yesterday was busy with 3 grooming appointments and a visitor.  I have been talking with a man who is fostering a Pyr because it had no chance of survival.  It came into his local animal control with a bullet in its leg.  He took it, had the surgery and is doing an amazing job of caring for it.  He is unsure if he should keep it as he lives in a small apartment on the second floor.  The stairs are extremely difficult for the dog with a bad leg.  And being a Pyr, he feels it needs a yard.  They have a bond that is very obvious so I hope he realizes that, to a dog, love is more important then space.  Both he and the dog were really nice.
    Today Cesar and Penny went in for neuter/spay.  I think Penny may already be spayed.  When a female dog is picked up as a stray, it is several years old and it is apparent it has not had a litter, I always figure it was a Humane Society pup and was spayed when someone plunked down $40 or $50 bucks to adopt it.  Peaches is already spayed but the AC said on the paperwork she was an owner turn in and not spayed.  Another reason I know the paperwork does not match the dog. The photo makes it pretty obvious too. 
     Sully goes with me to meet his new mommy.  I’m driving up to Thayer, MO. and meet her and introduce Sully to her and her “Fifi”.  She does not particularly like small dogs so knew she would never want to own one.  The name is her sense of humor for her Pyrenees.  Sully knows something is up.  I try to be normal and not think about him leaving, but they just know.  Not only can a dog look in our soul, it can read our mind.

5/26/11:  We went 275 miles today to get the 'wrong' dog.  Way too long a story.  It may get longer because the dog we were suppose to get went to a person I referred to this dog.  Not her fault.  Just a mix up at the AC.  Anyway "Peaches" is not a "white Pyrenees"  mix but the other one is.  The other one is not a goldendoodle, but Peaches could possibly be part of it.
     Wind has really whipped today.  Really bad coming across the flatlands near Jonesboro.  Right this moment it is calm. Eerie calm.  Dogs sense something but there is no room in the storm shelter for all the dogs so we stick together.  I heard a tree crack and fall a little while ago but I don't see it.  I only hear part of the dogs barking but if they are out, they will just have to come knocking.  It is dark and raining.  There is nothing I can do and none are going to come waiting until they have explored themselves out.  I just hope they have all 'want to bed'.
     I switched the house dogs back to their normal spots about 20 minutes ago.  You would think they had won the lottery.  Zelda was actually playing!!!  I've been loading her up on natural ingredient 'calming aid'.  I think it is really working good.
    Three baths tomorrow.   I just hope they don't end up all muddy again before Saturday.  I'm having trouble getting someone to do a home visit for Lady's applicant and I am out of days and energy to get to Thayer to meet Sully's applicant and have him meet her and her dog.   Two 'alters' on Friday.  Need to set up the third.  Out of time, energy and money.  I can't pay for the spays and neuter until I get the adoption fees. 

5/25/11:  It is now 5 a.m. Started raining early yesterday and did not stop until 2 hours ago.  I mention this because it made for a very unpleasant day.
     I had messed up Friday with way too much to do and did not get Parker back in to see the vet.  Not realizing he was leaving on vacation, I did the sequence of meds for a Monday exam.   That was a waste.  And poor Parker.  Just that much longer before we see what to try next.  
     We drove to West Plains to pick up a Saint.  Any dog remaining at the AC Tuesday afternoon would be gassed.  Five or 6 will die tonight.  Anyway, the Saint is not much in the looks department. I really have not had time to properly meet him.  He does seem sweet but he moos!  Yes, he can do a cow imitation. 
    So anyway, here is how the day went.  We left home at 9:15 allowing time to get lost, which we did.  Got there on time and went back to get the Saint.  Right before it’s pen was this little yellow dog.  I had tried not to look at the other dogs.  At least not look them in the eyes.  Flash backs of when I use to meet the dogs at the local HS that were on the “list” and I chose who I could save and left the others behind to die.  It is not a feeling anyone ever recovers from.  The faces haunt me still 3 years later.   So here is this little yellow dog.  It is setting up, front paws in the air, begging.  We got the Saint and left.  About half mile down the road I started crying.  “Penny” came home with us too.  Did I mention I don’t do small dogs?
    By now it is noon and neither of us has had anything to eat all day.  We stopped at a restaurant where we could sit near the window and see the dogs.  Food was over priced,  tasted lousy and the soda was $3!!!  And flat. 
    Returning to the SUV, poor Penny had had an accident.  It was BAD.  Since I had not anticipated bring home a second dog, I only loaded one crate so she was tied to the crate and just on the rug I use to protect the folded down seats.  I had a plastic bag and paper towels.  We had not left a tip at the restaurant but I did leave them something on top of their locked dumpster.  It was well wrapped.
    We made a stop back at the Walgreens next to the restaurant.  We had just stopped there before eating to get some tweezers to pick ticks off Penny.  This stop was for odor eliminator. 
    I continued to sit in the back with Penny and pull off ticks.  It began raining hard.  Windows are down so we can breath.  Nothing covers up THE odor.  I’m also throwing ticks out the window.  Rolled them up just leaving a crack, but the rain is still coming in. 
    This is winding roads.  I am in the back sitting on a folded down seat with legs curled under me and no stability.  I ate lousy food.  I am smelling poop and farts.  I am picking ticks.  I am not feeling so good……
    I had planned to go lay down when we got home and unloaded the dogs.  “Me” plans never seem to work out.   We get “Cesar” the Saint in the garage yard as not doing introductions in the rain.  Shelby was there in the driveway to greet us!  The extra leash I always carry was on Penny.  Race in the house to grab a leash and Goofy gets all excited thinking it is ‘walk’ time.  It is still pouring rain.  Loren takes the SUV to the shop and I get Shelby tied in her yard.  Then I take Penny to Hush, Hanna and Mazi.  Mazi was a bit jealous so I had to explain to her she was stuck with this little one.  The other 2 looked her over and were fine.  Really surprised me that Mazi was not friendly.  Anyway, I had ignored a small hole in the fence because the guys were too big to fit through it and they were not likely to try to escape. Well, Penny could easily fit through it.  So I grab one of those free vet provided leashes and tied the hole closed.  Did I mention it is still raining?
     By now Shelby has pulled her leash loose from the post and was dragging it around in the mud.  It took a few soggy minutes to figure out where she had gotten out.  This required a re-wiring of the fence.  Back to the shop for the wire and cutters.  Took about 20 minutes to get it secure.  Decided I needed to run a lower hot wire in that area or she would just dig under.  I re-worked the existing upper wire.  Then decided I had closed myself in!!!  I could not open the gate.  Shows you how tired and lousy I felt.  We had gotten home about 1:45.  It was close to 4 when I finally drug my drenched body up to the house and began washing dog dishes and filling water. 
    I had worried all day about the adopters of Monkey.  They live in Joplin.  I called and was very relieved to talk to Carolyn.  The tornado spared them.  Then I touched base with Sully’s applicant to work out the final details.  Took a hot bath.  Caught my second wind.  Stayed awake to watch Dancing with the Stars.

5/22/11:  Does not take long for life to change.  And every decision we make has a consequence.  I brought Shelby up for about 3 hours today.  Brought her up before, but short times.  She decided she didn’t want to be in her yard anymore.  The chase was on within a few minutes of putting her back.  She is an older girl and ran out of energy before I did, thank goodness.
    I put Hush, Hanna and Mazi in the big back yard.  They thoroughly enjoyed running on 2 acres for several hours.  No consequences for that so far, but the night is still young.  I did double secure the gate.  Triple secured Shelby’s.  Decided to double secure Sarge too since he missed the ‘special time’ today and might decide to make his own.
   Picking up a Saint in West Plains tomorrow.  Also have to drop 2 dogs at the vet and they cannot go together or come home together unless we get out the crates and the SUV.   Rather make 4 trips then do that.  Also need to call some vet references and find someone for a home visit near Little Rock.    I need to do one near West Plains but the timing is off so will have to make an additional trip.  That sucks.  The applicant near West Plains is for Sully.  I think this one is “IT”  Sounds perfect.  I’m not a bit apprehensive on this one.  The other near LR is for Lady.  Not enough info to make a decision yet.   Had someone interested in Babe or Hush but no fence. 
    Chipi has decided she will not go over with Bear.  Even treats will not bribe her.  I plan to see how much it will cost to get a local trainer out here to see if I can work Bear in with Goofy and Parker.  He is already ok with Sahara, Sissy, Chipi and Sweetness.  Sully will be leaving and Bear already attacked him so don’t want to put Sully through any more grief.  It will never happen with Zelda.  The 4 year old feud is not going to be resolved without Cesar here personally.  
    Speaking of Zelda, I still have not a clue what is wrong with her.  I know it is physical but nothing shows up.  I forgot to give her a ‘calming aid’ treat this morning.  Boy, did I notice the difference!!!  Holy crap!!  Anyway, she got some this evening.  I may have to add some for Sissy too as if one of the others accidently bumps into her, she grabs and bites.  She is old and sore and cranky.  Golly, we are all old and sore and cranky.

Irene's trip!  Words from one of the volunteer transporters:

Home again, home again, zippity zam!  What a great trip! 
     Linda, there wasn’t a spec of trouble with any of the dogs this trip at all.  Irene was wonderful, hardly tugged at all and was incredibly easy to kennel-up.  Poppi, Edith and Sulea never left their crates, so there was no chance of a flight risk.  Thanks to all for letting us swap crates.  I also think they were good doggies and didn’t foul their crates -- at least as far as Wilson, KS.  My ear isn’t exactly tuned to K9 Opera, but I think the two hour serenade was probably in the key of Coonhound-mix.  With apologies to their next keepers, they’re a bit stinky, but the crates Mandy supplied are still reasonably clean.  I suspect Sherrill gets the pleasure of cleaning up after them.  And, oh my, the little husky mixes were gorgeous.  Dark coats and piercing blue eyes! 
     It began raining right after loading the Bella Vista Animal Shelter dogs and quit just before loading the Joplin dogs.  It then resumed raining, cats and d…, excuse me, in honor of today’s mission, make that “frogs and alligators” just as I was leaving Joplin and then it was dry again for the Wilson, KS, transfer point.  Our good Lord was looking out for us today.  And, speaking of that, He certainly arranged an incredible light show for me as I entered Kansas.  The sky darkened with clouds as the rain became heavier and the lightning thoroughly surrounded me flashing bolt right after another.  Most of the bolts were roughly half a mile away, but one was about 400 feet off my port bow!  Awesome!!  I haven’t seen a set of thunder boomers like that since my grade school days in the very early 60’s in the Texas Panhandle!  And it didn’t upset the dogs one little bit since they were already well into their Aria. 
Debbie and Tim
-- good to meet you guys! 
-- I now look forward to meeting you on these trips.  Thanks for your help shuttling the dogs.
-- the trip just isn’t the same if I don’t run into you.  Hope to catch you next time.
-- HUGE thanks for helping me sort the 19 Joplin dogs into appropriate crates.  Not one of them bickered during our trip. 
-- good to meet you too and hope your crates aren’t too messy.  You sure gave us some cute bundles of fur and some of them are going to need throat lozenges when they get to their new homes! 
Mandy -- as always, thanks to you and Dian for providing the crates and the van.
Hope the second half of the journey was as safe and enjoyable as the first half!  Randy

5/20/11:  It was warm this morning.  Shorts weather.  But a storm just rolled in like a bowling ball making a strike.  Caught me by surprise so had to get drenched rounding up dogs.  Sarge and Lady had the 2 acres.  Sarge went into the garage but Lady stood out in the rain.  I don’t know if she was unsure about Sarge being in there, the smaller space or the dim lighting.  Didn’t want to stress her so grabbed the leashes to take them back to the shop.  She spooked and it took a few very wet minutes to get her to calm down and come to me.  It is so heartbreaking when she has one of those ‘flash backs’.   I just thought they would be more comfortable with the garage as the shop has a metal roof which just amplifies the sound.  Hopefully she stays inside.  I do the best I can.
   With the garage yard empty (I try not to think of Irene because I miss her so much), I am going to try to do some more dog shuffling.  I want to get Mazi in with Bear.  She is willing.  He just needs some adjustment.  I am going to spend the money to get a local trainer to help me work with Bear on his fear aggression.  Long overdue, but never had anyone with the necessary experience.  I think this one has it.  I especially want Bear and Goofy to share space.  To ever hope for Bear and Zelda to share space would be beyond a miracle.  She just flat out hates him and his fear aggression is in full play when she hits the fence (or sliding glass door) a running and barking and growling.   If I can get Mazi into the house, I would put Hush and Hanna in the garage at night and mixed in with the others during the day so they could have a big yard and people attention. 
    Sarge is a situation all his own.  He is not going to forgive Shelby for whomping him.  Shelby has great potential, but she is older.  They said 3.  I’m thinking twice that.  I want to take her to the park during lunch when the Sr. citizens have the lunch there at the center.  She would be a great dog for an older retired person.  She is so sweet, easy on leash and well mannered. 
   It’s 1:00 p.m.  Loren is taking a nap.  Every dog in the house is taking a nap (except for Parker who is trying to get behind the toilet).  I’m seriously considering it.  No, not getting behind the toilet… taking a nap.  Bear is saving me a spot on MY bed.

5/19/11: In 24 hours (4 a.m.) I will be handing off Irene to a volunteer taking her to meet up with the Colorado transport.  I keep praying, "If this is meant to be, let it happen.  If not, stop it somehow." I love her so much and want better for her then I have been able to offer.  A few others have been very very hard to let go, but they went to homes.  With the exception of one, I know I did the right thing.  That one has vanished and not a day goes by that I don't agonize on where she is and if she is ok.  It has been 2 years since their phone number became disconnected and email was rejected. 
     I did get an email on Hara.  It looks like she does have a great home with a wonderful family.  That does lift one burden, but I am still unsure on Sherman.  I care too intensely.  But the day I quit, is the day I should not even own a dog.
     I did sleep a few hours tonight but my stomach is in knots right now.  Allergies kicked in too.  Just took a benadryl.  It will put me back to sleep just about the time I need to get up.  Then I will be tired all morning.

5/18/11:  Had a wonderful visit with Dawn and Etta on Monday.  Etta is the dog she adopted from me quite a few months ago who is blind in one eye.  A goofy girl who use to let Sully pull her around the floor by her tail.  She didn’t want to be friends this time. 
     Had a full schedule yesterday.  Happily, DiAnne is going to try to keep Mariah Grace.  That was a huge relief.  I am going to try to get over there and see what I can do to help with some training advise.  Not going to be able to stop her from wanting to eat the chickens though.  Told her that from the start.   As so often happens when someone gets a big loveable Pyrenees, they are allowed to become queen (or king).  All the previous rules go out the window.
   I was suppose to take a dog out for a home visit.  I talked to a trainer that the man had used.  He is a great potential adopter, but what he wanted, I do not have.  Conversation ran over and when I canceled, I was already suppose to have been there.  I felt really bad as I always follow through.  But it just did not work out this time.
    Hush got groomed and then I got him micro chipped.  Later took Sully in for her rabies.  Was late on that but they are good for 3 years even though paper says one.    
     I got Irene’s Health Certificate for her trip to Colorado.  Boy, this is hard!  I did not realize she came 17 months ago!!!   I am really going to miss her but she needs to be an only child.  I have failed her.  I hope this rescue won’t.  Damn, I’m going to start crying.

Later: Brought Mazi up and introduced her to Bear.  That seems to be going fine.  She is a very submissive girl.  Oops.  Spoke too soon.  Less then 3 minutes, he went into the family room to hide and she went in there.  Bear is FEAR aggressive.  I have heard “experts” say there is not such thing but they are wrong!  Bear is fine until he feels cornered.  Oh well, so much for that for the moment.  Will try again later.  Once he learns to trust her, he should be fine. 
    I am feeling better about Irene going.  I have to learn to trust too, just like Bear needs to.  It is hard though as people can be very untrustworthy.  I’ve never been a discerning judge of people.  Too trusting.  Get burned and then takes awhile to rebuild my judgment confidence.
   I’m letting Lady go to a Sanctuary up near where she came from.  I’m confident the lady is wonderful and I feel she will make the right decisions for Lady.   She is still trying to help find Sarge a place to go.  He would be disruptive in her pack.  I fully understand. 
    I put in a call to the person I think has Hara.   Found him on the internet.  He is a K9 handler as she stated but I still want to know Hara is ok and get the paperwork from this officer.  She had no right to breach the contract and give (or) sell the dog.  I lose enough sleep without the added worry of not knowing where one is and if it is safe.
    It’s 11:25 a.m. and I’m ready for a nap!  Between barking and allergies, I’m constantly tired.  But I got to stay awake and get the pix I just took into photoshop and then posted.  I need to get some dogs adopted!

5/14/11:  Bear barked ALL night.  Usually he quits about 4 a.m. when he is really on a roll.  Guess because of the storm night before, he has to make up for lost time.  I am not going to be in a good mood today.  Two nights in a row without sleep just don't cut it.  And we had so much work yesterday.  Did find someone to cut up the tree in the driveway, but we still had to help.  Tree went in the tractor bucket and Loren drove it onto our other property to dump it.  I helped load the bucket as well as blow leaves, rake small branches and clean up all the branch and leaf mess in the dog yards.  Six hours of work added to the usual.  I'm just grateful we are not replacing windows or any SUV repair.  We got really lucky.
     Hanna really misses the puppy.  Darn!  I had no idea this would have such an effect on her.  She was fine with Sarge before the puppy came.  I tried to put her back with him and she attacked him immediately.  She must think he had something to do with the puppy being gone.  Breaks my heart.  Hush is just too rough for her and she has started limping.  I don't know where to put her.  I tried her at the house but that did not work.  Mazi could easily fit into the house.  What changes I need just don't work.  I just hope Sarge gets a great place to go where he will be loved and happy.  Lady already has quite a bit of interest.  Calls have started again from potential adopters.  It was 'dry' for a few weeks.  Nothing matters until the applications come in.  People want 'easy' and they are not going to get that from me.  If they want easy, go to a humane society, animal control or craigs list, not a rescue. 
    I've not heard from several recent adopters lately.  Having my emails go unanswered always makes me anxious.  Especially when one recently breached the contract and the dog was given away without my knowledge or permission.  I don't know where it is.   That bothers me VERY much. 

Evening: I went to bed early, but I made the mistake of answering the phone.  Now I will get no sleep again tonight.  A few days ago Mariah was going to visit because her adopter was hospitalized.  When her son brought her over, she attacked Hanna.  It was the only place I had to put her, so the son kept her.  I couldn’t.  Well, now she has killed a chicken.  I expected that from the start.  Emotions have escalated so she is being returned.  Period.  I still have no where to put her.  I am a basket case.  She was with Irene and did good before, but I don’t know now.  Babe will fence fight if I move Shelby in with Hanna, Mazi and Hush.  They are getting along great so don’t want to stir that pot.  Hush barks so I can’t put him behind the house.  I don’t think Shelby would work in the house.  She is not submissive.  Mazi would do fine in the house, maybe even with bear, but that will still not make a place for Mariah.  I only have one kennel panel.  I can’t go spend several hundred dollars to buy more for this situation.  I tried Hanna with Sarge and Lady, but Hanna went after Sarge.  I think she thinks he ate the puppy.  Long story but logical.  I tried Hanna with Shelby and at the house.  Didn’t work.  Losing ‘her’ puppy has really affected her.  A total different personality.  I could drive to Memphis and Kim would take Shelby back, but (1) way too far (2) she’s a good dog and not fair to her to go back and forth.  I could try bringing Shelby to the garage yard and putting Irene and Mariah back together like they were before, but common sense is telling me that is just not going to work.  I am totally at a loss.  If Babe was gone… but the adopter never contacted me last week like I was expecting.  Not unusual.
    I have someone local coming tomorrow but I think he wants an outside dog for his goats.  Not going to happen.  These are not working dogs and they will never be.  Only work they do is bark and sleep.  Sleep would not normally qualify, but it is going to take work for ME to get some tonight.  That nervous breakdown is fast approaching.     

Political link  The government never ceases to amaze me either.  We'll have oil and power while we all starve to death.
People never cease to amaze me!  Local ad on the internet:  Free to good home: Female half English Mastiff , half ?. She is approximately 7 months old. She will make an excellent guard/family dog and one that will stay at home due to her mastiff nature. Her mother is also free to a good home. Not sure what she is....shepard/min pin mix? Both are very sweet and loving and love to trial ride with you if you own horses

5/13/11:  Barely…  Shuffled dogs at midnight.  Just a few minutes ago.  Hope the storms are past.  Hope I was not premature on moving them back.  Well, actually just moving them again.  It haled the size of marbles and with the force of them shot from a gun.  I was sure the windows without screens were going to break.  The SUV was in the driveway.  I grabbed my robe to drive it down into the shop and rescue dogs.  I knew the yard with Hush, Hanna and Mazi would be a river.  I knew Lady would be freaking from the rain on the metal roof in the shop and she would be outside to get away from the sound.   I grabbed on a robe and some slip-on shoes and the keys.  Total shock as I ran outside being pelted by rain.  A huge oak had fallen across the driveway.  I’m racing around to the front of the SUV and the tree missed it by an inch, literally.  If it had been parked just one inch farther forward it would have been hit.  A few feet forward and it would have been crushed.  Our driveway is circular so I was able to back out but the car will not get out of the garage until we find someone to come move the tree in the morning.  Another miracle, it wised the yard fence where Irene is.  At least I think it did.  It was raining so hard and I was so soaked, it was hard to really see.  It looked like the tree had just broke in half, top falling straight down and then the bottom of the tree uprooting and falling on top of the upper part.   It may look different in the light of day.  And there may be additional surprises.
     I quickly drove down and moved Sarge and Lady into the office.  That was not so quickly.  I opened up the inner shop doors and Sarge was happy to explore and run towards the office.  Lady kept running out the doggie door into the rain.  I almost had her several times.  I ended up going outside, through the gate.  She ran in.  I slithered through the doggie door and quickly blocked her escape.  Remember it has now been hailing for about 5 or 6 minutes.  The yard is soaked.  I’m practically on my belly on a short step, robe hanging in the mud as I play ‘dog’.  I got the door in the slot so she could not get out.  That is a feat in itself.  All the screws holding the flap in place have long been gone so I have a heavy cord, about the size of a shoe lace holding the flap on.  It really interferes with being able to get the solid door in the slot.  The doggie gods were with me on this one.   I finally got a leash on her and got her to the office.
     Then out the door to the outer yard to get the three from their river.  They were soaked.  Hush wanted love.  Muddy paw prints to cover what had not already been drug through the mud during the doggie door episode.  The hale had quit, but the plain old rain was coming down like out of a bucket.  The way the carport cover is, it is too far back from the gate so I’m in the downpour getting leashes on.  I ended up hooking up one dog twice and had nothing on the third.  Luckily I noticed before I opened the gate.  All the mud is quickly washing off my robe.  Now I am just a soggy mess with a 1 pound terry robe that now weighs 10 pounds.  My shoes are squishing out water.  They will not recover. 
    I got the three into the shop.  I left the doggie door slot in so they would not go outside.  Although loud in there, they did not seem to have fear issues.  This all took place around 9 or 9:30.  I did not bother to look at the clock. 
    Parker was on the bed with Loren.  He had been laying over top of me but when I got up, he went to Loren for safety.  Has his head on Loren’s pillow and Loren was petting him.  Sully and Chipi had also moved in with him for protection.  Goofy was already there.  I went back to bed to finish watching a weekly I had recorded.  Sissy and Sweetness had pretty much taken over the empty bed but I wiggled into a spot between them.  Slept for about an hour.  Woke and the storm seemed to be over.  It was so humid inside.  Got to thinking the shop was probably likewise as humid since I had not turned on the AC in there.  The dogs would be too hot closed in.  Rain was just a drizzle and the thunder sounded way in distance.  So got up, found the dry slip on shoes (good thing I own 2 pair) and walked down to the shop.  I’m looking in the glass door and the three are sound asleep.  OK, I’ll move Lady and Sarge into the ‘river’ yard.  The flow had stopped and there are 2 dry igloos.  DUH!  No leashes.  I had moved them through the inside and had not left a leash with them.  So I had to go into the other room where the 3 were asleep.  It was hot in there!  Opened up some windows and took the doggie door cover out.  They wanted to come with me.  After moving Sarge and Lady I got to thinking, this is not a good idea!  Babe was already starting to fence fight.  I went back into the shop and got the bark collar.  Doing this in the dark was not easy.  Total cloud cover and only one small motion censor light on 100 feet away. 
   As I headed back to the house, Sarge and Lady were barking which got Shelby to barking.  All I could think is “Why do I care so much and it comes back and slaps me”.

5/12/11:  4 a.m. Waiting for the Benadryl to kick in.  Took 2 before going to bed.  Worked until about 1:30 a.m. and then barking woke me up and sneezing followed.  Loren says my sneezing 'disturbs the dogs'.  My sneezing probably disturbs anyone within a mile.  I should invite the Genesis World Record people over.  It is probably off the decibel charts. 
   The dogs really were good last night... or I was so out of it, I just think they were.  Anyway all is quiet now... when I am not!
    Saw a video of Georgia, the young lady who will be getting Irene and working with her.  She's really young but great compassion.  ( 5/29/11: Boy did that turn out to be a mis-judge of character!!!)  Of course anyone under 48 seems 'young' to me, anymore.  I am really going to miss Irene.  A few 'partings' have been really hard but this will be the hardest.  The others went to good forever homes.  This is just a stop over for Irene.  Maybe Georgia will decide to keep her.  I know she will love her enough right off to find her a great home when Irene is ready.
    Going to go back to bed and hope this pill starts working soon.

