Apartment lease agreement

Apartment lease agreement

78 Sleepy Hollow Rd. Mountain Home, AR 72653


In exchange for use of the apartment and utilities:

(1)  Dog yards will be cleaned on a daily basis by 8:30 a.m.   _______

(2)  Clean small coolers and put in fresh water on a daily basis by 8:30 a.m. _____

(3)  Large water trough and pools drained, cleaned and filled on a weekly basis

(4)Walk every dog for 15 minutes each, daily.  ______

(5) Dog bedding will be changed weekly, washed, dried and folded.  ________

(6) Shop area will be swept daily and any poop picked up and pee mopped up. _______

(7)Provide physical assistance with dogs as needed.  _______


Apartment, kitchen area & bathroom shall be kept clean and orderly at all times.  ______
Furniture is provided and shall be respected.   ________
Use of vacuum, broom and mop are provided & must be returned to same location. _____

Linens are provided.   ________
TV, Wifi and Netflix are provided.  ________

Kitchen appliances and some cooking utensils are provided.  ______

Use of washer and dryer are allowed, but must be emptied upon completion of cycle.  ___

Friends are welcome but not overnight.  You will be responsible for their conduct and any result of such. _____
Other occasional jobs will be provided and paid at a rate of $8 an hour. ______


Not Provided:
Toilet tissue   ______

Laundry detergent for personal use  _______

Dish soap for personal use  ______

Water for water cooler  ________


Grounds for Termination and Eviction: 

(1) Do Not leave anything in any area in an unsafe manner_________

(2) Do Not change thermostat setting. Do not add personal heater or AC _______

(3) Do not be careless, disrespectful or harmful to dogs in any way.  Deliberate harm to dogs will result in immediate eviction  _______

(4) Illegal activity, including, but not limited to drugs and theft will be grounds for immediate eviction.  _________

(5) Failure by tenant to fulfill responsibilities outlined above will be grounds for immediate eviction.  _______


I have read and understand this contract.


Tenant: ______________________________________ Date:___________


 Provider: ____________________________________Date: ____________