12/6/15: Cola is a delight.  She has that typical Komondor mischievousness.  She will require a family with a great sense of humor and a priority of neatness. She loves to ‘help’ by re-arranging things.  She never tears anything up, just delights in collecting things and putting them in different places.  No matter where I set down her food bowl, she will pick it up in her mouth and very carefully move it.  If it is on the deck, she will bring it through the doggie door inside to eat.  If it is inside, she may move it down the ramp and into the back yard.  She is very careful not to spill.  She also has a tendency to collect and move the food bowls set out for the other dogs.  She shares.  She just has her own sense of dinner placement. 

She particularly likes collecting clothing left in her reach.  Because of birth defects to her hind legs, she does not counter surf, but she will stretch her nose as far as it will reach in hopes of clearing the bathroom of towels left on the tub or discarded clothing.  One day I woke up to find the clean clothes I had laid out on the bathroom counter strung through the bedroom and into her room and out the door.  Levis, socks, shoes, T-shit, sweatshirt and bra all in a neat pathway leading to my undies outside on the deck. 

I was having weekend company so had washed the bed sheets.  I laid them on the bench at the end of my bed while I hung my shirts in the closet.  A few minutes later as I turned around, I saw her heading through the doggie door with one of the sheets. She had already taken the other outside.  I was just 5’ away from the sheets with my back turned when she made off with them. 

One night I was abruptly awakened when my head went ‘clunk’.  She stole my pillow right out from under my head.  How can you not love a dog with such a great personality? 

What makes this mischievousness so delightful is her sad past.  She was in a small pen with another female Komondor (Pepsi) on a 108 acre farm with 20+ other Komondors and Pyrenees.  All but one of the dogs were feral.  None ever showed any aggression, but they had been terribly socially neglected.  Terrified of humans.  She was said to be 4 years old when I got her and 11 others from the farm after the owner died.  That was in August 2013.  It has taken a long time and a lot of patience to get these dogs trusting.  Because Cola is so willing to come in my room and help herself to my things, it delights me.  I know I have reached her and gained her trust.  

She loves sleeping on her toddler bed.  She likes to be elevated but will settle for a crib mattress on the floor.  She does not have a problem getting on the toddler bed but anything higher would be a challenge to her hind legs.  She does walk a bit stiff legged, but can almost keep up with the others when they run and play.  We have grooming parties once a month and she lays on her bed and lets strangers comb, clip and clean.  Sometimes she will even fall asleep during the process.  She is comfortable in her space with gentle hands on her. 

7/28/15: Cola has been here 2 years.  She has displayed quite the personality in the past year.  She is never satisfied where I put her food dish.  She will pick it up and carry it somewhere else.  She usually does a good job of not spilling any.  She loves to run off with things that are within her reach: pillows, shoes, bath towels, etc.  She takes them outside.  Comfort cuddles.  She also plays door monitor, laying across the doggie door or on the ramp that goes into the house.  She loves her toddler bed. 

She was born with deformed knees.  Although she waddles, she gets around well and can trot rather fast. She does not seem to be in pain or she has just learned to live with it.  I tried to give her anti-inflammatory and pain meds, but she won't go near her food if something 'strange' is in it and she refuses treats.   

Cola is about 6 years old now as they said 4 when she arrived.  She weighs about 100 pounds.  Mostly Komondor with about 1/4 Pyr.  She was feral when she arrived.  Although trust is still a bit hard for her, she enjoys being loved on and petted.  She will tolerate being combed.  Still a bit reluctant on leash.