5/11/11:  I can’t believe I got so much accomplished today.  Elnor helped with the basic house cleaning while I steam cleaned all the area rugs. Four very large ones plus the bedroom carpet where Parker decided to hike.  Mopped the entire house, one area twice, because for some reason there was a film on the floor.  Of course all the normal dog chores got done as well as some dog shuffling.  Hush kept us awake most of the night.  He has been so good, but they were all outside all night carrying on at every leaf that blew or cricked that chirped. 
    I moved Hush, Mazi and Hanna to the lower yard.  I put a bark collar on Babe so there would not be any fence fighting.  Champ sure wants to join the group.  I think he is fed up with taking orders from Babe.  I know he will fit in fine.  I just don’t want to commit to a 6 year old 100 pound black lab who will most likely never find an adopter.  He is just such a sweet boy, so it is really a shame.  Anyway, Shelby is behind the house.  If she barks tonight, I can collar her easily enough.  Sarge and Lady are sharing the shop.  That is working out quite well.  They both seem happy to be together.  Hopefully this switch will give us some rest and peace of mind.
   Loren was enjoying the deck this afternoon so I brought up Shelby and we sat out there together for about an hour.  There was a roadrunner in the front yard and she was fascinated.  She made no effort to go after it or even get excited.  She was just spellbound watching it.  It was really neat to watch her intensity.  It was almost as if she were trained to watch and await a command to go get it.  At one point she decided she could get a better view by looking under the bench so she laid down without ever taking her eyes off of it.  I sure wish I could figure out what her breed mix is.  Maybe Anatolian, maybe Akita, maybe Pyr, maybe Husky, maybe Samoyed maybe a little of all 5.  I need to get my book out.  She is 27 to 28” at the shoulders and 95 pounds.  Legs a bit too short for her length.  That is what makes me think maybe not Anatolian.  Some people would think “who cares” but to do a good job of working with her and to place her in the correct environment, it is important I know the breed traits. 
    Sarge could see us and he was very distressed.  He had his turn yesterday, but he didn’t comprehend why it was not him today too.  He was really working on the fence with his teeth. 
    Been trying to find someone to come weed eat.  My allergies are too bad and Loren is not up to it.  Way too much for his heart.  It is beginning to look like a jungle in the back yard where the bush hog can’t go.   Speaking of which, my nose is beginning to run, eyes are itching, glands are swelling and I’m sneezing all over the keyboard.  Time to go take some pills.

5/9/11: HELP!!  Things never go as planned.  Got a call last night.  The local lady who adopted Mariah (aka Gracie) is in the hospital and I need to care for the dog until she can get up and about.  Two others coming today.  A return coming tomorrow.  None leaving.  Two here I do not trust in a group taking up space 3 or 4 dogs could use.   I have everyone sorta of hopefully figured out except the return.  Lady is the terrified German Shepherd.  I can’t put her with Hanna and the puppy as the pup would scare her.  She needs to be at the house, but not sure what Zelda will do.  She is my only concern.  She likes things just as they are.  She would not hurt her, but she would send ‘vibes’.  The others would sniff and go about their business.  Anyway, dog count will be 20.  That is doable if it were not for my untrustworthy ones.  Sarge has got to go.  Irene leaves the 18th, but that is 9 more days. 

    Time to feed and then hit the road for the 2 coming from TN. 

5/7/11:  3:39 a.m.  Allergies.  There is no end.  Sissy was not even on the bed with me.  I figured she was bringing in pollen on her fur.  I don’t even have the windows open. 
    Well, when it rains dogs, it pours.  Lady is coming back.  Mazi will finally be coming Monday (she was planned) and another Pyr will be coming with her.  What the heck.  Kim has helped me out before.  Too bad she doesn’t want to take a Sr. Mal in trade.  Anyway, my biggest concern will be Lady, especially if she is visually impaired.  She is such a frightened girl.  Maybe that is the reason.  What ever, she is going to need some very special attention.  Hopefully the house dogs will accept her.  But maybe she will just be too afraid of so many.  Definitely could use the dog whisper for her.  She broke my heart before and is already starting again.  She is just not going to handle this separation from Scott whom she has begun to trust.  So darn sad.
     And when it rains “broke” it pours there too.  The Toyota finally gave out.  The transmission is slipping.  With 202,000 miles, it has served us well.  Kind of like losing a friend.  Loren bought it brand new and had it serviced every 3000 miles.  Took great care of it.  It looks great inside and out even having been the ‘dog car’ for the past 8 years.  It has new tires and a full tank of gas.  Isn’t that typical!!  A lot of ‘back yard mechanics’ around here so will sell it for what the tires and gas is worth.  It does run good, just never know when the tranny will slip and not engage.  And secondly, Loren was half way through bush hogging the big yard when that transmission on the bush hog caught fire.  He cooled it down and was able to do a little more, but needs the parts.  Priced new… Ouch!!  If the darn yard was not so efficient at growing rocks, it might not break.  We won’t even go into broke fencing, thank you Sarge! 
    Sully is grieving.  I think he really misses the Saint Bernard he had as a friend for the 2 weeks he was adopted.  I try to spend as much time on the floor with him as I can.  He was happy to be home the first few days and then settled back into the routine, but past few days he has just sulked.  Really sad. 
    Loren has had Sarge in the family room for several hours the past few days.  It is helping considerably.  Just not enough time in the day for Hush and Hanna and the puppy to have special time too.  I just wish someone would come and sit with Hanna and the pup for an hour a day.  And someone spend time with Hush.  He is such a sweet boy.  He and Irene are doing fine together, but they need people.  Monday when I get the other 2, I will bring Irene back to the house.  I am really going to miss her.  I just keep wondering if I am doing the right thing for her sending her to another rescue in Colorado.  I trust the rescue and the trainer from the checks I have done on them.  I just wonder have I really failed her.  She is not perfect, but none of them are.  Just because she wants to eat little dogs, so do a lot of others.  A few days with a strong trainer would get her leash walking under control, but would she revert back because she knows I’m not strong enough?  Of all the decisions I have been faced with (not counting allowing an old one to cross the rainbow bridge) this is the hardest.  I really love her.  She was about 8 months old when she first came here.  She is now 27 months.  Six months with an adopter in the middle, still makes her here half her life.  I just wish she were going to a forever home, and not another stop along the way.  I’m just getting too emotional for this… ok, always been too emotional for this. 

5/5/11: Always one on the ‘list’ tugging at my heart.  But if I take ‘that one’ there will just be another tomorrow and the next day.  The ones tugging at my heart are not adoptable.  Too old, too black, too sick, too barky, too frightened…   Even if I had someone to clean my house and cook and poop scoop and answer emails, I could still not give another dog the love and one on one it needs.  Too many already.  If they don’t work  out in the house, they just don’t get enough attention.  I get angry thinking of people who are sitting at home in front of the TV or computer with nothing else to do (or ‘hooked’ and just don’t do anything else).  They could be here watching TV and keeping a dog company.  Or some could take one home for a few hours several days a week.  When a person claims they are lonely, it is of their own making.  When a dog is lonely it is because some human is at fault. 
    Loren can’t do a lot, but he will keep the lonely ones company.  Sarge was up for several hours today.  The puppy has spent several hours on his lap.  Hanna loves to come up and wants in his lap too.
    Speaking of Hanna and the Sadie Ann, when I went down to feed the pup a third meal, she came out of the dog house and Hanna right behind her.  Thunder was roaring and rain had started.  The metal roof on the shop magnifies the sound so I guess they felt better outside then inside.  They are absolutely so cute together.  Hanna is such a good foster mommy.  They even look alike.  Hanna is teaching her everything.  Sadie Ann has not gotten into any trouble.  I need to find some small but also big dog safe toys for her.  Hanna never bothers her food so I don’t think she would bother a toy I gave to Sadie Ann.  Some dogs are just extra special in certain areas and Hanna is one in the mommy department. 
    Nancy took them both for a walk this morning.  When she arrived, I was busy so asked her to take them both for a walk.  I figured by the time I got down there, they would not even be out of the drive way.  To my surprise, Nancy (and Hanna) had Sadie Ann walking right along on leash.  They were quite a distance down the road.  She is such a smart puppy.
    Picked up Hush from the vet early.  He was neutered yesterday.  He whimpered and nuzzled under my arm the whole way home.  He was obviously glad to ‘home’.  I put Irene back with him.  She is fine at the house as long as Sweetness and Chipi are with Bear.  She goes after them both, unprovoked.  Anyway, when I went down to feed Sadie Ann, Irene was asleep on the bench.  I had put a half comforter on it.  Usually she pulls everything onto the ground.  It was neat to see her relaxing on it.  Hush was in the dog house on the other half of the comforter.  I tried to sneak past and did on the way down, but they heard me on the way up.  Made me feel guilty, them running excited to the gate.  I want Hush to heal a little before I turn him out in the big yard.  Need the testosterone gone before I try any introductions to the house pack.
     Got a ‘care package’ yesterday.  Always great stuff.  Especially great was the ‘calming treats’.  I can’t get Zelda to take the other chewable calming stuff I bought.  She refuses even if I mash it up and put it in hamburger.  She likes these new ones.  I still need to read the label with my glasses on so I give her the right amount.  She got 3 as that stuff usually is in 25 pound increments.  It’s all natural so not like the exact amount is critical.  Zelda just growls at everyone and they all stay way out of her path.  Trouble is, most of them are afraid to come through the doggie door when she is in the kitchen.  Sully, Sahara, Goofy and Sissy were outside in the rain when I heard the thunder and realized it was raining.  No threat will hold Parker back from hiding inside when there is thunder. 
   Took a Benadryl about an hour ago.  Will probably take another real soon.  I do not know how I can get so miserable.  It must be pollen coming in on the dogs.  I’ll just keep suffering before I would make them stay away from me.  That is not an option.

5/3/11:  Busy day yesterday.  Marian met Gayle who met me with the new Pyr.  His name is “Hush”.  Don’t know what it ever was before, but by the time we finished the 2 hour trip home, I’m sure he thought that was his name.  He barked 1 hour and 50 minutes of the trip, stopping long enough only to catch his breath and re-charge.  If I had brought the car, had Loren drive and set in the back seat with him, he would have been an angel.  We just don’t know until we do it and crating is the safest with an unknown.  Anyway, Hush spent the night in the shop with Hanna/Ayla.  He was in his glory.  She tolerated his pestiness.  He will get neutered tomorrow.
    Hush was a bit much for Sadie Ann so brought her to the house and put her in her ‘apartment’.  Good thing I didn’t fold it up as I was planning to.  I am so impressed with this baby.  I put her in about 9:30 and her puppy pads were dry at 6 when I took her out.  Boy did she go once we got outside.  This little gal is scary smart for not more then 10 weeks old. 
Bear will get groomed this morning.  I had planned for Irene, but she is not going to make this transport.  Then I figured the new guy would need it.  He is clean and no mats.  Think maybe the gal at AC gave him a bath before Marian picked him up.  So thought, ok, I’ll take Hanna/Ayla in but the reunion with the pup was so touching, I didn’t want to break it up again so quick.  Bear has not had a bath in a year so he is due.  I keep him brushed and nails trimmed, but a bath won’t hurt and he does need some shedding out.  So he got elected.
    Got to decide where Sadie Ann will have the best chance of being adopted.  I can swap when I get Mazi from MASH in TN.  I have Lady coming back.  She is the petrified GSD that was adopted several months ago.  They suspect she is partially blind.  If I knew Sarge was going somewhere within the next week, keeping Sadie Ann would work.  It is all the unplanned factors that put a kink in everything.  Irene was suppose to go tomorrow.  Lady was not suppose to come back.  Sarge was not suppose to be a Malinois.  Champ and Babe were suppose to be gone last Saturday.  I made commitments for 2 others that will be down the road in several weeks.  The only thing that finally happened, even though a month past schedule was the old fellas 3 dogs which he re-claimed.  That was great.   And Sully coming back was fine.  I really missed him. 
Sunshine!  Now if the ground will just dry up.  The big yard looks like a jungle.  Loren will bush hog when it is dry enough.  I wish he would let someone else.  It is way to hard on him.  He ‘knows where the rocks are’ so he is afraid someone else might bust the blades.  Too expensive to have someone bring in their tractor and do it.  Takes about 4 hours @ $65 and hour. 
I am so ready for sunny days.  Only thing I miss about California is the weather.  Four seasons are nice if there really were 4 seasons here.  Hot, Cold and Wet do not count for any of the 3.     

5/1/11:  Rained almost all day.  Depressing weather and depressing everything.  Finally got a return call about Lady and Hara.  I’m not happy.  Anyway, Lady will be coming back and I want it to be soon.  She is being well loved, but (1) circumstances have changed and she can’t stay and (2) they suspect she can’t see.  That is not something I had considered when she was here.  She was fearful and remains so.  Maybe that is the reason.  Anyway, I want her back ASAP so I can get her into the vet and do what ever can be done for her.  Waiting is not something I wish to do.   If it is something progressive, I want to stop it in it’s tracks. 
   Also I was worried sick about a friend.  We were to make plans today for me to get a dog she pulled from AC.  I called starting at 8:00 and it just rang and rang.  I know she has a machine.  Finally around 3:30 I called the police department to go check on her.  Her phone was out. 
    Irene did great all day.  A few little ‘looks’ but she and the rest did fine.  Of course, Sweetness was in the room with Bear.  Sully is getting back to his comfortable self.  Sahara is getting more and more clingy.  Parker is too.  The thunder scares him so bad.  The pup and Hanna have bonded.  It is so sweet.  Brought Sarge to the house for several hours.  He and Loren in the family room.  He needed that special time.  I just wish I could do more for him.  Maybe if the rain ever stops. 
     Allergies are terrible.  Makes no sense with all this rain.  My eyes are so swollen and I go into fits of sneezing.  Benadryl helps but makes me so sleepy. 
   It’s dark.  I’m off to bed.  Last night I went to bed at 6:00!!  Made it to 7: 45 tonight.

4/29/11:  I wish the dogs would stop trying to chase off the trash pick-up people!  
    It was almost creepy quiet last night.  Sadie Ann and Hanna in the shop worked great.  Having Sarge by himself was an improvement. 
    Sully is back.  I don't mind at all. 
     Worked on the dog yards all day.  They are looking great.  Got them all graveled and trenched, hopefully for adequate rain run-off. 
     Answered 3 of 7 phone messages (1 looking for a dog, 2 wanting to give me a dog and the rest friends checking in.  A dozen emails.  The only one that mattered at the moment is the rescue of the fella on the home page ("Norman's" story will move to the 'story' page next week)  
     Exhausted, hot, ready for a shower and then relax with a chocolate milk shake.

4/28/11:  Evening.  Worn out.  Charles spent the night so he did not have to drive home in the dark with his 3 dogs.  They were really happy to see him.  He is really a sweet man.  I hope things go well for him and no more dog problems.  If there is, I’m sure he will let me know.
   It is nice to have just 14.  The numbers keep decreasing.  Swapping Sadie Ann for Mazi.  Not sure which day.  Actually I found the secret for her.  I switched out Hanna and Sarge last night with Trina, Sugar and Sprite so Charles could have his dogs with him in the shop.  He left out this morning. Then I got a load of gravel and called Eddy (who owns Babe and Champ) to come help get the places cleaned up and gravel in the yards.  With an empty space it makes all this possible.  He got the shop yard fixed up and I cleaned inside really good.  When he went to weed eat where I had Sadie Ann, I moved her to the shop yard.  She screamed as usual.  While I was mopping, she stuck her head through the doggie door and came in!!! She figured that out all on her own!!  She steered clear of me but checked the whole place out.  She also figured out the doggie door works both ways.
   I was concerned Sarge would tear out the fence in the yard below but luckily he didn’t.  He was working on it.  I was afraid he would let Hanna out so I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Anyway when I left the shop, Sadie Ann started screaming again.  Scream if she sees me and screams when I leave.  I know she is terrified of everything, but she will learn best by ‘facing her fears’.  I put Hanna in the shop with her.  You’d of thought she was dying.  Hanna was a momma not all that long ago so the instincts are there.  I came up to the house and it got quiet after about 5 minutes.  Hanna either ate Sadie, Sadie died of fright or Sadie and Hanna bonded and the recovery process has begun.  I strongly suspect the latter. 
    As for Sarge, it is still light out, but I can’t see the yard for the trees.  He is either content being alone, working on getting out or has already gotten out and is long gone.  I suspect he’s asleep since Babe and Champ would have told on him if he got out.  
    This is the crappiest paragraph structure.  My mind is not working, every muscle aches and the allergies have started again.  Just throw all the sentences in a line and figure it out.  I'm not even sure what I'm trying to convey.  7:20 and I'm heading to bed even if it is still light outside.  People sleep in Alaska when it's light.  just found this in the "Grey Muzzle" newsletter. 

4/27/11: 1:20 a.m.!  I DON’T DO PUPPIES!!  Hudini, also known as Sadie May got out of her crate ‘apartment’.  How she got out is way beyond me.  The 2 were still securely tied together.  The widest opening was about 4” x 4” and it had a leash woven round and round leaving the space less then half that.  I heard her barking, which had pretty much continued from bed time on.  Then all of a sudden I woke up to a different sound.  It was still barking, but the location seemed to have changed.  She was up on a chair!  Her water was empty and one pee pad was wet.  That was inside… never mind outside in the family room… I started cleaning up after her yesterday, if 11:30 p.m. qualifies.  She had pooped on several dog beds and some pee on the floor.  Apparently she felt the inside of her domain was full.  I scooped up the soft poop, changed the 2 mattress covers, mopped the entire floor, mopped up more pee as she went while I worked, opened 2 windows that I didn’t feel rain could come in, turned on the ceiling fan and fabrizzed the room.  Started one first of 3 loads of laundry her escapade created. Then re-furnished her apartment and put her back. 
    There has been a few pauses in the barking.  She is probably working on her escape plan and multi-tasking is not as efficient.  Isn't there an old song "Go Away Little Girl"?  I DON'T DO PUPPIES!

4/26/11: 2:43 a.m. got up to potty and checked on Sadie Ann.  She definitely used the puppy pads.  Boy do they work good!  Of course waking her up was not a great idea.  She is so scared of the unknown.  She began screaming before she recognized me and got the others in a barking frenzy.  Once I spoke, which I now realize I should have done first, she settled down.  She still huddled in the back of the big crate on the very soaked pads.  I suspect she had been on the blanket and fear sent her to retreat.  Anyway, I got the pads changed out and heated her a bit of food.  I had mixed up extra last night and wanted to take the chill off from being refrigerated.  She ate it right down.  I need to remember how much to feed a puppy at a time.  How quickly I forget.
    My computer ‘crashed’ last night.  That is what it said on the screen before it shut it’s self down.  Aside from off the internet, I think it’s ok.  I always lose internet on shut down and Loren has to do some magic.  We share and his won’t let me back on… no, actually I just have something that is screwed up and he can’t figure out how to fix it without major overhaul.  I don’t want that.  I always lose something.  Last time it was my graphics files.  Millions of animations and jpgs I had collected over years.  The whole folder was gone never to be seen again.  Anyway, since I can’t check my mail or post this to my site, I might as well go back to bed.
   Morning:   Loren found the latest missing folder.  The one with all the mange puppies pictures.  It had hidden itself as a sub folder in another folder.  I would never have found it. 
   What a muddy mess!  Going in with the dogs to feed was slick and gooey.  Got to get gravel down.  Trouble is, it keeps moving since the land is on a slope.  I wish I could afford chip & seal or some kind of paving.  I don’t want concrete because it is too slick in the winter.  Hopefully Charles will pick up his 3 dogs tomorrow and that yard will be empty long enough to get it cleaned up and in better shape.

4/25/11:  Very little sleep.  I kept waiting for the roof to blow off or the windows to implode.  This is a very solid home but it shook.  Several times. So did me and even the calmest of the dogs.  I could hear the dogs outside in the yards under their carports, in their dog houses, crying.  It broke my heart but (1) I had no where to move them to and (2) I would have had a terrible time moving them without them running off from fright.  It broke my heart.
    I laid awake thinking about all the frightened dogs like Parker who are so afraid already and forced to live outside on a chain or pen with no adequate shelter.  I pass dozens of them every time I go to town.  It is hard because I know their loneliness and neglect.  It is even harder when we have these horrible storms.  They must be petrified.  I know I was even snuggled under the covers with all the dogs either on the bed or as close as they could get surrounding it.  And Parker hiding beside the toilet in the central bathroom. 
     It is barely dawn and still too dark to assess any damage or see if the dogs are ok. 

Evening:  Storms are worse then ever.  Not let up all day.  Got a call from a vet tech who hit a puppy with her car as it ran into the road.  Nothing broken, just some scrapes and bruises.  Yes, I broke my vow… NO MORE PUPPIES!  It’s here.  She was curled up on Lorens lap for several hours until I could rig up a place for her for the night.  A dozen trips to the shop to bring stuff up.  Kept forgetting things.  In the family room, I rigged a small wire kennel together with a big wire kennel.  My plan was more error then success, but it will work until tomorrow.  I tied the 2 together only to take them apart because I forgot to put in the puppy pads.  Tied it back together.  Then remembered I had forgot to put in water so had to untie everything again.   I put the blankets in the small kennel and the puppy potty pads in the large.  So where does it go to sleep?  Right.    She may be Pyr.  She is definitely going to be a big girl and she is very young.  Maybe 7 or 8 weeks, 10 tops.  She is very sweet and appreciative.  But she is terrified of dogs.  Even the sight of one.  She had to have been hurt by one.  She screams like a human when she sees one, no matter how far away or hears them barking.  It is heartbreaking.  This will definitely be a challenge.  Loren called her Sadie so I added Ann since this is Sadie number 4. 
   She has not gotten a drink and would not eat until I cooked up some hamburger.  Crushed up the large breed puppy food they gave me at the vet's office where I picked her up.  Added a little Verve and warm water.  She ate good.  I will start tomorrow feeding her 4 times a day as she is so skinny.  I have some left over Panacur so need to get her weighed tomorrow and see how much she should get.  She reminds me so much of Monkey (Niko) only she does not have mange (thank god).  I think that is why I agreed to take her.  She is not the cute little fluff ball Pyrs are when they are 8 weeks old, but she is sweet. 

4/24/11:  Happy Easter.  Things are looking a bit brighter, dog wise.  Yesterday I mostly concentrated on the house dogs and the storm.  We did go to Pizza lunch buffet.  I totally spaced getting Trina's medication.  It was to settle her stomach.  I gave her a Tagamet (sp) this morning.  She threw up the Metronidazole last night.  No blood in the poop.  Their previous owner is suppose to retrieve them Wednesday.  I've had several people interested in Sprite and a few in Sugar but I really wanted them to get to go 'home' even if I do have to eat the $700 plus I've spent on them.  Maybe he can send me $20 a month donation.  I am not asking anything of him.  He had to pay a big fine for being over the dog limit and he's 75 years old, lives in a 12 x 60 trailer and on social security.  His priority has been taking good care of the dogs and from the vet records he provided, he has done that.  Loren and I laughed... maybe he will leave Ozark Dogs something in his will... as long as it's not the dogs...  But we really would not care.  They are not any trouble other then Trina needing vet care and Sprite peeing in his or his sisters food bowl as soon as they are done eating. 
     Had a call this morning from a lady named Mary who 'knows' Malinois and she recognized Sarge as one immediately.  She says the wider head is European.  She is contacting her Malinois connections.  Apparently his temperament characteristics are normal for the breed.  
    Irene will go to Colorado mid May.  Sherman, Sully and Mariah are already in their new homes.  Hanna/Ayla will most likely go to her new home with Marian in mid May.  That leaves Sarge, which hopefully Malinois rescue will take.  It leaves Babe and Champ which are not really my dogs but taking up space here.   And it leaves Parker.  Soon Parker will have been here 2 years and will just become a part of the 'sanctuary', along with Chipi, Sweetness, Sahara, Zelda, Bear and Goofy.  My Senior Citizen family.  It is hard to believe Bear is the 'baby' at 6 years old. 
    I will most likely be taking on 2 Pyrs.  One from Alyssa and one from TN.  That is as long as the 'threesome' go on Wednesday.  Otherwise I don't have room because of personality differences.  House dogs leaving (Sherman, Sully and Mariah) does not free up space.

