11/09/15: Cotton is doing great in the shop with Lucky, Olaf, Faith and Layne.  He has been in there about 3 months. They do not pick on him.  He is relaxed and no longer finds it necessary to hide. He adapted quickly and enjoys less canine competition for attention.  When invited, he enjoys sleeping on the bed with Tim.   However, the shop has a tendency to invite more dirt then the house and Cotton seems to be able to mop it all up. 


Cotton and Parker 6/03/15
1/15/15: Cotton is a senior about 9 years old.  He was very frightened when he came.  I just fell in love with him.  These past 16 months have been a labor of love.  He now sleeps by my bed and comes for attention.  He is becoming comfortable on leash and in the car.   Perfect house manners.  Very alert but can snore up a storm when he reaches a sound sleep.  I love that comfortable sound.  He will need at least 2 hours a week combing as his coat mats easily.  He enjoys the attention and will just fall asleep while I work on him.  He is in the house with 15 other dogs all about his size and gets along great with them. 

I had planned to keep him, but because of numbers, he just really needs to have more attention and have his own special person. 

10/30/13:  Cotton has been here 5 weeks now and he has really stolen my heart.  He has that deep searching look in his eyes, looking into my heart and soul like my heart dog Keeton did.  He still won't come to me but wants me to come to him.  When he sees me, he anticipates the petting and hugs.  If I don't come to him as soon as I enter his yard and he thinks I am going to leave, he gets up as if he will follow.  We have established a routine and he is comfortable in his space. 
After a bath 5/29/14
before being trimmed