10/25/17:  Smith is a great pup.  Still a bit of the chewing stage, but otherwise perfect.  Good on leash, good in car.  Excellent with other dogs.  Very submissive.  Finally healthy. 

7/22/17:  Smith had not had a good life even though he is barely a year old.  He had been shot in the mouth at some point as a young puppy.  The bullet fragments are imbedded in his jaw.  It is healed over and although his jaw does not close normally, it has not impeded his ability to eat.  He is a really sweet boy who loves to play with both people and other dogs.  He respects those who do not want to play.  He is not a pest.  He loves his daily walk.  He uses a doggie door and has never had an accident inside.  He has chewed up a few things that had food spilled on them, but for the most part, he has not been destructive.  He is a fast eater, but has no food aggression either with others dogs or people.