4/22/11:  Allergies!  I would be asleep were it not for waking up at 3:00 sneezing until I could not get a breath and thought I was going to suffocate.  Took a Benadryl and another an hour later.  I will be a zombie come the real morning. 
   Stormed really bad last night.  Don’t know what the yard will look like.  Hope everything and all the outside dogs are fine.  Bear, Sweetness and Chipi slept with me.  Parker was tucked away in Lorens’ bathroom.  Zelda, Goofy, Sissy and Sahara could have cared less.  So few dogs in the house.  I just can’t adjust!  I’m stepping over places where dogs use to be.  To have a clear path from bedroom to computer room never existed before.  This is good for me.  I need it. But it is also sad. 
   Several outside dogs will be leaving in the next few days.  Irene will go to Colorado mid May.  She is going to be very lonely for those weeks without Mariah/aka Gracie.  She goes today or Saturday.  I’m just not sure on this one.  It’s a money issue.  If they have to be concerned with the cost of a leash and Frontline, how will they pay a vet should she need it.  I’m too tired to think straight.  Plenty of love does not always cut it.
    Trina has been at the vet all night.  Blood in her stool.  She is becoming a money pit.  I still hope their previous owner can take them back.  He has not returned my calls.  I know he was working on a place in the country so he could take them back.  He is 75 years old, so maybe he worked too hard.  It would be nice to get an adoption donation for them, but I would still feel happier with nothing and them going home to the people they have known all their lives and who did take good care of them. 
   My biggest problem is still Sarge.  Not a day has gone by that he has not gotten either out or away from me.  Yesterday Hanna went out his latest hole in the fence, but she just sought out Loren in the shop.  I had to take my ring off as Sarge ripped the leash through my hand and made an instant blister on that finger right at the ring line.  I can’t even manage to get him to the house so he can run off energy in the big yard.  He is more powerful and out of control then Irene and that is saying a lot. 
  It's 5 a.m..  Pills are kicking in.  I can finally breath.  Will try to go back to sleep for 2 hours.

Evening:  Nervous breakdown.  I am worn out.  I can’t keep doing everything all by myself and the vet bills are just piling up.  Loren has been so great to help, but we just can’t do all that is involved in properly caring for this many dogs.  I can’t be the kind who sticks them in a pen and give them a pat on the head when I feed.  But that is what it has come down to for some. 
   We were gone all day meeting an adopter.  She was suppose to pay the adoption fee plus our gas.  I can’t see without my glasses so didn’t notice the gas was left off the check.  We drove 198 miles!  At $3.80 a gal. that is not chump change.  That is over $30 in the car.  If we had taken the SUV, it would have been $62.  We get back in town at 3:30 and stop to pick up Trina.  I had dropped her at the vet yesterday as she had blood in her stool.  For the ‘office visit’ and 2 shots, WITH my discount, the bill is $126.   Without a battery of tests, it’s just a guessing game.  With a battery of tests, it would probably still be a guessing game as it was with Toast who ran up $2000 in vet bills for blood in his snot!  Never did determine why.
    When we did drive in to the drive way, another adopter was waiting.  Then came some guy to pick up wood we were giving away (I needed it gone before snakes took up residence in it).  Then the adopters son came for wood, which was fine.  By now it is after 5.  We get the dog and adopter gone and check messages only to find out we had a ‘missing dog’.  Well, it was one that was recently adopted and running loose.  We drove another 38 miles one way to go find it.  Got lost.  Never did find it or the house or the adopters house.  Phone call has not been returned.  I’m a basket case.  Another message was about Trina’s meds, only the vet is long closed by now. 
    Dogs had still not been fed.  Got that done and fresh water.  Double poop scooping tomorrow as didn’t have time this morning and just too exhausted tonight. 
   It is now 6: 50.  I’ve had a quick shower and am ready to just go to bed and have a screaming, temper tantrum throwing nervous breakdown.   Sadly it would scare the dogs, so I will just curl up hugging whom ever wants hugged and maybe cry myself to sleep.  P.S. And Sarge got out again!  More fence fixing in the morning if he is still around.  (Damn, that sounds cold).

4/20/11:  close to 4 a.m. but the dogs have been so quiet.  I got 6 hours sleep without interruption!  The allergy pill helped.  Trouble is, now I need another so being rejuvenated won’t do me much good once I take it.  Can’t breath or see without it.  Missed my 6 month dental because of allergies and still not able to make a new appointment until they clear up.
    Mariah aka Grace may have a local home.  Will see how she is with chickens.  She will be an inside/outside dog and sleep with the boy, but just have to make sure she won’t kill the chickens.  Irene would be perfect if it were not for her prey drive.  Anyway, I found out Mariah’s original name was Gracie and she answers to it, so I will make the change back to it.   I had tried it as soon as I found out a few days here, but guess she was not settled in enough to respond. 
    All of a sudden I have been getting 'referrals' from a vet who I dislike intensely.  And he knows it.  No, this is not his peace offering.  His only peace offering would be to do the animal world a favor and retire.  Even the people who use him don't like him, but he is cheap.  So basically, they are not high on my list to become adopters.  Cheap vet, Ol' Roy dog food and ride in the back of a truck.  If I can educate and feel they have listened and will follow through with their new animal enlightenment, then I will give them a chance if everything else looks good.  A good heart is number one, but got to be followed up with good care.
    I love getting dogs great homes, but I am still really missing my 'boys'.  Twelve dogs in the house, then 10, now 8.  It feels so empty.  The remainder are so content, except Zelda who would prefer to be an only child in her old age.  I am going to try Hanna and Sarge up here.  Maybe Sarge will quit breaking out and running off until he gets to go somewhere else.  Will all depend on Goofy and Zelda if it works.
    Had a huge but brief storm pass through last night.  Only lasted about 10 - 15 minutes. I looked out the window to be sure Gracie and Irene were under cover.  They were in the igloo together, both heads side by side.  I wish I had been able to take a pix, but through the window and the darkness from the storm it would not have come out.  It really warmed my heart.  I love Irene so much!  She is just so unpredictable.  I hate sending her off to Colorado, but I know I am not capable of correcting what needs corrected to get her the right home.  Minor people issues (aggression due to protective nature), I can handle.  Dog aggression, I really struggle with.  A lot has to do with no help.  You can tell a person to stand back or do this or do that.  But if 2 dogs go at it, one person cannot pull them apart.  Not even Cesaer could single handedly separate two 100 pound dogs.  Arms are just not long enough or strong enough.  In the heat of the moment "tsst' is not going to work.
    Yesterday when Nancy and Betty were here and we were walking dogs, Champ decided to join us.  We had Trina, Sugar and Sprite out.  They share half the lower yard with Babe and Champ.  I don't walk Babe and Champ because they are not my dogs.  Not to be cruel or neglectful. Just a liability issue.  They get plenty of petting and fetch when I fee them.  Anyway, Champ tweaked the gate so he could get out and come along.  He was so good.  Stayed right beside us (no leash) and when we turned around, he did too.  He is such a good dog, but no one wants to adopt a 6 year old,100 pound black lab.  Breaks my heart no one has been interested in adopting him and Eddy can't find a place that allows dogs.  Just so sad.  Too bad my friend doesn't invest in a rental property over here.  She would welcome a renter with good dogs.  But she is tied up with her own move into her new house.  Wonder if investment property defers taxes?  I need to email my property management friend again.  She probably forgot to be looking since it has been several months since I asked.

4/19/11:    Lacy’s visit is over.  She is such a good girl.  I’d get up in the middle of the night and she’d hear me and leave Loren’s side, come into my path, lay down and roll over for a belly rub.  Never barks.  Never bothers.  Wish they were all just half as easy as she is. 
   Have not figured out Duke yet.  He is very attached.  He won’t leave his yard without an escort.  I tried to get him to romp and play.  I’m running around up and down the hills inhaling gnats and getting bugs on my arms and legs trying to get him to follow me and play.  He just stands by ‘his’ yard and cocks his head as if to ask “what the heck are you doing?”  I’m not as comfortable with him as I was with Sully, but I don’t know Saints that well.  I can’t ‘read’ him like I could Sully.  I need to bond with him if I am going to figure him out and work on his issues.     
   Sahara gets groomed today.  Her ‘pantaloons’ as my friend Kim calls the butt fur, is too thick.  It caught the poop the other day and I had one awful mess to cut away and clean.  I hate to put her through a grooming especially since last time they destroyed her beautiful tail.  It has not fluffed out again.  I’m gong to tell them to leave that part alone.  I’ll comb out the mats.  I really hate to spend the money but I just don’t have the skill to do what needs done to make her comfortable.  Trina is running into the same problem, but it will have to wait.  I do need to get Sissy in for her nails.  She refuses to let me near them and will bite me.  She is old and grumpy and I don’t blame her.  Anyway, they don’t have a problem with her.  Her nails are like daggers.  They grow so fast, too.  Guess it comes with older dogs because they aren’t as active so don’t wear them down. 
   Speaking of active;  Parker gets sillier by the day.  His eye (and the pulled tendon in his leg) must be much better.  He is chasing the ball, running the fence line, chasing birds and just having one great time.  The girls just stand and watch.  They don’t ‘know’ this dog.  He has morphed into a strange stranger.  Inside, he still comes to me for his eye to be cleaned and medicated, but now he insists on good rubs and scratches from head to butt.  When I stop, he turns around and offers another part of his anatomy.  A constant spin to make sure I don’t miss a spot. 
     I have had several people say they are interested in Sprite but don’t follow through.  The guy who gave them (Sprite, Sugar and Trina) up has indicated he wanted them back (which would be great) but he has not returned my calls this past week.  I know he needs to get his new place livable and get moved, but I just need to be sure this is going to happen and roughly when. 
    I really wish someone would take an interest in Champ and Babe.  They are both great dogs, but they are 6 years old.  Babe is so adoptable.  She is funny, playful, social, part Golden, part Pyr.  Great with kids.  Well mannered.  Eddy is just not going to find a place to rent that will accept 2 big dogs.  I don’t want to see them go to the shelter, but I don’t want the responsibility of them here forever.  Black Labs are just too hard to place no matter how wonderful they are. 

4/18/11:  Duke (Dukus to keep him separate from 2 previous Dukes) arrived.  He is huge.  Might be as tall as Goofy.  Definitely wider then Sully and outweighs him too.  He's a little confused as only been here 24 hours.  He has made himself at home in the garage.  Learned the doggie door right off.  Prefers 'in' over 'out'. 
   I really miss Sully.  It just all happened too fast.  I miss Sherman too, but he has a great life!  I could not be happier for him.
   Several years ago I got a terrified Sheltie from a local lady who 'rescued' her.   It took an hour to catch her.  She just cowered in one corner after another, racing past us as we got close. Through a bunch of complications and several rescues involved, I got her into a Sheltie rescue.  I had long forgotten her.  I got an update today.  WOW!!  These are the kind of stories we need in order to know that all our rescue efforts are not in vain. 

4/16/11:  Many years ago I had a Pastor who told me I was the only person he knew who, ‘when God locks the door, (I) still try to climb through the window’.  I understand what he was saying, but I still see it conflicting with all the other life lessons: “Life is never simple” (or “keep life simple”).  “Don’t worry about what you can’t fix.”  “Live in today; you can’t change yesterday and tomorrow is not here yet”.  “If you don’t work for it, you don’t appreciate it.”
     You would think in 66 years, I’d have at least a little of it figured out.  Point being, I rescue.   Now how am I suppose to know “God” locked the door that that dog is on the other side of?  Or how can I only take dogs that are difficult (life is never simple) yet not try or care (or know) when I can’t help them? (Don’t worry about what you can’t fix).  Or not look at yesterdays ‘throw away’ and plan for it’s tomorrow, when I am already overwhelmed for today? (Live in today…) Or not appreciate donations or easy dogs or great adopters? (If you don’t work for it….)  But that would only apply if I were not breaking all the other ‘advise’ in these sayings.  Are you as confused as me? 
    No, it is not the middle of the night.  A time when I usually have these profound observations.  It’s 7 a.m.  Woke up at 6:00 to Sweetness puking, just in time to shoo her off the bed so ‘it’ went on the floor.  Wondering how I could keep her from eating stuff she shouldn’t, my mind wonders on down the rescue road with all it’s twists and turns, road blocks and dead ends.  You can see the light over the hill.  It’s just too dark to figure out how to get there. 
    Zelda went off on Chipi and Sweetness last night.  I had no where to put her.  Ended up in the office of the shop.  I have too many dogs who are not getting along with other dogs.  I know I must be projecting something no matter how hard I ‘live in the moment’ and avoid the ‘what if’ in my mind.  If the door is locked, which it is with every space full, I can only hope there is a window for Duke to go through.  (“Don’t make promises you may not be able to keep”.  Now THAT is a dumb one since we never know what tomorrow will bring).
    Anyway, about midnight, guilt took over.  I closed Lacy in with Loren and Sweetness and Chipi in with me and went down and brought Zelda up to have run of the house with the others.  While out on my travel, I took the bark collar down for Mariah who had not stopped barking in reply to Duke on one side and Bear on the other.  I was hoping she would start associating the back light coming on with the collar going on, but it’s not working. 
  It’s now 9 a.m. and the wind is blowing and the temp is very cool; sweatshirt weather.  The dogs are all being silly.  Bear, Sweetness and Chipi have raced around their acre, wrestling, barking and rolling in the grass.  Mariah and Irene have romped and played on the 2 acres.  The rest are on the back deck.  Silliest of all and totally out of character is Parker.  He found a ball which he was tossing and chasing!!!  Poor guy had a hard time finding it each time because of the E-collar, but it didn’t deter him.  In the 19 months he has been here, this is the first time I have ever seen him play like that.  What a wonderful sight!  

4/14/11:  Sully was adopted yesterday.  A local couple I had met and been to their home.  It has still not sunk in.  I knew I would miss him, but can not believe how much.  I know I am going to be a pest checking on him.  I won't visit until I am sure he knows that is his home so he will not want to come home with me. 
    The ladies for Sherman will be here in a few hours.  Hopefully they will not find him too much of a challenge to adapt to being "resident nursing home dog".  When they get here, we will go to Good Samaritan so they can see how he is and then decide if they feel they can acclimate him.   I really want this to work for everyones sake.
    Mariah got a bath Tuesday (I already mentioned that) and it washed away all the "perfect".  Thought maybe it was a 'one day' thing.  Wrong.  Of course, Lacy is here until Monday so that was new to Mariah.  Had to put Mariah back in the yard behind the house.  Don't know for sure what day the Saint is coming, but she better like him as they are going to be sharing space.
    Loren talked to Charles that was the owner of Sprite, Sugar and Trina.  He is working on a property in the country so they can move and get out of the 4 dog limit confines of the town.  I was suppose to hear from him yesterday on getting them back.  I would much rather they go home then find them new homes. 
    Irene is regressing so before all the progress is totally gone, I have decided to let her go to the Colorado rescue.  They are still willing to take her.  There is an excellent trainer there willing to work with her. 
    Sarge has been a real problem.  If I could have him at the house I know he would be much better, but I can't.  Dog dynamics does not work.  The rescue that got me to rescue him (they had no room and he was going to die) is working hard to find him a place to go.  He got away again yesterday.  He is the only dog here that struggles to get past me through a gate or door.  He has succeeded 3 times and the last 2 times he has taken issue with neighbor dogs on their property.  Yesterday was bad.  Don't know how long we were gone tracking him down, but the biscuits in the oven were ash.  So much for breakfast. 
    Eddy that owns Babe and Champ cannot find a place to rent that will take dogs.  I will extend it another month.  He knows how to use the commercial floor polisher so I will get my living room floors shining and he can leave the dogs here longer. 
    Marian, who is adopting Hanna/Ayla is having contractor problems with her new home.  Boy do I know how that goes!  I might as well bring Hanna to the house next week after Lacy leaves.  I think they will accept her just fine.  Can't leave Sarge alone, though as he has separation anxiety really bad.  Not likely he and Mariah would get along.  My 'dog whisperer' skills are falling apart.  I'm falling apart.  Dog numbers going down is definitely a good thing right now.  I'm sure my stress is the trigger to some of what is going on, least wise in the house pack. 
    Well, it's 4:30 a.m.  Maybe I can get a little more sleep.  Sounds like they have finally all worn themselves out barking. 

4/12/11:  I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that just keeps going on and on.  I’m just too soft hearted when it comes to dogs.  I’m like a balloon that someone just keeps inflating and pretty soon I’m going to burst, spewing emotions all over the place.   
     Mariah got groomed and looks fabulous but she developed ‘queen syndrome’ when she got home.  They missed a few mats and I was combing them out when Sully walked up.  She snarled and lashed out.  No fight but it could have become one.  Gave her a time out in the yard behind the house.  Brought her back up and barely in the door and Goofy became her target.  I still had her on leash.  Back we went and that is where she is spending the night (with a bark collar on because she protested loudly after dark.)
     Sherman did not do as well at the nursing home today.  It was physically smaller, halls narrow and very congested.  We only stayed about 20 minutes.  Yesterday at Good Samaritan we stayed over an hour and he settled in reasonably well considering it was a first time experience.  I finally got a call back from Pam who is the activities director where Sherman will be going.  They are hoping to come Thursday.  I hope I can get him in for a bath Wed.  They had planned to come Saturday so I had him scheduled for Friday.   I am a nervous wreck wanting this to work not only for him but for Pam and all the people at the nursing home.  This is a one shot deal for everyone.  I just keep hoping they understand adjustment is going to take time and calm patience. 

4/10/11:  I just can’t do this by myself.  No response to my newspaper article.  I don’t have time to go sit in front of the pet store half a day and maybe talk to a dozen people who are already busy with their own dogs and lives.  I don’t have the money to run radio ads that lead to a brief talk show once a week like Perry does. Flyers in the stores is the best I can do.  Rescue is the “Peter Principle” on steroids only there is no escape (other then death).  My ‘free time’ is these few minutes early in the morning while the dogs are still (finally) asleep.  I sit in the dark with only the monitor light, hoping the dogs below will not notice the change in the room.  Unopened, I delete email trying to sell me web services, Viagra or replica watches.  Unopened, I delete inconsequential forwards.  I skim the subject line of dog forwards and delete many of those unopened.  Then I contemplate those that could be spam or a virus, but could also be a potential adopter whose subject line is vague.  Too much time (and patience) to determine which ones I open.  It is with 90% certainty, they are going to be junk, but don’t want to miss that one great adopter whose fingers (or brain) was not working last night.   Way too much time on the computer but I don’t know how to cut it down.  A hundred emails a day and only 10 that matter.  However, those 10 are what keeps me going.  Doggie updatesThe lifeblood of Rescue. 

Evening:  I’ve had my fill of emergencies.  Right after finishing the blog this morning, Parker came in with blood running from his eye.  The stitches had broken.  It took an hour to get the call back.  I was already waiting at the vet’s.  He got sewed up.  Tabitha could not get over what a great patient he was.  He let her stick the needle in his upper and lower lid to numb them and let her stitch him up.  There is just not another dog like him in the world! 
    Sherman got his outing.  We only made it to the park today but there was a lot of children playing. We hung out for an hour.  He was handling all the commotion and all the hands petting him pretty well.  He was not relaxed, but he was not anxious either.  He sure ‘loads up’ to go home easily though.  Nursing home tomorrow.

4/9/11: Brought Zelda back up just before dark.  Didn’t work.  She was growling at everyone so back she went into exile.  It really bothers me because I know she does not feel good.  This is not just a ‘grumpy old lady’.  She hurts.  I have tried everything I can think of to get her antibiotics down her.  Wasted a bunch.  Hid them in hot dogs, pill pockets, peanut butter and dog cookie sandwich, hamburger;  opened them up and sprinkled them on tuna and on hamburger.  Someone told me about a pill popper that shoots the pill down their throat, but first you have to restrain the dog and get it to swallow.  I worry it would lodge in the airway.  Wrestling the mildest mannered 80 pound dog to open their mouth is near impossible.  It works once and then they are smart enough to know better.  I have been doing it with Sarge for 3 days getting 20 ml. of Panacur down him.  It is exhausting.   I just feel Zelda has cancer.  Anyway, I brought her up for breakfast which she only ate the part untouched by the pill.   I kept Sweetness out of her way. 
    It will be a busy week.  Sherman may get to be the resident dog at a nursing home.  I am going to take him every day this week to nursing homes so he will be familiar with the sights of so many people and the sounds, wheel chairs and barely controlled hands that want to pet him.  Crash course.  It will be so perfect if he can re-adjust from his people isolated life here. 
    Irene and Mariah are still playing non-stop.  Mariah has moved into the house.  She is so well mannered and obeys 'no'.

Evening:  8:45 p.m. Just got back from emergency.  New lesson.  Do not watch a dog aggressive episode of the Dog Whisperer when dogs are present.  The German Shepherd was barking and carrying on.  No one paid much attention.  The Rottie was growling and carrying on.  Not much interest.  Then the third dog entered the episode.  It was a German Shepherd / Rottie mix.  It said something as all hell broke loose.  This is proof positive I am right about dogs having a language.  Just because we think it is just a few different barks… well, Chinese and Japanese sound like just few syllables to me too.   
   I wanted to make up a story when we got to the hospital but Loren didn’t think it was a big deal.  I did.  It is.  I’ll be a nervous wreck for the next week.  Last time 12 years ago when Loren broke up a dog fight and got bitten, it cost the dogs life, even though the bite was not done intentionally.  If I had known they would not stitch it up, I would have just bandaged it myself and taken some of the dogs Cephalexin.  It’s for human use too.  I’m not going to take the pain med.  It’s hydrocodine (sp).  I have some natural stuff I got for the dogs (it’s for humans).  I’ll take it if I need to.
    From now on, we will only watch dog programs during the day when the dogs are all outside.  Anyway, down to 8 dogs on this side in the house.  Three are moved until morning.  Zelda and Sully were not involved, but they are the ones I can move most easily just to have more space.  Of course, Sully is crying.  Not barking, just crying.  Breaks my heart but I need space too.  My emotional state is shot.   Mariah is an angel.  I hope they don’t corrupt her.  She is asleep in the kitchen.

4/8/11:  It was a peaceful night!  Only Sweetness on the bed until about 3 a.m. when Sissy joined us.  Sherman spent part of the night on his ‘guard’ bed position, but I had moved it about a foot farther out of the doorway.   No growls.  We had a discussion earlier before I went to bed.  I’ve said this before and Cesaer can argue all he wants, but talking to a dog like you would to reassure a child works.  I set on the floor beside his guard post and I told him that I loved him, but I loved the others too.  I have enough love for everybody.  I was not in danger.  He had to be nice, no growl.   The others had to be escorted past him the first time, but once they did it, the caution decreased.  I’m not sure about Goofy.  He is not in here this morning.  He may just be enjoying the cool, but that is not like him.  I don’t know when he want out and if he every came back in.  For such a big guy, he avoids confrontation at all costs. 
   It must have stayed overcast all night as no barking.  And it’s 6:30 a.m. and no morning choir yet…  spoke too soon… just had to go ‘shush’ it as it was gearing up.  While I was out there, I noticed Irene.  She still sleeps in the garage yard, but days are free with the others.  Anyway, she always drags her blankets outside and sleeps on them where she can see the house.  They get full of dirt.  I figured I’d be smart.  I put the holey pool right in her favorite spot and arranged her blankets in it.  She was in the pool… but the blankets were on the ground!  Never think you can please a dog using logic.   
    Got the play pix up of Mariah and Irene.  They are best friends 3 days running!!!
     Evening: Life has to have balance.  That’s why at 4:00 p.m. all hell broke loose.  Don’t know who did what, but a living room brawl broke out.  The main event featured Sweetness and Irene.  Got Irene off and Sweetness jumped back on her so Zelda jumped on Sweetness.  Zelda had her pretty good as she was screaming.  I had Irene trying to get her out the door and Loren got a hold of Zelda.  By this time Sweetness just wanted away.  Goofy jumped in.  Sully thought about it, but he knows the consequences and he wanted no part of a time out tonight in the yard behind the house.  Sherman and Parker headed for the hills.  Mariah was not sure what she was suppose to do but decided she best just be a spectator.  Irene is in her garage yard.  Because I had put Hanna and Sarge in the yard behind the house while I cleaned, I had to put Zelda in the shop.   Got every body settled and then fed.  As I was taking food into Hanna and Sarge, Sarge bolted past me.  I knew it was just a matter of time before he would.  He is making me crazy.  He is so unruly when it comes to doors.  He is the ONLY dog I have that challenges a door or gate.  None of the others ever try to push past me.  Anyway, there is no catching a dog that does not want to be caught.  Loren helped me and we switched out Hanna and Zelda.  I figured Sarge would be more likely to go to the shop then the yard.  I tracked him on foot, keeping a distance but trying to keep him in sight.  He ended up at the neighbors.  She had her 2 dogs out and he went up to them.  Know there was a bit of a tiff,  They were most likely protecting their property and Sarge was the invader.  Sue was out there with them.  He finally let me leash him up.  This was not fun!  85 degrees with 90% humidity traipsing all over in tick and chigger infested brush.  I drink about one soda a day.  I just polished off my second and I’m still feeling dehydrated.  Fixing to open the third.  I’m going to be up all night peeing!

4/7/11:  Maybe I should not say anything as may jinx it, but everyone is getting along!!  Still having a few growls with Sherman not wanting anyone to come in at night.  He is guarding the kitchen doorway.  He was sleeping with me but now I guess he has decided to expand his territorial protection of me.  Not going to happen no matter how many times I have to get up at night.  As for the rest, Irene took right to Mariah and they played and wrestled and ran together like tiny puppies.  It was great.  I hope to get the photos up tomorrow.  So I now have 7 females and 4 males on this side and Bear on the other side.  Some of the girls go over there to keep him company part of the time.  He wanted to meet Mariah and she wanted to meet him, but within an hour, Zelda had messed that up.  “Oh, are we suppose to run the fence and bark and growl?”  They learn so fast from one another.  GRRR!   
    I believe Mariah is spayed.  She is current on her Rabies.  I’m tracking down info on her slowly.  Will still get a heartworm test and give her Distemper/Parvo shot.  She gets a bath Tuesday.  That was the earliest I could get her in.  She is really filthy but not matted except for a bit behind the ears.  She is so perfect so far.  No issues! 
    Getting Panacur down Sarge was a challenge tonight.  He is a good boy but so strong.  The first squirt went well, but getting 20 ml. down takes several squirts so I don’t drown them.  It took us about 10 minutes to get out the door for our walk.  We are working on sitting patiently and not barging as soon as I touch the door knob.  It was not perfect as that would have taken too long.  Nancy was already half way down the road with Hanna/ Ayla.  She caught on right away.  But then I’ve been working with her much longer.  Now if I could just figure out how to get 11 dogs all to ‘sit – stay’ while I have leashes in my hand, that would be up there with the dog whisperer.  I do really good at meal time.  They know their spot and with the exception of Sweetness (she’s a lab so what can I say) they all wait patiently. 
    It’s only 10 after 5 and I’m ready to crash. 

4/5/11: I’m nervously awaiting word on Parker.  I hope the leg is ok, and I hope the eye lash removal only involved one or 2.  I am so attached to this guy.  He has been here 18 months as of yesterday.  Someone out there has missed out on a great amount of love and devotion from this special boy.  It has almost been here too long to let him leave now.  He’s too old to make settle in to a new environment.  This is the really tough part of rescue… when they stay so long, become part of the family and knowing many less dogs have been saved in the meantime.
       Paid Zelda’s vet bill this morning.  A big ouch.  Now I’m really worried about what Parkers is going to be.  Have the new Pyr coming today with no vet work done at all.  Coming from the south so will most likely be HW+.  Messing up my newspaper article sure didn’t help.  If I only had time to take dogs up town and walk them at the city park or set on Saturdays at the pet shop or people to help with a yard sale/ open house out here.  I want to hold up my hand and say “hello, I’m here”. 

4/4/11:  Storm hit about 5:30 a.m.  Parker had long been tucked in beside the toilet.  Rain quit around 8:00.  I stayed buried under the covers until a few minutes til.  No one was complaining until the rain stopped and then they all wanted fed right now.  
   Parker will go in the morning to have 2 or 3 of his eye lashes pulled out.  We can’t get the swelling down so don’t really know if the swelling is causing the eyelashes to irritate the eye or vise versa.  He will get his leg x-rayed also.  He is really limping.  Hope he didn’t sprain the knee or do that torn ligament thing and have to have surgery.  Vet bills are piling up and I’m getting worried. 
     Evening:  The day got very long and stressful.  Chipi needed her dew claws trimmed.  I did good on the first 3.  Spent literally hours trying to get the last to stop bleeding.  I felt so terrible.  I’d get it stopped, she’d pull the bandage off and then start licking and it would start bleeding again.  Blood soaked the area rugs and smeared all over the tile.  We mopped over and over as she kept making it bleed again.   Loren drove to town and got some stuff at the pet store.  It seemed to work.  I put some terrible tasting stuff on the bandage so she would not chew it off.  I am so mad at myself.  I am so careful, but obviously not careful enough.
    I put in a call to the sheriff.  When he called back, I only got madder.  He will not get my vote the next election.  Long conversation only convinced me of the ‘good ol boy’ glue that life here is filled with.  What got me the most is, and I paraphrase, that witnesses don’t matter, only video or hard forensic evidence.    Maybe that is why we have some unsolved murders and violent criminals running around.   I could really go on this one, but I won’t.  Until he’s out of office or I move, I’ll just continue to be intimidated.  (And angry).  Next time I pick up dogs in very bad shape, I’ll be sure they get to Animal Control where their condition will be documented.
     Was suppose to get a Pyr this morning.  Loren set around waiting for the call.  Another inconsiderate person.  I hate seeing the dog on a chain with a person who absolutely does not want it (it was a stray he took in).  But I am tired.  Loren is tired.  The dogs seem to feel my stress.  I’m growly so they are growling. 

4/3/11: 3 a.m.  Parker came in limping.  He almost fell making the one small step onto the deck.  First thought was snake bite.  Can't find a thing.  He's on a mattress, I checked his paw and massaged his leg and gave him some of Sissy's anti-inflammatory and pain meds.  One thing bad about a dog as gentle as he is, you don't know when you touch him, if you are touching a tender spot.  He just tolerates everything, expecting nothing but good from me.  Mommy will make the hurt go away.  They just do not come any sweeter. 
  Followed up with counting heads.  I hate going outside at night because if one gets startled and does not recognize me, the barking starts.  I was able to track everyone down without going to far.  Irene didn't even bark.  I did bother with the ones below.  If Sarge trashed the shop, nothing I can do about it now that could not wait until daylight.  And if the 2 escape artists (Chubs [Sugar] and Sprite), the dogs would have barked as they ran by.  I have got to call the guy they came from and see if he is going to be able to take them back.  If not, I got to really start promoting them.  They really need people.  They don't run off, just pull the fence loose at the bottom and come looking for attention.
    Maybe I should not mention this, as a potential Sprite adopter may be lurking.  But... he did something that was totally weird.  Day before yesterday when they had all finished eating, bowls were empty, he went over and deliberately hiked his leg, took perfect aim and peed right in his food bowl.  Did not miss-direct a drop. 

Middle of the night rants:   I should have said the magic word… Warrant.  I am just getting pretty sick of “law enforcement” who think because they can, they intimidate you, lie to you and cheat you.  They are right there with politicians.  The trouble is, we ARE intimidated and if we don’t kiss ass, they can make our lives miserable, more so then one incident or one law or one ‘black list’.
     Maybe I am regretting that I did not protest along side my friends in the 60’s.  I would have been in good company.   One of my favorite sayings:  “The surest way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing” (Burke)  “Good men” become political prisoners in many countries.  In others, they are just harassed into misery or oblivion.
   Too bad the pioneers didn’t create the state of Dog like they created Michigan and Oregon.  Only in the state of Dog there are rules to live there.  You have to have the heart of a rescue or be in support of human dog treatment.  (No, I did not accidently leave off the ‘e’).  No one else gets to live there and it would require a special screening process to visit.  And if your minor children are animal abusive, you have to move or send the kids off to relatives in one of the 5 strongest dog friendly states.
   I’m old and cranky and tired.  I’m swimming upstream, only the harder I stroke, the faster the water flows against me.  I’m drowning in a river of dogs.  Not the dogs here They are the water of lifeThose out there that we rescues can’t save are the water that is pulling us under.
    Fifty years ago when I had to write a high school paper on my future plans, saving dogs was not even on the list or even though of.   

4/2/11:  I almost got arrested.  Good thing the deputy was patient because I wasn’t.  I picked up 2 little dogs running down the middle of the road.  Shi-Tzu’s, I guess.  They were a mess.  They stunk, had huge cockleburs wrapped in their fur all over their bodies.  Matted so bad on their butts and undersides that feces was embedded and they stunk of urine.  The burrs were sticking their pads every time they walked but they seemed oblivious to any pain.  This was not recent matting.   Walking on the burrs was obviously something they had grown use to.  It was from months of neglect. 
   People I never saw before showed up demanding their dogs.   Accusing me of ‘stealing’ them.  My neighbor saw them running down the road and me pick them up.  Anyway, I said “show me proof they are yours.”   Photo, vet records, microchip?  Long story short, the guy demanding the dogs dialed the sheriff and handed me the phone.  I tried to request an officer come out but the old lady would not shut up.  I think the dispatcher got the idea that this was not going to settle itself. 
     I had to give the dogs to them.  I was REALLY mad.  I said just because they are not mine does not mean they are theirs.  They could be anyone’s.  I stand by my logic.  I kept saying “make them describe the dogs” but the sheriff kept insisting we go ‘see them’ so the people can identify them!!!  BS!!  I did not think I was being unreasonable.  I still don’t think I was.  I mean I had several calls people wanting them in just 2 hours.  I had only called the humane society to see if they had them as lost.  Word travels fast when you get 2 little potentially adoptable dogs.  How was I to know for sure they belonged to these people?   They didn’t even come to the lady when she called them.  They stayed right by me!!!   I had set on the ground for an hour cutting burrs and poop out of their coat.  They were so appreciative.   The hair was so matted around their eyes they could barely see.  The eye drainage had matted in the hair and it was just a mass of black goo I had to pick through and cut away.   I didn’t even make a dent.  They were still in horrific shape when I had to give them to these irresponsible jerks.  And of course the deputies (2 on the scene now) would not even touch them.  That angered me even more.  I wanted them to see the mats and feel the burrs and realize this was not something that happened in 2 hours. (which actually we had the dogs about 3 hours before they said they got out).   
   After the people left, the first deputy that I had so adamantly argued with needed to see my drivers license for his report.  I had just filed an animal cruelty charge!!  All he was doing was defusing the immediate situation.  He was on my side!!  And the reason he would not handle the dogs is because he is allergic.  I think he also got a good whiff of them too and didn’t want to have his uniform dry cleaned.  She claimed the dogs were groomed a month ago but she could not tell me the name of the person or shop.   
    Later her name clicked.  The old lady kept saying about her husband had been sick for 4 months and she just buried him a week ago.  OK, you all are going to think this is terrible but hear me out….  When I told Loren who it was we both said ‘GOOD!  Glad he is gone”.   OK, now here is why.  He almost shot me and Linda T a year ago during hunting season.  We were walking the dogs on the road and he was deer hunting.  It was his property, but any idiot knows you don’t shoot towards the road!!  The deer went down about 10 feet from us right at the fence line.  Linda and I came unglued.  He comes puffing up the hill.  We exchanged a lot of words and he threatened us.  We walked the dogs home as fast as we could and called the sheriff.  An hour later they finally came out.  He had moved the deer and tried to fluff up the brush where it fell.  Beings he was a ‘good ol boy’, our allegations were totally dismissed.  Several times he shot with bullets going across our property.  He had some notion if he was on his property and the deer was on his property he could fire in any direction he so pleased.  Honest to God.  He said that.   So yes, good riddens.  I have no sorrow over his absence.  His wife obviously carries his disregard for animals of any species.  She has no right to have these poor little dogs…

4/1/11:  I wish today was just one big April fools joke.  It’s a reality that I really am not prepared for.  Lady, the scared German Shepherd is coming back.  They are devastated but because they rent and a neighbor complained about the ‘big dog’ next door, they are forced to give her up.  I wish I had known there were problems.  I might have been able the help, but it’s too late now.  I feel as sorry for the people as I do for the dog.  Loren said he would go meet her in Harrison. 
    At least Haylee got off to her new home and I think this is going to be a great situation and great people for her.  She is HW+ and they are willing to follow the slow treatment so I know it will be a very successful outcome and forever after.
    For a few moments I am at 18.  Three coming by Monday.  Lady returning, Sarge from St. Louis AC and Marah from Hot Springs area.   Can I cry now?  My worry is if someone decided they don’t like a ‘room mate’ but especially any room mate.   Crossing fingers Irene and Zelda and Sully stay on track.  And pray for nice weather.  This is critical if I have to put up a temp place. It would not have any cover other then dog houses.  What am I thinking… I have no extra fence panels.
   Now to top off the really big screw up of the day, the paper printed my article and the phone number is wrong.  I did it.  Don’t know how.  My computer has been giving me fits but I proof read it so many times.  How I missed the mistake, I don’t know.  I called the number that was printed (electric company payment assistance line) and begged them to put the correct number by their phone if people call.  Then I called the newspaper and told them what an idiot I was.  They will print a correction.  I remember when Janice was featured on the Ellen show and they kept saying Rocky Ridge “Rescue” instead of Refuge.  So I guess this is mild in comparison.
    Loren should be on his way back with Lady Annie shortly.  He is there, but she is not yet.  I need to wash dog bowls and feed.  Then I can go have a mini nervous breakdown.  I just hope the dogs don’t bark tonight.  Hell, I just remembered, Lady gets car sick and Loren has the good car.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.
    Addendum:  Lady is not coming back.  They have worked things out with the landlady.  A bark collar will go in the mail on Monday.

3/31/11:  Zelda had an infected anal gland.  Very unusual for a big dog, especially the breed.  10 days of meds and all will be fine.  Her blood work was great.  Teeth- great.  liver, heart, lungs, all great. 
    Evening:  I swear they are all pooping more then a few weeks ago.  I clean once a day, every day and I made 3 trips today… OK, maybe it’s the number of dogs outside.  DUH!        
       Haylee gets to go to her new home tomorrow.  Mike sounds just great.  I am so happy for her.  I know she will be nervous.  She is wanting to bond but so unsure if she dare.  I am glad she is moving on quickly.  It is so much easier on them.        Sarge is coming Saturday and I don’t have to drive!!!  Heah!  The lady I helped out with the ASD Thor is going to St. Louis Friday and back Saturday.  She offered to bring Sarge back with her.  That is so appreciated! 
    And did I mention the 75 year old who had to give up Sprite, Sugar and Trina may be moving and can have dogs.  When he offered to ‘foster or transport’ for me, I said I would rather him be able to have his own dogs back.  He was overwhelmed with appreciation.  I would rather see them go back to the people that love them and were taking good care of them rather then finding them new homes. 
     I had a lady call about getting a Pyr.  She had not been online, just got my number from someone.  After a long talk, I think Sully would be a perfect match for her.  Crossing my fingers I get an application.  I am his goat and he really does not like sharing me with Sherman.  He’s ok sharing me with the others, like Sahara who knows I am hers.
    Things continue to go well with Irene.  I just have to watch that I don’t create a situation.  Wrong dog, wrong place, or bone or petting.  Not that it is all Irene, it’s just too many dogs inside.

3/30/11:  After dropping off Haylee to be spayed, I went on to the grocery store.  It’s a small franchise store owned by my neighbor so I try to do as much shopping there as I can.  (I avoid Wal-Mart when ever possible). As I was beginning to be checked out, a young man had asked where the cold sodas were.  The cashier said “outside”.  Well, to me that made no sense and obviously to him it did not either.  He asked “where” and she jumped all over him with hatefulness.   The store has 2 entrances on opposite ends of the building so if one enters from one end they would not see the vending machines outside the other door.   The young man obviously had a medical condition, possibly Cerebral Palsy or maybe partial paralysis from an injury.  He was about 19. Once he was out of ear shot, I politely told the clerk she should not have been rude to him.  She came off on me! 
     As I was leaving, I caught up to him, as his gait was slow.  I told him she should not have been rude to him and that I told her so.  He said “That’s ok.  I’m use to it.  I just go on smiling”.  
    I don’t know why that impacted me so much, but I fought back tears.  I wanted to reach out and hug him, but didn’t.  I don’t think he would have minded, though.  I can call Sam and let him know about the incident with his clerk or I can let a higher power handle it.  Sadly, if I told Sam, she would just be mad and that would be the end of it.  Nothing would change.  But sadder yet would be to let nature handle it.  And even saddest, she would not have a clue that this one hateful event had caused 10 very adverse moments in her life that she would otherwise not have suffered.  Many do not believe the way I do, and that is fine.  I don’t believe the way a lot of others do.  But it has always been my experience that good is repaid 10 times with good and likewise bad with bad.  And miss opportunities always re-present themselves giving us another chance to do good when the first time we did nothing.
    Zelda and Sully are back on track.  A night in the yard behind the house and a whiff of citronella for Sully did the trick.  When I let them both up to the house last night, Zelda just went to her mattress and laid down.  Sully tried to wipe away the citronella smell on every area rug, every piece of furniture and every wall in the house.  Prior to that he had tried to wipe it away on every blade of grass and every mud puddle!  Yes, I need to wash walls and wipe down furniture today.  Pyrs are self cleaning, but the things they touch while muddy, are not.
      Anyway, it was an almost perfect night last night.  Sully started out next to the bed, slept in the bathroom for awhile and then was back beside the bed.  Zelda never moved from her mattress.  I left Chipi over with Bear.  Felt bad, but didn’t want to tip the tranquility.  Everyone took up their usual positions and were quiet from around dusk to 4:08 a.m. when the morning choir always howls it’s wake up call to the world.  Everyone went back to bed and to sleep, including me… bed,  not sleep, until the ‘get up’ song went out at 7:11 a.m.  Yes, I did get back to sleep about 6:00 and I would gladly have slept 2 hours instead of one more.
     I just had a telemarketer call wanting to sell us a 2 night 3 day Branson package for ONLY $299.  I told her I would take it provided she come take care of the dogs.  When she asked if I could board them, I said yes if she would pay the $15 a day for 19 dogs for the 3 days.  I think I lost her when I said this $299 bargain would cost over $1100.... It's a whole lot more fun  then just to hang up and it gives them break time conversation. 

3/29/11:  Haylee gets spayed and vetted tomorrow and in the afternoon Zelda goes in.  Hopefully blood tests will tell us something.  Having to remove Zelda from the house is just breaking my heart.  I put Sully with her for company.  He cries.  He is the only one I can removes that will help the dynamics.  After Irene making such great progress, everything has just come tumbling down.  Even if I tried to make some logic out of it, I doubt I would be even close.  Logic of this kind does not play into dog dynamics. 
    It is raining.  Nancy and Betty came and we did get 4 dogs walked before it came down too hard.  They spent an hour in the shop with Hanna/Ayla and Haylee.  Hanna is just so demanding, but she couldn't be the center of attention with all 3 of us there.
    Loren has what I had last week.  Sore throat, coughing, just feel like crap.  Boy do I need HELP!

3/28/11:  Again the harshness and unsurness of this rescue world is slapping me around.  I had to put Zelda in the yard behind the house last night.  She kept going after Sweetness and was threatening to go after Sahara and Chipi.  Everyone else was staying clear.  This is not new, but reaching new heights.  Her personality has been deteriorating for years.  We’ve had blood tests, thyroid tests and x-rays.  This is not the dog I love and have for over 5 years.  I know it is physical.  I’m considering going to a specialist in Rogersville.  They have all the state of the art diagnostics.  I only learned of them about 2 months ago.  I know it will be expensive.  That is the problem, as well as distance and having someone to care for the dogs while I’m gone. 
      Even if I didn’t have so many, or any, dogs up for adoption, the problem would still be here.  I have 2 ‘house’ spaces.  I cannot have more then 2 dogs who don’t get along with each other.  Those 2 have to get along with others.  This has given Irene a set back.  Not her fault other then going after Sweetness.  Everyone picks on Sweetness.  Can a dog or breed really have prejudice?  I’m emotionally exhausted.  I have got to find the right homes for Sully, Sherman, Parker and Irene.  They are priority because they have been here too long.  They have bonded and blended and think they belong here forever.  Such a sad misconception.  Sad because they need their special person.  They need less competition. 
     If I lower my standards, I am not any better then a shelter, warehousing dogs.  It's ok for the dogs who get adopted quickly, but not for ones who are around for years.   Why take a dog from a kill shelter to save it's life, only to imprison it in a pen with nothing more then food, water, shelter and 10 minutes of human contact a day.  I need help.  I need dedicated people to just come sit with a dog and pet it or take it for a walk or take it for a ride.   Take it home for an hour or 2 and watch TV with it beside them on the sofa.  I'm spread too thin and my lack of ability to meet all their needs puts me in such inner turmoil. 

3/27/11:  The emails today were more on the ‘desperately need financial help’ topic.  So many small rescues are going under.  It only takes one case of Parvo or a Cujo to wipe out a group.  I’ve had my share of ‘cases’.  Brooks, the OCD puppy was $3500.  I had to quite taking in any dogs for about 8 months until I could financially re-coupe.  If it had not been for a wonderful lady and several other wonderful contributors, Toast would have shut me down for 4 or 5 months.  It is so hard for people who don’t walk in our shoes to realize what walking in our shoes consists of.  I know 9 years ago, I sure had no idea.   And when I started, it was on a big dog / small quantity scale.  Seven dogs seemed like a huge amount!!!  Now less the 16 and I feel like I have too much time on my hands and a few extra dollars in the account when one gets adopted (provided it covers vet expenses).
   Sadly all the good intentions in the world come with a price tag.  And that price is out of our pockets, not some big fund that people are just tossing money into. 
    I’m lucky Loren loves dogs as much as I do.  Maybe more (with the exception of when they bark all night or fight).  And I am lucky I have several past adopters who send money each month.  The ASPCA, the HSUS, the Salvation Army, etc. spend more in getting a person to donate then most people give.  $25 means nothing to them.  To me it means a bag of dog food or 2 rabies shots. 
     Sometimes I think about if I have to quit because of health.  I never think about quitting because of money.  I was always poor before I married Loren so I learned to be very resourceful.  Grandma taught me “waste not, want not”.  I rarely eat anything,  (aside from a salad) prepared or ordered, that I can’t share the leftovers with the dogs.  But anyway, if I did have to have only a few dogs, I’d be donating what I had left over to others who are making dogs lives worth living. 
    While Loren was taking Cassie to Rolla, I brought Sprite up for about an hour.  He is such a sweet boy.  He is limping again.  He was fine a few days ago when he got neutered.   I know there is some fence fighting going on so maybe just the running?   Or Sugar humping him!  Sugar is adorable, but sometimes a dog just does not ‘click’ with me and she is one.  Having been so spoiled is not her fault, but it does make liking her harder.  And she barks!  Beyond Pyrenees.  Beyond crickets.  Beyond Led Zeppelin.   Sprite was obviously at the bottom of the 3.  Naturally he is the one I am drawn to.  
     Hanna/Ayla and Haylee are getting along great.  I moved Haylee into the shop with her 2 days ago.   She seems delighted to be inside.  They play great together.  Their energy levels seem compatible.  She learned the doggie door once she learned not to follow too close.    She would make such a great service dog.  I can really see the potential.  I just wish I had the time and experience to train her.  I do good just to get Sully to “sit, stay, quiet’ when I start to dish out the food.
     Irene is still doing well with everyone except Sweetness.  Some door fighting.  It’s mutual.  Right now it is doggie nap time.  As long as no stray passes by, it will be quiet for another hour until time to feed.  I wish I could schedule my sleep and awake time around theirs.  After breakfast from about 10 to noon they nap.   Then they prowl and play until about 2.  Then they nap until I feed at 4:00.  Then they are up until 2 a.m.!!!  They finally get all settled in around 3:30 a.m. by which time, I am wide awake from ‘cat naps’.  I get up and they sleep until the sun comes up or until Sahara notices I’m missing and barks me back to bed.

3/26/11:  Loren is going to take Cassie to Rolla tomorrow to get her on her way to Chicago.  I am still so miserable with allergies. 
     It has just been a lousy week.  Well,  I vaguely remember a good day, but it is vague.  Yes!  It was yesterday.  I was able to let Irene in with all the others and it went great.  But after I fed and put Irene back in her space, Sully kept growling at Sherman.  He has been very jealous of him.  Sherman is starting to growl back.  I am still in control, but it is becoming a full time endeavor.  Anyway, Sully got 2 ‘time outs’.  He didn’t mind as I put him with Haylee.  They seemed very happy together.  I don’t want the jealousy to increase or Sully to become protective of his ‘time out’ place, so to ‘learn’, I have to bring him back to the house.  Banishment or re-placement does not solve a problem, only makes a temporary solution for my convenience.  I wish more dog ‘owners’ would understand that.  Those of us who do understand it, don’t ‘own’ dogs, we ‘love dogs’.
    I got a call from the deadbeat detective jerk.  Obviously he did not hear my message and took his wifes words on it.  Words which she obviously did not repeat accurately.  I kept my cool as best as I could but a jerk is a jerk and saying anything at all is a waste of time.  He wanted to know what I wanted to ‘leave him alone’.  75 days he has had the dog and I have only made 4 calls over that length of time, and all were asking about the dog with a hint at payment.  Even the last, but I did include that I was hurt and I hoped no one ever treated them the way they were treating me.  I’m sure the wife changed no one to someone.  What did I want?  I wanted something that is never going to happen.  That he looks in the mirror and realizes what an ass he is and changes.  The money is secondary.  I deserve respect for what I do for these dogs and not treated like one of his criminal suspects.  However it does sound like his world has started falling apart this past week.  There is a saying “what goes around, comes around” but he’s too mentally immature to ‘get it’.  And I’m sure he has never figured out the ‘Golden Rule’ if he ever even heard it.  
    I’ve had quite a few adopters who did not have much money and I never asked them for any.  Some gave, some didn’t.  But they all treated me with respect and appreciation.  Lack of this is where my anger comes from for Detective XXX. He was 3 hours late and did not apologize.  Stopped to eat on the way, but ‘forgot his wallet’.   Said he’d send a check as soon as he got home.    According to TV, it’s perfectly acceptable for law enforcement to lie.  I guess it’s his reality.  I really don’t know if it’s the norm, but he's not the first one I've had problems with.
    Raining and cold.  Half the dogs are in 'time out'.  Sweetness and Irene got into it.  Sully and Sherman got into it.  Zelda was ready to go after Sahara.  If Sherman and Sahara either are causing something, it is ESP or 'vibes' as it is sure not actions.  I don't know who started it with Irene and Sweetness as I was in the other room.  Sweetness can be a problem as she instigates with Chipi when they are 'protected' from each other be a fence or door.  I got it... the Chinese have infused our air with anger chemicals.  We kill each other and they just walk in and take over.

3/24/11:  It must be ‘rude’ day.  An urgent just came through about a senior Saint.  I called.  She said it had been adopted and ‘these people on Facebook….’  .I said I didn’t see it on facebook, but I was glad it got a home. She hung up on me before I got the last few words out!   Then I responded to an email from a rescue about their financial crisis.  We all are in financial crisis, so I offered several tips that could help cut some costs.  These were specifically mentioned expenses.   I got a rude email back.  It was obvious they were just looking for money and not suggestions to cut costs.  Must be the damn pollen in the air getting into everyones brain cells.  So I finally jumped on the band wagon and left a phone message for the jerk that never sent me the adoption donation on Thor.  I was not rude, just said I thought they were very inconsiderate to cheat me like this.  I hope they were taking good care of the dog.  And I hoped no one ever treated them as badly as they treated me.  Adoption was Jan 15th!  Never will adopt to “law enforcement” again.  Already crossed off over zealous Bible thumpers, (I’m talking the self righteous who think no one is as perfect as they are), male lawyers (one exception.  Shane was great), male doctors and male dentists. (I like female professionals as adopters).
     I got to see Shep today.  Deb came from Colorado to visit her mom, my volunteer.  He looks so good.  Has grown.  Still as sweet as ever.  We all walked dogs and he came along with each group.  I didn’t walk Bear as that would not have worked, but all the rest were fine with a ‘stranger’ in their midst.  Many of them knew him, but I don’t think they remembered him.   It’s been a year.
     I have coughed all day until my insides hurt.  Benadryl makes me sleepy.  Feel like a zombie.  Time to relax and watch a little TV before falling asleep…. Only to listen to the choir several times in the night.

3/23/11:  Allergies!   At least the sore throat went away.  Now I'm just stuffed up, swollen glands and itchy, watery eyes and coughing like crazy. 
     I still managed to pick up Trina from the vet.  She had to sleep off the Monday sedation for the x-rays.  Amanda said even totally knocked out, they could not stretch her out for the x-rays.  Wierdly, the x-rays showed nothing wrong.  In a way that is good, but that still does not get to the root of the problem, if there is one.  I'll start her on some DGP, Doxy and supplements.
     Pickles went in for Neuter when I picked up Trina.  Her is so sweet, but so unsure.  Then it was dog walking with Betty and Nancy.  Then off to the groomer with Haylee.  She changed color!  They picked ticks off for about 2 hours.  I picked ticks off an hour.  She is covered and the Advantix seemed to do no good.  Of course, many had not even imbedded so of course they won't die just crawling around.  She has them even between her toes and front dews.  Very hard to get in there, even with tweezers.  I'll work some more on her today and put DE all over the yard or it will just start all over.  She is 100 feet away from any of the other yards, but an infestation can travel.  I have non-food grade I'll spread on the outer areas.
    Sahara is telling the world that the sun is up and telling me it is time to feed her.

3/22/11:  More emails: “Owner died and no one wants the old dog” or   “Owner placed in nursing home and no one wants the old dog”.   They are usually black labs.  They are usually over 12 years old.  They are confused and feeling abandoned by their best friend.  They have no way of understanding the owner loves/ loved them but can no longer be there with them.  They are either grieving on the end of a chain, if lucky, with neighbors dropping off food, running in dangerous places looking for their friend or sitting in a cell at an animal facility, scared and lonely, unaware this may be their last home.  
     An old person is sent to a nursing home.  At first relatives visit, but then it is with less frequency.   They are there to die, too often alone.  Nurses in and out.  A kind word once in awhile.  But alone.  No one, human or animal should die scared, sad and alone!!!  
     If you are not a dog person, then get you butt over to a nursing home and volunteer.  Pick a person you can adopt as your grandparent or sister and stay steadfast.  Hold their hand and listen to the same story every time you go, but listen with interest.  History is all they have.
     But if you are a dog person, as I am, stop making excuses and find a way to comfort a frightened, lonely dog.  I don’t care if you live in a place that does not allow pets and you are in a wheel chair, call a rescue or shelter, and talk to a volunteer.  More then likely a dog will be brought to you for an hour to pet and hold.  Or you might be transported to the dog; a chance to be out in the community.  And if you get a ‘no’, don’t stop, call again and ask for a different person.  There will always be someone, somewhere who will go the extra mile, the extra hour, to make a dog and person happy.
     I have 19 dogs here.  Over half are ‘seniors’ just like me.  It breaks my heart when a dog and human could make each other happy but the way is paved with uncertainty and fear of loss.  There is an old saying “It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all”.   Someone or something needs you now.

3/21/11:  Sore throat. Canceled dentist.  Dropping off Trina for x-rays as don't want to give Amanda what ever I've got.  Fixing some jello and while it sets, I'll make some hot honey tea.  Dogs are fed, watered and poop scooped so that is about all I can handle right now.

3/20/11:  Well, that ‘good feeling’ was quite fleeting.  Haylee is covered in ticks.  Treated her and today will have to treat the ground with DE.  I have been lucky for over a year.  I don’t need and infestation.  She was really good last night.  Didn’t bark.  I am looking forward to giving her attention, but until the ticks are dead and she is clean…. 
    Trina will need x-rays Monday.  I’m sure she is in pain when she sits.  Probably hip dysplasia.  Owner said she was 3 and the others 4.  She is only 2 ½ from her puppy shot records.  The other 2 just turned 3 in February.  Anyway, Sprite is limping.  He let me check the paw and massage the leg but I must have hit the spot and he jumped and limped off.  I was not about to try to catch him as would only aggravate what is already hurting.  Hopefully it will be ok by tomorrow or more x-rays.  More unexpected costs.  I’ll take them both down some pain meds in a hot dog and an empty little tidbit for chubbo.  Sugar is so fat!  It is a shame.  She needs to go to a doggie weight loss spa.
    I sure wish the newspaper would print my article.  I need help!  If people would just come and sit with a dog out on the deck.  Take one for a ride and give it a treat.  Take one home for a few hours for one on one time.  I did call Susan, my neighbor and previous adopter.  She just lost (as in passed away) one of the dogs she got from me and I know Dharma could use a play mate.  We set a play day for Monday after I get home from the dentist.  I’ll take Hanna down.  She really misses playing with Rio.  Cassie is not one for playing.  Too old.
    I have got to make new flyers today.  Only 4 dogs are the same out of the 10 that were on the last one.  Heck, these 4 dogs are always going to be on the flyer because they may never leave!  And I just don’t know why.  They are great.  They are house dogs.  They sleep on the bed or right near.  They are not perfect but a lot better then most dogs. 

3/19/11:  I had a really good day today despite so many dogs and being up and down half the night trying to keep the new ones quiet.  I was able to fall back to sleep several times.  That happens when exhaustion has reached it’s limit. 
    The ‘dog house’ is finally getting it’s final touches.  Sealed the dry wall so I can put up wall paper… OK, wait before you think I’m nuts.  I got a huge roll of 53” wide cloth wall covering for a $1 at a thrift store.  This will protect the walls from moisture and I can wipe it down much easier then the walls.  The glue is cheaper then paint.  I decided to put a composition tile on the floor.  The kind they put in grocery stores.  That was new, but it was a close out.  Because they didn’t have enough, I talked them into giving me non-closeout for the same price.  Had to argue with the clerk about not paying sales tax.  When I was building the dog house, I turned in my papers and signed a form but somehow it was not showing up in the computer.  I distinctly remember because it was such a hassle and I was there for about 45 minutes.   I even was able to pull the peoples names out of my head whom I had dealt with.  Now that is a real feat!  Anyway, when she insisted she had to charge me tax, I insisted that I had all the time in the world to stand here until she figured it out.  The line behind me was getting quite long.  Guess what.  I didn’t pay sales tax. 
    The tile was well set this morning so was able to move dogs back in there and make room for the new arrival.  Had to open up a fence panel to get another igloo into the one yard, but managed it all by myself.  Moved the 3 new dogs from yesterday into there and put todays arrival in the one behind the house.  I’m hoping she won’t bark.  If she does, I will only be attaching one bark collar in the middle of the night instead of 2 and failing at the third.  Squatted on the ground to get the 3rd to come to me.  Really stupid that I tried to grab him when he got close.  After that it was a hopeless contest.  He was going to win.
     Two other dogs I was going to get got homes so in a way I was disappointed but also glad.  No, I didn’t really want them, like I really didn’t need more, but when it’s something like “my friends friend wants to try him/her but if it doesn’t work out, will you still be available?”  That concerns me for the sake of the dog.  Breaks my heart when they are uprooted over and over.  Not that my adoptions are sure things… Lord, I wish… but I do put a lot of effort forth to (1) be sure they are a match and (2) always just an email or phone call away to help with any problems or uncertainties.
    It’s 7:00 pm and the new ones are making their presence known.  Going to go watch some TV at the other end of the house so all I have to listen too are the house dogs.  They are close enough to “shush”.  It does not require putting on shoes and traipsing down the hill.

3/17/11:  If it is important, don’t put it off until tomorrow.  You may lose the chance.  My daughters mother-in-law, Diana, has been my daughters second mother.  When her son and my daughter, Sandra, became engaged, Diana took sign language classes so she could talk to her.  She would interpret conversations that Sandra would have otherwise been left out of.  Twenty some odd years ago when they had been married a few years, the local radio station had a Mothers Day contest.  It accepted letter as to why your mother is the best.  She was my daughters ‘other mother’ so I submitted the story.  Diana won, hands down.  The commentator, when reading the letter over the air, choked up so much someone else had to finish reading it.  She won some prizes and an inscribed wrist watch.  Although 1600 miles have separated us for many years, she has always been family.  Diana has always been the greatest mother-in-law any mother could have hoped for for her daughter. 
    Diana was recently put in a nursing home.  She was so burdened with arthritis, there was no choice.  Sandra called today that Diana had a heart attack and she would not recover.  She may not regain consciousness.  They are driving the 10 hour trip tomorrow.  For their sakes, I hope they will be there in time to say good bye.  The phone number of the nursing home has been on my desk for a week.  I was going to try to call tomorrow….  That is what I had been saying for a week…

3/16/11:  Finished off yesterday with a 6’ slide across the gravel.  I am heartbroken, but Irene has got to get into the hands of someone strong who can control her when she makes up her mind not to mind.  Sent out a plea.  Got a response from a fairly new rescue.  Will do some inquires today and be sure it is the right place for Irene to go.  I love her too much to let her just waste away here, no dogs to play with because I can’t trust her, and hardly any walks.  A few hours several days a week curled up with Loren in the family room is not enough.  She needs to belong.  She is barely 2 years old.  So much potential wasted because I can’t do right by her.  I feel like a failed her.  That is such a hard thing to handle emotionally.  Not that I haven’t tried to get her over her terrible teens.  Enough before I start to cry.
    I spent a second day at the computer getting the final grant stuff organized.  I emailed a lot to the man who is going to do them and have a lot of hard copies I will get in the mail today.   My last excitement about grants fizzled when all the gal did was put up a facebook page and invite every nut case in the world to join.  This time I have someone I really trust going to monitor it and make the necessary safeguards.  Her dad is going to do the grants.  People with maturity.  I’m feeling so hopeful.
    I want Ozark Dogs to stand on it’s own so if anything happens to me, it will survive.  Right now that is not the case and it scares me.  Grants will bring acknowledgement.  Acknowledgement brings supporters and volunteers.  Supporters and volunteers bring dedication and survival.  Ozark Dogs is still in it’s infancy at 8 years, but I’m ‘over the hill’ and feel like I am fading fast.  That trip across the gravel in a prone position scared me.  Also hurt like hell. 
      I had some happy information yesterday.  Talking to the young man who I board his dogs while they try to find a place to live where they can keep them.  He knows how to use a commercial floor buffer!!!  My floors are so bad.  Wanted them done last year but Loren’s health went south and hiring it done is insanely expensive.  We have everything as Loren did them before.  The buffer is like 125 pounds and slings me around the room like in a cartoon.  So I am very excited to get them shining again.  Once done, maybe we can have them maintained once a month in exchange for caring for his dogs.       
     Happiness has had a long dry spell so spring is bringing some hope for a change.  There has been intermittent sunshine and some LOL moments, but underneath, a lot of worry: Loren's health, my great grandbaby, dog returns, the jerk who “forgot his wallet” and apparently has forgotten me, money, not feeling as good as I need to, projects unfinished, mistakes.  I see a hopeful outcome in every concern except the jerk who forgot his wallet.  A check from him would be the big hurrah.  Not so much the money as the not feeling like he is laughing at me “put one over on the old lady”.    Anyway, it soured me from ever adopting to male law enforcement.  Already have Clergy, politicians, male doctors, male dentists and male lawyers (one exception Shane, you were great) on the DNA list.
     What was going to be one dog coming from a 75 year old man who was 'over his allowable city dog limit' may be 3!  He didn't want to part with his Pyrs, but no takers for the labs.  He has a deadline or the authorities will decide for him.  His plight came across in one of my "urgents" and I said I'd take one.  He's driving 4 1/2 hours to here Friday with all 3 dogs in hopes I will take them but understands I am only guaranteeing to take one... yah, right!  I've already given them better names then Tiny and Spike!  Sugar, I can deal with.
   Mackie came back Sunday but I already have an adopter for him.  He had looked at him before and then was disappointed that he was adopted.  when he saw he was back, he called right away.  When you call a big vet clinic and the gal that answers immediately knows who they are and all about the previous dog that died a year ago, it is a pretty good indicator you have a winner.  Followed by a personal reference that was totally believable... Yeah for Mackie. 
   Missed a call from Rita, Tiya's mommy.  Sounds like Tiya is bonding.  Said she was afraid of the storm and slept in bed with her.  I love it!  Tiya belongs.  One of those adoptions that you just know is perfect before they ever meet.  Sure wish some of these 'boys' would be that lucky. 

3/15/11: Getting a couple of good nights sleep in a row was only a wish.  I was doing pretty good until Goofy went outside.  He is afraid to come back in so he barks.  I got up, opened the door and stood between him and the ‘threat’ but he just laid there.  Gave up.  Back to bed.  Twenty minutes later; repeat.  Back to bed.  Thirty minutes after that; repeat.  I explained to him this was his last chance.  He comes in.  By now I am wide awake.  BTW, it’s 3:20 a.m.
    Cassie came to me for ‘protection’ yesterday afternoon.  Hanna/Ayla just wants to play but the old girl is not up for it.  Brought Mackie up to the house for a few hours and decided to try him with the girls when I put him back.  Hanna/Ayla was delighted!  So was Cassie.  She went off in her corner and was relieved Hanna/Ayla had someone else to play with!  They did have a great time.  Hopefully he got so exhausted that I won’t have damage.  I always think I have everything out of reach of these ‘puppies’, but if I miss something, they will surely find it.
     Cassie gets a bath today.  Hate to put her through it, but she stinks.  They always do coming from a kennel environment.  At least I was able to track down some history because she is chipped.  She is spayed.  She is also 10 ½ years old.  Guess as a pup, they thought she was an Akita, but not even close.  Always hard to say with puppies.  Got out the ‘big’ book.  Alaskan Malamute and GSD are probably as close as I’m going to get.  She does have something which kept her smaller then standard.
     I spent most of the day at the computer organizing my grant information to pass on to someone who has volunteered to help.  It is a real Godsend.  Things are getting much better for me emotionally just knowing others are reaching out to help me.  It can get pretty lonely when the only people you know are those going through the same crisis with their own rescues.  Comforting not to feel ‘alone’ in your quest, but still alone because the others really don’t ‘get it’.
    Loren has had a ‘48 Ford project truck for quite a few years.  It got fairly close to completion but rescue took over the money and then his health went downhill.  Talked to my son and he is going to get the truck to Idaho and finish it.  Then get it back for Loren to enjoy.  We just planned to have him finish it, sell it and split the money, but he eventually wants it for his oldest grandson which he is raising.  He just wants it in the will that he will inherit it.  Seems like a good plan.  It will be nice not to have it up on the lift, seeing it incomplete.  Loren always finished stuff so this was sad.
    Have someone trying to fill out an application.  We humans have a hard time understanding that we don’t all have the same skills.  Getting old really shines a light on my past thinking.  And the shortfall of younger people’s thinking.   What is so simple for one person can be impossible for another; physically or mentally.  I know I said this before in my blog but it bears repeating.  I believe we all have several chances to ‘get it right’.  To make up for wrongs that we may not even have realized.  I use to get annoyed because my mom said she could not lift the lightest thing with her one arm.  Well, guess what… now I understand.  And I don’t get ‘paperwork’.  I use to find it so easy… 30 years ago.  Getting old sure opens your eyes to a diversity in the world one only thinks they understand.  I sit here wondering what old failures of comprehension are going to hit me next.  I’m glad I’m old because the country and the world are falling apart, but I just wish I weren’t!  Back to bed and hopefully a little more sleep before Miss Rooster Sahara announces the dawn.

3/13/11:  Irene is still here.  Great lady but Irene was too strong a girl.  Did get an email from Shelley and she has a possibility for Irene.  As for Sherman, who I felt was the best choice, he just skitted around the house avoiding her.  I think dogs just sense some things more then we realize.  He even cuddled with me last night on the bed.  He sleeps on the bed, but usually at the foot.  He had his head next to mine on the pillow.   It is so tough to let go, but so unfair not to.  Just how happy can this many dogs be having to share 2 people?
    Dogs were really quiet last night but I woke up at 3:00; actually 2 -3 because the time jumped ahead right about then.  Tried to go back to sleep and gave up at 4:00  Back hurts more every night.  I need to remember to take some natural stuff I got.  It helps.  Got it for the dogs, but it is actually for people.  We share.  Don’t dare take one this morning as they relax me and I have a long drive ahead this morning. 
    I’m going north 3 hours to pick up the Chicago GSD  and deliver Riona to her new owner.  Loren is going south 2 hours to pick up Mackie, the Collie.  They gave it their best shot.  Not sure who I will put him with.  He is too hyper for Hanna / Ayla.  Of course she put up with Riona who bounces off walls (and tables and ceilings and body parts).
   As for the new girl, Cassie, Shuma who held her overnight and will meet me today says she is beautiful.  Maybe a bit of Husky in her.  Scared and not eating.  No mention of a hip or hind end problem.  Sure hope not.
   Before Cassie was picked up in Chicago, I had a call from a lady who said she had been trying to adopt Cassie.  I passed on contact info to all involved.  Seemed a shame to bring a dog all the way here if there was a good adopter right there.  But no way to verify or approve her in an hour.  I told her if she fills out an application and I approve her, we will somehow get the dog back to St. Louis and she can get it from there.  Not seen the application come in yet, but been less then 24 hours.  And the possibility that Cassie might have joint problems seemed to dwindle her enthusiasm.
    An urgent came across from Hot Springs.  I called and said I’d take ‘Sugar.’  They called back later and tried to talk me into any of the other dogs, all labs.  Nope.  Love them all, but can’t take what I can’t place.
   Guess I will get my socks and shoes on.  Already dressed except for them.  I almost feel guilty not returning to the bench in the bedroom to do it.  All the dogs encircling me for attention while I struggle to pet and put them on at the same time …it’s like a ritual.  I just realized I don’t even have company in here!!  None!  I’m crushed!

3/12/11:  As I felt, Irene was going to be a bit too much for the lady I approved for her.  I was hoping she would gear towards Sherman, but he was less then enthusiastic about chancing going away.  Great lady, just not the right dogs for her.  Hopefully she will find the perfect match.  Hopefully it will be one I rescue, but if not, whom ever she gets will be a very lucky dog.
    Still not sure how many dogs will be coming home with me tomorrow.  Hopefully Riona and her adopter will 'click'.  I have faith that what ever happens, it is the right thing for the dog.  And the right thing for the moment for here.  Maybe it was not meant for me to get the Saint or the other GSD's.  Cassie may require my money and attention like Toast did.  Hope not, but never know.
    This warm weather is so nice!  It's almost time to feed and then I hope I have the energy to take a few for a walk.  Tomorrow will be an hour earlier to leave.  I had forgotten about day lights saving time.  UGH.  Means I will be leaving at what today was 6:30 a.m. but tomorrow will be 7:30.  Not good!

3/11/11:  They were so quiet!  So why did I wake up at 3 a.m.?  Must be because I actually got a few hours uninterrupted sleep.  Sherman followed me into the computer room and has been asleep by my feet for the past few hours.  I wish Sully would not be a poop to him.  I know it is major jealousy.   I love ‘em all but some just need me more then others.  Sherman is one of those.  Very insecure.
    Nita emailed and asked me how old Shaggy would be now.  I first wrote 6 then deleted it.  Then stopped to remember Oz will be 5.  I look up the puppy birthdays.  I lost a few years.  The years between getting the puppies and those of getting the parents, Shaggy and Chipi.  I have a whole bunch of Senior citizens here, not just Sissy!  Humans included, there are 10 living in the house.  Only 2 exceptions; Sully and Sherman.   Definitely need to apply for a Grey Muzzle Grant, especially with one or 2 more coming.  Need a new approach.  Old people (like me) worry a dog will outlive them.   Do more to promote senior to senior adoptions.  Everyone does it, but not everyone rescues and very few want 100 pound, old dogs.  I’m at a disadvantage.   Got it… AARP.  Aging Animal for Retired People.
   Was going to take a young Saint but looks like other arrangements have been made.  Making the trip to Rolla Sunday so would like to bring back more then just the GSD coming from Chicago.  With hundreds of dogs in AC in St. Louis, there is bound to be one I would want.  I’m thinking spring.  I can handle more when the hoses are not frozen… fingers, toes and nose not frozen either.    Five Pyr puppies in Fayetteville, but I would have to do some constructing to take them.  The guard rails on the ramp off Bears room are not low enough and they’d fall off.  And Bear may be getting too old to enjoy puppies.  It’s been a year since I had any.   Being the worlds best foster daddy may not be the same as being a foster grandpa.  The potential for parvo is scary too.  Just never know with puppies pulled from a ditch on the side of the road.

3/10/11: Finally some sunshine.  I need it!  Still cold.  Busy next few days.  Rio and Irene leaving.  A GSD and at least one Saint and maybe 2 coming.  Two more in Ohio but that’s a bit far.  Seems all of a sudden the rescues are being flooded with Saints.  Guess it’s that non-existent inflation./ recession/ no cost of living increase that the government keeps assuring us of.  Gas at $3.69 a gal. and rising.  Doing a transport for one dog seems nuts.  I’m looking for another (or 2 more) just to make the trip worth the gas!!!  Like todays’ trip with SUV and trailer to get dog food.  It’s up to $26.99 for 40 pounds.  If I drive 35 miles to meet the distributor, I can save several hundred on a pallet.  Eventually I may have to break down and feed stuff I don’t want to feed because some have ‘free food to shelter programs.’   In the meantime, I’ll try to keep feeding good stuff.
    Dogs were really wired last night.  About 20 minutes of quiet between episodes.  I don’t know what they heard or saw, but it kept coming back…. again and again and again…  I don’t know how I’ll keep going today.  Exhausted and it’s only 11 a.m.      So while I was not getting any sleep, I plowed through the 40 some emails that accumulated.  There are a few dogs eating away at my heart.  One really old, overweight yellow lab, hit by a car, laying in pain in an animal control.  A very old blind dog turned in by it’s owner.  How can people be so uncaring.  So cruel.  I guess that goes for vets too.  $100 to euthanize and dispose of the body is as bad as funeral homes.  Get you when you are down and too distraught to fight back.  If it’s a little dog, you bury it in the flower bed, but 100 pound dog, you’d have to hire a backhoe, at least in this rock laden Arkansas ground.  OK, money is best spent on the living, but these dogs at animal control ARE living!  They have feelings… and no one is going to convince me otherwise. 

3/7/11:  Feeling less anxious this morning but not entirely emotionally comfortable.  Hope Riona and Hanna/ Ayla have settled in together.  I’ll know in a few hours when it is light out and I can go down and feed them.  Yesterday was long, busy and exhausting.  Riona was very nervous and lashed out at her.  She got a ‘time out’ but with temp dropping again last night, short coated and just having a bath, I did not want her out in the weather.  Also hope she caught on to the doggie door.  I worked with her on it, but didn’t have time to witness if I was successful. 
     Taking an older GSD on Sunday.  She will most likely be here ‘to the end’.  At least from the sounds of her ‘weak in the back end’.  What ever will be, will be.  The thought that she was discarded by someone because she was old and in bad shape just infuriates me.  She needs to know she is worthy of love and that someone does love her. 
      Have a foster for Sherman, but he is such a basket case, I hate moving him if he is not being adopted.  Only reason I even consider it is because he is bottom guy and the others are intimidating him.  He just cowers.  Breaks my heart.  He was not like this when he returned.  The others were not picking on him until about a week ago.  It is so undeserved.  I want him happy and his depression has deepened dramatically in the past week.  His only pleasure is sleeping on the bed with me and even that gets interrupted when Sissy comes in around midnight. 
     After sunrise:  Riona and Hanna are still in one piece.  I took the food down and was looking all over for Riona.  Under tables, in corners.  Who would think to look up!  I have an 8’ x 12’ work table on a hydraulic lift.  I had it set at about 36” high.  Luckily I had cleared it of unnecessary stuff on Friday.  Only thing I had up there was a few pieces of carpet and a stack of material that I had cut and was assembling for dog bed covers.  Riona seemed to know they were intended as dog beds as she had arranged the stack and made herself a bed, high out of reach of that big white dog that might entice her to play. 
    It is cold again.  Yard person is suppose to come this morning.  Got to get the leaves raked up.  After Click with the Blasto, I really worry about moldy leaves around the dogs.  So many were so late falling off the trees.  I still have several oaks that are hanging onto theirs for dear life.  Was hoping they would let go before today.  No, they will wait until the new ones come on.  Being naked in public is no disgrace if you are a tree.
     Had to put Sully in ‘time out’.  He just sends off vibes to Sherman and the poor fella is scared to come in. 

3/6/11:  This anxious feeling will not go away.  It is practically to the point of nausea… ok it is to the point of nausea.  I just want to surround myself with all the dogs and just sit on the floor and hug them and not let go… Hugging  fifteen 100 pound dogs, give or take 20 pounds, (add 35 for Sully) is not possible.   Three on the bed does not feel like enough.  Six being petted all at once while I try to put on my socks and shoes in the morning is not enough.  It’s not enough because there are more standing on the outside of the circle wishing and waiting for their morning love.
    Maybe it is the frustration of all the ‘lists’ that come across my daily emails.  I don’t want more dogs then I can do right by, but I see the faces in the photos and they haunt me.  Some with such hope in their eyes.  Others who have given up.  Either way, they tear at my heart.  Even the Pitties and the Hounds.  My God, even the little ‘foo foo’ dogs touch my heart. I can only reach out to a few.  Not a few a day, but a few a month.  It depends on adoptions.  It depends on you and your friends and neighbors and community.   If everyone were made aware of how many of those ‘cute puppies’ the nice (but irresponsible) neighbors dog had would end up neglected, abused and killed, seeing them would not be such a joy.  And protests would grow enough to stop puppy mills.  Organizations try but it just does not sink in to so many.  I DON’T WANT TO BE A RESCUE.  None of us do.  We want to say, “You breed ‘um, you keep ‘um.”  But if they are so irresponsible to let their dog have puppies (or run loose and father a litter), they are certainly not responsible to care for them all.  And then there are Puppy mills.    
      It is just after 6 a.m.  I have been up for an hour.  Sahara has told me to go back to bed.  Loudly.  Sully followed me when I got up and lays at my feet.  Sherman, Sweetness and Parker followed me too and are close by in the living room.  Dawn is just breaking outside and I still need to trade my robe and slippers for levis, sweatshirt and shoes.  Sahara will let me know if I am running behind schedule.  She is my rooster.  My alarm clock.  My guardian.  
    After the feeding and poop scooping, Irene will get inside time with Loren.  Bear and Chipi will come over to this side for attention and the rest will go onto Bears side.  I’ll check email, trying to avoid any imbedded photos from the ‘lists’.  Looking for updates from an adopter or two.  Delete some of the ‘forwards’ and read a few.  Pass on maybe two a week that gave me a LOL.   Always good to have a smile to start the day.  Then I will switch the dogs back before we leave for West Plains to pick up a dog.  This one is bothering me and I’m not sure why.   Even thinking about it makes my heart race.  Really weird.  It is like anticipating disaster.  But this feeling is unfamiliar to me when it comes to a dog.  On the way back, we will stop at “Thor’s” house and help the family put up the hot wire to keep him safely inside the fence.  We would do it before we go, but temps dropped to freezing last night.  Should warm up by this afternoon.  Once home, settle in Riona and hope she is not a barker.  She will be alone as too active for Hanna.  That means 3 dogs alone.  Another sadness. 
   Light outside.  Sully is gearing up!  I am working on him to not bark for his food.  He learned it from Sahara.  So he now “talks.”    I crack up laughing how many unique sounds this guy can make in such a quiet way.  It truly is a conversation with a language all its own.  I love this guy! 

3/4/11:  Anxious again.  Not sure why.  Things have been going relatively smooth the past few days.   I’m getting too attached to these furry friends.  People say things or emails come across that get me to thinking and questioning my methods… again.   I want every dog here to have a wonderful, loving home while they are here.  Then I am pulled back by wondering if I am doing them a disservice.  They become so bonded, at home, confident, that is it making the transition to their forever home that much harder?  Letting a non-house dog go is easier.  They have not gotten the ‘full time’ sense of belonging.  Yet having any that are not full time house dogs tears at my heart for them if they are here any length of time.  Tiya got a wonderful home and her bonding will be easier because she was not at the house, but in the shop.   Had a conversation with a wonderful gentleman yesterday interested in Chipi.  She has been here over 3 years.  She has been in the house 3 years.  But she is with Bear most of the time.  Why?  Because she can tolerate him and he is ok with her.  Those dogs are rare; ones who Bear will like.  So if Chipi leaves… will she be confused?  Do I leave Bear alone or move Sweetness over there?  Or Sahara?  Chipi is not real happy in her situation as ‘Bear’s friend’.  She would get so much more special attention in the right home.  But she has been here so long. 
     I think about Sasha and the decision to let her go.  She was still young, but she was unhappy.  It was the right decision.  Marilyn has given her the best life possible for many years.  I never regretted that decision.  But I have lost track of another that was here for a long time and was so sad sharing us with so many other dogs.  It was a perfect new home for her.  Then they just vanished.  Email unanswered then undeliverable.  Phone disconnected.  No longer working for the same company.  Had someone check on her and got word back she was fine, but because the family never reached out to me, I do not believe the person had contact with them.   Years have past, but it eats away at me.
    I am losing track of too many.  Two years ago I could have said with certainty I knew where 90% were.  Now I feel it is 75%.  Maybe less because emails like “They are fine” and no elaboration makes me wonder…. Makes me totally doubt they have the dog.   
    It is NOT a control issue. It is a heart issue.  It is said that if you save a person’s life, you have a responsibility to that person the rest of their life (or something to that effect).  Well, I feel that way about every dog I save and then place.  Even the ones I courtesy list and help place.  Ones I have never met.  I made a decision for that dog.  One it could not make for it’s self.  That makes me responsible for it’s future.  And if I don’t know where it is, I feel I am personally failing it.  
   So special thanks to those of you who keep in touch.  I sometimes fall behind in acknowledgement of your emails and photos, but I value every one more then you can ever imagine.  It is knowing those furry friends are still safe and loved that makes me take on the responsibility for the next and the next.

3/2/11: Heard from Misty's mom yesterday.  What a great decision I made!  When the HS told her she could not adopt, I still needed to make my own evaluation.  Two sides to every story, and I did get their side.  I weighed both.  I'm not saying the HS was wrong, just that everyone has their own views.  I did NOT make a mistake.  If being too emotional about a dog is a bad thing, then I guess all of us who rescue are unworthy.... 
     Happily, Mackie’s family is going to hang in there and hope the dogs will like each other.  I hate to lose such great adopters, so I sure hope Mackie settles down.
    I put Irene in the yard behind the house yesterday as Loren is tired of the garage being such a dusty mess.  We are going to wall up the dog area, but until then I was going to try to clean it up and leave it empty.  Bad idea.  Irene started barking last night.  I knew she would not stop and it would keep Loren awake.  Next bad idea…  I brought her back to the garage at 10 p.m.  She did her ‘thing’ and since it was so dark, I could not stop her from charging the fence. They all came out to see what was going on.  She got everyone into a riot.   Sully went after Sherman.  Who else went after whom, I am unsure.  Just know Sully’s voice and Sherman came in trembling and wet on the back of his neck.  Next bad idea.  Took Sully to the yard I had just taken Irene out of.  He didn’t bark all night… he just cried all night.  He wails.  “woo woo woo wooooooo”  over and over.  It was so sad.  At 6:30 a.m. he was still crying.  It was light out so brought him back up.   Goofy had to give him the ‘what for’ first.  Then everyone else had to surround him to ask (or smell) where he had been.  I’m running interference and making the ‘children’ behave.  
    Spring is in the air and these guys, instead of thinking ‘warm’ and happiness, are thinking space.  They don’t have enough of it.  At least they don’t think they do.  If they only knew. 
    I need to write the newspaper article and get it in.  I need strong help.  My volunteers are great, but I need someone who can carry water, carry a full poop scooper and shake out rugs.  Things my left arm has decided it will no longer do.  Being primarily left handed, this has become a real challenge.  I don’t have the coordination (nor strength) in my right to take over.  Slopped water all over the floor this morning trying to carry it with my right.   Likewise, dropped a food bowl.   

2/28/11:  Something is chirping.  I cannot believe it is a bird as it has been constant for 2 days and nights, non-stop.  It is not the attic vent.  At least it is not turning.  The chirp is precisely timed.  One every half second.  There has been several pauses in the past 2 days since it began, but they are brief.  There is a nest in the crook of the gutter pipe.  I left it from last summer.  This is just the wrong time of year for baby birds?  I'm more curious then annoyed, but it can get pretty nerve wracking when I'm in the kitchen cooking or in the family room watching TV.  I didn't know birds chirped all night.  Lord!!! Maybe its kin to a Pyrenees... cross breeding of species!
   The thunder was so loud last night that even Sully was shaking.  Parker was back and forth between hiding behind my toilet, on the bed with Loren and hiding behind his toilet.  The rain came down in torrents.  All I could think about was “Is Ayla (Hanna) OK?”  The metal roof just magnifies the sound of the rain and she is all alone.  Got to give it a try today to introduce her to the others.  I just worry they will bump into her and dislodge that hip.  It may be a month before she gets to go to her new home.  She is so sweet. 
     More dog to the list of needing help.  A big Saint named Duke is doing a “Sully” routine.  Only I handled Sully immediately and he is totally awesome with strangers now.  But Duke was let to rule and now they are prisoners in their own home.  He’s only 20 to 22 months old, so a good chance of a quick re-hab.  I just don’t have space to do it right.  Hoping a friend that primarily rescues Saints has room.  Seems like all the dogs needing to come my way are males.  I don’t like mixing males together right off until I know them well.  Three open spaces, 4 males.  Wish I could trust Irene but she could take down a bear if she set her mind to it. 
     And speaking of Sully and how awesome he is now, the friends that came yesterday were down on the floor with him.  He gave them both lots of kisses and he laid on his back on Susans outstretched legs and nuzzled his head against her.  Two months ago my volunteers were deciding he was a dangerous dog.  I am no trainer, but I am quite proud I had enough common sense (and some experience) that I managed to nip the problem almost immediately.  This awesome dog could have been doomed.  Sadly the people who had Irene didn’t know what to do to get her through her terrible teens.  Only hers is geared towards other dogs, not protecting her people.  I risk my own safety, but risking one of the dogs to work with Irene is something I won’t do.  I need someone to help.  To be here.  To know how to pull a dog away without getting bitten.  Just incase.  I need to write an article about Ozark Dogs for the newspaper so I can get more people to volunteer.
    Lacy has fit right back into the pack as before.  Just that first moment incident with her and Sissy.  Watching her and Sully play is really something.  He is so gentle with her.  She entices and he obliges.  When I check on her in the middle of the night, she hears me coming and rolls over on her back before I get in the room.  Waiting for a belly rub.  She is such a pleasure to have around. 

2/27/11:  Toast went to his new home today.  Mixed emotions.  Lovely people but I’m not sure they were overjoyed in taking his ‘bed’.  It is such an important thing to him.  It is the bed he has always slept on since coming here.  I made a new cover for it today.  Anyway, I hope he gets to use it.  I know it’s big and not like a fold up blanket, but it will make him feel more secure until he adjusts.
     Ayla (Hanna) stayed at the house until dinner time.  She is going to be so lonely.  I can’t put Sully with her because he is too big and plays too rough for her delicate condition.  Sherman would suffer separation anxiety and might trash the place.  Parker is freaked at storms and with that metal roof, he would have a heart attack.  Lacy is a bit snarky to her so that won’t work.  I may be fostering a chocolate lab for a week so that will give her some company.  We are just going to have to bring her up every day for several hours or I’ll be down there.  I have 6 mattress covers ready to put elastic in so that will give me something to do to keep her company.
     Couple of GSDs at LRAC and a Collie in St. Louis.  I’ve got to wait until they are urgent.  All males.  That would be my male limit. 
     Took hot wire stuff out to a family who felt they needed to re-home their dog.  A beautiful, sweet ASD/ Pyr mix.  I fell in love with him.  Anyway, they live near a busy 60 mph road on a curve and he has recently started going over the 4’ fence.  I’m hoping the hot wire will solve this.  I would rather spend $100 helping someone keep their dog then several hundred feeding it, hoping to find someone who will love it as much as his current family.  And if it doesn’t work, he can keep Ayla (Hanna) company until she leaves.  Just no more room in the house, especially for another male.
     It only took a day to get Lacy and Sissy back in good standing.  Lacy and Sully played so hard today.  He is so gentle with her.  He is just such an amazing dog but his ‘talking’ and his size can be very intimidating. 
     Some friends came by today to show me their newest acquisition.  The prettiest blue eyed Old English Sheepdog.   According to people in the neighborhood, it had been a stray around town for several months.  It was a matted mess when Susan found it.  She’s a groomer so “Delilah” looks like quite the lady now.  We had first met several years ago at a ‘Cutest Dog Contest’.  I had Zelda and she had this magnificent Pyr named Samson.  We both said neither would feel bad if the other won as we were sure one of ours would.  Some little ugly, snarky dog in a costume won!  But the ‘prizes’ weren’t worth anything so it was not a big deal.  Obviously the judges were little dog people.
     Dog count is 15.  It looks so empty around here.  I have someone who does concrete so I am going to see if he will give me an estimate for a small slab in both yard areas.  The mud is so bad up by the gates and a few weeks ago I fell on the ice trying to get in the gate.  Need a plan to avoid this next winter.  Cost will be out of my pocket, but since Ozark Dogs has a little money for a change, I won’t need to be donating all mine to make rescue ends meet.  I can use it for the concrete.  Anyway, would like to get it done while the yards are empty. 

2/25/11:  Two adoptions today.  Out tomorrow to take photos of an ASD/Pyr needing a home.  Adopters coming to meet Toast on Sunday.  A momma Pyr and 6 pups in need.  Considering.  Got to re-contact on a male Pyr on death row in Sedalia, MO. Non-stop, but that is good. 

2/23/11 @ 12:45 a.m.:  Loren is on the road with Alexandra.  I won’t be able to go back to sleep until he is home.  By then it will be time to feed and start the day.  Tried to get some sleep but it is like as soon as I go to bed, they decide to patrol.  With patrol comes barking.  I’m sure they are ready to ‘call it a night’ for a few hours.  Wish I could. 
     Got pix of my great grandbaby taken yesterday.  He looks good.  My son said they got him a swing and hope it helps.  Not sure what he meant, but he said Camdon wanted attention all the time.  Maybe he meant the swing would keep him occupied.  His daddy, my grandson, almost died at birth and his mom and I took night shift turns keeping the swing cranked up for a month.   He would not sleep otherwise.  That was 27 years ago.
     Took some last day pictures of Alexandra after I picked her up from the groomers.  She is so adorable.  She will be a real people stopper.  Groomer said she has never done a dog with such a thick coat.  Good thing she is going to Denver and not Florida. (I would not have let her go to a hot state anyway). 
    I’ll move Sissy over with Bear for the day and bring Lacy in.  Poor thing has only been in a few hours a day since she got here Saturday.  She is confused.  Sissy is just getting old, hurts and feeling neglected (which she is NOT). 
   Guess I’ll finish up the last few pages on my site and then it should all be the same dimensions and nothing will float around.  Typical screen resolution was only 800 x 600 when I started it, so still had some condensed pages left over.

2/22/11:  Been trying to go page by page updating this site.  Some things are worth re-reading and hopefully passing on.  Here is one I posted several months ago, but it needs repeated.  Click here.  This gal works tirelessly for companion animal advocacy and has alerted me to quite a few dogs I have been able to save and re-home.
    Will be a busy day.  Alexandra to get the chip in and then groomed.  A long, early 'nap' for Loren as he is driving her to catch the transport.  Will be leaving by 1:00 a.m.  I will have my work cut out keeping the dogs quiet so he can sleep. 
     Amazing how many locals must read this!  When I express a negative opinion, I sure hear about it.  I guess I need to consider the possibility that Lindsy has matured into a responsible person.  I still have a problem with lack of proper English.  In a professional capacity, people should not be left to guess what one means.  If I "fed the dogs" it means I placed a bowl of food in front of them allowing them to eat (or scooped it in my hand for them).  It does not mean I bought the bag of food or scooped the food into the bowls.  If they 'did the spay' by all logic, it means they actually preformed the surgery.  So although I apologize for not considering Lindsy has changed, I do not apologize for freaking because I was told "she did the spay".  Leaving out the words "assisted" or "was present for" gives a totally different meaning.  I think I just addressed my annoyance with abbreviations and word substitution on 2/15.  It goes for shortcuts of all kinds in communication, especially when understanding is important.

2/20/11:  Yesterday was so busy, but a good busy.  Marilou came to visit with Misha.  She got Misha from me 5 years ago.  It was so great to see them both. 
     Some people saw one of my posters at the store and came by to meet the dogs.  I really liked the people.  They will be filling out an application and considering Sherman.  I had to laugh because they are not familiar with Pyrenees.  She kept asking “is he always this laid back?” and I said ‘Yes. It’s the breed.  That’s why I like them.”  She must have asked 4 times but phrasing it slightly differentJ.
     Then Scott arrived to meet and pick up Lady and Hara.  I checked in with him today.  They are doing fine.  It sounds like they are adjusting quickly to their new home.  I am so glad.  Hopefully someone will come along for others. 
     And while all the dog stuff was going on, we had the contractor over who built our cabinets.  Our fridge had the warning light on and we didn’t know we were suppose to clean inside the motor/compressor thing once a month.   We bought it 7 years ago!!  It’s clean now but we had to tear out some facing over it to remove the vent.  Then we had to come up with a way to put it back that would not be permanent.  We ended up buying industrial Velcro.   Loren and I do have very different ideas when it comes to certain things.  Hopefully ‘his’ plan will work.  I’ll keep mine in reserve just incase.
     Brought Mackie to the house for a few hours today to be in the family room with Loren.  He was great.  Alone and in the yard, he barks and gets so excited when he sees me.  He needed that special time.  I’ll have to do this every day for awhile.  Misty is so clingy that it is heartbreaking that I can’t just have her at the house, but just too many already.  Once she and Mackie both heal from their sterilization, they can go back together.  Misty let Mackie know to leave her alone but he forgets quickly.  Thus they are separated for another week.  She can have a house turn tomorrow.  Toast is overdue for his turn too.
    On a personal note:  I talked to my son today.  They brought the baby home and he is FINE!!!  They were going by what the child services case worker was saying that she said the doctor had said.  From what all my son said in a very long conversation, it sounds like this woman is a real nut case.  Camdon has full movement and can hold his own bottle.  He is trying to roll over.  I heard him fussing in the background.  Some giggling when he got attention, but when not he screamed.  Obviously being in the hospital was traumatic for the little guy and he is afraid of being abandoned.  Keeping him from being spoiled is going to be hard.  He has scars from all the surgeries to remove swelling from the brain.  Once he grows hair, most should be hidden.  Anyway, the police are still investigating but have no idea what they are looking at other then the babysitter and her children. 

2/17/11: Can't sleep. Yesterday was so frustrating and my stomach is in knots.  I can tolerate most people.  I 'get over it' and move on most of the time, but with some it just takes longer then others.  The epitome of incompetency is working at the vets office I started using.  I got her fired about 3 years ago from the Humane Society and she got herself fired from the pet shop.  I don't know how many jobs she has had in between but she better start looking again as her days are numbered.  After specific instructions both from me and written right on the card, she threw away the serial numbers on the microchip.  Then the desk gal is no better.  I said I have to have the number.  Without it, the chip does me no good.  They do not have a scanner so they can't even scan it to tell me what it is.  This means loading up the dog again and going back to my current vet and get it scanned.  I am furious.  But what is even more bothersome is when the desk gal said that "Lindsy did the surgery"!!!  Then she quickly back peddled and said she was 'there' for the (spay) surgery.  The flustered look on her face told me she was lying the second time.  Dog is still there and I will be picking her up this morning.  I was scheduled to bring another in but I am just not getting warm fuzzies.  It is about $40 more for everything with my current vet, which I just don't have.   If the dead beats would have given me something for the dogs they got from me, I would not be in this mess.  It really sucks when you have to blame yourself because you trusted people.  Like a drop of arsenic in a glass of water, one drop takes gallons to dilute to safety.  Dead beats and cheats being the arsenic.  My wonderful caring friends and adopters being those gallons of water.  2:20 a.m.  Going to try to find space (and comfort) back in bed with Sissy, Sweetness and Sherman.  Comfort, I am guaranteed, but space may be very difficult to come by.
    Evening:  Found a little place to wiggle in, but never could get comfortable.  Seems I barely dozed back off and the choir began.  Long day and dozed off at the computer more then once.  Picked up Lady and Misty and took in Mackie.  Cancelled Hara.  Just could not chance Lindsy being near her.  Nancy came and almost all the dogs got walked.  I convinced her Sully would not eat her so he got a walk too.  He even nuzzled up to her a few times.  All in the human emotion.  Lady spent most of the day in the family room with Loren.  She finally ate.  Then ate dinner a few hours later.  She must be relaxing again.   I spent the better part of the afternoon catching up on the dogs records and trying to get things ready for those that will be adopted this week.  I have just not had time to be organized but have to be by tomorrow night.  My counter space has runneth over.  Anyway, good news for Hara and Hanna.  Hara and possibly one of the other German Shepherds will go Saturday.  Hanna will be here awhile while her new home (literally) closes escrow and gets moved into.  Alexandra will be on transport to Denver on Wednesday morning at 3 AM!!  Some interest in Mackie but have to see the ap. first.  I might be back to normal soon.... but if I keep getting emails like this... (Luckily someone else is stepping forward) and like this (no one yet).  And no one is saving  this handsome guy who will die tomorrow......
Email came across with this quote below as the signature.  I love it and know more people come to this page then others, so wanted it to stand out.
"My sunshine does not come from the skies,
it comes from the love in my dogs' eyes."

2/16/11:  Long night.  I did get some sleep, but it was a challenge.  I kept an eye on Alexandra.  One time I really freaked.  She was so ‘dead to the world’ asleep, I literally thought she was.  I picked up her paw and it just dropped when I let go.  I picked up her head to listen for breathing.  Could not feel her breath on my face.  It seemed like an eternity before she would hold her eyes open or move a muscle.  If it had not been for hearing her tummy growl, I would have been calling emergency.  I had tried earlier to get her on the bed with me but she wouldn’t.  Tried again, but she was just dead weight, so I pulled a crib mattress over and laid on the floor next to her.  This is not the first time I have been ready to send a dog off to a new home and they try to commit suicideJ  Lord, this is exhausting!  
    Worried also about taking Lady in last night for spay this morning.  I sent her dinner but (1) know the gal did not offer it to her (Can’t stand this one office girl) and (2) I should have fed her myself because she probably would not eat there anyway.  Too nervous.  But then she probably would have thrown it up.  Some dogs just get to your heart. Especially ones who have been abused.  But I need to take Misty in to the other vet at 7:30 for spay.  Couldn’t be 2 places 15 miles apart within a few minutes and I need Misty to spend the night after the spay.  Lady can come home as her ‘room mates’ are calmer.  Mackie will go in when I pick up Misty tomorrow.  On Misty I am saving approx $35 by using my old clinic (new vet) over the one I have been using for the past 4 years.  Savings on Mackie and Hara will be about $20 each.  I’m wishing I had not taken Lady to my current vet, but using a new one I have not even met is always hard.
   The choir has sung.  Not even dawn yet.  Dogs below are barking probably because they see the computer monitor light.  Normally they are quiet, but I’m sure the choir had something to do with them starting in.  I still have to get dressed and be out of here with Misty in 45 minutes.   Breakfast will just be late for everyone.

2/15/11:  Got a lot accomplished but still feel like it was not enough.  The day is not long enough, but more then that, my energy runs out before it is half over. 
     Hanna and Mackie got a bath.  I think the coughing was just inhaling food and sore throat from pulling on the leash.  Anyway, I didn’t hear any today and there was never any other symptoms of kennel cough.  Heck, they had the Bordatella 3 weeks ago so they should not have an active case.  I dropped Lady off this evening at the vets for morning spay.  Normally I take in in the morning and leave overnight after the spay, but I just have got to cut expenses.  Figured I’d get her as soon as she wakes up and give her some pain meds.  The pain shot is up to $28.  A Rimadyl may not be as fast acting, but only about $1.  I will take Misty in to another vet in the morning for her spay.  Then she will spend the night because they include the pain shot for just $3 more.  I’m still negotiating on other pricing.  I just feel burned by the vet I’ve used for the past 4 years after all the money we spend.  I gave them a chance, but still too high.  You’d think just from looking at the size of my folder, a good 3 inches thick, that they could be more reasonable.  And as many people as I have steered to them…  So anyway, my old vet clinic which is now my new vet clinic will be getting my business.  Only reason I left is because the vet retired and sold out.
    I went a round with the dog food distributor.  I have a call in to report him to Diamond pet foods!  He was sarcastic and after I answered his question why I buy Diamond Naturals, he obviously was not listening and suggested I buy ‘something cheaper’.  That I assume is something they get a bigger mark up on because it’s crap.  Nothing good is any cheaper then Diamond.   
    Guess I’m just tired, because I am also tired of people who do not use spell check, have no clue how to word an understandable sentence and use computer shorthand to the point of it resembles hieroglyphics.  I’m good with LOL, BTW and FYI,  and of course with all the dog abbreviations.  But when I get “I c u cum 2”, well, sorry folks, I’m too old for it.  Just a few days ago I learned my own lesson on shortcuts.  I shortened purebred and almost ended up with a pit bull.  So the short cuts in emails can get one in trouble. 
    Not being clear reminds me of when I adopted a deaf girl from Arizona and we lived in California.  My daughter is deaf so I was fluent in sign language, but unaware some signs were regional.  After repeatedly telling her to ‘dry the dishes’ and getting a look like I was crazy, she wrote out that I was asking her to ‘syrup’ the dishes.  The California sign for dry was the same as the Arizona sign for syrup. 
    Loren has had 2 bad days.  I urge him to go to the doctor but like he says ‘what they going to do?’  At least the dogs are not keeping him awake.  He’s getting a lot of rest, but not sound sleep just because he is uncomfortable.
   An hour later:  Been outside making Alexandra throw up.  She is the ultimate counter surfer.  Luckily it was just a ‘full’ bottle of glucosamine chondroitin / MSM and a full bottle of DGP and not some toxic meds.  This is not the first time a dog that was scheduled to leave for a new home has tried to commit suicide!  UGH!  Guess she is done throwing up.  I’ll still put her in my room and put her on the bed with me to watch her.  Sissy will just be out of luck tonight… but I’m sure she will loudly protest.

2/12/11:  Loren’s birthday today, but I’ll be on the road in half an hour to pick up the 3 GSD and 1 ‘Lassie’.  I hope Petfinder takes my suggestion and adds Scotch Collie to their search database.  Do a ‘collie’ search and you get 6919 and most are Border Collies or black and white dogs.  They replied they would consider it but are still focusing on getting the bugs out of their new posting system.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” use to be the saying until the internet came along.  Now the key words are “upgrade or be left in the dark ages”.  I was fine with the dark ages, thank you.  According to my granddaughter (20 odd years ago) I was so old, I lived with the dinosaurs.  Interesting how a perfectly good paragraph (or conversation) can go from dogs to databases to dinosaurs all in 8 sentences.  You’re counting, aren’t you?
     Got the lower yard divided for the new arrivals.  It was 50 x 40 so now I have two 25 x 40.  That is adequate.  Just hope the first 2 who came in ‘alone’ will get along with each other or with Toast or Hanna.  Preferably with each other as Toast and Hanna are doing well together and she needs the heat. 
    Alexandra had a lot of great applicants.  Too bad I don’t get more dogs like her.  I’m sure there are many dying in Houston that euthanizes 1600 dogs a month.  But volunteers can’t keep up getting the word out.  Anyway, back on track… several applicants had to bow out of the process for one reason or another.  I feel sad about losing great people, but it has made decision making a lot easier.  Hopefully this coming home visit will go well and she will be on her way to her forever home in a week or 2.  Now I just wish Sharman, Irene (especially Irene) and Toast would be so lucky.  Parker and Sully, well, different feelings there.  Parker is old and has been here a long time (about 18 months).  Sully has been here 9 months and totally stole my heart.  He looks into my soul like Keeton did.  No dog will ever replace Keeton but Sully … just something so special between us.  If he goes, it has got to be to the most fantastic Pyr people in the country. 
   On a personal note:  I have to concentrate on ‘dog’ or I would come apart emotionally.  I have to concentrate on the place I can do some good, not on what I can do nothing about.  My great grandson is not going to have a normal life.  The brain injury is so severe, the doctors are not sure if he will ever talk or walk or even feed himself.  How quickly worlds can fall apart.  Goals go down the toilet.  We are in a place that only ‘other people’ experience. 
  Time to get on the road and bring home some German Shepherds…. And a Collie
Evening:   I am worn out.  Everyone is being quiet.  It took some shuffling to get it done.  A lot of tracking through the mud to move dogs around only to have fence fighting start immediately.  I moved Irene twice and Hanna twice and Lady, one of the new ones twice.  It is not like you just put one in and take the other out.  The place has to be empty to put one in, so there is a stop over in the separate shop area, then going back again. 
   Lady has obviously been abused.  She stole my heart.  The other 3 new ones wanted her to play but she cowered in a corner.  I wanted her to feel comfortable so thus, all the dog shuffling.  She is with Toast.  Hanna growled at her so that is why Hanna had to move.  We will try again tomorrow.  At least it is not too cold tonight and everyone has cover so I am not going to worry.
  Loren is not feeling good.  He went to bed about 5:30.  Said his chest really hurt.  I wish he would go into the hospital and have it checked.  I won’t be doing much sleeping keeping tabs on him tonight.

2/7/11: Every day there is a ‘list’.  Many days there are 3 or 4 lists.  They come in emails from different parts of the country; Missouri, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas and as far away as Colorado and Wyoming.  “These dogs are in danger of being euthanized (or gassed or shot or what ever form of death the counties see fit to use). “  And I go through the lists, scrolling as quickly as I can without really looking at the dogs.  If I look at their photos, see the sad, pleading, scared faces looking at me, I will have nightmares.  So I just look for ‘big white fluffy’ or ‘oversized stand up ears’.   A sign of one breed or another that I feel I can find a home for.  I am not prejudice, but if they stay forever, how many ‘adoptable’ dogs will die because I am full?  I wish I could take hounds.  There are so many.  Those eyes just melt your heart.  But there is too many.  The black dogs, particularly labs, are destined to die.  There are just too many.  You could not ask for a more loving, loyal, appreciative and willing to please dog then a black lab (I’ve had 6 in my life), but there are just too many.  Too many.  Too many. 
     So tomorrow I am driving to Little Rock (3 ½ hours south one way) to pick up a ‘white fluffy’.  I hope she will get along with Toast.  I hope she will not tear up stuff in the shop.  I hope she will not tear up the back seat of the car!!  She has been starved.  She had puppies recently.  But she is social.  And on Saturday I drive to Rolla (3 ½  hours north one way) and get 3 dogs with oversized stand up ears from St. Louis where they were otherwise going to die.  I only planned on one, then ‘both’, only to learn there were 3.  How do you say no to the third?  The third is 4 years old.  Age discrimination.  She will be much harder to place then the 1 and 2 year olds.  Like Parker and Toast, there is no interest.  People don’t want to know they will be saying ‘good by’ in 5 or 6 or 7 years.  For me, it is knowing I gave an old dog (and even 6 or 7 is not old in my book) some final happiness.  There are no guarantees, just odds.  And people go with the favorable odds. 
  The only thing I know for certain is that if there is a special place in the hereafter for rescuers of old dogs, I hope I get to go.
  What do “I” need?  Aside from the obvious, good adopters,  I need people who are willing to come sit and pet and brush a dog for an hour or 2 a day.  Give one special attention.  Best of all would be someone who would come pick one up, take it home for a few hours and then bring it back.   Or someone who works all day and does not feel like they could have a dog, to pick one up after work, take it home for the night and drop it off in the morning.  Simple things to let the dogs know someone cares.  

2/6/11:  I made a pork roast with potatoes for lunch today.  Neither of us care for gravy so I let the pot set to cool ad then put it in the fridge.  When the meat drippings have separated from the fat, I skim off the fat and add the drippings to the dogs food as a treat.  Well, I didn’t get a chance to get it to the fridge.   Alexandra is going to have a tummy ache.  How she managed to get it off the counter without me hearing it, I’ll never know.  It was when she was trying to carry the empty pot out the door that I heard the strange noise and went to check. 
     Eleven dogs in the house is getting a bit tense.  Sherman is getting a bit too comfortable.  Parker is feeling crowded.  So is Zelda.  Most of the whispered growls go on in the middle of the night when I am just to ‘out of it’ to react appropriately.  My response: a loud “no growling in this house!”  Sissy is feeling pushed out of the bed by Sherman.  I had to hook him to a leash to get him to move to let her up last night.  He was willing to move, but was confused where to go.  He would go from the foot of the bed to the top of the bed across all the pillows.  I need to work on ‘just move over’.  There really isn’t much room for me with Sissy, Sweetness and now Sherman on the bed with me.   Alexandra has been contemplating joining us but unless she is on top of me, there won’t be a place to lay. 
    Snow has just about melted off.  What a muddy mess.  Poor Tiya and Toast have only been getting one walk a day for the past few days.  The ice and now mud is just too slick, especially on the unpaved road.  I’m so ashamed that Irene has not gotten any ‘in house’ time for a week.  Trying to shuffle dogs and keep them in a dry place makes for a problem when it’s eleven.  Bears room is good for 6 at best.  If the pack is in the house when I bring Irene into the family room, they stand at the door wanting in to ‘protect me’ from the ‘grump’.  Winter is hard.
   I’m still depressed about getting taken advantage of.  Two recent adopters did not give me anything for a donation.  I trust people, but it’s getting harder.  You hate to tell someone who has driven a hundred miles and supposedly ‘forgot my wallet’ , “sorry, I need the donation or you go home empty handed”.   I just can’t keep spending $200 to get a dog vetted (not counting all the food they consume) and then end up giving it away. That is what is happening.   It hurts my heart as much as my social security. 
     The nightly dog count is getting me down too.  Seven white, 2 yellow, 1 multi colored and 1 black.  All have to be accounted for before I close the gate onto the 2 acres as there is no shelter out there.  Because of the ‘door guarding’, I have to make sure no one is chased off in the middle of the night and gets wet or frozen.   Sissy sometimes goes out to bark and I am so afraid she will lay down and not be able to get up.  I don’t sleep when I don’t feel her on the bed snuggled against me.  I’ve done enough ‘out in the rain at midnight with a flash light’.  Easier to close the gate and poop scoop then make a useless ‘catch me if you can’ pilgrimage in the middle of the night.
     It’s 5:11 p.m. and they are all asleep.  Had dinner and resting up for the nightly bark-a-thon.  Sissy, Sahara and Sweetness are in here with me.  Sherman and Parker could not find room so assume they are in the livingroom with Goofy.  Sully and Alexandra are probably in the family room with Loren.  Zelda and the rest will be in the kitchen. 

2/3/11:  Sherman has really come alive the past few days.  It was like a cyclone was blowing through the house last night.  Sherman would entice and then run.  Sully would chase, trying to catch his tail and Alexandra was leaping over him.  Area rugs were skidding across the floor, furniture was sliding against the wall and the love seat was the springboard for the next ‘round’ of ‘catch me if you can’.  Although it was a bit un-nerving, it was also wonderful to see Sherman soooo happy!  He was like a puppy playing with 2 that already act like puppies. 
   Sherman continues to sleep on the bed with Loren at night, but now it is not mandatory.  I wanted to be sure everyone would get along so there would be no middle of the night ruckuses.  All is going well.  Zelda is still her old ‘stuff shirt, no nonsense’ self but as long as they don’t step on her, all should be fine. 
    Alexandra is in being spayed.  I’ll pick her up tomorrow.  She would be too rambunctious tonight if I brought her home.  I got to get Tiya in for her rabies shot.  When they have been here so long, I forget sometimes.  No dog should be in ‘limbo’ for 1 or 2 or even 4 years.  Of course, they don’t realize their life could change.  Makes it really hard when they are here so long.  They must be so confused.  Wondering why they have to leave.  But if they don’t go, I can’t save more.  And keeping the same16 dogs ‘till death do us part’ …. Just exhausting thinking about it.  

2/2/11:  With temps getting down into single digits and predicted to be minus 1 tonight, I had to have a plan.  All went quite well last night.  Everyone had warm shelter and heat except Sherman.  He is now in the house full time.  That makes 11!!  16 total.  What happened?  How did I get from my “12 for the winter” to 16 again?  But I can handle it if they don’t fight over whose goat I am
    I have not decided if Sully likes Sherman or just wants to keep a close eye on him.  He follows him everywhere and will lay in close proximity.  I’m not getting ‘warm fuzzies’ but not unnerved either.  I’m just unsure.  So is Sherman, but he is unsure of them all.  So Sherman takes an elevated position when possible and sticks close to either Loren or me.  So I could get some sleep (yah, right) I put Sherman in with Loren when we went to bed.  I let him out this morning at 4 a.m. to potty and then back in.  He hopped up on the bed and curled up.  Sherman was so careful, Loren never woke up.
    Night before last I got very little sleep because Sissy was up on the hill.  She is just not getting around well, and I need her on the bed with me.  I worry she will get down and can’t get up and freeze.  Last night I closed the gate so no one could go in the big yard.  Thus, all the ‘barking away the critters’ took place on the deck, 20’ from my bed.  And, of course we have this ritual.  Somehow Goofy, Sully and Sissy have trained me to open the door for them and escort them in.  No doggie door entry for them during darkness.  It is either Zelda, Sahara or Parker (yes, now Parker) ‘guarding’ the door.  Then I have to ‘shoo’ whom ever is blocking the path to where ever, so whom ever can get to their comfort zone.  It is a big, open house, but eleven 90 to 135 pound dogs can really create a maze.  Did I mention if they were all in one room, we might all end up in the basement?  That is easily over half a ton of weight.  Scary. 
   Alexandra has discovered mud.  She was clean when she came.  She gets spayed tomorrow but I’m not doing a bath thing as she would just go get muddy before morning.  She did really good last night.  I worried.  Oh, there was another bathroom incident.  When I took my bath, I made sure to get my clothes to the hamper or on the counter, but my ‘foot’ towel was on the floor.  Barely settled into the nice hot water when this flash came and went and my towel was gone.  It was not worth getting out of the tub for.  When I did get out and went looking, she was curled up asleep with her paws wrapped around the towel like a baby would do their favorite ‘blankie’.  It was so sweet.  She had not even chewed it!  Just hugged it.  I forgot her bunny at her previous home but way miles to go get it.  Maybe I should have, but weather won’t allow that now. 
    Had a message from my son.  My great grandbaby is improving.  He has regained movement of his arms and legs.  I believe he is breathing on his own.  May not know for a long time if there will be any lingering brain damage.  But my son said he was wanting to play.  A real positive sign. 

1/30/11: last night just as I stepped into the tub, Alexandra appeared.  I planned to relax in the water but that was cut short.  Off went my sock!  I could either climb out, slip into a robe and go after her or take my chances.  I procrastinated too long.  I might as well just stayed in the tub.  I use to have 3 pair of thick socks.  Now I have 2 ½ pair.  We quickly got passed the 'honeymoon' stage.  I'm going to have to move all my tea cup collection.  Two days, two less cups.  One less sock and almost lost a slipper and a shoe.  She is definitely still a puppy.  I drug up the giant crate from the basement at midnight and assembled it (it won't go through a doorway when put together), got her in it and then listened to the ruckus until 2:00 a.m.  Gave up, put her in my room and closed the door.  Figured worst she could do was eat the area rug or bed legs.  She was content but the others were pissed being on the wrong side of the door to protect mommy.  I will have to spend today working on a plan for tonight.    Time to pay some attention to Sherman.

1/29/10: The month is slipping away.   So have the past few days.  New dog Alexandra.  Posted her on Thursday and already 4 applications, 4 phone calls and 3 email enquires.  I wish all dogs would have this much interest.  Komondors are just in demand and so few get into rescue.  Anyway, she has already enamored herself to us but she is NOT staying.  Eleven in the house is just too many.  Half a ton of dogs in the same room, we could all end up crashing into the basement!
    First night she was here, I planned to leave her in the garage yard.  Taught her the doggie door and took out blankets, etc.  All the dogs just walked by.  No animosity.  Friendly wags and sniffs.  At 10:30, I began to feel sorry for her so went out to check on her.  Everyone followed and stood by the gate.  There was such a calm that it was almost creepy.  I opened the gate, she trotted right past the pack and into the house.  They followed, all went to their beds and laid down!!!  This just does NOT happen!! 
    Next morning I was going in to tell Loren the big surprise that I had let her in and how well she did all night.  He was the one with the surprise.  Apparently the door did not get closed tight.  She had went into his room, jumped up on the bed and slept lying across him!   She likes us both, but I already had 2 on the bed and 5 surrounding it, so I had just assumed she slept in the livingroom where it was not so crowded.  HA!
    General Sherman is on his way to meet Cliff.  Sadly, Sherman was just not adjusting to his new home.  It is really heartbreaking for all of us.  Loren met Chris in Springfield to retrieve Sherman so it would not be such an all day trip for one person.  Since Cliff has been approved to adopt and I didn’t have the right dog for him, Loren is going the extra miles for a meet and greet before bringing Sherman back here.  Then we can all think it over and decide if Sherman would be happy with Cliff.  I just hate when things don’t work.  I feel so sad for both the family and the dog.  Dogs grieve the loss, just as people do.  Pyrs are just unique in their mental genetics and no amount of reading up, prepares a person for the ‘first time’ parenting of one.  So now I have lost 2 fantastic adopters.  Chris with Sherman and Shane with Etta.  Things work out. Etta got another fantastic adopter and is doing great.  They had to work at it as she does have her quirks. Don’t we all?
  Tiya’s trip is off for another week.  Rita did not get the electricity in her new place hooked up yet.  Several applicants for Sully, but I gave them the bad news today.  None felt ‘right’ for him.  Good people, just not a match for his needs.  Monday I plan to go visit a foster family for Toast.  He will be really sad when Tiya leaves.  I think this foster family will fill a need for him until the right adopter comes along.  Where, oh where are the applicants for Irene???  Doesn’t anyone just want one dog who does not have a cat?  (or bird or chickens, etc.)  She would be good with children.  She is a love of and for humans.  Maybe someday.  
    And on a personal note.  My youngest great grandson is on life support.  Just 6 months old.  Bleeding on the brain.  He was with the babysitter…. We may never know what happened, but what matters right now is his recovery.    He’s 1600 miles away and in a good hospital, so I try to keep my mind on where I can actually be useful; the dogs.

1/25/11:  The carport is finally ‘ready for delivery’.  Last week there were ‘supplier’ problems for the company.  Called yesterday and all is back on track.  Hopefully middle of next week.  Two weeks over due, but I’ve waited so long already.  Just glad my grateful adopters came through so the ‘dog house’ and the carport are a reality.   Still short for the second ‘dog house’ but maybe by fall there will be enough (if I don’t let myself be screwed by those who are ungrateful). 
   I’m taking Toast in daily for the ear medication.  $5 to put it in.  Much less then I anticipated.  Did I mention it takes 3 to hold him and one to put the drops in?  I'm sure as the ears begin to feel better, it will become easier.  Poor fella.  He loves to go for a ride, so we need to just load him up and get him a Wendy’s burger instead of every trip being to that ‘bad’ place.  He takes it in stride but can see the sad look when he realizes where we are.
     Sent an email on a White Shepherd in Wyoming.  Old dog turned in by owner because he requires a special diet and the owner can’t afford it.  He has diarrhea.   It could be anything from coccidia to cancer, but he should not be dumped off at a kill shelter to die alone and unloved.  Rescue groups need to focus on keeping dogs in loving homes.  I'm sure feeding the dog and getting it vet checked would be a whole lot cheaper then getting it vetted anyway and finding it a new home.  What ever is meant to be, will be.  Getting him here should not be too big a problem with help from the great people in Wyoming and Denver.  We will see.  (7p.m. note: another rescue stepped forward so he is safe)
   Still dark out but dawn will be making its presence known real soon.  Dogs are barking in anticipation.  Daylight means breakfast!
    Evening:  Sully did great at the groomers.  Didn't need the muzzle.  His issues are definitely just territorial, as is typical Pyr.  He was also great with all the people in the pet store the other day.  Anyway, the bath wore him out.  He looks so exhausted.  Those sad eyes, like ‘why?’. 
   Toast got in and out of the vet faster today.  I paid through Saturday as feel like he may feel good enough to let me do his ears next week.  We will see.  I have someone who wants to meet him to possibly foster him.  I will be going out to their home next week.  Toast will be lonesome without Tiya and these people have a dog of their own and another foster dog so Toast will have new friends.  If there was just someone for Irene.  Loren has been spending a lot of time with her in the family room.  She is so darn people sweet.  If she would just be ok with the other dogs, she could come in and be part of the family.  Left a message with a local ‘trainer’ but she did not return my call.  I really don’t know until I meet her if she is any good.  Altering dog aggression in a pack is not going to be an easy fix but if I ever hope for her to have a good home, it is something I’m going to have to work on. 
    Numbers will be way down next week and unless there is an URGENT come across, I am going to relax and enjoy some ‘me’ time. 

1/24/11: 4a.m.: I should be asleep.  Dumb computer ‘went off’.  Didn’t realize the speakers were on and as it was doing a backup, there was an error.  The voice loudly announced it every 15 seconds.  Dogs went bonkers thinking it was something outside.  Some came back.  Some didn’t.  Then some left again.  Sweetness and Sissy have taken up the entire bed (God forbid should I wake them and ask them to move).  Sully just follows me around.  He and Goofy are afraid of Parker.  I just don’t know what is going on.  Definitely a blood test today.  This is so out of character for Parker.  He’s been here 16 months so any ‘adjustment period’ would have been over a long time ago.  He’s been a house dog almost the entire time.  Guess some of the older ones think it is just too crowded. 
    Got my quarterly wish list off to Petmeds.  Sure hope wormer comes in the package.   Also my annual request from Nylabone.  I’m down to 3.  I’m sure there are some buried but 3 acres is a lot of searching.  I need to call the carport place today.  This is annoying.  Told me on the 3rd it would be 2 weeks.  Called last week and they have no idea.  Supplier problems.  I don’t want to spend $100 more to go through another company but I really have a muddy mess without it.  I’ve got some gravel so if it does not rain too much today, I’ll be wheel barrowing it in.  It will help but back breaking work that my shoulders will pay the price for.   Also need to contact the dog food distributor.  I have got to get at cost.  These price increases are costing an extra $150 a month on sale.  A lot more if I run out and it’s not on sale. 
   Guess I’ll go see if I can wiggle back into bed.  Sully will follow.  He is really becoming very special to me.  His ‘difficulties’ have passed and we have a special bond.  He, Sahara and Bear are my ‘special’ ones.  Love ‘em all, but in different ways. 

1/23/11:  I could feel the tension for the past few days.  I was hoping it would run its course.  Too many dogs in the house and too many wanting to be boss.  Zelda has really been a grump.  More so then usual.  Guess it’s time for blood work again.  There has got to be something going on other then just deciding to have a nasty disposition.  She went after Sahara.  This is not the first time, but it was a little more then usual.  Sahara just cowers.  That started the frenzy.  Goofy went after Sully.  Sully just cowered.  Sahara and Sully are not dog confrontational.   I grabbed Goofy and Zelda and Loren took Sully to the family room.  I got Zelda into the bedroom and then moved Sahara to safety with Bear.  I would have preferred to give Zelda a ‘time out’ but have no where to put her.  She would scratch up the bedroom door.  I’m just not sure what is going on that is different from a month ago when it was more peaceful with this pack.  Parker is causing trouble; that I know.  But he was not involved this time.  Of course, I believe dogs transmit mental messages to one another so he could have instigated Goofy.  Parker has become the gate keeper when it comes to Sully coming inside.  I have to get up and escort Sully in as he will not come in on his own if Parker is in the kitchen.  Anyway, obviously this would not be a good time to see if Irene can integrate inside.  It has been a wish, but just can’t trust her not to seek out the most vulnerable.  Don’t need a riot.
   15 minutes later: Separations are over and now Sully and Goofy are playing and friends again.  Just like children, but better that and they get over their differences then like adults who take much more time and hold grudges.  (Sadly, I do have a few ‘adult’ mentalities).
     I hope Rita is able to get Tiya next Saturday.   I also hope to get toast into a certain foster home for awhile.  He has to have the medication in his ears every day and I am simply not capable.  The foster home I have in mind is with a vet tech.  They are not really looking to foster, but to adopt a younger GSD, but maybe in the mean time they would consider helping with Toast.  I broke down yesterday and took him in to the vet for the ear drops.  It took 3 people to hold him still and one to do the ears!!  Kelly thought I was being woosy, I am sure, until she brought him back out and told me what a challenge it was. It is not a one or even 2 person task, especially for me.  I’m sure the daily visits will be $15 to $20. Toast has just drained not only the sponsors but my vet budget.  So far he is an $1800 dog. 
     Speaking of money, Loren just about has the Ozark Dogs 2010 financials together and I will be posting them on a page when they are finished.   I am hoping it will help others to understand not only about Ozark Dogs rescue, but a clue into most good rescues and their budget woes. 
    I had to call the state tax commission to clarify that Ozark Dogs is exempt from paying sales tax.   I had to educate the ‘supervisor’.  She said I had to be a Humane Society and thought all Humane Societies were governed by the HSUS.   I won after the education session.   It would be like saying a church is not exempt unless it called it’s self Catholic or Baptist, etc.  How do we, the rescues, get this information out??  Get people to understand when they donate to the ASPCA that is advertising on TV, NONE of that money filters down to groups that have called themselves an SPCA.  They are a separate entity.  HSUS is a separate entity from all the local Humane Societies around the world.  I have actually had one person think because they made a donation to another rescue that Ozark Dogs was provided for from that donation.  Thin they equate it with the Salvation Army.

1/20/11:  6:30 a.m. and only a sprinkling of that 4” of predicted snow.  A relief, but it is still early.  Sweetness goes in at 8 to have a cyst removed.  Goofy goes in at 9 for a bath.  Will be picking up Goofy around 11:30.  Suppose to have lunch with Linda, but she never called to confirm.  Then Sweetness should be ready about 3.  Forgot about my sales tax form and it’s due in the mail today.  Can’t get online to see how to fill out the form.  It changed from last year and the instruction book is useless.  So is talking to a human (are tax people really human??)  I’m exhausted just thinking about my day.
     The 2 dogs arrived yesterday that I am boarding.  A sweet black Lab and a Pyr/Lab mix.  Six years ago when they adopted them, the Humane Society said the yellow one was Maremma.  Not even close.   Sort of like Abby the “German Shepherd pup” who is most likely an Australian Kelpie and is definitely over a year old.  Of course, no worse then Maggie the “70 pound” German Shepherd who turned out the be a 40 pound Pembrook Corgi.  At least I don’t have to find homes for these 2.  They are really sweet.  “Babe”, the Pyr/Lab is a bit nervous.  Chance is typical old Lab.
     Last year I told of a “rescue” that was a farce.  She has a felony assault conviction and she has an animal cruelty conviction (before it was a felony). With help I got a dog out of her hands.  She is taking dogs from Animal Control facilities to sell up north for $400.  That is not the point, though.  The point is the lack of care.  No shelter what so ever.  No dog houses or even trees. No water, fed stale bread and what ever as long as it’s free from the dumpsters, unaltered males and females put together and getting pregnant.  She has been run out of at least 2 counties.  Nothing is hearsay.  I’ve seen the pictures and had eye witness accounts from very trustworthy people I’ve worked with for years.  I have first hand experience because of the horrible condition in which the dog came to me and knowing 3 months earlier when it went into AC it was in good physical condition.  Well, now she is going in the Pyr business.  Her name came across in the context of an email where she was volunteering to pull Pyrs and transport.  I’ve sent out warning emails so I sure hope all the Pyr rescues will verify what I have told them and steer clear of her.  She is worse then Tammy Hanson of EDNAH.  Tammy was mentally ill.  This gal is just evil.
    Afternoon:  The snow began around 8:20 and has really come down.  No storm, just big flakes that are sticking and making everything slick.  Goofy did not get into the groomers and sadly, Sweetness is going to have to stay at the vets for the night.  Just not safe out on the roads.  Tiya will not get to go Saturday because of the snow.  It will be another week.  I have to laugh because living in Idaho for 18 years, this snow is nothing… but the county is not really prepared equipment wise to handle it, so we sit.

1/18/11:  Yesterday:   Good news for Toast.  Called my previous vet out of retirement for a second opinion on Toast.  I remembered he had a scope that my current vet does not have.  We should be able to clear the ears up with medication. 
     While Toast was at the vets undergoing the exam, I went thrift store hopping.  Got 2 like new crib mattresses at Salvation Army.  I don’t usually ‘pay’ for them, but then I usually have to recover the ones I get for free.  These were in perfect shape and also the density that is the dog’s favorite.  There are certain ones they will not lay on.  One makes too much noise (a crinkle sound) and another is too dense and no better then laying on the floor.  Also found some great drapery fabric big enough to make 2 covers for the mattresses and got myself 2 pair of jeans.  Spent $40 for the 2 mattresses and $3.25 for the material and pants.  Loren is always telling me to buy new.  If I did, I’d have 1 ½ pair of pants and no mattresses or material.
    I’m working on a ‘boarding contract’ to dog set a Maremma and Lab for a really nice young couple.  They posted to find the dogs a home because their living situation changed and the dogs have been locked inside hidden from the landlord for 2 months.  They are trying to find a place that will allow 2 big dogs.  I know how hard that is.  So I have agreed to board them cheap until May 1.  I would rather help them out to keep their dogs then taking them in the hopes for finding them a home together.  Another very hard thing to find.  He’s had the dogs for 6 years so I think this is a good thing for me to do.  Part of the deal is, one of them has to come over every night and do the evening feeding, change the water and poop scoop.  This way the dogs will adjust and the people have a responsibility. 
     Sweetness goes into the vet this morning.  She had a lump come up a few days ago on her shoulder.  A friend told me to insert a needle and see if I could draw out fluid.  It took me several years to get up the courage to give the puppy shots.  I still cannot insert the microchips.  A nurse/ vet tech anything medical, I will NEVER be. 


1/16/11:  4:13 a.m.  Who said 12 dogs and I could relax?  The barking was different.  Something was definitely in the yard.  As I shuffled for my slippers, I caught a glimpse of Parker carrying something out the door.  Grabbed the big flashlight and turned on all the yard lights.  At least it was Parker that had the “kill”.  He was reluctant to drop it and of course, I had to chase him down.  He was not happy when I tossed it over the fence.  Never did find the head.  Sure hope he didn’t hide it in the house… poor rabbit. 
     A fight must have ensued because Zelda continued to growl at Sahara and Sahara, who has always walked away, was ‘circling’ and the back of her neck was quite wet.  Maybe tonight reached the point of “I’ve had enough”.   I had to put her over with Bear.  Putting Zelda over there is not an option.  They have disliked each other for several years.
    So while I was up, I went and let Irene out to potty.  I know, when I blogged last night, I said I was glad it was warm so I would not have to put her in the shop.  Well, she likes it in there.  It’s like a house.  Darn. I wish she would get along.  She is so sweet with people.  With her pray drive, it would have been a real disaster with the rabbit.   
    I’d like to go back to bed, but I keep creeping out that that head is somewhere in the house… or it will turn up regurgitated.  ERRR!

1/15/11:  Twelve dogs.  It is so empty!  Next weekend there will be ten.  Only Irene will be separated.  So sad, but she just will not leave the others alone.  She will have either the shop or the garage.  Not decided.  Garage is easiest, but shop is more room and I will be sewing dog mattress covers so will be spending time with her.
     Abby went yesterday.  Boomer this morning.  Thor this evening.   Toast will be going to a great sanctuary where he will have his ears taken care of by some of the best in the field.  He will live out his life there.  Tiya will be going with a great older single lady.   If Sully is a good boy, he may be going next weekend to a 40 acre spread.  No livestock.  He will have a Pyr friend and live inside/outside as he chooses.  He did good with Luann this morning.  She took time to see him.  He did his teeth thing.  I went in the fence, told him she was my friend and we hugged over the fence.  Sully decided she was his best friend and he jumped up, paws on the railing to be petted and even gave her a kiss.  When the fella came for Toast, Sully was unsure, but he was much calmer then usual.  Of course all the other dogs were in his space, so that did not help.
   The weather is reasonably warm so Irene can stay out.  She really likes to go in the shop, but getting up in the middle of the night and getting dressed and going down to let her out to potty is really hard.  Hard to go back to sleep.  This is just so weird… 12 dogs.  Only 12 dogs.  It is 10 p.m. and I have no reason to be up but I am.  Maybe I better take advantage of the night.  All could revert back tomorrow or the next day.  You never know when the next dog will boomerang back. 

1/14/11:  It has been a really long day.  It has also been a roller coaster ride.  Hate that ‘falling feeling’ when it goes racing down.  But on the best high note of all, Toast is going to a ‘special needs’ sanctuary specializing in the medical needs of old dogs.  Toast will have the best of surgery to relieve the infections that plague his ears.  Then he will go to a family who will keep him forever.
    Abby went home with her new family.  Crossing fingers.  Thor goes tomorrow.  Boomer goes back to Luann and will be going to a lab rescue.   
    Loren has been really sick for the past 24 hours.  I suspect food poisoning.  He can’t even hold down soup.  Not sure on the jello he just ate.  He looks really bad.  I know he sure feels bad.  I’ve had food poisoning twice and that was twice too many.  Makes the flu a cake walk.
    Hope Boomer settles down.  Guess I need to bring her up to the house crate her pretty soon.  The weather was nice, so they all needed to spend time outside.  Tonight will just hit 29 so compared with the last few nights, that is not bad.  Guess I’ll still cozy them up, though.  Won’t have to tomorrow night.  I can sleep!!! 

1/13/11:  This will be the hardest night.  Abby is back from being spayed so she is in the garage with Thor with a heater on.  Hope they do not play to hard but I have no other choice.  Boomer is crated in the family room.  Sully got nasty to Parker so he is in the yard behind the house.  Hate that he is not inside, but the friction between them is growing and I’m too tired to deal with it tonight.  Anyway, with his thick coat, the carport, tarps on the fence and igloos, he will do fine.  It will only be down to 20 tonight.  Was down to 1 degree last night.  Irene is in the shop.  I put her there early so I am killing some time tonight to let her out to potty about 10 p.m. and then I can get some sleep as she will be able to ‘hold it’ until 6:00.  Same with Boomer.  Would have left Boomer out of the crate until I go to bed but she had already drug 2 blankets out the door in the short time I watched a TV program.  I hate making Luann take her back, but she is into so much that she needs watched all the time.  Dragging out blankets into the dirt and leaves, dumping all the water, inside and out, chewing on the dogs mattresses.  Otherwise she is a really sweet, loveable dog.  She loves to play with the big guys and they put up with her.  Today she was harassing Zelda, who is not one to want to play.  Next thing I saw, Boomer was on her back, legs in the air and Zelda was just looking at her.  I think they had some communication and Boomer was letting Zelda know she “got it”.
    Betty came to walk dogs today.  Despite the cols, we walked them all but Sully.  I thought Sully was outside when I sent her up to the house while I finished up below.  She went inside and Sully was in the house.  Loren said he ignored her.  Sweetness had probably pushed the door open and let everybody inside.  I had forgotten to put the stick in the sliding door.
    I keep getting calls from people interested in Sully but they have children.  I suppose if he could be taught to cook and clean, the mom could just go away and the kids would be in safe paws.  It’s not that Sully has problems with children, he just thinks they are his responsibility and mother interference is not welcome.  The friction between him and Parker is actually not Sully’s fault.  But I can’t put Parker out.  He’s too old and has seniority.
    Thor gets a bath tomorrow to be clean for his new home.  Abby goes in also to get acquainted with her new family.  Amber works for the groomer so introductions to her other 2 dogs will take place there.  I know Abby will be eager to play and be friends, but small dogs sometimes resent competition, especially when it is way bigger then they are. 
     I wish Irene would get someone.  They can be anyone as long as they don’t have another dog or other critters.  She would be great with any people or kids.    

1/11/11: 10:55p.m.   I was sleeping so good.  All the dogs tucked away in warm places.  Irene in the shop (new ‘dog house’ needs a heater),  Thor and Abby in the garage with a heater and Boomer crated in the family room.  Tiya and Toast in their usual shop room.  Everyone else WAS in the house… until the smoke detector went off.  Freaks everyone out.  Loren and I are up sniffing and searching.  I’m outside checking the roof line.  Checking the oven and stove and all the heating units.  Must be a battery going dead.  Climbing on a chair getting them all down and batteries out.  I swear we just replaced them all about a month ago when one ‘went off’.  Must have missed one.  Anyway, then have to convince the dogs it is safe to come back inside.  Decided to give Boomer a potty walk.  She went, but took awhile.  We should be good until morning.  Irene will just have to ‘hold it’.  Seven degrees outside.  Two pair of sweat pants.  Two sweat shirts and a heavy terry bath robe.  Fuzzy slippers.  Still got cold. 
   Have several applicants for Abby already.  She goes in for spay in the morning.  I will try to have a decision by Thursday but none are jumping out as right for her.   Need to have more conversation incase I am missing something.
   Been another long day and tomorrow will be longer. Guess I will count white heads and go back to bed if I get 6.  I know the black, and the 2 tan heads are inside.

1/10/11:  Snow!  At least the weather was not as cold as it was yesterday.  The ice on the water was easy to break.  But so much to do this week and I feel ‘stuck’.  I need to get Sully out into public.  I need to get Irene in the house more.  Thor could work fine inside, but since he is leaving this coming weekend, no sense to test it and have him hurt again.  His limp is lessening each day. 
    German Shepherds… what do you call a pint size one?  She’s not a miniature.  Maybe dwarf?  She is still a puppy, but I can just tell she is not going to be as big as Thor and he is really small for a purebred.  Abby is a cute thing, but then most pups are.  I should stick to Pyrs and to adults.  She is not going to be easy.  At least she should not be as hard as Boomer.  But Boomer can go.  Abby can’t until someone adopts her.  UGH!  Open mouth, insert foot… send email, pay the price.
    Had communication trouble with adoption applicants lately.  Not returning calls.  If they don’t return after the 3rd message, I assume they have changed their mind, but I do wish they would do me the courtesy of telling me.  People do not realize how much time it takes to go over an application, make contact with a vet and personal reference and arrange a home visit.  Time that could be spent with the dogs, brushing, walking, taking for rides and socializing at dog friendly stores instead of waiting for call backs and sitting at the computer. 
   This week will be full.  Abby needs a bath and then spayed.  Thor gets a bath Friday and people will be here Saturday for him.  Hopefully Luann will have a place for Boomer and can pick her up.  Sully needs out to see if he is still ok in public.  If he does well, I may be going to MO. with him for a meet and greet.  After his ‘time out’ he has been a changed boy.  He knows I mean business.  But without strangers interacting, I can’t be confident we are ‘ok’.

1/7/10: Evening:  What a day.  Thor sprained his knee 2 days ago from playing with Boomer. I thought he just had a stone bruise, but was limping worse this morning.  That was $152.93!  It never ends.  I had to move Thor to the garage yard and now Boomer is alone and will turn into destructo, bark all night dog.  She has separation anxiety and I have no one to put with her.  Irene or Tiya would eat her.  Toast needs to be inside where it is warm.  Sully has settled down after his “time out” the other night when he bared teeth at me so I don’t want him to think he is being punished for something he did not do by moving him. 
    Toast had a bath.  He smells really nice.  He was sure eager to get out of there and back home.  He is such a sweet boy.  Really getting attached to me.  Ugh!  
   Neither Sully or Irene are going anywhere this weekend.  We both determined neither would be a suitable match.  Really great guy and would have been a great home for the right dog.  Actually almost any dog but the 2 I have. 
    I did get a call back from a trainer with major credentials, but after serious contemplation, I just do not agree.  When he said if his kid back talked him, he’d get a back hand across the mouth, that did it.  He considers dogs, just dogs.  Not a friend.  Not a companion that a human would compromise with.  It’s ‘my way or you’re history’.  Reminds me of a Baptist Preacher when I was growing up.  The yelling fire and brimstone from the pulpit.  It’s Gods’ way (which was HIS interpretation) or burn in hell.  Blind obedience by some ignoramious that probably did go to hell.   I want my dogs to love and respect me and do what I want because they want to please me, not because they are scared of me.  So anyway, I will continue ‘time out’ if I need to.  I have no intentions of back handing a 135 pound dog who could out fight me any moment of the day if he so chose..     

1/06/10:  What a morning.  Another speeder along the road as we were walking the last of the dogs.  Nancy yelled at her to slow down.  She hit the brakes and backed up and went off on us.   After some heated exchange I walked away.  She was really over the edge with insults of things she knew nothing about.  “You retire and get dogs because your family will have nothing to do with you” and that sort of childish dialog.  A few minutes later she was at my door.  The dogs always go ballistic.  I opened it just far enough to say “I have nothing more to say”.  and closed the door.   She rang the bell several times and then just set in the driveway.  I finally called the sheriff’s dept.  While I was on the phone, Loren went out to tell her to go away.  She handed him a note.  It was an apology.  By the time he came inside, she had left.  I don’t know who she is (only a first name) but I am going to try to find out.  Loren said she was sobbing.   We certainly all have our bad days and we all speed.  Sometimes people just collide.
     Sully was blocking the doorway last night and some of the dogs were outside.  I did not feel like going to bed and then having to get up again (ridiculous as do it all the time).  When I told him to move, he bared teeth.  No growl.  If I had not been looking directly in his eyes, I would have thought it was a smile.  It was not the same shape of teeth showing and no vocalization that he gives to others.  I reprimanded him verbally and he did it again.  I explained he was in big trouble.  I went back inside, got dressed, moved Boomer in with Thor and closed off the garage yard.  I called all the dogs, Sully followed, turned into the garage yard (luckily by himself) and I closed the gate.  Then I discovered Boomer had destroyed the ice chest for water.  It was almost new a few days ago. GRRR! Had to find another, got some clean blankets (he does not destroy or drag them outside) and settled him in for the night.
     Thor had a slight limp this morning.  I am sure it was from the playing almost all night.  He and Boomer raced and chased and wrestled for hours.  Well past midnight.  Did not have the heart to quiet them.  Thor was lonely and Boomer had a new friend that would actually play with her.  Besides the limp, the bench cushion is on it’s way to oblivion as is the wood I put on the arms incase they ever got up on the arms so their legs would not get caught in the cup holders. 
     The carport is 3 weeks out.  They are backlogged because of Christmas.  But it is ordered and will be at cost.  A $70 savings is a window for the second dog house.  Trying to cut corners any way I can to get my wish list complete for the dogs.  I can still start the dog house before if the money comes in to cover it and any ‘unexpected’s like on the first one.
      Weather looks nice today.  All the dogs got walked, yards cleaned (even the cushion foam picked up) and the outside water faucets actually were not froze, so that helped. 
    I do have to figure out why my sewing machine locked up.  I bought material to make the mattress covers for the dogs beds and the darn thing seized up right in the middle of a seam.  Hate that.

1/5/10:  Leo is at his new home tonight.  I missed that he was never part of the house pack, but now he will have someone of his very own and he won't even have to share him.  Just the 2 of them.
    It has been decided that the 2 little dogs are not going to accept Tiya.  Everyone is saddened. 
    I approved a family for Thor.  they will be fixing an area of fence this weekend and then picking him up the following weekend.  He is going to be pretty lonely for the next 10 days without Leo to keep him company.  I may try Boomer again.  Now that she is adjusted a little, maybe she will not bear her teeth.
    Gentleman is coming Saturday morning to meet Sully and Irene.  Sure wish I had that Crystal Ball.  I will know more tomorrow when I take Sully into the groomers.  His attitude really has me worried.  I did email a trainer, but I know I would be looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars to assure he will get over this territorial aggression.  He does not scare me, but he does everyone else (except Luann) and rightfully so.  I don't want him getting worse.  I don't want any disasters.  I love him (and he loves me), but unsure what to do.  Keeping him is not a choice I want to make. 
    I did reach the gal who will let me have the carport at cost.  She is looking for my canceled order from a few months ago and then re-activate it.  I expected to hear from her by now.  I will call tomorrow.  I really need to get it before another big rain.
    Parker's eye is getting red and now goopy again.  I think maybe it's the wrong medication.  It was only red.  With the meds, it's goopy.  I also need to call about doing Toasts ears.  I am not sure my vet has the equipment.  If not, I will see if the vet of his sponsor does.  He has a little towards the bills donated.  I suspect it will easily be $300.  I have every medication imaginable, so that will help.  Otherwise, Toast is looking and acting great.  He has followed Tiya's lead and waits for his walk to poop.  He is getting pretty good on leash.  They are both so silly when I start their walk.  They start to wrestle with each other, tangling up the leads.  I will be glad when I have one of the big yards available so they can really race around and have fun.  Somebody else needs gone before that can happen. 
    And lastly, Boomer.  We have come to a compromise.  I let her run with the house pack from breakfast until dinner time and she does not tear anything up.  She is a sweet dog, for a lab.  Just too hyper (and insecure) for my time right now.  Cold weather is not conducive to outside chores.

1/02/10: Yesterday was a big disappointment for me and Tiya and the people who have been so diligently working on getting ready to adopt her.  Their Papillon and JRT both came yesterday to meet and greet.  The Papillon had already met Tiya and all went fairly well.  Well, adding the JRT into the mix gave the Papillon courage and this 'I am King" attitude.  This 8 pound dog went after Tiya, biting and growling.  Tiya subdued it without being aggressive, but of course it scared the heck out of the people.  Tiya was just acting like a mother dog disciplining her unruly child.  I'm going to call them today and see if they will let me pick up the dogs, one at a time and see how things go without them present.   I think the people were already in an anxious state and that translated to their small dogs that they too should be nervous and unsure.  I felt so bad for the daughter.  She was so devastated that it was not working and she had bonded so much with Tiya that she was crying so hard, she had to get out of the drivers seat and have her mom drive.   They are such good people; I want to give it every possible chance while being sure no dogs are in danger.
     Boomer and I are having an ‘adjustment’.  She really is a good dog.  I just have to get her to understand the rules.  That sounds so ridiculous considering I can’t get Irene to follow the rules.  I just need people to come and give the dogs attention while not letting them rule.  (addendum:  revisiting this blog after sun up.  Boomer dumped the water in the garage. I keep one inside so it will  not freeze. Now I have to go mop it up.  I use ice chests so it is more then a gallon being soaked up by the 5’ x 8’ area rug and concrete.  I did not need this this morning in 17 degree weather!)
    We dog loving humans have 2 sides and only a few are in the middle.  One side spoils the dogs so much that the dogs rule.  The other side is so dedicated to not letting that happen, there never becomes a compromise.  A human can be the alpha without being the drill sergeant.  A marriage needs give and take to work.  Well, so does a human – dog relationship.  Raising human children requires being in charge without being unreasonable.  I remember growing up and wanting to do something and mom would say ‘no’.  I wanted to know why and the answer was always “because I said so”.  I hated that then as much as I hate it today.  Dogs may not understand all the words, but they understand tone and sincerity.  They also need consistency.   “SHE lets me on the sofa but HE won’t”.   “HE slips me food off his plate but SHE gets mad if I am near the table”.   Remind you of a kid playing one parent off the other?  Dogs know who is going to give them what they want and they will play you off each other just like a teenager.
     OK. All you dog people, New Years Resolution?  email
  Had a little 'hick-up with Tiya yesterday but I took charge and became 'the dog whisperer'.   Went over and picked up their Jack Russell Terrier today and told them to give me half an hour alone before they came.  Geeze, I even amazed myself.  From yesterday being a vicious growling, snarling attack, to today being a nonchalant sniff and snooze.  When the people came, the JRT was fine.  Even Tiya wagged her tail and was standing at the door when they pulled up.  A little apprehension, but within a few minutes she was over wanting attention.  We will repeat on Tuesday with the Papillion.  Then try both the next time.  We are all thrilled!
    Boomer dumped her outside water shortly after I cleaned up the mess from inside.  I filled and hooked it to the fence with a very thick, old collar I don’t like.  Two hours later when I was finished feeding and doing morning dog things, I checked on her and she had dumped that water.  Chewed the collar into 4 pieces.  She spent most of the day romping around the yard except for a brief period I was gone and spending time with Tiya and people.   When I put her up, I hooked the water to the fence with a metal clasp.  Who knows what I will find in the morning. Know it will be frozen, but I can’t have her dumping it in the garage again and nothing in there to hook it to. 
    I have several applications left to go through for Thor.  They keep coming in.  Some are really great people, but I’m not getting that ‘perfect match’ feeling yet.  I also have someone who may work for Irene.  He has a male Pyr mix and recently lost his purebred Pyr.  If all looks good, I will drive to him with Irene and see how it goes.  Two hours away, but I think if I do the introductions, it may have a better chance of success.  I know Irene pretty well and will be able to sense what is in her mind before she acts on it.  
    Sadly no one is interested in older dogs.  I think they are the best!  They are mellow, appreciative and no surprises.  I would love to bring Leo and Toast to the house, but that would make 12 in the house.  A tad scary with 6 males.   I know my girls, but sometimes Goofy has a bit of macho.   Good thing Sully is totally submissive to other dogs.  He’s not seen as a threat.
    I just love looking at Sully.  He is so gorgeous.  This morning he was on the bottom of the pile while they were all playing.  Zelda, Sahara and Goofy were all in on the action.  It was so heartwarming as they are not normally playful.   Parker just goes up on the hill and guards.   He rarely plays, but that’s ok.  He’s old.  Sometimes Bear looks through the fence and has a look of yearning to be in on the activities, but I just can’t bring myself to try it.  He has fear aggression and if he felt threatened by so much as a glance, he would first retreat and if that glance came straight at him, he would perceive it as imminent danger and attack.
    It’s 9:30 p.m.  Long day ahead tomorrow.     

January 1, 2011:  Happy New Year.
    Boomer arrived.  Dog sitting for Luann.  Enjoyed her visit.  Yesterdays downpour was brief and the temps were not cold but I got drenched.  I didn't know it was going to be just a giant water balloon bursting in the sky.  When it started, I was getting ready for Boomer.  Getting clean blankets, a crate in the garage (Luann said she likes a crate) and shuffling dogs. If I had known it was going to stop in 5 minutes, I would have waited.  I literally had to wring my sweatshirt out. 
    Boomer is sweet but not going to be compatible with any pack.  Will be too much work for winter.  She will be back in about 10 days.  Hopefully I can find Boomer a good home before then as Luann cannot keep her the way she travels so much.  I can't either.  
    Did an accounting of donations so far and costs of the dog house.  I forgot about several hundred dollars I had to put on the business CC in order to not pay tax. (some confusion about sales tax with some merchants).  We do have a lot of building stuff left over, like nails and screws and a few boards and odds and ends but not significant amounts to have enough money for all that is still needed for the 2nd dog house. It is a choice between the carport or still waiting for more donations for the second dog house, then the carport.  I'm ordering the carport.  I have tried for several months to get a used one but not going to happen.  Need the carport more, then hopefully I'll still get enough to get the second dog house.  Figured downsizing even more but get too small and they won't share the space. 
    Quite a few applicants for Thor.  Still working on one.  Easy to find great people. Hard to find a good 'match'.  He is young and has a high energy level so an active family is a must. 
     Ladies are visiting Tiya again today.  Introduced the Papillon Wednesday and will bring the JRT today for a meet and greet.  Hope all goes well and they will take Tiya home for the weekend.  It is a slow process and the ladies are great and dedicated.  Last week Parker really schmoozed them.  He is hard to resist until the 'slime' flies.  But I don't mind.  Elnor and I will be cleaning walls next week.  Wish someone wanted Irene and Leo.